Your Name : Katie Grindley Tutee’s 1st Name: Gabe Grade Level: 5 Date: Wed Feb-16th Time: 12:15-12:40 Session No. 3

Title of Strategy/Source of strategy: • Reading: Sequence Story map Source: Intervention Strategies by Caldwell & Leslie Standard: • Reading: Reading Process: Concepts of print, comprehension strategies, self-monitoring strategies. Benchmark: • Reading: B. Apply effective reading strategies including summarizing text Grade Level Indicator: • Reading: 6. Use graphic organizer to interpret textual information Student Performance Objective: • Reading: The student will be able to apply effective summarizing strategies filling out the graphic organizers (sequence charts) accurately for the book Back at the Ranch. Materials/Resources Needed: - 3 comic strips cut into separate frames ( 2 Garfield, 1 Sherman’s Lagoon) - Back at the Ranch by Trinka Hakes Noble - Three sequence charts (pg 188 of IS) - Markers - Independent reading book - The Basket Counts by Matt Chirstopher Procedure: • Total lesson Time Estimate: 40-45 minutes Opening: “Today we are going to be talking about the sequence of a story. The first thing we’re going to do is practice with comic strips. What are the three main parts of the story? What happens in each of these parts?” I will then spread one of the comic strip pieces around on the table. My tutee will then work to put the pieces of the strip in order. We will discuss how he knew which part went where. I will then repeat the process with the other two comic strips. Connections to previous learning and future content: This lesson will help my tutee with his retelling and his comprehension skills. It will help him put events in order by using the strategies we discuss. All of these things will come in handy on standardized testing. Teacher Modeling: I will read the book Back at the Ranch with my tutee by partner reading every other page. As we go I will ask him comprehension and inference questions. When we are done with the story I will use one of the sequence charts to record the sequence of what happens to one of the two main characters, Rancher Hicks, when he goes into Sleepy Gulch. As I fill in the sequence chart I will think aloud and practice the qualities of successful readers. I will complete half of the chart. Guided Practice: My tutee and I will complete the rest of Ranger Hick’s sequence chart. I will provide helpful hints and give him reminders about any parts that he has forgotten. Independent Practice: I will have my tutee fill out the second sequence chart for the other main character, Rancher Hick’s wife. He will fill out the main events that happened to Rancher Hick’s wife throughout the story. We will go over the sequence chart and discuss why each of these parts is important to the story and how the story would have been changed or unchanged if they were

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moved around or eliminated. Independent reading: Gabe will read The Basket Counts silently (unless he seems distracted – we will do partner reading) while I read the Alchemist. Afterwards we will discuss any questions that he has about the book so far. • Closure : We will discuss what we learned about the parts of the story and how you can identify which parts go where. I will then present the last sequence chart and have Gabe fill out the chart for his independent reading book so far. We ill come back to this chart in lessons to come.

Authentic assessment of learners’ achievement related to goals/objectives—Informal: The student was able to demonstrate effective summarizing strategies by filling out the sequence charts accurately for the book Back at the Ranch and also for his independent reading book The Basket Counts.