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9 16 minutes ago Like Aeson Heckman Get destroyed elswhere I mean fuck this is what ? about an hour ago Like Aeson Heckman 36E0CF41C20B77D31CD about an hour ago Like Aeson about Aeson about Heckman an hour Heckman an hour F i ago Like E i ago Like

Mindie McGinnis who wants to bring me dinner !!!! about an hour ago via BlackBerry Like Pauline Wright am gony fuckn smash this fone!!!!!!!!!!!! (^^^) about an hour ago Like Like this item 2 people like this. Joshua Dean i feel like doing the samething with mine about an hour ago Like Soda Soule Once again I hear the "Stalker~Mind~F@ck Chatter"~ the most disturbing thing abo ut being their target is that they DON"T care that children are repeating what t hey are sayin.... is it that they are using the kids as pawns in their sick game against me~? ERRR.,.I had enuff... can't wait to MOVE...Love to yas~! 2 hours ago Like Damion Smith Too much for 1 nigga to deal with is another mans dream 2 hours ago via Mobile Web Like Like this item Goldi Thomas likes this. Carrie Ann Fetherkile-Bloedorn Calling all facebook friends.....are any of you an OBGYN? I need to know if you can get certain genetic tests through an OBGYN.... 2 hours ago Like Alex Ford My wife is a woman's health nurse practitioner and she said it depends on what tests you want. An ob can do a quad screen and test for cystic fibrosis . Others you will have to see a specialist. 2 hours ago Like Stefanie 'Nestander' Scearcy it depends on the test I think. we had several done through OB

2 hours ago Like Carrie Ann Fetherkile-Bloedorn thanks guys!!! Alex, I am looking for MS, cystic Fibrosis, and fragile X. Not on pregnant person but prior to any pregnancy. can you ask your wife this. i was going to call my obgyn but its past 5 and I am lea ving the country tomorrow morninig. 2 hours ago Like Knoxville Writers Guild This weekend kicks off the Grand Opening Celebration of Knoxville's new independ ent book store, Union Ave. Books. A Local Authors Reception will be held Friday from 4-7 PM. Music by Nancy Brennan Strange! 3 hours ago 23 Like Soda Soule Creative~Thinkin till Creative~Dreamin...till hopefully Creative Sleepin lol.... . I am exhausted out tonite~! Love to yas~! 3 hours ago Like Like this item Guitarbarella Manestar likes this. Lewis Sykes Jones of mice and mens new album.. is fucking amazing! 4 hours ago Mike Hazelhurst I enjoyed it thoroughly :) 3 hours ago Lewis Sykes Jones it is a good book lyk 3 hours ago Nathaniel 'Chuck' Capes having a black veil brides- set the world on fire special on the radio tomoz!! 4 hours ago Like Like this item Daniel 'Biggy' Wylde likes this. Brittany McKean I don't give a shit. Just like the honey badger. 5 hours ago via Android Like Like this item 3 people like this. Matt Wiegert Thanks, stupid. 4 hours ago Like John Veik watch as the honey badger flips over a sherman tank and eats its occup ants... 2 hours ago Like Coulter Hoff aspen.. BELLY UP.. i may be seeing more of u in the near future... BOOM BOOM ASP EN 5 hours ago Like Like this item 6 people like this. Edit Options Older Posts