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Introduction Section One: People

Personal details The family Parts of the body: The face Parts of the body: The body Verbs to describe daily routines Verbs you can use to talk about your life

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Describing people: Clothes 1 Describing people: Clothes 2 Describing people: Physical appearance Describing people: Character Nationalities Useful phrases

Section Two: House and home

Places to live 24 Inside a house 26 Outside a house 28 30 Rooms of a house: The kitchen Rooms of a house: The living-room 31 Rooms of a house: The bathroom Rooms of a house: The bedroom Jobs and activities in the home Things in the home Useful phrases

Section Three: Jobs, sport and leisure

Jobs 1 Who does what? Jobs 2 Who uses what? Adjectives you can use to describe a job In an office
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Places where you play or do sports Popular sports What do you use? Hobbies and pastimes What are they called and where do you use them? Useful phrases

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Section One: People

Personal details
Put the following words i n the correct places 1-1 0 i n the form below.

Age Children Christian name Country Job

Married or single Nationality Street Surname Town/Village

Smith William thirty-six

Address 4
64 Highland Road

Bournemouth England Canadian married

1 boy, 2 girls

taxi driver

Parts of the body: 'The face

Look at the drawing below and write the correct numbers 1-1 6 next to the following words. cheek chin ear eye eyebrow eyelashes forehead hair jaw lip mouth neck nose teeth throat tongue

Parts of the body: The body

Look a t the drawing below and write the correct numbers 1-20 next to the following words.
anMe arm back bottom chest

elbow finger foot hand head

heel knee 1% shoulder stomach

thigh thumb toe waist wrist

Verbs to describe daily routines

Read about Linda Taylor's typical day below and supply the missing verbs 1-30. Choose from the following:
brush buy catch eat fall asleep find out finish get dressed get home get U P go to go to bed goes off have breakfast have dinner have lunch have a break have a shower leave home lie listen to meet phone pop into read set start work turn off wake up watch TV

at 7.00 when my alarm clock I usually (1) (2) . 1 (3) it there in straight away and then usually just (4) bed for another five or ten minutes before I finally (5) .I go to the bathroom, (6) 7 my teeth and then (8) (7)
- cornflakes, toast, a boiled egg I usually (9) I norand coffee - at about 7.40. While I (10) the news on the radio. mally (11)

I(12) (13) station to (14) I(15) (16)

at about 7.50. I always Mr Brown the newsagent's on my way to the a daily newspaper. the eight o'clock train to work and usually the newspaper on it.

I(17) at 9.00 and (18) at 5.00. for tea or coffee and I At eleven o'clock we (19) at 12.30 - I usually go with some always (20) friends to an Italian restaurant just round the corner.

Verbs you can use to talk about your life

Look at the drawings ofPeter Steele's life. Write the correct verb under each drawing. Use the past simple tense of each verb. be born be buried become a grandfather buy a house die fall in love get a new job get divorced get engaged get married go to university have children learn to drive leave school live by the seaside meet his future wife move remarry retire start school start work

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