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I. INTRODUCTION. Company: Fresh Start Organics is a privately owned company based in the province of Negros Occidental in the Philippines. Fresh Start has grown into a business whose expanded product range includes fresh organic produce and organic rice, among others. Fresh Start Organics continues to expand while maintaining the company vision of being a vibrant eco-enterprise that implements ecologically, socially and economically sound practices in organic agriculture. As a staunch supporter of the organic movement, Fresh Start fully believes in the importance of good health, fair trade and environmental conservation. II. BRIEF HISTORY. The Seychelles Islands remained uninhabited for more than 150 year after they became known to Western explorers. It was captured and freed several times during the French Revolution and the Napoleonic wars, then passed officially to the British under the 1814 Treaty of Paris. From the date of its founding by the French until 1903, the Seychelles colony was regarded as a dependency of Mauritius, which also passed officially from the French to British rule in 1814. By 1963, political parties had developed in the Seychelles colony. Elections in 1963 were contested for the first time on part lines. In March 1970, colonial and political representatives of Seychelles met in London for a constitutional convention. Further elections were held in 1974, in which both major political parties campaigned for independence. Following the 1974 election, negotiations with the British resulted in an agreement by which Seychelles became a sovereign republic on June 29, 1976. July 23-26, 1993 saw the first multiparty presidential and legislative elections held under the new constitution. All participating parties and international observer groups accepted the results as “free and fair”. The political and economic status of Seychelles became stable since then with French and African influences taking into place. III. GEOGRAPHICAL SETTING. A. LOCATION. Indian Ocean northeast of Madagascar. (Coordinates: 4 35 S, 55 40 E)1 B. CLIMATE. Tropical marine; Humid; Cooler season during southeast monsoon (late May to September); Warmer season during northwest monsoon (March to May)

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Primary. geography. Gender Roles. The entire approach will therefore cater and eventually appeal to the father. compulsory through grade 10. a. Male – Decision-maker. so severe storms are rare. Extended. principally composed of Mahe. it cannot provide much in terms of venturing into agricultural expansion and thus diverts its attention to its two strong assets – tourism and aquaculture. TOPOGRAPHY. Until grade 6 (compulsory – 6 years) Begins education in September for young ones as early as five years old. FAMILY. A. b. 4. Lies outside the cyclone belt. A family’s pride is at stake and the 3 |SEYCHELLES : The Country Notebook . nuclear or extended. 40-45 average members within three generations per extended family 3. 1. Works for the family. 1. general science and even livelihood skills. Poorer communities with children outside of wedlock leave the father with almost nothing to do with the upbringing of the child. Members of the family seek employment opportunities above educational attainments due to economic status.C. IV. it is vital for every Seychellois to finish secondary education because they treat themselves living in a learning society. The family. Short droughts possible2 Implications: Seychelles is an archipelagic country that has economically strived to be sufficient in terms of natural resources. Praslin and La Digue. Divorce rates are also relatively low. Female – takes care of the household and the children’s upbringing. Patriarchal society. Preschool or preparatory courses are optional. writing. However. Until grade 10 (compulsory – 4 years) Culturally. Nuclear. because of its long warm weather. Basic learning activities include reading. The father is the head of the household and all decisions primarily come from him. history. Implications: The importance of a patriarchal society is that the primary decision-maker comes from one single source. SOCIAL INSTITUTIONS. Breadwinner. An archipelago of about 100 islands. can benefit from the product as long as they are well-informed of the contrasts of organic compared to the regular rice available in the market. Role. 3-5 average members per nuclear family 2. Significant. B. Public schools and private schools. Dynamics. Secondary. EDUCATION.

10 universities catering to higher education. Court of Appeal. Supreme Court (judges for both courts are appointed by the president) 2. Seychelles People’s Progressive Front. however. Seychelles National Party 3. Higher Education. injecting knew knowledge and introducing the innovativeness of the product won’t be that difficult. D. Stability. Putting it into context. any foreign income derived will be treated as Seychelles-sourced 5. has not accepted compulsory ICJ jurisdiction 3. 2. c. still lingers to the kind or level of education they get. Role of Local Gov’t. since every Seychellois is deemed educated and given the high literacy rate. Seychelles follows the common law being followed by the United States and most countries in terms of patents and trademarks. Its introduction will cater both to the cognitive and emotional aspect of the decision-maker and to the family members themselves. and customary law. Stable. Literacy Rates. Special Taxes. 92% Implications: Education in Seychelles is highly being valued. SOCIAL ORGANIZATIONS. Question. None. Culturally-bounded. E. Parties. Structure. LEGAL SYSTEM.government sees this as the final mandatory step for Seychellois to undergo in the educational system. Dealing with resources and the lack thereof makes it all the more difficult for Seychellois to determine whether or not what they actually get from school prepares them for the future. 1. No political uprisings/conflicts in the past three decades 4. Group Behavior. Judiciary Organization. 1. 95% of secondary students continue on to higher education due to offerings of government scholarships by the University of Seychelles. C. POLITICAL SYSTEM. People’s Party. As an exception to the Seychelles territorial tax system. French civil law. 1. Code. Family-oriented 4 |SEYCHELLES : The Country Notebook . To gather local data and present to main bureau for national decision-making and implementation. Democratic Party. Republic 2. Being a “learning society” it is vital for them to understand fundamental concepts and theories to be applied in their day-to-day lives. Participated Conventions. Based on English common law.

4%). Performing arts in Seychelles are highly regarded for its spontaneity. Seventh Day Adventist (1. UPU. Ethnicity. SADC. Organizations. requires religion in their day-to-day lives. 1. IBRD. F. Most of the traditional music and instruments used in Seychelles mostly came from mainland Africa. ii. Insignificant number of elite persons. IOC. ISO. Roman Catholic (82. MIGA. iv. UNCTAD. Visual Arts. VI. Influential ones mostly composed of state officials. AU.4%). Aesthetics. Influential Cults. NAM. WMO. WTO 4. Muslim (1.1%). ii. IPU. Every family.1%). ACP. Other Christian (3. Roman Catholic iv. LIVING CONDITIONS. WCO. FAO. Close. influential. IAEA. C. Weaved coco de mer leaves. UNIDO. Poverty line congruent to other third world classes. IMO. 1. WHO.6%) 2. Hindu (2. Consumption Rates. Orthodox Doctrines. Unspecified (1. UNESCO. DIET AND NUTRITION. Interpol. WIPO.1%) v.5%) and atheists (0. IMF. Frenchmen highly influenced the visual arts in Seychelles in the 18th century and outputs are mostly expressed on canvas. OPCW. i. UNWTO. AfDB. ILO. IFAD. G-77. OIF. InOC. Performing Arts. Religion and Belief Systems. Social Classes. Anglican (6. It is often being held in the sea shores with Seychellois expressing their art through instrumental music and traditional tunes with African flairs. IFC. ICCt. ICRM.5%). iii. City and rural dwellers tend to have no difference at all in terms of diet and nutrition consumption. RELIGION AND AESTHETICS. They seem to consume more seafood as viand than vegetables and poultry products. Strong middle class. with a small fragment of atheists (less than 1% of population).3%). Relevant Symbols. ITU. Prominent Religion/s. ICAO. IFRCS. “The unity of the Church follows of necessity from the unity of God” (The Church is One). UN. African and French (also known as Creole). Other non-Christian (1. i. Music. COMESA.2. Relationship. 3. Membership. ITUC. Implications: Culture influenced by its previous colonizers and systems following international standards make it easier for the product to penetrate the market. A. iii. symbolizing a real Seychellois. 5 |SEYCHELLES : The Country Notebook . AOSIS.

Of all housing units. Dwellings. 3. survivorship. 1. Data not specified but according to related literatures. Foods Available. Sufficient sea food resource made it easy for Seychellois to have something to eat. Due to its African influence. Typical Meals. Furthermore.599 housing units throughout the nation. Income Percentage on Leisure. National Dress. 3. Most of them dress to impress at first meetings. SOCIAL SECURITY. provides benefits for old age. 2. LEISURE ACTIVITIES. others are constructed of wood frames. 4. 1. disability. Working Clothes. The rest are either imported due to its scarcity. Seafood is a common food in Seychelles given its archipelagic nature. Seychellois are well-dressed. sickness and maternity. the dress code in most business environments are. Imports are high in terms of food due to its insufficient food resources. Own or Rent. the Full Employment Scheme of 1980 allows the registered unemployed to 6 |SEYCHELLES : The Country Notebook . 95% owned. For them. Because of their conservative culture. D. B. Employees and employers are required to make monthly contributions (5% of salary and 10% of payroll). conservative. E. 86% had flush toilets. Aquaculture’s and spices’ contributions to food resource are significant. makes the product an established need for its people. Island hopping and beach games are significant leisure activities that eat up the weekends of Seychellois. Types. leisure is not on top of the government or the people’s priority because tourism comes in and overlaps with the supposed leisure times of the family. C. Seychellois generally wear western style clothing. The Social Security Fund. thus. most often than not. Less malnutrition rate although data not well specified in various sources. They dress well when in public and women typically wear a sari. HOUSING. 2.2. Some rural houses were thatched. Most homes were made of stone block with corrugated iron roofs (71%). There were about 17. making the situation and its geographic features the product’s competitive advantage. being a staple food in Seychelles. livelihood is far more important than leisure. Malnutrition Rates. Rice (staple food) and seafood for lunch and dinner. established in 1979. In Demand Types. Implications: Rice. Eggs and potatoes for breakfast. 2. 85% had indoor tap water and 92% had electricity. 1. CLOTHING. In professional business attire.

however. A. WRITTEN. HEALTH CARE. Seychelles is a “speaking” country. In 2000. Dealing with resources and the lack thereof makes it all the more difficult for Seychellois to determine whether or not what they actually get from school prepares them for the future. Other (3. Water and sanitation were available to over 90% of Seychelles residents. pertussis and tetanus). Seychelles reached its goal of attaining at least 90% immunization DPT (diphtheria. SOURCES OF INFORMATION. Culture influenced by its previous colonizers and systems following international standards make it easier for the product to penetrate the market. Education in Seychelles is highly being valued. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY.9% of the population speak the official language) B. there have been descriptions on the history. 7 |SEYCHELLES : The Country Notebook . Creole.2%) VIII. makes the product an established need for its people. Rice.8%). Seychelles is an archipelagic country that has economically strived to be sufficient in terms of natural resources. C. being a staple food in Seychelles. Putting it into context. Its introduction will cater both to the cognitive and emotional aspect of the decision-maker and to the family members themselves. making the situation and its geographic features the product’s competitive advantage. VII. Health services are free for all residents under the National Health Plan. cultural and the many lifestyle dimensions of Seychelles. English (Although 4. it cannot provide much in terms of venturing into agricultural expansion and thus diverts its attention to its two strong assets – tourism and aquaculture. since every Seychellois is deemed educated and given the high literacy rate. Unspecified (0. mostly influenced by the syntax of the people’s widely-used dialect. LANGUAGE. Imports are high in terms of food due to its insufficient food resources.9% of the gross national product went to health expenditures. F. injecting knew knowledge and introducing the innovativeness of the product won’t be that difficult. Creole (91. Question. Being a “learning society” it is vital for them to understand fundamental concepts and theories to be applied in their day-to-day lives. still lingers to the kind or level of education they get. IX. However. Throughout the cultural analysis.1%). 3. because of its long warm weather. SPOKEN VS. thus. OFFICIAL. on government-approved projects in order to receive a daily subsistence wage.

Tourist sector leads growth which employs 30% of labor force and provides 70% of currency earning and tuna fishing.The World Factbook Publication. 2006-07 GDP grows 7-8% per year. driven 8 |SEYCHELLES : The Country Notebook . Your Online Guide to Seychelles (www. APPENDICES. In Seychelles Statistics and Database Administration Section (www. per capita output expanded seven times that moves the island into an upper-middle income group of countries. Central Intelligence Agency ( The Official Destination Website for the Seychelles Islands ( Virtual Seychelles.cia. INTRODUCTION.seychelles.virtualseychelles. – – – – 1 2 ECONOMIC ANALYSIS I.

13% GDP and 60% foreign exchange earnings.2% (2. Number of Live Births. Migration Rates. tourism and tourism oriented construction. 15.908 billion (est. African. (2003). GDP fell by 1% in 2008 due to declining tourism industry but economy recovered in 2009-10 with a notable increase in tourist numbers for 2010. Availability.399 male/3.430. and one from 914 m under. MINERALS AND RESOURCES. Airports with paved runways: one from 2. 0-14 years: 21. Airports. And 9 merchant marine. 1. Upper-middle income 2. POPULATION. one from 914 to 1.758 (2011 est. AVERAGE FAMILY INCOME. Geographic Areas. Distribution Distortion. 0. July 2011) 2. Birthrates. Female: 43. 8 airports with paved runways and 6 airports with unpaved runways.980 female).2011) 5.188 (est. 2011) B. six from 914 to 1. Paved Roadways 440 km and unpaved roadways 18 km. Total of 14 airports. roadways.945% (est. 3. 30% labor force.988 male/9.2010) B. 11. Rate of Growth.000 live births 3. A. III. II. 1 9 |SEYCHELLES : The Country Notebook .2010) 2. July 2011) 1.435 . Data on household income or consumption come from household surveys are adjusted results for household size. 2. A.438 to 3. roadways and merchant marine. 3. Total. and five from 914 under (2010). DISTRIBUTION. Income classes.Lowest 10% and highest 10% are not applicable.277 female).23 births/1000 population (est. TOTAL.000 (est. Growth Rates.523 m. STATISTICS AND ACTIVITY. GNP. Indian. Airports with unpaved runways. SURFACE TRANSPORTATION. F. DISTRIBUTION OF WEALTH. Male: 45. $1. Mixed French. (2011 est. 1.047 m. Merchant marine.044 male/30. 1.501 female). D. Chinese and Arab. Usage Rates.66 deaths/1. Fish and Spices. Proportion per Class.03 migrant(s)/1000 population (est. 1. Victoria (capital) 26. Sex-ratio trait. 2010) C. E. Total of 458 km. PERSONAL INCOME PER CAPITA. Modes. 15-64 years: 71% (33. Age. $2.600 (est. Ethnic Groups. 89. 65 years and over: 7. $21. Sex.9% (9. 1.2009) 4.5% (est. 1 cargo.) 2.523 m.) 3.

Fishing. telecoms. Nigeria.9%). tourism. 1. petroleum products.G. 92. i. Major Exports.5%). printing. 1. multi-channel cable and satellite TV. $464 million (est. 2. Income tax payable by employers and employees. Machinery and equipment. COMMUNICATION SYSTEMS. Ports. AM and FM radio station. South Africa. fuels (3. Availability. frozen fish. general services and financial services. Principal trading partners are France. J. H.1%). 22. coir (coconut fiber) rope. agriculture. carrier. PRINCIPAL INDUSTRIES. radiotelephone communication between islands in the archipelago. Industry Contribution. and copra. non-monetary benefits by employer. Principal foreign trades include transportation (33. Usage Rates. Innovative light industrial projects.2010) ii. hours of work and the production target. Types. INTERNATIONAL TRADE STATISTICS. 3. Relatively good communication between representatives of both employers and employees such as pay. 3. IT. Salaries and Benefits. 2. bonuses. health and safety.300 Cellular Lines. Dollar Value. $831 million (est.2%). 2. combined fixedline and mobile-cellular teledensity is 130 telephones per 100 persons. Cellular Phones. industrial supplies (17. Ratio. I. Opportunities. oil exploration. i. Employer-employee Relations. Major Imports. consumer goods (11. WORKING CONDITIONS. Telephones. 6 chemical tankers. chemicals and other manufactured goods. Trends. 1. infrastructure. work environment. and beverages. the United Kingdom and the Netherlands. 5:7 identified industries (est. 1. internet. Victoria. food (18.2010) FOREIGN INVESTMENT. foodstuffs.2010) ii. 10 | S E Y C H E L L E S : T h e C o u n t r y N o t e b o o k . 1 petroleum tanker and 3 foreignowned by Hong Kong. machinery (15. Dollar Value. Telephones for effective systems. Civil service.7%). Employee Participation.6%) and others (0. transmission of 2 international broadcasters.100 Telephone Lines. disputes. Industries.1%). Trends. boat building. processing of coconuts and vanilla. (2010) 4. Broadcast Media and the Internet 2. 1. fishing and fish processing. furniture. Canned tuna. 2. K. Tourism. work schedules. one terrestrial TV station. cinnamon bark.

as part of the compulsory secondary education for Seychelles people. 70% of total tuna fish or 875.2% (est. Products. Textile. Complex technological tasks are deemed handled by experts. Single/Multiple. Trends. ii.2% (2010) C. Fisheries and aquacultures. Sufficient to offset the visible trade deficit. TECHNOLOGICAL DEVELOPMENTS. Online Libraries. Embargoes. The main channel of distribution in Seychelles is through retailers. A. 2. AVAILABLE TECHNOLOGIES. TRADE RESTRICTIONS. Current Rate. 4. Computers. GNP PERCENTAGE INVESTMENT. footwear. Types. LABOR FORCE. Balance-of-Payments. Gifts: to a value not extending SCR 1. Tobacco: 200 cigarettes or 50 cigars with 225g of tobacco.221 Seychelles rupees per US dollar (2010) iii. a. M. Cuba and Iran. . 2% (est. TECHNOLOGICAL SKILLS. Television. Machinery. Size. L. 39. Canned tuna and frozen fish. i. N. apparel. Import Taxes.000 tons for 10 years. i. CHANNELS OF DISTRIBUTION. Cyber Engines for Tourism. Surplus/Deficit. 5. European Union and Japan. MIDDLEMEN. 2.560 (2006) 2. ii.2006) O. income from tourism and earnings from exports. and travel goods. Foreign Aids. Customs Duties. Tariffs. 36. Licensing. V. Tools. spare parts. Machineries. 12. NON-CASH INCOME ACTIVITIES.000. 11 | S E Y C H E L L E S : T h e C o u n t r y N o t e b o o k . Single exchange rate. A. Unemployment Rates. Basic word processing and encoding. 6. 1. 4. B. Information about wholesale middlemen and warehousing cannot be found.2010) IV.3. Quotas. Countertrades. Recent Trends. i. and raw materials. 1. Seychelles rupee’s value decreases by up to 50% over the US dollar since 1999. Liquor: 1L of spirits and 1L of wine. Radio. Retailers. Granted by the Seychelles Licensing Authority (SLA). 3. 1. Print. INFLATION RATES. Exchange Rates. Cellular Installments.2. ii. Development aid.

Small. b. B. b. Selling genuinely local items. registered under the offshore IBC agreement.431 at (est. ii. Running a national television advertisement per primetime spot costs SCR 60. No information found. VI. iii. the availability of media. Small to large.000 and may vary according to the number of spots shown in a specific period of time. Role of Shops. There is a total of 12 export and import companies in Seychelles. Operational Methods. Logistical modes and capabilities are excellent in Seychelles. Cash/Credit. Lack of saturation in areas in relation to the product is a vital key in tailoring the approach that will appeal the decision-maker and the product’s primary consumers. (4) radio in both AM and FM bands mostly based in Mahe. (2) multi-channel cable and satellite television available via subscription. MEDIA. AVAILABILITY. A. The platform of radio recently changed due to the worldwide digitalization phase of the media. The cost has significantly went down by up to 40% due to the digitalization 12 | S E Y C H E L L E S : T h e C o u n t r y N o t e b o o k . Radio. c. Seychelles and its export/import agents are one of the most competitive available agencies in the African continent. (3) telephone lines with inter-connection cables fit for its archipelagic nature. (5) the internet covering 93% of the nation. Annual Retail Volume – 32. include: (1) a terrestrial television station.) less than a thousand retail outlets. Due to its previous influences. a. as this situation provides. Television. iv. The island of Mahe is well-adept with the current technological trends and media exposure. vi. In the process. Urban and Rural Market Penetration. Operational Scale. in general. COSTS. Number. and. Import/Export Agents.244.000-78. thus urban and rural markets are well penetrated. Outlet Size.and medium-sized retail shops. Non-primetime spots may cut the price by up to 35%. the dissemination of information regarding the product will no longer be hampered due to the availability of media and its relative exposure to the consumers and the target market.i. v. Customary Markup. Implications: The availability of tri-media and the new emerging technologies in the nation were built to attract tourists on board their own campaign of promoting its islands as a haven. which provides local programming and airs broadcasts from international services.

analyzing. the dissemination of information regarding the product will no longer be hampered due to the availability of media and its relative exposure to the consumers and the target market.000. being the second and third economic factors in the nation.0009. Print. currently ranging from SCR 9. The availability of tri-media and the new emerging technologies.500 per spot in the primetime block. the economic status of Seychelles is healthy in marketing the product. the probability of the product being exposed to that cluster is significantly high.from analog. The majority of these economic factors have some level of influence on how we will be able to sell organic rice. AGENCY ASSISTANCE.450 as of Sept 2010 on billboards located near resorts for 30 days). (1 AM and 1 FM) c. Overall. Most media outlets are located in Mahe and coverage hours are congruent to international communication policies with blocks fit with local regulations. Strict implementation of national jurisdiction in relation to media reach is being observed. The following is a brief breakdown of the major influences and the effects they may have on our product: The first economic factor of Seychelles that influences how organic rice sells is the population. Researching. as this situation provides. COVERAGE.000 as of July 2010 in leading production outfits) and outdoor (SCR 11. this figure will be congruent to the culturally patriarchal society they now have today – an advantage of making the product more exposed to their segment. 13 | S E Y C H E L L E S : T h e C o u n t r y N o t e b o o k . as long as approach is tailored to the identified segment of the market. VII. D. were built to attract tourists on board their own campaign of promoting its islands as a haven. Frequencies and copies of media paraphernalia reach up to Victoria from Mahe. the economy of the Seychelles Islands is broken down into specific categories and factors. Thus. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY. E.000-14. and being able to interpret these influences is vital in selling our product. Under an international agreement with various international media agencies. Cinema (SCR 24. C. The fact that decision-makers in a basic unit of a family are in this age range. REACH. Males also dominate females in terms of size.000-23. Broadsheet size and material ranges from SCR 1. Other Media. content is shared and appropriately syndicated for the consumption of Seychellois through satellite transmissions.1 d. In the process. 71% of the population is between ages 15-64. Throughout this country notebook.

seychelles. The World Factbook Publication.seychelles.cia.. Your Online Guide to Seychelles – (www.6268. Seychelles Radio ( Virtual The Official Destination Website for the Seychelles Islands – (www.htm) Tech Republic. APPENDICES. Bureau of African Affairs – ( US Department of IX.VIII.techrepublic.state. SOURCES OF INFORMATION. 1 14 | S E Y C H E L L E S : T h e C o u n t r y N o t e b o o k . Central Intelligence Agency – ( Seychelles Statistics and Database Administration Section – (www.virtualseychelles..

namely: white2. Classified into various types. Fresh Start Organic Rice1 A. Complexity. INTRODUCTION. c. black4 and red5. Imports coming from all across the globe are warmly welcomed by Seychellois given their lack of sufficiency as a nation in terms of food resources. The general evaluation of the market. Relative Advantage. advantages and benefits will be discussed in accordance to the existing restraining and driving forces in the Seychelles Islands. Compatibility. A group of Seychellois equally segmented will undergo a series of interviews to gather perception and other pertinent information before actual product launch. Health Product. especially since the product is deemed “organic”. a. 15 | S E Y C H E L L E S : T h e C o u n t r y N o t e b o o k . The market. b. Rice is the staple food of people in Seychelles. Introduction phase. In the later part of this audit and analysis. gains the product more leverage and competitive advantage. II. GENERAL EVALUATION. This classification must reach the audience in both cognitive and emotional approaches. Media exposure and taste tests (to determine “taste bud rebellion”. New idea. brown3. THE PRODUCT. Well-tailored approach may redefine the segment’s perceived need. a more comprehensive explanation of the product’s features. Observability. Trialability. so as to establish the importance and significance consumer may benefit from it. Organically-produced.MARKET AUDIT AND COMPETITIVE MARKET ANALYSIS I. d. a state technically coined to describe a change in taste with new conventions) e. considering its cultural and economic aspects. is not yet well saturated because the government sees tourism as its top priority and not business expansion and further affiliations. especially in urban areas.

Seychelles will see the product cheaper than the usual rice being imported by either Vietnam or Thailand. souvenir items. Advertising Media Used. i. broadcast media and the internet are the main forms of communication means. THE MARKET. Pricing Strategy. Shopping Habits. i. motorcycles and vehicles of private and public services compose the transportation sector. f. PRODUCT COMPARISON. Art accessories. Data do not reflect trends given the lifestyle Seychellois have. e. Competitor’s Product. small-scale manufacturing and most recently the offshore financial sector. Telephones. through the establishment of the Seychelles International Business Authority (SIBA) and the enactment of several pieces of legislation (such as the International Corporate Service Providers Act. fishing. ii. Near business districts and resorts. Geographical Region. Product Feature Preferences. a. ii. DESCRIPTION. c. the Securities Act. Communication and Transportation. the Mutual Funds and Hedge Fund Act. we can strategize by offering it in a bundle at a much lower price. Products Sales. b. Widespread distribution of items mostly catered to tourists. Brand Name. ii. Direct selling and premiums. Sales Promotions Used. a. Main market exclusively sells seafood. Advertising and Promotion. Consumer Buying Habits. ships. Distribution. A. Archipelagic. Airplanes. Seasonal changes determine their purchasing power and see a clear difference between needs and wants before acquisition and consumption. cellular phones.B. i. shipping and other relevant costs adjacent to the currency rates. Typical Retail Outlets. RESTRAINING FORCES. i. d. medium-sized retail outlets. among others). B. the International Business Companies Act. Product-use Patterns. Cyclical. Grain Basmati Rice 16 | S E Y C H E L L E S : T h e C o u n t r y N o t e b o o k . iii. seafood. Imports. Mostly flyers and radio due to the small businesses’ capacity to expose product to the market. Unit price may be way cheaper but we will offer our product leveled to the price of their regular rice and when demand fluctuates. native coconut drink. The government has moved to reduce the dependence on tourism by promoting the development of farming. Irregular. Organic rice in the Philippines may be more expensive than the current price in the market but converting its production. III.

d. Seychelles’ high income per capita is a significant contrast as compared to its geographical size as a nation. Promo and Ad Methods. 47% of total market. SCR 33 million annually. Commercial Brief of Seychelles – (http://www. Estimate Sale for Own Seychelles Statistics and Database Administration Section – (www. great VI. Central Intelligence Agency – (www. Helpful Agencies. free from impurities. GOVERNMENT PARTICIPATION. Prices.cia. 17 | S E Y C H E L L E S : T h e C o u n t r y N o t e b o o k . a. SCR 21 per kilogram c. The market has developed a niche for imported goods and their minds are mostly set on what has been than what will be. not only for their personal level of development but as a nation’s way to reach out more to the world in boosting their biggest economic asset – tourism. APPENDICES. meanwhile. fine quality. Distribution Channels. Estimate Industry The World Factbook Publication. Other neighboring countries. radio and the internet. Features. D. Recycled rice bag. Seychelles International Trade Zone.seychelles. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY. In terms of market flexibility. b. Seychelles International Business Authority (SIBA) b. MARKET SIZE. IV. Retail stores and resellers. iii. Package. SOURCES OF INFORMATION. V. b. Mandatory Regulations. see this as a healthy form of competition. Environmental and state trading legislations. C. TV. International General Certificate of Education (IGCSE). High nutritional value. This reliance is now slowly being combated by the government by creating programs and reforms in their own previously imposed internal restrictions. a.ii. the people of Seychelles have mostly become wide audience of non-traditional media such as the internet. it is still worthy to note that most of their nation’s income comes from imported good. However. properly packed. Market Leader.

1 2 18 | S E Y C H E L L E S : T h e C o u n t r y N o t e b o o k .

3 19 | S E Y C H E L L E S : T h e C o u n t r y N o t e b o o k .

4 5 20 | S E Y C H E L L E S : T h e C o u n t r y N o t e b o o k .

Penetration and Coverage. Week One of the launch allocates SCR 100. Packaging. C. Objectives. we want to launch aggressively through television. Profit Expectations.” (No Chemicals! No Pesticides! No Preservatives!) iv. Increase 20-30% d. The emphasis of the message must be captured so as to generate consumer retention. ii. fiber. We see this as an investment carefully studied upon based on research and available data. Costs. iii. for 2011) c. Has a lower glycemic index. Gives a nutty flavor and a chewy texture. Core. i. “The Real Grain of Life. i. b. The first week must capture the entire ideology of the product. Support Services.PRELIMINARY MARKETING PLAN I. Expected Sales. c. $100 billion (est. milled to remove the hull from the kernel but retain the rice bran layer and the germ.000 for promotion alone. a. among others. B. Target Market. Objectives. MARKETING OBJECTIVES. Our media mix considers a budget-conscious intersection between the media objectives and potential media vehicles in Seychelles. To outline a framework by which support systems for the organic rice industry can be rooted. b. packed in cardboard boxes for shipment and distribution. The goal is for the entirety of the product be on top of mind and create a buzz on its first week. Through niche market segmentation specifically to the health conscious. More nutritious because the bran is rich in vitamins. A. PROMOTION MIX. Advertising. THE MARKETING PLAN. The objective of our sales promo is for target market and identified segments to retain the ideology and significance of the product to their respective lives. Unpolished wholegrain. radio and both print and online media. Message. PRODUCT ADAPTATION. promoting it equally via cognitive and emotional approaches. and minerals. Sales Promotions. a. 5-kilogram vacuum packs. Since this is the introductory phase of our imported product. b. a. $52 billion in 2008. Triggering curiosity on what the product is all about can be one form of promoting the 21 | S E Y C H E L L E S : T h e C o u n t r y N o t e b o o k . Media Mix. Health conscious household decision-makers.

packed in cardboard boxes for shipment and distribution. iii. No available railroads in Seychelles. thus giving away another kilo for a sustained loyalty will not hurt the overall revenue of the imported product. Mode Selection. c. No specific packing is required but goods should be properly packed ii. Coupons. Premiums. Organic rice. Stacked by 20’s in tight-air containers. Destination. So long as the product is being exposed in the media and is being talked about are some of the vital keys to give the product a try which will eventually lead them to buy through sustained promotions. i. Seychelles via Durban. This can be generated through dynamic promotional materials in cooperation with partner retail outlets. No special requirements. given their history with personal selling and cultural norms. N/A. iv. ‘To Order” bills acceptable. Too expensive for export.540 d. Bundles and other materials will be given to regular clients. ii. ii. a. The information gateway of the World Wide Web has significantly contributed to the advancements of various global companies. Philippines ii. We like our product to expand more by reaching out to more consumers through the online world. Victoria. iii. San Carlos City. D.000 for Week One c. Bill of Lading. Personal Selling. Motor Carriers. Packing. Containerization. iv. Venturing into personal selling may create negative impacts on consumers’ perception. i. Others. Origin. iii. preservative-. Descartes Sea Cargo. SCR 62. Mandatory Documentation. Railroads. 22 | S E Y C H E L L E S : T h e C o u n t r y N o t e b o o k .fundamental information about Fresh Start Organics. South Africa b. Seychelles Cargo Express. Costs. Online promotion includes Java applets and flash games that will promote the importance of a pesticide-. DISTRIBUTION. Philippines via Manila. Air Carriers. Port Selection. We positioned our product using the pull approach. and chemical-free food to our health. d. Marking and Labeling Regulations. i. Costs. A “Fresh Start Organic Card” will be given to consumers and they have to fill in at least 10 stamps (20 kilograms of organic rice in total) to get another kilo of rice for free. SCR 25. Currency changes will make the product cheaper. 5-kilogram vacuum packs. i. N/A. Ocean Carriers.

Stapled with shipper’s export declaration. Store Type and Number. Middle-sized ii. F. d. Freight Forwarder. Seychelles. Insurance Claims.5% per pack. The medium-scale product distribution system involves point-to-point logistical operation from port to outlet to consumer. a. The invoice must give full description of goods and. compensation. iii. Special Documentation. Retail Markups. Shipper’s Export Declaration. DISTRIBUTION CHANNELS.ii. Air Bill. Wholesale Middlemen. Covers handing charges. 23 | S E Y C H E L L E S : T h e C o u n t r y N o t e b o o k . Commercial Invoice. No arrangement must be made affecting the price of goods other than what is shown on the receipt. Transparency is a must for the bureau of customs of respective countries deem the right to inspect the veracity of the pro forma document. Warehousing. Operational Methods. It should also show two things: (1) that the invoice is true and correct. iv. 1. where preference is claimed. vii. Mahe. Estimation must be correlated with weight and transportation costs. ii. rebate. Pest-free. iii. Location. hygienic stockroom. PRICE DETERMINATION. or in any manner other than what is shown on the invoice. Retailers. (2) that no arrangement has been entered into affecting the price of the goods between the exporter and the purchases by way of discount. Import/Export Agents. Aboitiz Logistics in the Philippines and Seychelles Logistical Agency in the Seychelles will be responsible for point-to-point storage and shipping of imported product. e. A combined certificate of value and origin is required if claiming preference. Covers all logistical and operational expenditures of the entire import process. Import agent directly brings product from Victoria to Mahe to be picked up by partner motor-driven logistics which will be brought to retail outlets. Must include company of exporter and province or city of country origin viii. i. c. Information about wholesale middlemen and warehousing cannot be found. Type. b. E. Pro Forma Invoice. The main channel of distribution in Seychelles is through retailers. and. Dock Receipt. details regarding origin and value must be completed. iv. Statement of Origin. N/A. vi. Operational Scales. v. i. Partner retail outlets display product at eye-level trays. f.

000 h. H. SCR 210. SCR 60. among others. among others. PERSONNEL. i. Cash in advance. 10. Payments are made through normal commercial channels.a. SCR 20 per kilogram G. logistical personnel. plus 10% mandatory contingency fund.000 g. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY. agricultural and logistical requirements. SCR 19. ii. open accounts. Retail Price.900 f. These terms may change at any time. SCR 500. SCR 50. Shipment Costs. safety control. Agriculture team. customs duties and insurance costs: c. comptroller.450. Loading and Unloading Charges. PRODUCTION CAPACITY.675. RESOURCE REQUIREMENTS. SCR 110.000 for operational.000 d. auditor. SCR 200. may not be available due to the limited resources to be dealt with and the lack thereof of the aforementioned stores.000 e. Wharfage Fees. Import Taxes and VAT. consignment sales. depending on the capability of a particular method in a partner retail establishment. TERMS OF SALE. consumer agrees that the facts provided on the package and pertinent promotional materials are true and correct. PRO FORMA FINANCIAL STATEMENTS AND BUDGETS + PROFITS AND LOSSES1 III. Insurance Costs. SCR 625. The company and the stores reserve the right to contact clienteles for further telemarketing procedures. Transportation Costs. PAYMENT METHODS. Handling Expenses. Regulations and trade policies such as tariffs and 24 | S E Y C H E L L E S : T h e C o u n t r y N o t e b o o k . Following the receipt of a completed order and payment through available methods in partner stores. A. Markups and Discounts. iii. Customs Duties. SCR 62.000 per metric tons. Pier Charges. external marketing relations and press relations officer.000 for other handling and logistics as attributed by the following parameters in handling expenses. drafts and credit letters.000.000 i. FINANCES. SCR 88. At least SCR 2. Marketing the product in Seychelles will definitely create a huge splash in the agricultural industry and will help increase competition among rice imported from other Asian countries such as Vietnam and Thailand. internal marketing relations. B. C. II.000-75.000 packs per month IV. b. Quotes should preferably be in Seychelles Rupee (SCR). Company’s Gross Margins.

through sustained Virtual Seychelles Import Export Directory (http://seychelles. making them less VI. The identified segments. Bureau of African Affairs – (http://www. SOURCES OF INFORMATION. Seychelles Radio (http://www.techrepublic.//www. but as it continually expands – around the world.seychelles.htm) Tech Republic. economy and state policies where operational scales and distribution process can be deemed feasible.cia.seychelles. will eventually have a routine of buying Fresh Start Organics’ PRO FORMA FINANCIAL STATEMENTS AND BUDGETS + PROFITS AND LOSSES Fresh Start Organics .6268.state. Central Intelligence Agency – (www.markups are advantages on the part of Fresh Start Organics. Future imports will then be referred to as a regular transaction and since the product is the staple food of the people of Seychelles. Your Online Guide to Seychelles – (www. Since the product has a different classification compared to what is available in their market today. Furthermore. the preliminary marketing plan was able to gauge the competitive advantage and the market positioning of a product that is unique to the market today. The Official Destination Website for the Seychelles Islands – (www. The slim sector of agriculture in Seychelles Statistics and Database Administration Section – (www. is a vital part to be considered. not only here in the US Department of State. True to its mission. V. The World Factbook Publication. Fresh Start will provide healthy food on the table of every Seychelles Investment Bureau – (http. Distribution channels are also numerous in which market saturation does not affect further trading.Philippines 25 | S E Y C H E L L E S : T h e C o u n t r y N o t e b o o k the primary objective of the promotions and marketing paraphernalia on its introductory phase is to develop a new culture that is conscious of their health by buying organic products. the introduction and/or the launch must be Iine with culture..

For 2010 through first quarter of 2011 (all numbers in Philippine Peso PHP 000) REVENUE Gross Sales Less sales returns and allowances Net Sales COST OF SALES Beginning inventory Plus goods produced Total Goods Available Less ending inventory Total Cost of Goods Sold 201 0 P 500 200 P 300 201 1 P 100 25 P 75 P 350 120 470 360 P 110 P 190 P 350 12 72 42 P 30 P 40 Gross Profit OPERATING EXPENSES Selling Salaries and wages Commissions Advertising Others Total Selling Expenses General/Administrative Salaries and wages Employee benefits Taxes Rent Utilities Equipment Total General/Administrative Expenses 35 12 10 5 P 62 5 5 3 1 P 14 42 13 12 8 5 3 P 83 P 145 5 4 3 2 1 0 P 10 P 24 Total Operating Expenses 26 | S E Y C H E L L E S : T h e C o u n t r y N o t e b o o k .

Net Income Before Taxes Taxes on income Net Income After Taxes P 45 11 P 34 P 34 P 16 3 P 13 P 13 Net Income -END- 27 | S E Y C H E L L E S : T h e C o u n t r y N o t e b o o k .