BACKGROUND The National Sports Policy 2001 was focused on the twin objectives of ³Broad-basing of Sports´ and ³Achieving Excellence in Sports´. On the broad-basing front, the policy emphasized that the primary responsibility for the creation of sports infrastructure at the grassroots level and the promotion of rural sports lies with State Governments. The policy also underlined the role of Panchayat Raj Institutions (PRIs), Local Bodies and Local Clubs in promoting sports culture at the grassroots level. As regards the promotion of excellence in sports, the policy emphasized the role of the Indian Olympics Committee (IOC) and National Sports Federations (NSFs) in strengthening talent identification, athlete development and competition systems. The policy explicitly stated that the Union Government shall only play a supplementary role in regard to promoting excellence in sports, the primary responsibility vesting in IOA and NSFs. The policy also referred to the promotion of sports tourism and innovative resource mobilization efforts for sports, especially from corporate houses, through an appropriate package of fiscal incentives. The Comprehensive National Sports Policy 2007 aims at building on previous sports policies with a view to accomplishing the unfinished agenda and addressing the emerging challenges of India in the 21st century, most particularly the national goal of emerging as a global, yet inclusive, economic power in the near future. The 2007 Policy fully recognizes the contribution of physical education and sport to personal development, especially youth development, community development, health and well-being, education, economic development and entertainment; and in the promotion of international peace and brotherhood, which is the spirit of Olympism. NEED OF SPORTS DEVELOPMENT BILL Sport is a state subject, Entry 13 of the Union List in the Seventh Schedule to the Constitution of India places participation in international conferences, associations and other bodies, which includes sports bodies, and implementing of decisions made there at within the ambit of the Union Government, so it¶s a high time that central government mast take in.

it was a show of blaming each other«« and lakhs and crores of money was spent like water but there was no accountability. unbiased.. accountable and fair«« Because of this mind set government has now taken the reign of managing sports in its own hand«.in fact it became a global issue of debate««media played a pivotal role in bringing the flaws before everybody«.we have just won a world cup and many medals in common wealth games««so sports has come at the centre stage«and unfair transactions of money in commonwealth games is known to everybody«. retirement of the members of NOA and NSF¶s at . MY REFLECTIONS ON SPORTS DEVELOPMENT BILL India is a fastest growing economy««. government shall have powers to take all such measures .. rules.NOC and NSFs avail themselves of a number of benefits from the government hence are required to be treated as public authorities accountable to the public.. guidelines. which should be addressed by providing for a speedy and effective dispute resolution mechanism which does not dilute or impinge on their autonomy. policies. (Although I initially thought that why its behaving so critically but after the CAG report I understood «that no wonder««) So here the question arises why was commonwealth village not completed on time«.when as per planning it must have built a long time back«. promotion of indigenous sports. So isn¶t it enough to take the initiative of reforming this system«. including notification of that we can make sports healthy. procedures.then why it went so carelessly«. Disputes in the management of the National Olympic Committee and National Sports Federations adversely affect the development of sport at national has made it mandatory that NOA and NSF¶s will be more accountable to the public.. there will be the formation of a council which will be advisory and consultative in nature for better cooperation and partnership between different key stakeholders..and couldn¶t be completed till the last day««why there were more rooms then whatever were commissioned and why the budget crossed its limit«« Even when everyday media was showing the bad status and progress of the arrangements then the tension between NOA and NSF¶s was so obvious«.

this draft is mere indicative and directive in nature«.it lacks a comprehensiveness because it just tells where we have to reach but doesn¶t talk much about the path.and it has not given any role to private partnership in sports«..the indicators set for measuring the impact are more quantitative in nature«. funds available for sports. time allotted for sports period«. Had I been a sports minister I would have done a base line survey of the present status of play grounds...the age of 70. an engineer«teachers borrow periods from sports teacher to cover their course and a sports teacher is always happy and ready for it«. accountability. Proper research is required to know the problems faced by sports people to prove their talent.which will really benefit the status of sports in India«but there are many broken links«. funding. In a country like India everybody has a mindset that their children must be a doctor. platform for dispute settlement between any sports related body..right from selection of sports people. set up of National Anti Doping Agency. This draft is an initiative in a positive direction«.(even Gagan Narang has said just two days back that he was not allowed to go out of India to buy ammunition just a couple of years before. A problem tree analysis is mandatory to know the actual and main reason of the derogatory status of sports mechanism«. The bill has no reference of conducting researches in the field of sports«.. ground for accounts audit and inspection and many more things«.) ..starting from the primary level to the secondary level««because it¶s the platform where a person gets his first chance to get exposure to sports because nobody becomes a sportsman when he has already crossed the age of 30.and there are no parents who have objection in this in fact they are happy««so a situation analysis is required to know why people have this perception that there is no future in sports and their kids must invest more time in studies at the cost of sports««there must be something which has tainted the image of platform for sports which has to be culled out. disputes between key sports bodies. to avail facilities«.they must be given a voice«.

There must be proper funding for providing proper guide. Well NOA and NSF¶s has blatantly disregarded this bill till now and they have blamed that government wants to have its monopoly in sports sector and Leaders never retire then why key people in Key sports bodies must retire at the age of 70 «.. there must be scholarships for students who excel in sports. training sports people. equipments«.There must be a public private partnership in sports ( when there is almost 100 % FDI . globalization and even higher education is privatized then why not sports) and media can play a pivotal role to make the common people more aware and informed about sports and make a favorable attitude towards sports.. There must be more sports competitions in every level to give a common platform to people to polish their talent.and key sports bodies must be accountable for it. .

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