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Acknowledgements Foreword.............................................................................................. THE ELEMENTS The Five Elements Chi The language of the elements Elemental harmony The elements in relationships EARTH The Earth shaped hand The Earth archetype Earth traits and qualities Earth likes and dislikes Earth occupations I Earthy expressions Earth principles WATER The Water shaped hand The Water archetype............................................................................. Water traits and qualities Water likes and dislikes Water occupations I Watery expressions Water principles FIRE The Fire shaped hand The Fire archetype Fire traits and qualities Fire likes and dislikes Fire occupations I Fiery expressions Fire principles . iii 01 02 03 04 05 06

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1W 1C

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Z GOING DEEPER Palm printing Hand charts How to create a hand chart Right and left hands Which hand to read? U ----------------- ~ ----------------- .Z .AIR The Air shaped hand The Air archetype Air traits and qualities Air likes and dislikes Air occupations / Airy expressions Air principles THE HANDS Hand shapes Measuring the four hand shapes Skin textures Determining skin texture Mounts Main Lines Minor lines The Five Identities Thumbs Fingers Measuring finger length Spaces between fingers Fingertips Finger set and shape Nails Phalanges Individual phalanges Curved fingers Finger leans and flexibility 31 32 33 34 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 46 48 50 51 54 55 56 57 58 59 60 61 62 64 65 66 68 69 70 71 Ul 1W 1C .

Rings Healing touch Intuition Developing intuition Past. present and future COUNSELLING The Five Realms Conduct The magic in the telling Giving readings Rapport DIGITAL DERMATOGLYPHS The fi ngerpri nts Triradii Minutiae Variants THE FINGERPRINT PATTERNS Arch Arch on the thumb Arch on the water finger Arch on the earth fi nger Arch on the fire finger Arch on the air finger Arches on four or more fingers Ulnar Ulnar Ulnar Ulnar Ulnar Ulnar Ulnar loop loop on the thumb loop on the water finger loop on the earth finger loop on the fire finger loop on the air finger loops on ten fingers 72 74 76 77 78 79 80 81 82 84 86 87 88 90 92 94 97 98 100 102 104 106 108 110 112 114 116 118 120 122 124 Ul 1W 1C .Z .Z ---------~ --------- U .

Z .Radial Radial Radial Radial Radial Radial Radial Tented Tented Tented Tented Tented Tented Tented loop loop on the thumb loop on the water finger loop on the earth finger loop on the fire finger loop on the air finger loops on three or more fingers arch arch on the thumb arch on the water finger arch on the earth finger arch on the fire finger arch on the air finger arches on three or more fingers 126 128 130 132 134 136 138 140 142 144 146 148 150 152 154 156 158 160 162 164 166 168 170 172 174 176 178 180 182 184 186 188 190 Whorl Whorl on the thumb Whorl on the water fi nger Whorl on the earth finger Whorl on the fire finger Whorl on the air finger Whorls on six or more fi ngers Double Double Double Double Double Double Double loop loop on the thumb loop on the water finger loop on the earth fi nger loop on the fire finger loop on the air finger loops on three or more fingers eye eye on eye on eye on eye on Ul 1W 1C .Z U Peacock's Peacock's Peacock's Peacock's Peacock's the the the the thumb water finger earth finger fire finger ----------------- ~ ----------------- .

.Z .Z ---------~ --------- U . Whorl on the Moon mount Unusual palmar patterns HANDY REFERENCES History of fingerprinting Glossary Bibliography Index 192 194 197 198 206 208 209 210 211 212 215 216 218 220 222 224 226 228 230 232 234 236 238 240 242 244 246 248 Ul 251 252 254 270 272 1W 1C . Triradius on the Mercury mount Dermatoglyphics and health THE PALMAR GLYPHS Humour loop Style loop Serious Intent loop Charisma loop Courage loop Inter-digital whorls Bee Music loop Whorl on the Venus mount.. Arch on the Moon mount Memory loop Nature loop Empathy loop Double loop on the Moon mount. Tented arch on the Moon mount.Peacock's eye on the air finger Peacock's eyes on three or more fingers PALMAR DERMATOGLYPHS The palmar glyphs Triradii on the palmar surface Triradius on the Jupiter mount Triradius on the Saturn mount Triradius on the Sun mount.

Ul l ~ W ltD w l 3 lIS -----~----- .0 7]( THE WATER SHAPED HAnD n tD .Z n W tD l D.

water types often yearn for things to be better in some way. water is receptive. bladder weakness and to skin ailments. Appreciative of the arts. so water types need physical and emotional holding from their family and friends. or moody. Water types make good fundraisers for charities. they may be insecure. Discord distresses the water type. 1W :n u tD W tD 1- w l 17 3 ---------~ --------- 1- . needy. they enjoy harmonious environments. and love to share their meals with friends. combined with their flair. water retention. slender hands belong to highly sensitive. she flows towards more water. Spiritual rather than religious. impressionable and intuitive or even psychic water types. They have a taste for exotic foods. Just as water must have an earthy structure to contain it. People. or in networking and public relations. although if their hands are firm. Unlike the more centred earth person. their mental determination increases. It is the water element within us that feels inspired. they discuss personal matters and may show deep concern for suffering of others. Like her feminine counterpart earth. mystical and metaphysical realms. they are also suited to art and design. With their innate desire for and response to the poetic and beautiful. water types fare best eating fruits and vegetables. dream. they are drawn to anything that beautifies. the emphasis is on maintaining elegance and style. receptive and empathic to others feelings. romantic relationships. Yet the adaptability and perseverance of water teaches us that we do have the inner strength to resolve our struggles. At home.0 7]( THE WATER AR[HETYPE Long. and that 'carries us away' in our imaginations. they are drawn towards the esoteric. Before opening themselves to intimacy and sharing. They have genuine sentiments and while they are sensitive. companionships and close involvements with their friends are important to them. They often work in healing and service professions. Water types enjoy intimacy. seeking cohesion. clingy and possessive. Idealistic water types feel. Susceptible to allergies. water people need emotional closeness. and aspire. Soft and moist water hands are found on feeling-based people who are unlikely candidates for the pressures of academic application. w l ~ ~ D. Water wants more of itself and.

rapport and trust deepen rapidly. we have the free will to change our attitudes towards past and present experiences. 1- . or identifies a current situation. rather than chronological evaluation of the person. the client feels understood and can deal with the impact and effects. But predicting events. so events in people's lives might also leave their imprint on the main earth lines.PAST PRESEnT AnD fUTURE f Palmistry has an old and oft troubled relationship with 'fortune telling'. m tD D.z 1- m w D. to describe past. Given the right tools. can change. the minor earth (fate/Saturn) line was believed to represent the timeline of our lives. who is 'old father time'. This is a concept that is congruent with five element chirology. 79 . An optimal reading is a qualitative. dates and outcomes on behalf of another person sidetracks them from exploring a far more empowering awareness. The Greek name for Saturn is Chronos.. yet some hand readers are able. is called grammeomancy. Holistic chirology holds that perceptions of past events and the patterns that create future events. All of these factors confirm that this kind of information about people's lives is mostly picked up intuitively. However. present and future situations. The timing from their lines. the lineal markings can change.z . One would also have to decide where the line actually begins and ends and which end of the line is its beginning and besides. of the events in a person's life. that of their role in creating their own reality. in present time. because lines can only divide into perhaps Imm per year of life. as earth ruled lines have innate reliability. In understanding that thought is form and that what we think about comes about. In old palmistry lore. divination and augury. as they are now. When an intuitive chirologer correctly times a past event. we are better able to formulate our futures with our present time thoughts. sometimes with astonishing accuracy. w ~ 11L :l :l n tD W ~ . in the present. exact dates aren't literally read directly from lines. depending on the length of the line and an assumption as to the length of the person's life would first need to be made.


. .I MATTER LOOP ARCH 1- :I & RADIAL ee ----------------- ~ ----------------- . ... . .. ... " ' . . ( WATER .. . . . . . .-. .. .-.. .I OBSERVE EYE . . . . ..Z D. t Ul AIR .I THINK WHORL L FIRE . . .I BALANCE DOUBLE LOOP ~ AIRIWATER PEACOCK'S .. . . . . . . .. . . . .. ... .. . . .. . . . .-.. .. .I FEEL LOOP EARTH .. ..I ACT TENTED ARCH 1~ ~ . . .. . : . . . .0 It . . . . . . - W 1!J . . " .Z ( 1L W WATER . . . .- . . . .... . . . .. . . . . . - .

and whorls. Each glyph has its own elemental correspondence. mental and spiritual orientations.I n TS 0 It Our uniquely individual fingerprints are not just an irrefutable mark of our identity.TH E fl n GER. The six classifiable papillary ridge patterns (glyphs) that form on our fingertips are each composed of one or more of four basic patterns: arches. There are often different pattern combinations on the fingers of one set of hands. our glyphs do not change during our lives. Encoded in the evocative structure and design of each of the dermatoglyphic [Greek: skin .glyph] patterns are our instinctive physical. Skin ridges that run across the fire (middle) and water (basal) phalanges of the fingers sometimes depict a wave pattern that is associated with talent in electronics and technology. It has been claimed that loop patterns can occur upon the middle or basal phalanges. loops. the influence of that pattern is accented in the person. vocational. Whereas different cultures might exhibit different ratios of combinations of dermatoglyphic patterns in their hands. howeverthe incidence of this is very rare. it is impossible to tell with consistent accuracy the race or the sex of a person from their handprints. they are also indicators of our fundamental behavioural traits and orientations. Ul l~ ~ ~ 'Z D. ~ ~ ~ Developed by 16 weeks in utero.PR. emotional. which is the key to decoding our different archetypal styles of interface with life.derma and writing . triradii. If one derma pattern out of ten is different from all the others. - ~ W 1!J 'Z 1L W -----------------~ ----------------- l- :I eg .


suggesting disinclination for self analysis. -----------------~ ----------------- . His is a materialistic orientation. Their home decor will be original. People with this marking are often individualists who have no problem with being the centre of attention and they radiate a warmth that is very attractive to others. Our sample is of a man's' earth shaped hand that has overall few lines and a short air (head) line. creativity and illumination are activated in the person. Those with whorls on their fire fingers are talented. which shows him to be a risk taker. The influence of an air governed whorl added to a fire (ring) finger is that of expansion. perhaps through gambling. Whorls on fire fingers also show adventurousness.WHORL on THE fiRE finGER Hand readers consider a whorl on a fire finger to be 'the classic sign of the artist'. If their fire finger is long. A light-hearted and optimistic humour loop helps him to feel successful and happy. Perhaps they like to create an impression. the owner's restless impulsiveness may become a rampant craving for excitement. however. Basic common sense is revealed by his water finger arch. as they are attuned aesthetically. Sculpting would be a rewarding choice for creative expression as his water finger arch also shows manual skills and the love of natural craft. A challenge might however present in their not being selective or discriminating. or in extreme sport. They are blessed with both mental agility and a broader perspective and in seeing the bigger picture they are able to perceivethe unusual and the different. and fire principles of intensity. They may want to refine their values and become more discerning with their choice of people and with what they do with their time. this trait might be overruled by the whorl on his long fire finger. energy. A risk-taking trait may be acted out. Fire breathes air. Their colour sense is potentially highly developed and their dress sense stylish or distictive in some way. which nourishes and stimulates it. His earthy hand shape guarantees a sensual sense of touch.

~ ~ A style loop lies diagonally over the Sun mount under the fire (ring) finger. ----------------- ~ ----------------- . This dermatoglyph is also called the 'vanity loop'.

or accompanied by an adjacent humour loop. from which grew her renowned altruistic warm-heartedness. They like to feel good about themselves gracefully. Forked water lines extend emotional range and suggest compassion and unconditional love. They admire elegance and all things stylish and they may have an interest in interiors and decor. One branch runs upwards to between her water and earth fingers. A style loop hints at her home decor being eclectic. The messy beginning to her earth (life) and air (head) lines tell of a traumatic childhood. This marking stirs up creativity. -----------------~ ® ----------------- . Some style loop Colour self-absorbed and they spend a lot of time looking at of beauty is highly developed. Their appreciation matters to them in their lives. Style loops may manifest alone. Style loops are associated with people who care about their appearance and who have a distinctive personal style of dress. If either of their fire fingers has a peacock's eye they are suited to a career involving some form of application of design. and many who bear this pattern carry themselves owners are narcissistically themselves in mirrors. In our sample print the water (heart) line of a woman in her forties forks into two branches. while another branch grows towards the radial side of her hand. their clothes and even in the choice of which colour flowers to grow or purchase. ethnic and inviting. The flow of the water element onto this mount enhances qualities of inspiration and imagination in the bearer. in their homes. The fire finger represents self expression and the Sun mount is associated with talent and brilliance. They like to create an ambience and often their taste is towards the exotic.STYLE LOOP People with a style loop have flair.

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