tfiIDIA'm "RELEASE, DlWEIlBEB 15, 19(H
Governor: It 1s a great experlenoe to 1'1y II'IaIlY :tiiu!ldreda of
IIlLiea over the Atlantlo O(:l'ean t.o osme to ad')., leland a.cfi be greeted in
S.pao.lsb. and oome to an island. whiGh has aQ. ent1l]<aly d:it':rerent trad-
It.1on ami history Whi¢1l is made u.w Qf :.pEIl):ple of an ent1rel'y dli'fer-
ent cuJ. tural or1Sln tb:an on the 01' tilllJ U!l:1t,ed ,States and
stUl be able to :feel that I am: !:n my oount.l'll" bi9rEl in thiS city and
Island, as I was in my (lountxy in Washington this mwnin!!!:.
I am partioularly a;);I:Pn()lative and Ilad tJ:la.t I have "been wel-
comed by YOu:, Gov;ernoJ;'.,. VI1:iat;you and yOUlt" devoted assooiatea and
the peelll/;! of' this Island have been able to do in tM last decade,
to build :!I. better llre, te t aokle the dLf:flcult prGblemS ofeducu:.-
and nousintil;, and employment, and all the rest, has give:n us
inSIlU'atioA to feel that we Call cs:rxy ,on a great CG01Hltratlve effort
throughout the ent ire Hem1.Sl!,here. And I thlnk it mo;st appropriate
t.bat the marl who a.vved llIlder you in this 8iI'lilat $Dt$11'1lr:l.ae, AnJ.bassa-
dot' TeMOI"O whO was our Al1ioossadW" to VeneZIIl$la., should now
be the DirectpI' of' 'Wle AllUWice aa aO!l be able to hold Ull
enoourag by llC)intlng
to wtlat another devotoo
publio servant f'rom ISlE!.!ld, ArturG les-CarrlM, whO Ls now
our DepUt3 Assistant stary of' State forLat1n J'lmerica.
ruerto lUoo Serves as an a.dmi:rahle bridge 1;;etween Latlo.
America Mil Nol'th Al:nr.:W1oa. 'Iou bave, I thmk, served to make it
easier for ua to UIlderetand eac.h 'other 1 and tnere:fore it is !\lOst
important and that we ahoma. start t.ll1s jour.ney to two
great. Ven{i!Ziuel.a t:mtl that we mould COllIe hEtre
I want to ex;prE'lss tl:le tha.tlk:e of all of us t,C) you who wlcomed
our Peaoe Corps l'en;lresantatives SiIld save t.bem training and ootroatioo
and has contributed to th.eir $UOcesS.
We co.me here t.oday and I will value yOUX' cooosel, and r am
sure as a r'ElEYult of 'Otlr st!ll' here t!Ja:t our journeys 'tomorrow and
Sunday will be more 1'rU.i t1'ul.
GOVIBiit"nOr, I am gmt,etul to you, and I am gratef'ul to your
Iltlo;ple. We l:lave many of: them on thEl' matnl.a.nd, and thej' a re among
our best citizEms -- and I am glad to be in America tt.tu af'ternoon.
------/ /-----

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