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International Students’ Checklist
The checklist below will give you an idea of some of the things you will need to think about before you come to Manchester. The full list may not apply to you, for example if you are from the European Union. You should also be aware of further preparations which you will need to make, for example: if you are bringing your family or living in private accommodation. Preparing to come to Manchester c c c c c c Satisfy conditions of offer (if applicable) Obtain visa Apply for accommodation Book place on Airport Collection Service (September) Book place on Orientation course Have a medical examination and vaccinations: MMR (Mumps, Measles and Rubella) and Meningitis C (if applicable) page 4 page 6 page 12 page 20 page 21

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Before you leave c c c c c c c Book transport to Manchester Buy currency Decide how to pay your tuition fees Decide how to pay your accommodation fees Make accommodation prepayment Pack your luggage appropriately Register electronics on page 40 page 22 page 25 page 13 page 13 page 16 page 37

When you arrive in Manchester c c c c c c c c Tell your family you have arrived Register with the police (if applicable) Register at the University Arrange payment of tuition fees Arrange payment of accommodation fees Open a bank account Register with a doctor Buy a Television Licence (if applicable) page 43 page 9 page 32 page 25 page 13 page 23 page 38 page 15

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Student Recruitment, Admissions and International Development (SRAID) The SRAID Division is here to help you with any questions you may have during the admissions process. If would like any further information or advice contact us: Student Recruitment, Admissions and International Development Division The Rutherford Building The University of Manchester Coupland Street Manchester, M13 9PL, UK email tel +44 (0)161 275 2196 fax +44 (0)161 275 2058 If you have a serious problem when you arrive, outside UK office hours, plea se contact the emergency freephone number 0800 838 907.

Dear Student, Congratulations on deciding to study at The University of Manchester. I would like to take this opportunity to extend a very warm welcome to you. Manchester is one of the UK’s most vibrant cities, with a rich and diverse social and cultural life. It is also a hub of enterprise and development, and has a long tradition of embracing people from all around the world. I’m sure that you will be pleased to call Manchester home during your studies. Whether you are coming here for a short course or staying on for a longer programme, your time at Manchester will be a valuable educational experience which will enhance both your personal and professional development. You are joining an institution which is modern and forward-looking, with some of the best facilities in the world, but which at the same time retains a strong sense of its long and proud history. Manchester is a highly successful University that is ranked amongst the most respected institutes of higher learning worldwide. By coming here, you are joining a truly international community with students and staff from more than 160 different countries. This guide has been written with your needs in mind. It is designed to answer practical questions about living and studying in Manchester. Please read the information carefully. It not only shows you how to sign up for our initial welcome programme, but will also prove useful to you during your first few weeks and remain a useful reference tool throughout your time with us. If you find you need more information please contact any of the people listed in this brochure, either before you arrive or when you reach Manchester. I wish you a safe journey and we look forward to welcoming you to The University of Manchester.

Professor Alan Gilbert President and Vice-Chancellor


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Arriving at Manchester Airport What to expect at the Airport

Visas and immigration
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Arriving at Liverpool John Lennon Airport Arriving via a London Airport Travelling to central Manchester by train or coach Map of the UK and distances from Manchester

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International Student Guarantee How to apply for accommodation When to apply University and private accommodation Family and partner accommodation Temporary accommodation in Manchester Insuring your belongings Television Licence Council Tax

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read the entire guide as the information will be relevant to your time in Manchester. You will find it a useful reference tool throughout your studies. The three maps in the back of this guide are numbered. The guide includes details of many University and other organisations with their contact details. • The later sections will apply once you are living in Manchester. you still have questions or would like clarification on anything. contact any of the people listed in the guide and they will be pleased to help. Any questions? If. Map references The guide makes reference to map locations to help you navigate around campus during your time here. UK tel +44 (0)161 275 2196 fax +44 (0)161 275 2058 email offer@manchester. to help you with your preparations. We have provided you with a checklist on the inside fold of this For example. the Student Services Centre). Remember to keep this guide in a safe place and bring it with you to the Feedback If you would like to give feedback on this guide. however. after reading the guide. 57 – you should look at Map 1 and then for the building marked 57 (in this example. If the question you have is of a more general nature or you are not sure who to ask please contact: International Office Student Recruitment. You may want to add to this yourself as you read the guide. You should. Admissions and International Development Division The Rutherford Building The University of Manchester Coupland Street Manchester M13 9PL. If you cannot find the information you are looking for there is an index on page 53 to help you work your way around the guide. You can communicate with them before you arrive if you have any concerns. • The front sections focus on what you will need to do before you leave. you can do so by emailing us on: . if the map reference is Map 1. This guide is designed to help answer some of those questions and provide you with further information which should be useful throughout your time in the UK.2 How to use this guide Coming to study in another country is an exciting experience and we know that you will have many

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You can also accept by emailing the International Development Division on offer@manchester. “I chose The University of Manchester for two major reasons. These sessions provide advice which you will find very useful if you are unfamiliar with the UK.4 Your offer If your offer is ‘Unconditional’ This means that the University does not require any further evidence from you to prove that you meet the admission requirements. I was impressed by the ranking of the School.” Haifei Yao. If you are an undergraduate you should inform UCAS of your decision. Please see page 10 for further details. If you are unsure of requirements. you should send a copy of your transcript to your School as soon as you receive If you need to improve your English level before meeting the conditions of your you may wish to consider a Summer Pre-Sessional English course at The University of Manchester. please contact your home university international office or email exchangestudy@manchester. usually in IELTS or But more importantly. Your offer letter will state what the conditions of your offer The University also organises pre-departure briefings. If you are an undergraduate you should inform UCAS of your decision. you should contact your School to confirm your If you are a Year/Semester Study Abroad or Exchange student You will have been made a formal offer and will need to fulfil any requirements communicated to you by the terms of the study abroad/exchange programme.britishcouncil. Pre-Departure briefings In some countries the British Council co-ordinates pre-departure briefing sessions for students coming to the UK. You should contact your nearest British Council office for further information: www. I was attracted by the great variety of If you are an Erasmus student You will not have been made a formal offer and will not have to fulfil any requirements other than those already communicated to you by the terms of the Erasmus programme and within your letter of acceptance. If you are unsure of If your offer is ‘Conditional’ This means that the University requires further evidence of your qualifications before they can give you admission to the University. First. please contact the Erasmus Office at your home university or your appointed Erasmus Coordinator at The University of Manchester. The offer may be conditional on an exam you have yet to take or for which you are waiting a result. If this is the case. If you are a postgraduate. You can accept your offer of a place before it becomes unconditional. If you have not done so you should formally accept your offer of a even if you are short of the required grade. you should contact your School to confirm your acceptance or you can also accept by emailing the International Development Division at offer@manchester. Details of these will be sent to you if they are taking place in your home country. Your offer letter may also ask for an English Language score. If you are a postgraduate. MSc Marketing .

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Latvia. The new regulations affect anyone from a country outside the EEA/Switzerland who plans to study in the UK. Please look at the UKCISA and UK government websites (page 9) or contact the International Advice Team for further advice. . Other EEA/Swiss students If you are from any other EEA country you are recommended to apply for an EEA Residence Certificate using form EEA1 after you arrive in the UK. Tier 4 (General) students are sometimes referred to as adult students by UKBA. Greece. Germany. Luxembourg. Bulgaria. The University of Manchester has appointed local partners/agents and you may be able to consult them regarding UK immigration please check with your embassy whether you need to return to your home country to get a new passport. France. Iceland. Portugal. registering with the Police. Italy.a copy of your ICFN (identity card for foreign nationals) if one has been issued to you by the UKBA.6 Immigration procedures: Visas and entry clearance Preparing to study in another country is an exciting time. If you are a citizen of the EEA or Switzerland and have been accepted on a course of study. If you are not living in your own country. The International Advice Team provides immigration advice and services to prospective You can also obtain immigration information from your local British Council office or by looking at the website for the British Embassy or High Commission in your country. specialist advice on complex immigration matters is available from the International Advice Team at The University of Manchester (page 46). UK immigration The UK immigration rules affecting everyone coming to live and study in the UK are available on the UK Border Agency (UKBA) website (details on page 9). Republic of Cyprus. international students can only study at an education institution which has been issued with a licence as a Tier 4 education sponsor by the Government. All other international students New Immigration Rules On 22 February 2010. How the Tier 4 (General) Immigration Rules will affect you Tier 4 (General) students have a number of specific duties and responsibilities imposed by the UKBA. Students who are planning to begin their studies at Manchester during the 2010/11 academic year will normally need to apply for immigration permission (a visa) as Tier 4 (General) Students. Spain. In some countries passports are gradually being renewed/updated so that they meet the latest international standard. In some countries.manchester. Family members of EEA/Swiss students If your spouse and/or dependants are: • from any EEA country (except Bulgaria or Romania) they are recommended to apply to the UKBA after they arrive in the UK for an EEA Residence Certificate using form EEA1. Please look at the UKCISA and UK government websites (details on page 9) for further information. Slovenia. Students who plan to study on a course lasting less than six months are also affected by changes. Finland. the Government implemented the last stage of Tier 4 of the new points based system. The new passports are machine readable and contain encoded biometric information (eg a digital photograph). Please note that you cannot start part-time work without the certificate. Hungary. you may have to apply for an extension here. Ireland. Slovakia. the process can be lengthy so start early. For more information about coming to the UK with immigration permission (a visa) as a Tier 4 (General) student or as a Student Visitor. Further details about the Immigration Services Commissioner are available at www. Malta. EEA and Swiss students The EEA (European Economic Area) consists of: Austria. Netherlands. Romania. The certificate confirms your rights to live in the UK as a student and work here on a part-time basis whilst you are studying. Sweden and the United Kingdom. Contact details for our agents are at www. Bulgarian and Romanian students If you are a citizen of Bulgaria or Romania we strongly recommend that you apply to the UKBA after you arrive in the UK for a student registration certificate using form BR1. Liechtenstein. General advice Passport Please ensure that you have a valid passport – if you need to get a new one or if your current passport needs to be revalidated. copy of your passport. current students and recent graduates as well as to the spouses and other dependent family members of all of these. . Advice and assistance on UK immigration Before you arrive and while you are studying with us. If you experience any immigration problems please contact us immediately. You can also get relevant information from the British Embassy / High Commission in your country or their partner agency. This means that you have to: • comply with the conditions of your immigration permission eg only working • not EEA/Swiss citizens and they are going to join you in Manchester they each need to apply for an EEA Family Permit before travelling to the UK. • attend your timetabled teaching periods and laboratory classes as well as any supervision sessions or meetings which have been arranged. You can apply for immigration permission in your home country before travelling to Manchester or. students on courses lasting less than six months may wish to enter the UK as Student Visitors. do this as soon as possible because the process can take several months. In either case. Lithuania. Applications can be made online or by submitting form VAF5 to a British Embassy. Belgium. • from Bulgaria or Romania they are recommended to apply to the UKBA after they arrive in the UK for a registration certificate using form BR1. Denmark. Norway. In some cases. The designated advisors in the International Advice Team are the only staff at the University who are authorised to provide immigration advice. please read the quick guide for students on the UKBA website (details on page 9). • provide the University with specific information including: . They are regulated by the Immigration Services Commissioner which guarantees the competence of advisors and ensures the quality of the advice or assistance provided. Under the new system. but there are a number of processes to go through. you are entitled to enter the UK freely and have the right of residence here for the duration of your course. Estonia. Czech Republic. The Permits are issued free of charge.oisc. if you are already in the UK. • register on a full-time course of study at the education institution which is printed on the visa vignette in your passport or your ICFN (identity card for foreign nationals). • explain any absences or unsatisfactory work to your designated Academic Advisor.

• keeping a record of: . Please ensure that the description you use to apply for an ATAS Certificate is the description that was sent to you by the University along with your Offer details. you will need to apply for an extension to continue your studies. Supporting documents Your CAS Statement from the University will include a list of documents that were used to assess your application for a place. . The balance on each day of the period must be at least • total tuition fees for the academic year PLUS • *£5. Further details are in the Tier 4 (General) Policy Guidance www. everyone intending to study on a short course should apply for immigration permission as a Tier 4 (General) student or as a Student Visitor before travelling to the UK. If you decide to enter the UK as a Student You also need to submit personal bank statements confirming that you have held the relevant amount of money in your bank account for 28 What next? Already in the UK If you are already in the UK with immigration permission as a student (under the previous Immigration Rules) or as a Tier 4 student. If you apply for Tier 4 immigration permission before travelling to the UK you are allowed to work on a part-time basis and you are allowed to extend your stay in the UK without having to return home. The information on page 44 explains what you need to do.your ICFN (identity card for foreign nationals) if one has been issued to you by the UKBA. physical sciences or engineering you will have to apply for an ATAS Certificate from the UK particularly at busy times of the year (June – October). If you have been granted immigration permission you should have no problems when you arrive and the endorsement confirms your rights in the Please note that a CAS cannot be issued more than six months before your course begins and that it is not possible to apply under Tier 4 until three months before the start of your ATAS Certificate If you are going to start a postgraduate taught course or research in medical sciences. . The terms "Tier 4 Sponsor" or "education sponsor" are used to describe an education institution in the UK where you are planning to study and you will come across these terms in any immigration information or guidance that is issued by the UK Border Agency. We will send you a CAS number once you have accepted an unconditional offer and we will send your number to you in a “CAS Statement”.gov. telephone number and other contact details. you may have to return home to apply for Tier 4 permission – please contact the International Advice Team (page 46) for advice as soon as possible. The guidance can be found at www. If you need more information about the CAS which has been issued to you. Information about ATAS Certificates and the application procedure is available at www. you are not allowed to work and you cannot apply to extend or change your immigration permission.your passport. tutorials. see our web pages at www. You do not have to pay an application fee for the certificate. The CAS Statement also confirms all the personal and course information that we sent to UKBA to generate your CAS number. • report to the UKBA if your circumstances change eg a change of address.ukba. The CAS is a unique reference number given to you by your Tier 4 Sponsor and is confirmation of your unconditional offer of a place on a course of study. The final date on the bank statement must not be more than one month before the date of your Tier 4 application.your current address. You may be issued with a CAS by more than one institution but when you use a CAS to apply for immigration permission (a visa) the UK Border Agency (UKBA) will expect you to study at that institution.studentnet. particularly the section on ”Living Expenses”. please contact the University at: • report to the UKBA if the University does not comply with its duties as a Tier 4 sponsor. Without immigration permission you may experience problems when you go though UK immigration control and you risk being deported when you arrive. telephone number and other contact details. Outside the UK Courses lasting less than 6 months Ideally.any changes to your immigration permission (visa).manchester. If you have further questions about ATAS. . etc. • monitoring your attendance at supervision sessions. . please contact us on atas@manchester. life sciences. The University’s new responsibilities Any education institution in the UK that wishes to admit students from outside the EEA or Switzerland must hold a licence from the UKBA. • monitoring your progress during your studies. Your CAS Statement will be sent by email. • comply with any requests from the UKBA eg meeting immigration officers when they are on an inspection visit to the University. Apply as early as possible for your ATAS Certificate. email address. Your School/supervisor must provide a description of your taught programme / proposed area of research. Please contact the International Advice Team as soon as possible if you may be in this situation. laboratory classes.updates on any other changes eg an extension to your immigration permission. You have to provide a bank statement or one of the other specified documents covering a period of 28 applicationforms/pbs/tier4generalapplication For more information about applying to study under Tier 4 of the points-based system. from pbs@manchester. it is likely that you will have to go back home and apply for Tier 4 immigration permission If there is going to be a gap of more than one month between the end of your current immigration permission and the start of your studies at the .400 to cover your living expenses for the year. • reporting to the UKBA if your attendance is poor or if you leave the and the Studying in the UK section of the UKBA website. Many students have experienced long delays in obtaining a Maintenance/Tuition fees and living expenses To score 10 points for this. Immigration permission under the pointsbased system To qualify for immigration permission under Tier 4 (General) you have to score a total of 40 points: • 30 points for the Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS) from the University along with any documents that are listed in the CAS • 10 points for having the specified amount of “maintenance” (tuition fees + living expenses) in your personal bank account for a period of 28 on your current address. You must submit the originals of all these documents along with your passport and the application fee when you are making your Tier 4 application. Please refer to the current Tier 4 (General) Policy Guidance.7 . you have to prove to the UKBA that you have the specified amount of money in your personal bank account. If you are already in the UK with some other type of immigration permission. * You may only need to show £1.200 for your living expenses if you have already studied in the UK for 6 months and are registering for a new course within 4 months of completing your last course. The University of Manchester is a licensed Tier 4 (General) sponsor and our responsibilities include: • ensuring that all our students have immigration permission which allows them to study with us.

uk/en/howtoapply/vafs Further guidance is available from the International Advice Team. You should be granted immigration permission for the duration of your studies plus an additional period.ukvisas. If you are on a course lasting six months or less it is not possible for your dependent family members to accompany you.studentnet. You may need to apply for this visa before travelling to the UK. who will need to see a copy of the Refusal Notice. Courses lasting 6 months or more If you are planning to study at Manchester on a course lasting more than six months you must apply for immigration permission under Tier 4 (General) before you leave it is helpful to look through the paper application Refusals If your application under Tier 4 is refused. Click on the section marked “Do I need a Visa?” and read through the information sheet for Tier 4 (INF29). Either: a) Length of the Foundation/English course plus an additional period of seven days if the course lasts for less than six months Or b) Length of the Foundation/English course plus an additional period of two months if the course lasts for more than six months If your immigration permission is not issued in accordance with these guidelines you have the right to ask the British Embassy / High Commission / partner organisation to correct the error. In some countries. you may be able to apply online or you may have to submit a paper application (VAF3A). additional documents may be required eg a tuberculosis test certificate (see “Health requirements” on page 9). PG Diploma or exchange / visiting programmes All courses of less than six months eg English Language students and some exchange and visiting programmes Length of Immigration Permission Length of the course plus four months Applying for Tier 4 (General) outside the UK The UK government website www. Depending on where you are living.manchester. Length of the course plus two months Length of the course plus seven days Foundation course or an English language course Combined length of the Foundation / English immediately followed by a degree course. or The University of Manchester representative in your country. There is also a link from these pages which provides detailed information about the application is very useful because it offers clear information on what you need to do. Do not enter the UK as a General Visitor or a Business Visitor – you will be refused entry and deported. Make sure you find out what arrangements are in place for you to attend in person to provide biometric information: fingerscans and a digital photograph. Foundation course or an English language course immediately followed by a degree course. You are allowed to come to the UK one month before the start of your degree course.ukvisas.8 Immigration procedures: Visas and entry clearance If you are planning to travel in Europe during or after your studies. so please fax or email this to them as soon as possible. However. registered with us and paid your tuition fees. you can check whether you are able to make an online application under Tier 4 or whether you have to submit a paper application form. course and the degree course plus four months Progression on to the degree course is automatic and does not depend on successful completion of the Foundation/English course. you should read through the paper form and the associated VAF Guidance Note which are both available at: www. You may also find it helpful to read through www. Further details are on page 45. Length of your immigration permission According to the published immigration guidelines you should be granted immigration permission as follows: Course of study Undergraduate and postgraduate courses lasting more than 12 months Undergraduate and postgraduate courses lasting more than six months but less than 12 months eg JYA. Specific information on how to apply for Tier 4 (General) immigration permission to study at The University of Manchester is given below. The fee for a Tier 4 (General) application is £199 which has to be paid in your local currency (either online or when you submit a paper application). Even if you are applying online. The refusal will be endorsed in your passport. you can apply to come to the UK as a “Prospective Student”. please discuss your plans with the International Advice Team. Progression on to the degree course depends on successful completion of the Foundation/English course. If you have permission as a Prospective Student it will be possible to apply for Tier 4 (General) immigration permission in the UK after you have been issued with a CAS by the University. In either case. and the associated PBS Migrant Guidance Notes. your nearest British Council office. On the same web page. . There is a link to these documents on the visa application forms page of the ukvisas website. please check whether you need a visa to enter any of the countries you are planning to visit. Conditional offer holders It is not possible to get Tier 4 (General) immigration permission if you have a conditional offer from the Contact a member of the International Advice Team. read through the Refusal Notice that you are given carefully – this sets out the reasons for the refusal. If you are planning to apply for immigration permission as a Student Visitor or in some other immigration category.

Tuesday.studentnet.ukvisas. Please get further advice from your local British Embassy / High Commission (or their official outsourcing partner) or the International Advice Team regarding the relevant forms and procedures if your family plan to apply for immigration permission after you have arrived in Manchester. you should have an endorsement in your passport or Identity Card for Foreign Nationals (ICFN) which says that you are required to register with the Police within seven days of your arrival: Afghanistan. Please note that during busy periods it can take as long as three hours to clear immigration control. Ukraine. Lebanon. If you and/or your family are not EEA or Swiss citizens then each family member needs to apply for immigration permission as a PBS Dependant before travelling to Manchester. Friday: 8:30am . Registration with the police If you are a citizen of one of the following countries and you have immigration permission to be here for more than six Colombia. They should apply to the UKBA for confirmation of their immigration status after they arrive in the UK – please see the section on Family Members of EEA/Swiss Students (page 6).£50 notes are not accepted. If you have Tier 4 immigration permission but you are refused entry on arrival in the UK you cannot be sent back until your appeal has been Uzbekistan.iasuk. Georgia. Russia. Please make sure that all your supporting documents are easily accessible in your hand luggage. Oman. Further information Leaflets First Steps www. If you are detained Health requirements Compulsory TB (tuberculosis) screening has been introduced in a number of countries around the world. Peru. Iran. Turkmenistan. contact the International Advice Team (see above contact detaiils) or the Immigration Advisory Service (IAS) in London (020 7967 1299 or 020 7199 7790 ) or Manchester (0844 974 4000) as soon as possible. Thursday.9 Students with families If your spouse and/or dependant child(ren) are EEA/Swiss citizens then they do not have to apply for immigration permission before travelling to the UK. You should all apply at the same time even if you are planning to travel separately to Manchester. You must inform the police within seven days if you: • change your UK address • extend or change your immigration permission • change your place of study There is no charge for these updates. If the Immigration Officer refuses you entry and you do not have Tier 4 immigration permission. Keep your boarding card and ticket safely – you often need to provide details of how and when you travelled to the UK when you apply to extend your immigration permission. Please note that if you are coming to Manchester for a pre-sessional course of less than six months you may not be able to bring your family with Again.ukcisa. Free immigration advice and information on immigration appeals: www. You can also ask to contact your Embassy / High Commission in London.homeoffice.12 noon The registration certificate currently costs £34 (in cash) for each person over the age of 16. Show the duty Immigration Officer all the documents you submitted when you applied under Tier 4.manchester. Further details are on the UKBA International Advice Team www. Armenia. Without Tier 4 immigration permission. Azerbaijan. Palestine. Algeria. The process of applying together is straightforward but things become more complex (and can be more expensive) if your family apply after you arrive in the UK. Argentina.educationuk.pdf UK Government Coming to the UK to study and application forms www.ukba.4pm Wednesday: 8:30am . Opening hours: Monday. United Arab Emirates. you may be detained or you may be given a very short period of temporary UK Embassies / High Commissions around the world www. Your family will be granted immigration permission for the same length of time as you dents. Periodically additional health requirements are imposed following the outbreak of a serious communicable disease in a region (eg avian influenza). Kyrgyzstan.homeoffice. Brazil. . please check with your local UK Embassy / High Commission / partner agency. www. China. Belarus. Yemen. Jordan. please go to International Visitors Registration Office Greater Manchester Police Bootle Street Manchester M2 5GU tel 0161 856 3320/3317 (please ring before 12 noon) See map 3 (page 52) for details. Kuwait. You need to take your passport. you may face some difficulties going through passport control.ukba.fco. Egypt. Saudi Contact details International Advice Team tel +44 (0)161 275 5000 (select option 1) fax +44 (0)161 275 7860 email iat@manchester. To register. Please check with your local UK Embassy / High Commission (or their outsourcing partner) for further EEA/Swiss students and their family members and application forms Other websites Immigration advice for international students from UKCISA (UK Council for International Students) www. Kazakhstan. Tajikistan. You will have to fill in an application form when you get to the office. If you are unclear about anything that you have been told by an Immigration Officer or anything that has been stamped in your passport. Morocco. The application fee as a PBS Dependant is £199 (paid in local currency).uk you have the right to (free) legal advice and/or medical assistance. Turkey. Libya. please contact the International Advice Team. you may be sent back home Please note that at busy times there can be a long wait for an appointment for TB screening at the designated clinics. Please make sure that you have the exact amount of cash with you to pay the registration fee . The Immigration Officer will date stamp your passport. Your family can apply online or by submitting the VAF10 – PBS Dependant application form. Israel. Moldova. Sudan. Syria. North Korea. two identical passport sized photographs and your original offer letter from the University. Cuba. Arriving in the UK If you have been granted Tier 4 immigration permission you should have no problems coming through immigration control when you arrive in the UK.12 noon and 1pm . Tunisia. If you experience problems at immigration control.

Students attending presessional courses in Manchester have found them an excellent way to prepare for their academic programme. The University Language Centre (ULC) is also an IELTS testing centre so if you need to re-take IELTS you can do so during your pre-sessional course. If you have a conditional offer. The IELTS test is available at most British Council offices and places do fill up quickly at the more popular test centres. require a higher level of English than others. such as Medicine or English Literature. so early booking is essential. If it does not. Your offer letter may specifically mention a presessional course.ielts. If you are in doubt. you should ask your School before making a booking to find out whether satisfactory completion of a presessional will fulfil the English language requirements. IELTS IELTS is a test which gives you a score based on the level of your English and is recognised worldwide. we recommend that you find out your level of English before you come to Manchester. If your offer is unconditional you may still benefit from a pre-sessional English course to improve your overall fluency and writing skills. and therefore it is important that you have a level of English which will allow you to benefit fully from lectures and tutorials. you must ask your School at The University of Manchester.10 English language requirements We want you to make the most of your If you already have IELTS or an equivalent qualification but need to improve your score. The School may also wish you to re-take IELTS during the pre-sessional course. The courses run from three to twenty weeks (see below) and the amount of time you will need to study depends on your level of English. it may require you to achieve a certain IELTS score. They also allow you to adapt to your new surroundings so that you are fully settled when your academic course starts. Some courses. please check. You will also find that a high level of English is a valuable skill which can significantly improve your job prospects. If your first language is not English. If you are interested in registering for a course or would like further information please contact the ULC: . This is to ensure that your English is good enough to follow your academic studies. Pre-Sessional English courses The ULC at Manchester runs several pre-sessional courses which are designed to provide you with the level of English you need to meet the conditions of your offer. If you are unsure whether you need an English qualification or of the score you need to achieve. you could come and follow a pre-sessional course run by The University of Manchester. See the website: www. The ability to communicate well in English is essential to your academic career.

ulc. MSc International Development . You will have to achieve a certain English level before you can participate (IELTS 6. Linguistics and Cultures Oddfellows Hall Oxford Road Manchester M13 9PL tel +44 (0)161 306 3397 fax +44 (0)161 306 3396 email englang@manchester. the ULC provides a range of other English language courses and more details of all courses are available on their website. The ULC also organises special (part-time) English courses for non-native learning-learn-english-your-country. These are offered on a credit-rated basis (20 UK/10 EU credits). which are free to registered international students. More information about the support services provided by the ULC can be found on their website (click on the Academic Support Programmes: www.11 English Language Courses University Language Centre School of Languages.Learning English in Your Country: www. The results will only be used to indicate to your tutors where you may need English language support. moreover. or you may pay to take classes without receiving credit. Your tutors may recommend that you attend part-time in-sessional English classes. Classes cost approximately £230 including www.manchester. In addition.0 or TOEFL 550 (80 iBT) or CAE). and what is going on in society.” Xiaowei Jiang. Useful English language links British Council English support during your studies You may be asked to take an English test shortly after starting your academic ort).htm Pre-Sessional English course details Course code PS20 PS10b PS5 PS3 Start 19 05 09 23 April 2010 July 2010 August 2010 August 2010 Finish 10 10 10 10 September September September September 2010 2010 2010 2010 Weeks 20 10 05 03 Fee £4400 £2200 £1100 £660 “You can improve your English here. you can learn more about western

.uk/files/accomm odation/brochure-2010-11. The private sector in Manchester also has a plentiful supply of good quality and affordable housing. How to apply for accommodation You should have received an Accommodation Brochure shortly after obtaining your offer letter. you can view the brochure online at: http://media. We are able to offer more places in university-owned accommodation than any other university in the UK.accommodation. with easy access to the University. When to apply You should submit an application as soon as you have been offered a place (conditional or unconditional) on a course at the students submitting applications after that date cannot be guaranteed University The deadline for applying is the 31st August 2010. which include both catered and selfcatered options. International Student Guarantee All unaccompanied international students paying international fees are guaranteed a place in University-managed accommodation for the duration of their programme. you can access the information contained in the brochure on the Accommodation Office website where online applications can also be made.12 Accommodation The University of Manchester has an impressive range of accommodation to suit a wide variety of needs and budgets. If you have not.pdf Alternatively.

” Lim Bee Li. University and private accommodation When you arrive in Manchester you will find there are two places that you can visit for advice on the www. If you need to look for private accommodation. please arrive 12 weeks early to give yourself time to search before your course www.manchesterstudenthomes. Manchester Student Homes can email you a list of hotels. The Accommodation Office can answer your queries on University-owned Halls of Residence.manchesterstudenthomes. Exchange and Study Abroad students Erasmus. houses. Accommodation available to students attending the University for a single semester is not guaranteed but you are welcome to apply. at www. You must submit your application well before the closing date of 31 July 2010. hostels and B&Bs in Manchester and answer any other queries by email or phone before you arrive. see next column). houseshares and rooms in owners’ homes. while Manchester Student Homes can advise you on private halls.13 Erasmus. You may choose to look for private sector housing through Manchester Student Homes.manchester. Exchange and Study Abroad students studying at Manchester for one academic year are guaranteed a place in University accommodation. including website information. which operates as an accommodation bureau (for full details. staff and everybody is like family to You should not commit to any private accommodation without seeing “My accommodation has got a very friendly and homely feel. you can view properties registered with Manchester Student Homes before you arrive. If you have access to the internet. flats. The hall has got a really nice Manchester Student Homes Unit 1-3 Ladybarn House Moseley Road Fallowfield Manchester M14 6ND tel 0161 275 7680 fax 0161 275 7684 Contact details The Accommodation Office The University of Manchester University Place Oxford Road Manchester M13 9PL tel +44 (0)161 275 2888 fax +44 (0)161 275 3213 email LLB Law .

£150 Temporary accommodation in Manchester If you are arriving during the summer vacation. • If you are a single person. The figures do not include water rates. If in doubt. • You should make sure that you see gas and electricity safety certificates for the property before you sign a contract. . A list of hotels in the Manchester area with an approximate guide to cost per night can also be found on the website. Please contact Manchester Student Homes if you need advice. gas or electricity charges for which you will receive separate bills.14 Accommodation Family and partner accommodation At present. This service is free of charge. The deposit is refundable if you do not damage the property and pay all bills on the property. you are advised not to bring your family to Manchester until you have been able to arrange suitable housing. £100 . get the contract checked by Manchester Student Homes. you will not need to share a room. • Make sure that the amount of rent you need to pay is clearly stated on the contract and always get a receipt for any money you pay. but this is normally only offered until early September. rents can vary depending on area and quality. However. • Never sign a contract for a longer time than you intend to stay in Manchester. each with their own single room. who share a kitchen. you may have to pay an agency fee. You and your children will not be able to live in a single room together.£70 Imp ortant points to remember when considering private accommodation: • Do not sign a tenancy agreement until you are sure that you understand it and are willing to abide by its terms. This is usually an equivalent amount to around 4-6 weeks’ rent. Manchester Student Homes can provide further information. including the length of the contract. • Most landlords ask for a deposit (sometimes called a ‘bond’). the University can only offer a limited number of places to couples and families with children. Rent per week Single person (in shared accommodation) Couple Couple with 2/3 children £55 . contact Manchester Student Homes for advice on the fire safety devices the property should have. You will be liable for the rent for the full term of the contract (unless you can find another suitable student to replace you). bathroom and living area. A houseshare (or ‘rooms in a shared home’) consists of a group of people. but flats and houses are available through the University’s Leased Housing Scheme. Please note there is a UK law which governs the number of people that can live in one room in rented accommodation. • If you rent a property through an agency. The following prices are an approximate guide to what you should expect to pay for furnished accommodation in Manchester. Manchester Student Homes does not charge you a fee for using their services. Before you rent.£120 £120 . As it may take time to find suitable family accommodation at a reasonable price. Contact the Accommodation Office or consult the Accommodation Office website for details. temporary accommodation may be available in the Halls of Residence.

uk/check-if-you-need-one/foryour-home/students/AUD1/ If you have a visa/Entry Clearance as an academic visitor or a sponsored researcher you will be charged Council Tax. Council Tax This is a local government tax to pay for local public services (eg street lighting) and the amount charged is determined by the value of the property.000 worth of possessions in private accommodation. Halls of Residence Students living in a Hall of Residence are exempt from paying Council Tax. costs approximately £90 to £150 a year.00 a year for a black and white TV. Television Licence In the UK all televisions must be licensed. • Most Further information UKCISA information www.endsleigh.php#council_tax . There are various ways to purchase a licence and the cost is £142.campus. and your spouse is not a British or EU citizen. As a guide. Please contact the Student Services Centre for further advice (page 30). In this case it may be possible to claim a 25% discount – please check with your local Council. particularly electronics such as music systems and you are both exempt from paying Council Tax. Please consult the Television Licensing website for further information.000 of contents insurance. you should insure your personal property against loss or theft as soon as possible after If you receive a Council Tax officialdocuments/ Manchester City Council www. Private accommodation A student sharing a property with other full-time students (over 18) is exempt from paying Council Tax. you share a house or a flat.tvlicensing. please refer to the Student Service Centre webpages (in the column to the right) for advice on how to respond. The amount normally increases each year. • Check the premium carefully to see what is covered by the insurance. • Other valuable items may need to be insured separately such as musical instruments. Please send in a photocopy of your passport. Endsleigh Insurance Services Ltd www. • Check that there are no exclusions which might be relevant if. some supermarkets and the Post Office also offer insurance. If you are living in Private is a private company which offers specific student possession insurance policies.000.50 a year for a colour TV or £48.15 Insuring your belongings If you are living in a University-owned Hall of Residence. may have an upper limit on a cover for £4. you are automatically covered for up to £4. Students with spouses / families If you are a non-EU student living in self-contained accommodation with your family. bicycles and mobile phones. even if your total insurance is £4.manchester. If you are here for a very short course (usually a few weeks) you may be able to claim an exemption – please check with your local Council to see whether this will apply to you. Further information about this policy can be obtained from the Accommodation Office or website (page 12). For example: you may only be able to claim up to £600 on CDs. www. Research students who are writing up may have to pay. Cost and cover can vary.ukcisa. your spouse’s passport and your Council Tax Exemption Certificate (from the Student Services Centre) to your local Council Tax www. for example. Everyone under 18 and full-time students registered for more than six months are not charged Council Tax. depending on where you live and the worth of your possessions. • Some items. If you are sharing with someone over 18 who is not a student then Council Tax must be Student Services Centre www. If you have a television in your own room in a Hall of Residence you will have to purchase your own separate licence. You can be heavily fined for having an unlicensed television(s).ac.

• Plants/seeds. pictures of family and home. • Photos. You are advised to carry the following in your suitcase(s): • Photocopies of important documents (you should also leave a copy with your friends or family).address/telephone number. not hand luggage. • Laptop (if applicable). • Proof of purchase for any IT equipment.a pullover or a jacket. You should not bring: • Very valuable items. as a thank you. • Originals of any other important . with visa/UK entry clearance. razor blades) in suitcase. posters. if you visit someone’s home. Planning what to bring Luggage • Do not travel with a lot of luggage. • Some warm clothing and comfortable shoes. • Original documents to prove financial support for tuition fees and maintenance. • Details of your destination . • Sharp objects (eg scissors. • Warm clothing .uk/Default. • Spare passport-size photographs. • Travel insurance details. • Please do pay careful attention to your luggage allowance.aspx “Where the campus ends and the city begins is impossible to tell . you may find it helpful to get advice from other people in your country who have had some experience of living in the UK. It is often cheaper to buy things in the UK. If you go over this you will have to pay for excess baggage or unaccompanied freight charges.remember to check that you are able to carry the luggage yourself. When you have finished packing . dairy or meat products (see http://importdetails. eg jewellery that is expensive / is of sentimental value.16 Travelling to Manchester As you begin to pack your luggage before coming to the UK. • Original offer letter from the University stating home address.defra. • Small gifts/souvenirs.the University is part of Manchester's very fabric. • British Currency (see right).” The Sunday Times University Guide • Health certificate/check-up. • Label your luggage clearly with your name. You are advised to carry the following in your hand luggage: • Valid Passport. as you will need to do this during your journey. your home address and the address of the place you are going to live at in Manchester.

see page 23 for further information on opening an account. or a skirt are worn with a T-shirt or sweater. may have to pay your Hall deposit of £150 and if you are in a self-catering Hall you will have to buy food and kitchen equipment. Books/equipment • Bring any dictionaries that you use frequently. .you will have to pay a deposit which could be up to two months rent in addition to rent for the first month. • It may take two weeks before you are fully able to open a bank account. especially if you are coming from a warm climate. • Bring your normal range of clothes with you and buy additional warm clothes when you arrive here. Many people carry a small umbrella. • Hall fees are normally paid in three instalments and the first is due at the end of October. • Sponsored students should check to find out when their stipend will be paid. . You will be able to get advice from other students and your lecturers about what you need to buy. You could always sell equipment on to other students at the end of your course. • You need to bring at least £100 in cash with you for your journey and for your immediate living expenses on arrival in the UK. dress or national dress. • The UK has a number of shops that sell cheap cooking equipment and utensils.17 Finance Please make sure that you are financially secure and that your arrangements will cover all your tuition fees and living expenses while you are here (further information on the full cost of living and studying here can be found on pages 26 and 27).to cover accommodation deposits. food. rent. • You may wish to bring your laptop with you please ensure that this is covered by your travel insurance. and should ensure that they have enough money to last until that point. Check with the Accommodation Office (page 12) if you are unsure of how to pay your fees. then you should bring any equipment with you the University has good sports facilities for students.500 if you are coming here with your family . • Bring an outfit for special occasions for example: a jacket. Please do not bring large amounts of cash. etc. Clothes/personal belongings • You will need some warm clothing as soon as you arrive. Information on payment methods and instalment arrangements is on page 25. • You should also have additional money in the form of travellers’ cheques. It is not recommended that you bring equipment with you. Here are some things you should bear in mind: • Get travel insurance to cover your journey and first two weeks in Manchester. See page 27 for further information on buying clothes. • Most students dress informally: least £ least £700 if you are planning to live in private accommodation . • If you play sports regularly. You will need: . .at least £250 if you are going to live in a Hall of Residence . • Tuition fees have to be paid as soon as you register. Some set texts may be provided for you. You may be able to start setting up a bank account before you arrive . • You may wish to bring some of the text books that you were using in your recent studies especially in those subject areas that you will be specialising in. • Wait until you arrive in Manchester before buying any University textbooks or equipment.

terravision. depending on your nationality) and wait for your passport to be checked by an immigration officer. When making plans to get to Manchester you should consider how long it will take and how much it will cost.some cheaper shops include Asda. International Students' House offers cheap overnight accommodation for students in London.hmrc. The fare should cost no more than £20. Please note that accommodation in London can be very expensive and that you should book your accommodation before you leave home. The cost of a single ticket is around £3. Information on transport in the London area is available from the following website: www. Once you have proceeded through customs you will be in the Arrivals Hall from where you can continue your journey. Arriving at Manchester Airport You are advised to plan your journey by air directly to Manchester Arriving at Manchester Airport outside the times of the Airport Collection Service If you arrive at Manchester airport outside the period of the Airport collection service in September. Food and Rural Affairs): www. including British Airways. See www. In addition.html Arriving via a London Airport If you arrive in London by air and then proceed to Manchester by coach or train. it is advisable to make a booking (four to six weeks in advance) in writing and enclosing an International Reply see page 9. Emirates. The British Tourist Authority also lists places to stay in London and Manchester www. . it is easiest to take a taxi (see page 40 for further advice about taxis) from the airport to your accommodation. and you are in the airport terminal. There is also a rail link direct from the airport to Manchester Piccadilly railway station in Manchester city centre. Malaysian Airlines and Singapore Airlines. Fallowfield and Rusholme areas of Manchester close to many of the major accommodation sites. Have a look at Travel Information at www. St Pancras International Terminal. KLM. Bedding packs are available to buy from certain Halls of Residence reception desks. Arriving at Liverpool John Lennon Airport Terravision Coach Service Terravision coach journeys travel from Liverpool John Lennon Airport to Sackville Street and Shudehill Interchange in Manchester city centre. There are frequent air-shuttle services to Manchester from London Heathrow and Gatwick airports. Tickets can be pre-booked online or bought direct from the on-site Terravision staff at the Coach. Please note that if you travel via London.18 Travelling to Manchester Bedding We advise you to purchase bedding in the UK because it is too bulky to carry from overseas. The service takes 60 minutes and adult tickets cost £7 one way. A free shuttle bus service is available to take you from Terminals 1 and 2 to the airport railway and bus station.tfl. There are now very strict controls on bringing in food and plants and you may face tough penalties (unlimited fines or imprisonment).ish. At immigration control. Withington. but do try to pick a convenient option. At customs. The cost of a taxi from Piccadilly station to your accommodation should be less than £ www. If they are unable to offer you accommodation they may be able to help you find a room elsewhere in London. W1W 5PN tel +44 (0)20 7631 8300 fax +44 (0)20 7631 8307 email accom@ish. If you arrive at Manchester Airport you should make use of our free Airport Collection service in September which can take you directly to your accommodation. Travelling through London may seem cheaper initially but it can be very difficult with lots of heavy luggage. to Euston railway station or to Victoria coach station (carrying all the luggage that you have brought with you). Once you are through immigration control. You will then have to proceed through customs. but do check with the driver before starting your journey as there may be an additional cost depending on the time of day or if you have lots of luggage. Ikea and Primark. Contact them at: International Students' House 229 Great Portland Street London. it is possible that your luggage may be delayed in its transfer to Manchester. continue to the baggage hall where you will be able to pick up your luggage from a baggage carousel.visitlondon. Further details are available from DEFRA (Department for Environment. or £10 return.20. you will have to join a queue (for non-EU nationals or EU nationals. Getting to Manchester Manchester is one of the UK’s major destinations and has excellent travel connections. in most cases you will have to travel by underground train to the centre of or Manchester Oxford Road which is the nearest to the main university campus. Items you should not bring • There are a number of restricted or banned goods such as cigarettes and alcohol. there are many inexpensive connecting flights from other major European cities and it is likely to be cheaper and more convenient for you to plan your journey to Manchester via Europe rather than via London. If you prefer. Euston) which will book a hotel room for you for a small charge. go through the GREEN channel if you began your journey outside the European Union and have nothing to declare (are not bringing anything that is not allowed into the UK). For more information on what you will need to show to the immigration What to expect at the Airport After your plane has or telephone +44 (0)8701 566 or check with your local British Council and/or Embassy for further information about what you can bring into the There are official London Tourist Board or British Tourist Authority Centres at Heathrow and Gatwick Airports and at most of the main railway stations in London (Victoria. The airport is a major international airport to which many airlines have direct You may wish to break your journey and stay overnight or for a few days in London. You can also take the number 43 public bus directly from the airport bus station to the University and city centre although bear in mind that you will have to carry all of your luggage and belongings on and off the To ensure a place there. follow the signs to the BLUE channel if you began your journey within the European Union and have nothing to declare (are not bringing anything that is not allowed into the UK) and the RED channel if you have goods to declare or are unsure about anything in your luggage. Coaches depart every hour from Liverpool John Lennon Airport outside the Arrivals Hall near the Yellow Submarine. • Do not bring any foodstuffs or plants. you can purchase your bedding at reasonable prices . For more details please see page 20. Argos. This bus travels along Wilmslow and Oxford Road through Didsbury. American Airlines.

com Once you have arrived at the train or coach station you are advised to take a taxi to your final destination in Manchester (see page 40 for advice on getting a taxi).co. For longer The cost should be less than £12.19 Useful Airport weblinks Manchester Airport: www.thetrainline.megabus. The following companies offer coach travel in the UK: Information on all UK airports: www. You can find information on train times from: www.travelocity. coach travel can be cheaper and more convenient but is not as fast as the British Airports Authority: or by telephone +44 (0)8457 48 49 50 for 24-hour Passenger Rail Information but do check with the driver before starting your journey as there may be an additional cost depending on the time of day or if you have lots of Aberdeen SCOTLAND Edinburgh Glasgow Newcastle Travelling to Central Manchester by Train or Coach Manchester has three train stations: Piccadilly. You can book tickets online: and Customs and Excise: www. Victoria and Oxford Informal information about Manchester Airport: www. Manchester has one major bus/coach station: Manchester Central (formerly known as Chorlton Street bus station).IRELAND Leeds Liverpool Manchester Birmingham York Sheffield IRELAND WALES Cardiff ENGLAND Oxford Bristol Southampton London Approximate distances and times from Manchester City Aberdeen Birmingham Bristol Cardiff Edinburgh Glasgow Leeds Liverpool London Oxford Newcastle Sheffield Southampton York Distance in miles 350 85 165 185 220 210 45 35 210 155 145 40 220 70 Distance in KM 560 135 265 295 350 335 70 55 335 250 230 65 350 110 Time by Car 5 h 20 mins 1 h 30 mins 2 h 45 mins 3 h 00 mins 3 h 40 mins 3 h 15 mins 0 h 50 mins 0 h 40 mins 3 h 30 mins 2 h 30 mins 2 h 15 mins 1 h 00 mins 4 h 00 mins 1 h 20 mins Time by Rail 6 h 50 mins 1 h 40 mins 3 h 15 mins 3 h 15 mins 4 h 15 mins 3 h 30 mins 1 h 00 mins 1 h 00 mins 2 h 15 mins 2 h 45 mins 2 h 45 mins 0 h 55 mins 4 h 15 mins 1 h 30 mins .

. You will also receive a separate booklet called the ‘Orientation Guide’ before your arrival containing a more detailed schedule of events. Please note that there are no porters available at Manchester airport or at University halls so you will need to carry your own luggage. If you are not sure whether you are living in University owned or managed accommodation. The service is open only to unaccompanied students who will be living in University accommodation.manchester. On arrival further information may be obtained from helpdesks in most of the halls. the International Society and at the Orientation venues. The service operates from Tuesday 14 to Sunday 19 September from 0730 to 2100 and stops at all University Halls of Residence and the University Accommodation Office.manchester. so-called ‘Purple People’. Manchester Airport Collection Service The University runs a free coach transfer service for new international students arriving at Manchester airport. If you want to attend the Orientation Programme then you need to book this separately (see below). If you are travelling with your parents or staying in private accommodation then you will need to arrange your own transport from the airport (see page 18). including undergraduate. Welcome and Orientation events for 2010 will start on Thursday 16 September and will continue to Sunday 19 September (inclusive). 2 and 3 and they will direct you to the airport bus station from where coaches depart at regular ces/airportcollectionservice The deadline for booking a seat on the service is Friday 10 September. The University therefore runs a number of events and offers services designed to give you the best possible start to living in the UK. This includes a free collection service from Manchester airport and orientation please check the list of halls on the online booking form. They will be based in University Place and the Roscoe building (see Map 1 page 50). exchange students and students with families.20 Arrival in Manchester When you arrive in Manchester it is very important to us that you feel welcome and settle quickly into your new surroundings. Booking Airport Collection Service You must book in advance online at: www. For up-to-date information on all our welcome events including the Orientation Course please check our website at www. look out for our student helpers who will be wearing purple T-shirts with The University of Manchester logo. Orientation courses The University offers a number of orientation programmes designed to help you with your most immediate needs when you arrive in Manchester. These are strongly recommended for all new international students. When you arrive at Manchester airport. There will be Purple People in Terminals 1.

. shopping trips. www. The Students’ Union put on many events including fairs where you can sign up to join societies and athletic Most Halls’ accommodation contracts allow you to move in on Thursday 16 September. Other events Freshers’ Week The week beginning Monday 20 September to Sunday 26 September is known as ‘Freshers’ week’ (a ‘fresher’ is a student new to the University). Orientation is intended to run after you have moved into your term-time accommodation. guidance on mobile phones and telecoms. These will include quizzes. dance demonstrations and lessons.21 A further course will be run in January 2011 on Monday 24 January and Tuesday 25 January. discover where to buy essential items and enable you to make new friends. Talks and presentations will include information on how to register with the University. Helpdesks will be available throughout the accommodation sites and they will be staffed by students who can answer your questions and guide you to where events are taking place. support services available within the University.manchester. security.manchester. A short presentation on essential information will be provided in April 2011. details of insessional English language support. Details of events at both these times will be posted on the website nearer the date. campus tours and city tours. give you the opportunity to contact home. for students arriving at this time. banking and finance. If you need to move into your Hall before the normal start date they may be able to arrange this but you need to contact your Hall directly to discuss international/supportservices/orientationcourses contains booking forms for the Orientation programmes. Although the course is free. Booking Orientation The website Cost All Orientation programmes are free of charge. Programme content The Orientation Programme is designed to help you find your way around. Please check the website for further details. learn how to use public transport. health provisions and the National Health Service (NHS). You are strongly advised to check with your Hall as some Hall contracts start later than this. we strongly recommend that you book a place to avoid missing out on any information and activities. Further information will be available on campus when you arrive and on the Students’ Union website. Accommodation Accommodation is not provided specifically for the Orientation Programme. As part of the programme there will be a variety of social events which you can choose

Lloyds/TSB. £20. is the central unit. 2p. you will need to have a bank account opened before you can register as a student at the University. This type of account normally comes with a cashcard. and £50. Notes in circulation have values of £ is very useful. £(GBP). it is important to note that many special offers and accounts are usually for home/UK students. If you need to find out current exchange rates www. with which you can take money 20p piece 50p piece 5p piece 10p piece The pound. Although most banks have officers with specific responsibilities for students. £1 (= 100p) and £2. One pound (£1) is divided into 100 pence (p) and coins are in use with values of 1p. £10. Types of account Current Account: This is the basic account which you use for your day-to-day purchases and deposits. 5p. which most students will need to do before they can register. You should open a bank account as soon as possible after you arrive.22 Your finances £1 coin £2 coin This section is designed to help you prepare your financial budget whilst studying at The University of Manchester. NatWest or Royal Bank of Scotland (see page 24 for contact details and web addresses).xe. Do not leave large amounts of cash or travellers’ cheques in your room even if the door is locked. Please check the details carefully. or are a sponsored student. 10p. Unless you are paying your fees in full in advance. You may be able to set up a preliminary account over the internet with one of the main banks on campus before you arrive: These are Barclays. You should allow at least two weeks for an internet account to be set up properly. 20p. HSBC. It also provides information on how to open a bank account. Currency Banking The UK has a national banking system and all the main banks have branches on the University campus (address details on page 24). 50p. Please note many shops and businesses are unwilling to accept £50 notes so you should get these changed in a bank. 1p piece 2p piece .

gov. Savings Account: It is a good idea to open a savings account if you intend to deposit a lot of your money in an account which isn’t used regularly. The University will be able to help you in providing the necessary details to the banks. you will not be able to set up a Direct Debit from a savings account. Please note. What if you do not have your offer letter or accommodation contract? Don’t worry if you lose either your offer letter or accommodation contract. The better you look after your account and pay your bills on time. Proof of addresses Your home (overseas) address Your University offer letter will normally be sufficient in terms of proving your home (overseas) address provided that it is your address and not a PO box or your sponsor’s address that has been used. You should ensure that you have enough money to cover you for your first two weeks in Manchester in case there is a delay with opening an account. The machine will warn you if this is the case. normally called a Direct Debit. It is a good idea to keep a careful track of your finances and your account. if you want to make a regular payment into a savings account. Opening a bank account Opening a bank account can sometimes be a difficult experience for international students.moneymadeclear. Please note: if you use a cash machine which is not your bank’s. Some banks offer shariah-compliant accounts and you may wish look into the different accounts which are offered by HSBC and Lloyds/TSB. Other bills such as for a contract mobile phone are usually debited directly from your account. for example.pdf . please refer to the registration section in The University of Manchester’s Crucial Guide which will be available to you before you start your course.fsa. For details of where to obtain these letters in September. The money may not be as accessible and you should check carefully the method for moving or withdrawing your money. Your term-time (Manchester) address. For example: your tuition and accommodation fees are usually paid as Direct Debits. This is relatively r_identity. the more likely that you will be able to arrange special provisions through your bank. Cashpoints are usually accessible 24-hours a day and located on the exterior walls of banks and in some shops. You will receive a higher interest payment from the bank if you keep money in a savings account. all banks have to verify who you are and where you live. Proof of who you are (your identity). tenancy agreements with reputable land lords are normally accepted. It is very important that you keep the University informed of any changes to your home address overseas or to your term-time address in Manchester. If you have trouble opening a bank account you should contact the Student Services Centre (page 30) for advice. If you are not living in University Halls. you may be charged for taking money out. A current account is important because it allows you to set up a regular payment. This leaflet can be found at: www. Some banks need proof of both your home and termtime addresses. Your offer letter is a really important document so you should make sure that you have it with you when you come to Manchester and keep it safe at all times. Banks in the UK have slightly different account opening procedures. The University of Manchester can issue a document to you confirming your course details and your addresses that are held on our IT system. all banks accept a passport for this purpose. You can also set up Direct Debits for your own use. The FSA (Financial Services Authority) also publish a leaflet explaining why identity checks are important.23 from cashpoints (ATMs) up to a daily maximum limit. However. Your accommodation contract with the University of Manchester Accommodation Office will normally be sufficient proof of your Manchester address (your term-time address).

com NatWest 9 Precinct Centre Oxford Road Manchester. including Debenhams. Visa Debit and Maestro cards www. You make purchases using your credit card and receive a monthly bill. You may also find the following websites useful www.30am and 3. If you do not pay the bill. you will be able to use it at most shops and restaurants in the UK. M1 3NL tel +44 (0)845 302 1566 www. Opening hours Banks are normally open daily between Royal Bank of Scotland Manchester Academy Oxford Road ask the shop assistant. especially if you are staying in the UK for more than 12 Lloyds/TSB 324/326 Oxford Road Manchester. Visa Debit / Maestro / Solo Your cashcard will usually have a symbol on it which says one of the following: Visa Debit. some open later one day a week and/or on Saturday mornings. Credit and store cards It is possible you may be offered a store or credit card.lloydstsb. You should check when you open the account what you will receive and how you gain access to your money. You may find it best to use cashpoints (ATMs) and withdraw from a bank account you have in your home country or bring traveller’s cheques to cover the duration of your time in the UK. Cheque guarantee cards are not normally issued to anyone following a course lasting less than three years.rbs. Some of the major branches open for longer The money goes electronically directly out of your account. LLB Law .natwest. Cheque books If you open a current account the bank may give you a cheque book.moneysavingexpert. M13 9NG tel +44 (0)8457 555555 “Manchester offers the lifestyle you can find in London at a very low price.htm Students on Short Courses / Exchange Programmes It is not always possible for students on short courses or exchange programmes to open bank accounts. You may also find the following website useful: www. You may be able to apply for a cheque book / guarantee card at a later date. Maestro or Chinese version www. Please see the links below for more information. Marks & Spencer and House of Fraser offer a store card account. Credit Card: Banks and companies may offer you a credit 76 Sackville Street Manchester. Many shops display symbols of the cards they If you have difficulty please contact the Student Services Centre (page 30).30pm (09:30 .bankcardfinder. These have very high interest rates and we do not recommend you get one. M13 9PH tel +44 (0)161 274 3111 www.” Silas Omoha. M13 9NG tel +44 (0)845 300 0000 www.24 Your finances Applying for a UK bank account before you arrive in the UK One UK bank offers two types of account which can be partly opened before you arrive in the UK. If you are in doubt. Monday to Friday. A credit card can come with many special offers and advantages. you will incur interest and charges. American Express is commonly accepted but not at all shops. M13 9PQ tel +44 (0)161 273 3123 fax +44 (0)161 273 8108 Major campus-based UK Banks Barclays 320/322 Oxford Road can be used to pay instead of cash in most shops.rbs. English version www.15:30). M13 9RN tel +44 (0)845 302 1567 These usually work like credit cards but offer you special discounts in the store. The University advises you not to get a credit or store If you have a Visa or Mastercard credit card from your own Oxford Road 137 Oxford Road Manchester M1 7DY tel +44 (0)8457 555 555 HSBC 348-350 Oxford Road M13 9NG tel +44 (0)8457 404404 www. For example. If you make purchases on your credit card you should ensure that you have enough money to pay the Store Card: Many large department stores. so it is always worth researching the best Solo cards work in the same way but are not as widely accepted. but if you are unsure whether your card will be accepted you should ask.

In order to set up a Direct Debit you will need to provide details of a UK bank account at the time of registration. if self-financing. The University does NOT accept American Express. or confirm that they are personally liable to meet the full cost of tuition Students with a financial sponsor If you have a financial sponsor a current letter confirming this is essential. Such requirements could be field courses. It is important that you check the tuition fee for your chosen programme of study with your School.290 To be announced Special requirements Certain programmes may also have special requirements which entail additional expenditure and you are advised to obtain. If you have been assessed as a Home student the fees are as follows: Undergraduate Postgraduate £3. • Cheques should be made payable to ‘The University of Manchester’. All tuition fees must be paid in £ Sterling. £25. Your offer letter will confirm the tuition fees for the programme you have applied for.300 (those programmes which do not involve significant laboratory or workshop or studio based activities) Science programmes (laboratory and studio based programmes) Clinical programmes in Medicine and Dentistry MBA (18 month programme) £14. you must ensure that those arrangements are started in good time so that they are completed in time for tuition fees to be paid in full at the time of registration or.200 Paying your tuition fees In order to complete registration. Transferring money for payment of tuition fees If you need to make formal arrangements for the transfer of funds to the United Kingdom. Financial sponsorship/funding letters which are not from the appropriate Embassy in London will not be accepted. all students must be able to either provide documentary evidence from their financial sponsors which confirms that full fees will be paid on receipt of an invoice. indicating that tuition fees will be paid for the academic year 2010/11. indicating that tuition fees will be paid for the academic year 2010/11. .25 Tuition Fees – International Fee Status Standard tuition fees for new undergraduate and postgraduate international students for the 2010/11 session are as follows: Registration The University of Manchester operates an online registration system. If fees are still owed at the end of the programme students will not be able to graduate. Both undergraduate and postgraduate students can opt to pay in three equal instalments. Paying by instalments You may choose to pay your tuition fees by instalments. If you are sponsored by your own government you will be required to provide a current letter of financial sponsorship/funding on official letterheaded notepaper from your Embassy based in London. These annual tuition fees are valid for the duration of a three or four-year programme of study. If you are sponsored by other bodies or organisations you will also be required to bring with you a letter of financial sponsorship/funding from your sponsors. Outstanding fees If you still owe fees to the University at the end of the academic year.500 Tuition fees can be paid by one of the following methods of payment: • Cash • Personal cheque (drawn on a UK account) • Building society cheque (drawn on a UK account) • Banker’s draft in Sterling • Traveller’s cheques (must be in Sterling) • Credit card • Debit card • Direct Debit – for payment by instalments (this requires a UK account). You must pay your first instalment at registration and then set up a Direct Debit for the subsequent payments.900 £35. which should be on the official letter-headed notepaper of that organisation. Full details about registration will be made available prior to your registration date. you will not be able to reregister. More information about UKBA requirements is on page 6. placements or teaching practice. The clinical and non-clinical fees will apply to students undertaking Medicine and Dentistry programmes. There is no administration charge for this service. medium or low consumable costs. an estimate of such costs from the School concerned.manchester. Non-standard fees Please note that there are many non-standard tuition fees for a wide variety of programmes. This requirement is specified by the UK Border Agency and applies even if you are planning to pay your fees to the University in Some postgraduate programmes have high. If you are applying for immigration permission under Tier 4 you must show that you have held the total tuition fee and up to £5. www. you will be made aware of the appropriate fee due. Once you have been accepted and the area of research determined. which allows students to pay their tuition fees over the internet if they wish to do so. where appropriate. Tuition Fees – Home Fee Status The University should have assessed your fee status according to the information you have provided. (such as exchange control permission) to provide financial support for your programme. Arts programmes £11. If you do not pay your fees by the due dates you will be charged a penalty. by the relevant number of equal instalments.400 for living expenses for 28 days in your bank account. Students who are not registered lose access to facilities such as the library.

In addition to money for tuition fees. People form a queue to wait their turn. Watch out for sales in June. The Advance Payment Facility is available to any non-MBA applicant who has firmly accepted an unconditional offer for an academic course at the University (ie not pre-sessional English courses. The cost of extending your immigration permission in the UK is £357 (due to go up in March 2010) if you apply by post or £628 if you apply in person. In Britain customers are expected to pay the price displayed .uk/medialibrary/ international/stafford_loan_process. • Consider additional costs such as TV licence (page 15). Expenditure will obviously increase if dependents accompany a student and this will also have implications for accommodation costs. September and December / January. Shopping From Monday to Saturday most shop opening hours are 9am . • If you do find yourself in financial difficulties you should immediately contact the Student Services Centre (page 47) for further advice. Students accompanied by their families should increase the above estimates by at least 50%. You can get bedding and kitchen utensils from department stores and some of the larger supermarkets. Plus and Private Loans. or more if childcare (approximately £125 per child per week) is • When you accept a place on a course you will be required to sign a guarantee that you have sufficient funds at your disposal. which have separate mechanisms). The table on the next page gives you a guide to the essential costs of following a course at The University of Manchester for an academic year. Once payment has been received the Student Services Centre will email a receipt to confirm payment has been received. The cost of this can range between £350 and £500 at current rates depending on subject matter and length. they will be very upset if you try to join the front of a queue. The process for making payments is described below: Please email tuitionfeeprepayments@manchester. six days a week. Many larger stores and supermarkets have at least one late-night opening until 7. If you need to apply for an extension to your immigration permission (eg after completing a Pre-sessional English Course) please budget for this. Please note that it will be difficult for your spouse to find employment. Please note that you also need to allow for travel to the nearest biometric centre where you must provide a biometric image and fingerprints. If you need to speak to somebody about this. Students from North America Students from North America may wish to note that for the purpose of US and Canadian government student loans our name is listed as 'The University of Manchester' and the School references are G12136 (US student loans) and PUBO (Canadian student loans).manchester. which can be presented in support of a visa application. please telephone the Student Services Centre during working hours (10am . Local shops are closed on Sundays although city centre stores and large supermarkets may be open from 11am . The estimates are based on average annual expenditure of an undergraduate or postgraduate single student on a full-time course. Monday Friday) on +44 (0)161 275 5000 and select option 4 on the automatic menu.700 per academic year (40 weeks) to cover the cost of food. For more information on working in the UK see page For further details please see www. you must have available additional money (at least 50% more) for their living expenses. any estimates for subsequent years will need to take account of future inflation and UK government policy on tuition fees.30pm. • Non-EEA international students are not normally eligible for any UK social security/welfare benefits. • Make sure you have enough money to complete your course before travelling to Manchester. Please note that payment will be refunded to the original payer if you fail to obtain a visa for the UK. You are granted a student visa on condition that you can pay your tuition fees and living expenses (for you and your family) without having to depend on finding work in the UK. However. some students may wish to make full or partial payment towards their tuition fees in advance of their arrival in Manchester. a single student is advised to have available at least £7. Manchester was recently found to be the fifth most cost-effective student city in the UK (NatWest Student Living Survey 2009). The expenses set out are based on prices known at January 2010 together with an allowance for expected inflation. . The total estimate should be used only for 2010/11.30pm or 8pm and some large supermarkets offer 24-hour shopping. We are able to issue a receipt against such payment. There are additional fees if your dependants have to make an application as well. We will then reply to your email advising you of the different payment methods available. Council Tax (see page 15).pdf Cost of living Whilst living in any city can be fairly costly. for some students. accommodation and basic transport (see summary table overleaf). Graduate students will also need to take into account typing. your cost of living will depend a great deal on your lifestyle.26 Your finances Pre-payment of tuition fees (ie payment before arrival in the UK) Though generally not a requirement. • Financial assistance cannot be provided by the University to those who get into difficulties.there is usually no question of and include the following details. For postgraduates (52 weeks) this is £9. If you bring your family. Most US students are self-funded through Stafford.5pm. mobile and telephone bills (see page 44) and. • University ID number (this is on your application correspondence) • Full name • Date of birth in the format DD/MM/YYYY (eg 1st May 2009 = 01052009) • Programme Title • Tuition fees due • Amount to be pre-paid in Sterling £. printing and binding a thesis.

30 4. Food from overseas Please note that the chart below is only a guide to some of the products you can buy.09 3.45kg) Cod – Fillet (370g) Lamb – Mince (500g) Salmon – Fillets (260g) Pork – Chops (340g) Prawns – Peeled (250g) Sausages – Pork (454g) Fresh Fruit and Vegetables Apples (1kg) Bananas (1kg) Beansprouts (400g) Carrots (1kg) Chillies (50g) Garlic each Ginger (loose per kg) Lemon (each) Lime (each) Oranges (each) Onions (1kg) Pepper (each) Potatoes (2. Approximate Cost in £ Basic Goods Loaf of White Bread 2 litres of Semi-Skimmed Milk 6 Medium Eggs Margarine (500g) Cheese (300g) Cooking Oil (1 ltr) Pasta – Uncooked Spaghetti (500g) Rice (1 kg) Noodles (375g) Fresh Meat.750 9.pcworld.675 1.20 11.700 1.35 3.78 0.Wings (900g) .000 computers for students to use across the University campus and so it is not necessary to bring your own computer to the University. Poultry and Fish Bacon (240g) Beef .19 0.85 1. .35 1.48 5. Adverts for these can often be found on noticeboards in the Students’ Union.92 1.75 0.450 360 1. it is advisable to wait until you get here before purchasing them.31 0.69 1.98 0. if you do not own a waterproof/winter jacket or warm clothes.50 2. entertainment.05 1. including Chinatown.34 academic books and computer equipment from other students.56 1. H&M and some large supermarkets like Asda and Tesco.89 1.64 0. Shops such as Selfridges. sports.97 1. However.48 0.56 If you choose to buy or bring a computer you should ensure it is covered by your contents insurance (page 15).870 The price given is a guideline only and you will find that products can be found both more cheaply and more expensive.maplin.00 1.38 1.78 1.Whole (1. You should also explore local markets where food costs.00 1.77 0.59 0. Use a currency converter such as www. A wide variety of shops sell computers including large supermarkets.5kg) Mushrooms (250g) Tomatoes (loose per kg) Approximate Cost in £ UG 39 weeks (£) Accommodation (average cost for self-catering halls) Meals (based on a budget of £34/week) Books and stationery Clothes (including provision of warm clothing and footwear) Local transport (based on a budget of £12/week) Other general living expenses. Marks & Spencers and Debenhams are more expensive.27 How much do things cost? Prices are very different depending on where you shop and what products you buy.tesco. The chart on the next page should give you an approximate idea of the cost of basic products in the UK from a supermarket.74 0. There are also many delicatessens and local ethnic centres. foods imported from other countries and foods meeting religious requirements. kitchen utensils. Please note that you cannot bring food with you (see page 18). In general.80 0.49 2. eg photocopying and printing. www.currys. the International Society and Schools.340 7.02 The International Society will be able to give you further advice of alternative food shops.32 0.87 490 640 Tinned Goods Baked Beans (200g) Peach Slices (415g) Soup (415g) Sweetcorn (198g) Tuna (in brine) (200g) 0.Rump Steak (1kg) Chicken – Fillets (500g) .99 1.00 0. TK Maxx. especially fresh food and dairy. Clothing The price of clothes varies enormously and how much you spend will depend on your budget. cooking equipment etc TOTAL PG 51 weeks (£) 0. have very inexpensive clothing lines. Second-hand goods It is often possible to buy second-hand (used) goods such as furniture.95 1. www.53 and www.75 1. laundry.59 0.700 4.67 4. British shops and supermarkets stock a very wide range of products including.Mince (500g) .co. phone calls. d epartment stores and electrical good shops.xe.78 1. Halal. For most goods you will often find a range of options. Supermarkets often have ‘own-label’ brands which are cheaper than more recognised brands.96 3.31 1. if you would like a personal computer you can buy one easily in the UK and you may be able to sell your computer to another student after your studies. where you will be able to find the foods you are used to eating at home. Shops such as Primark.00 2.00 2.30 0. can be substantially Computer equipment There are more than 10.30 1.30 Drinks Cola (2 ltr) Coffee – Instant (100g) Juice – Apple / Orange (1 ltr) Mineral Water (2 ltr) Tea Bags (80) Health and Beauty Products Deodorant Spray (200ml) Shampoo (400ml) Shower Gel (250ml) Soap (4x100g) Toothbrush (each) Toothpaste (100ml) 1. in some larger stores. for example. consumables. Some of these are 460 360 460 2.35 1.

The service is housed on the first floor of University” Sujeewa Hettiwatte. The Careers Service Crawford House on Booth Street East.28 Support and facilities at The University of Manchester One of the great attractions of The University of Manchester is the scale and quality of facilities which are available to students. our support services are dedicated to ensuring that there is always someone who can help you. com/ When you visit the Careers Service (map 1. Support Services Academic Advisory Service tel +44 (0)161 275 3033 email caas@manchester. The advice I received from the Careers Service was particularly useful. Oxford Road. Careers information and booking an appointment: tel: 0161 275 2829 Other enquiries: 0161 275 2828 www. individual and confidential help to all undergraduate and postgraduate students and “In Manchester.manchester. Start by visiting the extensive lots of facilities and a good bus The Careers Service can help to improve your career You are welcome to call in or telephone to make an improveyourjobprospects Counselling Service Crawford House (5th Floor). we also offer a number of Career Management Skills modules as well as the Manchester Leadership University Precinct The University Counselling Service provides careers/international and you can also find out the latest news on our blog for international students at: http://manchesterinternationalcareers. You will also have the opportunity to meet graduate recruiters on campus at careers fairs. The Careers Service can also help you gain real experience through its volunteering and mentoring programmes.manchester.manchester. skills workshops and Finally.manchester. The following section gives you an idea of some of the welfare services and facilities available to you at the University.wordpress. PhD Electrical Engineering . who can offer you individual consultations to discuss any concerns affecting academic progress. (map 1.manchester. Some events are also tailored for international students. where you can register to find out more about options available and search hundreds of opportunities online. employability and leadership potential. The section on the website for international students is at: www. which can assist with building your skills. To find out more about the programmes and who can get 31) you will find an extensive careers library and friendly staff to help with your career plans and your job The Academic Advisory Service (map 1. please see: www. there are lots of students. There is a team of advisors. 31) tel +44 (0)161 275 2864 or email counsel. In addition. good quality accommodation.studentnet.service@manchester. www. some of whom are members of the academic staff in the 37) is a confidential service providing information and advice on any matters relating to your academic work.

sexual health. conflict. then it is essential that contact is made with the DSO as early as possible well before you arrive. uncertainty or isolation. • Appropriate screening and vaccinations where necessary depending on the demands of the course. and improving assertiveness. If you need support to be in place when you arrive at the University. poor concentration. call between 9am and 5pm. Monday . It is not a primary care provider. Common reasons for seeking help include: low motivation. field work. • Provision of medical certification for a range of non-course related activities. improving self-esteem. Initial enquiries can be made over the telephone or by email.g.) and leisure travel. If you require a significant amount of support. • Advice on a number of health-related issues e. All students should register with a local NHS GP. managing low mood. managing procrastination and perfectionism.e.manchester. drugs and contraception.29 staff facing difficulties that are affecting their personal wellbeing or ability to study or work. self-referral or. improving motivation. where necessary.Friday. a list of these is available at Student Occupational Health. • Provision of comprehensive travel advice/vaccinations/travel packs for course related (e. • Health surveillance where required by legislation. Referral may also be by other support services. Occupational Health for Students (Student Occupational Health Service) Waterloo Place. disability. mental health issue or specific learning difficulty (for The University of Manchester welcomes students with additional support needs as a result of a medical condition. 37) is happy to advise you before or after your arrival at the University. We strongly advise you to let the University know if you do have a disability so that we can identify if support can be provided. 184 Oxford Road (map 1. Students also seek help with family and relationship difficulties and problems adjusting to a different culture. dyslexia).ac. University Place Oxford Road M13 9PL tel +44 (0)161 275 7512 fax +44 (0)161 275 7018 email dso@manchester. the DSO (map and low mood. health care students. All enquiries are treated confidentially. the Counselling Service offers a range of groups and workshops on managing anxiety. it is essential that you discuss this with the DSO before coming to Manchester. Students generally see a counsellor for a few sessions.g. The service offers: • Advice on a student’s fitness to undertake a course and any appropriate adjustments that may be required. . To make confidential enquiries or an initial appointment. As well as seeing students individually. Disability Support Office (DSO) 2nd Floor. i. • Provision of health promotion advice on a range of issues such as alcohol. feelings of anxiety. • Advice may be available in a number of emergency situations such as students taken suddenly ill on campus or during examinations. Students may be seen following Faculty/School referral. 38) 9am – 5pm (weekdays) Tel +44 (0)161 275 2858 This is a confidential and specialised service. electives etc. for example if you have personal care needs. The service is also open late on Tuesdays during term time. If you would like information about the type of support that can be provided. for health surveillance required under legislation or screening due to course requirements. or you can make an appointment to see a disability advisor to talk things through in person. You can book a place for some of these workshops without having individual www.

This allows you to participate in activities run by the Union and gives you a discount in some shops and on public transport. The Students’ Union building (map 1. Two full-time advisors provide independent and confidential advice and information tailored to the needs of students at The University of Manchester. serve a selection of drinks. Student Services Centre Two offices: Burlington Street (map 1. snacks. It is home to the University’s own newspaper and radio station as well as more than a hundred societies including many international societies. In addition there is a comprehensive programme of day and overnight visits during the whole year to many places of interest. If you need any advice with any of the practical matters of University life or just don’t know where to go for further information. French. an advice centre (see across).uk The Students’ Union is an organisation dedicated to the social. Other useful links UKCISA . In addition. International Advice Team Student Services Centre tel +44 (0)161 275 5000 (select option 1) fax +44 (0)161 275 7860 email: iat@manchester. The Students’ Union tel +44 (0)161 275 2930 www. You may find it helpful to look at our website for information on immigration issues. Please telephone or call into the Student Services Centre to make an appointment to see an advisor. 57) Ground Floor of Staff House on Sackville Street (map 1. transcripts. sources of www. Study Abroad Unit Rutherford Building (map 1. otherwise just call Monday . There are English classes from beginners to advanced as well as other languages from around the world including The Student Services Centre is a central point for information and advice for all students.300 and come from more than 150 countries. covering all areas of welfare advice from funding to housing and specialising in academic appeals and disciplinary Facilities for students Catering www.internationalsociety. The outlets offer a range of Halal and vegetarian options and in the larger ones you will find a variety of International The Advice Centre is based on the first floor of the Students' Union building on Oxford Road (Biko Building. where you can seek advice about coming to study in the UK. 68) is the hub of student activities and includes shops. The staff of the International Advice Team are the University’s designated international student advisors and are permitted to give advice and assistance on immigration matters by the Immigration Services Commissioner (further information on page 6). The Society is a great place to make friends and contacts during your time in Manchester. sandwiches and delicious meals for you to choose from throughout the day. you should contact the Student Services Centre. As a student you will automatically become a member of the Students’ Union and of the NUS (National Union of Students) Oxford Road.manchester. 45) tel +44 161 275 8021/8262 fax +44 (0)161 275 2058 email concert The International Society is based within the University campus and is a thriving centre for international students in the Manchester FoodOnCampus have 30 outlets across the University campus A range of other classes and activities are also held throughout the This is a free and confidential service run by the Law School and its students during term time. UMSU. charitable organisation which provides advice and information to international students studying in the UK. The service is The British Council . Appointments to suit. go on trips to local places of interest and have guest speakers such as health visitors. Legal Advice Centre tel +44 (0)161 306 1264 email www. then contact the Legal Advice Centre in the University Precinct for an appointment.The UK Council for International Student Affairs is an independent. Manchester M13 9PR Open: A Women’s and Children’s Group meets each week giving the opportunity for students or the partners of students and their children to socialise www. Arabic and many The International Advice Team provides information and gives advice and guidance to all international (including EU) students with any problems.The British Council connects people worldwide with learning opportunities and creative ideas from the UK and builds lasting relationships between the UK and other countries. There is also a full timetable of informal language classes running each If you need any legal advice during your stay weekdays including vacations tel +44 (0)161 275 2930 email advice@umsu. The British Council has offices throughout the world. a café and a bar. fees payment. These provide a good opportunity for you to see many parts of Britain during your stay. You will find the UKCISA website an invaluable source of information and guidance as soon as you begin to plan your studies in the UK and throughout your time here: www. the Society organises a Hospitality Scheme to link international students with local people and holds three receptions each year where hosts and students can meet Elected student officers. map 1. Spanish. Each semester there is a varied programme of social and cultural email The Study Abroad Unit is responsible for all undergraduate Erasmus. Students' Union Advice Centre Advice Centre. The Society has its own Halal café which provides a wide international Exchange and Study Abroad students joining the University for a semester/year of study.30 Support and facilities at The University of Manchester International Society William Kay House 327 Oxford Road tel +44 (0)161 275 4959 fax +44 (0)161 275 7696 email based in the Centre. educational and welfare needs of students. provide representation within the University. The Union also gets involved in local and national www. FoodOnCampus outlets offer great choice and good value for money and are a great place to relax and meet friends during your day at University.umsu. The Centre provides help with a huge range of issues including examinations.manchester.Friday tel +44 (0)161 275 5000 email ssc@manchester.manchester. 13) Open from registration and more. It also has a branch in Manchester.00pm. 68). Members of the Society total over 3.britishcouncil.

you might prefer to take part in Campus Sport. You will be given full details of how to join the Athletic Union and Campus Sport when you arrive in Manchester. Sport scholarships If you are a high-performance athlete and thinking of coming to The University of Manchester. . a major refurbishment of the Main Library ground floor created a number of different learning and social spaces and facilities to improve the student The Burlington Rooms house the Burlington Bar.manchester. Support is available at: and a vegetarian cafe in the basement. 56) tel +44 (0)161 275 2392 email burlington. advice and assistance. During 2009.31 Sports and fitness Head Office. fitness and wellbeing classes taking place on campus every week in everything ranging from Yoga.manchester.manchester. sports physiotherapy. it will also help you develop leadership and communication skills. some of our clusters offer 24-hour access and all Halls of Residence offer computer network connections in study bedrooms. • Library catalogue and electronic resources (over 41. the postgraduate and mature student Common Room. Campus Sport If joining a formal sports club is not your thing. fitness and well-being We also have over 100 health. To find out about sport opportunities at the University visit the Sport and Activity Fair during Freshers’ Week or visit SPORT Head Office.manchester. Sports facilities At the University you will have access to a range of first class sports facilities on your doorstep. another purpose-built sports facility for students. Bollywood Dance. Manchester Aquatics Centre. SPORT also organizes free weekly park runs and campus wide walks and jogs. Whatever your standard. or join a hall or course team and take part in tournaments or leagues. The Campus Sport programme offers opportunities for students to take part in particularly to new students to double-size sport halls and outdoor grass giving members a direct voice in University affairs. you will be made to feel welcome and most clubs enter teams into the British University and Colleges Sport (BUCS) interuniversity Manchester is world-renowned for sport. the University’s library service. Jazz Dance and meditation. help and advice throughout your time at the The Servicedesk is able to offer help and advice should you have any IT questions or problems. For further information on ECDL fees and how to register please visit our website: courses and how to book visit our website: www. Here you will find an air-conditioned fitness suite with new cardiovascular The Sports Volunteer Scheme provides opportunities for students to train as sports leaders. You can get together with your friends and form a team. including help and IT Services is also an accredited ECDL testing centre offering online resources and scheduled examinations should you wish to improve your IT skills and gain a recognised Athletic Union Health and fitness health. recently refurbished outdoor artificial turf floodlit The University of Manchester has extensive IT facilities including 3. tournaments. is one of the bestresourced academic libraries in the country. William Kay House.500 student PCs with access to a huge range of software. from Athletics to Korfball Volleyball and everything in between. When you enrol at The University of Manchester you will get your own username and password. The Society aims to provide both a social and support focus for postgraduate and mature students at The University of administrators and event organisers. Many national swimming events are staged here. We have a number of computer clusters available to students. including: • Faculty Teams for all subject areas to provide Sports Volunteer Scheme Many students at The University of Manchester like to give something back to the local community of which they have become a part. and enables them to pass on their skills to the local community. A system of reward and recognition is in Health. Library services The Burlington Society is an organisation dedicated to postgraduates and mature students at The University of The John Rylands University Library. located right at the heart of the Campus is a superb venue consisting of two 50 metre swimming pools and a fitness strength and conditioning training. training suites and computer clusters. The Society is also involved in sports and runs theatre and other visits.manchester. • A postal loan service if you cannot visit the library in person.000 electronic journals and 500. • Dedicated accessible equipment facilities with specialist staff. It offers information. As well as meeting people from your club. coaches. including the University Senate. The level of support will depend on your level of performance but could include financial. In Sport scholarships sport. IT Services and your Faculty computing service can offer you a range of services. 333 Oxford Road tel 0161 275 6991 www. hall sports and beginners courses. you will also be able to join the weekly post-match Wednesday socials. The Library provides a comprehensive range of services and support. you may be eligible to apply for structured support to help you excel in both your sporting and academic careers. There are also coaching courses available if you want to improve your skills. The Society is involved in several University and Union committees.manchester. Not only could this increase your employability. IT Services www. Further information can also be found on • Bookable group study rooms. providing the largest collection of electronic resources in the UK as well as holding more than 4 million printed books and manuscripts.000 electronic books) via the trainingcourses/ecdl/ The Burlington Society for postgraduate and mature students Burlington Rooms. Close to the City Campus is the Sugden Sports Sport Volunteer Scheme Campus Sport next to the John Rylands library (map 1. Athletic Union The Athletic Union (AU) looks after over 45 different sports clubs. which will allow you access to software applications. a gym pass or specialist coaching. adjacent to several of the Halls of Residence is the Armitage Sports email and the web from any network connected computer. extensive WiFi networking across campus and fully networked halls of residences. • Long opening hours at the largest libraries and 24-hour opening at the Main Library during busy exam periods.

Computer work Almost all subjects will require some form of computer work as part of the course. Small group work Most courses provide opportunities for students to work in a small group on a task assigned by the tutor or sometimes chosen by the group itself. computer analysis and/or specialist software. in addition some subjects may have coursework which involves using computers. If computer work is an integral part of the course you will have sessions in computer rooms but you will also be expected to use computers by yourself in private study.manchester. you will experience several different methods of teaching and learning. You will learn from each other and develop important social. laboratory or studio sessions where you can develop skills and expertise through practical work. Group work can be valuable and enjoyable. each of which serves a valuable purpose: . Workshop. Afterwards you may have to write up the results and you may be asked to give a presentation on them. It is not a breach of good manners to express polite disagreement with a member of staff or with other students in your seminar group – in fact debate is encouraged! Always tell the tutor if there is something you have not understood and ask if you can make a separate appointment for further discussion. Seminars Seminars are discussion groups with your tutor and a group of students. They allow lecturers to give information to a large number of students. This will also be available online. Further information will be posted on www. however. you should contact your personal tutor or IT support person Semester dates 2010 – 2011 First Semester 20 September 2010 – 30 January 2011 (break 17 December 2010 – 16 January 2011) Second Semester 1 February 2011 – 10 June 2011 (break 8 April 2011 – 1 May 2011) Note: Most full-time postgraduate courses involve private study during the summer period (summer 2011). If you are unsure of the attendance requirements contact your School. interpersonal and team skills. Lectures Lectures are the most traditional form of teaching. If you have problems with using a computer to complete your work. laboratory or studio sessions If you are going to study a subject with a practical element some of your time will be spent in workshop. You may also be directed to online resources associated with the lecture. Seminars are more informal than lectures and allow you to become more but will also improve your presentation skills and give you confidence. It is very important that you attend registration so that you can begin your studies. It will help not only your studies.32 Studying at The University of Manchester Attending registration You will be sent details of how to register at the University by your School in the form of the Crucial Guide. Except in certain circumstances you are likely to be required to type your essays. Study methods While you are studying in Manchester. to reflect on the ideas you have encountered and to analyse and describe them. speak to your tutor in your School or have a confidential word with a member of the International Advice Team (page 30). Sometimes each student is asked to prepare a short presentation to the group as a basis for further discussion. You may be familiar with some or all of the learning activities described below. You will be trained to read widely around a topic and research it thoroughly. get your library card and have access to computer services. Preparation and reading beforehand are essential. The discussion could be about a previous lecture or a specific topic. Ask a question if you are not sure about anything and try to make a contribution. If you find working in groups hard. Even if notes are provided you should listen carefully and make your own notes of the important points.

Further information will be available on arrival from your advisors. The University Language Centre (page 11) has a range of English language support services designed to fit around your studies and includes workshops on academic writing and presentation skills. Using English If English is not your first language you will have provided evidence of your English level before coming to study. for example book or the internet. The University has over 10. You will be asked to read widely on a subject. If you feel unsure about what is expected from you. If you are a postgraduate student you will be able to discuss progress and other issues with your programme director. projects or essays. On all courses you will be expected to study extensively on your own. you may feel that further improving your English Language skills will help you gain the maximum benefit from your programme. deciding how much time to put into it and which learning methods suit you best. Further information on plagiarism will be given to you by your School when you start studying but you can contact the Academic Advisory Service (page 28) if you need clarification at any time. without referencing. the Academic Advisory Service or the International Advice Team (pages 28-30). You will be encouraged to be an active and independent learner. Academic problems If academic problems occur during your course it is very important that you tell someone as soon as possible. speak to your advisor or see the International Advice Team (page 30) for advice and clarification. or any source. “I am forever grateful for several key skills I gathered during my graduate days in Manchester. programme Directors and supervisors. You are likely to have individual sessions both with your personal advisor and other members of staff to evaluate your progress and allow discussion with any issues you may have.33 in your Faculty. Please note that the University has a very strict definition of plagiarism and the penalties are severe. Tutorials All students are allocated a personal tutor (now changed to advisor) who can provide you with advice both on academic affairs and more personal matters.skills4study. make notes. Assessment During the course of your studies in Manchester you may encounter a number of different forms of assessment ranging from formal examinations to coursework assignments. supervisor. Don't leave things for weeks in the hope that they will get better .” Henry Yeung. Private study British Higher Education places a large emphasis on PCs over campus and you will not be expected to buy your own. please speak to the Academic Advisory Service (page 28). supervisor or advisor.have a confidential chat with the lecturer concerned. If your Embassy asks for a report this will be given only if you are sponsored by your government or if you give permission for the reports to be issued. If you would like advice or clarification about any aspect of assessment. Plagiarism Plagiarism means copying work from another student. This is to ensure that you can understand and contribute effectively. Academic reports If you are a sponsored student reports on your academic progress will be forwarded to your sponsoring body only if requested by them. However. research. Also have a look at the following website which provides lots of study advice: www. PhD Human Geography .this is especially the case at postgraduate level. Advisors and supervisors will be ready to help but you will have to plan your learning. write and revise outside of formal teaching . your personal advisor. Check the requirements for each form of assessment as the format/framework required may be different from that which you are used to.

Life in the UK Basic advice • Although simple politeness is always expected. you are expected to queue – stand in line and wait your turn. however. Both men and women may visit pubs if they are over the age of 18. • If you do not drink alcohol. • If you are invited to someone's home for a meal. It is illegal to discriminate against anyone according to race. so if you find you are going to be late for a meeting or if you cannot keep the appointment. If you have any special religious or dietary requirements. or you could invite them to your home in return. sexual orientation or disability. especially talking to strangers. • You may wish to give a tip (about 10%) to a taxi driver or in a restaurant. Even if you are from a similar culture. People can get very angry if you “jump the queue”. • Note that British attitudes to sex and sexuality may be different from those in your own country. .34 Living in Manchester One of the great opportunities of moving to another country is to find out about other cultures and meet new people. Pubs are popular social meeting places and sell a range of soft drinks as well as alcohol. it is polite to take a small gift (for example. • When you are in a bank or other shop. You may. notice many differences between the UK and your country. it is considered good manners to tell your hosts about them in advance. There is no waiter service and you pay for drinks at the bar when you order them. British people are generally relaxed. • It is not polite to be late in Britain. ethics and beliefs and not feel pressured to adopt those of any of your fellow students. you will notice Britain has many unique traditions. • Men and women have equal rights in the UK. age. you may be worried if you are invited to go to the local pub (public house or bar). This section provides you with useful information on living in Manchester and what you can expect when you arrive. chocolates or flowers). It is important to be on time for appointments. wine. You are free to live according to your own personal standards. contact the person you are going to meet beforehand. class. If you have a meal in a restaurant check if a service charge is included before leaving a tip. They like to hear “please” and “thank you” repeatedly! People here are very friendly but quite reserved. gender.

Gloves. theatres. The average day-time summer temperature in Manchester is 19°C and the average day-time winter temperature is 5°C. particularly electrical heating. is very expensive and you will feel even colder when you do have to go out.10pm in midsummer. including dishes from other countries. Electricity British electricity works on 230 volts/50 cycles and most sockets take 13 amp square pin fused plugs. otherwise a fine may be imposed. especially at meal times. buses and even your accommodation). You should always be prepared as British weather is very changeable especially in autumn and spring. You may need an umbrella and a waterproof coat for the rain as well as some strong waterproof shoes. make sure that it can be used safely on this voltage and find out whether you will need an adaptor.30am . UK food British people enjoy a great variety of food. PhD Electrical Engineering . hats and scarves are also useful in the winter.35 Climate and clothing The British climate can seem harsh to students who come from a warm climate and the dampness and wind in winter can make it seem even colder. pedestal types. But. trains. You may find it is cheaper (and more practical) to buy some of these things when you arrive in Manchester. When in the company of others it is polite to ask if they mind whether you smoke.4pm in midwinter to 4am . potatoes and vegetables. Smoking In 2007 England undertook a complete smoking ban in public places. Make sure you take note of any no-smoking zones in public areas (eg lecture theatres. “Manchester is an amazing city. which makes the city unique in a variety of aspects. Hours of daylight vary from 8. Make sure you have warm clothes which will protect you in all types of weather. Toilets British toilets are the flushing. meals in the UK can seem heavy and rely on meat. Separate facilities are usually available for disabled persons and for nappy/baby changing. If you have your own electrical equipment with you. However. Toilet paper is provided and should always be flushed away after use. cinemas. It is important to maintain a good diet and not rely on fast food. tutorial rooms. People from different cultures live together and this creates an identity. Make sure that the rooms where you live and work are warm enough and that you have plenty of warm blankets or bedding.” Dilcemar de Paiva Mendes. don't keep your room too hot as heating. Bhagteshwar Singh Christian Anglican Chaplain Terry Biddington email terry. Peter’s Chaplaincy (see beginning of page) Hindu Gita Bhavan Mandir 231 Withington Road.manchesterbuddhistcentre. at the Granby Row side of the Main Building (map 1. Sr Kevina.stpeters. 8) and are linked to Avila House and St Peter’s House where they and other Christian chaplains. 1).chung@manchester. tel +44(0)7828 066874 Orthodox Christian Chaplain Fr Gregory Hallam tel +44 (0)161 476 4847 +44 (0)7780 970884 Sackville Street Campus There are Christian Chaplains serving the Sackville Street There are also a number of mosques in Islam Muslim students may use either of two Prayer Rooms on Avila House (Catholic Chaplaincy) 338-9 Oxford Road Manchester M13 9PG tel +44 (0)161 273 1456 email info@rc-chaplaincy-um.probhudan@manchester. They are based in Room B25 of the Renold Building (map 1. You can also collect a ‘Student guide to Churches’. 91).ac.a directory which has contact details and addresses of all the churches in tel +44(0)7929 221106 Chaplain to Taiwanese students Shou-Hui Chung email email: fr.eddy@manchester. 4 Brunswick Road. Renold Building.25. The first is McDougall Prayer Room (map Mrs Hawwa Haide Email: tel +44(0)7813 537859 Chaplain to International Students John Probhudan Biswas email john.sami99@yahoo.Greenhill@manchester.ian@rc-chaplaincy-um. St Peter’s House Ecumenical Chaplaincy University Precinct www. Renold Building . Oxford Road Manchester M13 9GH (map Mr Bilal Munir Email: mbm1411@hotmail. Manchester M4 1DZ tel +44 (0)161 834 9232 Living in Manchester Places of worship If your faith is not covered below then please call into the Chaplaincy and they will be able to advise you on your nearest place of worship. The role of Volunteer Muslim Chaplain is to provide pastoral support. 32) tel +44 (0)161 275 2894 fax +44 (0)161 275 0890 email sph. Manchester tel +44 (0)161 445 3044 Manchester Buddhist Centre 16-20 Turner Street. M21 1DJ Buddhist Chaplain Venerable Piyatissa St.umu. guidance and a listening ear to Muslim students and staff. Mr Abdul Sami Rauf Email: a. Telephone 0161 306 2522 email Contact Details for the Honorary Imam (South Campus): Imam Habeeb Email: h_chatti@hotmail. details of meetings etc. Old Trafford. Chorlton-cum-Hardy Manchester M16 8LU tel +44 (0)161 861 0606 Ghandi Manchester Centre for Buddhist Meditation 19-21 High Lane.Room There is also a Message Box at Room Baha’i faith advisor: Dr Tim Anglin Hindu faith advisor: Dr Mukti Bhattacharya Islam faith advisor: Mr Nasrullah Khan Moghal MBE Sikh faith advisor : tel +44 (0)7743 325218 Clare Dowding email clare. Bernard Burke. Withington Manchester M20 4RS tel +44 (0)161 445 1134 There is a support network for all staff and postgraduate students The University of Manchester Muslim Staff Network Contact Details for further Mrs Assia Shah Email: assia_shah61@yahoo. and the ‘Sacred spaces trail’ which is a guide map for places of worship of all faiths in and around Chaplains: Fr Ian G or two female and two male Muslim chaplains covering both north and south Tel +44 (0)7970 661534 Free Church Chaplain Nathan Eddy email Chorlton-cum-Hardy Manchester. There are four volunteer Muslim Chaplains assigned to The University of Manchester. Dr Anita Greenhill Email: A. in the . Manchester M16 9AF tel +44 (0)161 872 3338 Kagyu Ling Buddhist Centre 20 Macefin Avenue. Monica and Karina Administrator: Mr James Crowley Buddhist International Buddhist Progress Society 540 Stretford as well as the Chaplain to international students can be contacted: Chaplain’s Office. The second is located on the Sackville Street campus – “A” Floor.

This information is then used by the police to search for items that are reported lost or stolen. go in a group. You may find the following websites useful: free of charge. Manchester M14 4GP Tel: +44 (0)161 226 1131 Sri Guru Harkrishan Sahib Gurdwara 12 Sherborne Street Manchester M3 1FE Tel : +44 161 832 6577 +44 7957 362644 Email: info@gsghks. nights and weekends.mcr-reform. mobile phones) at www. • Don’t display items in windows which would be attractive to thieves such as TVs or music If you are moving into a Hall of Residence. Here is some advice you should follow to keep safe: • If you are travelling late at night. Manchester M2 5WD Contact: Rabbi Dr Reuven Silverman Email: silvermanchester@rabbi. use a Manchester is no more dangerous than any other large city and has a falling crime rate. If the distance is a long walk. who will assist you with any problem that you may Police Officers in the United Kingdom are usually not armed and are not connected with the military forces. • Do not go upstairs on a bus if travelling alone at tel +44 (0)161 721 4066 Manchester Reform Synagogue Jackson’s Row. particularly when you are unfamiliar with your surroundings. . However. In every residence there is a team of Wardens and Tutors that work throughout the evenings. Police In the rare event that you need emergency assistance from the Police.000 in the provision of security This call is free of Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji Gurdwara 15 Monton Street.pdf • Do not use your mobile phone or personal stereo when walking alone in the street at night. you are strongly advised to attend the Safety and Security talk during the Orientation tel +44 (0)161 834 0415 www. Greenheys Lane Manchester M15 6LR The George Elias Student Centre Wilbraham Road Manchester M14 6JS Contact: Rabbi YY Rubenstein Email: yy@rabbiyy. Moss Side.6pm .term time only tel +44 (0)161 275 7042 email police@manchester. The University of Manchester also has its own community police officer on campus who is happy to advise on any matters of security and safety (contact details above). All Police Officers are approachable and they will be happy to assist you with any problem you may encounter. Most of the crime that can happen to students is avoidable and therefore every precaution should be taken to prevent unnecessarily hazardous situations. you will have to attend a safety talk and you will be given advice on simple precautions to enable you to keep yourself safe. The University is committed to the safety of its Security and personal safety University Campus Police Office Thursday 4pm . you can do this from any telephone by dialling including security cameras covering the campus and Halls of Sikh Central Gurdwara 32 Derby Street Cheetham Hill Manchester M8 8RY Tel: +44 (0)161 832 2241 Email: info@centralgurdwara. • Remember to lock all your windows and doors of your accommodation – even if you are only going to be away for a few minutes. it is very important that you look after your own personal safety. If you are not going to be living in a hall of residence. It has invested £800.homeoffice.37 Jewish Jewish Chaplaincy Hillel House. You can register any valuable property (eg laptops. • Don’t visit cash-points alone at night.

Mumps. • You will receive a National Health Card after a few weeks. If you need to be on continued medication. You should instead boil a kettle or use a microwave. Medical insurance Any student or spouse here for less than six months (and not covered as above) is advised to take out medical insurance unless you are from an EU country or a country with a reciprocal health agreement.£7.38 Living in Manchester Health care Free health treatment is available on the UK’s National Health Service to all students studying in the UK for longer than six months. In response to this the Greater Manchester Health Protection Unit and Manchester Community Infection Control Team advise students who have not had 2 MMR vaccines (Measles. which can also help prevent the spread of sexually transmitted diseases. Open 10am -10pm. You should collect a HC1 form either from a pharmacy or from Student Services. Meningitis outbreaks occur all over the world with the peak times occurring in different months in different regions. If you are on a low income you may be able to receive help toward the cost of dental treatment. The commonest strain in the UK is Meningitis C. Accidents and emergency Treatment is free for everyone in the case of accidents and other emergencies via hospital accident and emergency departments. 41) which is open Monday to Friday. (there may be a small charge in the case of road traffic accidents if you are taken to hospital by ambulance). Please see page 29 for more information. only to your immediate family . Lists of doctors are available from local Post Offices. the Student Advice Centre and the International Advice Team. you must register with a local doctor (General Practitioner (GP) within a mile radius of where you live to be eligible for free health care. • Check that the tap water is drinking water. • Make sure you have regular exercise – it helps clear your mind. Health Service for Students (Student Occupational Health) The University also operates a free occupational health service. including AIDS. If for any reason you are taken ill and have not registered with a GP. You should collect a HC1 form either from a pharmacy or from Student Services on campus. for school-age children contact the school nurse. General healthcare If you are living away from home for the first time it is important to: • Eat a proper balanced diet.spouse and children. • Register with a doctor as soon as possible. Opticians Any student who needs the services of an optician can see any optician of their choice.20 per item at present. If you do have a dental emergency you should go to the Dental Hospital (map 1. Always check if the dentist offers NHS treatment (there is a scale of small. Registering with a doctor If you are studying for six months or more. Mumps and Meningitis There has been a recent increase in cases of mumps amongst university students in the UK. • Have some interests outside your studies. Further information and advice can be obtained from Student Occupational Health. Vaccines can be obtained either from your GP (free of charge) or during the free vaccination session for international students run by Student Occupational Health and the International Office. There is a minimum charge for eye tests. Any student. Please note this is not a GP practice and students are advised to register with a doctor near their accommodation. Prescriptions issued by a doctor incur a charge .30am) as you may have to queue. taking it in turns to provide a meal. you may find it cheaper to get a Prescription Prepayment Certificate. a doctor may issue you with a prescription. Walking is also a very good way of getting exercise. If you are on a low income you may be able to receive help toward the cost of optical treatment. you can call the Emergency Dental Hotline 0845 6018529. Do not use water from the hot water tap for making hot drinks. British Council sponsored students within this category should consult their British Council office for specific advice. Prescriptions If appropriate. Free treatment is available from the Dental Hospital but only with emergency dental problems and you still need to be registered with a dentist. Some methods of contraception such as condoms. Dentist Students are encouraged to register with an NHS dentist. • Free medical treatment does not apply to visiting relatives. . You should collect a HC1 form either from a pharmacy or from Student Services. it may take some time to get used to it. In an emergency you should dial 999 and ask for an ambulance. fixed charges) as some dentists do not offer this. This call is free of charge and can be made from any telephone. as well as to all students from EU countries and those with reciprocal health agreements. you can go to the Primary Care Emergency Centre (Walk-in Centre) at Manchester Royal Infirmary. Details on where to buy speciality food are in the section entitled “Your Finances” (page 27). Children under school-age can obtain the Meningitis C vaccine from their GP. It is best to do this in your home country as medical insurance in the UK can be very expensive. If you are unable to be vaccinated before leaving your home country. The peak time for the UK is in early autumn around October. There is an optician based in the Students’ Union Building on Oxford Road. Go on some of the trips/theatre visits organised by the International Society (page 30) or join one of the many student societies in the Students’ Union. • Get advice (if applicable) on contraception and sex-related matters from your doctor. This is medicine which you would collect from a pharmacy. If you are on a low income you may be able to receive help for the cost of prescriptions. vaccines for both mumps and Meningitis C can be obtained after arriving in the UK. Student Occupational Health. All British tap water is safe to drink unless it is labelled “not for drinking” (for example on trains). To minimise the very small risk to you the Chief Medical Officer for Health in England has recommended that all new students should be vaccinated against Meningitis C. can easily be bought from chemist/pharmacist shops or obtained from Student Occupational Health. and accompanying family. This also applies to communicable diseases and to mental health problems. who is studying for less than six months is strongly advised to take out medical insurance (see below). The University has very good sports facilities (page 31). Either cook for yourself or share cooking with your friends. You should go early (from 7. Your doctor will be able to advise you further. If you have not eaten English food before. Student Occupational Health (page 29) or a local Family Planning Clinic. Alternatively. Rubella) to be vaccinated.

Types of childcare Nursery Schools: Most primary schools in Manchester have a nursery class which children attend on a part-time basis (morning or afternoon) from the age of three. many schools run afterschool activities and/or clubs in which your child may be eligible to participate. International students are not eligible for UK Access or Hardship grants to cover the costs of childcare. As an estimate. There is no charge for this but there is usually a waiting list for places. . Lists of schools can be obtained from Manchester Council’s Education Department.12 per hour part time. Echoes Day Nursery Echo Street Manchester M60 1QD tel +44 (0)161 200 4979 This is a 50-place day nursery open to registered students and staff at The University of Manchester. then they are required by law to attend school. but you may be eligible for a reduced rate of £100 per week depending on the type of course you are taking. the normal fee is £160 per week for a full-time place. Student fees are £363. please contact the Manchester School Admissions Team on +44 (0)161 234 7188. You should note however that this can be a very expensive option.childcarelink. If your course of study will keep you in the UK for a period of twelve months or more. however some schools may start earlier and/or end later. The earliest they can leave is at the age of 16. preferably before leaving for Manchester.83 per month full time. A few examples of different types of child care are: The Dryden Street Nursery Dryden Street Nursery Dryden Street Manchester M13 9AU tel +44 (0)161 272 7121 This is an 86-place day nursery operated directly by the University for staff and students at subsidised rates. If you are considering bringing a child or children to Manchester please read the following notes carefully. www. Playgroups: There are also playgroups which children over two and a half years old can attend on a part-time basis. There is a very long waiting list and it is essential to apply as early as possible for a place. There are also private schools in Manchester for which you pay fees. The nursery takes children between the ages of six months and four Please check these details with the school. Different fee rates apply and you will be advised of up-to-date costs on application to the Nursery. In addition. There is currently a long waiting list and you should not assume that you will be able to obtain a place for your child immediately. You will need to check with the headteacher of the school you are considering for your child to find out what language assistance is available. If you require further assistance in finding a school for your child. free of charge. The range and cost of childcare varies considerably.manchester. for them in a school near your place of residence. You should expect to pay at least £25 per day per child for childcare. You are advised to contact the Manchester Children’s Information Service: tel +44 (0)161 234 7111 for further details. or £3. School hours are normally from 9am to 3:30pm. but it is generally expensive. Private Day Nurseries and Childminders: There are also Private Day Nurseries and registered childminders within the Greater Manchester area (childminders are people who are registered with the Government to look after children in their own homes in return for payment). the UK does have facilities for your Please contact the Nursery Manager at the above address to make an application or for further information. Children aged four years and under Childcare for children under four years of age is not usually available free of charge in the UK. Children over the age of four Children in the UK begin school in the September after their fourth Many schools in Manchester employ specialist staff to help children whose first language is not English. For all information relating to schools. The nursery takes children aged between six months and four years. The Local Education Authority will provide a place.39 Students with families If you decide to bring your family. you should contact the International Advice Team (page 30).

licensing and tax are all expensive in the UK. • Do not drink alcohol and drive. Most stations have an enquiry office which also sells tickets and you can book a ticket over the internet at www. rail and tram services. it is still an expensive method of travel. Trains National and local train services are available in the City Centre from Piccadilly.nationalrail. Before you decide to make a journey by taxi (or cab). insurance. the ‘Family Railcard’ offers discounts on rail travel to MOT and/or tax. Up to two children under five years may travel for free with each fare-paying adult on trains. • Do not drive someone else’s car unless you have a valid licence and are covered by an insurance company. If you are over 26 and in full-time education (at least 15 hours a week for more than 20 weeks a year) at a UK institution you are also eligible to apply. • Do not buy a car. On short journeys within the Greater Manchester area you can buy tickets from the ticket inspector on the train. You can hail (stop) a ‘Black Cab’ in the street. (tel +44 (0)161 273 3377. Applications should be made to any principal British Rail station or a Travel Agent which sells train tickets. Traffic in the United Kingdom travels on the left hand side of the for times. Most local bus journeys begin or end in Manchester City Centre either at Piccadilly Bus Station or Cross Street. Victoria and Oxford Road railway stations. all operating at very reasonable costs. There are also a number of concessionary passes and further details are available from bus and rail stations. Parking. some newsagents. A 24-hour Passenger Information Service is available by telephoning 08457 484950 or on the internet at www.stagecoachbus. trains and Metrolink trams in Greater Manchester. Local bus and rail timetables are available in the Student Advice Centre of the Students’ Union.railcard. Always ask about “Apex” fares which are substantially cheaper but must be booked at least one or two weeks in advance. • Driving without all the above is a serious offence that can affect your visa status. It is worth checking which routes you can do this on at the enquiries desk at your station. You can save money by buying a Saver ticket. If your children are aged between five and 15 years they pay a concessionary fare on all buses. but a ‘Private Hire Cab’ must be pre-booked in advance.dft. Metrolink There is a Metrolink tram system which links Bury (North of Manchester). or telephone +44 (0)161 205 2000. • Do not let someone who you think has been drinking Services in the evening or very early in the morning are less frequent and if you wish to travel at these times do check the appropriate timetable. Local companies include Finglands. trains and Metrolink trams. Buses Several bus companies operate services within Manchester and the surrounding areas. Railcards If you are over 16 and under 25. R Bullock and Magic Bus.php Road safety All passengers in a car must wear seat belts. There are several types of Saver tickets for different areas and durations. with regular services to the University. You should also consult the following guide produced by UKCISA: www. The concessionary fare is the same no matter how far they travel but the price is different for buses. before making a purchase. wherever possible. The main local bus company is Stagecoach You can get these at Piccadilly Bus . Generally. a Post Office or from the bus • Do not buy a car unless you are aware of all the costs Taxis Although travel by taxi in Manchester is not as costly as it is in London. Do check at which station your journey will begin or end. The fare in a Private Hire Cab is often cheaper. you should ask the driver for the likely cost of your journey and ensure that you have enough money with insurance. who are travelling with an adult. You should always check the traffic flow from the right. Similarly. (www. There are strict laws against drinking alcohol and driving. Driving in the UK Manchester is a very convenient city to get around without a car or motorbike and you will find that very few British students own cars. They can supply you with leaflets and information to guide you through what is a difficult area. Travel costs for children Children under five years. drive which operate on different costs and offer student discounts and passes. Have a look at the following website for further advice on keeping safe on the roads www. as are the costs of any repairs. Dates and times of trains must be specified when booking . If you are thinking of buying a car or bringing your own car into the UK you are advised to contact the Students’ Union Advice Centre (page 30).any change in travel plans means payment of the standard fare. Taxis will only take cash payment. You should buy tickets from a machine on the Metrolink platform. Altrincham (South of Manchester) and Eccles to the City centre. The tram also runs through the city centre linking Piccadilly Railway Station. Compare these prices with the price of a ticket bought with a Young Person’s Railcard (see next column). especially around the University campuses. Petrol. You will be strictly punished by the police if you are caught without a licence.gmpte. Shudehill Bus Station and Manchester Victoria Railway Station. which offers advice on travel and timetables. it is recommended that you buy a ticket prior to travelling. However. Remember this if you are driving and also when you are crossing the road. travel on a school bus is free and you should ask the school for more details. There are enquiry offices at most terminals where you can ask for timetables and the cost of journeys. or is unsafe in any way. Piccadilly Bus Station.thetrainline. You can also make enquiries to the Greater Manchester Passenger Transport Executive (www. motorbike or moped without checking the regulations first. Further information about road safety can be found in the booklet “The Highway Code” which you can buy at any More information is available from the web at www. In general it will be most useful to students living in the Stretford or Trafford areas.40 Living in Manchester Travel and transport in Manchester Manchester has an excellent network of local bus. is also very difficult and is expensive (at least £3 per day). you may find it useful to buy a “Young Persons Railcard”.uk/student/info_sheets/driving. The card costs £26 and offers a discount of up to a third off the price of Standard Class rail but this tends to be the most expensive. can travel free on buses and Metrolink trams in Greater Manchester. The service is very frequent – check www.

ukba. Further information about income tax and NI are available on the bicycles are a much more convenient way of getting around than driving. Slovakia or Slovenia you must register with the UKBA using the Worker Registration Scheme if you intend to work for more than one month (part-time or full-time) for an employer in the UK. If you are a postgraduate student please check the UKCISA website for information about working during vacations. Both are cheaply available from bike shops.php to check your entitlement to work in the UK. Please read the information on the UKCISA and UK government websites or contact the International Advice Team for further advice.ukba. You should also wear a helmet and get a pollution mask when riding your bike. There are two categories of endorsement – a restriction or a prohibition. There are plenty of places to lock your bike on campus and at accommodation sites. All students can work on a part-time basis for up to 20 hours per week all year round. This endorsement appears either in the: • Entry Clearance sticker (visa) issued overseas a/bulgariaromania/applying/ There are restrictions on the number of hours you can work each week. • Ink stamp endorsed in your passport when you arrived in the UK or. the Work Checker will direct you to the relevant form. Restriction The most common wording for this type of endorsement is either: • "Work (and any changes) must be authorised" or. All other international students The endorsement in your passport will confirm whether you are allowed to work in the UK while studying.homeoffice. • "Able to work as authorised by The Secretary of State" or. To apply for a NI number call Jobcentre Plus on 0845 600 0643 between 8am and 6pm. Monday to Friday to book an interview in Manchester. the endorsement regarding permission to work appears on your ICFN. Estonia.41 Bicycles Public transport is so convenient in Manchester that the vast majority of students don’t use bicycles. which joined the EU on 1 January 2007. but you must apply for one as soon as you have a job offer.dft. www. we strongly recommend that you apply for a Registration Certificate from the UKBA as soon as you arrive here.homeoffice. • UK Residence Permit granted by the UKBA when you applied for an extension of stay in the UK. It is also essential that you buy a sturdy bike lock and fix your bike to bike stands and not to lamp posts or railings. Working while studying EEA/Swiss students If you are a citizen of the EEA (list of countries on page 6) or Switzerland you do not need to obtain special permission to work unless you are a citizen of one of the 10 countries which joined the EU after May Minimum wage The UK has minimum wage regulations and further details are available on the UKCISA and UK government websites (page 43). International Advice Team and UK government websites (details on page 42). • “Restricted eu_interactive/ gistrationscheme Family members of EEA /Swiss students If your spouse or dependants are not EEA/Swiss citizens and they are going to join you in Manchester. they each need to apply for an EEA Family Permit before travelling to the UK. Bulgarian and Romanian students If you are from Bulgaria or Romania. If you don’t want to use public transport however. Further information and an application form are at You will be asked to bring various documents to the interview during the phone call. If you need to apply for permission to work. The Family Permit will confirm their rights to work in the UK. You cannot start part-time work without the Registration Certificate. In this case. Semester/vacation dates are available on the Crucial Guide website. The Registration Certificate confirms your right to enter the UK as a student and your right to work. you may have been issued with an Identity Card for Foreign Nationals (ICFN). Some roads near the campus have bicycle lanes. You may find it helpful to use the EEA Work Checker at www. A8 countries which joined the EU on 1 May 2004 If you are a citizen of the Czech Republic. P/T term time.ukcisa. .uk/think/focusareas/cycling?whoarey ou_id=&page=Overview and www. If you are an undergraduate student you are also allowed to work full-time during the University vacations. There are several variations in the wording for each category. It is used to keep track of your income tax payments and National Insurance (social security) contributions. It is legal for you to begin a part-time job without a NI number. Have a look at the following websites for further information about cycle safety. If you were granted an extension in the UK to your immigration permission as a student. You can download the application form (WRS) and further information at www. Lithuania. F/T vacations” Working in the UK Income Tax and National Insurance Everyone who works in the UK must have a National Insurance Number (NI number) which is issued by the government. (although these are sometimes shared by buses). Poland.cyclesense. You are encouraged to buy an inexpensive bike as thefts can occur. Income tax and National Insurance are automatically deducted from your pay if you earn more than the specified personal allowance in a tax year.

Finding part-time work – help available If you would like to find part-time work or gain work experience. part-time or on a voluntary/unpaid basis) Although employers can recruit differently across the world. • "employment prohibited".ac.manchester. Please read through the section above for more information. Tier 1 (General) or under Tier 2. Around 100 opportunities are advertised each • Your prospective employer is legally required to verify that you have the right to work in the UK (full-time.ukba. For more information please see the international students section of the careers website at: www.homeoffice. Having a work visa is not a guarantee of employment. This means that you cannot work in the UK. You will have to compete in the job market against local applicants www. Prohibition The wording is either: • you must not "engage in employment paid or unpaid" or. Different conditions apply for postgraduate students and for students on pre-sessional courses – please check on the UKCISA website (details on page 43) for further information. • If your employer is not clear about your entitlement to work you can order a letter from the Student Services Centre which gives an explanation. Similarly. In addition to this you need to spend several hours a week on routine domestic chores like shopping and cooking. • You cannot earn enough money to cover your tuition fees and living expenses by working on a part-time basis. Please look at the information on the International Advice Team. www. Help available – Your Careers Service If you are planning to work in the UK after your studies you are strongly encouraged to visit the Careers Service soon after you arrive in Manchester to ensure that you are familiar with: • The UK job market • What employers look for in graduates • Recruitment processes in the UK The job market varies around the world and work practices can also restrict some of the opportunities available to international students. you are allowed to undertake voluntary work and there are guidelines for volunteers on page 59 of the following Working in the UK after your studies EEA/Swiss students The same conditions apply to EEA and Swiss students whether they are working while they are studying or whether they are working after they have graduated. Your academic studies are just one aspect of your employability. you need to apply for and be granted the relevant immigration permission if you are planning to set up your own business or engage Further information UK government websites EEA/Swiss students and their family members: www. from part-time positions to volunteering and internships.homeoffice. Returning home / working outside the UK after graduation If you intend to return home or go to another country to look for employment. building your networks and improving your confidence are all important. working more than 20 hours per week is not allowed by UKBA during termtime. The immigration permission must be endorsed in your passport or on your Identity Card for Foreign Nationals before you can start working in a full-time.pdf?view=Binary Family Members If you have a “restriction” employers focus much more upon skills and experience too. Working more than 15-20 hours in a part-time job can mean that you are less able to concentrate on your studies. if you only have permission to stay in the UK for less than 12 months your family members will be prohibited from working. your spouse and any dependent children are normally allowed to work full-time without a work permit. confidence and Find out more about how the Careers Service can help you at: www. permanent the Careers Service (page 28) has a number of services available to help you including discussion groups. However. don’t forget to use the Careers Service to find out about job opportunities. Developing your skills. The Crucial Guide website has the dates of the vacation periods when you may be allowed to work for more than 20 hours per week. Many recruit up to a year in many look for similar skills and qualities in today’s international graduates. If you have a prohibition on working this will also apply to any family members who are here with you. the Careers Service or the UKCISA websites as soon as possible so that you can plan ahead. However. but if you are flexible there are many opportunities to further develop your skills.ukba. Useful information on working in the UK can be found on the UKCISA website. in addition to a qualification. All other international students If you are from outside the EEA/Switzerland you must apply to the UK Border Agency for permission to work.homeoffice. one-to-one advice and a free email service which tells you about the latest opportunities. This 20 hours includes time spent doing unpaid/voluntary work. in self employment. For example in the UK. If you are planning to work in the UK you may be eligible to apply for immigration permission under Tier 1 (Post Study Work). The following webpage provides a useful guide to finding parttime work and employment: gariaromania/ . • In most cases. Not all students will be able to obtain career-related internships.42 Living in Manchester How many hours per week? Undergraduate students are allowed to work for up to 20 hours per week during term-time and on a full-time basis during University ents/employersandsponsors/preventingillegalworki ng/currentguidanceandcodes/comprehensiveguida ncefeb08. Please refer them to the UK government websites for employers. so it is important to apply Important points about working: • Full-time students from outside the EEA and Switzerland are granted permission to stay in the UK on the understanding that their main purpose is to study here and that they already have enough money to pay their tuition fees and living expenses for the duration of their studies. The Careers Service also organizes a number of workshops throughout the year on working in the UK. particularly if they have no previous work experience. We need to see your original passport when you order the letter.manchester. • You are expected by the University to spend at least 40 hours per week on your academic studies (lectures as well as private study).

You can also buy postal orders or overseas money orders to send in the mail instead of cash or cheques. Standard payphones accept 10p. etc). Manchester M2 1BB.43 Immigration Permission to Work (Visa) and employment after your studies: www. It can often be a more expensive phonecall.yell. telephone calls to British numbers are usually less costly between 6pm and 8am and at the In International Advice Team information on working in the UK. Business Link – an interactive guide for employers in England and Wales on employing international students: www. International direct dialling You can dial direct to over 180 countries from the Most Post Offices are open from 9am .gov. so it is best to get a phone card. can be expensive. and 9am .bt. Mail can be posted at the Post Office or in the red post boxes on the street . The cost varies according to the size of the envelope. www. including the Yellow Pages which list commercial organisations and services (doctors. the Post Office offers a banking service called Girobank and it is possible to pay some bills (such as ngillegalworking Minimum wage: Transfer costs and reversed charges It is possible to transfer the cost of a phone call so that the person you are ringing pays.studentnet.ukcisa.30pm on Saturday.5. Country codes and area codes are listed in telephone directories or on the website for International Directory Enquiries. To make a “reversed charge call”. income tax and NI: www.manchester. There are so many companies that you can get some good deals. Public payphones Dialling instructions can be found on most public payphones.manchester. There may be cheap rate periods for direct dialled calls to Europe and North America but this will depend on the telephone company (usually between 6pm and 8am every day).com/international-guide You may also like to look at the following website to compare call /DG_10027201 Other websites UKCISA website containing advice for international students: www. Unit particularly long distance calls. They are quite common and can be found on most main streets as well as in some of the larger supermarkets. These calls can be expensive especially If you use a private telephone (belonging to. First class mail is generally delivered the .uk/careers/ following day. www.homeoffice. second class can take longer. Remember that making telephone calls.studentnet. Telephone services Telephone services are provided through a number of public companies including British Telecom or Virgin Media. There are public payphones available on the campus and in the city. In addition to the ordinary mailing service. dentists. You are advised to use the internet and type “International Phonecards” into a search engine such as Google. Some local shops also stock phonecards. The Post Office nearest to campus is: Wilmslow Park. Post Offices hold telephone directories for the area.clickcompare. Hathersage Road. your landlord/landlady) you should always offer the approximate payment to the owner or make a “transfer charge call” . There are also two in the city centre: 63 Newton Street.30pm Monday to Friday. Manchester M1 1NS 26 Spring Gardens. water. You can buy stamps from the post office or stamp machine and also in book form from many shops including supermarkets and newsagents.these show the collection times on the front. you can order foreign currency/travellers cheques (no commission is charged) and transfer money electronically through the Post Office. although some small offices may have more limited hours. There may be a small charge for this service. You should carefully consider the options before signing up with a telephone service provider as companies offer different packages. Mobile phones (cellphones) There are 45 million active mobile phones in the UK and you may prefer to have one instead of a Staying in contact Postal services Postal services are available at Post Offices. Manchester M13 0EJ. shops. Inland mail can be sent either first or second class. dial 155 for the UK International Operator and ask for a reversed charge call.homeoffice. Phone cards Numerous phone cards (produced by private companies) are available in the UK offering cheap phone calls to overseas countries. Depending on the telephone company. 50p and £1 coins and some will allow you to insert a debit or credit Paying income tax and NI: www.businesslink. To dial overseas you will need to dial in sequence: 00 + Country code + Area code (minus initial “0” or “9”) + Local The person you are calling will be asked if they accept the charge. you will need to shop around. gas or electricity) through the Post Office even if you do not have an account with Guidance for employers on compliance with UK employment and immigration law: www. which the person you are telephoning has to pay (see next column). This is now also available online at: www. say. See the information pages at the back of a telephone book for details of the cheapest times to phone any other country.

you cannot appeal against this decision and you must leave the UK immediately. It normally takes 5-10 working days (longer in busy periods) to get official bank statements. Sheffield. with various tariff bonuses (sometimes including free minutes). You may also wish to set up a fax to email account offered free by some online companies. These calls can be expensive however and you can also look up similar information on the web at www.homeoffice. Further information about all the above options is available from the Crucial Guide website. There are several different companies providing the service and different handsets and SIM cards that you can Extending your stay in the UK The endorsement in your passport or Identity Card for Foreign Nationals (ICFN) will show how long you can stay in the country. If you need an extension. and then a local number. “Contract Phones” – you pay a monthly rental cost. There are two types of mobile phone usually available in Britain: “Pay As You Go” – you pay a fixed rate for the handset and SIM card and then pay for calls as you make them. Once you have bought a phone you should also register it to prevent fraudulent use. Glasgow. You should be very careful about making international phone calls from your mobile as costs can be very so make sure that you contact your bank in time. Forms can be obtained: • From the Crucial Guide This means you can keep control of your spending more easily however call costs can be more expensive. The notes also include information and sample letters for you or your financial sponsor to complete. Orange. University Switchboard +44 (0)161 275 2000 Web / email As a student you will be given free access to web and email. If you have an internet/paperless bank account ask your bank about getting formal bank statements or a letter confirming that you have held the relevant funds for a period of 28 days. you may be able to use it quite cheaply in the UK – check with your local service provider before you come to Manchester.efax. The most popular are BT’s 118 500 (or 188 505 for International Directory Enquiries). • Use the Student Batch Service introduced by the UKBA where the University forwards the forms and supporting documents to a special UKBA caseworking team for fast-track processing. for example: the Greater Manchester code is 0161 .com Useful numbers 100 155 999 UK Operator Assistance International Operator Assistance Emergency Services (Fire. Vodaphone.omit the 0161 when calling from a landline inside the area but dial it when calling from outside the Manchester area. Ambulance.yell. Belfast and Cardiff.greenfax. It takes several weeks to prepare all the necessary supporting documents (eg bank statements) required by UKBA so make sure that you begin the process at least two months before your immigration permission expires. for example: where your nearest optician might be or where you can buy parts for your computer – you can call a directory enquiries service. If you want to buy a phone it is best to get advice from independent stockists who will help you find the best deal. Post Offices and newsagents. In most cases you need to provide your personal bank statements as supporting documents. For local calls within the area you omit the area code. If you have problems please go to the Student Services Centre for further advice (page 30). send in your application to the UK Border Agency (UKBA) at least one month before your immigration permission or for email to fax www. Police.ukba. Application form All applications must be made on the form issued by the UKBA.44 Living in Manchester land-line (fixed telephone line) to your accommodation. The Link and Phones4You which are not allied to any particular company or tariff. Applications made in person at a Public Enquiry Offices (PEO) are usually processed within one . Domestic and business listings If you want to find local information in your area. There are 7 PEOs: Liverpool. although you should note that accounts are only set up after you register. All mobile phone numbers begin with 07. The handset is usually free and the amount you spend on your phone is debited from your bank account every month. and www. If you apply after your immigration permission has expired and the UKBA refuses your application. O2. Coastguard) week while postal applications take 5-13 weeks to process. Applications which are not made on the correct. The contract periods are usually for a minimum of 12 months and it can sometimes be hard for international students to get contract and www. Birmingham (Solihull). There are a number of shops in the city centre including Carphone Warehouse. There are a number of organisations which offer directory enquiry services at different prices. Download the relevant UKBA application form and use our guidance notes to help you to fill in the form. You are normally granted immigration permission for the whole length of your course plus up to four months (unless you are on a short course lasting less than six months). You can do this by calling: 08701 123 123 or online from: www. • From the UKBA website.118500. The current application fees are: Postal applications: • £357 for a Tier 4 application (due to go up in March 2010) • £50 for each dependant family member if they apply at the same time as the student (due to go up in March 2010) • £475 for each dependant family member if they do not apply at the same time as the student Applications at a PEO: • £628 for a Tier 4 application • £107 for each dependant family member if they apply at the same time as the student • £730 for each dependant family member if they do not apply at the same time as the student Making an application To extend your stay (and that of any family members who are here with you) you can: • Make an appointment to go in person to the PEO. The University will check and send your application for you if you decide to use the Student Batch nperson/ • Send the form and originals of all the relevant documents by Special Delivery Post to the postal address on the form. The most popular companies are 3.immobilise. If you already have a Phone calls within the UK All land-line numbers in the UK have an area code starting with a 0. • By telephoning the Home Office Application Forms Unit (tel: 0870 241 0645) Application fee UKBA charge a fee to process your application. T-Mobile and Virgin.pumaone. You will need to ‘top-up’ your mobile with extra money which can be done from most supermarkets. Have a look at: www. 118 118 or 118 247. Further details are at www. up-to-date form are not valid and will be returned to you.

uk/cons_new/visa/index. However. www. Iceland. Start planning at least eight weeks before your immigration permission expires because it can take a long time to get everything Information on extending your stay in the UK. Belgium. Applications which are submitted late risk being Schengen Visas 24 countries in the European Economic Area and Switzerland have signed the Schengen Agreement concerning common border Missing documents You must apply to UKBA before your immigration permission expires and you must send in all the required documents along with your application. Finland. Germany. Luxembourg. With a Schengen If you stay in the UK after your immigration permission has expired.ukcisa. Alternatively. you are expected to have at least three months left on your UK immigration permission from the date that you leave the Schengen Space. Please make an appointment with the International Advice Team (IAT) to ensure that your application is submitted correctly. Denmark. Greece. Sweden and Switzerland. you will have to prove to the Immigration Officer that you still meet the immigration requirements to enter the UK as a student. Travelling outside the UK If you have immigration permission as a Tier 4 (General) Student or as a Student Visitor. All the documents required must be posted (by Special Delivery Post) to the address on the application form.ukba. The UK and the Republic of Ireland have not signed the Schengen Agreement. Norway. For further information see: www. you run the risk of being deported and banned from returning to the UK for at least one year. when you Further information Download application forms and get information about application fees. Hungary. you are allowed to leave the UK for field trips.homeoffice. Spain.php . so plan any visit well in advance. www. etc. Poland. So make sure that you have the necessary supporting documents ready in your hand luggage. You will have to go home immediately even if it is the middle of a you can travel to any of the countries in the Schengen Space: Austria. Slovakia. on_uk. If you are not both here please contact the International Advice Team for advice. Aim to submit your application at least one month before your immigration permission expires. • Both you and your spouse must be lawfully present in the UK when the application is being made for your children. The Netherlands. Late applications Make sure that you send in an application to extend your stay in the UK before your immigration permission expires. Malta. Please read the information on the Crucial Guide website below. IAT can submit your application for you using the UKBA Batch Service.manchester. www. There is further information on applying for a Schengen visa on these websites: Information on applying for visas to Europe and the USA: www. Family Members There are a number of changes affecting family members under the Points Based System: • Your spouse must submit official documents confirming that you are married • If you are submitting an application on behalf of your children you have to provide official documents confirming the relationship eg an original birth certificate. downloadable application forms.php#trav el_Europe www. When you apply for a Schengen Visa.ukcisa. Italy.45 If you need to apply for an ATAS Certificate – further information about this and the other supporting documents is in the section on “Supporting documents” on page www.manchester. If UKBA refuse to extend your stay you have no right to appeal against this decision because your application was sent in late. holidays. Lithuania. Portugal.usembassy. Czech Republic. guidance on filling in the application form and sample letters/documents. Slovenia. minicom +44 (0)161 275 2794 English Language Courses University Language Centre Oddfellows Hall The University of Manchester PO Box 88 Student Occupational Health Waterloo Place 184 Oxford Road Manchester. M14 6ND tel +44 (0)161 275 7680 fax +44 (0)161 275 7684 email Postgraduate and Mature Students Society Burlington M13 9PL tel +44 (0)161 275 2196 fax +44 (0)161 275 2058 email offer@manchester.46 Directory Useful University addresses Academic Advisory Service First floor University Place (within the Student Advice and Information Hub) tel +44 (0)161 275 3033 email caas@manchester. M13 9QS tel +44 (0)161 275 2864 email International Advice Team (Address and telephone numbers .ac. M13 9QS Student enquirers tel +44 (0)161 275 2829 Other enquirers tel +44 (0)161 275 2828 M13 9PL tel +44 (0)161 275 7512 fax +44 (0)161 275 7018 email dso@manchester. M13 9RS tel +44 (0)161 275 2888 fax +44 (0)161 275 3213 email International Office The Rutherford Building The University of Manchester Coupland Street Counselling Service 5th Floor Crawford House Oxford Road M60 1QD tel +44 (0)161 306 3397 fax +44 (0)161 306 3396 email Disability Support Office 2nd Floor University Place Oxford Road Manchester.manchester. M13 9PG tel +44 (0)161 275 2858 . Burlington Rooms Burlington Street Manchester tel +44 (0)161 275 2392 email Accommodation Office University Place Oxford Road Careers Service Crawford House Booth Street East Manchester Student Homes Unit 1 – 3 Ladybarn house Moseley Road Fallowfield see Student Services Centre below) email www.

M13 9PL tel +44 (0)161 275 8021 / +44 (0)161 275 3041 fax +44 (0)161 275 2058 email . L2 8XU tel +44 (0)870 606 7766 Nationality Office Greater Manchester Police Bootle Street Manchester M2 5GU tel +44 (0)161 856 3317/3320 (please call before 12 noon) “Manchester is everything you’ve ever heard about and CR9 2BY tel +44 (0)870 606 7766 minicom +44 (0)800 38 98 289 email indpublicenquiries@ukba. (and) a cultural playground for the young and the young at heart. 327 Oxford Road Other useful addresses British Council (Manchester) Bridgewater House. CR9 2BY tel +44 (0)870 606 7766 Liverpool Public Enquiry Office (appointment only) Reliance House 20 Water Street Student Services Centre Satellite Staff House Sackville Street 58 Whitworth Street www. It’s a city steeped in a canvas for world-class www.ukba. Wellesley Road Croydon. M60 1QD tel +44 (0)161 275 5000 fax (Burlington Street) +44 (0)161 275 7860 email Home Office Borders and Immigration Agency (Formerly Immigration & Nationality Directorate) Lunar House International Society William Kay House.enquiries@britishcouncil.soc@man.” Croydon Public Enquiry Office (appointment only) Lunar House 40 Wellesley Road Croydon.47 Student Services Centre Burlington Street The University of Manchester Oxford Road www. M13 9PL tel +44 (0)161 275 5000 fax (Sackville Street) +44 (0)161 275 7100 email Study Abroad Unit (including Erasmus) The Rutherford Building The University of Manchester Coupland Street M1 6BB tel +44 (0)161 957 7000 fax +44 (0)161 957 7111 minicom +44 (0)161 957 7188 email general.britishcouncil. M13 9PG tel +44 (0)161 275 4959 fax +44 (0)161 275 7696 email int. Commercial website for Manchester Airport www.htm Road safety Accommodation Television Licence BT Directory Enquiries Tourist Information Immigration Advisory Service: Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner www. Home Office: UK immigration regulations and forms for extending your stay HowToTaxYourVehicle/ Metro HSBC: London Transport Information facilities English language requirements British Council Travelling to Manchester Advice on what not to bring to the UK Living in Manchester Local public transport Royal Bank of Scotland: Lloyds TSB: .org.htm IELTS HOST: Hospitality Scheme Natwest: Road tax Information on all UK airports Visas and immigration Foreign and Commonwealth Office: visa application process and downloads for UK visa application forms: Yellow Pages telephone/address directory Legal advice Contact details for free specialist legal advice Manchester Airport: flight details.manchester-airport-guide. free advice service www.makingmanchestersafer. Nurseries and Childminders www.visitbritain.Learning English in your country Work permits Postal services Halifax: Citibank: Safety and security Studying at The University of Manchester www.aspx?Loc ation=None&Module=IDDSearch Your finances Banks Barclays: Driving: How to apply for a UK drivers licence Coach travel Train travel UKCISA: guidance notes on all aspects of being an international student www.48 Directory Useful external weblinks General British Council Information about Manchester Commercial site with information on all UK airports Currency Converter International Students House (London) Playgroups.lloydstsb.manchesterairport.

49 Countries with Consular Offices in the North West For a full list of Consular Offices please visit the Manchester Consular Association website: 90 Deansgate Manchester M3 2GP tel +44(0)1625 527996 fax +44(0)1625 537877 email Manchester@honorarvertretung. 266 Moseley Road Ivory Coast 27 Beach Priory Italy Rodwell Tower 111 Piccadilly Manchester M1 2HY tel +44 (0)161 236 9024 fax +44 (0)161 237 9047 email Kyrgyz Republic 8 Bunkers Cyprus 304 Oxford Road. Wilmslow Cheshire SK9 2AF tel +44 (0)1625 524133 fax +44 (0)1625 520605 email wilsondg@talk21. SK6 8EN tel/fax +44 (0)1663 764799 email Finland 5 Belgium 76 Moss Rochdale Poland 14th Floor Rodwell Norway UKTI North West.philembassy-uk. 1 Portland Street Manchester. 111 Germany c/o Cobbetts Philippines 8 Suffolk Street London SW1 4HG tel +44 (0)20 7451 1800 www.shef.rostron@ntlworld. Manchester M19 2LH tel +44 (0)161 248 2318 fax +44 (0)161 248 4524 email Liberia 26 Bower Portugal 2nd France 90 Deansgate Manchester M3 2QJ tel +44 (0)161 832 3304 fax +44 (0)161 834 3568 email Hungary 43 Rodney Street Liverpool L1 9EW tel +44 (0)151 708 9088 fax +44 (0)151 708 0526 (will issue visas) email doctor@zsigmond. Stockport Cheshire SK7 1EJ tel/fax +44 (0)161 439 5999 email john@meeus. 137 Dickenson Road. High Lane Stockport. Manchester M1 2HY tel +44 (0)161 245 4130 fax +44 (0)161 236 8709 email .net Netherlands Apex M13 9NS tel +44 (0)161 276 3013 fax +44 (0)161 273 3855 email Pakistan Pakistan Romania 7 Newlay Wood Rise Horsforth Sweden Lincoln House. Warren Bruce Court Warren Bruce Road Trafford Czech Republic 20 Stamford New Denmark Century Building St Mary’ (will issue visas by post) Tunisia 27 Beach Priory www. 70 Spring Gardents Manchester M2 2BQ tel +44(0)161 234 6196 fax +44(0)161 228 7467 email consmanchester@btconnect. Parsonage Manchester M3 2DD tel +44 (0)161 214 4370 fax +44 (0)161 214 4371 email CWewer@aewarchitects. Southport Lancashire PR8 2SA tel/fax +44 (0)1704 549014 email Burnhugh@talktalk. Manchester M17 1LB tel +44 (0)161 877 4700 fax +44 (0)161 236 6469 email norconsulate@itcgm. Southport PR8 2SA tel/fax +44 (0)1704 549014 email Burnhugh@talktalk. 35 Lord Street Liverpool L2 9SQ tel +44 (0)151 255 0504 fax +44 (0)151 255 1070 email OL11 5JQ tel +44 (0)1706 750701 email China Denison Japan 90 Deansgate Manchester M3 2QJ tel +44(0)161 8323304 fax +44(0)161 8343568 email Thailand Boodles House. Rusholme Manchester M14 5JB tel +44 (0)161 225 1786 fax +44 (0)161 225 3281 email Stockport SK6 3DS tel +44(0)7751232620 email email embassy@philemb. LS1 4BN tel +44 (0)113 384 0601 fax +44 (0)845 404 2424 email sue. M1 3BE tel +44(0)161 236 0990 fax +44(0)161 236 2064 email manuel. LS18 4LY tel/fax +44(0)113 281 9504 email h. 71 Denison Rd Manchester M14 5RX (will issue visas) tel +44 (0)161 248 9304 fax +44 (0)161 257 2672 email Cape Verde Republic 20 Stanley Street Liverpool L1 6AF tel +44 (0)7788 428932 email joao. 1 Brazennose Street Manchester M2 5FJ tel/fax +44 (0)161 834 4814 email Iceland 28 Macclesfield Road. Manchester.1 Whitehall Riverside. Spain Brook Bangladesh Cedar House. 2 Fairfield Street Manchester M1 3GF tel +44 (0)161 236 4853 fax +44 (0)161 236 1522 email Switzerland Church House.orangehome.schiel@first-focus. Altrincham Cheshire WA15 9DR tel +44 (0)161 928 2869 fax +44 (0)161 927 9031 email Brazil 35 Hawthorn Road Altrincham Cheshire WA14 1EJ tel +44 (0)161 928 9988 Leeds. No.

Mary's Hospital To Fallowfield and Victoria Park Halls of Residences .50 Map 1 campus lle Stre Sackvi et Prince ss Stre et Oxford Road Station Granby 1 Granby Row Piccadilly Station Row To City Centre Charles Stre Railw et ay Viad 2 5 6 uct 3 Multi-Storey Car Park A BBC The Gatehouse Sackville Street Altrin cham Street 7 11 Sackvi lle Stre et 8 9 13 10 Building names 1 2 3 5 6 7 8 9 Sackville Street Building Lambert Hall Fairfield Hall Chandos Hall Echoes Day Nursery Paper Science Building Renold Building Barnes Wallis Building / Students' Union / Wright Robinson Hall Vision Centre / Moffat Building The Manchester Conference Centre and Weston Hall Pariser Building Staff House Sackville Street The Mill Morton Laboratory Manchester Interdisciplinary Biocentre John Garside Building George Begg Building Faraday Tower Faraday Building Ferranti Building Maths and Social Sciences Building Sugden Sports Centre Oddfellows Hall Grosvenor Halls of Residences Materials Science Centre Manchester Business School East Bowden Court Ronson Hall Manchester Business School West Precinct Shopping Centre Harold Hankins Building Devonshire House Crawford House St Peters House / Chaplaincy Crawford House Lecture Theatres Prospect House Humanities Bridgeford Street Arthur Lewis Building University Place Waterloo Place Kilburn Building Information Technology Building Dental School and Hospital Martin Harris Centre for Music and Drama 12 14 15 16 17 18 19 Brook Street Oxford Road Ma 20 21 ncu nia nW ay Way A57(M) Mancunian Sydney Street A34 22 Grosvenor Stree t 85 York Street 23 24 A34 Upper Brook Street 10 11 Campus Buildings Under Construction Rosamond Stree Aquatics Centre t West 25 Royal Northern College of Music 26 27 Booth Street East 28 Booth Street West Street 29 30 31 32 MultiStorey Car Park 33 89 34 40 Higher Cambridge MultiStorey Car Park University Residences Principal Car Parks Accessible Route 12 13 14 15 16 B 35 D Bridgeford Stre et 38 Road 36 39 Oxford Wilton Street 46 Bus Stops Railway Stations Upper Brook Street 41 42 Coupland Stre et 43 45 37 44 Visitors Centre 92 52 93 47 Rear Quadrangle 49 48 51 Old Quadrangle 53 54 Sat Nav Sackville St postcode M1 3BB Oxford Rd postcode M13 9PL 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 Burlington Stree t Burlingt on Stree t 91 Pencr oft W ay 55 Street 56 57 Burling Brunswick Street Brunswick Street 50 58 reet B5117 ton St To Ardwick & The Carling Apollo Lloyd 59 Dover Street 60 70 Rumford Street 61 Manchester Science Park (See inset map) Lime Gro ve 69 73 72 74 Dover Street 64 65 66 67 68 91 71 62 Williams House 25 26 27 28 29 30 Portsmouth Street Car Park G Manchester Science Park Rutherford House Greenheys Ce cil St re et E 76 Contact Theatre 78 Devas Stre 79 et G Pe nc Car Park 75 Upper Brook Street ro ft W ay Car Park 77 Acker Street Kilburn House Enterprise House Ce cil St re et Synergy House re e t St re et Ac om b Nowgen Centre Grafton Street Wellcome Trust Clinical Research Facility k Ro ad Skelton House Llo Str ee t Grafton Street ar yd F nm St Dil wo rth Car Park 80 81 86 De 82 St re et 83 Nelson Street Bu rn lei gh 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 Du lcie 87 Denm ark Ro ad Manchester Royal Infirmary 84 To Fallowfield and Victoria Park Halls of Residences Ha the rsa ge Post Roa d Office Oxford De nm ar kR oa d Gr ov e Road Manchester Royal Eye Hospital Central Manchester University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust St.

Burlington Rooms Student Services Centre Christie Building Simon Building Zochonis Building Chemistry Building Dryden Street Nursery Environmental Services Unit Mansfield Cooper Building Stephen Joseph Studio Samuel Alexander Building Students' Union Oxford Road (also at number 9) William Kay House Dover Street Building Michael Smith Building Vaughan House Avila House RC Chaplaincy Holy Name Church AV Hill Building AQA Ellen Wilkinson Building The Academy Stopford Building Horniman House The Manchester Incubator Building Whitworth Park Halls of Residence Grove House The Whitworth Art Gallery Opal Hall Core Technology Facility Denmark Building Lamb Building McDougall Centre Jean McFarlane Building George Kenyon Building 85 H ST 27 82 Building names 37 109 120 111 27 100 106 DE NM AR K R D SW IN TO N Accommodation Office PARK OAD GE RD MOSS HATHERSA KR Allen Hall BAN L AN E AISY D 108 EAST Armitage Sports Centre OXFORD PLACE 104 Ashburne Hall 102 105 Bowden Court 103 106 Brian Redhead Court RUSHOLME 101 A RD Burkhardt House at 107 ON RO NIS EST N DE Hulme Hall DW O TR KEN NS 101 Canterbury Court CLAREMONT ROAD KE C 119 Chancellors Hotel DI and Conference Centre D NR 5 Chandos Hall MA OR N 102 Dalton Ellis Hall GR ON HT 3 Fairfield Hall RIG B 117 Firs Villa 109 93 George Kenyon Hall E LAN TT 24 Grosvenor Group of Halls PLA LANE OLD HALL FALLOWFIELD 111 80 Horniman House 116 112 105 Hulme Hall 117 110 Ladybarn House 114 2 Lambert Hall 120 115 119 113 Linton House 118 WI LB RAHAM ROAD 110 Manchester Student Homes MOSELEY ROAD 115 Oak House 113 110 85 Opal Hall E G 104 Opal Gardens E R T MAULDETH R O O 114 N RLTON Owens Park AD 103 Pankhurst Court WE ST ST 116 RichmondEPark DW OA 28 Ronson Hall HR 112T Sheavyn House DE MAUL UL DETH 22 Sugden Sports Centre RO 107 St Anselm Hall A 108 St Gabriel’s Hall D R O A D N A G E A R S O 72 Vaughan House P WITHINGTON 121 Victoria Hall 11 Weston Hall 82 Whitworth C Park A 118 Woolton Hall V E N D I 9 Wright Robinson Hall S H GR N JACKSO CRESE NT BON ST SALL BO TW HS OT MB CA F O R RY LA NE GE RI D ST 28 BO TE HS OT P E R 93 UN IC SW BR ICK SW UN ST 37 T KS BR 72 N TO ST 80 AF GR HY DE RO AD T O C K P O R T PL YM R O OU A TH D GR OV 121 E S B D R O B OU NDA O R O A K S T R D E E T RD AGE ERS VICTORIA ATH H A N S O IL M SL O W RO AD W T O N O N I N G T W I T H OOR WM RD M HA NG NY D CO KR N UP PR I NC ESS AR RP LW AR RP R W D KR ALEXANDRA M IL D OW SL ROAD LDS FIE CH BIR YEW TREE UPP ROAD ER LL OYD ST ROAD AD RO R O A D YEW TREE ROAD TH LLOYD STREET SOU RO RTH LN WHITWO CHANCE AD AY LLORS W YEW TREE ROAD YEW TREE ROAD D ROA P R I N C E S S P A R MSL WI L R S R O R O W D ROA A A O D D O D .51 Map 2 accommodation CENTRE ST W WHITWORTH ST WHITWORTH ST 2 S CHARLE PR 3 5 FAIRFIELD PICCADILLY STATION AD RO N LO DO N STREET GRANBY ST ROW 11 M A N C U 100 B AM RC HG ST GE RI D N I A N 22 VI L CK SA LE ST 9 ST SS CE IN W A Y ST K IC DW AR R VENO GROS O X U P GR 24 N 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 60 61 62 64 65 66 67 68 69 70 71 72 73 74 75 76 77 78 79 80 81 82 83 84 85 86 87 89 91 92 93 O A D R B U R Coupland Building 1 The Manchester Museum Rutherford Building Alan Turing Building Coupland Building 3 John Owens Building Beyer Building Whitworth Hall Whitworth Building Williamson Building Roscoe Building Schuster Building The John Rylands Library Schunck Building.

or walk to Piccadilly Gardens Bus Station (not the Railway Station) and follow the directions above. special. Parking Please note that parking near the University is available in several car parks on campus and in a new multi-storey car park. 142. however the University does not accept liability for any errors that it may contain. 157 and 250. 16. From Piccadilly Bus Station catch any of the following: 14. incidental or consequential damages arising out of the use of the information in this Guide. 43. Governmental or external policies. The University of Manchester expressly excludes any representations or warranties (whether expressed or implied) and all liability including direct. indirect.52 Map 3 Manchester city centre Directions to the University R AR R RI K KF A AC BL CO R MEN Arena W Y A WY IT A IT IN TRY TRIN MEN PO R IO AT NS YL E ST R ST T EE From Piccadilly Railway Station From Piccadilly Railway Station catch the 147. This publication is produced from sustainable and managed materials. Every effort has been made to ensure that the information contained within this brochure is correct at the time of writing. to the fullest extent under the law. that may affect the information provided. 140. You are advised to contact the International Development Division if you have any questions with regard to this publication. 42. 111. ST RE ET OL SP DHA EA M LE VE R ST STR R EE ST REE NE T T RE W ET TO N ST RE ET From Victoria Railway Station Either take the Metrolink tram. or for any subsequent changes to University. LLOYD STREET NORTH MAH T WES ANE SS L MO ER G ARD ENS DENMAR K ACOMB STREET CHIC HESTER RO CECIL STREET D T OAH OM ER AL G PS HD OU ON W KING ST ST R LD QUEEN OCA TY EET I ST ST HA EN R D IN RE NO KING ST DI ST TR D ET RO VE NG RE OL RS AD ET S TO TR Urbis ILL WA RA EE N G T N ST EH FEN ST NEL UD RE ST EET GE SH ET STR OR The Deva PE L GE Cathedral CHA ET IT Centre RE HY ST CAT E M I NSON S GROV BL EAT OM GR ON AC SS ST EA KF T RI Arndale AN Y A RS SE ST ST CO Shopping HAPEL STREET MA AT CHUR RY’S Centre ET E S CH S E G ST T MA STR NA RE R DA RKE RE SO T ST ET T LE GO AR REE T ST T Salford EE R RE ST ANN ST RE ET Central ST CH RT DS ET APE PICC PO OR ST ADIL LW BRID IFF EA ST KING LY GE S ST TAR TREE KING T Piccadilly ST T YS J LA Bus Station John Rylands DALTON S YO T RK Library ST EET CH RE STR ET AR Town CIE Q LLOY M LO UA D ST DU NI IN Hall TT Y ST CH Police SH E ET QUA Granda HA OL UL ST C Y ST BOOTL Station Central RE MP HO REET AS ST L E ST TV Studios SON ST RE RL ST Library ST RE TO TO PETER S ET STREET PR SA N W DI C K I ST CK IN I DM RE VI Chorlton Museum of ET LL ILL E Street ST Science and Industry ST Coach Piccadil RE LIVER ET Station T POO E L RO FA TRE AD S Manchester ST RTH ST British W Central RF GRE WO VIS EET AT B HIT HA TRA STR Council W OW R ID G M W YR E WA CHA TO Palace ANB RIN TER GR T ALT STR Theatre EET C ST EET EET E ET WS STR M1 3BB S TL E STR W H HITW OTH H T R E E T T W ITW OR R T S S T R E E W LES AR CH Deansgate LITTLE PETER ST Oxford Road BBC NS DEA Studios ST ME UL H ST ET RE ST ME TRE AC OR T RS LES EN ES T KS STE SV M CI ON HE UL RO D C H G S TREET OA RR STE ST HE OR N VE MANCUNIAN WAY OS RES C GR ST NC E ST KSO BY LM T HU EE JAC EN STR T QU RD AS FO TE OX HS L W OT ST BO ND MO ST OAD OAD SA WE RD R ROYCE R RO AD ST TFO H RO STRE M13 9PL OT TY BO CI T Visitors TREE LL S Centre SA ET RE BON ST ST ICK RD FO T SW E S UN IDG ND EET BR BR LA STR UP D ER ROA CO OV FORD D OL T LS CRES STRE CENT ET TRE NS RES GTO TT C D O LIN A ARN BUR RO R TE ES TO H AF IC GR CH O ET SE NHEYS LANE WEST E RE T GRE LSO ST DILWORTH STREE NE AD D BOL DEN H NEW BR ID GE NGFIELD LA NGFIE AY W EL SUD LS E EET T STR LD UL EAT T E STR CIE D DU T EE TR ST E EL NG AN Victoria P A AP O IION T T STA ET L LA NE S MI LLE R ST STEP HEN STRE ET T RIA STREET VE CO RPO RAT ION STR EET T DAN TZIC ST O VIC BL O E HG ATE L LA N P GAR TSID E STR EET BROW N S SPRING TREET FO GA RD UN EN ST TA S RE IN S ET TRE ET SOUT AL CRO SS STR EET IB DEA NSG ATE M OS LE Y T ST RE ET LOW ER B YRO M ST T STREE ND ET RE ST ET PO R RT LA ST RE ET NS WA TSO M OS LE Y LO W ER O JE R W W N LE AI BA Y ST PST E RE TR L LS EL IR W E ET T E STR L LE DA LY D IL CA PIC T T H OT BO EW NE T ST O DON LON UN ST OUN STREET A AYT RD S SS CE NC ON N NS EET OX T EE RE S ST S ST FO RD STR B B POTA GA TE ALBI ON ST EA RD Y ROAD CHORLTO N QUINNEY C R E SCE NT BO AD D ET LD STREET A A W WS DA T L S LLE KVIL SAC S HE ON CA S ST K OO BRO R REET CK OC M MEDL IING W WN DO O OX A CA ST O FO B MB RD GR RID RO J T T EA ST T ET T E STR GE A AD S STR E EET K KI O ROAD CHORLTON R E GE T RID ST MB AM AM TH RC HA HE RC HIG H HE HIG DARY LANE U UN BO D D T EE OA RE RO S ST INE RD O OK AR R RO NC RB PE UP N ENT A ALLO T TS M SUT V S EVA CH LE LEAF T ST D D F FOR OX C CE R ROY WS A RO T T T REE STR D A OAD RO PRINCESS RO UNDA Y BOUNDAR R O OLD IRLEY ST B AD AD N NE LA RN OTT CL T P PENCROFT WAY FT W IILL R ROAD ROAD DENMARK RO AD E RE W SB Y Y U UR ST RE T ET PRINC PRINC . 48. MOUN W AT E TRE Disclaimer This publication and its contents have been created within the spirit of the Charter for Higher Education. 44. 41.

Applying for .Academic .Facilities Studying Support Services 23 39 27 37 32 33 26 35 31 24 30 30 30 30 32 30 I IELTS Immigration Advice Inoculations Insurance International Advice International Society 10 6 38 15 30 30 .Temporary .London Airports .Accommodation .(for) Couples .Children .Council Tax .Accommodation .Credit Cards .Customs .Advisory Service .Overseas .University Addresses Advice .Service .Currency .Emergency .(for) Families .Applying For .Paying Fees . 38 27 27 27. 22 E Electricity Email Emergency English Language . 17 36 33 16 37 9 43 4 10 38 13 B Banking Banks on Campus Bedding Bicycles Books Budgeting Burlington Society Buses 22 24 18 41 17 26 31 40 W Weather Weblinks Welfare Services What To Bring Working 35 48 28 16 49 Y Year Abroad Students .Shopping .IELTS .Budgeting .Advice .Accommodation . 33 44 U University .Immigration Control . 44 10 10 10 11.Information for 5. 35 21 Offer Opening a Bank Account Opticians Orientation Courses Outstanding Fees 4 23 38 20 25 V Visas .Insurance .Pre-Sessionals .Requirements .Registration Postal Services Pre-Departure Briefings Pre-Sessional Courses Prescriptions Private Accommodation 42 25 15.Collection Service .International .Tuition Fees Fitness Food .Health Requirements .Support Services 12 28 10.UK Freshers Week 14 39 9 22 24 26 24 26 27 22 24 25 26 25 31.Private .Cost .Language Centre .Support Extending Your Stay 35 44 38. 30 C Careers Service Cashcard Cheque Books Climate Clothes Coach Communications Computers Consular Offices Cost of Living Counselling Service Credit Cards Currency Customs 28 22 24 35 35 19 43 27 49 26 28 24 22 18 R References Registration with the Police Religion 9 36 G Getting to Manchester 18 H Health .Guarantee .Facilities .Campus .Costs .Arriving . 44-45 Toilets 35 Trains 40 Travelling to Manchester 16 Tuition Fees 24 M Maps .Banking .Council 15 .Cheque Books .Extending .53 Index A Academic .Visa Requirements 38 29 9 S Savings Account Schools for Children Second Hand Goods Security Semester Dates Seminars Shopping Smoking Sports Store Cards Student Services Centre Students’ Union .Income 41 Taxis 40 Telephone Services 43 Television Licence 15 Temporary Accommodation 14 Tier 4 (General) 6-9.Manchester Airport Assessment 28 33 33 12 14 15 14 12 15 13 15 14 13 46 29 30 30 18 20 18 9.Care .City Centre .Problems .Prospective Student 6 6 44 9 45 8 P Part-time Work Paying Tuition Fees Personal Belongings Places of Worship Plagiarism Planning What To Bring Police .UK Metrolink Minimum Wage Mobile Phones Money 51 50 52 19 40 41 43 17.Banks on Campus .Television Licence .Students’ Union Airport .Immigration Finances . 18 18 18 33 D Dentist Direct Debits Directions to the University Directory Enquiries Disability Support Distances in the UK Doctor Driving 38 23 52 44 29 19 38 40 L Legal Advice Centre Library Services Living Expenses Luggage 30 31 26 16 T Tax .Reports Accommodation .Advice Centre .Cost of Living . 33 30 N National Insurance 41 O F Families .Outside the UK .

uk Feedback If you would like to give feedback on this guide.manchester.Student Royal Charter Number: RC000797 J2783 03. Admissions and International Development Division Rutherford Building The University of Manchester Oxford Road Manchester M13 9PL tel +44 (0)161 275 2196 fax +44 (0)161 275 2058 . you can do so by emailing us on: offer@manchester.

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