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February 19 -25,



D zvonu (House at the Open Mon.-Fri. 1-6 p.m. I--f"rantisek Tichy A Galerie Ziatii husa-Antonin Miilek lie of works in various Works from the 1960s. Ends my (1896-1961). March 31. OlouM 12, Prague h 2. Staromestske 1-Dld Town. Open Wed.-Sun. 10 'Tague 1-Dld Town. a.m.-1 p.m. and 2-6 p.m . .-Sun. 10 a.m.-6 p.m. Komorni galerie domu fotografie By PAUL WILSON 110mesta Prahy Josefa Sudka (Josef Sudek ty Galleryj at House of Photographyj-,-once FORTHE POST IIiIovna (Municipal More, Prague Under Water A ilovakPhotography selection from the exhibition of Svatopluk Klimes has been This exhibition in the photographs of the August floods playing with fire for most of (s newly renovated that was shown earlier this year his career. He bas singed col! library presents at Old Town Hall. Ends March 9. lages, charred sculptures and ers of a century of Nam. Franze Kafky 31Maiselova scorched textiles. He is also tography, Ends March 2, Prague 1-Dld Town. Open lSke nam. 1 (entrance Tues.~Sun~ 10 a.m.-7 p.m. renowned for his performanc~ lSka), Prague 1-01d Komunikacni prostor Unhartovy es, including "Fire" at the ~ Tues.-Sun. 10 nadace (Gallery of the Unhart Roxy in 1994, in which he sat ~. Foundationj-Jiff Motiil< Ends calmly in a tin bathtub with r-Ladislav Cepeliik March 1. SkolskfJ 28, Prague buming water flaming around ;des. Ends March 2. 1-New Town. Open Mon.-Fri. 11 ) nabf. 6, Prague a.rn.-6 p.m. him. Now, Klimes turns his ~. Open TueS.-Sun. 10 Leica Gallery Prague--dward fiery gaze on celluloid in this ~. and 2-6 p.m. Steichen Portraits by this sem~ exhibition of photographs -'<ii tvrz-Ivan nal American photographer titled "Flash." otographs. Malii (1879-1973). Ends March 30. ran Sykora Paintings. Nejvyssf purkrabsM (8urgrave's The artist divides the show 5 end March 2. Palace) at Prague Castle. Open into four sections: "Flood at 9, Prague 4-Chodov daily 10 a.rn.-6 p.m. zaIezlice 4:" "New York," o line C-Dpatov, take Museum Kampa-Emilie Benes "Hall of Generations" and tv stops to Na SMce). Brzezinski: Dialogue With Wood "Portraits." The subject matter ,-Sun. 1-7 p.m. Large-scale sculptures. Ends li-Michal Singer: March 16. Josef Albers works by may be diverse, but his treatthe Red Cat Paintings, BauhauS artist Josef Albers on ment is consistent: ~aches and watercol loan from the Milan Dobes Perforations are burnt through ~. In conjunction with Museum in Bratislava. Ends the surface of the photographs, ion, the artist is preMarch 16. U Sovovjch mlymi 2. which are illuminated from ; play Two People Prague 1-Kampa Island. Open COURTESY ART Bright City Illuminated Fri.-Mon. 10 a.m.-5 p.m. behind. Sometimes the backlit P~rforations create new angles on traditional SUbjects. ay Night in the gallery National Gallery at Kliister sv. Jiil fissures follow natural features Jld 19 at 6 p.m. (St. George's Conventjsuch as the densely packed, wa 31 (in Palac Adria), Bohemian art from the Rudolfine technique. Most striking is a circles of light emanate from smoldering gashes inside ~ Town. Open period to the end of the Baroque. portrait of his dog gazing Armstrong's mouth, as if aspbalt ruptured by the August 10 a.m.-6 p.m. including von Aachen. J. Heinz, through a window, with his fur Klimes is trying to outline the s--CeCo: Bartholomaeus Spranger, A. de floods_Here the lighting is crowned by hundreds of shape of his'voice, while Dali -...Berlin Lower Vries, Karel Skreta, EM. Brokof, like lava pushing its Imir Holub A retrospec Petr Brandl and J. KupeckY, sparkling little puncleers demonically with two way through cracks i Czech Dadaist among others. Jifske nam. 33, tures. extra pairs of burnt~ineyes. to the surface. L BOth shows end Prague Castle. Open daily 10 Sometimes The containers on which Masarykovo nabf. a.m.-6 p.m. A similar theme is Klimes uses the Klimes mounts his photolie 1-New Town. Open National Gallery at Paliic evident in the "New 11 JYIl:::p.m,.~ . ~__ , .,-IQp$~~J.h!!-09~jL.c'-. >. o.~~_>",c";~~~ lllium-Diana Ivanovii Madonna Thls.exhlbitlOn presin a photograph iIer Ends Feb. 25. ents a statue of Madonna and pose a design on the parts of his works. The 1950s depicting a prison I'rcgue 1-Mala Strana. Child dating from the 13OOs. photograph - such as Hollywood glitz evoked by the .-SUn. noon-6 p.m. which was discovered not long lookout tower is puoctothe giant letters "NY" searchlights and the long ill-Svatopluk Klimeii: ago in Cieszyn, Poland, Lust _ ated by a column of tiny blazing above cylinders on which he posi~ eS continues his long across the border from CeskY lights flowing Erest in fire and perTesin. f,pds May 25. Brooklyn. In the tions portraits of b1azing~eyed from a mass of aeate effects on can Staromestske nam. 12, Prague "Hall of dogs are masterstrokes of presincandescent or photographs. Here 1-Dld Town. Open Tues.-Sun. 10 Generations" entation. IS his own largeformat a.m.-6 p.m..~ _ underground series, he approAs a whole, the exhibition ndscape and cityscape National Gallery at Stembersk)i material The hs, which he has rid paliie-European art from antiqpriates photos of inevitably leaves the viewer at Gaterie Navratil resulting image 10Ies and lit from uity up to the Baroque period. celebrities such searching for a resonant meanis reminiscent of - Ends March 2. le Review, this page. Hradcanske nam. 15,Prague 1. as Louis ing. Perhaps it is the destruc':It2. TomasskfJ 10, Open Tues.-Sun. 10 a.m.-6 p.m. TomasskB 10, Prague a cross-sec~ Armstrong, tive force of fire harnessed for Mala Strana. Open Obecni dum-Antonin Prochiizka 1-Mala Strana. tioned volcano Salvador Dali, a creative end or a metaphor noon--6 p.rn. (1882-1945j A retrospective of diagram from a Open Tues.-Sun. IIa Guttmanna-Ales this Czech modernist and foundarid Elvis for ourprecarious postmodem n00n-6p.m. school geogra-.tain of Mountains ing member of the art group Presley. They are civilization. Or for Klimes, phy textbook. In this artist noted for Osrna. Ends March 2. Nam. stretched across perhaps the application of fire Caie sculptures. Ends Republiky 5, Prague 1-Dld Town. portraits of bim~ what looks like low-wattage fulfills the same function as a s:ae skoly 3 Prague Open daily 10 a.m.-6 p.m. self; his wife, Ester; and his n. Open Sun:-Thurs. 9 'Old Town Hall (Staromestskii redsearchlights strewn across the pencil, pastel or paintbrush. dog, the perforations become !IPL Ri. 9 a.m.-4:30 nicej-Graphic of the Year and floor and subjected to a series more detailed, developing into Vladimir Boudnlk Prize Works by of defacements. Concentric the winners and finalists in these a rear~illuminatedpointillist two annual competitions for graphic artists. Ends March 2. Kfrtova chodba and Rytifskj sa! Roman Ondiik: Teenagers Ends of StaromestskfJ raanice, Sunday, Feb. 23. 8ubenskfJ 3, Staromestske nain. 1, Prague 1. Prague 7-Holesovice. Open 3-6 Open Mon.-Fri. 10 a.m.-6 p.m., p.m. Sat.-Sun. 10 a.m.-5 p.m. FiveGalerle Fronta-Karel Balcar: AutoHundred-Year Fiood = 2002 da-fe Paintings. Ends Sunday, Photographs and documentation Feb. 23. Spalena 53, Prague about the August floods. Ends 1-New Town. Open 10 Feb. 28. Sal architektu (located a.m.-12:30 p.m., 2-5:30 p.m. on the fourth floor of Galerie NoD-,-()a Paintas A group StaromestskfJ radnice), show by young artists panda Staromestske nam. 1, Prague 1. Horackova, Benjamin Soltesz, Open Mon. 11 a.m.-6 p.m., Marek Hyska and Martin Kana. Tues.-5un. 9 a.m.-6 p.m. Ends Thursday, Feb. 20. OlouM ValdStejnskii jlzdiirna (Wallenstein 33 (above the Roxy), Prague Riding Schoolj-Viiclav Broilk 1-01d Town. Open 1p.m.-1 a,m. This expansive exhibition organGalerie Velryba-Karel Tuma: In- . ized by the National Gallery covbetween Worlds 2003 i=l1I thp. v;:lriom:; ~enres the

Setting the world on fire

Klimes sheds new light on old photographs



KImeS: Flash