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Q No. 1 Do you think there is a problem or issue of Change in the case, if YES, then why, and how, If NOT then why not? Yes; I think there are issues of changes in the case; Brunet, The Group Chief Operating Officer, and the sponsor of AXA Way, has reason to be pleased with the improvements in process quality and customer services that AXA Way had made in the past three year under the banner of AXA Way. But Fort knew that Brunet and the other members of the AXA Way strategic company would have challenging question for him. To achieve the Brunet ambitions for AXA Way, it would have to be much more. AXA had become one of the worlds largest insurance companies, but customer service was still not top of mind of many of its managers. It remained a siloed organization and true process thinking was still rare. To achieve the next level of process improvement, and to enhance customer service, AXA would need a cultural change from within. Brunet, a former executive in automobile industry, had joined AXA in 2001 and when he joined he was surprised to find the processes with the rate of defaults as high as two out of ten were not unheard of at AXA. This was unsustainable. As he told Henri de Castries, the chairman of AXAS Board, he was convinced that the fluctuation in the outcome of AXAS processes was the strongest source of customer dissatisfaction. At this Henri de Castries argued that We must address this issue at once.

There are some several problems that AXA way has faced are: 1. In the life insurance segment, insurance companies faced pressure on their investment margins and low fees on universal life insurance products. 2. Poor economic conditions in Japan adversely affected the consumer confidence in financial products. 3. Due to global recession in 2001 AXA revenues dropped by 6.25% compared to 2000. 4. A global economic slowdown due to the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks in the U.S resulted in claims of over US$ 70 billion.

Q No. 2 Analysis the Change Management happened in the AXA Way according to the following TWO Models:

There are some changes made by management of AXA Way happened that are: In during the period of one year there were 200 ideas that were presented but only 20 ideas of them were implemented The score survey in 2003 36 increase to 47 in 2005. Customer satisfaction of servicing increased from 64% to 69%. Customer satisfaction of selling it increases from 64% to 79%. Increase in annual benefits 38 million to 200 million Reinvestment rate for maturities in Italy (27% - 44%) Reinvestment rate for maturities in Spain (23% - 42%)