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50 Life Secrets and Tips 14K Share Memorize something everyday.

Not only will this leave your brain sharp and your memory functioning, you will also have a huge library of quotes to bust out at any moment. Poetry, sayings an d philosophies are your best options. Constantly try to reduce your attachment to possessions. Those who are heavy set with material desires will have a lot of trouble when th eir things are taken away from them or lost. Possessions do end up owning you, n ot the other way around. Become a person of minimal needs and you will be much m ore content. Develop an endless curiosity about this world. Become an explorer and view the world as your jungle. Stop and observe all of th e little things as completely unique events. Try new things. Get out of your com fort zone and try to experience as many different environments and sensations as possible. This world has so much to offer, so why not take advantage of it? Remember peoples names so that they feel appreciated and for your own future benefit when you want some thing from that person. To do this, say their name back to them when they introd uce themselves. Then repeat the name in your head a number of times until you ar e sure you have it. Continue to use their name in conversation as much as possib le to remove any chance of forgetting it. If youre still having trouble, make up a rhyme about their name: Dan the Man or Natalie flatters me. Get fit! Its ridiculous to think that we have one body, one sole means of functioning, and people are too lazy to take care of themselves. Fit bodies lead to better healt h, confidence and more success with romantic endeavors. Id say those are 3 very g ood reasons to get in shape. Learn to focus only on the present. The past is unchangeable so it is futile to reflect on it unless you are making sure you do not repeat past mistakes. The future is but a result of your actions today. So learn from the past to do better in the present so that you can succe ed in the future. Even more specifically, live in THIS moment. Even 10 minutes ago is the past. If you live purely in this moment you will alwa ys be happy because there is nothing wrong in this split-second. Smile more often. Whenever you get a grin on your face, your brain is releasing serotonin, the hap py hormone. Smiling is the natural way to force yourself to be happy. Many peopl e even smile for five minutes straight in the morning to get themselves in a gre at mood for the day. It is a very powerful tool that is utilized less and less a s we grow older and need happiness more than ever. Just remember that while happ iness leads to smiles, smiles also lead to happiness. Drink water. Hydration is tremendously important for overall health. Soda has absolutely ZERO nutritional content; its like pouring a punch of sugar and syrup into your cup. Instead, fill it with life-replenishing water. It may taste plain at first if yo ure coming off of a heavy soda-drinking streak, but youll soon find yourself addic ted to it. 10 glasses per day is optimal, how many have you been getting lately? Dont take life so seriously! Learn to laugh at the little things and this whole existence thing will be a whole lot easier. Be amused by your mistakes and failures and be thankful that you le arned your lesson and wont mess up like that again. And most importantly do thing s that you enjoy! Life is not strictly business, it can be mixed with pleasure. Think positive thoughts. When you find yourself thinking a negative thought, stop it immediately by any m eans necessary. Slap yourself in the face, yell something positive at the top of

your lungs or jump up and down. Do whatever it takes to get back to a positive mindset as such is essential for continual happiness and success. Read books. No explanation needed. Get in the sun. Superman was completely re-energized when he flew out to space and soaked in som e rays and you can do the same right outside your front door (if you live in a c onstantly dreary place, my apologies). The sun feels amazing: your entire body w ill be coursing with warmth and life. Help others. Ill just give you a plethora of reasons why this is a MUST Helping people has a ripple effect. If you help someone they will feel more obli ged to help someone else, and so on. Pay it forward You grow by giving and helping others. It can change you in ways you never expec ted Your relationship with that person will become stronger Its the most fulfilling thing you can do on this planet. It not only feels amazin g physically, you also feel like a good person You might be able to call in a favor later when you need some help Karma (if you believe in it) Because there are more people in this world than just you Set aside a specific time to worry each day. Ponder all of your problems and anxieties during that time so that they will not distract you during work or moments of pleasure. This way you can be extremely efficient with your time and avoid focusing on negative things as much as possib le. If you get all of your worry out of the way and have the mental fortitude to keep from reverting back to them, you will be much happier on the daily. Be honest at all times. Lies lead to nothing but trouble. Being known as trustworthy is an excellent tra it to maintain and essential to having integrity. Sleep less. Fully adjusting to a new sleep cycle can take up to 21 days so dont give up if yo u feel tired after switching to 5-hour nights. The required 8 hour/night is for no rmal people. If youre reading THIS article on THIS site, you are not normal. So f igure out how much sleep YOU really need and adjust accordingly. As enjoyable as sleep is, waking existence is much more fulfilling and efficient. IF this reall y sparks your interest, check out alternate sleep cycles with which you can be f ine off of 2 hours of sleep per day. Read Bringers of Light and Conversations with God by Neale Donald Walsch. These books will help you decide what you want to do in this life and how to get to that point. They will also profoundly change the way you look at the purpose of existence. Read them! Figure out what your goals and dreams are. So many people wander aimlessly through life simply go for whatever small thing they want moment by moment. Instead, decide what your perfect life consists of a nd begin to put the steps in motion to reach that place. The most satisfying thi ng in the world (yes, better than sex, much better) is overcoming a challenge an d reaching a goal. We are the happiest when we are growing and working towards s omething better. Start your day off right. Wake up and set aside an hour for personal development activities (meditation, s elf-introspection, observing nature, etc.) Do the things that make you feel blis sful, optimistic and empowered so that you can set a positive tone for your day. I guarantee that once you start doing this, your days will be more enjoyable an d fulfilling. Today is going to be the best day of your life. Duh. Utilize The Burning Method. Whenever a fear or worry or complaint comes to mind, close your eyes and imagine writing down the thought on a piece of paper. Then proceed to light the paper a

nd fire and watch it disintegrate. Even better, actually write it down and burn it. You wont have any problem ridding your mind of the thought after doing this. Travel. Anyone who has ever gone anywhere will tell you that traveling is one of the mos t exciting and life-changing activities that you can do. Observing a different c ulture will expand your mind while making you further appreciate the life you al ready live. This goes back to becoming an explorer: this world is your jungle so go explore! Who knows, maybe youll find a place you love so much that you decide to move. Imagine the positive repercussions a new environment could have on you r life. The Rubber Band Method This is the third and final way to rid yourself of negative thoughts (hopefully by now you have figured out that this is very important!). Place a rubber band a round your wrist and snap it against your skin anytime a negative thought finds its way into your head. This classical conditioning technique associates a sligh t pain with negative thoughts like Pavlov associated food/salivation with the so und of a bell. Sounds a bit cruel at first but it only stings for a second, I pr omise. Plus the outcome, having only positive thoughts, far outweighs a little s lap on the wrist here and there. Learn to be unaffected by the words of others. Most people get very upset when they are called negative names by others, but th ere is a simple trick to overcoming this. Here it is: If I went up to you and ca lled you a fire hydrant, would you be upset? Of course not. Obviously you are no t a fire hydrant, you are a human being. The same concept applies to when someon e calls you something that you know you are not. They are foolish for saying suc h things, so why would you react with such anger? The only exception is when som eone calls you something that is true! In this case, you should thank them for a lerting you to a weakness, one that you can now work on changing. Read Zen and the Art of Happiness by Chris Prentiss. This book will give you the knowledge and instruction to be happy at all times r egardless of the circumstances. Yes, this sounds like an oversimplification of h appiness, but I assure you that this book will change you in an amazing way. Develop the ability to forgive. Forgiveness is something that most people fail miserably at even thought its so s imple. Grudges only bring more misery to those who hold them and prevent good re lations with the target. YOU makes mistakes all of the time so why not have merc y when other do? Remaining angry feels horrible while forgiving someone brings a refreshing sensation to the mind and healing to the relationship. Be the person that makes others feel special. Be known for your kindness and sympathy. Learn to lucid dream , or to realize when you are dreaming so that you can control your dreams. Sleep feels good, but its rather boring and unproductive. With lucid dreaming under y our belt, night time can be even more exciting than when you are awake. You can do anything: fly, travel to other planets, party with a celebrity, get intimate with your dream boy/girl, etc. Many lucid dreams have also reported being able t o speak directly with the subconscious during dreams by demanding to be taken to it after becoming lucid. For those that know a thing or two about your subconsc ious, that is a BIG deal. Visualize daily. It has been said and proven time and time again that what you focus on is what y ou get. If you complain all of the time, you will run into more of the things yo u complain about. The same goes for good things like health, wealth and happines s. So spend some time in the morning imagining yourself achieving whatever it is that you currently desire. Focus is key in this exercise, so choose a quiet env ironment where you wont be disturbed. If youre having trouble focusing and continu ally find that your mind has wandered to something else, read about meditation i n the following life tip. There is a lot more to this concept, so check out the full article on visualization and the law of attraction here. Meditate everyday for at least 20 minutes.

In this modern world where everyone is so connected to everything else via cell phones, TV and internet, most people rarely enjoy the beauty of silence. The abi lity to quiet your mind and relax your body is an art and skill that everyone sh ould develop. Simply sit somewhere, preferably in nature, and focus on your brea thing or try to think about nothing. This is going to be extremely hard at first ! You might find it boring or just plain impossible to think of nothing, but you will get better and you will learn to love it. Post-meditation, you will feel e xtremely clear headed and.. well, just plain wonderful. The only way to really u nderstand this sensation is to try it. Learn to control your mind. What kind of skilled human are you if you cannot even control your own thoughts? While the human mind is described as being a stream of consciousness, that does not mean you cant decide where your stream flows. Techniques like meditation and the 3 ways to flush out negative thoughts will aid you immensely in learning to control your mind. Learn to control your emotions. The only person that can make you unhappy is you! You are the one that decides t o be affected by the words and actions of others. Realize this so that the next time you experience a negative emotion, you can find the strength within yoursel f to overcome it. Take a class in speed reading. Books are full of information that can enhance your knowledge-base, vocabulary a nd yourself as a person. Speed reading is an easy way to get at this info faster so that you can have more time for other endeavors. Relax! This one is for you work-o-holics out there (myself included). Yes, work is very important and productive but you need to take some time to chill out everyday o r you are going to burn out faster than a candle with no oxygen. Additionally, y ou need to reward yourself for a job well done. Whats the use of doing all of tha t work if you cant have a little fun from time to time anyways? Work on making good first impressions. Practice a strong, firm handshake and the small talk that generally goes along w ith meeting someone for the first time. People wont know what to think of you if you have nothing more to say beyond My name is _______, nice to meet you. Also mak e sure you remember names, as mentioned previously. Who knows, you may be going into business with or marrying this person youre meeting for the first time if yo u make a good impression. Be sure and make an excellent one. Learn to use your eyes to their full potential: Make constant eye contact when in conversation. Looking away (especially down) i s a sign of inferiority and unsureness. Instead, look at your conversation partn er dead in the eyes and keep them locked on Master the piercing stare. You know when someone looks at you and it feels like they can see into your soul? Well thats not a hereditary characteristic, it just takes practice. Work on sharpening your gaze in the mirror. Youll know you have i t when its intimidating to continue looking at yourself Master the one-eyebrow raise. This one isnt necessary by any means, but hey, why not? Pick a brow to learn with and go look in a mirror. Raise both of your eyebr ows but use your hand to hold down the brow that you want to stay down. This wil l probably feel very stupid at first but if you keep trying, you will eventually pin down the muscle you need to flex to get that one brow up Be mysterious. Dont let off everything about you and definitely leave out some major details. Th ere is something both alluring and mesmerizing about someone that no one knows f ully about. Im not saying to confide in no one or to alienate yourself. Just thin k James Bond. Come up with a life mantra. You know, like Carpe Diem or Live life to the fullest, but not as clich. Make it some thing that really hits home with you so that you will actually stick to it. Make sure it not so specific that it rarely applies but also not so general that its n ot personal.

Get good at something. Call it a hobby or a passion, whatever it is, just get damn good at it. Your occ upation does not count! Make it something that you can practice often enough to excel at. Examples: Magic tricks, surfing, ping pong, creating short films, and unicycling. It can be anything but I would recommend choosing something that: 1) You are passionate about 2) You can bust out at any moment to display your skil ls for any discerning crowd. My mind goes immediately to aerobatics and break da ncing, but thats just me. Work out those abs. Above any other muscle group in the entire body, the abs are the most important. They constitute your core, the center point of your body. Your ability to balan ce comes almost completely from the strength of your abdominal muscles and balan ce is vital to performance in any physical activity. Summary: theyre very importa nt. For more info on how to work out your abs, check out this video. Keep your brain sharp. The majority of people are stuck in ruts. They go to the same job everyday, hang out with the same friends and eat at the same places. While that may feel safe, its not the most stimulating lifestyle for your brain. Those synapses have been built up enough, so try something that you do NOT know how to do! Buy a model ca r kit, master the art of sudoku or crosswords, or go pick up another major at yo ur nearest college. The point is you need to be learning new things to keep your brain honest. Form new synapses by forcing your mind to work in ways it has not worked before. Just like physical workouts, doing too much of the same exercise will eventually give no results. Switch it up! Read something inspirational right before bed and after waking. This will set get you in a great mood for sleep and for the day. Read anything f rom a famous speech to your favorite self-improvement book. Try to read somethin g that gets you really excited in the morning especially so that youll leave your house beaming with energy and wonder. Do what you love. There is a huge difference between making a life and making a living; which one are you making right now? So many spend their entire lives trying to make as muc h money as possible so that they can afford to do what they really want later. I t makes no sense to settle in life until youre 65 so that you can retire and do w hat you want when youre already WAY past your prime. We only live life once so wh y wouldnt you want to spend it pursuing your bliss? To do anything else would be a tragic waste of the freedom you are allowed if you are reading this right now. Follow your bliss and you will be a thousand times more happy than your retirem ent date and 40+ years younger. Choose your friends wisely. You are affected far more than you think by the people you spend your time with. Do your friends share your values? Do they encourage you when you speak of your goals and dreams or do they scoff? Make sure the people around you are conduciv e to the lifestyle you want to lead or you will find yourself being dragged agai n and again into behavior that distances you from your desires. Friends with a h abit of producing negative thoughts will especially hinder you. This can be a ha rd task to follow through with if you realize you good friend is one of these sa boteurs, but you must be firm! Dont let anyone get in the way of you being all th at you can be. Dont burn bridges. By that I mean maintain your relationships with people even if you think you are never going to see them again. For example, if you are quitting your job, dont c hew out your boss before leaving! You might run into him/her again later and lif e and wish you had never severed ties so harshly. You never know when you might need the help of someone you knew in the past. Plus there is already too much ha tred in this world, why add more towards the people you interact with? Keep a journal/diary. It sounds like a very monotonous habit at first, but when you get into it, that little book will become a great way to organize your thoughts and track your gro wth over the years. Most of us already stay awake in bed at night pondering the

events of the day anyways so why not document those thoughts in an organized fas hion? That will allow you to look back and observe how your way of thinking has changed over time. Read New Pyscho-Cybernetics by Dr. Maxwell Maltz. This book will explain why the content of your thoughts has such a profound effe ct on your life through religious, philosophical and scientific arguments. A mus t read for completely understand who this life thing works. Learn to use and trust your subconscious/intuition. When you spend time in silence everyday, listen not for words but for a feeling that tells you to do something. Do not mistake your own reasoning and thoughts f or those of your subconscious. If you can track where the thought came from, (th is thought led to that thought which led to this thought, etc.) then it was not from your subconscious. Learning to accurately discern between the two will allo w you to tap into knowledge that you dont consciously have. Develop a charismatic personality. You know, the kind of personality that is surrounded by people constantly and is the life of the party. Start visualizing yourself as THAT person. Maybe take a short course on dynamic speaking and learn some jokes. Take the time to learn so me party tricks and sleight of hand. Most importantly, believe that you already are charismatic even if you fail at beign the center point of the next party. Li e to yourself constantly and tell yourself that you are more warm and gregarious than Ronald Regan. Belief is the first step! Reality will come soon after. Love is all there is. If you truly want to be a master of life, let love be in your every action. Love your friends, family and enemies alike. This is the most difficult thing to do out of this entire list, which is why it is listed at #50. But if you accomplish this, you will be seen as a leader among everyone that allows hate, envy, disgu st and all other negative emotions into their lives. Think Gandhi. Love is so ra re in this world when compared to the massive presence of hate that by exuding l ove, you will immediately see yourself and the people around you change. Love. L ove. Love.