Decanter UCD 345

Technical Data Equipped with standard gear drive or 2-gear drive

All Advantages at a Glance
Frame, hood and drive
The decanter UCD 345 from GEA Westfalia Separator is a continuously operating horizontal solid wall centrifuge for dewatering requirements of industrial and municipal waste water sludge. The frame is of open design with gravity discharge of the clarified phase. Lowest power consumption of < 1 kW/m3 Highest g-force for higher solids output Adjustable bowl speed via VFD (option) Automatic adjustment of differential speed via VFD In-line secondary motor Belts for main drive motor only

Auxiliary equipment
(at extra cost) Control unit for automatic operation Tools Bearing temperature monitoring Vibration control Automatic grease lubrication Set of spare parts Liquid and solids chutes Solids gate valve

All parts coming into contact with the product are made of CrNiMo stainless steel 3-phase AC motor for controlled torque starting in star-delta circuit or via frequency converter

Easy installation Easy operation and maintenance Low space requirement (easy retrofitting)

Mechanical Separation / GEA Westfalia Separator

the level of solids contained in the feed.Technical Data UCD 345 Operating principles and constructional features 1 2 34 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 The information contained in this brochure merely serves as a non-binding description of our products and is without 0 50 0 ≥ . Min.2 kW 18. lifting capacity of trolley hoist for service and maintenance: 500 kg.5 kW 3000 rpm 3600 rpm 340 mm 4.5 0 0 1000 ≥1470 1.0 9997-1163-010/1208 EN 1 Secondary drive motor 2 Clutch 3 Scroll drive 4 Bowl drive 5 Bowl bearings 6 Bowl 7 Scroll 8 Housing 9 Separation chamber 20 19 18 17 16 15 14 13 12 10 Regulating ring 11 Feed 12 Feed tube 13 Bowl bearings Technical data Bowl Diameter L / D ratio Speed g-force. (z) Comparative capacity Bowl drive Rating Speed at 50 Hz Speed at 60 Hz Scroll drive Rating at 50 Hz Shipping data Decanter weight Case dimensions Shipping weight 1875 kg 3100 x850 x 1550 mm gross 2150 kg 2. inner bearings Drive Solids discharge Solids chute Liquid chute Standard Stainless steel CrNiMo Free Tungsten carbide Exchangeable NBR (Perbunan) 2-gear drive — — — Option — Centripetal pump Sintered tungsten carbide tiles — P. can only be provided within the framework of concrete throughput capacity.westfalia-separator. Mechanical Separation GEA Westfalia Separator Werner-Habig-Straße 1 · 59302 Oelde (Germany) Phone +49 2522 77-0 · Fax +49 2522 77-2950 · www. the machine can be adjusted to take account of the above requirements.000 l / h 14 Gravity discharge of the clarified liquid 15 Scroll bearings 16 Distributor 17 Solids discharge 18 Primary gear 19 Secondary gear 20 Primary drive motor Application Dewatering of municipal and industrial waste water sludge Dimensions in mm Components Bowl and scroll Liquid outlet Flight hard-facing Solids outlet ports Seals. Binding information. the dry matter content required in the discharged solids and the level of solids permissible in the clarified liquid.E. In general. 4500 rpm max. / Viton Fixed differential speed Slide valve Upon request Upon request 60 0 50 0 ≥ 2 830 1.T. The effective capacity depends on the extent to which the inflowing mixture can be clarified. Printed on chlorine-free bleached paper · Printed in Germany · Subject to modification · www.4 0 The comparative capacity refers to various decanters from GEA Westfalia Separator and is below the max. 3850 g 26. in particular relating to capacity data and suitability for specific applications.

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