SAP MM Certification SamplesSAP MM Certification Samples Please note that these are not real SAP MM Certification questions

. Indicate the questions with TRUE / FALSE. 1. What settings are possible in customizing to enable the system to react to variances based on purchase order and purchase order history? a Only park b Accept or park with tolerances c Accept d Reduce. 2. What is associated with message determination settings in customization of Invoice verification? a Release group b Condition tables c Access sequences d Tolerance limits e Requirements 3. What authorizations can you set for each user in Invoice verification? a Company codes in which postings can be made. b Plants in which postings can be made. c The blocking reasons that can be deleted d Whether variances can be accepted manually without item reference. e Assignment of user to tolerance group. 4. What does the transaction key BSX represent? GR/IR clearing posting Inventory Posting 5. Within which area do MM transactions for which you can configure the automatic posting facility occur? a Purchasing management b Materials Requirement Planning c Inventory Management d Invoice Verification e Material Valuation 6. What are the influencing factors for configuration of account determination? a Chart of accounts b Material c Material type d MM transaction 7. What is the key for account determination that enables a differentiation for G/L account assignment depending on material a Valuation grouping code b Material c Transaction d Chart of accounts e Material Type 8. Valuation grouping codes can correspond to a single chart of account. TRUE FALSE 9. Which chart of accounts includes specific requirements pertaining to consolidation? a Country-specific chart of accounts b Group Chart of accounts 10. What can you do if you want to turn off the dependency of account determination function on the valuation area? a Create group chart of accounts b Activate valuation grouping code c Assign materials to a valuation class for each valuation area on the accounting view. d Deactivate valuation grouping code 11. You have activated the valuation grouping code. What must necessarily follow?

Which one among the following options describes best the relationship between chart of accounts and company code? a 1 to 1 b Many to 1 c 1 to many d Many to many 14. What controls the posting to a price difference account? a Material b Valuation class c Account category reference d Valuation grouping code e Transaction key 19. 17. What can be the relationship between the valuation area and the valuation grouping code? a 1 to 1 b 1 to many c Many to 1 d Many to many 13. TRUE FALSE 18. In which mode can you access the assignments of value strings to goods movements and the breakdown of the vaue strings into transaction keys in Customizing for Inventory management and Physical Inventory? a mandatory b Optional c Display 21. More than one material type can be allowed for a valuation class. You assign each material type that is subject to quantity-based and value-based inventory management to an account category reference which is mandatory.a b c d You must allow more than one valuation class for a material type. 12. What highlights the relationship between material types and G/L accounts? a All materials for a material type can be assigned to a G/L account. What contains the key for the respective posting transactions? Transaction key Value string 20. .b Different material types with all materials within them can be assigned to a G/L account c Two different materials within the same material type can be assigned to different G/L accounts d Group several material types and assign different G/L accounts to different materials within this group. What are the transaction keys used for the subcontracting item categories? a EIN b BSV . What establishes the relationship between a valuation class and material type? a Valuation grouping code b Account category reference c G/L account d Valuation category 16. What can be the relationship between valuation class and material type? a 1 to 1 b Many to many c Many to 1 d 1 to many 15. You can assign more than one valuation class to an account category reference. You must assign a code to each valuation area.

Yes d --. a --.No b --. a --.Yes 7. Information used on this site is at your own risk.No d --.No e --.No b --.Yes b --.Yes e --.Yes b --. a --.Yes 6. The site www.Yes 2. ABAP/4.No d --.No b --. Basis. PS. QM. a --.No b --. Value string --. TRUE --.Yes b --.Yes b --. a --.No b --.Yes d --.Yes 16.Yes d --.Yes c --. CO.Yes 10. a --.Yes e --.Yes 20.No b --.Yes 11. Books Back to: SAP MM (Materials Management) Configuration Hints and Tips Return to :SAP ABAP/4 Programming. TRUE 18. PP.Yes d --. Any unauthorised copying or mirroring is prohibited. b --. APO. Certification.No 12.No b --.Yes 15.No 14.Yes 17.Yes d --. a --. a --. PM.Yes 9.Yes c --. .Yes c --.Yes d is in no way affiliated with SAP AG.Yes 19. BW.No d --.Yes c --.c EKG d FRL e FRN Answers: 1.No c --.Yes 8. a --.Yes c --. SD.Yes e --.Yes d --. a --.Yes b --. Configuration Hints and Tips (c) www.Yes 3. All product names are trademarks of their respective companies. SM. FI.No b --.Yes c --. a --.No c --.Yes d --. All material on this site is Copyright.Yes d --. Every effort is made to ensure the content integrity. a --.Yes Tips by : David SAP Reference Books: SAP MM.No c --.Yes c --. a --. a --.Yes 4.No e --.Yes 5.Yes c --.No c --.Yes d --.No e --. a --.No 13.No d Inventory Posting --.Yes c --. Basis b --. a --.No b --.Yes 21.No c --.Yes b --.No c --.Yes d --.No c --.

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