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The Holocaust is one of the bloodiest events that took place in worlds recent history.

When Hitler seized power in Germany in 1933, a reign of terror and ethnic cleansing had begun. Until the end of the World War II, in 1945, one of three Jews living in that era were murdered by the Nazi regime and other people from different countries suffered greatly as well. Certain circumstances led to Hilters rise to power in 1933. As soon as he got hold of total power in Germany, Hilter begun his policy of frightening and getting out of the way any opponents of the regime. He used a well organized military force to make his plans reality. The first concentration camp, Dachau, was founded near Munich and it served as a place for exterminating Jews. By using demagogy and blaming Jews for corrupting the Arian race in Germany, Hilter launched his real terror just one year after rising to power. Many Jews left and hid in other countries to get away from Nazis. The rest of the world reacted slowly to Hitlers action. A reunion held in 1938 at Evian, in France, where representatives of many countries started talking about the problems caused by Hilters policy of exterminating the Jews, proved of no use. Hilter became more bolder and intensified his purging actions. Trustful in his own power, the Nazi dictator ordered the invasion of Poland in the autumn of 1939. He hunted every Jew in Poland and he gathered them in ghettos, where many people died of hunger and diseases. The thirst for vital space and power led Hilter to launch the attack against the Soviet Union. The policy of extermination continued in full force with mass executions that filled up common graves after another. In 1941, he began to apply the Final Solution to finish off the Jews and other people that were against his regime and he built up more death camps to serve this purpose. Many prisoners were held in the concentration camps and overworked until they died. The persons unable to work were simply killed. Millions of people died of horrible deaths in these camps, while they helped unwillingly to the German effort of war. During the whole duration of World War II, people died in concentration camps. The first concentration camp that was destroyed was Maidanek. This happened in 1944, when the Soviet Union gained terrain against the German forces. With Germany defeated, the concentration camps started to fall. One of the best known camps, Auschwitz, was liberated in January 1945. Six million Jews fell victims to Hilters atrocious policy of keeping the Arian race pure. Only 200,000 people survived the harsh, non-humanly conditions in the concentration camps. This is how the Holocaust is remembered today and it remained in history.