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• Do you know the Radon Levels in your home?
• Did you know that Radon Levels higher than 4 pico curies/
liter occur in 50% of the homes in Berkeley County?
• Did you know that Radon is the second leading cause of
lung cancer deaths in the U.S. each year?
...if not, then pick up a free, confidential Radon Test Kit.
The Berkeley County Health Department is distributing
Test Kits will be Available at the Martinsburg office
400 W. Stephen St., Suite 204
Radon is colorless, odorlesss gas that seeps into
homes and can cause lung cancer at the same rate
as smoking one pack of cigarettes a day.
Don’ t delay. . . . Call today!!!
The Desire To
Be Attractive:
Feeling Confident
by Regaining
Bladder Control
and Anti-Aging
Hobbies for
Safeguarding a Home for an
Elderly Relative
Simple Saving Tips
for Families
all summer long
Help Seniors
and Preventing
Keep Children Fit
Through Fun This Summer
Factors to
When Choosing an
Afterschool Program
Build your child’s
problem–solving skills
pp. 18-23
18 . . . BOOM OR BUST?
Kids Favorite Beverages Not Always Healthy
19 . . . TAKING CONTROL of Kids’ Weight Issues
20-21. Finding A Birth Parent
23 . . . Spot the Signs of Potential Teen Violence
17 Recognizing a Child’s Learning Disability
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Coming Fall 2011. Williamsport
Retirement Village will be
introducing the new addition
to their rehabilitation and
nursing center. This 3+.000
so. tt. wing will otter a state·
ot·the·art rehabilitation
department. spacious rooms
with mountain and courtvard
views. and a varietv ot warm.
home·like teatures to promote
residents' comtort and choice!
(301) 223·7971
MD Relav 1·800·735·2258
15+ North Artizan $treet
Williamsport. MD 21795
With Beauty
People have long been
infatuated with all that is
beautiful. Magazine covers
broadcast the thinnest,
prettiest — and thusly the
most popular — each and
every issue. According to a
2006 Consumer Perception
study commissioned by the
American Academy of
Cosmetic Surgery, 83 percent
of people are of firm belief
that personal appearance is
important for success in
professional life.
Celebrities go to painstaking measures to remain
attractive, often undergoing surgeries to correct
perceived flaws. Afew years ago, twenty-something
television star Heidi Montag underwent a series of
cosmetic surgery procedures — 10 in one day — to
“maintain her looks,” as the star said. Tattoo artist and
celebrity Kat Von D has recently transformed her look
through plastic surgery, while many others admit to
procedures ranging from Botox® to extreme exercise
routines to look their best. Non-celebrities are also
undergoing procedures to improve their looks.
On a less permanent level, men and women may spend
a good deal of money to maintain a fashionable
wardrobe to put their best foot forward. Individuals
often do not purchase clothes because their older
clothing has worn out, but to continually look their best
and freshen their appearances. Women will don makeup
before leaving the house. Both men and women may
dye their hair to hide the gray. Although people may
argue otherwise, the majority of individuals are
concerned with looking their best. Agood physical
appearance boosts one’s self-esteem.
What should a person do when a physical or medical
condition can compromise their self-image?
How Health
Can Affect
Urinary incontinence and
bladder issues can
compromise a person’s life
and cause embarrassment and
even affect one’s appearance.
According to,
urinary incontinence, or the
inability to properly hold
urine, affects 15 to 40 percent
of women over the age of 60.
Many times, urinary
dysfunction is brought about
by past pregnancies, surgery to
the pelvic region or loss of muscle
function. Men may experience changes to
the urinary system due to an enlarged prostate or
prostate cancer. Health problems, such as obesity,
constipation, and even a chronic cough can contribute
to incontinence or the occasional leakage of urine, says
The Mayo Clinic.
Individuals with bladder problems may resort to
absorbent pads to control urine leakage. This can affect
wardrobe choices, like restricting wearing a bathing suit
to swim or lounge, or limit thin or light-colored items.
Furthermore, even while taking measures to hide
bladder issues by pads and clothing, odor can still be an
issue. As a result, many sufferers avoid personal contact
or socialization for fear of having an accident or being
“found out.”
Rashes and irritation can occur from the exposure of the
skin to frequent moisture, as is often the case when
wearing absorbent pads. Individuals may be
embarrassed by these side effects and the ointments or
other remedies needed.
Better bladder
control helps a
person to feel
and look more
The Desire To
Be Attractive:
Feeling Confident by
Regaining Bladder Control
Is it safe to say the general public
is obsessed with beauty? It could
very well be. Individuals will go to
great lengths to look good and
feel good about themselves.
Those who experience health
issues, such as urinary
incontinence, may wonder how
they can keep up appearances
while managing their condition.
Buyers Guide
Buyers Guide
Let us help you determine the right steps toward a better retirement.
Like a good neighbor, State Farm is there.
Go to someone you already know.
Mutual funds
from a
mutual friend.
Before investing, consider the funds’ investment objectives, risks, charges and
expenses. Contact State Farm VP Management Corp. (1-800-447-4930) for a
prospectus containing this and other information. Read it carefully. Securities,
insurance and annuity products are not FDIC insured, are not guaranteed by
State Farm Bank and are subject to investment risk, including possible loss of
principal. Investing involves risk, including potential for loss. State Farm Agents do not
provide tax, legal or investment advice. AP2011/01/0029 1001381
Dawn Newland, Agent
Bus: 304-267-2919
Kay Lewis, Agent
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Mutual funds
Mutual funds
from a
from a
mutual friend.
mutual friend.
Improving the Situation
Instead of accepting that bladder issues
have become a permanent part of life
where management strategies are the
only solution, both men and women can
take renewed steps to improve their
health and feelings of adequacy.
Supplementation with the right products
can produce profound effects that can
vastly improve issues concerning urinary
BetterMAN and BetterWOMAN
supplements are comprised from
proprietary blends of herbs that work in
concert with Traditional Chinese
Medicine (TCM) practices. While
targeting urinary and pelvic health, these
supplements affect many systems of the
body to promote comprehensive body
health. In a recent study of 45 American
women between the ages 34 to 74, an
overwhelming majority of women
reported noticeable improvements after
just 2 months of taking BetterWOMAN.
Some women even started to notice
improvements within 10 days.
Researchers at two of the largest medical
hospitals in China compiled data on
5,000 men who had taken the
BetterMAN formula between 1988 and
1997. Patients ranged in age from 35 to
65. After taking BetterMAN for the
course of treatment, 95 percent of
patients reported various degrees of
improvement in urinary control, prostate
health and stamina.
The efficacy of these supplements means
that thousands of men and women can
experience renewed confidence and
feelings of self-esteem. Eliminating the
worry of urine leakage and other urinary
issues can mean increased interest in
social activities, fostering relationships,
choosing clothing based on desire
instead of practicality, and a host of other
BetterMAN and BetterWOMAN are
available at a fraction of the cost of
traditional incontinence items, like pads
and diapers. They also work beyond the
issues of bladder control to promote
general health and well-being. Learn
more about them by visiting or
For a consultation, call 888-832-9879.
Le t Us Take Care Of Your
Home Improvement Projects!
Bob Davis Home Improvement Co.
304-274-0142 • 877-274-0150
Specializing In:
Painting • Guttering
Roofing • Carpentry
Siding • Kitchen • Windows
Baths • Decks
Major Credit Cards Accepted
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Locally Owned
& Operated
Upon insurance verification and approval. Patient must complete Power Wheel chair approval procedure . Patient must
take delivery of Power Wheel Chair from Bowers Mobility. Lift chair will be delivered after steps 1- 3 are completed and
Bowers Mobility has received a payment from the insurance company for the Power Wheel Chair. Free Li ft Chair LC-105
model only. Customer can pay difference between Lit Chair 105 & any other Lift Chair they choose at MSRP plus shipping,
handling and tax (shipping and handling is estimated between $100-$500. With this Coupon only.
Store Hours: Mon-Fri 9-6
Come See Us At Our New Location!
176 Hack Wilson Way • Rt. 9 East
(Located next to Biedler’s)
Bring in your prescription for a
Power Wheelchair and Receive a
Pride Lift Recliner FREE! ($750 Value)
See Store For Details!
Also offering a complete line
of Scooters, Wheelchairs, Vehicle
Lifts, and Batteries.
1228 Berkeley Station Rd
Martinsburg, WV 25404
Phone - (304)596-6227
Fax - (304)596-6226
Our Mission:
Provide a Luxurious Standard of Living and Compassionate
Care in a Comfortable Homelike Atmosphere.
Our Services Include:
• Caring Staff available 24 hours a day
• Assistance with medications • Dining assistance and special diets
• Daily assistance with bathing, dressing, grooming and toileting
• Assistance with reminders & redirection • Personal laundry
• Escorts and assistance with walking
Our Home Offers:
• Private Rooms • Semi-Private Rooms • Activity Program
• Three Home-cooked Meals Daily • Two Common Areas
Melatonin and Anti-Aging
Melatonin is a supplement widely used to
combat jet lag and alleviate short-term bouts
of insomnia. There is also evidence that
melatonin as a regular dietary supplement
could have antioxidant effects and help slow
down the aging process.
Melatonin is a hormone produced in the
pineal gland of the body. Due to its light-
transducing ability, the pineal gland is
sometimes called the “third eye.” Light
absorbed through the retina is relayed to the
brain and thusly the pineal gland. The onset
of darkness triggers the pineal gland to
release melatonin into the bloodstream,
which helps to induce sleep in individuals.
Younger people, especially children, produce
a large amount of melatonin, which is
generally why babies can sleep so much.
This ability to fall asleep quickly and sleep
deeply has benefits for the growing body,
allowing cells to rejuvenate and the body to
grow and heal. As individuals age, melatonin
production decreases. This can be why many
older adults have difficulty falling asleep or
seem to need less sleep.
Study after study indicates that lack of sleep
can lead to myriad health problems,
including mental health deficits, added
stress, heart disease, and others. Each of
these conditions can contribute to the aging
process. It makes sense, then, that getting
frequent and restful sleep can help turn back
the clock.
But that isn’t the only benefit of melatonin,
say experts. According to “The Aging Clock:
The Pineal Gland and Other Pacemakers in
the Progression of Aging and
Carcinogenesis,” by Walter Pierpaoli M.D.,
Ph.D., melatonin is the “Master Hormone-
Modulating Molecule.” It is the regulator of
almost all hormones in the body in addition
to regulating the circadian cycles. Dr.
Pierpaoli has found that “aging” is a
degenerative condition of the body, not just
the passing of years. Resetting the body’s
age clock can slow down the symptoms of
When the pineal gland of an old animal is
transplanted into a young animal, studies
show that the young animal slows down and
systems of the body function as if it were
older. The reverse also applies. Dr. Pierpaoli
surmises that melatonin sends a message of
“youth” throughout the body, keeping the
body healthy and strong.
With this reasoning, melatonin may also help
stimulate the immune system, which can
promote better overall health, including
fending off certain diseases of old age. These
include cancers and even dementias. Clinical
trials have shown that melatonin can
diminish the effects of hormones that trigger
certain cancers, including breast cancer and
prostate cancer.
According to “Melatonin and the aging
brain,” by Stephen Bondy and Edward
Sharman, “Melatonin has potential utility
both in slowing normal brain aging and in
treatment of neurodegenerative conditions.
This is reinforced by the low cost of
melatonin and its very low toxic hazard.”
Research is still ongoing into the many
benefits of melatonin. While it is best not to
start any supplement program without first
asking a doctor (especially if a person is
pregnant or has other medical conditions),
those who want to take melatonin should
look for the synthetic variety. These are
made from plant material to mimic
melatonin produced in the body. Animal-
based melatonin can contain diseases and
other pathogens.
Arelatively small amount of melatonin is
needed to produce large effects. Consult with
a specialist on the right amount to take for
desired results.
Sleep is essential to the body
and can help stave off effects
of aging. Melatonin
supplementation can assist in
triggering a restful night’s sleep.
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But why milk? While milk alone won’t
prevent osteoporosis, dairy products like
milk are rich in calcium, an essential
nutrient for building and maintaining
strong bones. In addition, getting an early
start is especially important, as the NOF
notes that roughly 85-90 percent of adult
bone mass is acquired by age 18 in girls
and age 20 in boys. Though this still
might not inspire kids to pour themselves
a glass of milk, perhaps a better
understanding of osteoporosis and its
potentially debilitating effects can inspire
adults and children alike to do all they
can to prevent the onset of osteoporosis.
What Is Osteoporosis?
Osteoporosis is often mistaken as a
condition that only affects little old
ladies. While osteoporosis is most
common in older women, anyone can
develop it. As many as half of all women
and a quarter of men older than 50 will
break a bone because of osteoporosis,
which many men and women are not
even aware they have until that initial
injury occurs.
What Happens When a
Person Has Osteoporosis?
When discussing osteoporosis, it’s best to
first discuss osteopenia, a silent condition
the precedes osteoporosis, often robbing
bones of their strength. Osteopenia is
related to bone mineral density, which
measures the levels of minerals in the
bones. When BMD levels are low, a
person is said to have osteopenia, which
can, and often does, gradually become
Osteopenia is akin to an accomplished art
thief. Methodical and often unnoticed,
osteopenia exhibits no physical signs, and
even the most physically active people
could have osteopenia and not know it.
The first warning sign could be a
fractured bone.
When a person has fractured a bone, he
or she might already have osteoporosis.
When osteoporosis has established itself,
the bones have weakened and become
thin and are highly susceptible to
fracture. For example, it’s not impossible
for a person with osteoporosis to lift a
bag of groceries and break a bone or
suffer a collapsed vertebra in the back.
Such a task might otherwise seem trivial,
but to a person with osteoporosis, no
physical activity is without risk.
Can Osteoporosis
Be Prevented?
Fortunately, osteoporosis and any
resulting fractures can often be
prevented. As previously mentioned,
thanks to bone mass development it’s
important for parents to encourage kids to
increase the amount of calcium in their
diet. Milk and dairy products, preferably
low fat versions; dark green leafy
vegetables (including broccoli, collards
and kale); and calcium-fortified orange
juice are great sources of calcium.
Another way to prevent osteoporosis is to
exercise regularly. Routine exercise helps
strengthen bones and muscles and
prevent bone loss. Weight-bearing
exercises, which include walking,
jogging and even dancing, done three to
four times a week are the best for
preventing osteoporosis. Strength and
balance exercises also help avoid falling,
decreasing the risk of broken bones.
Adequate calcium is necessary to prevent
osteoporosis, but men and women must
also make sure to include vitamin D in
their diet. Vitamin D, which can be found
in eggs, fatty fish (including salmon),
cereal, and even some supplements, is
necessary for the body to absorb calcium.
Research continues to indicate that
people are simply not getting enough
vitamin D. Discuss vitamin D with a
physician to determine the best way to
get more of it in your daily diet. A
vitamin D supplement might be the most
viable option.
To learn more about osteoporosis, visit
the National Osteoporosis Foundation at
Most adults recall a time or times when their
mothers insisted they drink their milk.
Though it might not have been preferred
at the time, adults might now recognize
Mom was doing her best to help her kids build
and maintain strong bones. Those who didn’t
listen to Mommy dearest might find
themselves among the 44 million
Americans whom the National
Osteoporosis Foundation estimates
live with osteoporosis, a condition
that weakens bones and increases
the risk of unexpected fractures.
Understanding and Preventing
An activity as simple as a walk in the park can hel
men and women reduce their risk for osteoporosis.
Buyers Guide
Over 70% of Americans are Vitamin D Deficient
Better Skin
Red Light
• Reduces Fine Lines and Wrinkles
Around The Eyes and Mouth
• Improves Skin Tone • Heals Blemishes
• Regenerates and Stimulates Fibroblast Cells
Which Creates Collagen and Elastin For A
More Youthful Appearance
• Increases Blood Circulation To The Skin
• Helps Fade Scarring, Stretch Marks
and Surgical Wounds
• Creates More Skin Moisture For
A More Youthful Appearance
• Creates Supple Smooth Skin Which Helps
Produce A Longer Lasting Tan
Your Skin C
are Is O
#1 Priority
Indoor Tanning
100 X More D than milk
Indian Sun & Silver
Tanni ng Sal on “ Pl us ”
1440 Winchester Ave. Mtbg. • 304-263-6565
Proven Benefits of Vitamin D3 from UVB
• Vitamin D can relieve arthritis pain (and in some cases even eliminate the pain altogether) “I bel ieve the health benefits
of exposure to UVA and UVB rays greatly outweigh the disadvantages, even if that means using a sunbe d during winter
months,” - British Oncologist Dr. Tim Oliver
www. tanningtruth. com
• Helps the body process calcium which assist in prevention of osteoporosis • Regulates cell growt h in the body
• Lowers risk for many forms of internal cancers • UVB makes Vitamin D naturally • Indoor Tanner s have 90% higher
Vitamin D blood levels • Vitamin D sufficiency is linked to reduction in 105 diseases, including h eart disease, diabetes,
multiple sclerosis and most forms of cancer • More than three million consumers frequent tanning s alons for self
treatment of psoriasis, eczema, acne, vitilgio, seasonal affective disorder and to increase Vitamin D levels.
Individuals with arthritis are often stuck
between a rock and a hard place. Doctors
want people to exercise to keep up the range
of motion in affected joints. However, even
some limited movements can cause pain and
suffering to those with arthritis. Furthermore,
individuals with arthritis may shy away from
the activities they once enjoyed because the
pain is simply too overwhelming.
Instead of simply sitting on the couch
watching television, there are a number of
different things arthritis sufferers can do to
pass the time and reconnect with past
hobbies and interests. It might just take a
little re-outfitting of the tools that are needed
to participate.
Gardening is a popular pastime for people of
all ages. But the repetitive motions of
digging and tilling as well as gripping a
multitude of tools can take the joy out of the
hobby. People with arthritis can make some
changes. Raised garden beds or container
gardening eliminates the stooping and
bending associated with traditional
gardening. With containers, individuals can
place the containers on a counter or table and
do all the work at a comfortable height.
Choosing low-maintenance plants is another
option. Plants that don’t require as much
pruning or repotting are good for those with
arthritis. Also, look for tools with larger grips
and handles to be easier on arthritic hands.
Many people with arthritis find the fine-
detail work they grew accustomed to is not
very comfortable with arthritis. Instead, there
are many other crafts that can be practical.
Ceramics are one craft where the activity can
also be the exercise. Using a pottery wheel or
hand-molding doughs and other modeling
media can be a way to stretch and work the
hands and fingers. Using paintbrushes
equipped with wider grips can make painting
Mural painting is another option. Again,
those with arthritis can choose tools with
wide handles to make grasping easier. Large
designs on walls or canvases will be easier to
handle than smaller pieces.
Cooking and baking is an art form that can
be enjoyed by anyone. Furthermore, with
ergonomic spoons, ladles and other kitchen
tools, it has never been more convenient or
less labor-intensive to be an accomplished
home chef.
Baking and pastry creation is one area where
people can show off creative skills. For those
who love to bake but have trouble kneading
and working dough, food processors, bread
machines and kitchen stand mixers can take
the work out of those processes.
Cooking is not only a rewarding hobby, but
also an activity that can benefit the
Having arthritis doesn’t mean a person has to
give up on the activities he or she enjoys. It
merely involves a few tweaks that can still
make these hobbies enjoyable.
Container gardening
is a hobby arthritis sufferers can
Hobbies for Arthritis Sufferers
Keep the Home
Understandably, many homeowners
look to save money around the house,
and turning off the lights at night is
both common and financially savvy.
However, when a home has an
elderly resident, it’s best to ensure the
home is at least partially illuminated.
Nightlights should be used in
hallways and along the staircase as
well as in the bathroom and the
kitchen. Elderly residents likely
won’t be familiar with where the light
switches are, at least not immediately.
So keep the house at least partially
illuminated overnight in case a senior
housemate must wake up to use the
restroom or get a glass of water in the
middle of the night.
Since the economy began to slip, a notable and often newsworthy trend reported on across the country
was the growing number of “boomerang” kids. After a brief period living on their own, boomerang
kids return to live with their parents, mimicking an actual boomerang that returns to where it started
after a brief period away.
While boomerang kids might get the most publicity, another trend has also been steadily growing.
According to the Pew Research Center, 20 percent of individuals age 65 and older lived in a
multigenerational household in 2008. That marked a 3 percent increase from 1990. While there’s no
single reason why more and more elderly residents are moving in with their adult children, the still-
struggling economy has likely played a significant role. Elderly men and women who lost retirement
savings as the market tumbled can no longer afford the costly expense of an assisted living facility,
causing many of those people to move back in with their children.
For adult children welcoming a parent or an in-law into their home, a common priority is to ensure
the home is safe for an elderly resident. Some safety measures might be easier to plan than others, but
the following guidelines should help adults prepare their homes for the arrival of an elderly housemate.
9 Buyers Guide
Give Yourself A $20 Per Month Gift...Switch To
CALL 304-724-1699
Safeguarding a Home
for an Elderly Relative
Reduce Risk of Injury
in the Bathroom
Perhaps no room can be more difficult or seniors to
navigate than the bathroom. Wet tiled floors can greatly
increase the risk of falling, so men and women should
make sure to have bathroom rugs that are slip-resistant.
Slip-resistant rugs typically have a rubber bottom and
won’t move even if the floor is wet.
Another step to secure the bathroom is to install grab bars
on the walls, including in the bathtub and next to the toilet.
Also, make sure the towel bars are secure, as seniors might
grab onto towel bars if they feel they are about to fall or
need to regain their balance.
As for the bathtub, be sure to place a non-skid mat or
strips on the standing area. This can help secure arguably
the riskiest part of a home not just for elderly residents but
all inhabitants of a home. According to the National Safety
Council, most falls in the home occur in the bathroom.
Securing a slippery tub with non-skid mats or strips can
greatly reduce the risk of a fall.
Clear Out the Clutter
Acluttered home is a fire hazard regardless of whom is living
inside. However, a cluttered home is also a considerable safety
risk for seniors. When preparing a home for an elderly resident,
be sure the bedroom is not overcrowded. Make certain there is a
clear path in which elderly residents can walk around the bed.
Clutter can also collect in the living room. Ideally, elderly
residents should have a clear path on which to walk from room
to room. Make sure cords from the entertainment system are
bundled and not lying open in the floor. In addition, magazine or
newspaper baskets should be moved away from where residents
will be walking.
Clutter can also collect outside the home, particularly in homes
with young children. Explain to kids that their toys need to be
put away and kept off of walkways to help Grandma and
Grandpa avoid injury. Homeowners who love to work around
the house should also clean their work areas thoroughly and put
everything away before calling it a day.
The above are just a few of the many steps homeowners can
take to make their homes safer for elderly guests
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Did you know McDonalds® returns more than
47 cents of every dollar earned to local economies?
Stop by any of our Martinsburg Locations
to find out more and how you can help!
• I-81 Exit 12 • WalMart • Eagle School Road
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Though the economy is on the mend, many families
forced to make sacrifices during the downturn will
continue to look for ways to maintain more control of
their finances in the event another period of economic
struggle surfaces down the road. It’s safe to assume
no family wants to find itself in the position millions
of families did during the downturn, dealing with
unemployment, a nonexistent job market and the
specter of foreclosure on the family home.
While there’s no telling what the economic future
holds, there are steps families can take to gain greater
control of their finances and put themselves in a
better position to handle whatever the economy
throws at them down the road.
Simple Saving Tips
for Families
Start saving receipts.
Nowadays, more and more people use debit cards for daily purchases,
including smaller purchases like cups of coffee. While this is more
convenient, it also makes it easier to lose track of spending. Families
should start saving receipts for all purchases, not just big-ticket items. At
the end of the month, examine the receipts to see how much frivolous
spending is going on. Aclose examination of receipts can help reign in
spending on items that aren’t generally large, but can add up over time.
Make a grocery shopping list.
Another tradition of yesteryear that has seemingly fallen by the
wayside, the grocery list can help families save substantial amounts of
money over time. Men and women who grocery shop without a list
are more likely to spend more money than they had intended, buying
extra food they don’t need and making impulse buys as well. If you
have a list of what you need when you go to the store, you’ll not only
save money but you’re likely to spend far less time at the store as a result.
Re-examine your commute.
Men and women might prefer driving themselves to work. Driving to work alone
is more convenient, but it’s almost never more cost-effective. Consider public
transportation where it’s available. Public transportation can remove the stress from
traffic jams, as men and women can bury their noses in books or watch a movie on their
iPads rather than stare at the vehicle in front of them. If no public transportation is available,
propose a carpool to co-workers. Both of these alternatives can save individuals money on gas
(the cost of which is once again on the rise) while adding years to their vehicle’s life
expectancy, helping them get more out of their vehicle dollars.
• Reconsider your cable provider. Whereas cable television was once a novelty, nowadays
cable television or satellite service has become the norm in households across the country.
Though it might be hard to imagine a household without cable or satellite television, Web
programming and DVD subscription services have made it much easier for men and women to
continue to follow their favorite shows without committing to a costly monthly cable or
satellite service.
Men and women who die without a will do
not automatically have their assets seized by
the government.When men and women die
without a will, they leave what is known as
intestacy.The only time a deceased person’s
assets end up with the government is when
the deceased has no living next of kin.
Should a man or woman with living family
or dependents perish without a will, a
formula is then used to distribute the
deceased’s assets. While this formula
ensures family or dependents get some of
the deceased person’s assets, it does not
necessarily mean the deceased’s wishes will
be honored. To ensure their wishes are
honored, a person must have a will in place.
Otherwise, the formula will be used to
distribute assets. Contrary to popular belief,
children do not have to be born from legal
marriage to share in the distribution of
assets. What’s more, laws have changed to
include de facto partners in the distribution
of assets when the deceased leaves no will.
Previously, this only applied to spouses.
However, now same sex-couples have
entitlements when their partners die
without a will. To determine the rules of
asset distribution when a man or woman
dies without a will, consult an attorney.
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Fight Fraud
Seniors are too often victimized by telemarketing fraud. Studies from the American Association of Retired Persons have shown
that many elderly fraud victims simply don’t suspect the person soliciting money on the phone could be a criminal.
The FBI reports that there are as many as 14,000 illegal telemarketing operations going on at any given time. These illegal
operations generate as much as $40 billion a year. Relatives of seniors are understandably concerned, particularly if those
seniors live alone and no one is around to monitor how many calls they’re receiving from telemarketers. Concerned relatives
can share the following information with seniors to reduce their loved ones’ risks of being victimized by telemarketing fraud.
Legitimate marketers are not in a rush to sell
products or secure donations. Alegitimate marketer or
charity will not try to pressure prospective buyers into
making a purchase over the phone or prospective donors
into making immediate contributions. Explain to seniors
that a legitimate marketer will accept a person’s desire
written information about the products or charity and
will gladly send such information to a prospective
buyer or donor’s home.
Payments are typically not picked up by a courier
service. Telemarketing fraudsters often employ couriers
to pick up payments. This is not the action of a reputable
charity or business, and seniors should never agree to
buy a product or donate money to any telemarketer who
offers to send a courier to their home to pick up
Sweepstakes cannot legally require payment to win a
prize. It is not legal for contests or sweepstakes to
require “winners” pay a fee before they can enter a
contest or claim a prize. Seniors should be made aware
that this is the law and that any contest or sweepstakes
demanding payment is bogus.
Be especially wary of companies offering to recover
money paid to fraudulent telemarketers in the past.
Companies offering to recover past money lost to fraud
are often fraudulent themselves. These companies will
offer their fraudulent services for a fee.
Money lost to a fraudulent telemarketer is likely lost
forever. Men and women concerned about elderly
friends or relatives being victimized by telemarketing
fraud should explain to their loved ones that money lost
in a telemarketing scam is not likely to be recovered.
This should help highlight the importance of receiving
official documentation from any telemarketers before
buying a product or making a donation. If seniors are
aware their money isn’t likely to be recovered should it
be going to a criminal, they are much less likely to make
hasty decisions over the phone.
To learn more about fraud, visit the National Consumer
League’s Fraud Center at
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Keep them problem–solving
Math and problem–solving skills are the subjects experts say are more
likely to be affected by brain drain. This doesn’t have to be the case,
however, as there are plenty of activities to make math and
problem–solving fun. One game that has the attention of educators and
parents alike is Perplexus by Plasmart Inc. Perplexus is a 3D maze game
where players manoeuvre a small marble around challenging barriers inside
a large–sized transparent sphere. Unlike traditional flat–surface mazes that
are composed of one path, Perplexus challenges player’s problem solving
abilities with numerous paths to choose from and hundreds of barriers to
overcome. In addition to being an entertaining game, Perplexus is a great
tool for cognitive development, encouraging children to exercise their
problem–solving, motor and dexterity skills, as well as improving their
hand–eye coordination. Perplexus is just as challenging for adults as it is
for children and is for people aged 4–104, and so will help keep parents
problem solving skills sharp as well.
Keep them active
It is widely accepted that there is a link between a healthy body and a
healthy brain. Keeping your children’s bodies fit will help keep their brains
fit and reduce summer brain drain. Physical activity can be either indoor or
outdoor fun. One popular indoor and outdoor riding toy is the PlasmaCar
by Plasmart Inc. The PlasmaCar is a mechanical marvel that can be
driven on any flat surface and is powered solely by
kid–power. The
PlasmaCar is a fun
way for kids to
ride around the
and keep their
bodies fit as it
requires no
batteries or
fuel, just the
cookie or
Don’t let summer fun interfere
with your child’s learning.
Research has shown that kids can
lose much of what they learned
during the school year during the
summer months, a phenomenon
known as “summer brain drain.”
Parents don’t need to fret,
however; there are plenty of
opportunities for children to
keep their brains sharp and
focused during the summer
break. Here are some tips to help
keep your children learning and
their brains sharp during
summer vacation.
all summer long
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Build your child’s problem–solving skills
One of the most important life skills children struggle to learn
is problem-solving — the process of identifying a problem,
coming up with a solution, and executing it to achieve a
desired result. It is a skill that we all use as part of our
everyday lives, yet one that most of us struggle with on a
daily basis.
Encouraging the use of creative activities and games that
challenge your children’s problem–solving skills at an early
age will help encourage them to become independent thinkers
and problem solvers — skills that will benefit them for the
rest of their lives. For very young children, simple games
such as building blocks that require identifying different
shapes is a great way to start building
problem solving skills.
As children age, more challenging games are required to build
their problem solving abilities and their confidence in taking
on greater challenges. One new game that has caught the
attention of educators and parents alike is the new Perplexus
3D game maze by Plasmart Inc. Perplexus is a 3–dimensional
maze game where players manoeuvre a small marble around
challenging barriers inside a large–sized transparent sphere.
Unlike traditional flat–surface mazes that are composed of
one path, Perplexus challenges player’s problem-
solving abilities with numerous paths to
choose from and hundreds of barriers to
overcome. Players can race each other or
the clock. In addition to being an
entertaining game, Perplexus is a great
tool for cognitive development,
encouraging children to exercise
their problem–solving, motor and
dexterity skills, as well as
improving their hand–eye
coordination. Perplexus is just as
challenging for adults as it is for
children and is for people aged
4–104, and will help keep
parents problem solving skills
sharp as well.
Though some children might start
exhibiting signs that they are ready for
toilet training as early as 18 to 24
months, it is not uncommon for kids to
stay in diapers until they are 3 years
old. Parents of young children who
want to begin toilet training their child
can look for a host of signs that
indicate their child is ready to begin
the process.When a child signals that
his or her diaper is wet or soiled, this
could be a good time to begin toilet
training. Another thing parents can look
for is if kids seem curious about their
potty chair or the toilet. Such curiosity
can make for an ideal opportunity to
start toilet training a child. Parents
should also be on the lookout when
kids awake from naps. If kids start
waking up with dry diapers then it
might be time to begin toilet training.
Other indicators that the child might
be ready to begin toilet training include
a young one staying dry for 2 hours or
more during the day and if kids prove
they are capable and comfortable at
following basic instructions.


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• Preschool & all day child care
available, full-time or part-time
• Universal Pre-K
• Loving & Caring Christian
• Hot Meals & Snacks Included
• Security & Fire Protected
• Well Trained Staff
• Mountain Heart Accepted
• Before & After School Care
(Spring Mills Elem. & Potomack Int.)
• WV State Licensed CPR &
First Aid Certified
Serving families with
children ages 2-12
Mon-Fri 6am-5:45pm
Owner: Shelley D. Heironimus
31 Forever Green Drive, Suite B (off Grade Rd.) Falling Waters, WV 25419
Affordable Childcare!
Look No Further Than. . .
Now Enrolling For Summer & Universal Pre-K
Moon Bounces • Games • Food
Come out and take a look at our
New Childcare Center (under new management)
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Potomack District for Before & After School Care
998 Arden Nollville Rd.
Inwood, WV
Closed Sun. & Mon.
Tues.-Thurs. 11am-6pm
Fri. 11am-7pm • Sat. 9:30am-4pm
“We appreciate and
value the continued
support of our
customers, their families
and our contacts.”
We strive to provide a
high level of customer
service and integrity.
Keep children fit through
fun this summer
Fresh air and outdoor fun are
beneficial to maintaining your
physical and mental health.
Outdoor toys are a
great way to keep
your children
outside, active and
having fun during
the summer
months. Buying
the right outdoor
toys will help
ensure your kids not
only have fun, but stay healthy without even
realizing it.
What is a good summer toy?
Apopular outdoor toy many parents buy
their children each summer are ride–on–toys.
Aside from being fun, ride–on–toys offer
many additional benefits, such as developing
a sense of balance and coordination while
contributing to a child’s overall physical
fitness. One popular riding toy is the
PlasmaCar by Plasmart Inc. The PlasmaCar
is a mechanical marvel that can be driven on
any flat surface, indoors and outdoors, and is
powered solely by kid–power. The
PlasmaCar is a fun way for kids to ride
around the neighbourhood and keep their
bodies fit and having fun as it requires no
batteries or fuel, just the occasional cookie or
What makes a
good outdoor toy?
Outdoor toys need to be well made.
Not only do they need to stand–up to rough
and tumble kid treatment, they need to be
able to survive all types of weather. Outdoor
toys should also have rounded corners to
help prevent scrapes and cuts that go
hand–in–hand with outdoor fun. The
PlasmaCar is very durable and can handle a
load of up to 100 kg (220 lbs) on a smooth,
flat surface, and 55 kg (120 lbs) on a rough,
flat surface. Not only will it handle the daily
abuse at the hands of your children, but it’s
so durable that parents can have fun riding it
too. Its colorful designs endear it to kids and
its rounded curves, seat and steering wheel
will help reduce summer bumps and bruises.
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Factors to
When Choosing an
Afterschool Program
Condition of the facility: Arundown facility that does not appear
clean is not the ideal place for a child to spend time after school. A
good facility will have adequate ventilation and light. What’s more,
children should be visible to the staff at all times. Avoid facilities in
which children can easily sneak off.
Staff interaction: How the staff interacts with children is of the
utmost importance. Awelcoming atmosphere should be among the
program’s goals, and the staff should embody that goal. Staff should be
encouraging toward the children and know each child’s name. Many
after-school programs also have a philosophy with respect to behavior
toward children within the program. Parents should discuss this
philosophy before choosing a program.
It’s also important for parents to inquire about the staff’s credentials.
What is their educational and employment background? Is anyone on
the staff trained in handling emergency medical needs?
Environment: The environment both inside and outside the facility
should be closely examined. How much space is there for children
indoors? Since much of the school year takes place during the colder
winter months, the inside environment should have enough space for
kids to relax comfortably as well as sufficient space where children can
quietly do their homework.
As for the facility’s external grounds, look for one that has ample and
safe play equipment. Facilities with a wide expanse of property can
ensure kids won’t be confined to a single blacktop but given some
room to roam and enjoy warm afternoons.
Activity schedule: Agood after-school program should have a host of
activities available for the kids. Children often tire of doing the same
thing every day, and not all activities are ideal for every child. A
facility with an array of activities will ensure every child has
something to look forward to. The activities should also be stimulating.
Watching television, for example, would not make for a stimulating
activity. In addition, activities should be suited to the child’s age.
When choosing an after-school program for children, parents should
exercise due diligence to find a facility that’s both fun and stimulating
for kids.
When choosing an after-school program for their children,
parents should make note of staff interaction with kids
and examine the facility as well.
According to the United
States Department of
Education, millions of children
are left home unsupervised every
day after school. While it’s hard to
pinpoint an exact figure, estimates
range anywhere from 7 to 15 million
children are going home from school every
day and finding an empty house.
Much of this is due to the spike in two-earner
households. Despite an unemployment rate that
still hovered around 9 percent in the opening
month of 2011, many households are still bringing in
two incomes, which leaves no one home to greet the
kids after a day at school.
The growing number of latch-key children, those who
arrive home to an empty house after school, has led to an
increased popularity of after-school programs. Designed to give
kids something to do after school, after-school programs can vary
greatly and parents should carefully consider a program before
choosing one for their children. When choosing an after-school
program, parents can make note of several factors.
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Pre-K4 through 12th Grade
• NILD National Institute For Learning Development - Discovery Program
•Social Studies & Science Fair Competition
•Math & Spelling Competition •Computer Lab
•Foreign Language •Drama, Music, Art, Library
•Interscholastic Sports •Before & After Care •Safe Environment
Accredited by: Association of
Christian Schools International
North Central Association of
Colleges and Schools
Now Accepting Applications for the
2011-2012 School Year
Recognizing a
Child’s Learning
When a child heads off to school, the
hope of parents is the child has every
opportunity to succeed and realize his or
her full academic potential. Some
students, however, could unknowingly
begin school without a level playing
According to the Data Accountability
Center, 43 percent of the nearly 2.5
million students currently receiving
special education services have been
identified as having learning disabilities.
Parents should know these are just the
children who have been diagnosed.
Many more kids struggle in school every
day, and those struggles could result
from an undiagnosed learning disability.
Part of the problem with recognizing
learning disabilities is that they are not
one-size-fits-all. Children with learning
disabilities don’t fit a single profile.
Much like there are many different
learning disabilities, there are many
different ways a child can respond to
one. However, the National Center for
Learning Disabilities notes the following
signs could be indicative of a learning
disability and parents of children who
show any of the following symptoms
should seek help.
• Poor organizational skills
• Spelling the same word differently
in a single document
• Weak memory skills
• Reluctance to take on reading or
writing tasks
• Trouble with open-ended
questions on tests
• Slow work pace
• Difficulty filling out
applications or forms
• Easily confused by instructions
Oftentimes, exhibiting any of the above
symptoms is not necessarily the sign of
a learning disability. However, when the
symptoms mentioned occur repeatedly,
parents should be concerned. If parents
suspect their child has a learning
disability, a professional consultation
should be scheduled. While a learning
disability should be a cause for concern,
parents should know plenty of successful
people have been diagnosed with
learning disabilities but still learned to
live with them and experience success in
the classroom and beyond.
When a learning disability goes
untreated or students and parents alike
don’t put maximum effort toward
managing and overcoming a disability,
the chances of it negatively affecting
them as adults increase. The United
States Department of Education notes
that 25 percent of students with a
learning disability drop out of high
school. By comparison, only 9.4 percent
of students in the general population
drop out of high school.
Even students who seek vocational
careers could suffer if they don’t learn to
manage their learning disability. Poor
organizational skills and limited literacy
skills could result in low job satisfaction,
which can make it difficult for adults
with learning disabilities to keep a job.
Parents concerned their children might
have a learning disability can learn more
by visiting the National Center for
Learning Disabilities at
When properly diagnosed, students
with learning disabilities can overcome
their disability and go on to highly
successful academic careers.
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Sweetened Drinks
Sweetened drinks can include some fruit punches
and other fruit drinks that aren’t called “juice.”
Labels on these beverages often claim “Made
with real fruit juice.” While that might be true,
they’re all too often made with a lot of sugar as
well. Typically, these drinks do provide some
nutritional value, including some vitamins and
minerals. However, these drinks are often high in
calories, and the amount of vitamins and minerals
provided is minimal. The American Heart
Association suggests the less adults and children
have of these drinks, the better off they are. Still, the
drinks are not entirely devoid of nutritional value, so
parents might want to decide if they’ll allow kids to
drink sweetened drinks in moderation or remove
them from the refrigerator entirely.
Sodas have taken quite a public relations hit in the 21st
century, and that’s likely because they provide no
nutritional value. What’s more, many sodas provide
more sugar than a child’s body needs, which will lead to
weight gain and possibly even cavities or tooth decay.
Children typically love soda, so parents might find it
difficult to stop kids’ soda consumption entirely.
However, soda’s status as a sugary, high-calorie drink
makes it one beverage most parents will want their
kids to avoid. If kids must drink soda, try diet soda
instead. Though diet soda also provides no nutritional value, at the very least it’s a
lower-calorie alternative.
Milk is perhaps the most difficult beverage for parents to gauge. Many parents assume
all milk is the same. However, whole milk and 2 percent milk contains extra fat the
body does not need. All milk provides valuable nutrients like calcium and protein,
contributing to strong bones and teeth while helping build strong muscles. But when
choosing which milk to give kids, choose fat-free (formerly skim) or 1 percent milk,
each of which provides the same amount of nutrients as whole or 2 percent without
also providing unnecessary fat.
Even chocolate milk can be a healthy beverage option for kids. Just be sure to apply
the same principles mentioned above (namely, choose nonfat or low-fat chocolate
milk) and keep in mind chocolate also comes with extra calories thanks to sugar. So
monitor how much chocolate milk kids are drinking.
Kids might be indifferent to water, but water helps maintain a healthy body
temperature and can even make skin look better. Water’s also important in digestion,
helping the body digest food. Kids should drink water every day. In addition, parents
who are concerned about their children’s weight should encourage them to drink more
water. The symptoms of dehydration mimic those of hunger, so kids who don’t drink
enough water could be mistaking mild dehydration for hunger. Drinking more water
might just help kids avoid eating an extra snack or two, indirectly helping them lose
To learn more ways to help kids get healthier, visit the
American Heart Association at
Health-conscious parents often worry about what their kids are eating. Those
greasy fast food French fries kids love might be cringe-worthy to parents, but it’s
not just the foods kids request that parents should monitor.
Adults and children alike have favorite beverages that may or may not be healthy.
But which beverages are beneficial and which should be avoided? The answer to
that isn’t always absolute. The following breakdown can help health-conscious
parents determine which drinks their kids can continue to enjoy as well as which
ones they should limit or avoid altogether.
Fat-free or 1 percent
milk is a healthy beverage option for
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The Salvation Army Helps The Public
in Many Ways!
• Social Services - Food • Furniture
• Utilities • Clothing
• Some Prescription Assistance
• Church Services on Sundays
• Character Building Programs
- Youth Activities on Mondays
- Men’s and Women’s Activities on Wednesdays
For More Information
or Any Questions
The Salvation Army
505 Virginia Ave.
Martinsburg, WV 25401
Many parents are having conflicts with
their children, and they’re not over doing
homework or cleaning their rooms. The
disagreements are about food and how
many of today’s youth need guidance
about what they eat because of
pronounced weight gain.
Research indicates that in the United
States 1 out of 3 children is now classified
as overweight or obese. With less time
spent exercising and more time spent in
front of the television or with gaming
consoles, children are packing on the
pounds. Furthermore, with the harried
pace many families keep — including
two-income households where there may
not be ample time to prepare healthy,
lower-fat meals — fast food and
convenience items have become the norm.
According to reports from ABC News, a
young child who is obese has a 50 percent
chance of becoming an obese adult if he
or she is not given help. This also puts the
child at risk for heart disease, stroke and
diabetes as an adult if the situation is not
changed before adulthood.
Experts advise against putting a child on
an adult diet. Children have different
nutritional needs and there needs to be
enough food to fuel a growing body.
Another thing that parents often contend
with is picky eaters who are not apt to
simply cut one thing out of a diet and
replace it with a healthier alternative.
Asmarter idea is to consult with a
pediatrician or a nutritionist who
specializes in pediatrics. He or she can
present a meal plan that fits with the
dietary needs of the child but is also
healthy enough to promote weight loss.
Adult diets may harm a child’s health
because they limit certain things that a
child needs to process vitamins and
minerals, such as certain levels of fat.
One of the best things to do is to get
children moving. Regular exercise is an
ideal way to burn off the calories and fat
that is not needed. Implement daily
activities, such as taking walks, playtime
in the yard and sports games so that kids
are moving instead of sitting in front of
the television.
Guiding children on the right eating
paths can help prevent adult obesity
later on in life.
Here are some other
ideas that may work.
• Limit electronics use so
that kids will have to get
their fun from physical
• Don’t make a big deal about body
weight. A12-year study at Standford
University found that parents who are
very controlling about food put too much
pressure on their children to be thin. This
can lead to eating disorders. Parents who
push diets may have children who are
overweight years later.
• Eat regular meals as a family.
Eating meals together instead of
grazing and snacking can promote
better eating habits.
• Remove unhealthy foods from the home.
Kids will eat what is convenient. If there are
no unhealthy snacks around, they’ll have to
choose from others, like fresh fruits and low-
fat items.
• Serve meals from the stove. Portion out food
items onto each person’s plate instead of
putting a large quantity of food in the middle
of the table. This can help regulate portion
sizes and prevent overeating.
• Don’t make everything off-limits. Have a
few “splurge” items around so that kids won’t
feel deprived. Low-fat frozen yogurt can
satisfy like ice cream. Lower-fat cookies can
replace the unhealthy kind. Chances are kids
won’t even realize they’re eating healthier.
• Skip sodas and sugary drinks. Encourage
children to drink water, fruit juices and low-fat
milk instead of filling up on sugary drinks.
Parents can make their children feel loved and
supported no matter their weight. Taking an
interest in a child’s health involves being
aware of eating and food issues that can lead to
of Kids’
Weight Issues
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those who qualify
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Mother’s Day can be bittersweet for a
person who has been adopted. He or she
may be very close with adopted parents but
always harbor questions and “what ifs”
about birth parents. Searching for a birth
parent doesn’t negate the love one feels for
adoptive parents. Oftentimes, it just serves
to answer questions about heredity and
satisfy curiosity.
Between 120,000 and 150,000
children are adopted in the U.S.
every year, according to The
National Center for State Courts.
There are typically more people
willing to adopt than available
children, which is largely the result
of prospective parents’ desire to
adopt an infant.
There are no concrete statistics regarding
how many adopted children seek out their
birth fathers and mothers. However, many
are curious about why they were given up
for adoption and if there are any family
medical issues they should know about.
Depending on the type of adoption that
took place, it may be possible for
individuals to research and find birth
Finding a
Birth Parent
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In an open adoption, personal information
between the birth family and the adoptive
family is often exchanged. This means that
they can contact each other. Some choose to
keep in touch or leave the window of
opportunity open for future contact.
In a closed adoption, the adoption process is
all confidential. The adoptive family does
not know the identity of the parents giving
up the baby, nor does the birth family know
much about who will be adopting the child.
The birth family often prefers to remain
anonymous and may decline to be sought
out even if the adopted child is actively
seeking him or her.
For those who want to begin the process of
finding a birth parent, first it is helpful to
know some information. This can include
the names of the birth parents and the state
where the adoption took place. If adoptive
parents are helpful, they may be able to
provide some record of this information,
which can be taken to a social worker.
Investigations can also be done online.
Some adoptive agencies offer information
for a fee.
It’s important for the adoptee to remember
that a birth parent’s reaction is a definite
unknown. He or she may have given the
child away because of inability to care for a
baby. In other circumstances, a child simply
may not have been wanted. Once the birth
parent is contacted, it could be a happy
reunion or a disappointing experience,
expecially if he or she doesn’t want to meet.
There are many reasons adopted children
search for birth parents. Some need medical
information that can be helpful or
potentially life-saving. Others want to know
about their heritage or ethnicity. Still others
simply want to know what a parent was like
or what he or she looks like. Before the
research process begins, adoptees need to
hope for the best but expect the worst. Plus,
they shouldn’t alienate their adoptive
parents in the process.
Many adopted children eventually desire
to find their birth parents.
Due to the availability of assisted reproductive
technology, the likelihood of a woman conceiving twins
or other multiples has increased. According to, today about 1 in 32 births are twin
births.This rate has gone up 65 percent since 1980.
Between 1980 and 1998, the rate of triplets and higher-
order multiple births grew by more than 400 percent,
but eventually declined once fertility procedures
became more refined. Identical twin rates have
remained virtually unchanged.The rate is about 1 in
250 pregnancies worldwide.
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~ Story times
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~ Live Animals from around the world
~ Read to earn credit for the credit only book sale
in August
For readers 18 and older
FREE reading log given at registration
~ Readers Reception, Saturday, August 20 at
2:00pm featuring members of the Blue &
Grey Barbershop Chorus for readers who finish
the program.
~ Check with your local library for details.
In February 2011, Maksim Gelman went on a
28-hour stabbing spree throughout New York
City that resulted in the deaths of four people
and the assault of four others. Gelman, age 23,
didn’t have an immediate motive for the
murders, but he was no stranger to run-ins
with the law. He had been arrested 10 other
times, mostly for graffiti-related offenses. The
few who knew of him said Gelman was a
loner, a troublemaker and a known drug user.
Routine news reports of teens and young
adults lashing out at school or of violent
streaks at home have become all the more
common. While this frequency may cause
some people to become desensitized to the
issue, others may want to take heed of
potential warning signs of teenage violence to
help prevent dire results.
Experts say that there isn’t a clear-cut reason
why teens engage in aggressive behavior.
According to Arnold Goldstein, Ph.D., a
professor at the Center for Research on
Aggression at Syracuse University, “There are
many reasons and situations we feel contribute
to violent behaviors in teens, and these are
being watched and studied carefully.”
There are some sociological and
environmental factors that can put teens at risk
for violence.
• Experts from the National Criminal Justice
Reference Service say that a neighborhood
that is socially disorganized with a high
turnover rate could increase potential for
teen violence and so can living in close
proximity with very mixed cultures.
• Lack of economic opportunities or
economic insecurity at home can be
another factor.
• Afamily that moves frequently or one in
which their is routine unrest at home could
trigger aggressive feelings in teenagers.
• Access to and use of drugs and alcohol
greatly increase the risk of violent behavior.
• Violence is sometimes a way for teenagers
to earn respect from peer groups or to serve
as retaliation to others who have wronged
close friends. Teens who are members of
social groups that glorify violence are very
high risk for their own violent behaviors.
Oftentimes teens who lash out violently have
strong emotional feelings they do not know
how to express otherwise.
Here are some warning signs that teen
violence can become a problem with a
particular individual.
• Frequent physical fighting.
• Risk-taking behavior increases.
• Frequent loss of temper.
• Talking about or carrying a weapon.
• Vandalism of property.
• Hurting animals.
• Increase drug or alcohol use.
• Frequent run-ins with authority.
• Having a strong desire to join a gang.
• Threatening others, bullying or
verbal taunting.
• Acting out, like punching walls or
throwing things.
While not every case of violent potential can
be stopped or prevented, teens will often
follow adults’ leads to work through feelings.
Setting a good example and listening to what
teens have to say — even when it is difficult
— can go a long way. Parents should resist
arguing over what is right or who is right.
Getting teens to talk can be a good first start.
Spot the Signs
of Potential Teen Violence
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