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Client Company
Role: General Manager Business Unit: International Location: Milan, Italy Reports To: CSI International Europe Leadership Web Site:

Milan Address TBD CSI Leasing Corporate Headquarters 9990 Old Olive Street Road St. Louis, MO 63141 U.S.A.

The Business
CSI Leasing, Inc. (CSI) is one of the largest independent IT leasing specialists in the world, with customers in 29 countries.
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Pioneer in the IT leasing industry in 1972 600+ employees Headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri with 28 sales offices located throughout the US Privately held and majority owned by employees. Led by Arnaldo Rodrigues, International President and Steve Hamilton, US President Routinely ranked by the leasing industry's leading publication, Monitor, as the largest privately held independent IT leasing company in the United States Active member of the Equipment Leasing & Finance Association (ELFA) and the Association of Service and Computer Dealers International (ASCDI)

CSI is currently managing 1.5 million units annually in the secondary market and over 30% of CSI portfolio is already non-Technology related equipment. With 36 years experience and over $1 billion in assets, CSI is a strong, reliable business partner. Their track record assures that they will be here throughout the course of a relationship.
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One of the largest independent IT leasing companies in the world. Providing their own equity financing equates to more options. Their financial strength means they have the resources to fund large projects.


For 36 years, CSI Leasing has been helping companies implement leasing solutions that reduce the costs, risks and hassles of using technology equipment. Their customers know that technology leasing is much more than just a form of financing. It is a strategy for gaining a variety of key benefits throughout the entire equipment lifecycle. Leasing with CSI is about:
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Getting the most for your technology budget Gaining flexible options throughout the lease term Never being stuck with yesterday's purchase decisions Spending less time tracking assets and more time implementing important projects

Mitigating the risks and costs of data security and equipment disposal.

Value Proposition
CSI cradle-to-grave solutions help customers large and small improve cash flow, reduce total cost of ownership, minimize risk of obsolescence, and make the most of their Technology infrastructure solution throughout its entire lifecycle. Services include a variety of acquisition strategies for multi-vendor/multitechnology solutions, along with financial asset management tools, and a wide range of disposition and remarketing services to maximize the value of older equipment.

Job Description
General Manager Basic Responsibility: CSI is currently seeking an experienced General Manager to lead the organization in achieving its short and long term goals. This person will expand CSI s presence in Italy. In this role, the General Manager will be involved in many critical tasks in establishing the future direction and success of the organization in Italy. This person will: y y y y y Lead the charge in formalizing the overall strategy for the business that will allow the platform to achieve the desired sales growth. Develop a business plan and execute on that plan. Help to establish the policies and procedures for the product offering Pricing and P&L planning with European Leadership Build out the organization to support growth initiatives.

The ideal candidate would come to the table with the following background and experiences: y y y y y y Bachelors Degree with MBA Preferred Local Market knowledge and relationships 5-10 years of leasing experience with progressive management experience Strong background in IT Leasing with both channel and end user experience Ability to apply the best from Europe and build on top of that proven global best practices; build a sales process that leverage best practices. Solid Technical grounding in the operational and credit aspects of the business (credit, operations, funding, pricing and products)

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Experience leveraging parent company cross sell initiatives and leveraged relationships in vendor leasing setting Experience in Global Businesses and the related issues is a plus Hands on style of sales leadership History in the targeted collateral type Comfortable working in a less unstructured, entrepreneurial corporate environment Demonstrated success selling a bundled solution (i.e., services like procurement, asset management, tech refresh, insurance etc.) through 3rd parties. Experience in Consultative Selling (i.e. SPIN or other). Demonstrated success in penetrating accounts beyond the initial sale, identifying and closing incremental lease and service opportunities Excellent communication skills with executive management as well as sales team Proven project management skills and be comfortable within a strong follow up and result oriented environment Excellent internal and external relationships Ability to be a change agent that can energize the sales team and focus them in selling towards our strengths Experience in hiring and developing people Ability to work effectively as part of a team, as well as work independently with remote management Ability to manage under pressure to reach quotas or results Ability to manage with some ambiguity Experience with sales planning, account planning, and/or CRM tools Ability to coach and develop teams. Outstanding administrative skills Experience closing cross-border agreements would be a plus Fluent written and spoken English is essential

Training will most likely consist of working closely with the CSI team in Europe and working closely with other CSI employees in the US.

The CSI program provides a solid base salary, coupled with a generous commission plan. Consideration towards the ramp-up nature will be part of the structure.

Why is this compelling position to consider?
Mission critical standing-up of an important part of the business in relation to risk and compliance Direct Access to the Senior Leadership of CSI Leasing Global Exposure to all business issues within the business Outstanding challenges with this role An opportunity to have a direct impact of the success of one of the world s leading IT leasing specialists


Leadership (Bios to be Added)
Arnaldo Rodriguez Barry Naylor Javier Heredia

Interview Process
ZRG provides our client companies with best-in-class hiring process grounded in factbased measurements and information, consistent with the culture of CSI Leasing data driven success. We believe finding the best people for a role involves closely matching exact skills and attributes of candidates to the highly specific needs of our clients. Our entire process is built around providing a superior level of quality candidates to our clients who fit the specifications clearly. To accomplish this, we utilize our patent pending Z Score hiring process which provides for improved hiring results and better fits for candidates and employers. To this end, our interview process with our client has been carefully discussed and will include: Steps: 1) Phone interview with ZRG Managing Director, Ken Lubin 2) Phone interview with ZRG Managing Partner, Ken Vancini 3) Presentation of candidates to CSI leadership team 4) Meet with ZRG Managing Partner, Ken Vancini / CSI Team in Italy in July 5) Z Score Online Assessment 6) Telephone interviews with CSI team in other parts of the world and US 7) Reference check, Business Planning discussion 8) Background Screening 9) Offer and acceptance. Start date determined.

About ZRG Partners
ZRG Partners is a global executive search firm headquartered in Boston, MA, with offices through the US, Europe, Canada and Asia Pacific. Our fact-based approach to helping our clients make great hiring decisions is the foundation of our offering. The ZRG team working on this project: Kenneth Vancini, Managing Partner, Global Equipment Leasing Ken Lubin, Managing Director, Global Equipment Leasing Sarah Mason, Research Director Web Site:



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