Cubscout Summer Events 2011

nouston Þack 53

5ummer Act|v|t|es 2011

8|ke 5afety Course. lrldav, !une 24
aL 9 a.m. aL Lhe LlemenLarv 1ennls CourLs. 1hls ls an open evenL for all cub
scouLs. 8rlna vour blke and helmeL for a fun Llme of learnlna abouL blke safeLv. CosL of evenL: l8LL.
Ioss|| Co||ect|ng 1r|p. SaLurdav, !une 23
aL 7 p.m. aL Lhe PousLon naLure CenLer. ls Lhere an archeoloalsL ln
vou walLlna Lo aeL ouL? !oln us on a fossll flndlna advenLure! 1hls ls an evenL LhaL requlres carpoollna Lo Lhe proaram
locaLlon. CosL of evenL: l8LL.
La Crosse nmong Dancers. Muslc ln Lhe Þark (vlklna Þark ln Pokah). 1hursdav, !une 30
aL 7 p.m. Come and
en[ov a nlahL of explorlna Lhe LradlLlonal muslc, dance, cosLumes and crafLs of Lhe Pmona people. 1hls ls an evenL
presenLed bv Lhe lrlends of Lhe Pokah Llbrarv. CubscouLs mav earn Lhelr Lanauaae and CulLure belL loop. no need
Lo 8.S.v.Þ. !usL show up and flnd 1lffanv Þrow Lo check-ln. CosL of evenL: l8LL.
N|ght 8ugs. SaLurdav, !ulv 2
aL 7 p.m. aL Lhe PousLon naLure CenLer. Lver wonder whaL creeps and crawls aL
nlahL? Come and explore Lhe wonderful llfe of buas aL nlahL. CosL of LvenL: l8LL.
Þack Comm|ttee Meet|ng. Wednesdav, !ulv 6
aL 7 p.m. aL Lhe Lealon 8oom aL Lhe CommunlLv CenLer. 1he
Þack CommlLLee meeLs several Llmes LhrouahouL Lhe vear Lo plan and coordlnaLe successful pack evenLs and Lakes
care of pack buslness. 1here are several poslLlons LhaL sLlll need Lo be fllled. lf vou are looklna for a wav Lo be
lnvolved buL do noL have Lons of spare Llme we have a poslLlon for vou! Come and flnd ouL or emall 1lffanv Þrow aL
5urv|vor 5cout. lrldav !ulv, 8
Lo SaLurdav !ulv 9
. PousLon naLure CenLer. Come and campouL lrldav nlahL and
earn vour asLronomv belL loop and waLch !"#$%$&#'() whlle eaLlna campflre LreaLs. SaLurdav wlll be an advenLure
camp llke never before! ScouLs wlll sharpen Lhelr survlval skllls bv learnlna abouL wlld edlbles, llrsL Ald, pracLlce
proper sllna-shoL and archerv Lechnlques, and escape a slmulaLed flre hoL-house. 1hls ls a LCCAL evenL Lo promoLe
scouLlna for PousLon, Caledonla, Sprlna Crove and La CrescenL packs. *+,%-.#(.%&)/0+(01%)+/!"#$%&'
*%%CosL of evenL:
scouLs: $10 (pack pavs Lhe oLher $10)/parenLs: $3.
5cout|ng w|th the La Crosse Loggers. lrldav !ulv, 13
Lo SaLurdav !ulv 16
. 1hls ls open Lo all scouLs and
slbllnas and wlll offer Lhe unlque opporLunlLv for Lhe ScouLs and Lhelr famllv Lo waLch a Loaaers aame, camp ouL ln
Lhe ouLfleld overnlahL, and parLlclpaLe ln a fun baseball cllnlc wlLh Lhe Loaaers Þlavers. *+,%-.#(.%&)/0+(01%)+/!"#$%
2 CosL of LvenL: ScouLs $20/AdulLs $10.
noedown Iundra|s|ng 8onanza!!!! SaLurdav !ulv 30 and Sundav !ulv 31
. Lver wonder how PousLon Þack
33 ls able Lo offer fun evenLs wlLh llLLle or no cosLs Lo Lhe scouLs? 1he answer ls our annual PousLon Poedown
PoLdoa sLand. 1he PoLdoa sLand ls run 100° bv scouLs and Lhelr famllv and we need a loL of people Lo make Lhls
evenL successful. Slan up nCW (aL our plcnlc) for Lhe besL Llme sloLs. 1o see avallable shlfLs please vlslL our webslLe
aL and Lhen emall 1lffanv Þrow aL Llffanvprow«charLer.neL wlLh preferred Llmes and
Webe|os 5cout Camp 2011 "A|| About A|r." Sundav, !ulv 31
Lo Wednesdav, AuausL 3
. An advenLure
awalLs all lncomlna Webelos 1 and 2 scouLs. Webelos wlll experlence a wlde ranae of challenaes and work on Lwo (2)
AcLlvlLv Þlns whlle reflnlna Lhelr camplna skllls and learnlna abouL rockeLs, alr rlfles and archerv. *+,%-.#(.%&)/
. CosL of evenL: CubscouLs pav $60 and pack pavs $30 %@ scouL and parenL help aL 2011 Poedown
lundralslna. lf scouL also sold popcorn Lhen 10° of lndlvldual popcorn sales ao Lowards Lhe fee. AL leasL Low (2)
adulL volunLeers need Lo aLLend wlLh Lhe scouLs.
5cout 5w|m Þarty at 5pr|ng Grove Þoo|. lrldav, AuausL 12
. 1hls ls an evenL for ScouLs and Lhelr lamllv.
PousLon Þack 33 wlll be renLlna Lhe enclosure aL Lhe Sprlna Crove Þool Lo have a scouLlna plcnlc (please brlna a dlsh
Lo pass). 1he pool wlll re-open from 7-9 and fun wlll be had bv all. lf vou have never been Lo Lhe Sprlna Crove pool
vou are ln for a LreaL! lL ls a zero enLrv pool wlLh waLerfalls, several waLer slldes and a dlvlna board. no maLLer vour
aae or swlmmlna ablllLv Lhere ls someLhlna for vou aL Lhls pool. CerLlfled llfeauards wlll be on hand buL parenLal
supervlslon ls sLlll requlred. Þlease leL us know lf vou wlll be aLLendlna bv sendlna an emall Lo
Llffanvprow«charLer.neL bv August, 8
. 1here wlll be no raln daLe for Lhls evenL as lL ls laLe ln Lhe swlm season. lf
vou have quesLlons reaardlna Lhe evenL or posslble cancellaLlon due Lo weaLher please look aL Lhe webslLe or call
vour den leader. CosL of Lhe evenL: l8LL for enLlre famllv.
Secret Agent Week-long day Camp. AuausL 22-26. Camp uecorah, Polman, Wl. 1hls new proaram
wlll be unllke anvLhlna Lhe CaLewav Area Councll has offered before. 1hls ls a week lona dav camp for all
cub scouLs. 1he SecreL AaenL/Spv Lheme wlll encompass manv learnlna opporLunlLles, acLlvlLles, crafLs and
aames relnforclna ScouL Skllls lncludlna leadershlp and Leamwork. Cub ScouLs wlll parLlclpaLe ln acLlvlLles
lnvolvlna Lhe pool, ShooLlna SporLs pavlllon, PandlcrafL, and naLure CenLer. CaLewav wlll be sLafflna Lhls
week-lona endeavor wlLh Lralned camp sLaff. 1he cosL per ScouL (AaenL) ls $123, or an exLended 2 hours of
supervlslon each dav (7:30am-3:30pm) for an addlLlonal $23 ($130 LoLal). ÞarenLs wlll need Lo drop off and
plck up Lhelr scouLs each dav of camp. lf vou are lnLeresLed ln aLLendlna please conLacL 1lffanv Þrow aL
Llffanvprow«charLer.neL and she wlll coordlnaLe LransporLaLlon and realsLraLlon. ScouLs wlll need Lo be
dropped off and plcked up each dav of camp. ÞarenLs wlll be need as drlvers. 8ealsLraLlon deadllne !une
An|ma| 1racks. SaLurdav, AuausL 27
aL 7 p.m. aL Lhe PousLon naLure CenLer. uo vou know whaL anlmals are
sharlna vour fooLpaLhs? Come and learn Lhe Lrlcks Lo ldenLlfvlna our wlldllfe frlends. CosL of evenL: l8LL
5cout keg|strat|on and Cr|entat|on. 1uesdav, SepLember 13
aL 7 p.m. aL Lhe PousLon CommunlLv CenLer.

Þlease conLacL 1lffanv Þrow aL or call 307-261-8649 wlLh anv quesLlons.

lnformaLlon and pack calendar ls also avallable aL our webslLe aL:

PousLon Þack 33
Summer AL A Clance

lor more lnformaLlon please vlslL our webslLe aL
!"#$%"&!%#'($% $)$&#% *+,"#'+&%
lrldav, !une 24
« 9am 8lke SafeLv Course (brlna blkes & helmeLs)

PousLon LlemenLarv
1ennls CourLs

lrldav, !une 24

-$.'/#-"#'+&%!$"!*'&$ for Survlvor ScouL Camp, ScouLlna
wlLh Lhe La Crosse Loaaers, Webelos ScouL Camp, and SecreL AaenL Week-
lona uav Camp
SaLurdav, !une 23
« 7pm lossll CollecLlna 1rlp PousLon naLure CenLer
(carpoollna Lo locaLlon)
1hursdav, !une 30
« 7pm La Crosse Pmona uancers vlklna Þark, Pokah
SaLurdav, !ulv 2
« 7pm nlahL 8uas PousLon naLure CenLer
Wednesdav, !ulv 6
Þack CommlLLee MeeLlna Lealon 8oom, CommunlLv
lrldav, !ulv 8
- SaLurdav,
!ulv 9

PousLon naLure CenLer
lrldav, !ulv 13
- SaLurdav,
!ulv 16

ScouLlna wlLh Lhe La Crosse Loaaers Copeland Þark, La Crosse,
SaLurdav, !ulv 30
Sundav, !ulv 31

ClLv Þark, PousLon
Sundav, !ulv 31
Wednesdav, AuausL 3

Webelos ScouL Camp - ºAll AbouL Alr" Camp uecorah, Polmen,
lrldav, AuausL 12
« 6pm ÞoLluck « 6pm, Swlm from 7-9pm Sprlna Crove Swlm CenLer
Mondav, AuausL 22
lrldav, AuausL 26

SecreL AaenL uav Camp Camp uecorah, Polman,
SaLurdav, AuausL 27
Anlmal 1racks PousLon naLure CenLer
1uesdav, SepLember 13
ScouL & ÞarenL CrlenLaLlon PousLon CommunlLv

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