MODELS LNT-2: 076728J, 100089-06, & 099178H EL-1, EL-1 Fast Sharp EL-7: 075762J, 098031J, 099039J, 100015, 100089-01, 100089-04, 100089-05, & 100089-07 EL-7 Fast Sharp: 076702J Pole Saw: 104316-01 Pole Saw Assembly: 104317
IMPORTANT: Read and understand this manual before assembling or operating this chain saw. Improper use of saw can cause severe injury. Keep this manual for future reference.



Make certain you read and understand all Safety Warnings on pages 2 and 3. Improper use of this chain saw can cause severe injury or death from fire, electrical shock, body contact with moving chain, or falling wood. 9. Wear the following safety gear when operating chain saw. • heavy-duty gloves (wear rubber gloves when working outdoors) • steel-toed safety footwear with nonskid soles • eye protection such as safety glasses, goggles, or face screen • safety hard hat • ear mufflers or ear plugs • hair covering to contain long hair • face or dust mask (if working in dusty areas) 10. Before cutting, always provide the following: • clear work area • secure footing • planned retreat path from falling tree 11. Inspect tree before cutting down. Make sure there are no dead limbs or branches that may fall on you. 12. To reduce the risk of electric shock, this saw has a polarized plug (one blade is wider than the other). This plug will fit in a polarized outlet only one way. If the plug does not fit fully in the outlet of your extension cord, reverse the plug. If it still does not fit, a polarized extension cord will be necessary. Do not change the plug in any way. 7. 8. Secure wood you are cutting by using clamps or chocks. Grip chain saw firmly with both hands. Never operate chain saw with one hand. Never use hand guard as handle. Keep finger off trigger until ready to make cut. Before starting chain saw, make sure chain is not touching anything. To guard against electrical shock, avoid body contact with grounded objects such as pipes, fences, and metal posts. Keep all parts of body away from chain when saw is running. Do not force chain saw while cutting. Apply light pressure. It will do the job better and safer at the rate for which it was intended. Cut small brush and saplings with extreme care. Slender material may catch in chain and be whipped toward you. This could also pull you off balance. When cutting limb or tree trunk that is under tension, use extreme caution. Be alert for wood springing back. When wood tension is released, limb could spring back and strike operator causing severe injury or death. Carry chain saw from one place to another • with saw stopped and unplugged • by holding front handle (never use hand guard as handle) • with finger off trigger • with guide bar and chain to rear

9. 10. 11.

1. 2. Read and understand this owner’s manual before operating chain saw. Watch what you are doing. Use common sense. Do not operate saw when you are tired. Use chain saw for cutting wood only. Do not use chain saw for purpose not intended. Do not use for cutting plastic, masonry, etc. Only well-instructed adults should operate chain saw. Never allow children to operate chain saw. Use only electrical voltage noted on model plate of chain saw. Use only extension cords marked for outdoor use. See page 8 for extension cord requirements. Do not operate chain saw • while under the influence of alcohol, medication, or drugs • in rain or in damp or wet areas • where highly flammable liquids or gases are present • if saw is damaged, adjusted wrong, or not fully and securely assembled • if trigger does not turn saw on and off. Chain must stop moving when you release trigger. Have faulty switch replaced by authorized service center. • while in a hurry • while in tree or on a ladder unless trained to do so Wear snug-fitting clothes when operating chain saw. Do not wear loose clothing or jewelry. They can get caught in moving saw chain.

12. 13.





5. 6.


1. 2. 3. Stay alert. Use common sense while operating chain saw. Keep work area clean. Cluttered areas invite injuries. Be aware of extension cord while operating chain saw. Be careful not to trip over cord. Keep cord away from chain and operator at all times. Keep children, animals, and bystanders away from chain saw and extension cord. Only chain saw user should be in work area. Do not cut down a tree unless you are trained or have expert help. If two or more persons perform bucking and felling operations at the same time, provide plenty of distance between operations. Provide distance of at least twice the height of tree being felled.



5. 6.




• Inspect power cord often. Only replace these parts with chains and guide bars listed in this manual. Do not use chain saw if damage affects safety or operation. If damaged. • Do not overreach or cut above shoulder height. Tip contact in some cases may cause a lightning fast reverse reaction. 097017 . This item can reduce injuries from kickback. • Follow steps outlined in this manual to sharpen chain. Check for any damage that may affect operator safety or operation of saw. Figure 1 . This keeps your body from being in direct line with chain. Properly install front hand guard. risk of kickback can increase with each sharpening. This will increase the service life of your saw. use only identical replacement parts. Check for alignment or binding of moving parts. Have damage repaired by authorized service center. Pinching the saw chain along the top of the guide bar may push the guide bar rapidly back towards the operator. Make sure they work properly. have repaired by authorized service center. Thumbs and fingers must wrap around saw handles. It is your guide to safe and proper operation of this chain saw. such as saw chain and guard Inspect chain saw before and after each use. • Keep all safety items in place on saw.Kickback Hazard Example: Do Not Let Nose of Guide Bar Touch Object While Chain is Moving Kickback Safety Devices On This Saw This saw has a low-kickback chain and reduced kickback guide bar. Maintain chain saw with care. • Keep solid footing and balance at all times • Stand slightly to left side of saw. • Never expose saw to rain. and lubricated for better and safer performance. Only cut one log at a time. Check saw closely if guard or other part has been damaged. 3 Keep this manual for reference. MAINTENANCE AND STORAGE OF CHAIN SAW 1. • Keep handles dry. Proper cleaning of saw and chain and guide bar maintenance can reduce chances of kickback. or when the wood closes in and pinches the saw chain in the cut. • Watch for shifting of wood or other forces that may pinch chain. • Do not bury guide bar nose or try plunge cut (boring into wood using guide bar nose). • Do not let guide bar nose touch anything when chain is moving (see Figure 1). Keep chain sharp with proper tension. Use firm grip. Do not replace front hand guard with substitute. kicking the guide bar up and back towards the operator. • Use low-kickback chain and guide bar supplied with this chain saw. Follow assembly instructions on page 6. Saw Maintenance and Kickback Safety Follow maintenance instructions in this manual. Kickback can still occur with this saw. Do not remove front hand guard. oil. • Never try cutting through two logs at same time. • Do not hand sharpen chain on automatic chain sharpening (Fast Sharp) models. When servicing. Both items reduce the chance of kickback. When not in use. clean. • Keep power cord from heat. Note: Even with proper sharpening. out of children’s reach • in a dry place • in a carrying case or with scabbard over guide bar Direction Do Not Let Guide Bar Touch Here 2. 90° Quadrant 3. and free of oil and grease. Unplug chain saw from power source • when not in use • before moving from one place to another • before servicing • before changing accessories or attachments. • Never carry chain saw by power cord. 4. • Keep chain sharp. • Use extreme caution when re-entering a previous cut. clean. • Never use dull or loose chain.OWNER’S MANUAL SAFETY WARNINGS KICKBACK WARNING: Kickback may occur when the nose or tip of the guide bar touches an object. • Never yank power cord to unplug it. always store chain saw • in a high or locked place. • Inspect extension cords often and replace if damaged. Inspect and maintain saw after each use. • Keep all screws and nuts tight. Either of these reactions may cause you to lose control of the saw which could result in serious injury to user. The following steps will reduce the risk of kickback. 5. • Use both hands to grip saw while saw is running. Check for broken or damaged parts. and sharp edges.

4 097017 . It moves switch when you squeeze trigger. Switch Lockout Device that reduces accidental starting of saw. Switch Device that completes or interrupts electrical circuit to motor of saw. Normal Cutting Position Stance used while making bucking and felling cuts. Protects left hand while using saw.1 when used with a specific saw. Make this cut on opposite side of tree from notching cut. The motor drives chain. Also known as saw body. Undercut An upward cut from underside of log or limb. Limbing Process of cutting limb(s) from a felled tree. Rear Handle Handle located at rear of saw body. Releasing trigger turns saw off. Keep spiked bumper in contact with wood when felling or bucking. Front Handle Located at front of saw body. or contacts a foreign object. Felling Cut Final cut when felling a tree. The guide bar supports chain. Front Hand Guard Shield between front handle and guide bar. The guide bar will kick up and back towards operator. Notching Cut Notch cut in tree that directs fall of tree. Kickback Quick backward and upward motion of guide bar. Low-Kickback Chain Chain that reduces chance of kickback as required by ANSI B175. Switch Linkage This device connects switch to trigger. Kickback may occur when tip of guide bar touches an object while chain is moving. Guide Bar Metal bar that extends from saw body. It helps maintain position of saw while cutting. Sprocket Toothed wheel that drives chain. Pushback may occur if chain along top of guide bar is pinched. This is done while in normal cutting position and cutting with top of guide bar. Felling Process of cutting down a tree. Squeezing trigger turns saw on. Replacement Chain Chain that complies with ANSI B175. Spiked Bumper (Spike) Pointed teeth at front of saw body beside guide bar. Power Head Chain saw without chain and guide bar.® ELECTRIC CHAIN SAW CHAIN SAW NAMES AND TERMS Bucking Process of cutting a felled tree or log into lengths. Trigger Device that turns saw on and off. Saw Chain (Chain) Loop of chain having cutting teeth for cutting wood. Oiler Control System for oiling guide bar and chain. Pinch) Rapid pushback of chain saw.1. It may not meet ANSI requirements when used with other saws. caught. Pushback (Kickback. Guide Bar Nose Tip or end of guide bar. Trimming (Pruning) Process of cutting limb(s) from a living tree. Reduced Kickback Guide Bar Guide bar that reduces chance of kickback. The guide bar supports and guides chain.

2. hidden by front handle) Oil Cap Scabbard Front Handle Motor Housing Switch Lockout Trigger Figure 2 . Saw Chain Remove all items from carton. If you find any damage or if any parts are missing. Rear Handle Guide Bar Spike Rear Hand Guard Power Cord Oil Level Sight Hole (located on saw body. Check all items for any shipping damage.Electric Chain Saw 097017 5 .OWNER’S MANUAL PRODUCT IDENTIFICATION UNPACKING Front Hand Guard Guide Bar Nose 1. promptly inform dealer where you bought chain saw.

Insert guide bar bolts through front hand guard. Line up holes on sprocket support with center slot on guide bar and holes in saw body.Assembling Guide Bar. Install guide bar onto saw body. Adjust saw chain tension. 6. Place chain around drive sprocket. The plastic hardware bag should include: • two guide bar bolts • two guide bar nuts • one Phillips-head tapping screw • automatic chain sharpener (Fast Sharp models only) 1. See Saw Chain Tension Adjustment. 9. IMPORTANT: Do not clamp chain saw in vise during assembly. 7. 2. 8. Do this by pressing two mounting standouts on hand guard into hex-shaped holes in saw body (see Figure 3). Make sure adjusting block is in oval adjusting hole on guide bar. Chain. IMPORTANT: Make sure to insert adjusting block into oval adjusting hole on guide bar.® ELECTRIC CHAIN SAW ASSEMBLY Note: Some models are pre assembled. Tighten screw firmly. Tapping Screw CAUTION: Do not place chain on saw backwards. Attach guide bar nuts to guide bar bolts. center slot of guide bar. Continue to turn adjusting screw until adjusting block is to rear of adjusting plate. 4. saw body. page 7. Use protective gloves when handling chain. Turn adjusting screw counterclockwise (see Figure 4). Note: Make sure cutting edges of chain are facing the right direction. 3 Insert tapping screw through hand guard and into saw handle. Assembly is not needed on these models.Part Locations For Assembling Guide Bar 6 097017 . and sprocket support. Place rear of guide bar between adjusting plate and sprocket support. and Hand Guard Adjusting Block Adjusting Plate Adjusting Screw Sprocket Support Figure 4 . IMPORTANT: Tighten guide bar nuts finger tight only. Position chain so cutting edges on top of guide bar face guide bar nose (see Figure 3). Lay chain out flat. page 7. If chain is backwards. Follow steps under Saw Chain Tension Adjustment. saw will vibrate badly and will not cut. WARNING: Cutting edges on chain are sharp. Install front hand guard onto saw body. then along top groove of guide bar and around guide bar nose. Cutting Edge Front Hand Guard Towards Guide Bar Nose Guide Bar Bolts Cutting Edge Saw Chain Mounting Stand-Outs Drive Sprocket Guide Bar Adjusting Hole Guide Bar Nuts Figure 3 . 5.

OWNER’S MANUAL ASSEMBLY Continued INSTALLING AUTOMATIC CHAIN SHARPENER (Fast Sharp Models Only) 1. After chain tension is correct.Turning Adjusting Screw Guide Bar Nuts Figure 5 . This can also damage saw. 2. the saw chain tension is properly set at factory. 2. Allow chain to cool down. Screw automatic chain sharpener into threaded hole. Continue turning automatic chain sharpener until you hear five (5) clicks. Chain should move freely. Before adjusting chain. guide bar. page 6). Note: It is normal for oil to seep when saw is not in use. Note: A new chain will stretch. use SAE #40 oil. WARNING: Cutting edges on chain are sharp. make sure guide bar nuts are only finger tight (see Figure 3. page 6).Automatic Chain Sharpener (Fast Sharp Models Only) Note: For pre assembled models. Tighten oil cap firmly for good seal. Allow chain to cool down. Remove oil cap. Note: For temperatures below 30°F. If chain does not move freely. Guide Bar Guide Bar Correct Tension Gap Incorrect Tension Figure 7 . 3. This will avoid oil seepage from tank. A loose chain may jump out of guide bar groove. 3. Follow steps below to readjust saw chain tension. Replace oil cap at once. loosen chain by turning adjusting screw counterclockwise. A loose chain will increase the risk of kickback. Turn adjusting screw clockwise until all slack is out of chain (see Figure 6). Empty oil tank after each use to prevent seepage. Automatic Chain Sharpener PU S SH TO H AR PE N Figure 6 . A new chain will stretch. 2. and sprocket to wear rapidly. A loose chain will cause chain. Wearing protective gloves. 4. Wipe off excess oil. Readjust chain tension. 1. move chain around guide bar. For temperatures above 75°F. Also make sure adjusting block is in oval adjusting hole on guide bar (see Figures 3 and 4. tighten guide bar nuts firmly. Use protective gloves when handling chain. Check new chain after first few minutes of operation. Note: There should be no gap between side links of chain and bottom of guide bar (see Figure 7). 097017 7 . This will increase the risk of kickback. If not. guide bar will move and loosen chain tension. This may injure operator and damage chain.Saw Chain Adjustment FILLING OIL TANK 1. SAW CHAIN TENSION ADJUSTMENT WARNING: Unplug chain saw from power source before adjusting saw chain tension. 4. Check new chain after first few minutes of operation. WARNING: Maintain proper chain tension always. Fill oil tank with SAE #30 motor oil. use SAE #10 oil.

Divide your weight evenly on both feet. The motor will overload and can burn out. 5. Use proper sized cord with this saw. CUTTING WITH THE CHAIN SAW 1. Cord must be heavy enough to carry current needed. Check oil level often by looking at oil sight level hole. Practice until you can maintain a steady. Keep feet apart. To oil chain. press in switch lockout with right thumb and squeeze trigger (see Figure 10). between front handle and front hand guard. To avoid this. An undersized cord will cause voltage drop at saw. Press oil cap at least once before each cut. When ready to make a cut. press oil cap. even cutting rate. Figure 8 . Keep cord away from cutting area. or body contact with moving chain.® ELECTRIC CHAIN SAW OPERATING CHAIN SAW WARNING: Read and understand this owner’s manual before operating this saw. or falling wood. Hold saw firmly in place to avoid possible bouncing or skating (sideways movement) of saw. Thumbs and fingers must wrap around saw handles (see Figure 10). Connect saw to extension cord. Connect extension cord to power supply. Cord Length 25 feet 50 feet 100 feet 150 feet AWG Cord Size 16 16 14 12 Trigger Figure 9 . 8. 7. Improper use of this chain saw can cause severe injury or death from fire. OILING CHAIN Always check oil level before using saw. Remove saw from a cut with saw running at full speed. Guide saw using light pressure. Do not force saw. Example: SJTW-A or SJTW. 4. The cord must be marked with suffix W or W-A following the cord type designation. Make sure your footing is firm. Use firm grip. Extension Cord Chain Saw Power Cord 9. Stop saw by releasing trigger. Touching ground with moving chain will dull chain. When starting a cut.Pressing Oil Cap to Oil Chain Figure 10 . Do not attempt to operate the oiler while cutting with the saw.Switch Lockout and Trigger Location 6.Tying Extension Cord and Power Cord in Knot 8 097017 . pages 2 and 3. 2. The extension cord may come undone from the power cord during use. Saw will lose power and overheat. Make sure saw is running at full speed before starting a cut. Inspect cords often. Follow cord size requirements listed below. electrical shock. Replace damaged cords. Releasing trigger will turn saw off. Make sure section of log to be cut is not laying on ground. Make certain you read and understand all Safety Warnings. Make sure cord does not catch on branches or logs during cutting. This will keep chain from touching ground as it cuts through log. This will turn saw on. make a knot with the two cords as shown in Figure 8 below. Use only extension cords marked for outdoor use. Oil will feed onto guide bar and chain. place moving chain against wood. It will do the job better and safer at the rate for which it was intended. Switch Lockout EXTENSION CORDS Use proper extension cords with this saw. Oil sight level hole is on left side of saw. Always use left hand to grip front handle and right hand to grip rear handle. Use both hands to grip saw. 3. Make sure chain has stopped before setting saw down.

Retreat Path From Tree Felling Procedure A) Felling Notch A properly placed felling notch will determine direction tree will fall. Follow directions below to fell a tree. As felling cut nears hinge. Place felling notch on side of tree in direction you want tree to fall (see Figure 12). Study natural lean of tree. Leave about two inches of tree diameter uncut directly behind felling notch (see Figure 12). drive wedges into felling cut to remove saw. or aluminum. See Kickback. Divide your weight evenly on both feet. Make retreat path opposite to planned direction of fall of tree and at 45° angle (see Figure 11). Do not endanger any person. Cut 1/3 the diameter of tree trunk (see Figure 12). Before felling. If you make this cut second. drive wedges into felling cut to control direction of fall. Cut towards notch. Kickback can result in severe injury or death. 3. Stay on uphill side when felling tree. stones. Note: If needed. Only use wedges made of wood. This will help you judge which way tree will fall. strike utility lines. Follow directions below to create a felling notch. start upper notch cut eight inches above it. The upper notch cut should meet end of lower notch cut (see Figure 12). WARNING: Do not cut all the way through tree. 2. and wind direction. Keep felling cut parallel to lower notch cut. page 3 to avoid risk of kickback. Continued 2. If tree settles back and pinches chain. Never use wedge made of steel. nails. This could cause kickback and damage to chain. Felling is the process of cutting down a tree. Cut downward at 45° angle. Make sure there are no dead limbs or branches that may fall on you. The hinge helps keep tree from twisting and falling in wrong direction. 4. If two or more persons perform bucking and felling operations 1st Cut Lower Notch Cut Figure 11 . Remove tree trunk wedge created by notching cuts. contact utility company at once. location of larger branches. WARNING: When felling a tree. tree should begin to fall. When tree begins to fall. Keep feet apart. tree can pinch chain or guide bar. B) Felling Cut 1. Watch your footing while exiting area. 4. be aware of your surroundings. inspect tree. 1. Remove dirt. Make sure your footing is firm. Make lower notch cut as close to ground as possible. or cause property damage. Plan and clear a retreat path before felling. This uncut portion acts as a hinge. Example: If lower notch cut is eight inches deep. Tree could roll or slide downhill after falling. Make felling cut two inches higher than lower notch cut and on opposite side of tree (see Figure 12). 097017 9 . Start upper notch cut the same distance above first cut as first cut is deep. Do not fell a tree without ample skill or expert help. and wire from tree where you will make felling cuts. 3. Before Felling a Tree 1. Keep children. Note: Always make this horizontal lower notch cut first. If tree strikes utility lines.OWNER’S MANUAL OPERATING CHAIN SAW Continued FELLING A TREE (Cutting Down a Tree) 45° 2" Retreat Path Tree Retreat Path Direction of Fall 3rd Cut Felling Cut 2 Inches Hinge 2nd Cut Upper Notch Cut Direction of Fall • • • • WARNING: Avoid kickback.Felling A Tree 3. 5. Clear work area around tree. 2. quickly • remove saw from felling cut • release trigger to turn saw off • put saw down • exit area using retreat path WARNING: Be alert for falling overhead limbs. loose bark. animals. and bystanders away from area when felling a tree. Figure 12 . plastic. Hold saw so guide bar is horizontal. staples.

Log may roll after cutting. See Kickback. • Never try cutting through two logs at same time. Limbing is removing branches from a fallen tree. Bucking a log is cutting a log into sections. • While cutting log. Kickback can result in severe injury or death. Do not relax your grip on chain saw handles. Make sure your footing is firm. When wood tension is released.Bucking Log When Log Is Supported On One End 10 097017 . use extreme caution. etc. page 3 to avoid risk of kickback. WARNING: When cutting limb that is under tension. This will help maintain a safe work area. Make first cut on underside of log (see Figure 15). page 3 to avoid risk of kickback. or foot. Clear cut limbs from work area often. logs. start cut on freely hanging limbs from above limb. 2nd Cut 1st Cut Figure 13 . Make sure your footing is firm. Stand on uphill side of log while cutting.Limbing A Tree Figure 15 . turn saw off. make sure log will not roll down hill. Make second cut directly above first cut. Cut down to meet first cut. Do not let moving chain touch ground. Do this by using limbs. Start cut on limbs under tension from under limb. release trigger to turn saw off before moving saw. lift limb. Keep feet apart. limb could spring back and strike operator causing severe injury or death. raise log or section off ground. This cut will keep log from pinching guide bar and chain. After cutting through log. Figure 14 . When cutting through log. maintain control by reducing cutting pressure near end of cut. never hold log with your hand. Do not remove larger limbs under tree that support log off ground. To avoid pinching. leg.Bucking Log With Entire Length On Ground Log Supported On One End 1. • While cutting log. Ground will dull moving chain. Divide your weight evenly on both feet. See Kickback. Cut 1/3 through diameter of log. WARNING: • If on slope. If pinch occurs. Kickback can result in severe injury or death. Drive wooden stakes into ground on downhill side of log. and remove saw. Be alert for wood springing back. • Turn off and unplug saw before moving from one place to another. This could increase the risk of kickback. Follow directions below to buck a log. Divide your weight evenly on both feet. BUCKING A LOG WARNING: Avoid kickback. Keep feet apart. chocks. When possible. This cut will keep section from splintering when cut. Make sure you start your cut where limb will not pinch saw during cutting.® ELECTRIC CHAIN SAW OPERATING CHAIN SAW Continued LIMBING A TREE WARNING: Avoid kickback. Remove each limb with one cut (see Figure 13). 2. Use top of guide bar to make this cut. never allow another person to hold log. Secure log by using wooden stakes. Entire Length Of Log On Ground Cut log from top (see Figure 14).

Use top of guide bar to make this cut. 2. This cut will keep section from splintering when cut. Make second cut on underside of log.Cutting A Limb 2nd Cut Figure 16 . WARNING: Do not cut limbs higher than your shoulders. Cut 1/3 through diameter of log. Make first cut six inches from tree trunk on underside of limb. page 3 to avoid risk of kickback. CAUTION: Seek professional help if facing conditions beyond your ability. directly under first cut.Bucking Log When Log Is Supported On Both Ends 097017 11 . TRIMMING A TREE (Pruning) WARNING: Avoid kickback. Make first cut from above log (see Figure 16). 3rd Cut . Make fourth cut directly above third cut. Cut down to meet third cut. Cut up to meet first cut. Continue cut until you cut limb off. This will keep log from pinching guide bar and chain. Make sure your footing is firm. WARNING: Do not operate chain saw while • in a tree • on a ladder or any other unstable surface • in any awkward position You may lose control of saw causing severe injury. Make third cut as close to tree trunk as possible on underside of limb stub. Move two to four inches farther out on limb. This will remove limb stub. Make second cut from above limb. Divide your weight evenly on both feet.OWNER’S MANUAL OPERATING CHAIN SAW Continued Log Supported On Both Ends 1. 1. Follow directions below to trim a tree. Cut 1/3 through diameter of stub.Stub Undercut (to avoid splintering) 1st Cut Figure 17 . Cut 1/3 through diameter of limb (see Figure 17). Trimming a tree is the process of cutting limbs from a living tree. 3. Use top of guide bar to make this cut. Use top of guide bar to make this cut. Keep feet apart. See Kickback. 4th Cut Final Stub Cut 2nd Cut Pruning Cut (to avoid pinching) 6" 2" to 4" 1st Cut Pruning Undercut (to avoid splintering) 2. 4. Kickback can result in severe injury or death.

Any servicing not mentioned below should be done by an authorized service center. kerosene. Saw will not cut straight. Use protective gloves when handling chain. Replace guide bar when • bar is bent or cracked • inside groove of bar is badly worn Guide Bar Groove Note: When replacing guide bar. or gasoline Keep saw body clean. CLEANING SAW BODY WARNING: Unplug chain saw from power source before servicing. 4. • do not submerge saw in any liquids • do not use products that contain ammonia. Flat File Normal Guide Bar Guide Bar With Uneven Wear Guide Bar Cleaning Groove With Putty Knife Figure 18 . see Replacement Parts and Accessories. Inspect guide bar before sharpening chain. or abrasives • do not use chlorinated cleaning solvents. Incorrect sharpening of chain cutter and depth gauge settings often cause this. it widens guide bar groove (see Figure 18). Use putty knife or wire. Remove burrs from sides of guide bar. A worn or damaged guide bar is unsafe. When bar wears unevenly. A worn or damaged guide bar will damage chain. on back cover. Severe injury or death could occur from electrical shock or body contact with moving chain. This causes chain clatter and rivet popping. Remove guide bar from chain saw. Normal Guide Bar Maintenance 1. carbon tetrachloride. WARNING: Cutting edges on chain are sharp. Wipe saw body to clean.Guide Bar Maintenance 12 097017 . 3.® ELECTRIC CHAIN SAW CLEANING AND MAINTENANCE NOTICE: Below are instructions for servicing your chain saw.Guide Bar Cross Section Showing Uneven Bar Wear Oil Slot Figure 19 . Burr Guide Bar WARNING: When cleaning saw body. Use flat file to make side edges square. chlorine. Use a soft cloth dampened with a mild soap and water mixture. It will also make cutting harder. Remove sawdust from guide bar groove periodically. CARE OF GUIDE BAR Uneven bar wear causes most guide bar problems. Clean oil slots after each day of use. 2. for proper bar. Replace guide bar if this occurs.

File and File Guide Placement On Chain Groove Depth Gauge (left side of chain) Left Side of Chain Groove Top Plate (left side of chain) Right Side of Chain Top Plate (right side of chain) Depth Gauge (right side of chain) Figure 21 . Move to other side of chain and repeat process. 2. Note: Two or three strokes with file should sharpen cutter.Chain Part Locations Continued 097017 13 . or chain saw supplies outlet. This will insure that you file cutters at 30° angle. Sharpening Cutters Use file guide for 30° filing. If you must force chain into wood and cutting creates only sawdust with few large chips. 1. Your saw will cut faster and more safely. Only file in this one direction (see Figure 20). File Guide 5/32" Round File HOLDER Items Needed to Sharpen Chain Purchase these items from your local dealer. hardware store. Clamp guide bar in vise to hold saw steady. chain. Hold file guide level. File guide should rest on both top plate and depth gauge (see Figures 20 and 21). WARNING: Cutting edges on chain are sharp. Keep chain sharp. Filing Direction 30° Guide Mark FILE 4. Note: Do not clamp chain. Make sure 30° mark on file guide is parallel to center of guide bar (see Figure 20).OWNER’S MANUAL CLEANING AND MAINTENANCE Continued SHARPENING SAW CHAIN (Non-Fast Sharp Model) WARNING: Unplug chain saw from power source before servicing. A dull chain will cause undue sprocket. • 5/32" round file • Depth gauge tool • File guide • Vise • Medium sized flat file Note: This illustration shows file guide placement and filing direction for sharpening cutters on left side of chain. Figure 20 . 3. move chain forward to sharpen next cutter. File all cutters on one side of chain. Adjust chain for proper tension (see Saw Chain Tension Adjustment. Note: File at midpoint of guide bar. 6. File from inside towards outside of cutter until sharp. 7. Severe injury or death could occur from electrical shock or body contact with moving chain. Use protective gloves when handling chain. guide bar. Press 5/32" round file (attached to file guide) into groove between top plate and depth gauge on chain. After each cutter if sharpened. and motor wear. page 7). 5. chain is dull.

Use protective gloves when handling chain.025" PU S SH TO H AR PE N Figure 23 . Note: For proper chain and drive sprocket. Turn sharpener knob counterclockwise until clicking stops (see Figure 24). 1. 7. A dull chain will cause undue sprocket. guide bar. 3. Depth Gauge Tool Figure 25 . Hand-sharpening chain will increase risk of kickback. Keep chain sharp. After several hand filings. After several sharpenings. Severe injury or death could occur from electrical shock or body contact with moving chain. If no sparks appear. continue to adjust sharpener one click at a time. 3. Place saw on clean. 9. The automatic chain sharpener sharpens cutter. Saw must be running for chain to sharpen.Depth Gauge Tool On Chain Front Corner . press sharpener knob until light flow of sparks appears. 2. chain is dull. Press in switch lockout with right thumb and squeeze trigger.025") firmly across top of two cutters. This will maintain proper driving of chain.Round Off Front Corner Of Depth Gauge Sharpener Knob Figure 24 . Flat File Depth Gauge SHARPENING SAW CHAIN (Fast Sharp Model) WARNING: Unplug chain saw from power source before servicing.Turning Sharpener Knob 14 097017 . chain. Always include new drive sprocket when replacing chain. WARNING: Cutting edges on chain are sharp. 6. Use medium flat file. With flat file. and adjusts guard drive link. lowers cutter depth gauge. see Replacement Parts and Accessories. Depth Gauge Slot Figure 22 . Clean out excess sawdust and wood chips from drive sprocket area. 2. Follow the steps below to sharpen Fast Sharp chain. page 7).Sharpening Fast Sharp Chain REPLACING SAW CHAIN Replace chain when cutters are too worn to sharpen or when chain breaks. Your saw will cut faster and more safely. 1. Make sure depth gauge enters slot in depth gauge tool (see Figure 22). WARNING: Do not handsharpen this Fast Sharp chain. After every second or third sharpening. Hold saw. After each click.® ELECTRIC CHAIN SAW CLEANING AND MAINTENANCE Continued Filing Cutter Depth Gauges The cutter depth gauge clearance is reduced as cutters are sharpened. and motor wear. Connect saw to power supply. If you must force chain into wood and cutting creates only sawdust with few large chips. you must turn sharpener knob more to bring stone into position. Note: Sparks appearing shows sharpener is working (see Figure 25). flat surface. 8. have authorized service center or sharpening service machine sharpen chain. File depth gauge level with depth gauge tool. round off front corner of cutter depth gauge (see Figure 23). Gently push on sharpener knob. Turn sharpener knob clockwise until you hear five distinct clicks. Adjust saw chain for proper tension (see Saw Chain Tension Adjustment. 5. with both hands in normal cutting position. 4. reset cutter depth gauges. Remove depth gauge tool. on back cover. This will insure even filing. Only use replacement chain noted in this manual. Place depth gauge tool (.

page 13 (nonFast Sharp model) or page 14 (Fast Sharp model) Extension cord wire size too small.OWNER’S MANUAL TROUBLESHOOTING WARNING: Unplug chain saw from power source before servicing. See authorized service center See authorized service center 1. See authorized service center 5. Do not use saw. Motor of saw does not run when you squeeze trigger. Check line fuse or circuit breaker 4. Cutting produces only sawdust with few large chips. 15 097017 . Oil is too thick 1. Saw smokes. This will prevent rust. If so. page 7 1. Send a check for $5. Saw runs slow. Guide bar and chain not assembled right Motor of saw runs. OBSERVED FAULT Saw runs. Chain is loose 2. page 7 2. out of children’s reach • in a dry place • in a carrying case or with scabbard over guide bar SERVICE PUBLICATIONS You can buy a service manual from address listed on back page of this manual. contact DESA International’s Technical Service Department at 1-800-323-5190. Dry guide bar and chain. When writing. Bad motor brushes 5. Send a self-addressed stamped envelope to address on back page of this manual. page 6 See Sharpening Saw Chain. Saw stalls easily. Check cord connections 3. 5. Remove guide bar and clean oil slot 2. POSSIBLE CAUSE Chain assembled backwards on guide bar Chain is dull REMEDY See Assembly. Wipe a thin coating of oil over surface of guide bar. Severe injury or death could occur from electrical shock or body contact with moving chain. Wipe off outside of saw body. 3. Oil cap is not secure.00 payable to DESA International. You will find these numbers on saw motor housing decal. See Assembly. Drain oil tank. Chain does not get oil. Clogged oil slot in guide bar 2. TECHNICAL SERVICE You may have further questions about assembling. Clean guide bar and chain by soaking in petroleum based solvent or mild soap and water mixture. See Saw Chain Tension Adjustment. STORAGE If storing saw for more than 30 days. but does not cut. Saw leaks oil. follow steps below. 6. or maintaining this saw. See Extension Cords. Store chain saw • in a high or locked place. Saw damaged. but chain does not move. 4. Note: Empty oil tank when not in use. Tighten chain. Low power supply voltage 1. Switch lockout not pressed in to release trigger 2. You can receive an illustrated parts list free of charge. Do this with soft cloth dampened with a mild soap and water mixture. Open line fuse or circuit breaker 4. Place chain in container filled with oil. 7. Remove and clean guide bar and chain. include model number and serial number of saw. Use correct weight of oil. Saw does not cut unless heavily forced. Open wiring circuit on saw Gear train failure 1. Chain comes off guide bar. 1. page 6 See authorized service center Tighten oil cap. page 8 1. 2. Press in switch lockout before squeezing trigger 2. operating. Extension cord connections loose 3. See Filling Oil Tank.

Inc. CT 06514 203-248-7553 1-800-397-7553 Utility Electric Service 53 Main Street Hartford. CO 80501 330-776-6031 Dales Electric Motor Repair 932 Coffman Street Longmont. 12795 16th Avenue North Plymouth. FL 32806 407-851-5642 Lindle & Sons Electric Motor Repair 7016 Hwy. San Diego. Los Angeles. PA 19547 610-987-6452 21st Century 2950 Fretz Valley Road Perkasie. Inc. FL 32304 904-576-5578 A-1 Tool Rental. CT 06514 203-248-7553 1-800-397-7553 Eckley’s Small Engine 31617 Spruce Drive Eustis. Phoenix. CO 80501 303-651-6907 CONNECTICUT (CT) Baltimore Electronics 1348 Dixwell Avenue Hamden. 2620 Blanding Blvd. Jefferson Street Morton. Pasadena. IN 46383 219-462-7441 1-800-362-6951 FBD 1349 Adams Street Bowling Green. CA 91411 818-997-8855 California Electric Service 2314 South Westwood Blvd. MI 49120 616-684-2697 1-800-268-4983 Hance Distributors Inc. NY 12205 518-869-9591 Forrest Lytle and Sons Inc. Box 64A Oley. Inc. CA 95709 916-644-7716 California Electric Service 1170 G. CA 95126 408-295-0475 Lawnmower & Saw 3115 S. 156 4th Avenue South Twin Falls. IL 62401 217-347-7626 H & R Pump Company. Glen Arm Road Glen Arm. GA 31794 912-382-4040 IDAHO (ID) Rossiter Electric 1501 S. ID 83301 208-733-2001 ILLINOIS (IL) Cherry Valley Small Engine Repair 702 East State Street Cherry Valley. GA 30207 770-483-8818 Douglasville Ace Hardware 6530 Church Street Douglasville. 155 North Gate Mile Idaho Falls. IL 61016 815-332-5636 Chainsaw Central 11 E. ID 83403 208-529-3665 Steam Store Rocky Mountain. SC 29550 803-332-0191 Webbs Appliance Center 1519 Church Street Nashville. FL 32736 352-357-6764 Al's Small Engine. CA 92691 714-586-9440 California Electric Service 1139 East 12th Street Oakland. Middleburg. CO 80302 303-443-9317 Ace Mower and Small Engines 4718 Chromium Drive Colorado Spring. ID 83401 208-522-0609 Steam Store of Magic Valley. TN 37203 615-329-4079 1-800-899-4079 Industrial Hardware 4109 Bainbridge Blvd. FL 33023 305-961-9250 GEORGIA (GA) Hamilton Hardware 5300 Veterans Pkwy. CO 80221 303-428-3036 Winfrey's Repair 317 8th Street Greeley. Chesapeake. PA 18944 215-795-0400 1-800-325-4828 LaPortes' Parts & Service 2444 N 5th Street Hartsville. Capitol Ave. Main Street Chicago Heights. GA 31904 706-322-6545 Cowan Ace Hardware 1264 Green Street Conyers. MO 64109 816-531-9144 1-800-843-3546 Sun Appliance Service Center 1687 Central Avenue Albany. Main Street Santa Ana. CA 94103 415-431-8494 California Electric Service 783 The Alamada San Jose. ID 83301 208-734-3694 J & J Enterprises 1704 Addison Avenue East Twin Falls. FL 34665 813-544-1486 Mulvaney's Inc. CT 06515 203-865-1470 Appliance Servicenter of Stamford 15 Cedar Heights Road Stamford. VA 23462 757-490-7001 Tuco Industrial Products 5223 180th Street SW Suite 4A-1 Lynnwood. Glendale Avenue Glendale. 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GA 30133 770-942-7044 S & P Rental & Supply Co. 2148 W. AZ 85719 520-884-8974 CALIFORNIA (CA) Ray's Portable Heater Service 3191 Meyers Road Camino. IL 60434 815-726-2950 Mathis-Kelley Construction 1046 W. Fayette Effingham. IL 62448 618-783-2821 16 097017 . CO 80223 303-777-5463 Metrogas Equipment Company 790 West 64th Ave. MN 55441 612-559-2299 Automotive Equipment Service 3117 Holmes Kansas City. KY 42103-3414 502-846-1199 1-800-654-8534 Lyons & Lyons Sales Co. Baxter Road. Los Alamitos. Washington Street Joliet. Decatur Street Newton. CA 95993 916-671-1871 COLORADO (CO) McGuckin Power Equipment Center 2845 Valmont Road Boulder. Ill 60062 708-498-5900 1-800-323-0620 Portable Heater Parts 342 North County Road 400 East Valparaiso. Idaho Falls. FL 34205 941-755-7758 Eckley's Small Engine 31617 Spruce Drive Eustis. 82E Tifton. Inc. GA 30245 770-963-0392 Tifton Electric Motors 1265 US Hwy. Unit B Virginia Beach. 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IA 50003 515-993-3053 Beal's Motor Rewinding 600 West Beach Cherokee. Franklin. MI 48418 810-266-4969 Renter Center. Box 239 Perryville. Main Street Dale. NV 89406 702-423-1888 One Stop Shop 1408 Industrial Way #3 Gardnerville. IN 47905 317-742-7886 Kabelin True Value Hardware 512 Andrew Avenue Laporte. 2013 W. Inc. MT 59103 406-259-6179 Mosch Electric Motors. KS 66067 913-242-3133 KENTUCKY (KY) Hart's Motor Service 1747 Woodlawn Road Bardstown. NE 68404 402-464-1157 Flohr Electric Motor 4356 South 90th Street Omaha. Center Street Madisonville. MN 55906 507-280-0373 Reed's Sales & Service 1260 Payne Ave. Pickard Sales & Service 383 Lewiston Road Topsham. MN 55101 612-774-9515 MISSISSIPPI (MS) Handy Man Rentals 1904 Shiloh Road Corinth. Inc. Inc. MN 56401 218-829-5356 Perry's Electrical Rebuilders 24630 Hale Avenue Forest Lake. NE 68127 402-331-6863 MSE Parts Unlimited 4935 South 136th Street Omaha. MA 01105 413-781-1635 Franconia Fuel Company. MO 64468 816-582-5080 Buchheit. 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NY 12205 518-869-9591 Valley Mower Service 2857 Ellis Creek Road Barton. NY 11208 718-227-8844 Shields Brothers of Buffalo 1410 Main Street Buffalo. PA 15005 412-869-7142 Copper Creek Rd. OH 43517 419-298-2948 Anytool & Outdoor Power Equip. 312 Eldred Valdese. Irwin Street Dayton. OH 44681 216-852-2611 Larry's Mini Engines 4732 US Route 20 West Wakeman. NJ 03077 603-895-6583 NEW MEXICO (NM) K & S Service Center 7521 Menaul N. OH 45231 513-521-1464 Anytool Precision Sharpening Repair 21150 Lorain Road Cleveland. Box 1248 Hermiston. Box 184. NY 10704 914-237-7575 NORTH CAROLINA (NC) Ray's Lawn Mower & Machine 1414 Landis Avenue Charlotte. Wesleyan Blvd. Haskell. Main Phoenix. Bennett Ave.O. NC 28205 704-377-1112 Martin Equipment Company 4209-B US 70 E.M. OH 44126 216-356-1920 North East Mower Service 412 East 156th Street Cleveland. Loop 494 North New Caney. L. Austin. PA 19505 610-367-9084 Engine Doctors 20 Russell Blvd. OR 97214 503-235-6681 PENNSYLVANIA (PA) Albright's Hardware 2119 Wabert Ave. OK 74104 918-744-1305 Kay Electric Motors Inc. Goldsboro. 215 North 8th Street Kenilworth. NY 14502 315-986-2520 Advanced Power Equipment 101 Fairgrounds Drive Manlius. PA 15126 412-695-0702 Valray Nurseries Inc. East Dickinson. TN 37620 615-968-1175 Vista Small Engine 1510 Vista Lane Clarksville. Eden. OH 44126 216-356-1920 LaGrange True Value 300 E. TX 79930 915-566-6022 Ray DeSpain's Inc. Inc. NJ 08332 609-825-8294 Capitol Service & Equipment 551 New Market Road Piscataway. OH 44889 216-839-2508 OKLAHOMA (OK) B. Wildwood. NY 11101 718-361-1122 Para-Deys Tools 708 Victor Road Macedon. OH 43015 614-369-4798 Lavon Dietsch Repair 07145 Scott Rd. TN 37043 615-552-6953 Master Repair Service 305 Elmore Road Crossville. OH 44050 216-355-4222 Deep Run Mower Service 58781 Heil Addn. OH 44039 216-327-2196 Staker Sales & Service 1424 Ninth Street Portsmouth. 1st Street P. OH 44672 330-938-6329 Sparks Sales & Service 5184 Fletcher Chapel Road Springfield. PA 19547 610-987-6452 Snyder Electric Company 1500 Chateau Street Pittsburgh. TN 38126 901-774-0850 Webb's Appliance Service Center 1519 Church Street Nashville. Deep Run Martins Ferry. Sectionline Delaware.® ELECTRIC CHAIN SAW NEW JERSEY (NJ) Complete Saw Service 336 River Road Garfield. 602 Alexandria Street Latrobe. Yonkers. 91 Pierrepont Manor.29th Street Long Island City. OK 74012 918-252-0011 H. 810 48th Street Woodward. OH 45502 513-323-5925 Eckert Bros.O. Moss 1714 E. SC 29526 803-248-2444 LaPortes Parts & Service 2444 N. OH 45247 513-385-2400 Forrest Lytle & Sons 740 W. Holley. TX 77357 713-689-2121 Service Department 18 097017 . Belvue Road Taylors. PA 15233 412-231-3100 Stamm's Mower Repair Rd. TX 77330 713-457-2456 Corpus Christi Power Tool & Rpr. NC 28601 704-327-3719 Bowden Electric Motor Service 1681 S. SC 29803 803-649-6313 Todd's Electric Motor Repair 110 Laurel Street Conway. OR 97801 541-567-5591 Mattix Appliance Parts Company 501 N. Locust Valley Barnesville. NY 13631 315-493-1151 John’s Engine Repair 10482 Sisson Hwy. Rocky Mount.I. Galbraith Road Cincinnati. OH 43935 614-859-6131 Worcester Sales and Service 34200 Lorian Road N. 13102 East 1st Street Broken Arrow. NC 27534 919-778-5996 Hickory Home & Garden Center 336 HWY 321 NW Hickory. Albuquerque. M. Inc. P. 5. OH 44110 216-531-8197 Pecnik's Lawnmower Service 732 East 163rd Street Cleveland. PA 16701 814-362-3091 Pro-Fix Rear 681 Main Street Edwardsville. Ridgeville. Rt. NJ 07033 908-272-5567 Associated Industries Rd 38. NY 13825 607-988-7859 Owego Agway Coop 38 West Avenue Owego.

KY 42102-9004 1-800-972-7879 Parts Department LNT-2 Part Number 097566-01S 091369S 097567-01S 091371S 097568-02S 091373S 075752 Description Guide bar. Parts centrals are listed in this manual. 15" Chain. Ctr. VA 23324 804-543-2232 Warren E. Park Avenue Tacoma. Stafford. WI 53172 414-762-6444 REPLACEMENT PARTS AND ACCESSORIES WARNING: Use only replacement parts and accessories described in this manual. 100089-05 Part Number Description 097572-03S Guide bar. If they can not supply these accessories or parts. Baxter Road. 14" 091374S Chain. Chesapeake. VA 22554 540-720-1710 Outdoor Power Equipment 800 White Marsh Road Suffolk.O. UT 84066 801-722-2708 Longs Engine Service 7536 Stone Road Salt Lake. VT 05301 802-257-4566 VIRGINIA (VA) Industrial Hardware 4109 Bainbridge Blvd. Walworth Darien. 100089-04. Chicago Avenue S. 8" 104301S Chain. & 16" Hand Guard Adjusting Plate Assy. 104316-01 POLE SAW ASSEMBLY. 15" Drive sprocket Description Plastic scabbard. 100089-06. Purchase these accessories and parts from your nearest dealer or service center. Box 1546 Roosevelt. Use of other parts or accessories could damage saw or injure operator. 098031J. 8" & 10" Plastic scabbard.100015 Part Number 101623-01 101619-01 075752 General Part Number 079963-02 079963-04 079088-01 077155 Description Guide bar. 14" 075752 Drive sprocket * Includes automatic chain sharpener. Suite 4A-1 Lynnwood. WA 98005 206-455-3578 TUCO Industrial Products 5227 180th SW. Box 90004 Bowling Green. 100089-01. WA 98046 206-743-9533 Action Small Appliance 2125 Second Avenue Seattle. UT 84121 801-943-5135 Appliance Service Center 210 E. either contact your nearest Parts Central or DESA International for referral information. 14" 076695 Drive sprocket EL-7. 14" 091367S* Chain. Sprague Spokane. WA 98121 206-448-2020 A to Z Rentals 10903 E. Milwaukee. 6502 Horsepen Road Richmond.OWNER’S MANUAL UTAH (UT) Roosevelt Service Center 133 South 300 East. WA 99206 509-924-2000 Lifficks Electric Shop 8239 S. 12". VA 24073 540-382-5501 Mills Repair Service 4750 B. 8" Chain. WI 54449 715-676-2143 Moore's Repair Service W287 & N2108 Stuart Drive Pewaukee. 14". 097017 19 . 16" 075752 Drive sprocket POLE SAW. WA 98408 206-474-7403 WEST VIRGINIA (WV) Beckley Mower Service 3695 Robert C. UT 84111 801-328-9703 VERMONT (VT) Brown and Roberts 182 Main Street Brattleboro. 12" Chain. VA 23462 757-490-7001 American Power Equip. 10" Chain. Ext. 10" Guide bar. 8" Guide bar. WV 25802 304-253-5748 Town and Country Supply 4117 First Avenue Nitro. VA 23230 804-285-4838 Stafford Equipment Sales & Service 21055 Jefferson Davis Hwy. WI 53072 414-691-2814 Morisse Power Center 200 N. WV 25143 304-755-3520 WISCONSIN (WI) Smith Petroleum Ltd. 099039J. Byrd Drive Beckley. DESA International P. VA 23434 804-925-4933 WASHINGTON (WA) Action Small Appliance Service 1500 145th Place SE Bellevue. 104317 Part Number Description 104302-01S Guidebar. 16" 091375S Chain. 600 South Salt Lake City. 099178H. 217 N. Unit B Virginia Beach. 100089-07 & EL-1 Part Number Description 097570-01S Guide bar. 300 Madestic Drive Christiansburg. WI 53314 414-724-3206 Ken's Economy Sales 8887 Highway A Marshfield. 12" Drive sprocket EL-1/EL-7 Fast Sharp Part Number Description 097570-01S Guide bar. 8" 075752 Drive Sprocket EL-7 . Smith Shops 564 Reading Rd.

including warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose to one year form the date of first purchase. INTERNATIONAL 2701 Industrial Drive P. return it to This will protect your warranty coverage for nearest authorized service center. dently owned and operated. we will Each authorized service center is indepen. This warranty does not cover commercial. so the above limitation of damages may not apply to you. please consult the applicable state laws. to be free from defects in material and workmanship for one year from the date of first purchase from an authorized dealer. this express warranty excludes any and all other expressed warranties and limits the duration of any and all implied warranties. accident. KY 42102-9004 097017 01 NOT A UPC 097017-01 REV. We make no other warranty. This warranty is extended only to the original retail purchaser. X 5/98 . DESA International warrants this electric chain saw and any parts thereof.REPAIR SERVICE Warranty Service Non-Warranty Service If saw requires service. or consequential damages. To the full extent allowed by the law of the jurisdiction that governs the sale of the product. The bill of sales or proof of purchase must be presented at the time a claim is made under this warranty. Note: Normal wear. handling. misuse. The only warranty applicable is our standard written warranty. This warranty covers only the parts and labor required to restore this chain saw to its proper operating condition.repair or replace saw without charge. lack of proper maintenance. abuse. For information regarding those rights. If saw requires warranty service. incidental. call 1-800-323-5190. or alteration. If faulty materials parts replaced under warranty. Warranty parts must be obtained through factory authorized dealers and service centers for this product. provided that the product has been properly maintained and operated in accordance with all applicable instructions. and incidental costs associated with warranty repairs are not reimbursable under this warranty and are the responsibility of the owner. Failure to use original factory replacement parts voids this warranty. or parts that fail or become damaged as a result of misuse. We reserve the right to amend these specifications at any time without notice. Box 90004 Bowling Green. neglect. You must show proof of purchase. or rental usage. expressed or implied. Note: Only use original replacement parts. return it to nearest authorized service center. Model ______________ Serial No. ______________ Date Purchased ______________ ELECTRIC CHAIN SAW LIMITED WARRANTY Always specify model and serial numbers when writing the factory. transportation. or accidental damage is not covered under warranty. and DESA International’s liability is hereby limited to the purchase price of the product and DESA International shall not be liable for any other damages whatsoever including indirect. industrial. or workmanship caused damage. For additional service center or warranty information. Travel. This warranty provides the original purchaser with specific rights. Some states do not allow limitation of how long an implied warranty lasts or an exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages. nor does it apply to parts that are not in original condition because of normal wear and tear. Repairs will be billed to you at regular repair list prices.O. These dealers and service centers will provide original factory replacement parts. tampering.

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