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GreenSTEPs Workshop 9th June 2011

2 Thinking Questions

1. What are the environmental problems that Brunei is facing?

Solid & food waste (packaging) Water conservation Electricity conservation & energy usage Littering Rubbish disposal

Open burning Enforcement Public smoking Recycling bins Biodiversity (nonnative) Reforestation


Re-planting Bring your own utensils Green tip of the day through morning announcements Recycling companies to link up to schools Green Competition Resource Planning Green Messages Sticker Education Education to parents using PTA Joint Brunei Schools Earth Day event Bury Rubbish instead of burning Rubbish collecting competition Green teaching aids using recycled materials Slide shows using 4R: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Recreate Recycling Centres not available

2. How can you involve the students and their parents?

Leverage PTA Competition Public Awareness Social Events

GreenSTEPs Workshop 9th June 2011

Established Clubs