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y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y Why Discoverer« BI tools Vs Discoverer Oracle Discoverer installation and configuration Oracle Discoverer client requirements Business Intelligence Application Development and Oracle Discoverer Creating and managing Oracle Discoverer workbooks and Discoverer worksheets Creating, Saving, Sharing and Printing Discoverer Worksheets Formatting data and ordering/grouping of Discoverer result sets Grouping and summarizing Discoverer report data Oracle Discoverer exception reporting Filtering Discoverer worksheet data Creating calculated columns on Discoverer reports Applying Conditions Using Parameters in Discoverer Displaying Discoverer Results Graphically Discoverer Batch Scheduling Reports Exporting Discoverer Data Creating Discoverer drill-down reports Oracle Discoverer Reporting Analysis of Discoverer Reporting Requirements Discoverer Client Environment Assessment Documenting data warehouse architecture and data structures Customizing Discoverer Report Design and Development

Instance Details :  Resources Required: o 10/11G admin. o Discoverer Plus URL : o TNS and DBC Files.

6.Class Room Work: 1. Report writing in discoverer (Active Item listing Report ) Add parameters in report Add Condition in report Database Function use in Report Calculation incorporation in Discoverer Report Basic examples of page detail and cross tab reports Drill Down Report (Invoice ) . 2. 5. 4. 7. 3.

Drag and Drop Necessary folders in for report. Create Few Complex Folders from DRAG and DROP Create Custom Folders Design a Schema for below project. Bill to Location Address i. Ship to Location Address h. a. Buyer . Buyer d. Approver g. PO Number b. Item. y GET PO Information with respective details Standard Pos o PO Number o Status o Buyer o Vendor o Site o Approver o Ship to Location Address o Bill to Location Address o Ship Via o Terms o FOB y Get Similar Details for BPA. Receipt Number c. PO Number b.Exercise: 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) Create a BA with XXHCI_01_CUSTOM_BA as your workspace. Receipt Creation Date f. PO Creation Date e. PO Line information (Line Number. Receipt Number c. Description) 7) Create a report for PO information those are having partial receipts a. Receipt Source Code j. 6) Create Report which indicates the Receipt with respective PO information.

'SQLAP'). Category. LOCATOR. currency. Line Number. 12) Operating unit basis invoice amount total.set_policy_context ('M'. Dr.NULL).init (200).SET_ORG_ACCESS(NULL. Sub Inventory. RETURN NUMBER IS l_rate NUMBER. PO Creation Date e. p_date Date) . LOT_NUMBER Parameter: Organization. 10) Develop a Report : Journal Name. MO_GLOBAL. --mo_global. Batch total . begin -. Line Total Parameters: Category. SUBINVENTORY_CODE. end. end get_gl_rate. Lot number 9) Active HR Employee and its supervisor listing Report. REVISION. Cr and Accounts. TRANSACTION_QUANTITY. ORGANIZATION. 11) Create a cross tab report for monthly sales.d. Receipt Creation Date f. Total Amount in USD. 62. return(l_rate). Description.MO_GLOBAL. begin SELECT conversion_rate INTO l_rate FROM gl_daily_rates WHERE from_currency = p_curr AND to_currency = 'USD' AND conversion_type = 'Corporate' AND conversion_date = p_date. MOAC in Apps: create or replace function get_gl_rate (p_curr VARCHAR2. Quantity receipt and quantity remaining 8) Create On hand quantity report Organization Basis (Graphical Representation of Data) INVENTORY ITEM. period.

org_id .ap_invoices.SELECT SUM (invoice_amount). NAME org_name FROM apps. apps.hr_operating_units WHERE organization_id = org_id GROUP BY NAME. org_id.

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