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May 16, 2011 Essay: My Architect

Louis Kahn, one of the greatest architects during the twentiethcentury, influenced a lot of scholars and other architects. He died in Pennsylvania Station alone, unacknowledged and in full debt. His life and death became a mystery to all of his colleagues and extended family especially to his illegitimate son, Nathaniel, who is also the film maker. Nathaniel tried to put the pieces of the puzzle to find out what kind of person and architect his father was whom he barely knew. Being unable to see his father urged him to make this film. Nathaniel met his father¶s contemporaries, Frank Gehry, Philip Johnson and I.M. Pei, as well as his father¶s other family affairs. By the time he had interviewed these people, he came to know and understand what kind of architect, friend, lover, family and dad he was, far from what he had known from the start. As he started to find out the answers he wanted to unveil from the covered past of his father, he even tried to visit most of his father¶s designed buildings across different countries starting from his father¶s hometown Philadelphia to California, Texas, Israel, India and finally Bangladesh. He came to understand what Louis Kahn is in the field of

the musical boat he designed for his friend. the Hurva Synagogue which symbolizes his spiritual being. Tracing his father¶s confounding life made him acknowledge and see his father¶s works that he had never seen before in his entire life. the Fisher House he made for his daughter Sue Ann Kahn. These are the Yale University Art Gallery. the Bath House he designed together with his other woman.architecture. Among Louis Kahn¶s buildings were some of the most important and influential in twentieth century. and the capital of Bangladesh. The style he wanted to impose tends to be a monumental and monolithic. you¶ll hear it. Nathaniel learned a great story from his father¶s buildings and that story clearly explains the quote. defining a great art with the combination of classical forms with modern styles that sit in harmony with . Salk Institute in La Jolla. Anne Tyng the Kimbell Art Museum in Fort Worth. the Indian Institute of Management. the Phillips Exeter Library. if you¶ll go silent. He did realize that Louis Kahn left the world with a legacy of brilliantly designed and engineered buildings that have a tough beauty and deep spirit. Nathaniel saw the purity and passion in his father¶s works which was undoubtedly seen in each of its facade and interior. heavy buildings that neither hide their weight nor the way they're put together.

without letting his families know where he was. . He travelled nomadically around the world on the surface working on numerous projects. Nathaniel came to understand that his father was a man not a myth. The son begun to discover the nature of artistic success by his father. In the end of the film. Louis Kahn¶s buildings revealed the answers to the questions left behind in Nathaniel¶s mind. He had found out that his father wasn¶t merely that bastard guy who left him and his mom alone but a man of dreams and recognition who chose a life he wanted and a man who is truly an inspiration for everyone. the son realizes that he is like his famous father. a genius who also had his own struggles with life and a failure who stood up for his dreams.their elements and settings using bricks. water and most importantly light. that it's far better to create a handful of great works than a numerous of ordinary ones just for profits. concrete.

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