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Version 4.2.2, Dec 2007

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Welcome To The Inner Circle!

Dear Friend,
Your decision to request this Wealth Manifesto is probably going to be one of the wisest decisions you’ve ever made. Why? Because, chances are you won’t have come across what we’re about to share with you anywhere before.

So what is “The Enlightened Way to Wealth Mastery?”
As most of you know, there is a science to having a life of abundance, just as there are Laws and Principles to virtually everything. You’ve most likely seen ‘The Secret’, you’ve probably been to a whole bunch of seminars and bought a whole bunch of online/offline courses about making money… But why are you still here? You’re here because regardless of where you are in life right now …you’re still searching for a better way … one that’s more tailored to you. Now in case you’re wondering, we know what it takes to become financially free, working entirely from home. Yes we’re pretty good internet marketers [you may have seen our Inner Circle ‘movie’] and many of us have made fortunes from home and have taught others how to do so also. The question though is whether we can help you… Our whole Inner Circle approach was developed for both the seasoned entrepreneur and home based business ‘newbie’. In fact, we know the vast majority of you have relatively little marketing experience … or any fancy computer skills so we’ve taken this into account. And for you techies, we’ve got some new stuff for you too ☺ Furthermore we’ll show you in this Manifesto, how there is a realistic possibility to become financially free in just 5-9 years [or even sooner]. The numbers will astound you… Yes, there is a better way that isn’t one dimensional like most things you come across on the net today. And it’s first about understanding the most often neglected ingredient to being successful …which is the ‘Inner you’. So are you ready…? Then let The Inner Circle show You The Enlightened Way to Wealth Mastery! KEAN [‘Key-Ahn’] and Simon Founders & President of The Inner Circle ’Pulitzer’ Award Winning TV Host from New York City Toll Free: +1 877 363 8432 [International direct +1 202 552 1415]

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What you’ll learn in this special report….

3 Steps to Wealth Mastery…
Wealth [‘Have’]
What is True Wealth ? …[the link between inner and outer abundance] What is The Inner Circle.?… [the key to unlocking your true potential]

Wisdom [‘Do’]
Imperfect Action Beats Perfect Inaction every time… [just do it!] 100+ hours of recorded business, marketing and finance secrets revealed…(for free!)

Virtue [‘Be’]
How to ‘Be’ You Online…[Are you Good at Sales or Marketing? Avoid the biggest mistakes most people make...] ‘Wealth with Virtue’ …[how old technologies are becoming new again]

Read This First! Wait a sec. Shouldn’t it be ‘Be, Do, Have?’ Well, firstly, the Chinese language is read ‘back to front’ [and the ancient Chinese proverb is actually ‘Wealth with Virtue’] But perhaps more importantly, with busy lives and all, most of you won’t get a chance to finish reading this 20 odd page Manifesto and you simply want us to ‘Show You The Money!’ …which is why we’ll start with ‘Wealth’ first. So if you really only have 5-10 minutes just read these 6 pages: pages 5, 6, 12-14…and page 19 [which reveals the secret to ‘The Secret’. Enjoy! ☺

DISCLAIMER (just the usual stuff to say this document is for education purposes only): Parigon Partners Int’l & other authorized distributors of this document accept no liability for any errors, misprints or omissions herein (whether negligent or otherwise). In addition, Parigon Partners and other authorized distributors shall not be liable for any loss or damage whatsoever arising as a result of any person acting on any information contained therein. No reader should rely solely on the information contained in this publication. That is, all readers are advised to retain expert counsel to determine whether the information contained in this document is applicable to their own individual circumstances. As such it is not intended for use as a source of investment advice. Please send enquiries about this disclaimer to or Parigon P. Int’l Inc, PO Box 713, JAF Station, New York, NY 10116, USA. Toll Free 877-363-8432. Now Let’s Get Started!

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First: What is a ‘Wealth Manifesto’ and why did we write one?
By the end of the year, over 50% of Americans will be engaging in some sort of home based business. The dream of home ownership is fast being replaced with the dream of owning ones own business as a means of achieving financial freedom. About 90,000 new people a day in the US alone are going online to look for a home based business, just as you have…[It’s no wonder ‘The Apprentice’ is still one of the top rated TV shows.] But the sad truth is the overwhelming majority of people are failing at both strategies. The numbers haven’t changed much. Only 5% are still reaching financial independence at retirement age. That's a 95% failure rate… Here are some more stats: As of July 1, 2005 according to census figures there were 78.2 million baby boomers (those born between 1946-64 in the US). And this is were it gets scary: a recent 2006 Harvard University study states that these baby boomers have a median net wealth [assets minus all debt] of only US$150k and incomes ranging from $40k-60k. [see]. This is far from ‘financial freedom’! You see, we were all educated in the 20th century to ‘get a job’…and for most part, developed the limiting psychology of being an employee. Unfortunately, the scarcity mindset that comes with our 20th century education neither lends itself to either entrepreneurship or being a real estate mogul like Donald Trump. For most part, we’ve ended up jumping [ie failing] from one home based business to another … getting further and further enslaved to our mortgages! So what are your options? If you’re a baby boomer, sadly, to get to a net worth of at least $1 million dollars so you can retire on say $50k a year, your financial options are few: 20+ years of extra work, re-skill and learn how to borrow hundreds of thousands of dollars to get into real estate investing/risky traditional businesses …or retire on not much. It’s no surprise then that millions of people just like you are now exploring the potential of the web in the hope that there is a better, easier way...[~75% of households have internet access in the US now.] This Wealth Manifesto is simply our ‘Inner Circle’ approach to creating Wealth from home [or anywhere with internet access!]. We absolutely love the flexibility that comes with this profession. Who doesn’t want more peace of mind, more time with family and more money for the important things in life? So it’s truly a blessing that we’re able to freely share with you what has benefited us in more ways than just the green stuff. Now the ‘Wealth’ we refer to is not just about the money. In fact we define True Wealth as what you’re left with if you lost ALL your money. Don’t get us wrong - the strategies and resources in this special report can make you a LOT of money. And don’t discount its value just because some of you got it for free – read on and see for yourself ☺. There are links to dozens of hours of recorded ‘how to’ wealth related material [reports & transcripts included] that if applied will change your life.

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Ok, what’s the real purpose of this Wealth Manifesto?
As you don’t know us ‘from a bar of soap’, it’s only fair you check us out and get some value upfront before deciding whether you want to partner/’JV’ with us in the ITV Ventures Opportunity. Please note, the information contained here pertains to our ‘Inner Circle’ views on wealth creation only and is not a document created by ITV. Now we believe making extra money will NOT solve your money problems …if you don’t know what to do with the extra cash or have the abundance psychology to keep the money [which is why so many people just spend it or speculate on ‘hot tips’ and lose it all.] The founders of The Inner Circle are top experts in the fields of “The Laws of Attraction’ life coaching, internet marketing and investment consulting. As such, we know how crucial it is for you to develop the right ‘millionaire’ mindset and strategy that suits your strengths and interests. This is what makes our ‘Inner Circle’ different. We understand personal development is critical regardless of which business you get involved in and accordingly we employ a holistic ‘East-West’ approach tailored to you to help you achieve your goals. The key of course is being true to yourself. It’s a process of self-discovery. And once you’re doing what you’re supposed to be doing and are passionate about it, you’ll actually stick with it long enough to become truly wealthy. That’s the real ‘secret’. Can we help you beyond this Wealth Manifesto? Of course we believe so! ☺ We have both the ‘The Secret’ type mindset training and the most realistic work from home income opportunity that doesn’t require ANY internet marketing skills [or bugging of family and friends]. You can also work this business part-time also and make significant income. And for those of you who are internet marketers but don’t like talking to people…we have a residual based income opportunity for you too. Here’s your chance to finally monetize your huge email databases by helping your clients who’ve been wanting to learn how to make money from home….big time. How is this done? With our in demand product line [13 million customers on our books and counting], our Inner Circle high impact ‘movie’ in conjunction with the ultimate marketing partner – the number one infomercial company in America today – we have hot prospects calling you directly after they watch 30 minute talk show infomercials about our products [or the business opportunity itself] on National TV or the internet. Of course, we won’t know for sure whether we can help you until one of our Inner Circle Prosperity Consultants/Life Coaches contacts you in the next 24-48 hours and provides you with more information [they’ll simply invite you to a live telewebcast. If you can’t wait, please go here: & simply opt in to watch the 30 minute talk show infomercial about this revolutionary business. What we’ll present to you is something that has never been done before – a fusion of 3 incredible industries that is the next evolution of home business. But don’t take our word for it – you’ll never know until you actually try this business for yourself which comes with a 30 day money back guarantee on your start up costs [which is under $500 by the way]. Imagine combining the global trillion dollar Television/Internet, Health/Wealth /personal development Industries & a business model where you don’t have to bug family and friends. Furthermore, we have a patent pending business model – a direct response network marketing compensation plan where you can build an incredible residual income stream that could pay you for life! It’s a world’s first… “Fulfilling the promise of Internet AND Network Marketing!”
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But Why Are You Really Here? [Are you really serious…]
Chances are if you’re here, you’re not happy with your job, your income or net wealth [or all of the above!]. You know the deal, the system we live in sucks. The banks control us. We pay way too much taxes and interest. And we got stuck pursuing a 40 year career that never really suited us…[no point blaming your parents or career counselor!] Then, along came the internet with the promise of ‘easy riches’. However, just as hundreds of thousands of people got taken to the cleaners during the dot com boom and recent years many unsuspecting opportunity seekers have also underestimated what it really takes to succeed online [those crafty online marketers!]. Chances are, you’ve spent hundreds if not thousands of dollars on e-books, business opportunities [ones that require bugging family, friends or strangers] …and don’t have much to show for it. The truth is … studies have shown it takes at least a thousand hours to learn a new skill well. Don’t let online marketers fool you with the ‘I’m just a regular guy – take a look at my HUGE bank account…I’ll show you how etc’…trick. It took you years of education to get the job you have now. And with online businesses, the critical activity of internet marketing/recruiting is likewise a skill that takes significant time and resources to ‘Master’ or at least get to a certain level of competency. Take our word for it. So is there truly an alternative to having to spend all this time and money starting from scratch? Yes of course! And it is an emphatic YES, because the birth of a new industry is upon us – what we term ‘Web 3.0’ – not just video, and online interactive communities…but when you add the 3rd dimension of direct response TV advertising merged with a network marketing compensation plan you have the most powerful but realistic home based business ever devised – one that can leverage off your existing skills and experience. Why ride a Donkey when you can be on a Lamborghini to financial freedom? So here are the top 10 probably reasons why you’re here [according to various surveys. Drum roll please…] 10th most important reason why you’re here: Improve and remodel home #9: Give to religion, charity, family members #8: Private and Higher Education for kids etc #7: Buy new car, truck, or boat etc #6: More quality vacations! #5: Save, invest and start/expand a business #4: Buy new home or home ownership [an extra one thousand a month is all it takes…] #3: Retire early and successful #2: Become Debt free of all credit cards and loans… #1 Reason you’re here: Sense of Security… So which few describes your main ‘why’? We’re going to ask you [!] so why not spend the time to figure out your top 3 reasons… The clarity of purpose is a powerful thing. Now that we know why we’re all here…let’s get started!

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1. Wealth [‘Have’]

So What is True Wealth?
Now, we said this before, but here it is again: we believe True Wealth is what you’re left with if, hypothetically, you lost all your money… You know it’s not just about earning extra income either [learning how to save and invest is the next step]. Yes ultimately, we want more time with family/friends, better health and relationships, more creative outlets for our talents ….or more time to delve into spiritual matters. This is what money can do for you in a world controlled by the banking system… Unfortunately though, we live in a system where the banks put a strangle hold on us financially [it’s not a just system]. As mentioned before, our two biggest expenses in life are interest payments on our mortgage and taxes paid to our government. So if you really want financial freedom, you’ve got to understand the secrets of finance – ie the multi-trillion dollar banking system. It’s no surprise that the rich have most of the wealth tied in with real estate [and keep their companies offshore].

Why Finance is the Key to investing in Real Estate…
Below is a free 30 page report that will explain why finance, a multi-trillion dollar industry, is the real reason why people invest in real estate. Topics include: The 3 critical stages of finance – how to plan ahead 11 ways to increase your borrowing capacity [without increasing your income] 8 ways to create instant cash flow The 20 most common mistakes investors and financiers make with property finance It’s from one of the foremost experts in this field world wide. His specialty is servicing the finance needs of investors with 5 or more properties and as a result has written well over a billion dollars worth of loans. He himself owns dozens of properties and has a passive income in excess of a million dollars a year from his own portfolio of assets. This guy Bill Zheng is a mathematics genius …and is actually based in Australia …so unfortunately he won’t be able to do any loans for you as such. But at least you can get access to this report for free. He does however run seminars that are in our opinion the most insightful in the areas of finance/’language of money’. Once again we’re just big fans of his and promote him for free. Here it is [no forms to fill out, it opens up automatically]. ps Just download it and keep it as a resource for future reference even if you’re not ready to invest in real estate. Otherwise learn the strategies that will help you tap into your equity safely [risk managed] and catapult you to financial freedom using the power of finance!

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What’s the True rate of return on Investment Property?
Did you know, with just an average piece of real estate that appreciates 7-10% a year, the true rate of return on money out-layed can be at least in the order of 1219% a year!* This of course is due to the leveraging effects of borrowing money to invest. This is the ‘secret’ to why most millionaires become wealthy through real estate investing. At these rates of returns, you can retire in far less time than you otherwise would investing with banks and fund managers. Once you get this, you won’t feel like you have to make ‘millions’ a year [and stress over it if you don’t] to be able to become a millionaire. Real estate investors are simply using the banking system in their favor…the same system that enslaves 95% of the population.

The missing link between Inner and Outer Wealth…
The key of course, is developing the quiet discipline to learn how to SAVE money first, then generate extra income through another job or starting a business. You can then go to all the ‘Ra Ra’ seminars to overcome your fears of taking on ‘good’ debt for sound investment purposes. Simply, we don’t advocate you do get into further debt [of any kind] unless you can generate a steady and high enough stream of savings and/or you’ve already built up sufficient capital/equity. Please consult an experienced and successful mortgage broker who is a successful real estate investor also. So as Robert Kiyosaki’s cashflow quadrant explains – there’s a process; moving from employee, to self employed [doing stuff you already know but getting paid what you’re worth if you’re willing to learn how to market your skills to others], to being a business owner [teaching and managing others how to do it]…then becoming a savvy investor. Now, if you’re NOT into running your own business and being your own boss [and not everyone is suited to it], you could just get into investing. But make sure you at least understand the principles of business [understanding management and marketing theory] because when you do invest, you invest your money in actual businesses [don’t just try pot luck on the share market or think real estate itself isn’t a business.] The key is simply ‘Know Thyself’…and focus on your strengths and what you enjoy doing. Otherwise you’ll never spend the time to develop ‘master’ level skills to create true wealth. * If you’re so inclined, just ask us for our excel calculations regarding this if you want to know how we derived these numbers

Why you don’t need to earn a “squillion” (million) dollars a year …to become financially free in 5-9 years.
Many people fall into the trap of ‘I got to make the really big dollars - fast!’ to become financially free. So they often get lured into the ‘get rich quick’ schemes and other enticing advertising copy designed to help you part with your hard earned money (or other people’s hard earned money.) As Einstein once alluded to, one of the great wonders of the world is ‘compound interest’. Banks use this principle [excuse the pun] to enslave us as mentioned before. Once you truly

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understand this principle, you won’t feel like you have to make a squillion to become financially free. Purely for illustrative purposes only, here’s an example of how powerful compound interest can be... What if you could only save/invest $1,000 a month? On 19% return a year over 9 years you would still accumulate, believe it or not - $315,424 which would then generate $59,931 a year if you continued to make 19% return a year. What if you could only save/invest $2,000 a month? On just 12% return a year over 9 years you would still accumulate, believe it or not $430,267 which would then generate $51,632 a year if you continued to make 12% return a year. Accordingly, an extra few thousand a month in income from a part-time business, invested at slightly better returns than average could mean the difference between retiring in 25+ years …or much much sooner. Learning to invest at these higher rates through property investing etc is therefore the next critical aspect of your wealth creation/retirement strategy. How one can achieve ‘better than average’ returns on investment is outside the scope of this guide [the main focus here is helping you get started in your new income generating enterprise]. There are plenty of books you can go over for free at places like Borders bookshop [just buy some ice tea and the bagels etc] that can start you on this journey. On the next page is a set of tables that shows various scenarios related to investment returns, years of investing, accumulated assets assuming a fixed amount saved per month etc…and the passive income you could achieve given these theoretical assumptions. So the main point is this: learn to save money from your current job, find the business that suits your talents, interests, and experience…then start on a part-time basis, make some extra money and over time, learn how to invest steadily and wisely, rather than gamble on ‘get rich quick schemes/business opportunities’.

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The Power of Compounding…[for illustrative purposes only]
How extra income can be converted into passive income…wise investments!

Scenario 1 a
Initial Savings = $0 Savings /month = $ 1,000

Accumulated Assets @ Year Ending…
Average Bank Deposit 5.0% $ 75,425 $ 108,916 $ 150,513 $ 217,269 Return on Savings/Investments per Year Average Inner Circle Returns Shares Port. (Shares and Property) 8.0% 15.0% 19.0% 12.0% $ 82,367 $ 92,497 $ 100,799 $ 114,313 $ 122,771 $ 143,958 $ 162,140 $ 193,239 315,424 $ 175,325 $ 215,134 $ 250,948 $ $ 266,439 $ 351,378 $ 433,575 $ 593,827 'Warren Buffett' Ret. 25.0% $ 133,364 $ 240,045 $ 419,288 $ 880,874

Years 5 7 9 12

Effective Passive Income Per Year Generated From Accumulated Assets
Average Bank Deposit 5.0% $ 3,771 $ 5,446 $ 7,526 $ 10,863 Return on Savings/Investments per Year Inner Circle Returns Average (Shares and Property) Shares Port. 15.0% 19.0% 12.0% 8.0% $ 6,589 $ 11,100 $ 15,120 $ 21,720 $ 9,822 $ 17,275 $ 24,321 $ 36,716 $ 14,026 $ 25,816 $ 37,642 $ 59,931 $ 21,315 $ 42,165 $ 65,036 $ 112,827 'Warren Buffett' Ret. 25.0% $ 33,341 $ 60,011 $ 104,822 $ 220,219

Years 5 7 9 12

Scenario 1 b
Initial Savings = $0 Savings /month $ 2,000

Accumulated Assets @ Year Ending…
Average Bank Deposit 5.0% $ 150,850 $ 222,277 $ 301,025 $ 434,538 Return on Savings/Investments per Year Average Inner Circle Returns Shares Port. (Shares and Property) 8.0% 15.0% 19.0% 12.0% 228,627 $ 164,734 $ 184,995 $ 201,597 $ $ 250,552 $ 293,792 $ 330,897 $ 394,366 430,267 $ 501,897 $ 630,848 $ 350,651 $ $ 532,878 $ 702,757 $ 867,150 $ 1,187,653 'Warren Buffett' Ret. 25.0% $ 266,729 $ 489,888 $ 838,575 $ 1,761,749

Years 5 7 9 12

Effective Passive Income Per Year Generated From Accumulated Assets
Average Bank Deposit 5.0% $ 7,542 $ 11,114 $ 15,051 $ 21,727 Return on Savings/Investments per Year Inner Circle Returns Average (Shares and Property) Shares Port. 15.0% 19.0% 12.0% 8.0% $ 13,179 $ 22,199 $ 30,240 $ 43,439 $ 20,044 $ 35,255 $ 49,635 $ 74,930 $ 28,052 $ 51,632 $ 75,285 $ 119,861 $ 42,630 $ 84,331 $ 130,072 $ 225,654 'Warren Buffett' Ret. 25.0% $ 66,682 $ 122,472 $ 209,644 $ 440,437

Years 5 7 9 12

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Scenario 1 c
Initial Savings = $0 Savings /month $ 4,000

Accumulated Assets @ Year Ending…
Average Bank Deposit 5.0% $ 301,699 $ 444,554 $ 602,050 $ 869,075 Return on Savings/Investments per Year Average Inner Circle Returns Shares Port. (Shares and Property) 8.0% 15.0% 19.0% 12.0% $ 329,468 $ 369,990 $ 403,194 $ 457,254 $ 501,105 $ 587,584 $ 661,795 $ 788,733 $ 701,301 $ 860,534 $ 1,003,793 $ 1,261,697 $ 1,065,755 $ 1,405,514 $ 1,734,300 $ 2,375,306 'Warren Buffett' Ret. 25.0% $ 533,457 $ 979,777 $ 1,677,151 $ 3,523,498

Years 5 7 9 12

Effective Passive Income Per Year Generated From Accumulated Assets
Average Bank Deposit 5.0% $ 15,085 $ 22,228 $ 30,103 $ 43,454 Return on Savings/Investments per Year Average Inner Circle Returns Shares Port. (Shares and Property) 8.0% 15.0% 19.0% 12.0% $ 26,357 $ 44,399 $ 60,479 $ 86,878 149,859 $ 40,088 $ 70,510 $ 99,269 $ $ 56,104 $ 103,264 $ 150,569 $ 239,722 $ 85,260 $ 168,662 $ 260,145 $ 451,308 'Warren Buffett' Ret. 25.0% $ 133,364 $ 244,944 $ 419,288 $ 880,874

Years 5 7 9 12

Here you can see in just 5 years you could be on $86,878/year passive if you earned 19% returns a year. On 12% returns, you could achieve $70k passive in just 7 years and over $103k/year in 9 years. Once again, notice the difference at higher or lower rate of returns. Note! These examples are for illustrative purposes only. The other thing these models highlight is the importance of allowing compound interest to do its work. Once you start buying and selling – you’ll not only incur transaction costs but you’ll have to pay income/capital gains tax as well. This will eat into your returns significantly which is why Warren Buffett’s strategy of buy and hold has been so successful for him over the years.

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So What is “The Inner Circle”?
The Inner Circle is a community of ‘enlightened’ and highly successful work from home entrepreneurs brought together by the strategy consulting and life coaching firm Parigon Partners Int’l. One of our primary goals is to share our wisdom, knowledge and resources with people from all walks of life so you can also achieve the success you want in the shortest possible time frame. If you think this Manifesto has been useful, please refer others to Our Parigon name defines in part what we represent: it’s a play on the word paragon, referring to a model of excellence or virtue. It’s also an acronym based on our commitment to helping people achieve financial freedom “The Enlightened Way” by focusing on: 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) 7) True Purpose and Passion (following one’s bliss) Principle-centered Action (massive and consistent action) Extraordinary Results (in all areas of life)… and building Residual Income [income that comes in whether you work or not] Integrity and Inspiration (being true to oneself and one’s spiritual calling) The Greater Good – (Being/Doing Good & considering others in all that you do) Being Original and creative (ie through ancient ‘Oriental’ techniques) Creating New Networks offline and on the Net (through joint venture alliances)

What’s also different about us is that we’ve also recognized the critical importance of turning income into long term sustainable wealth. As such: “Our ‘Inner Circle’ Mission is to Show the Next Generation of Work From Home Entrepreneurs The Enlightened Way To Wealth Mastery, Sharing the Knowledge and Wisdom of Wealth Masters of Today and the Ancient Orient…..”

Show Me The Money! How Can I Make Real Money From Home…Now?
It’s probably fair to say, most of you simply want to earn on a part-time basis an extra few thousand a month in income working from the comfort of your home …in a realistic home based business – one we’ll present to you in a moment. Chances are, many of you may or may not be ready to become investors just yet. Or perhaps you’re looking to replace your six figure salaries and want to do so from home so you can spend more time with family.

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The Inner Circle ‘Way’ to generating extraordinary income from home…
1. Product: We only market breakthrough products that ‘positively impact people’s lives’ are unique, have mass market appeal [think baby boomers] and have at least a 30 day money back guarantee. What we mean by ‘breakthrough’ is that either the product is patented or there’s millions of dollars of research and development behind it... Importantly, ask yourself when you evaluate the product/business – would I use it myself even if there wasn’t an income opportunity attached to it? If you’re not passionate about our products/business, you’re in the wrong business. 2. Community The unique aspect of our Inner Circle is how we are a community of like minded entrepreneurs where we can develop our strengths and find support in our areas of weakness. The business we’re involved with is really not about ‘selling’, as the 30 minute Talk Show TV infomercials does it for us and when they call the toll free number that diverts LIVE to you, you simply follow a simple script so you can help that person buy that product they saw on TV/web. Understand the psychology of TV infomercial buyers here. Don’t become a super sales person – people don’t want to be sold to. When your phone rings, just follow a simple script, answer a few questions and then let that person buy if that’s what they want. And the training on how you project your voice/ask questions on the phone …comes from not just top producers but from professional media trainers [TV anchor/Talk show host etc] Are the Founders and Key Management truly committed to their Vision and do they have a solid 5+ year track record? This is one of the most critical factors in your choice of an income opportunity. Chances are 95% of online businesses just won’t be around in a few years. They’re not built to last for a whole variety of reasons. You’ll have to judge for yourself ultimately. From our perspective, we’ve consulted with Fortune 50 companies as well as start ups, so we know this is a critical element before choosing an income vehicle. 3. Income Engine So is the business activity simple and easily duplicable? Importantly, is there a turnkey rejection free marketing system that generates qualified prospects that want to buy the products you’re selling? How much can you really make and is it worth your time? For newbie entrepreneurs we have a business model where you can use your existing skill to start making money relatively fast and without a lot of risk or capital compared to traditional businesses. At the same time we want the upside potential of building a residual income that will eventually pay you whether you work or not. For experienced entrepreneurs we’ll show you our super leveraged approach to making the big bucks: our Inner Circle Joint Venture marketing approach to exploding your down-line. [Hint, find top internet marketers with massive email databases…get their attention by saying your business partner is a TV Talk Show host for a Chinese/English Media group that has access to China. Tell them we may be interested in interviewing them and that we want to discuss JV possibilities …then let us do the rest!] Finally, a key question to consider is: do you have sufficient capital, not just start up costs. One of the main reasons why people fail is because they run out of money [especially advertising dollars] before they get into a cash flow positive position.

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So Are You Ready for The Inner Circle Way to $10k+/month from Home?
What ITV represents in our opinion is the most perfect and simple to run home based business ever devised where you can make a difference in people’s lives and make $5k-$10k+/mth within a relatively short period of time. Importantly, you’ll also build a residual income that will pay you for the rest of your life. It’s our 2-5 year retirement plan without even having to invest at high 12-19% returns! Highlights include:
· A Truly Simple Turnkey System where you can have All your prospects call you directly off TV infomercials. [30-60% are ready to buy immediately. Just take down their card & close a sale in just 10-15 minutes!] · 30 Day Money Back Guarantee on our Products and Business Opportunity itself! · Get paid commission starting within weeks [Imagine acquiring just 2 customers a day, or 10/week or 500 a year. You could be making $5-10k a month in 2-5 years from just autoship clients who help you build that residual income] · A Proven 6 and 7 figure income system (millions of people have become millionaires in the 3 industries we represent – TV, internet and network marketing!) · A realistic home based business you can work part-time or full-time with a low start up cost as to minimize financial risk · No stocking of products nor do you have to buy the products(the company does all the shipping and handling) · Fortune 500 Training (comprehensive live and recorded training for part-timers. Daily and exclusive training from our Inner Circle. · Market unique, patented products in the Health, Wealth, & Personal Development Fields [Everyone needs these products and it’s a trillion dollar global industry! Products that ‘Positively Impact People’s Lives’] · Patent pending business model/marketing system [We are the only ones doing this…] · No Cold Calling, No presenting or ‘Selling’ (Let our 30 minute Oprah style 30 minute talk show infomercials do all the convincing for you. When people call you, they’re already primed to buy what you have. · A 4x7 “Power Matrix” where you can get paid ~5% of the wholesale value of the sales made in your 21,000+ person virtual call center organization: wholesale is ~60% of retail · Work Entirely from Home [no need to bug family and friends ever! Set your hours according to your own schedule.] · Shared Team Values (ethics, honesty and service). This is how we’re able to match sales and marketing people together. · Visionary Leadership: ‘Game Changer’ in the direct response media world: 6 year proven track record, half a billion+ in sales...

This ITV Ventures opportunity will revolutionize the home based business arena: Check out our Inner Circle Live presentation via tele-webcast: and then get back us if you want more information. ps it’s a cross between a teleconference and webinar where you can get your questions answered in an anonymous and non intrusive manner. Submit your questions before and during the event via the web and we’ll answer the questions live. At the end of the daily webcast it automatically records so if you miss it, just go to the website and hit the ‘replay’ button to follow the slide presentation and listen to the questions for that day. You’ll get most of your questions answers including the all important ‘how much does this really cost!’

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2. Wisdom [‘Do’]

Imperfect Action…Beats Perfect Inaction Every Time!
Okay, now we got the ‘Show Me the Money’ out of the way, here’s some tips on where you can get practical know how so you can start the ‘doing’ process faster. As Nike rightly says: Just do it! Unfortunately our education system has conditioned us to avoid making mistakes. The more formal studies you have, the more likely you’re stuck in analysis paralysis … collecting and buying various ‘how to’ courses that eventually result in you doing nothing but spend lots of money. So stop it or you go broke! Now, by all means, search for a ‘Master’ who will show you the way and save you years of heartache and mistakes. Whatever business you attempt online, chances are you’ll fail more often than not before you get the hang of it – partly because you’ll underestimate how much time and money you really need to succeed [double or triple whatever anyone tells you!] So go ahead, make mistakes and fail forward fast. Just don’t risk everything! Of course, you can’t neglect learning the skills of being an entrepreneur...

The Ultimate 100% Free Internet Marketing Executive Audio Institute!
This is worth a mint…and it’s totally free [over 100 hours of mp3 downloadable interviews with every imaginable marketing guru…plus full transcripts if you’re a fast reader!]. Compared to 95% of the internet marketing stuff that is sold online, this free stuff is far more valuable in our opinion. Thank Mike Senoff for putting this site together… Warning! This site is addictive. It’s designed to be as informative as possible [no fluff] in the hope you’ll buy their products. We of course don’t get any commissions if you do decide to buy anything off their site but we still think you’ll find some gems there.

3. Virtue [‘Be’]

So How Do I be ‘Me’ Online?
Finally, the most important piece in the puzzle, but so often neglected because it’s not about money. The process of self discovery is really the first step to online success. Over the years we’ve come across and spoken to thousands of people searching for ‘work from home opportunities’ and what we’ve found is that most people are relatively
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inexperienced or have limited success when it comes to running any type of home based business. The key here is not to be an ‘opportunist’ – ie start a business just because you think it’s going to be easy to make money with it. Rather, think strategically…that is, do something you’d be good at [fits your natural talents], have an interest in and would actually enjoy doing. The reality is if you don’t believe in the products or vision of the management, you won’t last long enough to succeed.

So What Are Your Strengths?


Talents: Special abilities you were born

with or developed as a child in the areas of thoughts, feelings and behavior


Education: Formal or informal education
(college, hobbies etc)


Experience: Work/Life experiences and
observations you’ve learned over time. _________________________________


Abilities you have developed through experiences and expert training (proficiency requires about 1,000 hrs, and master level skills: 5-10,000 hrs. For accelerated learning techniques go to [Great for the whole family!]



There’s a book called ‘How to Find the Work You Love’ by Laurence Boldt that we highly recommend you check out! Also, if you haven’t seen ‘The Secret’ go to

How Not To Be…what should I avoid?
Most of you by now realize that you don’t really want to be in the business of shipping products to clients [ie ‘ebaying’ or setting up your own e-commerce website]. Even if you have experience doing this offline, to be successful at this online, once again you’ve got to be good at internet marketing and invest a lot of time and money with this strategy [there’s a lot of little techie things you got to learn that no one tells you about]. You’ve also probably come across programs that market dodgy, overpriced product that no one uses [ie ridiculous amounts of software/rehashed information products….’information overload’!] or ‘gifting programs’ where no product is marketed at all! The internet is littered with opportunities that are nothing more than a cover up for “money games”/pyramid schemes. If the company only provides the minimum 72 hours / 3 day money back guarantee on their ‘products’….and spend most of the time

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marketing to you ‘how much money you can make’ rather than the validity of their products…run fast! Rather, find a business where there is a huge demand for the products and they’re products you’d buy even if there wasn’t an income opportunity attached to it. Another thing you should avoid like the plague is those “high yield investment programs” online that typically claim to return 10-20% a month or even 1% a day [or more!]. Warren Buffett, the world’s most successful investor only achieved on average about 25-30% a year [albeit over 40-50 years!] Marketing low end products/traditional MLM opportunities [that cost $20-$150] is also not the best solution in our opinion for your average internet newbie unless you once again wanna be a techie internet marketer.

What if I don’t have internet marketing knowledge?
Well, join the club! Most of you won’t have much internet marketing knowledge [and we expect most of you won’t have the time to learn this skill] but many of you here probably have some sales/networking experience. As the late great management guru Peter Drucker once said “The Aim of Marketing is to Make Selling Superfluous”. No one likes to be sold. They like to buy. With web video technologies these days – many companies have created systems that do most of the explaining/selling for you online [product description, FAQs, compensation plan online videos etc]. With most online businesses typically you have to generate your own leads through internet marketing or you buy leads from companies and then simply invite them through a process of evaluating the business opportunity/products. Unfortunately, it’s hard to find a good lead company. The problem with lead companies is that they often sell non-exclusive leads [they’re sold multiple times!] that have opted into a generic survey that are often generated through mass emailing. These people weren’t looking for a business as such and are at best ‘curious’. So the not so good news is that while you can buy leads of various quality [and cost] you have to go through an extensive sorting and sifting process. Chasing, following up, chasing. It’s exhausting. And even if you don’t have to ‘sell’ in the traditional sense, it’s still considered by many ‘sales’ activity. But if you don’t mind picking up the phone and calling people, the key to success is relationship building and simplicity. If you are going to buy leads [and many of you will have to initially], when you do follow up the ‘secret’ to success is to ask a few questions, listen and shut up. Keep it simple! Find out what’s important to the prospect ie what motivates them. What experience do they have? What they’re looking for in a business etc…then give them the website / teleconference information and that’s it. Resist the selling! If you start ‘selling/explaining etc’, the other person thinks ‘do I have to do the same thing also if I join their business?’ You’ll find also the easiest sales come when people contact you back when they’re ready to buy your products/join your business because the system has explained most of what they need to know and you’ve demonstrated how easy it is to run the business.

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Remember, most people most people have a ‘buying cycle’. They simply may not be ready [ie in enough ‘pain’] to do something as significant as start a new home based business. After connecting with them, just keep in touch via email and an occasional phone call or two every few months. Follow up could increase your sales by easily 100%! Our exclusive Inner Circle Google Ad lead generation program was developed specifically to help those with limited internet marketing experience. We have a unique and exclusive ‘Inner Circle co-op rotator’ system that spins leads and has people calling you real time off our Web Ads…without you having to do any internet marketing [we manage the Ad campaigns!] By getting your own site that doesn’t look like a replicated “cookie cutter” website, people will call you/opt-in directly!

What if I don’t want to make any outbound phone calls?
Some programs out there claim they have a call center system that does everything for you. Just give us your money and we’ll generate leads and close the sales for you. If you’ve been successful in other programs doing that let us know! Now, what if there was Another Way - one where ALL your prospects call you directly and only after they’ve watched a 30 minute Oprah Winfrey style talk show on national television about your products or your business opportunity itself. What if 30-50% of these people who call decide to buy within 15 minutes or so because they’re already ‘80%’ sold on the products… and you pocket the commission. Automated follow up systems to triple your profits: Now, mind you, once you build up a database of hundreds of customers over time, we’ll teach you how to use online voice broadcasts and post card marketing methods. Imagine sending out a voice message for 4c per person saying something like ‘Hi! It’s XYZ, your personal customer care consultant for iTV. Just wanted to say hi, and that if there’s any problems, call me on 888 etc. By the way, we have a new product just launched and there’s a special free offer now – see our new infomercial on my website etc’ Or how about this? For just 55 cents a postcard [including postage], send out hundreds of personalized postcards [Dear John etc] to your customers with your hand writing [they scan you’re a,b,c’s etc] and have your signature, and website and contact details on them…with a click of a button. Get your customers to call you wanting to buy more from you.

Wealth …with Virtue?
Quite naturally, there are certain traits/virtues or ‘ways of being’ that need to be developed in order for you to achieve the success you want. Often people just focus on the $$$ but forget to focus on the fundamentals: developing the real wealth that lies within.

Here’s just a few traits of a successful entrepreneur [and for investors also…] 1. Action Oriented 4. Self-Starter 8. Resilient 2. Achievement motivated 5. Disciplined 6. Promoter 3. Persuasive 7. Tenacious/persistent 10. Honesty

9. High standards of Excellence

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There’s a reason why the personal development industry [ala Tony Robbins] is so critical to the health of the entire economy today. It’s well known that small business and entrepreneurial activity is the engine for the creation of new jobs. Conversely, large companies are continually downsizing due to efficiencies brought on by new technology. The ultimate technology you could say is thus the human potential…in particular, the human heart and mind. So if you want to be successful – work on yourself first! Interestingly, language was the first technology that was developed. Through language came stories; stories that shaped our beliefs and in turn influenced our behavior and actions. Language therefore helped us define ourselves and you could say even ‘caused’ civilization itself. It’s no surprise then that people who mastered their internal and external dialogue were those who changed the course of history. Like other technologies however, language was generally misunderstood. So while most people thought of language as a tool for describing the world…some, however, used language to reinvent it. Recently, the global success of the online movie/DVD ‘The Secret’ is in part attributed to the fact that more and more people are realizing that their inner thoughts can in fact help shape their outside reality. Our thoughts control what we say after all. So, going one step further… this explains why meditation, which specifically trains the heart and mind on how to ‘let go’ and focus, is such an integral part of the personal development culture of the East…and now increasingly so in the West also. ‘Think and Grow Rich?’ Perhaps it should be ‘Meditate, Be Good and Grow Rich!’

So How Can I Achieve Perfect Body, Mind, Spirit…Balance?
If you’re interested in an ancient form of Buddhist/Taoist meditation that includes qi-gong/taichi like exercises for mind/body & spirit balance just go to the website below. This 5000 year old ‘Oriental Wealth Secret’ is like nothing you’ve ever come across. Whatever your belief system may be, the ‘Tao’ [or ‘The Way’ of Nature] is immutable. And you can learn entirely for free on the net via online video training. No donations are required…there’s no membership and you don’t even have to provide any email or personal information to start learning… Sounds too good to be true? Well, true to the Ancient Ways of the past which weren’t commercially driven, with the advent of the internet, these videos can easily be distributed via the web without costing anyone much at all. Search, and you shall find, Grasshopper! Here’s where you can learn for free an ancient meditation/qi-gong practice. You’ve probably noticed that yin-yang Tao symbol we use for ‘The Inner Circle’ logo. This balance of goal setting with non-attachment, doing and learning, Eastern Wisdom + Western Innovation …is in our view the key to ‘Wealth Mastery’!]

Final Words…
Congratulations on finishing the Wealth Manifesto! We hope you’ll join us on this incredible journey of Enlightened Wealth Mastery… [just get back to the person who invited you here or go to for more information]

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Actual Testimonials*
All I did was 30 minutes a day and I was making a consistent $1,000 a month. That’s about $66/hr! Now I work 4 hours a day and recently in my best week, I made $7,000. My husband, who’s a doctor, still can’t believe it!

–– Andrea Belucci, work from home Mother of 5, New York, NY

The Wealth Manifesto has been a real source of inspiration for me. I don’t have fancy computer skills but I’m now working entirely from home. On a side note I’ve finally made time to start writing my book!

–– Cindi Norbut, real estate investor, Rochester, New York
When I first saw The Wealth Manifesto, I was blown away… It’s a holistic approach to creating long term wealth unlike anything I’ve seen…

–– David Bullock, one of the world’s leading experts in Taguchi advertising

For quite some time, I was looking to find a genuine work from home opportunity. Then I came across The Inner Circle that introduced me to a company with over half a billion dollars in sales and a story and vision so compelling….i joined in a matter of days …

–– Steven Blumrosen, Esq., Writer, New York, NY
If I had to describe The Inner Circle in a few words – it’s about being yourself and living the lifestyle of your dreams. With the coaching I received I’ve been able to replace my full time income on a couple of hours a day doing what was just a hobby of mine….

–– Richard L. Internet Marketer. Creator of world’s top 10 model plane site.
Just as True Beauty comes from the inside...The Inner Circle is not just about Wealth in the traditional sense. It’s also about being able to express yourself to the fullest…to live your Destiny without fear

–– Angel Yuan, Former Miss China 2000, Los Angeles CA
Thanks to the mentoring I received…in just under 2 years I moved from working at a prestigious law firm to setting up a wireless communications technology company that staffs 35 people in Asia, Europe and North America…

–– Tan Le, Young Australian of The Year, Co-Founder of Emotiv Systems, CA
* These people have been coached by the Founder of the Inner Circle and only some are involved with ITV.

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Your LIVE Web Marketing*/ Wealth Coaching Session Certificate [Valued At $300!]
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Web Marketing/ Wealth Coaching Certificate
This certificate entitles the holder to ONE FREE WEB MARKETING*/WEALTH COACHING SESSION ON THE PHONE [Value at $300]
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