by Dorothy Thomas and Barbara Robtlle

gyllen yull-en golden rosa rooss-a pink gull, gult" goal,. goolt yellow

s01vblank surlblank silver


qrenn, gn;mt* grum, grumt green

by Dorothy Thomas and Barbara


oransje orange


hvit, hvitt" veet, vitt white

fiolett fee-a-let purple

red, recr rur, rurt red gra, gratt* graw, grot grey (rnerkejbla (murker) blaw (dark) blue svart/sort

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bla, blatt" blaw, blot blue

·c.ln.: see Adjectives page 6.

Dorothy Thomas first encountered Norway at Girl Guide camp on an island near Stavanger. Since then she has travelled the length and breadth (a whole ten kilometres at its narrowest) of the country by scooter - and much shorter stretches on skis. She studied at Newcastle upon Tyne and Oslo Universities, is a member of the Institute of Linguists, and works as a teacher and translator. After a brief sojourn in Hell (near Trondheim), Barbara Robale now writes newspaper articles and short stories. When in need of a quiet life (or to escape from her eleven grandchildren), she tends her garden just below the tree-line in Jotunheimen.

Norge/Noreg - Norway

Svalbard (Spitsbergen)



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Norwegian and English have many words in common since both are Germanic languages. Norwegian has even closer links with Swedish and Danish and speakers of one can understand the others quite easily. However, for historical and geographical reasons Norwegian is the most fluid language in Europe. For several hundred years until 1814 it was ruled by Denmark, which had a profound influence on the language of the towns, Bokme), while in the country difficulties of access meant that a variety of accents developed, which were later synthesised into Nynorsk. In this book we have used a fairly neutral form of Bokmal which is used by most newspapers and magazines and will be understood everywhere. Since everyone has the right not only to speak his dialect but to write it, a word may have several, usually minor, variations. Bm en is often Nn ei (en/einone), Bm u ~ Nn 0 (hull/hoI - hole), 8m h = Nn k (hvitlkvit - white), Brn = Nn a (Mndlhand - hand): Nn often adds a j (ikke/ikkje - not). Other common variations are jeg/eg (I), kirke/kyrkje (church), melk/mjolk (milk). Syv/sju (7), tyve/tjue (20), iretn/tretn (forward), syk/sjuk (sick), vann/vatn (lake) and ve/!veg (way) also coexist. Bokma/ has two genders, common and neuter, while Nynorsk has a feminine gender too. Among those words which frequently use the feminine version are boka/boken (the book), klokka/klokken (o'clock), konalkonen (the wife), kue/kuen (the cow), stue/stuen (the living room).


Using this book. Inside the back cover is a list of basic phrases which you can use in a variety of circumstances. First look up what you need in the Contents section or the Index, then follow the speech guides beneath each picture. The guide on page 8 will help you pronounce it correctly. The syllables you should stress are set in heavy type. Next we take you through a series of typical situations, giving you the words you'll need to get what you want, and some of the likely replies. In most cases we give you a basic situation which can be used in several places. For example, the phrases used in the baker's on page 28 can be used in most other shops too. Sentences are carefully designed to be interchangeable, so that if you want something different from what is being asked for in the picture, you can just slot it in. In the Index you will sometimes find words included that are related to the one you are actually looking under. For example, under 'Nice' you will also find page 71 where 'Delicious' is used. Right at the back on page 80 is a list of numbers. Do try to learn these numbers are a vital part of any language and will make shopping and making arrangements very much easier. Remember, travelling abroad should be fun. If you can talk to people and understand most of the signs you'll enjoy it much more. Don't be shy - have a go! Enjoy yourself and have a good trip. - God torneyetse og god turf

) they have to have to I must jeg ser du ser han. jeg snakker ikke norsk -I don't speak Norwegian. your' now mostly replaced by au. They are never part of the subject of a sentence and very rare!y occur at the beginning of one. e. e.he IS driving his (Per's) car. whereas hans means it belongs to someone else. pl. e.the cat et vindu (n.) or et (n.q. etc. du snakker engelsk . (Use skal for each person.q.) they come to be I am you are (s.) .g. i. The word for 'my'. or there is more than one.har de tier a S8 veere Jeg er du er han.) he. sine are part of the object. kattene mine also mean 'my cat'.cats vinduer . e.) It's mine: Possessive adjectives. hun har den.e. n. If a noun is common gender.several houses. e. she has it has (c. det ser vi ser dere ser de ser tl ha jeg har du har han. .!n. do not change in the plural.a big window store katter .) For the future tense use skalwith the infinitive. min katt . -t is not pronounced: 'day stora vin-doo-a'.a big cat et start vindu .) they are c) komme jeg kommer du kommer han. en katt (c. [The language is constantly evolving and some words are frequently used with the feminine article (ei = a. e. depends on whether the following word is common. (De.g.. n. regardless of who is doing the action.I shall go to Norway. 'my cats) c. These are always the same.) he. dethar vi har dere.a house.) to come I come you come (s. jeg ken ikke snakke norsk -I can't speak Norwegian. neuter or in the plural.) deres deres deres his hans hans hans deres their deres deres hers hennes hennes hennes or their' sine sine sine or his/hers' sin sift sine ['The forms sin.). -en = the) may also be used.) If there is more than one.) Little/small is the most complicated adjective: en titen. . flere hus . e.. -t is not pronounced: 'vin-doo-a'.g. jeg vii gjeme komme til Norge .) he.) we come you come (pl.) we see you see (pl. mitt hus .the big windows (Again. e.). e.) din ditt dine your (pl. katter . a singular item (5. Deres are the formal forms of 'you. -a = the).ln. In Norwegian all nouns are thouqht of as being either common gender (c. It usually comes after the first part of the verb.e. If a noun IS neuter.the cats vinduene . (Katten min.] 'Doing things: Verbs.). sitt.) they see to have I have you have (s.the small (pl. you have to add an extra 'the' and use the plural form of the adjective.q. but this is not obligatory and the common articles (en = a. Monosyllabic neuter nouns.: masculine and feminine combined) or neuter gender (n. the adjective describing it will be too.the big cat det store vinduet .a little. put ene on the end of the original word. she comes it comes ( house. de sma.I would like to come to Norway.a window vinduet .the windows 'Describing things: Adjectives. hun skal til byen . det lille .g.) we have you have (pl. i.) we are you are (pl. det er vi er dere er de er tl kunne jeg kan to be able I can b mstte jeg ma (no r) to go: use skal with no extra verb. often mean the same as 'own' In English.zn. mine katter .] When talking about one thing only. Again. plural.g.sheis it is ( cat. For the in the plural. pl. Questions: simply take the basic statement and turn it round. hun kommer den.g. speak English snakker du enqelsk? . sitt.) he.she will go into town. add -erfor all genders. Thus: den store kstten . put en (c. mine hus . my min mitt mine our var vart vare your (s.a cat ketten . dm/dltt/dme. For the. if you want to say 'the big cat' etc. et hus .the window (Note that when -et means 'the'. however. han skal komme .do you speak English? Saying No: ikke = not.the big window de store kettene . e.g. de skal spise -they will eat. jeg skal til Norge .big windows Just to confuse the issue.g. she sees it sees (c.). et lite . to want: for 'I would like' use jeg vii gjeme plus the infinitive. det kommer vikommer dere kommer de kommer c) to see I see you see (s. e. kattene . use vii for each person.g. so they ~an onl~ be used when _ referring to something that has already been mentioned In a particular sentence. en star katt . e.he Will houses. How Norwegian Works Things: Nouns. 'your'.the big cats de store vinduene . a is en ( cats. e. hun er den.he is driving his (own) car.) . den.the little (sing. c. han kjerer sin bil .big cats store vinduer . the ending of the adjective changes slightly.ln.g. hun ser den. han kJarer hans (Pers) bli..) on the end of the word.) or et (n.

god. u is the Scots or French u. t when in 'the' e. Make as if to sayee. sk] pronounced sh as in she. Ii. k as in kid. nd. y. but these tones are not shown in our transcription. r is lightly rolled. a as in paw. oy is like uh followed by ee. y similar to short u. rd. hi._Sounds We have tried to keep our transcription as simple as possible so that you can read the questions and answers almost as if they were English. Norwegian has two speech melodies or tones which are used in combination with stress and to differentiate between some words. like ee in bee. like k in bank card or t in boat trip. h before j. gei. hva. ki. lig. s. hjem. when long. or in det (it). ky is the German ch as in ich. au is like a short e as in met. but sk with i. Some words are split by a hyphen to make them easier to read and to get the stress in the right place.g. e. gy. expecially in the east. selv (self). kj. Sometimes it resembles aw in paw.g. re is an open sound. like y in yes. i short. Long words Since these are often several words combined. huge. s]. rs is often pronounced sh. d in the combinations Id. v. produced in the throat. Always pronounced in the past tense of verbs. o usually 00 as in moon. e. or 0 in hot. never a z sound. Double consonants are both pronounced. e. long like a in father. the southwest uses a French r. ng as in singer. (It also means OWl) ei like ay in say. In English it is the h sound as in human.g. tolv (twelve). g as in go. like y in yes.boklbook sound alike. gi. setv (silver).z always like s in sit. Sometimes like 00 in book. e short like e in met. red. when long. gj. huset (the house). Usually silent after a long vowel. sk like sk in skate. like air but without the r. as in bit. try splitting them after an 5 or an Time of Day and Greetings God morgen/god dag goomorrnlgoodaag Good morning/good day • (om) ettermiddagen om ettamee-daagen (in) the afternoon Silent consonants Days of the week mandag mandaa(g) Monday tirsdag teeshdaa(g) Tuesday en uke/uken en ooker/ooken a/the week torsdag ta wshdaa (g) Thursday fredag fraydaa(g) Friday e. stoppet (stopped). like ai in air. Intonation Like Swedish. g as in ig. "y is pronounced sh. a when short is very close to 0 In on. then round your lips and push them forward. never as in finger. or 0 in hot. i. It can also be a short sound . followed by 00. onsdag oonssdaa(g) Wednesday 10rdag lurdaa(g) Saturday . a is like ur in fur (without the r) or uh in uh-huh. v in halv (half).g. or German U.

4.:. Have available? you roo m oh ett 3. Naavner 4.1m In asoending order of price you'll find hoteu. Hello. Ulleie is to let. en nat! sin nat to netter Booking a room : 2. vrerelse... all of whom speak English. Kanyay taw passer? Skreev oon-ner hair. passport? Could you sign here. Ett dob-belt ott too eng-kelt room. A boarding house (pensjonat. and one med kjekken has cooking facilities. Ja. For ain natt (en ooker). '1 . Goodaag.. Goodaag.. For sin/too (too) barn..isthytte) will be less ruinous but may only provide breakfast . With shower or without? . Hello. I have booked a room in the name of Jones. May I have your 5.--+. how many for? 4. 2. hospits. LIFT (heisen): Press HITto summon. Yay har bestilt air Jones.gjestgiveri or tur. look for a private room (rom. hvor mange too nett-or two nights '-'-'--'. Would you like a double room or a single? 3... - 1 1. Alternatively. please? Meals: frakost breakfast helpensjon/halvpensjon frookost lunsj lunsh middag mid-daa(g) lunch hail/hal pen-shoon dinner full/half board. vor mang-er bleer day? Yes. Yaa. a! course. 2..:l one night blir det? 1. If you have sleeping bags you might like to rent a Iilytte or cabin (you may also need pans and crockery). ett room. Goodaag.. They will often find you a hotel or private room for a small charge (look for Innkvartering or Romformid'iing) and can also make travel reservations. Skalday veirer dab-belt ot-ter engkelt room? 2. and the cost will include a large buffet-style breakfast. tedig: means vacant.. Got. With shower. May doosh. turisthotell Hotels and in the mountains h0yfjellshotel'l.:u. For how many nights? peshoon(er) For one/two people and one child (two Children). 1. Vor mang-er net-tor? Fine. For one night (a week). overnaUing). May el-Ier oot'n doosh? A double and two singles. 3.:__!___L:. This sign is for the Tourist Office (Turlstlntorraasjon).and charge extra for it... natt'n? Hardoo ett room a for Hello. Day stern-mer.

Sair-vairer 1. * Far jeg nokkelen nummer atten? til Fawyay nurklen til noom-mer att'n? May I have the key to room 18. Yes. 5. Kanyay faw pas-ser dayress.. Nay tek. Feent.. Mang-er tak.. Fawyay sair paw room-mer? Can I see the room? 2. Good. Air frookost inklu-dairt? Is breakfast included? 6. Finns day noo-er baydrer? Have you anything better? 6. (Time p. Got . selvf0lgelig. '41 . day finss ett room laydee. Yes. Vor mee-er coster day? How much is it? 4. yay tar day. tak. Yaa. 1. jeg tar det.1 Inspecting the room 2. Fint. Fra klok-ker hal ot-ter.74. Braa. we have a room available.30. 1'1 take it. Va var naavner? Good. Yay hayter Helen Baker. day pas-ser ik-ker. No. please? dayrer maat hair? Do you serve meals here? 2. tak? Could I have your passport. please? 3.~jeg se pa rom met? @i . Day bleerkrooner nett'n. Thank you. Norr sair-vairer dayrer frookost? (Iunshlmid-daag) What time do you serve breakfast? (lunch/dinner) 3. Fine. sell-fur/galee. Paying p.f:'~} 1. Ja. 5. My name is Baker. Day air for brawker-ta (Ieeter). Tak for naw! Goodbye. Checking out 1. Yaa. Hair air nurklen.kroner a night. He~isyourke~ 2. please? 4. Vor kanyay per-keirer? Where can I park? 3.. of course. I'll take it. 1. 2. It's too noisy (small). 3. It's . 2. Kanyay fawraining-en. Yay beklaager . I'm sorry . 4. Please may I have the bill. I 13. From 7. Yay tar day. I don't like it.. What is your name.35) .

Don-shull. kandoo see may vor Hair. The stove broken.At tile cabin Kj0 kke net shukker-na the Kitchen en kopp/et krus en kopp/ett krooss a cup/mug et glass ett glass a glass en tallerken en ta-Iairken a plate 1.boor? Excuse me. where does Mr live? 2. . isn't working/is 3. Kom-feeren air ee oo-stan.The Bathroom Badet springen spring-en the tap/faucet vaysay/twa-letter the lavatorylToilet WC. Koon-ner yay faw eft extra 00/- 2. vaskeservanten vssker-eeirvent'n the washbasin en dyne en deener a duvet et ullteppe/senqetey ett ooltepper/senger-tay a blanketJbedclothes et laken ett laaken a sheet lampen lamp-en the lamp Pll hytta .Soverommet so ver-roommer The Bedroom gardinener gardeener-na th e cu rtai ns Iyset lees-set the light en tyspasre en Jeess-pairer a light bulb .paw hit-fa .baader .lToalettet 1. Kandoo fixer day? Can you mend it? topper? Could I have (another blanket). Yay sair et-ter Fruw I'm looking for Mrs - . please? seppelen sur-olen the rubbish/trash et terkehanckle et: turker-tionkier a tea-towel kjaleskapet shurler-skaaper the fridge en stol en stool a chair en gaffe! en gaff-ell a fork en kniv en k{a)-neev a knife en bolle en boiler a bowl en mugge en mugger ajug bordet boorer the table en skje/teskje en shay/tay-shay a spoon/teaspoon kafte/tekannen kafferltaykannen the coffee/teapot .

Campsite signs Bommen Stengt 23. > .m. That will be .A 500 m . 2. can we camp here? 2. Vor lenger har dayrer tenkt aw blee? How long would you like to stay? 2. Har dayrer noo-en laydy-er plas-ser for natt'n? Have you any room tonight? 3.-7a.Oon-shull. For ett ten/en caravan/en boo-beel.No Camping Youth Hostel/Mountain Vandrerhjemmet vandrer-yemmer the Youth Hostel Bestyreren besteerer-en the Warden Hut ramming av toalett better Chemical toilet disposal point 1. Vor leng-er har doo tenkt aw blee? How long for? . Vor mang-er bleer deyrer? How many are there of you? 3. * Camping is allowed anywhere on open land provided you are at least 150m away from houses or cabins (ask permission if possible). fawvee awver-natter hair? Hello. tak. Goodaag. Har doc may laaken-poosser (sover-poosser) ? Have you a sheet bag (sleeping bag)? Goodaag. where is the campsite? 1. I'd like electricity. vor finner yay camping plassen? Excuse me. 4. too. have you any room? 3. No fires are allowed in woodland from April 15th-September 15th. Toalett Kj0kken Vaskerom Toilet Kitchen Laundry * Small blue gas cartridges are sold in Scandinavia but not large gas bottles since butane freezes at very low temperatures: propane is used instead.00-07. Baarer ain. At eleven o'clock. 5. Finss day en taydy hitter? Is there a cabin available? 1. Daybleer-krona. Fjellstuen f~yeHstoo-en the Mountain Hut E. Hair air medlemss-korter mit./Too voxner on ett (too barn). 2. Hva air preessen pair dayn? How much is it per night? 4.kroner. For a tenVcaravanl motor caravan. Norr steng-er dayrer om kvell-en? What time do you close in the evening? 3. Just one'/Two adults and one child (two children). I l. 4.00 Barrier closed 11p.m. Klokker elver. Ain nett (to net-tor/en ooker). Heist may strurm. 4. One night (two nights/a week). har dayrer noo-er taydy? Halla. Here's my membership card. * Camping ikke tillatt/forbudt .

) Self-service establishments are usually closed by about 6 pm.I eller vin? 4. 2.1m Eating Out Basic ordering 1: Drinks en lel1". Kafeteria.the regulations are very strictly enforced. cakes and srnerbred (open sandwiches) at a Konditori (konditor-ree). where are the 2. Hello. Jeg er sulten/te rst.U::. Air day laydy hair? Is this seatttable free? 3. you will get most choice at lunchtime when the day's special and other hot dishes are served well Into the afternoon. or coffee. a sweet version.19) or a glass of wine (pp.beg-ger dayler.) USEFUL TERMS: Oagens rett . Ie (med melk). (sairvairing) is 'refreshments'. includes some hot dishes 'Stor eller liten?' . what you like? would 2. and soft drinks. All are self-service and there's one in most department stores.20): you can get these at a Kiosk or Snackbar. Va skal day vairer? 4. Don-shull. Except at restaurants.19. Veikro or Vertshus.21) with fast food like varme pelser (hot dogs).one litre of each of wine and spirits for all aged twenty or over. DRINKS: Coffee (p. You can get a beer (p. Yaa. a lager and a glass of apple juice. SNACKS (p. 26) at most bars and openair cafes as well as at hotels and restaurants. Norwegians often drink plain water. p. Can have a coffee. vor air twa-Ietterna? Excuse toilets? me. known as 'Polet' (poo/er) so use your duty-free allowance . Restaurant. (Between 11. In much of the west no alcohol is available at all except for 'lettal' (non-alcoholic lager) and Verterel.19) is served strong and black. Serverer dere • U en milk shake en mifk shake a milk shake en cola en cooler a coke TIPPING? Service is included in the bill. Kan jeg fa en kaffe. How much is that? .1 en let uri a low-alcohol beer n fatal en faat uri a draught beer ". fruit squash or milk with their meals. appelsinsaft appel-seen saft orange juice en sitronbrus en sit-roan brooss a fizzy lemonade en kopp sjokolade en kop snokko- 1. Kanyay taw en kat-fer. Tea is normally black. pieces of pizza and chicken. Vbr mee-er bleer day? Thank you. Wine (reasonable in price) and spirits (prohibitive) are only sold at state-controlled shops. supermarkets and large stations. middag (mid-daag) dinner. Supermarkets sell beer at about half bar prices (. cheese and fish. Do not drink if driving . Norwegians don't tip.pant' . /aader a hot chocolate en te (med melklsitron) en tay (may meik/si-troon) a tea (with milkllemon) to kaffe (med II? sukker) ~ c. 3. God appetitt! goo soper-tit! Enjoy your meal! Sk~11 skawlf Cheers! 1. Other places to look for are Kro (kroo) . finding the lavatory 1 r=o } (may sook-ker} two coffees (with sugar) * yay air soolt'nitursht I'm hungry/thirsty. Goodaag. a tea (with milk).'deposit'). Kaffistova or anywhere with -stua In Its name. lunsj (Iunsh) lunch. (Hjemme-Iaget mat means 'home-cooking' and Servering. Seir-veirer dayrer urI el-Ier veen? Do you serve beer or wine? tay (may melk). en pi/55 oti ett glass epler-saft. Ever. often with lemon . but spirit~ are only available 1-11 pm and never on Sundays.'s special Koldtbord .you will have to ask for milk ('te med melk'). to kat-fer Paying. For a full meal try a Kate(kaf-tay). Yes. both. Everywhere has a Gatekj"kken ('street kitchen'. MEALS: frokost (trookost) breakfast.30am and 1pm office workers invade the cafes for snacks to tide them over until dinner at home at 5 or 6pm. Beer and wine are served all day. Breakfast is a massive buffet of cold meat/cold cuts. Toossen tak.'large or small?' F=====~--------------.--.cold buffet Lunsjbord -lunchtime buffet. en pils og etglass eplesaft.

~='=. egg and shrimp.h~_. Det-ter hair. 3. Deesser oh dee deir. tsk a hot dog.. Har dayrer eess krem? Have you any ice cream? 2. may egg ott may rayker. A doughnut and a slice of apple cake. Yaa.~--------------~==~~---------------r---' a Is .ta ytgoo/ crisps/chips 1. En sleek. Vee har ooster-smurbrur. strawberry chocolate. eess. Yes. One like that. 5. takk en purtser. These and those. Va air det-ter? What's this called? 2.Ice cream en kuleis encoowreess cone en softis en soft eess a soft ice ~~~~m en saftis en saft eess an ice lolly krokan kroo-kaan roasted nuts oh and r-. please. _ * en pelse. Va slaags smurbrur har dayrer? What open sandwiches have you got? 2.aak. We have cheese srnarbrec. 3. yoorbair shokko-Iaader. en grillp01se en grill purlser a thick. En shokko-Iaader 1. En smooltring oh ett siik-ker epler kestcer. Kanyay taw lit aav den dafr? Can I have some of that. A chocolate ice Food .eess . grilled frankfurter med brod/lompe may brur/Jumper in a roll/potato cake med sennep og ketchup may sennep oh ketchup with mustard & tomato sauce Self·service/Choosing blatkake b/urt-kaaker cream gateau valier vaffier waHles things et wienerbmd eft veener-brur a Danish pastry Napoleonskake napoo/ay-onss vanilla slice k. shinker smurbrur. va-nee/yer. 4. vanilla. 3. 4. ham srnerbred.:m~UL~iIt_A_lj 1. Vi/ker grurn saaker? Which vegetables? 4. please et rundstykke med ost eft roon-stikker may oost a cheese roll (half) en pizza en peetser a pizza pommes !rites pom free chips/fries potetgull poo. This one.varmer purfserhot dogs (gaater shuk-kr-e_n) -.. Stoor ella teet'n? Ain cooler el-Ier too? Large or small? One scoop or two? .Gatekjokken VARME P0LSER .

og Tbone steak til may. One/two tomato soups. tak. Tayel-Ier kat-fer? Tea or coffee? 1. Va air naavner? I Telephone p. Morrn! Kan yay(vee) taw trookost? Good morning.":K)! \ Restaurants .•i: bred brur Ordering a meal a glass of. Va air daag-enss ret? What is today's special? 4.. I'd like to book a table for 7 o'clock. Have you 3.~/ . 5. En hamburger may pam free oh sa-Iaat...Booking a table 'Sair-vairer dayrer vayghetar koost? Have you any vegetarian dishes? 1. fisk fisk rundstykker/ristet roon-stikkeriristet rolls/toas~ •. Yay viI yairner be-stiller eft boor tlf klokker nitt'n. Tea/coffee with milk.41 I What name.. Skat day vairer des-sair? *~ Would you like dessert? Serverer dere vegetarkost? I . har dayrer eft boor til tray? Hello. with chips 1. three? have you a table for 2. 3... Eft ey-er btik. Har dayrer be-stilt? Just a moment booked? .E Breakfast 1... tak. 4. 1 C oosl che~iSh varm/kald melk varmlkal r7!elk hot/cold milk I~ \~~_. Yay tar en lammer kotter-iet . et glass. please. En/too too-meet sup-per. Kanyay faw lit brur? Could I please? . Vor mang-er? How many for? 2. ~. 2.. please. I'd like a hamburger and salad. Goodaag. I'll have a lamb chop .. Could I(we) have breakfast? 2. q~<@)~ kiC3ttpalegg shirt-pawleg sliced meat I[ (~. Tay/kat-fer may melk. please? 3.and Tbone steak for me. eft glass have some ost bread.

kaaker Ice creamAayer cake Karamell-pu dd ing Karra-me/ pud-ding Cream caramel DESSERT .?~ .Dessert His-qrat Reess grurt Rice pudding Multer Moolter Cloudberries Ramme-gmt Rum-mer grurt Wheat flour & sour cream Tilslerte bondepiker Tils/urter boonner peeker Layered apple. vegetables on p.30. breadcrumbs Grav-/R0ke-laks graav-/ax/rurker-/ax Cured/Smoked Salmon Sur-Sild ~ Soar sil Sailed herring.Fish Fiske-gratang fisker graateng Fish. sugar. pepper & onions J. Sei-biH say bitt Fried Coley Stekt Orret stekt ur-reti Fried Troul Hedspette rur spelter Plaice Panert Torsk pa-nairt lorshk Breaded Cod Eple-kake epler kaaker Apple cake There is more meat and fish on p.Menu - 1 Benlese fugler bayn/urser fooler Beef olives BiH med 10k biff may lurk Beef and onions Fenalar ieyner-tor Cured leg of Mutlon Hense-frikasse humser frikker-say Fricassee of Chicken Karbonader karbo-naader Beefburgers Kj0n-gryte shirt greeter Meat stew Kj0n-kaker shirt kaaker Meatballs KJOTT . so try splitting words after an s or an e..Meat Nakke-kotelett nakker kotter-let Lamb cutlet Okse-filet okser fee-lay Fillet of Beef Pinne-kjatt pitmer shirt Salted rib of Mutton Relns-dyr-stek rains-deer sleak Roast Deer Ribbe fibber Roast rib of Pork Hekte pelser rurkier purlser Smoked Sausages Schnitzel stinitsel Escalope Speke-mat spayker maat Cured sliced Meat Svine-kam sveener-kem Roast saddle of Pork Svine-kotelett sveener kotter-Iet Pork chop Long words: often the last part is the item's name and the first part describes it. crumbs & cream cheese.Salads Blandet salat btenne Isa-faat Mixed salad Rake-salat rayker sa-Iaat Prawn salad Tun-fisk-salat toonfisk sa-faat Tuna salad FISK .Egg dishes en Omelet! oomer-iet an Omelette (med ost/skinke/sopp) (may oostlshinker/sop) (cheese/ham/mushroom) 1/2 Kylling hal shilling 1/2 Roast Chicken brun/lys Lapskaus /ap-skowss Beet/Pork & potato stew Marbrad-biff murbraar bitt Beef sirloin SALATER . SUPPE-Soup Asparges-suppe aspargass supper Asparagus soup Blornkal-suppe bloomkaw/ supper Cauliflower soup Ene-suppe airter supper Pea soup with ham Fiske-suppe fisker supper Fish soup Tomat-suppe too-meet supper Tomato soup EGGRETTER Egge-mre egger-rurer Scrambled egg et Speil-egg ett spay/-egg a Fried Egg . is-kake eess . (Each dish has been hyphenated to give you the idea. macaroni.Meny .

please? 2. Kan jeg fa regningen. One/two Et stykke ett stik-ker One piece (of) En hekto en hektoo 100g (3'/20Z) Litt til. Kanyay taw en extra shay? Could I have another spoon. en mugger van oh en appelseen juice. Besides the supermarket (supermarked) or the market place (torget).5pm Monday to Friday. please. How to ask: Har du (epler)? har doo (epler)? Have you (any apples)? 1. please. Kiosks and takeaway food stalls stay open in the evening until 10 or 11 pm. A beer.. Kolonial. tak. etc. Skal day vairrer noo-er aw drik-ker? Would you like anything to drink? 2.. .tak? Could I have the bill. thank you. lit til A little more. a jug of water and an orange var dayly It was very nice. Stykket Each En/to ain Itoo Hva koster deVde? va coster dayldee? How much is it/are they? En kilo (to mater) en sheelo (too-maater) A kilo (of tomatoes) Den/de der den/dee dafr That one/those Halvparten hal pert'n Half En (hal v) liter en (hal) leeter A (half) litre (3/4/ 13/4ptS) Nok! nok! That's enough. Landhande. Skal det vesre noe annet? skal day vairer noo-er aant? Would you like anything else? HjemmebakVlaget Home-baked/made 3. IiJ. please? 5. (nay) dess-verrer Sorry. later on Thursdays and 2 or 3pm on Saturdays. Smaakter day? Did you enjoy it? 3.1 or Matvarer. and 'Ha del' or 'Morna' when you leave. 4. please? Hvor mange/mye? vor mang-erlmee-er? How much/many? En skive/to skiver ain sheeverltoo sheever One slice/two slices (of) En kvart/halv kilo en k-vartlhal sheeio 250/500g C/2Ib/1Ib) Nok? nok? Is that enough? (Nei) dessverre. p. Yay troor day air fail ee raining-en. we haven't any. as well as at weekends. I think there's a mistake in the bill. yay baarer sair I'm just looking. takk? o a 1.Shopping APEN Open LUKKET/STENGT Closed Opening times: Normal hours are gam .15 Note: Use the conversation pattern shown in the baker's for all kinds of shops. Kanyay taw raining-en. Kan jeg f<\ (noen epler)? kanyay taw (nco-en epler)? Can I have (some apples). you will also find small food shops signed Dagligvarer. En uri. Petrol stations often keep food. Remember to say 'Morn' going in. too.yQ Special offer Requests and paying 4. A bottle of red wine (white/rose/ sparkling wine). Jeg bare ser. Tak. Cutlery. En tiesker rur-veen (veet-I rassayImoossairer-na veen).

!.Meat KALKUN kal-koon Turkey KALVEKJ0TT kaiver shirt Veal KJ0TTDEIG shirtdayg Mince en KOTELETT en kotter-let a Chop/Cutlet en KYLLING en shit-ling a Chicken LAMMEKJ0TT /am-mer shirt Lamb (in Norwegian order) LEVER/-POSTEl layverl-possCay Liver/-pate OKSEKJ0TT oxer shirt Beef P0LSER pur/ser Sausages RENSDYR rayns5 deer Venison (speke)SKINKE spayker shinker (cured. Mar-nsf Thank you.. 2.=:.skal deer: FishBLASKJELL blaw shell Mussels FISKEBOLLER tisker bol-Ier Fishballs en HUMMER en hoom-mer a Lobster HVITTING vir-ling Whiting KOLJE koolyer Haddock ~ Seafood SARDINER sardeener Sardines SEI Fisk -~j "-' r---:. Two.l~. Toossen tak.Baker's and Cake Shop.-.. Va vii doo hse? Good morning.i."""l:. Good morning.. 4...". Vair saw goo.Skalldy!r: fisk . And some (crisp) rolls. A large loaf/a small loaf. please. Air day aft? There you are. That one. Oh noo-en . Vair saw goo.. Is that everything? en KRABBE en crab-ber a Crab KREPS kreps Crayfish LAKS lax Salmon LUTEFISK /ooterfisk dried Cod in potash lye MAKRELl mak-refl Mackerel REKER rayker Shrimps R0DSPETTE bleerday? No. say Var mee-er 3. Morrn.II Bakeri! ogKonditori .shirt . that's all..roon stik-ker Too. Det-ter I'd like some bread. Ett stoort brur/ett leeter brur.iiI _. Here you are.<. SVINEKJ0TT sveener Pork shirt Fisk . kroner altogether. 1 ~ ' ~~ey SILO sit Herring SJ0TUNGE shur toottq-er Dover Sole TORSK/-erogn torshk/rer rohn Cod/-Roe TUNFISK Coon fisk Tuna 1..:=~.... smoked) Ham .e::. :. tak. Morrn. Tak.. What would you like? 3 Yay skal haa ett brur.. Goodbye. How much is that 5._J en loff en looff a white loaf et helkornbmd ett hay/k~rn brur a wholemeal 1.._ ...iI.---t-----I r~ . day klaarer 2. rut spet-te: Plaice 0RRET ur-ret Trout AL awl Eel 6. Day bleerThat's - krooner tit-sem-men. boiler bol-Ier sweet buns flatlknekkebmd flaal/k-nekker brur crispbread et kneip ett k-nape a brown loaf Kjott . .

(grurn saaker) l0K lurk Onions I .ruit .G.... F.ImVegetabl.Frukt . I * ERTER eirter Peas aspB~e~W0nneB0NNER grurner burner green Beans R0DBETER rur beyter Beetroot HODEKAL hooderkawl Cabbage R0DKAL rur kaw! red Cabbage GUlR0TTER goal rurter Carrots et BLOMKALHODE eft bloomkawl hooder a Cauliflower MAIS maa-eess Corn en AGURK en ag-goork a Cucumber PURREL0K purra lurk Leeks et SALATHODE eft sa-Iaat hooder a Lettuce SJAMPINJONGERfSOPP shampeen -ranger/sop Mushrooms en gmnn/md/gul PAPRIKA grurn/rurlgool pappry-ka a green/red/yellow Pepper POTETER po-tayter Potatoes SURKAL soorkawl Sauerkraut KALRABI kawl raaby Swedes TOMATER to-maater Tomatoes en POSE en poosset a Bag SVISKER svisker Prunes BRINGEBJER bring-er bair Raspberries BANANER banaaner Bananas BLABJER blaw bair Bil/Blueberries 8J0RNEBJER b-yurner bair Blackberries SOLBJER sool bair Blackcurrants MULTER mootter Cloudberries TYTTEBJER tit-ter bair Cranberries STIKKELSBJER stick-else bair Gooseberries en GRAPEFRUKT en grape irook: a Grapefruit RIPS rips Rede urran ts RABARBRA rab-barbrer Rhubarb NYPER neeper Rosehips JORDBJER yoorbair Strawberries .('rookt) EPLER epler Apples APRIKOSER appry-koosser Apricots MORELLER mor-relter tart red Che rri es KIRSEBJER kisherbair black Cherries DRUER droo-er Grapes en SITRON en 51-fro on a lemon en MELON en meloon a Melon APPELSINER apple-seener Oranges Jeg vii ha Yay VII haa I'd like (some) en FERSKEN en fairsh-ken a Peach PJERER pearer Pears en ANANAS en anna-nass a Pineapple PLOMMER plom-mer Plums 'En kilo ...ronnsaker .. SPINAT spi-naat Spinach ROSENKAL roossen kawl Sprouts 'En sheelo (in English order) . please. 'A kilo of .

Strarnpebukser strumperbookser Tights o EGG egg Eggs FRUKTSAFT frookt saft Fruit juice HONNING hon-ning Honey SYLTET0Y silter-tay Jam MARGARIN margha-reen Margarine hel/letVskummet MELK (MJ0LK) hayl/leVskum-met melk whole/semi-/skimmed Milk en Genser en ghenser a Sweater et Belte ell better a Belt en Jakke en yak-kef a Jacket (l::/~~:~:" et Skjer! .. /1TTT'IT.Clothes en (ski)Lue en (shee) too-er a woolly Hat en Skjorte/Bluse en shorterlb/oosser a Shirt/Blouse (in English order) * 0L uri Beer Yay viI haa ..i ) '\ \ '. OST (Geitost) oost (yaytoost) Cheese (Goat's cheese) KAFFE (pulverkaffe) kaf-fer Coffee (instant coffee) ~ o SUKKER sook-ker Sugar TEITEPOSER tay/tay poosser TeaITea bags TOALETTPAPIR twa-let pappeer Toilet paper OPPVASKMIODEL opves« middle Washing-up liquid MINERALVANN minne-rsel van bottled Water YOGHURT yoh~goort Yogurt SALT/PEPPER ssl-t/pep-per Salt/Pepper SENNEP/KETCHUP sen-nep/ketcnup Mustard/Ketchup Sko/Stavlar skoo/sturvtet Shoes/Boots Sokker sok-ker Socks et Skjert ett shun a Skirt I L_L I~ i .klair . en Kjole ! en shooter a Dress (en dress -a en Bukse/Nikkers enbookserlnikkersh Trousers/Breeches suit) §. l::::~ i / .II Groceries .Mafvarer Jeg vii ha '" Klcer . OUE ool-yer Oil pALEGG pawleg Sandwich fillings VASKEPULVER vasker poo/ver Soap powder I'd like some '" en Badedrakt en baader drakt Swimming CostumefTrunks Truser troosser Underpants/Briefs et par Shorts ett par shorts a pair of Shorts KJEKS stteks Biscuits/Cookies SM0R smur Butter ~I~ I. et Lommel0rkle ett turn-mer iurkler a: Handkerchief en Regnfrakk en rain frak a Raincoat Hansker/Votter ~ hansker/vol ter ~Gloves/Mittens .

36). Kandaa taa mswi? I take size 40. Please pay at the cash desk. eng-e/sker/ amry-kansker peng-er? Do you take credit cardsl Eurocheques/traveller's cheques.og helfigdager kl. Den air bif-/yldear It's cheap/dear. Suns. It fits very well.Em Buying clothes ~ (Colors/Colours. Den air for stoor/teet'n. Far jeg preve den?1 f. Parts of the body p. Yay skat haa en ghenser: I'd like a sweater. It's too big/small. English/American currency? 2. Den pas-ser oot-mairket.og hel/igdager Open day & night. front cover) Special Offer r-L_ __ L.__ ~~_L~.the Chemist/'Drugstore a Medicines are only sold at an Apotek. The Parfymeri and Supermarked sell toiletries (p. Vakttjeneste sen. 4. Fawyay prurver den? Can I try it on? 3.appoo·fayker . 5. and the range available without prescription is limited.:» Have you anything for . Vair saw goo.65. 17-20 Duty chemist Sundays & holidays 5-Bpm Apen dag og nett.) .? Har doo noo-er somyetper far . (See also Medical section p. Den passer utmerket. Mang-er tak. 4. Vi/ken sture/ser? What size do you take? 2.* Apoteket . 1. Yay tar den-ner Vor mee-er bleer day? I'll take this one. 5. 2. How much is it? 3. Treng-er doo yelp? Hello. Here you are. Har doo den-ner ee blot? Have you got this in blue? 12. Betaa/ vay kas-ser. Tar dayrer kre-deet kart! uro-rreyse: sbekker. Can you measure me? 5. Den pas-ser ik-ker It doesn't fit. Yay broo-ker tuny.? Forkjalelse for-shur/elser a Cold Forstoppelse for-stoppelser Constipation Haste hoosier a Cough Diare dee-a ray Diarrhoea vondt i 0ret voont ee ur-a Earache Heyteber hay. *~ 1.:. Thank you. SIJn. 1.68. & holidays Har du noe som hjelper for . 4.fayber Hay Fever Hodepine hooderpeener a Headache lnsektstikk insect stick an Insect Bite vondt i Halsen voont ee ttsiset: a Sore Throat Nettepent Open at night vondt iMagen voont ee maag-en Stomach Ache Solbrenthet sao/brent hate Sunburn Kvalme k-valmer Travel Sickness 1. can I help you? 3.

. .J=--_.. SYTRAO see trawd ~hread ~'''~ ~ - ~ ~~ =nT.. sweets & ice cream..:::. cork. Rope fiffi..IKKER feerstlk-ker Matches en LIGHTER en lighter a Lighter...ries and Medicines SARSALVE sore salver Antiseptic Cream Jeg vlf-ha- ..: books. en LOMMELYKT t::::==--_=-.. films. enSAKS en sax some Scissors et KJ0LEELEMENT ett shurler eiter-ment an Ice Pack ~~. newspapers. I ~ ~ en BOKSApNER enboxawpner a Tin/Can Opener en GASSFlASKE en gas flasker a cam p. Or try the Supermarked or Stormagasin (department store). en FLASKEApNER en flasker awpner a Bottle Opener HYSSING. et BAnERI ett bener-ree a Battery (filter) SIGARETTER (filter) sigareHer (filter) Cigarettes en NAL en nawl a Needle ~ T ~. . snoot. t-ow String.\.~~/~:~~~~ht .El1 ToUel.Yay viI haa II'dlikeI * Hvor kan jeg Kiosk fa -? Vor kanyay taw -?Where can I get -? . en KORKETREKKER en.. tsbtet-ter . ~ berner maat/salver some Baby Food/Cream ~ .. cigarettes. a Corkscrew . SMERTESTILLENOE TABLEnER If SARPLASTER sore plaster PlasterS/Ban~~Ald ':'-:''-:<~ (shosk): small. Cord. .bus/tram tickets.~ some Aspirin noe VAn noo-er vat en (engelsk) AVIS en (eng-elsk) av-veess an (English) Newspaper KONDOMER kon-dobmer Condoms en BANOASJE en bsn-dessher a Bandage 'It\ . ~ ~ en FILM (til dias) en film (til dee-ass) a Film (for slides) en PENN en pen a Pen en BLYANT en biee-ent a Pencil _Aj. 'I' . TAU his-sing.. Bokhande/ (book handle).·''·· I~ . er trek -k. cards. stationery.. maps.. en (norsk-engelsk) OROBOK en (norshk/eng-elsk) oar-book a (Norwegian-English) Dictionary en BOK en book a Book et KART eft kart Map smsirter-sttttems. et BARBERBLAD ett ber-beir blaa a Razor et FRIMERKE ett free-mairker a Stamp et POSTKORT eft posst kort a Postcard ~ .. ~) ''' G. . postcards. everyday items Bottle . SNOR. ~~ FYRST.

Minibanks (cash dispensers) take most international credit cards. 3. etc. Fawyay vexler noo-en eng-elsker poon! dollar! uro shek-ker! rayser shek-ker? Can I change some pounds/ dollars/ Eurocheques/ traveller's cheques? 2.B Banks Banking hours are 8am-3. close early on Christmas New Year's Day Maundy Thursday Good Friday Easter Monday May Day Independence Day Ascension Day Whit Monday Christmas Day Boxing Day January 1 March/April Eve and the Saturday before Easter. Oair barter. please? 2. banks. Pas-ser. vor tin-net yay nairmester bank? Excuse me. Bank. FAr jeg veksle noen engelske pundl dollar IE urosj ekke r/raises] ekker? " May 1 May17 May May/June December 25 December 26 1. Please sign here. Oona-skreev hair. please.rsdag Skja3rtorsdag Langfredag Annen pi'lskedag Ferste mai Grunnlovsdagen Kristi himmelfartsdag Annen pinsedag Ferste ju/edag Annen juledag 1. Post Offices. . paw torg-er.:.Offentlige hel/igdager (All shops.:-. Veks/ekontor 1. tak. in the marketplace. (Reise) Va/uta.30pm Monday to Friday. airports and major railway stations. Oon-shull.:> Public holidays . Your passport.) NytttJ. Hvor kan jeg veksle penger? You can change money at all banks. where is the nearest bank? 3. 1. Over there. Vor kanyay vexler peng-er? Where can I change money. Exchange. penger peng-er money val uta veiooter foreign currency bankkort bank kort banker's card kontanter kon-tanter cash en myntlseddel en mint/sed-die a coinlnote l'OO'- 1:.

Fire Brigade 001. Til StorbritannialU. . voreirposst kon-torer? Where is the post office. please? 2..A..A..The telephone ..... Directory enquiries: 0180 (within Scandinavia) 0181 (elsewhere) Operator & English-speaking operator: 0115 Reverse-charge/collect calls: 0115.... please. To Great Britain/U.. Kanyay taw ett freemairker til det-ter brayver (posst kort)? Could IIhave a stamp for this letter (postcard).. Vem taaler yay may? Who's speaking? 4.00-08. -- Kiosks also sell stamps. Ambulance 003.. please? Ringing home: Dial 095 then your country code.00) Linje . followed by your town's code (omit the first 0)... Doctor: see yellow pages under Leger. Britain .... tak Extension .lefonen (teller-foonen) Hvor !inner jeg .. Yaytreng-er det-ter noomrer: I'd like this number: 2. Til Stoor Bri-tanyer! 00 Ess Aa.. Police 002.parcels med luftpost by airmail The Post OHice changes money too: (Reise) va/uta foreign currency Fawyay broo-ker tellertoonen? Could I use your phone. dial 095 then 61 New Zealand dial 095 then 64 Eire dial 095 then 353 (cheap rates 17.. & Canada.....Kan jeg fa etfrimerke til delle brevet (postkort)? 2. dial 095 then 44 U. ncermeste I telefon? Var fin-neryay nairmester teller-toon? Where is the nearest phone? Emergency: See front of telephone directory under SOS eyeblikkelig hje/p.Frimerker 1..? Can I speak to .S. pakke post .S.. under Unnskyld.lish: see directory 'How to telephone in Norway'. Legevakt. 3. Ik-ker leg paw! Please hold ani . Intormationin EnQl. takk leenyer ... Vor mee-er? How much is it? 1. please? I Far jeg telefonen? bruke Buying stamps . Opptatt optat Engaged 1......please? 3. Kanyay taw snak-ker may .. dial 095 then 1 Australia...S.Te. hvor er Postkontoret? Oon-shutt.....

bee-en . >.The Town 0ST urst East + NORD A I noor North VEST West vest· . Forest Byen .ll S0R1SYD "n banken the Bank BROEN broo-en the Bridge SLOTTET slot-ter the Castle.II FJORDEN t-yooren the Fjord BREEN bray-en the Glacier 0YA ay-a the Island VATNET van-ner the Lake FJELLET t-yelter the Mountain ELVEN e/ven the River DALEN daa/en the Valley FOSSEN fos-sen the Waterfall SKOGEN skoog-en the Wood. Palace KIRKEN sheerken the Church HOTELLET hoo-teller the Hotel TORGET torg-er the Marketplace MUSEET moo-sayer the Museum PARKEN parrken the Park POLITIET polly-tee-a Police BUTIKKENE boo-tikker-ns the Shops Hvardan Kommer jeg til? ? Vordan kom-mer yay til -? How do I get to SPORTSSTADION sports staadyoon the Sports stadium STASJONEN stash-oonen the Station Hvor ligger Var ligg-er Where is-? ? ? TURISTINFORMASJONEN too-rist informash-oonen the Tourist Office . .

Dipped headlights are compulsory at all times. Koon-ner doo veesser may paw karter? Could you show me on the map. Speed limits: 30km/19mph. vor air Park veyen? Excuse Street? Straight right.O. particularly in the west..fee. See a/so pAl stengt closed Toalettet/w. ahead and then first 4. der borte hair.mid-May. where is Park 3. twa-letter w. please? goo toot! Have a good tripl yaygaw stee-en the path 2. Air day langt? Is it far? Mountain passes are often closed late autumn .II Finding the Hvor er-? w a_:y:. me. her. 80km/50mph. dair borter here. Ingen Adgang No entry The Lavatory Herrer/Menn Gents. ~R_o_a_d _ T_r_a_v_e_I _ motorsykkelen l~ ? Where is -? Vorair- mootor sikker-Ien the motorcycle bilen bee/en en taxi/drosje a taxi en drosjeholdeplass a taxi stand the car droh-sher holler plass &db ~ sykkelen en taxi/droh-sher sikker-Ien the bicycle jeg g~r I walk stien God Tur! 1._· ---------1 .. Oon-shull... Mountainous terrain and ferries combined can make It difficult to cover more than 100 miles In a day.e. Ret tram oh turst til hayrer. over there pa hjarnat paw yumer on the corner rett tram ret tram In Town straight on tram til tramti/ as far as midtimot mitee-mote opposite (vei)krysset (vay) kris-eer the eros sroads ved siden av vay seed'n aav next to traffikklysene fraf-fik Jeesser-na the traJlic lights + bak baak behind e Town Centre sentrum Compulsory Does nat apply to buses and taxis right turn 'Avgift . 50km/31 mph. Damer/Kvinner Ladies Bomveg 'Toll road Abonnement Season tickets Mynt/Coin Automatic Manuell Change given .

0gnet Mountain roads closed at night always closed usually open 24 hours Roads open Sone Parkering forbudt/forbode No parking No parking zone Residents only Park ONLY at meters. Annullering Cancel Your right of way Right of way cancelled Motor vehicles only Bom(veg) Toll (road) Stop Passing place Avgift 06-22 Falling stones Animals crossing Ferist . 65) .Motorway/Expressway UtkJorse. Turn to right until stops.. 49. 3 hours fee payable Instructions: Legg i en mynt am gangen..41 . 3 timer mot avgift Max. Insert one coin at a time.1m To park (or not . Nodtelefon Emergency phone m Sone Grusvei Gravelled road II Kj0r sakte Drive slowly II Svak.e kanter Soft verges I Datoparkering: night parking one side of street only (even numbers on even days.lExit Stengt . ) en Parkeringsplass Avgift Fee (parkairingss 1 time 1 hour plass) a car park Maks. P-tid Max. parking time On the open road Motorvei .cattle grid StopTol1 6am-1Opm PhUS Multi-storey ledig P [ Kundeparkering Customer parking I Langtid FULLT Spaces Long-term parking full BraUe bakker Steep hills H0yfjellsveger natteste ngt stengl aile dager normal! apent hele d. odd numbers on odd days) (see pp.Closed P-Automat Ticket machine Farlig veikryss Dangerous crossroads Maks. Vrj mot revre til stapp.

3. Kandoo yelper may? I have broken down. Kandoo tixer day? Vor lang tee tar day? Can you repair it? How long will it take? 4. Va shut-ter yay day? What do lowe you? 5. My car won't start. Fawyay broo-ker tellerfoonen? Can 1 use your phone. Verksted . Shekk oat-yen (100ft trik-ker). Va fayfer day bee/en? What's the matter with the car? 2. 2. Yay har fot mootor stop. Vor stor beelen naw? Where is the car now? Emergency telephones and help: pp. . Bee/en viI ik-ker starter._ Gas/Petrol Station .petrol dispenser: takes notes. Vor mee-er bleer day? How much is that? 1.Bensinstasjon Bensin ben seen Petrol/Gas Super sooper Super Blyfri blee free Unleaded Diesel deessel Diesel Vor air nairmester benseen stash-oon? Where is the nearest filling station? All are self-service opportunity. Can you help me.Repairs 1. Vor air nairmester vairkstayd? Where is the nearest garage? 4. and take credit cards. Mek. Please check the oil (tyre pressure). please? 2. Apent hele deqnet I 24 timer . Mang-er tak for ye/pen. Many thanks for your 24 hours Seddelautomaf . In isolated areas fill up at every Totaktsblanding too takts blan-ning 2-stroke mix Luft 100ft Air Olje oot-yer Oil Vann van Water 1. please? 3. 47 and 65.

en ST0TDEMPER en sturt demper a Shock Absorber LYDPOTTEN leed pot'n the Silencer en SKIFTEN0KKEL en shifter nurkel a Spanner en TENNPLUGG en ten plug a Sparking Plug EIKENE ayker-na the Spokes etDEKK ettdeck a Tyre LUFTTRYKKET 100ft trik -ker the Tyre Pressure en VENTIL en ven-teel a Valve et HJUL ett yool a Wheel FRONTRUTA fron-t roots the Windscreen/shield VINDUSVISKERNE vindooss visker-na the Wipers 38. 2. STIFTENE stitter-ne the Points 46. RADIATOREN raad-yaatoren the Radiator 8. 4. en Olje/Vann LEKKASJE 39. The engine Motoren is stalling. 30. isn't working. N0KKELEN nurklen the Key 37. mootor-en the Engine EKSOSEN ek-soossen the Exhaust VIFTEREMMEN vifter rem-men the Fan Belt FREMGAFFELEN trem gaffe/-en the Front Fork en SIKRING en . en SKRUE. 15. en BENSINKANNE en ben-seen cen-net a Petrol Can 45. BATTER lET better-reeyer the Battery BREMSENE bremsser-na the Brakes BREMSEKLOSSENE bremsser ktosser-ne the Brake Blocks en LYSPJERE en Jeess pairer a Bulb 12. (in English order) 25. 35. On Two and Four Wheels Jeg trenger en Jeg far motorstopp. Bicycle and Motorcycle parts 1. en BAGASJEREM en ba-gaasher raym a Luggage Strap 42. 3. KLUTSJEN 20. FORGASSEREN for-gasser-en the Carburettor KJEDEN shayden the Chain CHOKEN shawken the Choke clutchen the Clutch 17. Car. en - Yay taw mootor stop. BAGASJEBRETTET ba-gaasher bret-ter the Luggage Carrier 41. 18. en SALTASKE en saal tasker a Saddlebag 9. 19. pig deck Snow Chains. oot-yer/vsn lekkaasher an Oi/lWater Leak 24. et SYKKELREPARASJONSUTSTYR repparash-oons ootsteer a Cycle Puncture Kit 32.sikring a Fuse en PAKNING en packning a Gasket GIRET gearer the Gear STYRET steerer the Handlebars 29. 36. LUFTF/LTERET 100ft filter-a the Air Filter 11. Yay trenq-er I need a virker ikke. 5. 13. Bolt 10. bolt a Screw. er gat! varm (fusker). 6. Maatoren air got varm (toosker}. Studded Tyres Jeg har punktert Yay har poonk-tairt I've got a Puncture/Flat en (STYRT)HJELM en (steert) yelm a Crash Helmet Sykkelutleie Bicycle hire 33. en SYKKELSLANGE en sik-keJ slang-er an Inner Tube 22. The - 26. 23. en SKVETTSKJERM en sk-vet shairm a Mudguard 43. - veerker ik-ker. 31. 34. The engine is overheating (misfiring). en SKRUTREKKER en screw trek-ker a Screwdriver . snettinq-en the Cable KJETTINGEN 16. 28. 7. BOLT en screw-er. en MUTTER en moot-tee a Nut 44. LYKTEN likten the Light 40. PIGGDEKK shefting-ef. FORDELEREN for-dayleren the Distributor det ELEKTRISKE SYSTEMET day aylektrisker sisteymer the Electrics MOTOREN 27. PUM?EN pumpen the Pump 47. KJETTINGER.21. 14.

Goodaag. Remember to book a seat . Yay sku/-Ier yairner layer en beef. Finding a seat and Local travel p. please. 3. a 3.small. tak. Ain vay el-Ier toor rettoor? Single or return (round trip)? Can I book a seat (couchette/ sleeper)? 3. stoor? What sort of car . Vor mee-e bleer day? 2. Fra platform (spoor) feerer. Vor lenq-er? En daag. Va slaags beel. I'd like to hire a car. en ooker? How long week? for? For a day. 1. Norr gaw *tawg-er? When does the "train go? *neste/siste tog 1. Kanyay levvairer Tronyem? Can I leave Trondheim? den the in car ee in nester/sister tawg next/last train 2. How much is it? Husk a bestille plassbillett .ellers star du der.or you'll have to stand. 4. Ain (too) til Bairg-en. . Vor gaw Yurter-bory tawg-er ire? Where does the Gothenburg train go from? 2. Hva er prisen pr.56.Bilutleie Buying Tickets: basic pattern en billetVbi/letter -tickeVs Hvorskaldu? tur-retur Vor skat aoo? toor rettoor return/round trip Royker/ikkerayker Where are you going? Jeg skal til - Yay skat 1il- I'm going to - en vei rayker/ik-ker rayker Smoker/Nonsmoker ain vay single/one way 1. 2.Car Hire . From platform four. Ain vay. Yay vii yaimer bestiller (ligger-/sover-plass).leet'n. plass 2. . Hair air mit sairtiffy-kaat. dogn/depositum? Single. Va air preessen deppossitum? What is the deposit? pair dayn/ 4. rate per day/the Types of ticket. Hello. Here is my driving licence. One (two) to Bergen. large? 1.

.~~L_ __ ___.~_".-__ .'--_....LI.c. &. Buy tickets from machine or on board. .c_ =--_+ hverdager/Hvd:weekdays (Mon-Fri) unntatt lerdaglu le: except Saturday sen..-.----j Hvor er jernbanestasjonen? Var air yairnbaaner stash-oonen? Where is the railway station? et TOG (TOGET) eft tawg (tawg-er) a Train (the Train) SPaR Platform TOGINFORMASJON Train Information TOGTIDER Train Times N.III Rail Travel . night aile dager/netter: daily/nightly bare: only kjeres (ikke): runs (does not run) stopper (am det trengs): stops (on request) togbyttei: change at Local train ..B.} 'Types of Train: Fjerntog: Main line InterCitytog: Intercity Hurtigtog: Express Lakaltog: en RUTETABELL ~ Timetable irs: from til: to natt til sendag: Sat.__.c..1. GOleborg = Gothenburg To/Direction Time KL STOPPER ved (a//e stasjoner) Stops at (all stations) STOPPER ikke ter (Moss) First stop (Moss) «ebenbsvn = Copenhagen Airport bus (N0D)UTGANG (Emergency) Exit BILL ETTA UTOMAT Ticket machine: V Adult B Child H Pensioner BILLETTER Tickets (ma kiepes i biflettsalget) (must be obtained from ticket office) Many small stations are unmanned..& helligdager/Hld: Sun.. _l..

1.. Air det-ter tawg-er til Litterhammer? Is this the train for Lillehammer? 2. Taa Sogg'nsvanss bssnen tilTake the Sognsvann line to - . Er denne plassen redig? RgYKtNG FORBUDT No smoking ingen avstigning do not alight stopper pa signal request stop stoppested bus/tram/T-bane en trikkltrikken a tram/the tram stop 'Use this to ask for a seat anywhere . each allowing one change within the hour: stamp it in the machine when you get on first. Mawyay bit-ter booss? Do I have to change buses? 1. etc. 1.Air den-ner plas-sen Is this seat free? Jaydy? 3. Dagskort . 7 dagers kart . Tourist Information. (Buy season tickets beforehand at ticket offices. kiosks. post offices. Flexikort .lim Finding a seat Buses and Trams "1. Yay troor den-ner pies-sen meen. Air det-ter stash-oonen? Is this the station? til . Vordan kom-mer yay tilHow do I get to . but only one at a time. cafe. . utgang bak exit at rear *1 .) Billettsafg hos terer tickets from driver. park bench.bus.24 hour ticket. Enkeltbillettsingle ticket.7 day ticket: both can be used by several people. air Local transport J-banen tay baanen Underground/Subway Tickets: All tickets are flat fare and are valid on trams. Norr gaw boos-sen en buss/oussen bussterminalen} rutebilstasjonen } a bus/the bus the bus station ? 2. Vor stop-per boos-sen til Yur-veek? Where does the bus for Gjavik stop? 3. Gaw den-ner (boos-sen) Yayloo? Does this (bus) go to Geilo? 2. buses and the T-banen. I think that's my seat.ten detachable tickets.? til Awndalss ness? What time is the bus for Andalsnes? 2.

haav-strurm the tide. Vor tre? Where from? Gjestehavn yester heev'n Visitors' harbour strand en 3. vatnet snub-eo. kaien brigg-en. havstrern teeder vsn-ner. Vor tin-nor yay en yairnvaarer foretning? Where is the chandlery? Var fig-ger haavner kon-torer? Where is the harbour master's office? 1. van-ner the Sea/Lake "'ya ay-er the Island . yacht en list bawl.-. yot a Yacht en rabat en roo bawl a Rowing Boat en gummib~t en gum-my bawt a Rubber Dinghy 2. TIL KAlEN 1. k-eye-en the Quay havnen haavnen the Harbour Battur bawt toor Boat trip B~tutleie bawt oat-layer Boats for hire *1.Kan jeg f~ leie en bat? Kanyay faw layer en bawt? Can I hire a boat? en ferge/fergen en fairyer/fairyen a Ferry/the ferry (UVS)FAREl faarer DANGER Babord baaboor Port Styrbord steerboor Starboard tolleren toller-en the Customs Officer 1. current grovsj0 groov shur rough sea vindstille yin stit-ter calm strenn'n the Beach sjaen.J Boats bryggen. Kanyay ressair-vairer en loo-gar/kayer? Can I book a cabin/ bunk? Hvor far jeg tak i vcermeldingen?* Var fawyay taak ee yair melling-en? Where can I get a weather forecast? stormvarsel storm varsel gale warning he yVla vtrykk hayt trikllaav trik high/low pressure ekende/avtakends/ madera! vind urker-naJaav taakernaJmooderaat yin increas ing/d ecreas ing tmoderate wind tidevannet. Var fawyay taak ee van/deessel ool-yer/eess blok-ker? Where can I get some water/ diesel oil/blocks of ice? 4.. Vor lang tee tar day? How long does take? it et livbelte ett teev belter a Lifebelt livbaten teev bewt'n the lifeboat en rnotorbat en mootor bawt a Motorboat en Iystb~t. Hvor finner ieg en jernvareforretn ing? registreringshavn rayghee-strairingss the Port of Registry hsev'n I. Norr gaw Boodur bewt'n? When does the boat to Bode go? 2. Var fawyay masheenist? Where will engineer? taak ee en a ships marine I find 4.

What does it look like? What was in it? kameraetimitt the Camera/my kamera Camera pengene/pengene mine baq'en/baq'en min 2. cameraa-erlmit camera (Familie)Navn penqer-ne/penqer-ne meena beg-enlbeg-en meen the Money/my Money Adresse Nar? Hvor? the Bag/my Bag } fa-meelyer naavn ah-dresser norr (Family) Name Address vor ? • When? Where? . I'd like a ticket to New York for Monday. I'Ve lost (my passport). please. Klok-ker nee tee. Vordan sair den oot? Va had-der doo ee den? (My bag) has been stolen. 3. Vair daag Ira tee til nitt'n oontat mandaag-er. I'd like to change (confirm/cancel) my reservation. Nar g~r neste fly til Trornsa? FLYBUSSEN flee boos-sen the airport bus et fly/flyet eft flee/flee-er an aeroplane/the flyreisen flee raysen the flight plane 1. Norr air moo-sayer awpent? When is the museum* open? 'Most museums are closed on Mondays. Yay maw bit-ter (bekrefter/aav best iller) bil-Iet'n meen. 1. Man kan besurker tot-ker moo-sayer.10.1m Air Travel t=======:::::. 4. You can visit the folk museum. Theft and lost property 1. el-Iergaw en toor ee skoog-en. *Every day from 1Dam till 7pm except Mondays. tak. 2. At 9. Norr gaw nester flee til Tromsur? When is Trornsa? the next flight to 3. Va air flight noomrer? What is the flight number? 4. or go for a walk in the woods. Yay bet mistet (pas-ser mit). Yay skal ties en bil-Iet til New Yom paw mandaag. (Beg-en meen) air blit st-yawlet. 1.:::t Hvordan kommer jeg til flyplassen? voraen kom-mer yay til flee plas-sen? How do I get to the airport? 1. Gratis adgang Admission Free UTSTlLLlNG Exhibition 2. Norr fora-gaw inshekkinq-en? What time is check in? 3. Va air sayvairdy-hayter-na hair? What is there to see here? 2.

2. Slalarn-bakke Downhill Run Skiloypa Utforkjoring /eess . I'm good at skiing.~ gaw en toor? Where can you play tennis/golf . Langrenn lang ren Cross-country skiing (XC) . 1. I'd like a lift pass (a daily/weekly pass). day kandoo. Vorkan man baader/fisker? Where can you go swimming/fishing? the Ski Run 3. Yayair flink pawshee.required for freshwater fishing but not in saltwater. of course. Kanyay faw nco-en shee teemer? Can I have some skiing lessons? 2. I'm a beginner. Vorgaw day an aw spit-fer tenniss/golf . Yaa.~ ~7'1 J-~/ h(?' ~=-----t r:-/ <>--<.. Yay skal haa eft hayser kort (ett daags-/ooker-kort). On the piste Winter Sports /. Vor air nee beyin-ner bskker-ne? Where are the beginners' runs? 3. Treng-er man fisker kort? Do you need a fishing permit? Et fiskekort: a permit . Yes._~~~ /1 1.Skiing terms Hoppbakken hop bak-ken the Ski Jump en Kjelke a Sledge Lysloypa Skiheisen shee haysen Skoyter Skates shayter • the Ski Lift en she/ker Taubanen t-ow baanen the Cable Car Utfor-. Can I hire some equipment? (downhi Il/cross-cou ntry/tou ri ng skis) 4.Iayper oottor-/s/aalom bek-ker the Floodlit Run Skibakken shee bak-ken shee /ayper the Ski Run (XC) ootior shur-ing Downhill skiing 1. 3.go for a walk? 2. Fawyay layer ootsteer? (a/peen-/ langren-/toor-shee) . Yay air nee beyin-ner.

Fa tak i en lege.. Vor mee-er? What price? 4. Quick! Call an ambulance. Faw taak ee en layg-er. I'd like to go to a football match.. Fawyay too bi/-JeUer til lurdaags matti-nayenlk-velss fora-sJillingen? Can I have two tickets for Saturday afternoon/evening? f---.. Yay skal tillayg-en. Yelp! Help! 2. Consulting hours eft.. I'm ill..makin. About 60 kroner....-=_.awyay besti/-Ier teemer? Do I have to make an appointment? What's on at the cinema/theatre today (tomorrow evening)? Under a reciprocal agreement UK citizens are entitled to the same medical care as Norwegians. 3. 1. . Seerker sexty krooner.. Ambulances and hospital treatment are free. Norr beyitt-tiet fora-stillingen? When does the performance start? 2..Accidents and illness A KUTTEN Emergencies/Casualty Department SYKEHUS/SJUKEHUS Hospital ! Emergency Politi 002 Brann 001 Sykebil 003 Legevakt Police Fire : Ambulance Duty Doctor i I 'Emergency services: see front cover of telephone directory under SOS eyeblikkelig hjelp or yellow pages under Leger or Legevakt for duty doctor. 2.". . 1... Yay viI paw tootb-et kamp. 3. Minor ailments: see Pharmacy section page 35. Prescriptions and dental treatment are not refundable. Calling! the doctor/. 1. Jeg er syk. M. doctors' fees may be refunded by theTiygdekasse. Foort! Faw taakee en seeker beel.. When can I come? 3.t 11.g an appointmen. evtsle by appointment 1.. Hva er det som gAr pa kino/teateret i dag (i morgen kveld)? i Kontortid . en lege/doktor a doctor HelsesenterlLegekontor Health centre/surgery 1. I'd like to see the doctor. Please get a doctor.~-=--l ~. Har dayrer disco hair? Is there a disco here? Norrpes-ser day aw kom-mer? . . Yay air seek. Va air day sam gaw paw sheenol tay-aatrer ee daag (ee morrn k-vel)? 2.

times a day hver dag/time every day/hour i . Yur day voont? Does that hurt? 4. avtale Hours ."j 6..... 5. Han (hoon) air fem... I've been stung.. ..see I have . 2.. Har du faU tetanusspreyte? gravid grav-eed I'm .. Har doa fottetanuss spteyter? Have you been vaccinated against tetanus? 3. I take this medicine regularly. Yay her . Yay har fat insect stick.. 000 maw ik-ker speesser (drik-ker) You must not eat .. please? 6. ganger am dagen . At the DentistTannlegen Tannlegevakt: duty dentist Kontortid . pregnant allergisk mot (penicillin) al-Iairg-isk moot allergic to (penicillin) 1. Vor gam-mel air han (hoon)? Howald is he (she)? 5. Kanyay taw teemer (saw snart som mooly)? Can I make an appointment (as soon as possible)? 3 . Koon-ner yay faw en res-sept? Could you give me a prescription. asthma diabetes epilepsy darlig hjerte dorfy yetner heart trouble Jeg er . hoyt blodtrykk hayt bloo trik high blood pressure I'm . 4. 1. I've been sick.. 2.. I've got toothache. Va shu/-Ier yay? What do lowe you? I. Day yur voont hair.. Kan jegfa time (sa snart som mulig)? den-ner meddy-seen rayg-el messy... by appointment Qjeg har tannverk.. Day yur vaant hair.. Yay broo-ker 3... Sats..... He (she) is five.. . Vor yur day voont? Where does it hurt? 2. _-.....kastet op.. dager for ... (drink) 4. It hurts here. Yay air.. 2. Yay har tanvairk. Yay har .• At the Doctor's (parts of the body page 68) When to take your medicine: for/etter mat before/after meals .... Yay har fayber: I have a temperature. It hurts here. Var leng-er har doo vairt seek? How long have you been ill? 6 . wrdag eft. ays d am morgenen/kvelden in the morning/at night opploses i vann dissolve in water suges suck svelges hel swallow whole til utvortes/innvortes bruk for external/internal use What the doctor needs to know: Jeg har . astma diabetes epilepsi astmer dee-abetess epilep-.

@ Benet e beyner the Leg Munnen moon'n the Mouth Halsen hstsen the Neck Nesen naysen the Nose Magen maag-en the Stomach Huden hooden the Skin Halsen (sic) hafsen the Throat Taen taw-en the Toe 1. Det-ter air meen man/kooner. This is my brother (my sister). What's your name? 5. tak . Harder. How are you? 3. This is my husband/wife. Hardoo noo-en susken? Have you any brothers and sisters? 3.rts of the Body Det gl0r vondt her. 2. It hurts here. my friend (male/female). Yay hayterVa tisyter dOD? I'm called -.. Vor gam-mel air doo? Howald are you? 4. Yay air trett'n. meeti ven/veniti-ner.Her.People * Handen honn'n the Hand Hodet hooder the Head Hjertet . in English order Meeting .yairter 'the Heart Kneel k-nayer the Knee Kroppen krop-pen the Body Ankelen anker-len the Ankle Armen armen the Arm Ryggen rigg-en the Back Brystet brister the Chest Oret ur-a the Ear Albuen a/boo-en the Elbow et Oye/Oynene ett ay-erlayner-na an Eye/the Eyes Ansiktet an-sikter the Face Fingeren fing-eren the Finger Foten foot'n the Foot HAre! horer the Hair J . Day yur voont hair. 2. Det-ter air meen broor (me en surster). 1. Morrn.. Goodbye.11m Pa. meen sumlda. I'm thirteen . thanks . Vordan gaw day? Hallo.and you? 4.oh may day? Fine. my son/daughter. 6. (Day) glayder may Pleased to meet you. Braa.

Thanks. aw leyser? Do you like sport. Yes. S. I've had enough. I live in London. Higg-erfy aw tref-fer day Hallo. music. Tak for naw . 2. moo-sik. Tak for en dayfy k-vel. dan sing. Yaa taklnay tak. Vor kom-mer doo fra? Where do you come from? 3. Halloo. Vair saw goo.. That would be very nice. Norr (vor) skaf vee murtess? When (where) shall we meet? 1. Ilike . Har doo list til aw kom-mer boort tit ass (may) ee k-vel? Would you like to come and see us (me) this evening? 3. Goodbye . Welcome! Pleased to meet you! 3. coffee. Tak. It was really nice. Yay leeker may vefdy got hair. 6. dancing. I like it very much here. Var leng-er har doo vairt hair? How long have you been here? 6. please/No thanks. for-sin day Lit til? Please help yourself. 3. Air doo optat ee k-vel? Are you busy this evening? 2. 2. brooss.Visiting . Day var dayfyl That was delicious: 8.. veen) What would you like to drink? (tea. 1. Va viI doo haa aw drik-ker? (tay.. ee leeker mawter. 7. Treevess doo hair? Do you like it here? 4.. For a week. wine) 4. Accepting an invitation 1. A little more? 5. the same to you. Day var virkerly higg-erly Thank you for a lovely evening. Yay air glaa ee . Yay boor ee Lonn-donn. . Yairterfy velkom-men. Saw higg-erfy Day vii yay yaimer. Yay air tor-slnt. I'd love to. En ooker.oh paw yen-seen. 4. Air day turster gang doo air ee Norg-er? Is this your first visit to Norway? 2.and see you again. soft drink. Smaakter day? Did you like it? (food) 7. Leeker doo sport. kst-ter. reading? Saying goodbye 1.

. . juni yoony JUNE juli yoo/y JULY jeg er for varm yay air for varm I'm hot august ow-goost AUGUST Countries and Nationalities Han/hun er norsk.ealandsk nee saylansk a New Zealander Jeg er fra " Yay air Ira "./ Wthe Boy »<. England eng-Ian England Skottland skatlan Scotland AmerikalUSA amerriker/Oo America/USA Australia ow-straalyer Australia Canada kanada Canada Ny Zealand nee saylan New Zealand Hvor kommer du fra? Vor kom-mer doo fra? Where do you come from? engelsk eng-elsk English skotsk skotsk Scottish Ess Aa Irland eerlan Ireland Wales vales Wales amerikansk ammry-kaansk American australsk ow-straalsk Australian kanadisk ka-naadisk Canadian nyz.l.1 I /1 Paske pawsker Easter april app-reel APRIL mai my MAY \\.i / / \\ . mars marsh MARCH /. mai sutter-na my National Day ~U t\!. months and weather det blaser dayb/awser it's windy 17. ~'. 1 r \. . I'm from . "".- enl~Uttl9U~_?f.IS My family mine fore!dre . <. Hanlhoon air norshk..> I'! ..<' solen skinner sooten shin-ner it's sunny del er varrnt day air varmt it's hot 4t---~-'"--" .." irsk eershk Irish valisisk va-Ieesisk Welsh september september SEPTEMBER det regner day rayner it's raining det er kaldt day air ka/r it's cold oktober oktoober OCTOBER jeg fryser yay treesset I'm cold november november NOVEMBER om vinteren God Jul! goo yool Merry Christmas! om vinter-en God! Nytt Ar! got nit or Happy New Year! in winter ~ desember dessember DECEMBER de! sner day snur it's snowing januar yannoo-ar JANUARY februar febroo-ar FEBRUARY ..\ / '\J~/ en gooVgopt'n .Min familie (meen fa-meelyer) Seasons.. He/she is Norwegian.

27.49. half past » halfway to Norweqians think of the half hour as being halfway to the next hour. Accident Address Adult Aeroplane Afternoon Again Age Airport Aleel Allergic Ambulance Antiseptic cream Apartment Appointment Arrival Asparges asparagus Aspirin Avfall rubbish.45.58 18-21 20. room restaurant 47.30 67 58·59 68 37 16.g half past eight = halv ni.nJQ twelve ti pa tolv fern paw ett !iY.25 12.37 72 22. food Bag Baggage check Baker Bandage.19 59 (klokka ett .) Index NB: <13.17 18. 0 and A are separate letters at the end of the Norwegian alphabet.49·52 52 50·51 16 65 klok-ken air tray It's three o'clock Klokken er tre fern awver tray five past three fem over tre tee awver feerer ten past four ti over fire k-vsrt awver fem quarter past five kvart over fem ti pa halv sju tee paw hal shoo twenty past six fern paw hal ot-ter twenty-five past seven fem pa haJv Me I J.42 18.13.50 train Bottle/opener Boy Bread Breakdown Breakfast Bridge Britain Broken Buljong consomme Bunk Bus Butter Cabin hyt/e Cafe Cake Called Camera Camping.B.26 53·57 32 35.g. (If in doubt.28./ 72 21 44 15.81 81 66.36 18 20.35.45 25 37.50 10.69 54.61 55 28 36 38. e.67 54 24.50 58 57 32 10.73 cover.30 36 15 36 30.20. trash Baby cream. 73 42 37 64 21. Band·Aid Bank Bar Bath/room Battery Be/be able Bed/room Beer Behind Bentese fugler beef 01 ives Better Bicycle.19. 21. 22.18.66 24 29 24. ane tretti = 8.. but are listed here under a and o.32 44 25 13 45.44 37.70 26 36 35 32 37 44 17.52 13 19. . 34 36 7.eJQ one fem pa ett '~-~~.16.23 9'EL/'~ • t 7 halv ni hal nee half past eight fern awver hal nee twenty-five to nine fem over halv ni • 5 ti over halv ti fee awver hal tee twenty to ten kvart pa elleve k-vart paw elver quarter to eleven tee paw tol 1e.37 7.ETime Va air klok-ker? What's the time? Hva er klokka? N. 32 o'clock) .37 53.19 11.27 33-35 15.19. parts Bitt braisedlfried beef Big Bill:hotel restaurant Billettler ticketls Biscuit Bite Btenoet mixed BltJskjell mussels BlomktJl cauliflower Blood pressure Baat Body Boks tin.51 25 18. can Born.27.17. toll road Bondepiker m/ster apple dish Book Booking: campsite entertainment flight hostel..39. -woot Couchette Cough Countries Crisps Crossroads Cup Customs 16 64 60 17 10·11 22. 60 29 67 65 36 14 65. 9 1 6 38.30.28 "J ~ 2 'l.57.23 19 20.15.58 35 7 10·13.22 42 40 14.21. e. use figures.22.32 22.81 61 16-17.8t 37 7.81 36.65 61 16 60 9. bomveg barrier. I . hut hotel. -Gaz (I) can Can opener Car hire parts Caravan Casualty Department Cat Change Cheers! Cheese Chemist Children Chips/fries Chocolate Choosing Christmas Church Cigarette Cinema Close Clothes Coffee Cold Colours Comb Come Complaint Condom Constipation Cookies Corkscrew Corner Cost Cotton.

27.81 32 45 15 19.29 29 24 34 42 Flashlight Flight Football Forest Free Friend Fries Fruit juice Fuel Full Fuse 37 60 64 43 19.81 Hello 34.71 25 24.30 9.14.32 48.69 24 .25 37.18.17 Night No.48.29 Lake 42.66 36 70 21.10.17. 70 10.71 7.16 10.60.16. low fat 18.81 Help 44.24.26. to Drinks Drive Driving licence Drugstore Earache Easter Eat Egg EggerIJre scrambled egg Electricity Emergency English Enough Entrance Inngang Eplekake apple cake Erler peas Evening Every Excuse me Exhibition Exit Expensive Expressway Family Far Fast food Fena18r cured leg of mutton Ferry Film Find: the way a sea! Fire Brigade Fi rstlsecond Fish.26.54.81 45.58 Lakssalmon 24.66 18. 58 7. . -kaker meat.48 Need SO Needle 37 New Year 73 Newspaper 37 Next.65 70. Mrs Fru Multer cloudberries Museum Music Must My 37.39. note Occupied Oil OK Oksefilet fillet of beef Old Omelet. 49 Gas/station 72 Girl 45 Gjelder (kun) (only) applies to 15.81 Nappy 36 Nationality 72 nat! til sIJndag ~ night 54 Nearest 19 26 35.15. 72 iii Gardfarm. 69 Have. omelette 37.64 81 23.81 27. Norwegian Now 9 Number/s 12.26 Glass 7.D Cutlery Cutlery Dancing Danger Dan is h pastry Day Delicious Denmark Dentist Deodorant Departure Dessert Dess verre sorry Destination Diaper Diarrhoea Dictionary Direction/s Disco Doctor Drink.42 37.32 Omelette Map Margarine Market.61.22.68 (It) hurts 29 Hvi/ting whiting 10.81 Goodbye 61 Gratis free 24 Gravlaks cured salmon 9.55 64 65-67 26.61 71 7 6. 71 9.25 27 55 36 35 37 44.72. 71 Hobbies 38.81 How many/much Hummer lobster 29 18 Hungry 66. hut Movie Mr Herr.59 Harbour.42 Hotel 6.71.66 How long 44.64 44 19.29 Lulefisk dried cod dish mlwith Mail Makrell mackerel Nakkekotelett lam b chop 25 Name 10.27.53 Nice 26.18 81 2.70 Here 27 Hjemmebakt/laget home made 62.67 69 17 23-25 56 18.81 Norway.67.25 42. potato stew 25 Last 53 Lavatory 11.29 29 Krabbe crab Kreps crayfish 29 Kun only 45 Kyfling chicken 25.26 71 58 20 81 25 66.74 Half 23 Hamburger 33.44 32 27.72 44 21 25 58 37.58 Go 62 Golf 12.14 Key Kitchen 10. 15 Know 81 Kolje haddock 29 Koteiet.50.61 Greetings 27.52.62 24.47 52 35.32 Ketchup 1.16 Hyl/ecabin Ice cream block. illness Information Ingen (adgang) no (entry) Insect: bite repellant Invitation Is.49.etc.70 Live Long words 8.56 32.36 Handkerchief 58.38-40.81 Good 13.64. parts M'otorway Mountain. chop.17 41. -cake Island It is del er Jam (Good) Journey Jug Juice 35.72.65-67 10.53.40 29 19.26.54 23.27 9. 27.32 Groceries 25 Grytestew 25.s 46.61 .67 71 3 67 36 53.61 45 35.56 41.25.29 KI.44 10.66 22. 43 3. fish ing Fisk fish Fiskeboller fish balls Fiskegrateng fish crumble (It) fits Fjord Ice block.7.51 Like 13.36 35 73 7.81 Noisy 13 North. 19.34 25.8 House 69 How are you 11.12. -kake ice cream.54 Holidays 32 Honey 25 Hensettikssse chicken stew 65 Hospital 22.61 73 25 22. o'clock 17. pack 21.57. illness III.14-15.65 61 14.47.58.pack 15.80 Obs.70. not 7.42 64 14 25 42.7. 69. -place Match Matter Me Meal/times Mean Measure/s Meat Medicine Meet Membership card Menu Metro Milk Milk shake Mistake Moms VAT (tax) Money Months MrNbradbittsirloin of beef More Morning Motorcycle.80 24.56 69 21 25.24 14 Look for Looking (just) 27 Lost 81 Lost property 55. 70. 13.31 19.71 Like that 21 Little 6. -rnaster 7.54. etc.2.28.8t 61 54 34 47 69. cutlet 23.74 Knife. 73 Hot 21 Hotdog 10-13.. 59 Kalkun turkey 29 Karamellpudding cream caramel 25 Karbonader beefburgers 25 21. -bal.51.19 Leiter 40 Leverposlei liver pate 29 Life beltlboat 58 Lift 10 LighVhulb 15.71 50 III.50-51 47 17.44 Ledig vacant Left 44 Left luggage 55 Lelllight.61. have to 35 Hay fever 35 Headache 14 Heating 48 Hele dognet 24 hours 66.44.14-15 KjIJkken kitchen KjIJtt.32 24 14. yard 14 Garden 48.63. 29 Lammekotelett lamb chop 23 Lapskaus meat &.27 14.26.

6t 19.81 13.29 Sjelunge Dover sale 17 .25 58.23 48 27 25 21 36 53.56 Smoking 20 Smerbred open sandwich/es 18-21 Snack 51.67 62 16 66 12. 54 69. 73 9 32 6. like Water Sun-qlasses/ou Svlneketn roast pork Svinekotetett pork chop Sweden Swimming Take Taken Tampon Taxi Tea Telephone Temperatu re Tennis Tent Tetanus Thank you Theatre Theft There Thirsty This. pencil People Petrol/station Piece Pinnekjelt rib of mutton Pizza Plaster Platform Please(d) Police Peiser sausages Port Possible Postcard Post Oftice Pregnant Prescription Price Puncture Quantities 35 73 36 25 25 3 33.62 13. wri e 81 43.81 64 61 44.23 14.19. sig ns 61 Robbery 24 Redspette plaice 24 Reke/aks smoked salmon Reklsmoked 25 21.40 40 67 65 12. 17.32 18 81 42 12. 19.50 81 65.20. soreTicket: transport entertainment Tide Tilbud special after Til/eie to let Tillegg 5 upplemen t Time (lime .29 ·Iiquid.17.17 Stay Steak 23 24 Sleklfried 35.43 Shop Shower 11 35.29 56 81 40. that Thread Throat.1m One way One way Open.29 Sausage 25 Schnitzel escaiope 37 Scissors 51 Screwdriver 35. Underground railway Understand United States Us (IJ us/and broken Vaccinated Valley Vegetable Vegetarian Visit Walk Want. Single 34 Size 19 Sjokolade chocolate 24. station 37.61 15 7. -powder 67 Soon 24.71 Sert-sarvice Serve ring refreshments 18 Shampoo 36 Stamp 43. 29 Seibiflfried coicv 14·15 Self·catering 18.61 20.44 59.81 37 11.59 Sea.35 19 36 45 Small 37.53·56 Station 16.30 9 70 67 36 37 Soup 7.27. 65 Sick 61 Sig htseeing 24.73 Snow.81 51 27 Straight on Street String Student studenl (sloo-dent) Stykketeach.17 Room Rope 37 Round trip 53 22 9 11.46 10.your Youth hostel Railway 53·56 Razor 36 71 Reading 25. 63 Skiing 20.16.44 32 45 23.27 56 19.35.72 72 14 66 43 23.52 27 28.13 See 24.29 Skinke ham Sleeper 53 17 Sleeping bag 20.29 Rekesalat prawn salad 14. .58 53·50 64 59 27 10 13.81 18 20.32 41.44. -sick 73 Seasons 19.28 37 35.50 Repair Repeat 81 Reservation· see Booking Restaurant 18. why Window Wine With med (Not) working Write Year Yesterday Yogurt You.11.81 Road.30 23 70.24.81 Sorry 23. a piece Subway Sugar Sunburn Sunny Tuntis« tuna 34 24.30 Sopp mushrooms 13. -chains 32. opening hours Open sandwiches Opposite 0{{ettrout Ostcheese Plllegg sandwich fillings Pant deposit Pardon Park Parking Passport Path Paying Pen.53.66 Sting 61 Stolen Stomach ache 35 57 Stop Straight an 44 44 37 20. -centre TraHic light Train Trash (Nice) trip we Weather Week Weight What When Where Who.27 Slice 81 Slow 6.53.47 66.22.61 45 19.59 67 73 9.58.28 ROil Remmegrli1l sour cream & rice 25 10-13.hour) Timetable Tin opener Tipping Toast Today Toilet paper Tall Tomet tomato Tomorrow Tonight Toothache Toothbrush. 29 Sildherring Stop 53 20 44 24 Rubbish 15 58-59 Sailing 23.74 54 37 18 Youth Hostel Tryon 22.22. 36 Soap.81 43 21.11.32 11.Bl 14.81 Speak 24 Spei/egg fried egg 25 Spekemalcured meat Spell.27. paste Torch Torsk cod Tourist office Towel Town.53-56 SI.71 Sport 43.24 Salad salat 34 Sale 32 Salt & pepper Sandwich 20 Sanitary napkin/towel 36 Sardiner sardines 29 18..45 44 53 15 45 .44.38.15 18.81 81 6.56 Seat 7.29 Reinsdyrstek roast deer 24.22'26 ReIning direction 55 Return 53 Ribbe rib of pork 25 44 Right Risgret rice pudding 25 River 43 8.

haylmorm Good morning/afternoon. En gang til. Vcar sa god (on giving someone something).yay har mistetIt doesn't matter. 6 : 3 = Eng.? Kan jeg fa . Bra. (please). tak for velpen 81 air doo snil vair saw goo 2 to too 3 tre tray 4 fire feerer 5 fem fem 6 seks sex 7 sju/syv shoo 8 atte ot-ter 9 ni nee 10 ti tee 1983 nitten attitre 2005 to trusen og fem (N. Hva. Unnskyld. ain gang til Can you repeat it? Kan du gjenta? kandoo yen-taa? Can you write it down? Skriv det ned. nay. Er du snill. Hei/Morn. Jeg torstar ikke. Once more.Jeg har mistet . Nei.ett en. (tak) No. God dag.K.. Hvorfor. mor-na'lhaader How much is it? Hva koster det? va coster day? Can I have . norr Where. voorfor Here you are. there. yay vet lk-ker More slowly. yaa. Morn'alHa det. sorry. (takk). oon-shull : !::leg your pardon. Takk. braa O. er du snill. Hvem.B. 9 + 3 = Eng. day yur ik-ker noo-er Thanks for your help. Det gj0r ikke noe. (tak) Fine. (thanks). vem Why. yay har got may vii I have lost . GreitlDet er i orden. Langsommere. yay snak-ker ik-ker norshk I don't understand. please. vor. Nar. Om forlatelse. Ja. Nor. Thank you. lang-sommerer. goodaag Goodbye. Jeg snakker ikke norsk..Det er . va airDo you speak English? Snakker du engelsk? snak-ker doo eng-elsk? I don't speak Norwegian.? kanyay taw . tak Please. Jeg har qatt meg viiI. Takk for hjelpen. good. 9-3 = 6 40 terti iurty 50 femti temty 60 70 80 90 100 101 200 1000 seksti sexty sytti sut-ty atli ot-ty nitti nit-ty (ett) hundre (ett) hoondrer hundreogen hoondrer oh ain to hundre too hoondrer (ett) tusen (ett) toossen 1st tarste (urster 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th andre andrer tredje traid-yer fjerde t-yeirer fernte femter sjette shet-ter sjuende attende 11 elleve elver 12 tolv to/ 13 tretten trett'n 14 fjorten f-yort'n 15 femten temt'n shooet-ne 16 seksten sayst"n otter-ne .. dair Who. air doo snit Excuse me. Jeg beklager . (takk). der. 6 + 3= 2) Nor. please. eft 17 sytten sutt'n 18 atten att'n 19 20 21 22 30 nitten nitt'n tjue/tyve snoo-er tjueen shoo-er ain tjueto shoo-er too tretti/tredve tret-ty 1001 1 100 10000 100 000 1 000000 tusen 09 en toossen on ain ett tusen ett hundre ett toossen ett hoondrer ti tusen tee toossen hundre tusen hoondrer toossen en million ain mil-yo on Basic Phrases Yes. yay beklaag-er Hetlo. yay for-stor ik-ker Do you understand? Forstar du? tor-star doo? What does that mean? Hva betyr det? va beteer day? I don't know. Hvor. great/day air ee ord'n What. skreev day nayd Kan du hjelpe meg? Can you help me? kandoo ye/per may? What's the matter? Hva er i veien? va air ee vayen? I am lost.? What's that called? Hva heter dette? va hayter det-ter? It is/there are . om for-Iaate/ser I'm sorry ._Numbers a null nool en. Jeg vet ikke.

hotels and restaurants. campsites. travelling round and getting to know people .£ some we hope you don't meet. Pictorial questions and answers guide you through all the situations you'll meet . Using the specially prepared simplified pronunciation guide. such as being ill or breaking down. Make your Norwegian! way with confidence and Instant ISBN 1-871086-08-6 I II 9 781871 086089 > . you can read straight off the page all the things you want to say when in Norway. All at sea? Lost in a snowdrift? This book will dig you out wherever you are.99] INST'ANT NORWEGI YOUI' N Pel'sonal Language Guide No previous knowledge is required. shops.

such as being in or breaking down. meet . Pe .£4. campsites. shops.hoteIsand restaurants. you can read straight off the page all the things you want to say when in Norway.sonal . Using the specially prepared simplified pronunciation guide. No previous knowIedge All at sea? Lost in a snowdrift? This book will dig you out wherever you are.. Make your way with confidence and Instant Norweqianl 9 781871 0860189 > .99 I :INSTANT' :N'ORWEGI'AN You . Pictorial questions and answers guide you through all the situations you' some we hope you don't meet. travelling round and getting to know people .anguage G'uide is required.L..

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