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Educators to Watch


Educators to Watch

Educators to Watch

45 Ramsey Musallam 67 Allen Brooks 89 Deb Wolf 1011 Andrew Vanden Heuvel 1213 Dave Tebo 1415 Dan Spencer 1617 Brett Wilie 1819 Kelly Carrier 2021 Greg Green 2223 Stacey Roshan 2425 James Gill 2627 Joe Dockery 2829 Eric Marcos 3031 Shauna Hedgepeth 3233 Aaron Sams 3435 Jonathan Bergmann 3637 Dr. Roland Rios 3839 Jason Bedell 4041 Ron Houtman 4243 Jessica Donaldson 4445 Tim Childers

4 Educators to Watch 50% of students do not need you to review homework and 50% need it reviewed more than once. Thus, by reviewing traditional homework problems in class you reach 0% percent of students. By flipping the classroom, and off-loading direct instruction to screencasted instructional modules, homework review happens organically as part of in-depth critical thinking and inquiry about the lecture. Additionally, by embedding Google forms below the screencast that require students to record simple summaries of the lecture, teachers can asses misconceptions and knowledge gaps, and thus tailor in-class time appropriately. -Ramsey Musallam

Flipping the Classroom
Meet Ramsey Musallam,
a professor teaching AP chemistry at Sacred Heart Cathedral Preparatory in San Francisco and research methods at the University of San Francisco.
HES WORTH WATCHING BECAUSE Ramsey is creating video tutorials of his class topics and giving them to his students to watch as homework. Ramsey is finding great success in improving student accountability and reflection of screencasts by embedding Google forms below each lecture, where students are prompted to write summaries of each lecture. Summaries are sent to a time stamped Google docs spreadsheet.

Educators to Watch

With this system, class time is spent on problem-solving and critical thinking. Because they have already come to class having seen the lecture, students save time in class and get an additional 40 minutes for problem solving. All lectures are archived so students can watch them as many times as they wish, and at their own pace.

RAMSEYS GOAL To use screencasting and Tablet technology to shift the instruction-homework paradigm in high school science. This will allow more time for one-on-one interactions with students, and space for the critical thinking and inquiry skills necessary for success to grow and develop. RAMSEYS TECHNOLOGY Wacom tablet slates (USB and wireless) iPad Google Docs Camtasia Mac Vernier Probeware Rapidweaver Vimeo Wordle Class website:

CONNECT WITH RAMSEY TO LEARN MORE Email: Consluting Services: AP Chem website: Personal CV:

Creating Careers in Technology
Meet Allen Brooks,
a TV/media broadcasting, first-year computer, and advanced technology teacher at San Elijo Middle School, a SMART Showcase School in San Marcos, California.
ALLENS GOAL To introduce technology in the classroom that will encourage students to embrace the possibilities technology offers in learning. I hope to ignite a passion that will carry beyond the classroom and into their future. HES WORTH WATCHING BECAUSE Every project Allen creates is designed to engage his students and urge them to be creative with technology. His students have taken it upon themselves to bring their classroom technology home with them to use on a regular basis. As the school year progresses, more and more students are downloading or asking their parents to purchase the applications used in class, to learn at home. Many of my students discover that they are far more capable than they ever believed and that they have a true talent in technology. And many of these students go on to pursue careers based upon what they have learned in my classroom. ALLENS TECHNOLOGY

Educators to Watch

Educators to Watch

SMART Sync Classroom Management Software SMART Board with Integrated Projector Audio enhancing system Tablet monitors Design software of all sorts Jing, Camtasia Studio, Snagit


When I see my students learning, I know that I am teaching. When I see my students thriving, I know that I am successful. When I see my students take this knowledge and apply it outside of my classroom, then I know that they are successful and that is why I chose to become a teacher. -Allen Brooks

Mr. Brooks holds each student up to high standards, knowing the potential and capabilities that they each have and holds himself to even higher standards. I was a fast learner, and Mr. Brooks was a flexible teacher, adjusting and always finding challenging projects for me to undertake. I did not just acquire technological skills, but I learned how to be flexible, to use my resources, and I was able to experiment with many new types of software as well. I can honestly say that I walked out with an exponentially greater skill set that when I first walked in. Every moment that you are in that technology room, otherwise known as the Eagles Nest, you find yourself learning how to do some thing you never thought you could.
-Justine Hsu (Mr. Brookss student of 2006-08) CONNECT WITH ALLEN TO LEARN MORE Email: Website: LinkedIn:

The AP Test Scores Dont Lie
Meet Deb Wolf,
an education technology TOSA and AP chemistry teacher at the Sioux Falls School District in South Dakota. Deb has taught Chemistry & AP chemistry for a combined total of 31 years. She is the coordinator and instructional coach for a technology grant focused on embedding technology & skills into the classrooms for high school math and science with the goal of implementing Mastery Learning. She will go back to the classroom next year as well as be an instructional coach for new teachers and veteran teachers in technology.
DEBS GOAL We want to integrate technology into science and math in order to make challenging content more manageable. By providing homework problems in pre-cast videos and integrating other interactive tools such as blogs, wikis, animoto and prezi, it engages the students more than straight lectures while also allowing them to be more than consumers of the web. It helps them create skills of communication, collaboration and creative problem solving. These skills are for life, not just for the classroom. SHES WORTH WATCHING BECAUSE For the past 2 years Deb has been creating screencasts of her chemistry and AP chemistry lessons and video tutorials for difficult homework problems. By combining technology with mastery learning instructional strategy, students are asked to be active learners rather than passive observers. Last year more than 30% of Debs students scored a 5 on the AP chemistry exam, significantly higher than the national average of 18 percent. DEBS TECHNOLOGY Camtasia Studio Web 2.0 tools: blogs, wikis, animoto, prezi

Educators to Watch

Educators to Watch

By combining the technology with the instructional strategy of mastery learning, I feel that students are asked to be much more involved with their own learning. Students are not able to be passive observers but rather active learners. The students are required to master content before proceeding to new topics. I believe that by doing this, the students build a stronger foundation of basic skills so that as the students encounter more difficult concepts, they have a solid background. -Deb Wolf
CONNECT WITH DEB TO LEARN MORE Email: Twitter: LinkedIn: Wiki: for chemistry: for AP chemistry:

10 Educators to Watch Imagination is more important than knowledge. -Albert Einstein


1-on-1 Learning
Meet Andrew Vanden Heuvel,
he teaches AP physics and astronomy at Michigan Virtual School in Michigan, where he also serves as a course developer and project manager.

Educators to Watch 11

Jing, Camtasia Studio, Snagit, Stellarium, Gizmos, BrainPOP, Wolfram Alpha Michigan Virtual School: One of Andrews favorite photos for inspiring students: http://eoimages.gsfc. md.jpg (Do you see that tiny speck thats the Earth and this is the most distant photo ever captured of our home.)


ANDREWS GOAL I strive to create engaging educational experiences that inspire so that every student can rediscover the beauty and wonder of the universe. In 2010, I had a pass rate of 94% with 154 out of 164 students passing their course.

Andrew is a scientist turned educator who develops innovative technology-based STEM projects for USA TODAY and NASA in addition to teaching high school online. Andrew uses a variety of screen capture videos to show his students how to problem solve, navigate physics simulations, and/or learn by playing related physics games. He finds that this type of varied instruction really helps students achieve subject mastery.

The video-based approach allows Andrew to develop a personal, 1-on-1 connection with students as they strive to understand rich, yet challenging new material. Andrews innovative curriculum and engaging style have earned him recognition as Michigan Online Teacher of the Year and as a finalist for National Online Teacher of the Year.


Giving Students More Time
Meet Dave Tebo,
he is the Superintendent at Hamilton Community Schools in Hamilton, Michigan.
DAVES GOAL I have asked teachers to find new and engaging ways to use technology with their students everyday. My main goal is using technology to make time a variable so that learning can be a constant. Anytime, anywhere learning is a key to working with todays students. Teachers who are willing to use technology as a means to an end will be more efficient and more engaging. I havent focused on the hardware or software, as I have spent time trying to change the way teachers work to embrace all that technology has to offer from the newest gadget to the hottest web 2.0 tool. If we can change the way we teach, we can use whatever tool or software is best for each specific job or project and meet the financial needs of the school district.

12 Educators to Watch

Educators to Watch 13

I have seen technology have a great impact on student achievement.

The idea of changing the concept of time gives students more access to the information and they can spend as much time with it as they, as an individual, want and/or need. Using technology effectively has raised student engagement and increased teachers classroom management. With the effective integration of technology infused teaching and learning, we can truly embrace a new model instead of trying to perfect an old one. -Dave Tebo

HES WORTH WATCHING BECAUSE Dave has always been supportive of technology being used in education. In his previous role, Dave helped Dan Spencer at Michigan Center High School by getting the technology needed for Dan to experiment in flipping his classroom. Dave strongly believes in supporting the changing face of learning and has seen the benefits that technology has offered in this situation. Dave focuses on Professional Development and risk taking with non-traditional ways to incorporate the use of technology. He doesnt believe in technology for the sake of it, but as a means to an end. Dave views his role as one of teacher and learner. He strives to learn more about how todays students and teachers learn and grow with technology.

DAVESS TECHNOLOGY Varies from project to project, but includes: MacBook, Windows Office, iWork, iLife, Snagit on Mac, and Camtasia for Mac to create visual aides and podcasts which allow me to share a common vision with the stakeholders of my district. I use an iPad 2 to be more mobile and access my files that now live in the cloud making access anytime anywhere a reality for me as I model it for my administrators, teachers and students. CONNECT WITH DAVE TO LEARN MORE Email: Twitter: LinkrfIn: Posterous: Screencast example used for communication:

1-on-1 Learning with 20+ Students
Meet Dan Spencer,
for the past 7 years Dan has taught science (chemistry, physics, engineering) at Michigan Center High School in Michigan. He recently took on a new position as an educational technology consultant for the Jackson County Intermediate School District in Michigan. His role is to help teachers use educational technology in ways that improve student learning.
DANS GOAL Screencasting allowed me to create a classroom where my students could learn any time, any place, any way, or any pace. Instead of using valuable class time for inefficient activities such as lecturing, screencasting made it possible for me to work one-on-one with my students to see if they really understood the curriculum. As the educational technology consultant for our county I want to help other teachers see how they can improve their instruction by leveraging technology (such as screencasting and mobile devices) to allow them to do what they do best, which is building relationships and guiding learning.

14 Educators to Watch

Educators to Watch 15

HES WORTH My screencasts have completely changed WATCHING BECAUSE how I teach and how my students learn. Dan creates screencasts of Before, I was forcing all my students to his lectures and makes them available for his students to learn the same way I learned (lecture watch on their own time homework - test - repeat). It worked for outside of class. Instead of lecturing in class, me when I was in high school and college the time is now spent on but it doesn't for many of my students. meaningful activities that make chemistry more real The screencasts let my students learn world such as labs, the material at a pace that works for them. demonstrations and problem Also, my kids are now responsible for their based learning projects. learning. If a student doesn't understand This system has allowed each student to work at his or her something from a screencast they can review own unique pace; spending it as many times as needed before moving more time on material thats on, or getting more focused help from me or confusing to them and less time on assignments they their peers. That wasn't an option before. learn quickly. They can't blame me for talking too fast or When students can show not spoon feeding them the answers to their mastery of each assignment they are allowed to move on. questions. If they are absent from class then Dans also found that students are connecting better they still have access to the exact same with him, as they have greater content as the kid who was in class. It 1-on-1 access to him. DANS TECHNOLOGY

really is possible for students to learn at their own pace. -Dan Spencer

Camtasia for Mac CONNECT WITH DAN TO LEARN MORE iPod Touch - check out system Email: Twitter: Moodle LinkedIn: Blog: YouTube:

16 Educators to Watch

Utilizing technology to flip my classroom has revolutionized the way I now think about education. Before flippingI had grown frustrated, bored and disengaged from the education process. Since changing my method of conducting class, I have now become a mentor to the students, helping them to become 21st Century learners instead of passive observers. -Brett Wilie

Meet Brett Wilie,
he teaches chemistry, honors chemistry, AP chemistry and forensics in Dallas, Texas. He is also the science department chair and mentors members of his department in lesson planning, teaching techniques and technology integration.
BRETTS GOAL To engage students AND the science department more through the use of technology so that more content can be covered during the year and so class time can focus on practical application rather than reviewing theory and formulas. BRETTS TECHNOLOGY Laptop SMART Board YouTube Cell phones Camtasia Studio Class website

Educators to Watch 17

Increasing Grades 6-Points with Vodcasts


HES WORTH WATCHING BECAUSE Brett began integrating technology in his classroom several years ago with laptops, a SMART board, and educational YouTube videos for homework, which he found online. Now hes flipped his classroom and makes his own video screencasts (vodcasts), and has a course webpage where students watch lectures outside of class. By watching the lectures outside of class, class time is now spent on problem solving and other activities. Brett can spend time assisting students as they problem solve, rather than lecture at them during class. This past year the average chemistry grade for the 1st semester was 6 points higher than it has been in over 4-years.

Tailoring learning through collaboration
Meet Kelly Carrier,
a biology teacher at Okemos High School in Okemos, Michigan
KELLYS GOAL To increase communication and collaboration between teachers and students, as well as between students themselves. He is doing this through freeing up face to face class time by using online course materials like Education 2020, Quia and iTunes U.

18 Educators to Watch

Educators to Watch 19

Students will learn with engaging hands on activities balanced with resources which allow students to practice, and work independently as well as collaboratively. This frees me to be a facilitator and work as a partner rather than the authority figure. -Kelly Carrier

HES WORTH KELLYS TECHNOLOGY WATCHING BECAUSE Tablet computer As a result of using Students also do lab activities technology, there has been and other collaborative work Camtasia Studio increased communication iTunes U when they are not online. and collaboration between all Homework management This provides the students partiesteacher-to-student system Quia and Education with the ability to work at and student-to-student. 2020 very different paces. He records all of his lectures Laptops and posts them on iTunes U Kelly is often pulled in many directions helping 5-6 for his students to use for students at a time who are studying the material, and all in different places in their preparing for exams. course work. This approach While students are working allows him to tailor learning in class, Kelly is able to for each students different facilitate, answer questions pace. and give students instant CONNECT WITH KELLY TO LEARN MORE feedback. School email: With his adaptive students, Personal email: they engage in a hybrid online/hands-on course through Education 2020 (E2020). Here they can listen to lectures, do homework and work on assessments online in class during the school day.

Flippin the Entire High School
Meet Greg Green,
a Principal and Curriculum Coordinator for grades 6-12 at Clintondale Community Schools in Michigan.

20 Educators to Watch

Educators to Watch 21

GREGS GOAL To deliver lecture content to students via recorded video as homework, then use class time for developing critical thinking skills through discussion, Q&A, group work and anything else interactive. This will allow for all students to be introduced to the core concepts in a consistent way, and then talk through the analysis in class face-to-face, essentially flipping the traditional model of learning on its head.

GREGS TECHNOLOGY Camtasia Relay, Camtasia Studio Wacom Tablet PCs Google groups QR codes Mobile devices

I truly believe that this model has the potential to redefine how we deliver learning and education. I believe it provides an engaging and interactive way for teachers 9th Grade 2010-11 Freshman to facilitate learning, rather than delivering Class, 140 students: content through lectures. This in turn gives 72% receive free and reduced lunches. students the opportunity to process the 92% are below grade. content IN CLASS, together, as a group! level in mathematics. They can ask questions, they are more 52% are reading below their grade level. engaged in learning, they are less frustrated, 68% are minority based. and Ive seen massive improvements in 73% students entered school district after 5th grade. grades and behavioral issues have drastically declined! I lay awake at night Results from flipping 9th grade so far show: feeling like I have found a way to fix some 9th Grade English: from 52% of the huge problems we face in our failure rate to 19%! 9th Grade Algebra: from 44% education system. Now I just need to failure rate to 13.5%! 9th Grade Science: from 41% tell everyone who will listen. failure rate to 19%! -Greg Green

Social Studies: from 28% failure rate to 9%! Overall 9th Grade failure rate in the core academic classes went from 41% to 15%! Discipline issues reported went from 736 in year one, down to 249!


22 Educators to Watch

Meet Stacey Roshan,

Educators to Watch 23

The Backwards Classroom

SHES WORTH WATCHING BECAUSE she teaches AP calculus, calculus, algebra 1 and Stacey was looking for a introduction to programming with web design way to relieve stress in her at the Bullis School in Maryland. classroom and help her STACEYS GOAL students on an individual STACEY SPEAKS OUT ON basis, so she turned her class HER WAY OF TEACHING To relieve some of the anxiety backwards and began using that runs so high in the AP New York Times class time to go over problem Calculus classroom. A rushed The Daily Riff on Stacey Roshan sets and assigning lectures as lesson with not enough time The Journal homework. to answer questions and get a With video creation software, STACEYS TECHNOLOGY truly lively discussion started Stacey records her lectures is far from an ideal learning Camasia Studio and posts them on iTunes for environment. With the pace Tablet PC students to watch at home. PowerPoint of the AP syllabus, easing this The anxiety level of her class iTunes anxiety is a difficult task. By has gone way down because eliminating class lectures, class students are able to work at time can be spent in an entirely Class website their own pace. iPevo document camera different way. And this has Students are scoring higher been my goal. grades on tests and quizzes than they did in the past. CONNECT WITH STACEY TO LEARN MORE The AP classroom is now a Email: full and fun environment, Class Website: full of lively discussion. Twitter: Screencast: Ms.Roshan/folders/AP%20Calculus%20AB iTunes Potral:

How can I bring this lesson alive? How can I best reach each student in my class? How can I help my students achieve success while still having fun? These are the questions I ask myself when creating class plans. And this is one of the most challenging aspects of teaching. Particularly in the math classroom, students often have the preconceived notion of a boring, rigid learning environment where the teacher lectures and the students do a million practice problems until the skill is mastered. This year, I have put a large effort into integrating technology in effective ways to change this mentality. -Stacey Roshan

Two Teachers for the Price of One
Meet James Gill,
he teaches computer education at Moody Middle School in British Columbia, Canada. He spearheads technology initiatives and serves as a technology mentor with a sister school's learning teams.
JAMES GOAL To base all teaching on my 4 Cs: Creativity, Communication, Collaboration and Critical Thinking. I follow this model in order to try to give my students a broader view of the world and encourage them to think of themselves as lifelong learners. HES WORTH WATCHING BECAUSE With his school set up so that hes teaching the same lesson 20-times a year, James instead makes a high-quality screencast of his lecture and embeds those screencasts in his class website for students to watch anytime. By recording the screencasts ahead of time, James frees up his time to answer questions when they are having a difficult time understanding the materialmuch like having 2 teachers in the classand he can be sure his students are on track. By embedding the screencast in his classroom website, students with questions about using new applications don't have to wait to ask questions - they can just hit "play" and pause the screencast so they can proceed one step at a time.

24 Educators to Watch

Educators to Watch 25

JAMES TECHNOLOGY Screencasts are a resource for parents who are the kids first line of help when they go home, even in middle and high school! He also helps the teachers in the school learn new software applications in this same way - through recording screencasts

Jing, Sketchup, Scratch,, Gimp, Inspiration, Audacity Class website

The purpose of the Internet is not to connect computers together, but to connect people. -James Gill

I remind my students that the skills taught in my classroom are not the kind that youre going to need someday when you are older. The lessons and skills they acquire in my classroom are intended to be used today onward! -James Gill

On-Demand Instruction
JOES GOAL To provide lessons in video format of complicated design processes and software demonstrations so that students can learn at their own pace in order to truly learn the foundations of design, animation techniques and the video production process. HES WORTH WATCHING BECAUSE His recordings give students the control to move at their own pace, review material when needed, and never miss an important lesson. His on-demand instruction format has increased the amount of material Joes students are able to get through in a semester. He runs workshops where he shows other teachers how to incorporate technology into their classes.

26 Educators to Watch

Educators to Watch 27

Meet Joe Dockery,

an Adobe Education Leader and CTE Instructor at Mount Si High School in Snoqualmie, Washington, where he teaches video production, computer animation, computer graphic design and web design.

Using video tutorials to individualize instruction has completely changed the way I teach. It has eliminated classroom management issues and dramatically increased the amount of material my students can learn. -Joe Dockery

COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT WHAT OTHERS ARE SAYING We are just about to launch WOW! Joe has prepared an excellent set of tutorials and online a pizza challenge. Our local resources. If I dont learn anything else, this course was worth pizza place wanted us to the trip. I am ready to go back and dig into more editing and launch a branding campaign special effects and can lead a group of students through the that featured fresh, young ads same. Great, great job!!! Congratulations. created by local youth. So -NECC 2009 workshop participant for Joes session they offered free pizza coupons to everyone that submitted a Last year I was selected as Best of the Best at the ISTE commercial, $50 to the winner conference. I believe my success is based on my use of video and a donation to our video tutorials for two reasons: program. My students then 1. Every teacher that comes to a workshop learns a ton of new setup a YouTube channel for things because they get to move at their own pace regardless of the projects. We are currently their prior knowledge and experience. planning round two and a 2. They walk away from the workshop with video tutorials they Facebook presence that will can immediately use with their students in the classroom and feature this years projects. continue to learn themselves. JOES TECHNOLOGY CONNECT WITH JOE TO LEARN MORE Camtasia Studio Email: Adobe Premiere Pro Website: Adobe After Effects LinkedIn: Adobe Photoshop Sharepoint: http://sharepoint.snoqualmie.k12. Work Phone: 425-831-8126

Educators to Watch I28have students who voluntarily stay after school for sometimes hours each day just to use the Tablet PCs and create screencasts. Some of them arent even my students, but they want to use the technology too! Its been great to watch and the kids are teaching other kids through visual screencasts. -Eric Marcos

Kids Teaching Kids with Mathtrain
Meet Eric Marcos,
a 6th grade mathematics teacher at Lincoln Middle School in Santa Monica, California.
ERICS GOAL To inspire lifelong lovers-of-math ERICS TECHNOLOGY Camtasia Studio Clickers, wireless Tablet PCs, SMART Board, Livescribe pen and Skype Snagit, Jing iTunes Student-created iPhone App Class website: HES WORTH WATCHING BECAUSE He has inspired kids to create their own math tutorial videos, in their own time, without offering extra credit! Eric records individualized mini-tutorial to give specific feedback on problems a student may be struggling with. Using tablet computers, his students take notes and record classroom lessons, then email them to students who may be absent.

Educators to Watch 29

CONNECT WITH ERIC TO LEARN MORE Email: Twitter: Website: YouTube:

He keeps a library of math video tutorials- created by both Eric and his studentsthat include at least one tutorial for each math topic covered in class. Eric created, a free interactive website of student created tutorials which serves as a student to student help resource for math. studentcreated tutorials are now viewed by students and teachers all over the world.

Encouraging Texting
Meet Shauna Hedgepeth,
an AP statistics, algebra 2, and dual enrollment college algebra teacher at Oak Grove High School in California.
SHAUNAS GOAL To win kids over with statistics! SHAUNAS TECHNOLOGY Promethean Boards, ActivExpressions, Tablet PC HootCourse, Twitter, Blog, Wiki Website,, Jing

30 Educators to Watch

Educators to Watch 31

SHES WORTH WATCHING BECAUSE She takes screenshots of I KNEW that to win the kids over with problems she goes through in class and posts them online statistics, I would need to use something so students can review THEY were already using, such as Twitter solution methods as often and a #hedgestats hashtag. Within the first as they need. She has her students few days, they started tweeting about stats text her their answers to questions during class they saw, read, heard. They also started through ActivExpressions. using each other as a network to get help The answers are automatically tallied and graphed in front or reminders. So far, Ive been VERY pleased of the room. with the results. Whenever Shauna is notified of a particular problem -Shauna Hedgepeth students cant figure out at night or something she knows CONNECT WITH SHAUNA TO LEARN MORE didnt go well in class, she Email: creates a Jing video reviewing Twitter (personal): that problem & posts it to Twitter (AP stats): the class website. Blog (AP stats): Shauna has every student Website (Algebra 2): create a Twitter profile and set up a Twitter hash tag for her statistics class so they can easily help and learn from each other in real-time.

32 Educators to Watch

More Engagement = Better Grades
Meet Aaron Sams,
Aaron teaches biology, chemistry and AP chemistry at Woodland Park High School in Colorado.
AARONS GOAL To facilitate learning in a way that is engaging to students while also encouraging them to take responsibility for their own learning. By implementing the flipped classroom model and mastery learning, student learning is now focused on the whole classroom, not the teacher. My goal is to continue this model and help every student become a successful learner. AARONSS TECHNOLOGY Camtasia Studio SMART Board Moodle, Moodle Quiz Vernier Probeware

Educators to Watch 33

Students are more engaged in my class now that technology has allowed me to flip the class room. I have virtually no Ds. Ds have become Cs, Cs have become Bs and Bs have become As. And student engagement has massively increased. They are excited about learning. Its great to see the lighbulb ah-ha moments when students are working collaboratively. -Aaron Sams

CONNECT WITH AARON TO LEARN MORE Email: Website: Twitter: Ning: YouTube:

HES WORTH WATCHING BECAUSE Instead of lecturing his students during class, Aaron creates instructional videos that they can watch on their own time. He uses class time for handson activities where students are able to interact with each other in small groups with online science simulators. These technologies have helped his students take responsibility for their own learning, and hes found theyre more engaged in class now that learning is the focus of the classroom instead of his lectures. Aarons methods have worked - students have been more engaged in his class than ever before. All grades have improved about a full letter grade, with virtually no more Ds.

Increasing grades through 1:1 interactions
Meet Jonathan Bergmann,
the chemistry, earth and space science, and AP chemistry teacher at Woodland Park School District in Colorado.
JONATHANS GOAL To give every student the opportunity to learn at their own pace in order to really grasp and understand the concepts being taught. My goal is to do this through mastery teaching models and the flipped classroom model so that I have that crucial 1:1 time with each student. HES WORTH WATCHING BECAUSE

34 Educators to Watch

Educators to Watch 35

Since I have been able to visit with every student in every class, every day, I now have the time to make sure all students are mastering the content in my classroom. -Jonathan Bergmann

Instead of lecturing to his classes, Jonathan creates instructional videos that students watch for homework. His students are learning more effectively by focusing on the material during class, rather than him. His students are more engaged in the subject matter and are producing better work. Most students have moved up a full letter grade since he adopted lecture recording, and changed the in-class structure. In the Flipped-Mastery classroom students are engaged and challenged at appropriate levels for all. This method has been developed collaboratively with Aaron Sams. Aaron Sams and Jonathan Bergmann have recently completed a book on the topic of the Flipped classroom. Publish date is fall of 2011 (ISTE press).

JONATHANS TECHNOLOGY Camtasia Studio Flip Cam SMART Board Elmo Tablet, Wacom Bamboo Tablet Moodle for Mastery Assessments, (this is behind a password) Samson Microphone



Access for Everyone
Meet Dr. Roland Rios,
the Director of Instructional Technology at Fort Sam Houston Independent School District in San Antonio, Texas. He is responsible for promoting the integration of technology in the classroom across the school district. He works closely with campus administrators, teachers, and students by assessing their needs, procuring software and training end users.
ROLANDS GOAL To increase student and teacher engagement in the classroom through the seamless integration of technology, and to employ a variety of opportunities for both students and teachers to get comfortable with technological tools and online resources, so students interests and learning styles are met. ROLANDS TECHNOLOGY Mobile carts with laptops A high school one-to-one netbook initiative Interactive whiteboard technology in all classrooms in the district Synchronous and asynchronous online learning opportunities for staff to increase their technology skills Google Apps for Education across the district for creation and collaboration Jing, Camtasia Studio,

36 Educators to Watch

Educators to Watch 37

HES WORTH Roland has served in a variety of capacities in WATCHING BECAUSE his 19 year educational career. He has been a math Dr. Rios employs a wide teacher, Assistant Principal, Middle School Principal, variety of technology in classrooms throughout his district and a High School Principal before moving into the Director of Technology Position. to create engaging learning environments that have WHAT OTHERS ARE SAYING heightened student interest For Roland, technology is an essential piece of the curriculum in new learning styles. and school climate. He takes time to be current in new Hes lead a one-to-one technology, but his outstanding instruction in seamless netbook initiative at the high school to provide 24/7 integration is what makes our district extremely fortunate. computer access for students. He teaches teachers and students how to use technology in daily He has worked hard to make lesson and product design. He does this by offering a variety of sure there are interactive tools for communication, presentation, novel approaches and whiteboards in every single then scaffolds the learner both in class and outside of the school classroom, face-to-face day. He coaches teachers through frustration and empowers workshops, online learning students to explore, discover and master. He also educates by sessions, drop in weekly example, using all the tools he advocates in professional sessions, and video tutorials development, blogging and teacher support. He takes the for staff development. eck out of technology. He employs a team of -Mrs. Lori Fuller, Middle and High School Instructional Tech Interns students Design Coach who promote the integration of technology CONNECT WITH ROLAND TO LEARN MORE in the classroom by helping Email: fellow students and training District website: teachers. They help teachers Blog: both face-to-face and by creating video tutorials using Jing.

38 Educators to Watch

Meet Jason Bedell,
the director of JTB Consulting, an educational technology consulting company located in New Jersey. JTB Consulting helps teachers plan engaging, authentic and relevant lessons using technology.
JASONS GOAL We have the tools to help students grow, to connect, to collaborate and to lead. Technology is a natural part of good pedagogy that empowers each student individually. We owe it to our students to use every tool at our disposal to help them become the best people they can. JASONS TECHNOLOGY

Educators to Watch 39

Creating Worldwide Access

HES WORTH WATCHING BECAUSE As a former teacher, Jason is focused on empowering the student to take control of their learning and make a real difference in their community. Jason works with teachers to develop problem-based lessons, which require students to think through many problem solving methods related to the content area theyre focused on. Jason strives to form supportive relationships through online collaboration between students and worldwide audiences in order to provide a better education and experience for all children.

I operate on the central beliefs that every child can learn in the right circumstances and that we, as educators, need to adapt to meet the needs of our children. Learning needs to be engaging, social, and centered on the needs and strengths of the students. Technology helps me achieve this in education. -Jason Bedell

Jing, Camtasia Studio, Windows Movie Maker, iMovie Flip cameras Ustream, Twitter, Facebook, Skype

CONNECT WITH JASON TO LEARN MORE Email: Twitter: LinkedIn: Blog:

Giving Students More Time
Meet Ron Houtman,
an Education Technology Consultant at the Kent Intermediate School District and Regional Education Media Center 8 in Grand Rapids, Michigan. He helps teachers and students integrate appropriate technology into their teaching and learning practices.
RONS GOAL I believe strongly that all teachers should have, and continually develop, their online repository of learning objects. This first involves ensuring teachers understand the power of creating a curated collection of resources for their students, which is available online and on-demand. To accomplish this, I help teachers build digital representations of their classrooms using wikis, blogs, and through Learning Management Systems (LMS) such as Moodle, Blackboard, and Angel. In addition, screencasting is the killer app for increasing student engagement and outcomes. HES WORTH WATCHING BECAUSE He taps into students interests by customizing their education experience through targeted uses of technology. He works with teachers to build digital representations of their classrooms using wikis and blogs, and assists in creating compelling content to engage their students. After showing teachers how easy it is to record and publish their own content, he finds that they get hooked and this system becomes their new norm. RONS TECHNOLOGY Mobile devices Document camera Digital cameras Wikis and blogs Jing, Camtasia Studio, Snagit

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We often forget that our students don't see technology as technology. They see the tools that they use in their day-to-day lives as their environment, like air and water. Many students would relish the opportunity to use their mobile devices to replace text books, use their cameras for projects, be allowed to correspond with teachers, turn in papers and homework assignments online, and preserve and share their work in digital portfolios. -Ron Houtman
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If we can find ways to tap into a students interests by customizing their education experience through targeted uses of technology, then we help them become creators of content versus mere consumers of content. The day of the lecture-based classroom is over. -Ron Houtman

Educating a District
Meet Jessica Donaldson,
an Instructional Technologist for Berkeley County School District in Moncks Corner, South Carolina. She identifies and develops technology resources that enhance standards-based instruction for the district, and provides professional development workshops and courses. In addition to her duties at the Central Office, Jessica works with about a third of the countys schools to support classroom technology needs for students and teachers.

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JESSICAS GOAL My goal is to be a resource for educators and students. Through hands-on training, collaborative efforts, and follow-up support, I hope to reinforce teaching and learning in the classroom.

If ever I have been challenged by another educator, I couldnt even begin to mention another name. Jessica not only provides all of the technology integration staff development to our teachers and staff that I could ask her to, she is always keeping me informed of whats new so we can plan newer, better staff development for our faculty and staff. By observing her working with teachers, I see a part of her heart that longs to be working with the students. That is how teachers really learn, through the passion of her presentation.
-Laura Linder, Coordinator of Staff Development, Media & Textbooks

Jessica uses technology including video creation softwareto create classroom content for both teachers and students. This content includes digital resources to support classroom instruction, such as lesson integration materials like primary sing-along videos and SMART Notebook lessons for the SMART Board interactive whiteboard. Similarly, she creates videos that promote the various programs throughout her district. The Berkeley County School District explored iPads for use in the classroom. Jessica served as the instructional liaison between classroom teachers and the Technology Department. Her responsibilities included: Providing training to teachers on the use of the iPads and iTunes software, as well as researching educational apps to enhance teaching and learning. Additionally, she made classroom visits to collect feedback and provide ongoing support to teachers and students.

She maintains the curriculum and instruction side of the school districts internal web site and produces professional development videos to support district initiatives. She uses Adobe Connect to provide just-in time training for educators in her district. She is actively involved in the South Carolina Leadership Council for the Discovery Educator Network. She has been identified as a SMART Exemplary Educator (SEE) by SMART Technologies and attended the first SEE Summit in Calgary, Alberta, Canada She is an adjunct professor with the College of Charleston and works with the colleges professional development department to provide graduate courses for teachers.

Camtasia Studio, Movie Maker, Photo Story, and Magix Movie Edit Pro Google Products (Docs, Books, etc.), Prezi, VoiceThread, Animoto, GlogsterEDU, SoundSnap, Jamendo, BeatPick, iStockPhoto, SXC (images), Dropbox, Evernote Other favorite tech: iPad & Android-based tablets, iPod Touch, Microsoft Office 2007 apps, Audacity, SMART Notebook & SMART Response, Flip video cameras, Pulse SmartPen


44 Educators to Watch Tims expertise in project-based learning, photography, and video production has helped many educators discover new and innovative ways to integrate technology into their classrooms. The in-person sessions that Tim has hosted have catapulted numerous teachers into creating technology-rich classrooms, however it is the follow up that Tim provides through blogs, screencasts, and webinars that is second to none. -T. Magee

Training Teachers
Meet Tim Childers,
the Secondary Technology Coach for Bradley County Schools in Cleveland, Tennessee. He works with two local middle schools and two local high schools.
TIMS GOAL To create a seamless integration of technology from administrators to teachers to students and parents that benefit and enhance individual learning in todays educational environment. TIMS TECHNOLOGY Discovery Assessment and Discovery Streaming SMART Boards Promethean Boards iMovie, Movie Maker, Jaycut, and Jing Web 2.0 tools abound!

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HES WORTH WATCHING BECAUSE His video recordings help teachers to learn about new technologies and how to teach their students to use the new software. Students have used the technology Tim has implemented to create their own tutorials that are part of class projects and classroom lessons. Teachers are now using Jing to create their own video tutorials for students as both part of the daily classroom lessons and as remediation for students who have been absent from class. | Phone: +1.517.381.2300 | 2405 Woodlake Drive | Okemos, MI 48864-5910 Follow us on Twitter:!/TechSmith
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