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LONDON, QUITE SIMPLY, IS ONE OF THE PLANET’S BEST CITIES. People have been travelling to the English capital in search of opportunity and adventure since the earliest days of its existence and everyone, it seems, finds a little of what they’re searching for in her busy streets. From raw commercial opportunity to no-holds-barred revelry, London is the jumping-off point for a new way of life. To help you land on your feet, the 1st Contact London Guide has been designed to make your transition from the old to the new as quick and easy as possible. There’s so much exploring to do in London, not to mention Europe, that you don’t want to waste time having to deal with things like admin! 1st Contact will do it all for you, and can help with lots more too. So take a deep breath, grab your 1st Contact London Guide and get ready to step out into the big wide world.

The 1st Contact London Guide


‘Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the things you did do. So throw off the bowlines, sail away from the safe harbour. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.’ Mark Twain

Contents Before you leave 8 9 18 18 19 19 20 21 Kickstart Package Visas for the UK When to travel How to travel Airport security Packing tips Money on arrival Countdown checklist 35 41 48 51 Popular areas to live London transport Healthcare Staying in touch Your career 56 58 60 63 63 63 64 64 66 FREE job assistance CV assistance Interviews Working visas National Insurance Umbrella Payroll Ltd company accounting Tax refunds Employment sectors Arriving in London 24 26 28 Landing in London Getting around (Un)written rules Starting out 32 34 Types of accommodation Council tax and utilities Your money 72 Cost of living ‘The Gherkin’ – the second tallest building in the city of London at 180 metres .

live music and theatre 99 Shopping and markets 102 London days out (free) 104 London experiences (free) 106 London for a fee Heading home 119 119 121 121 122 Shipping Money transfers Tax refunds Job assistance Migration/immigration Directory 126 Useful links.The 1st Contact London Guide 5 Waterlow Park. Highgate 72 74 76 78 80 82 82 83 84 UK banking Lost cards and security UK tax system Umbrella Payroll Sable wealth/property Accounting Tax refunds NI number and rebates Money transfers Travelling 109 Bank holidays 109 UK travel 110 EU travel 110 Festivals 112 Worldwide travel 113 Safety/lost passports 115 Travel health/clinic Entertainment 88 93 96 97 Food and restaurants Drinking establishments Nightlife Cinemas. directory and 1st Contact details .

all through your stay and after you arrive back home. we have been experts in the field for over 15 years..Services at a glance Live London to the max. KICKSTART pg 8: > UK bank account > NI assistance > London info pack > UK SIM card > International calling card JOB ASSISTANCE pg 56 & 121: > CV assistance > FREE recruitment help > Jobs back home VISAS pg 9. We will help you before you leave. 63 & 122: > Migration/immigration > Tier 1 and more > Visa tips . We can help WHO ARE WE? 1st Contact is a service provider for the working traveller and settled migrant. from visas to forex and job assistance to rebates..

marriage.1stcontact. partner and student visas ACCOUNTING pg 64 & 82: > Administration > Full range of services > Ltd company assistance UMBRELLA PAYROLL pg 63 & 78: > Compliance and payroll > Contracting with benefits > Tax services FOREX pg 84 & 119: > Money transfers > 24/7 online transactions > Cheaper than banks TAX REFUNDS pg > Essential news and links > Affiliate offers > Prizes and much more .The 1st Contact London Guide 7 > Ancestral. 82 & 121: > Tax services > NI rebates SABLE WEALTH pg 80: > Niche financial planning > Tailored investments > International needs TRAVEL CLINIC pg 115: > Vaccinations > FREE health advice 1st Contact NEWSLETTER pg 92 .

1stcontactkickstart. need a SIM card to call the parents and assure them you managed to make it in one piece? No worries. These include in-depth advice on the various options for visas and a useful countdown checklist. The Kickstart London Package can help with all this and more – and you can get one at home before you leave (contact your local office). Pre-register with Umbrella and receive discounts on other 1st Contact services. got to sort out somewhere to live. so we have provided some hints and tips on what to do before you • Freecall 1800 039 300 1st Contact New Zealand • nzoffice@1stcontact. We can also help you find a job before you leave home. **UK bank account is reliant on compliance with UK banking laws and is subject to change without prior • Freecall 0800 224 322 1st Contact South Africa • saoffice@1stcontact.8 The 1st Contact London Guide Before you leave Kickstart your London experience LONDON NEEDS SPECIALIST • Freecall 0800 003 163 AUS TBC# #See website: • Freecall 0808 141 2255 1st Contact Australia • for the current price. Don’t leave home without it! The Kickstart London Package Wondering how to get started in London? Need a bank account. ***The composition of the Kickstart London Package is subject to change at any time. KICKSTART LONDON COSTS* UK NZ ZA £35# TBC# R390# 1st Contact London • kickstart@1stcontact. .

. vices. > UK mobile SIM card. Visas for the UK Unless you have a British or European Union passport. Make sure your ur u passport is valid for at least another six months. > London information pack – essential advice on how to get started up and settled down in London. > Discounts on 1st Contact services. > Accommodation referrals. get in touch with our friendly visa team on visas@1stcontact. > FREE job assistance. 1st Contact has affiliations with top UK banks. including connecting your CV with the top London recruitment agencies before you leave home. utility bills and You will get your mobile number before you leave or check out the website www. making it very difficult for nonUK residents to open a UK bank account. which offers really cheap rates to call internationally.BEFORE YOU LEAVE Package includes:*** > UK bank account assistance** – banking regulations in the UK are tight and banks demand proof of residential address. and is able to offer help in opening a UK bank account with the least amount of hassle. Here we’ve given you a brief overview of the visa options and requirements. you will need a visa to work in the UK. For more details.1stcontactvisas.

where it is now known as the Youth Mobility Scheme (YMS). The main changes to the YMS are: > You may work for the full 24-month period > You must intend to take regular employment. This ever-popular visa has been replaced by Tier 5 of the UK’s 5-tier Points Based System (PBS). (Currently South Africa is not included) . VISA OPTIONS TIER 5 – YOUTH MOBILITY SCHEME In mid 2008. not to engage in business or to provide services as a professional sportsperson > You are not able to switch into other employment categories from within the UK > You may not switch to or apply for Tier 5 if you have previously spent time in the UK as a working holidaymaker in the past. The requirements for a person seeking entry clearance under YMS are that he/she: > Is a citizen of a nation on the list of participating countries. the Home Office announced changes to the working holidaymaker scheme. If you are not in the UK you should get in touch with 1st Contact in your home country well before you depart. They will provide you with a comprehensive visa service to ensure you meet immigration requirements before arrival. so check your passport has plenty of time remaining before you leave home.You should investigate your options thoroughly before you apply. Many countries won’t let you in with less than six months validity remaining on your passport.

The 1st Contact London Guide 11 > Is aged from 18 to 30 (or is not yet 31 when given permission to enter the UK. . The criteria include not leaving the UK for a certain period of time and you must have made every attempt to remain in continuous employment for this period. or married to a person who meets the requirements for entry under any of the UK immigration categories (at the same time) > Is able and intends to maintain and accommodate themselves independently without recourse to public funds. ANCESTRY VISA This Visa allows Commonwealth citizens with strong ancestral ties (a British-born grandparent) to become eligible to live in the United Kingdom and perform unrestricted work for a period of up to five years from their arrival. even if you travel after your 31st birthday) > Is unmarried. If you comply with certain criteria you will You might have to help t have he be eligible to apply for Gran look for that oo fo o hat ain Indefinite Leave to Remain birth certificate! ertificate ic r after being in the UK for y five years on an Ancestry e Visa. This visa carries fewer restrictions than the YMS. You must apply for this visa prior to coming to the UK. where the level of funds required is £1 600 > Has the means to pay for their homeward or onward journey > Intends to leave the UK at the end of the YMS.

It was a UK innovation since it was the first scheme designed to attract people to the UK. Points are allocated based on the following criteria: > Age > Qualifications > Past earnings > UK experience . skilled professionals from overseas. Qualifying criteria: To qualify for this scheme. qualifications and earnings over the 12 months prior to leaving. where the scheme is now determined on a points system for age. you can make an application for Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR). The criteria are an attempt to attract young. unless you were a Nobel Prize winner! The criteria changed in June 2008 to make the scheme more realistic. The initial qualifying criteria for HSMP were extremely high and made the original HSMP unobtainable for most potential applicants. whereas all previous legislation had restricted entry. On completion of the total five years. candidates have to demonstrate that they can achieve the current points threshold.TIER 1 – GENERAL The Highly Skilled Migrant Programme (HSMP) was replaced by Tier 1 of the PBS in June 2008. where the visa is issued for a period of 24 months in the first instance and is followed by a two-year extension.

In some for details.The 1st Contact London Guide 13 Additionally. the employer must demonstrate that the candidate is suited to the position. The UK Skills shortage list will be used as a means of upskilling British nationals to decrease the UK’s dependency on foreign skills. This is called the Resident Labour Market Test (RLMT). The employee must then score the required points from the following three areas: > Certificate of Sponsorship (RLMT. The Tier 2 rules state that to apply. Employers must hold a licence issued by the Home Office permitting them to issue Certificates of Sponsorship to eligible migrants.1stcontactvisas. but that there were no suitable candidates available. . Note: The criteria for South Africans are now much stricter. TIER 2 – SKILLED SPONSORED WORKERS Work Permits were replaced by Tier 2 of the PBS in November 2008. all potential candidates also have to demonstrate the following mandatory requirements: > Ability to speak English > Ability to support and maintain themselves without recourse to public funds (certain fixed amounts apply depending on your location at the time of application). the requirement is waived if it is an Intra-Company Transfer (ICT). Please see www. This Tier is designed to allow employers to recruit skilled foreign workers if they can demonstrate that they have tried to recruit in the UK or EU to fill the vacant position (they need to advertise job posts to UK residents through a UK job portal before they are able to consider recruiting a foreign employee outside of the EU). ICT or skills shortage) > Qualifications > Prospective earnings.

This includes marriage to a British or EU national or someone with settlement status in the UK. you can apply for permanent residency (Indefinite Leave to Remain). after which an extension can be applied for. or persons with UK settlement status who wish to travel to the UK. The Home Office requires you to apply for a ‘Certificate of Approval’ to marry in the UK. MARRIAGE VISA If you marry in the UK. Other situations whereby spouses and dependants may apply for conditions in line with their partner/supporter include . If you wish to change employers during this time your new employer will have to apply again for you. a Tier 2 Visa is valid for up to three years. If you married outside the UK. Once you’ve completed five years continuous work under Tier 2 in the UK.If granted. must seek to gain entry clearance prior to entering the UK. accompanying spouses and dependants of British citizens. you may be able to change your visa status to become a dependant on your spouse’s status.

these must be applied for prior to your departure to the UK. where Right of Abode is not needed.The 1st Contact London Guide 15 persons holding an Ancestry Visa or Student Visa. Again. Take a turn on the London Eye for great views of Westminster and the rest of London (weather permitting) . provided they have been in a relationship akin to marriage for a minimum of two years. If you comply with certain criteria you will be eligible to apply for Indefinite Leave to Remain after being in the UK for a certain amount of time on the Unmarried Partners Visa. If you comply with certain criteria you will be eligible to apply for Indefinite Leave to Remain after being in the UK for a certain amount of time on the Marriage Visa. UNMARRIED PARTNERS VISA Legislation allows unmarried partners of British or European citizens or someone with a settlement status in the UK to apply for dependency. Documentary proof is needed. RIGHT OF ABODE If you or one of your parents were born in the UK you can apply to register as a British citizen.

SOME VISA TIPS > You should not pay for any travel arrangements if a delay or refusal of your visa application will result in losing money. If you qualify under the five-year residency criteria (based on Ancestry. . STUDENT VISA The requirements for a Student Visa are that you are enrolled in a full-time course of study. If you are married to a British citizen you may apply after three years of living in the UK – without having left for more than 270 days in the three-year period – and if you hold Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR) status. This excludes study via correspondence. > If you are married. > For security. which is either at degree level or leading towards a degree (one year or longer) that involves no less than 15 hours of organised study per week where the study is held at the college during daytime hours. you may apply after five years of living in the UK – without having left for more than 450 days in the fiveyear period – and if you hold ILR status for at least 12 months. Student Visas must now be applied for in your home country before departing for the UK. You’ll need to produce evidence that you can maintain and accommodate them without recourse to public funds or state benefits. etc). have children under 18 and your dependants intend to join you. Essentially this makes it six years to qualify for residency. Request this for the return of any documents as well. Marriage to an EU national. it is strongly advised that you send your application by registered mail or with a reputable courier firm. Monday to Friday. separate applications must be submitted to a British High Commission overseas.16 The 1st Contact London Guide NATURALISATION This is the process of becoming a British citizen. evening or weekend classes. Tier 1.

* Number only accessible in the UK. .com/guide 1st Contact Visas is registered with the office of the Immigration Services Commissioner under registration number F2001-00004.1stcontactvisas. 1st Contact can help you get the best visa to suit you. 0808 141 2251 guideim@1stcontact.. Call us today.UK Immigration Visas Give me more of London Which visas will enable you to stay? If you love London and want to extend your stay or even become a local. We cover all kinds of visas including work permits and the Tier 1 visa for highly skilled individuals.. which is simply the best option to maximise your earning www.

shipping costs and claim 6 weeks of temporary accommodation. One of the benefits of doing contract/ freelance work is that you receive a higher rate of pay and it affords a degree of freedom and flexibility not associated with permanent employment.000. however. The time difference is one to two hours depending on daylight saving (putting clocks forward an hour at the start of spring and back in autumn so afternoons have more daylight and mornings less). How to travel Flights from South Africa take about 11 hours. Register with 1st Contact Umbrella and not only will you be able to increase your take home pay but you will also be able to claim back your air travel. Are you considering contracting in the UK? The UK contracting market is valued in excess of £20 billion a year so there is no shortage of work. so there isn’t really a bad time to .com or email guideumb@1stcontact.1stcontact-umbrella. As long as these costs are known as relocation costs and cannot exceed £8. wet weather but this will get you in the mood for spring’s festivities. For more information visit www. every season in the UK has something to offer. The benefits of arriving in January or February. You’ll have to put up with a few months of cold. are mostly to do with settling in quickly and saving enough cash to take a summer break by June. Register with 1st Contact Umbrella. insurances.When to travel While the timing of your arrival in the UK will often be dictated by various things.

which range from a few weeks to a few months. Keep in mind that it helps to have a return fare valid for a year and that allows a free change of date. Ask your travel agent about these fares and don’t forget to take departure taxes into account. such as your passport and wallet. Shop around for fares – they vary greatly depending on a number of factors. As with all travel. Pack your luggage yourself and always keep your bags close to you. Also remember to decant any handluggage liquids into transparent 100ml containers and bag them together – bottles exceeding 100ml will be confiscated. Most airport security checks now require you to remove coats. remove this from its cover – it will need to be scanned 13-hour time difference. . locked in your hand luggage or in a body belt. Travelling en route to the UK is a great way to break up the trip. A popular short-stop for Aussies and Kiwis is Thailand. Ensure your luggage is labelled inside and out. Popular longer diversions include a ski season in the USA or volunteer programmes in South America. Sharp objects such as nail scissors or pocket knives must be packed in your main luggage or they will be confiscated. Flights from AUS and NZ take 24 to 36 hours because of the nine. These can sometimes be re-routed to another destination.The 1st Contact London Guide 19 which means no jetlag. boots and hats before walking through the metal detectors. it pays to be either very organised (booking well in advance) or very flexible and fast to react (last-minute deals). Airport security All airport security has greatly increased over the years. Lock every zip and keep your valuables. belts. as many European flights are routed through Bangkok. If you’re taking a laptop with you.

towel. so consider a backpack with a front zip as opposed to a top-loader – you’ll get more in to it. but they eat into your weight allowance. We would also recommend that you have around £150 cash for when you first arrive to cover transport. a warm jacket. but they’re becoming stricter every year. and they allow you to draw local currency from most ATMs around the world – much easier than traveller’s cheques. emergency supplies and emergency accommodation. by transferring your Dollars into our holding account. As soon as your new UK account is open and active. 1st Contact can arrange your money transfers to the UK. A credit card is essential for online bookings such as flights or shows. If you use 1st Contact’s Kickstart Package. Money on arrival Many visas require that you have at least £2 000 in savings for your trip. sheet or thin sleeping bag. If you have a credit card. . you can start organizing your transfer before you even leave for London. meals. You will need to have bank statements with you to show Passport Control proof of sufficient funds to support yourself. Avoid having to unpack your bag at check-in by saving weight. an unlocked mobile phone.Packing tips Most airlines limit you to 20-25kg and 5-7kg hand luggage. free of charge. If you are travelling from Australia or New Zealand. Pack smart outfit (for interviews). we will convert the dollars into pounds and transfer it to your new account. Suitcases with wheels are great for walking the streets. UK banks are inconsistent with granting credit services to new arrivals. medication and contact lenses. take it with you.

If you are travelling from Aus or NZ. etc. Confirm that your flight ticket and relevant visa documents to enter the UK are in order. change of address. contact us to arrange your money transfers to the UK. Ensure all your financial obligations are up to date. Send your CV to your local 1st Contact office for FREE job assistance with top recruitment agencies in London. . The power of attorney will enable someone you trust the power to act on your behalf in your absence.The 1st Contact London Guide 21 Countdown checklist 8 WEEKS BEFORE YOU GO Call 1st Contact for visa applications. opening a UK bank account and to purchase a Kickstart Package. 6 WEEKS TO GO Visit the dentist before you leave as UK dentistry is pricey. Set up a web-based email account to back-up your CV and references. e. Do some more travel research by visiting www. etc. Organise a will and power of attorney with a family lawyer. contact and payment details. Check that your passport is still valid for at least six months and that you have plenty of blank pages for travel visas and immigration stamps.g. Consider joining a frequent flyers scheme when you book your tickets – it’s a long way to London so you’ll earn many Check with your mobile phone provider to see if your phone is unlocked for use in the UK and Europe or if they can unlock it. tax returns.1stcontact.

SAY ALL YOUR GOODBYES AND GET TO THE AIRPORT EARLY . inform the utilities companies of your departure date and ensure that all outstanding bills are settled. 2 WEEKS TO GO Tie up all loose ends: cancel memberships. ask your landlord for a reference as this will help enormously when looking for accommodation in the UK. Start to pack. Organise your initial accommodation for the UK. insurance docs. and so on. If you are travelling to the UK via other countries. bank. flight tickets.g. If you rent. of your new forwarding address.) 3 WEEKS TO GO Collect your bank statements to prove you have sufficient funds. Notify your council and/or government that you’ll be unable to vote due to travels.22 The 1st Contact London Guide 4 WEEKS TO GO Notify the post office. 1st Contact can provide this service for you. Organise storage for your belongings while you’re away. close accounts. travellers’ cheque receipts. Change your CV to a UK format as it will be rejected if it’s in the wrong format. Make copies of all documentation – passport. credit card companies. your power of attorney. etc. visa. Arrange travel insurance – it can be difficult to to do so after arriving in the UK. e. etc – and put copies in various places where they can be easily accessed in an emergency. If you are a landlord. 1 WEEK TO GO Email your CV to your web email and check that it arrived. (This may save Australians from paying a fine. confirm any relevant visas for entry clearance and get vaccinated if needed.

com/londonguide Just arrived in London? Living in London is made simple with 1st Contact. career. .1stcontact.1stcontact. money and London Numbers only free and accessible within the UK. Experience London without the www. > > > > > Kickstart London info pack International CV & Job Assistance UK Bank Accounts Umbrella Services Money Transfers > > > > > Travel Clinic Visas and Immigration Tax Refunds and NI Rebates Personal Financial Mortgage & Property Services 0808 141 2255 londonguide@1stcontact. To enable you to make the most of your time. 1st Contact have a range of services to get you started.

it’s a survival necessity.24 The 1st Contact London Guide Arriving in London Welcome to a new adventure IT PAYS TO BE ORGANISED and in a fast-paced city like London. so call the 1st Contact London office on 0808 141 2264 for information and assistance. Ideally you want to organise accommodation before you arrive – whether that be dossing at a friend’s place or staying in a hostel or B&B. Make sure it expires at least six months after your planned departure from the UK and that it has at least two blank pages in it > Have bank statements and supporting documentation necessary for your visit. you will go through passport control: > Fill out a landing card – you’ll need the address of where you’re staying when you arrive in the UK > Have your passport ready. Your Kickstart London Package will help you to start out. . Landing in London No matter where you land in the UK. or to buy a package if you forgot to do so at home.

YOUR ARRIVAL Note Note to self: buy an umbrella .

heathrowexpress. stopping at various stations along the way and taking about 40 minutes. Gatwick Express This direct service also runs regularly into London Victoria Station and takes about 30 minutes.The key for this is to be prepared and even though you may be (save £1 if you book online). purpose of travel and expected Tickets must be bought at the station before you board. see page 74 and the map on the inside back page. follow the signs to the Underground Station (the tube) and buy a ticket (even if there is no one on duty you should still buy a ticket at the machine as you will need it at the end of your journey). After collecting your luggage. Pre-book tickets at You can buy your ticket in the station or on the train for no extra . It takes about 45 minutes to get into central London on the Piccadilly line. You can then buy another ticket and complete your journey on the Underground. always be polite and friendly. Visitors are sometimes asked questions concerning their destination. Always bring a copy of your travel plans and important numbers.southeasternrailway. For more tube information. FROM GATWICK Southeastern trains run regularly into London Victoria Heathrow Express This leaves every 15 minutes from Heathrow and takes 15 minutes to arrive at Paddington Station in central London. Visit www. Getting into London FROM HEATHROW The tube is by far the easiest and cheapest way to get into central London.

The 1st Contact London Guide 27 cost. Take Take the 15-minute journe journey on the Heathr Heathrow Express to Padd Paddington Station Paddington Station It departs every 15 minutes.gatwickexpress. For more information. visit www.

Be discreet about being lost or ask a local. Stopping is one of the most unforgivable London sins. Beware of pickpockets and con artists. Don’t make a fuss or be rude. . This part is for people who want to walk up and down. which no one ever tells you about. For your own safety. rather don’t sit next to someone – Londoners relish the little time they are allowed space.28 The 1st Contact London Guide (Un)written rules of London LONDONERS COME PRE-PROGRAMMED with some unwritten rules of the city. just go to the back of the line and wait your turn nicely. Be considerate and avoid rush hour when sightseeing. Londoners are always in a hurry. Learn to love the queue – it seems to be a national sport. do not stand on a street corner with your map. 1 2 3 4 5 On public transport. NEVER EVER stand still on the left side of escalators. if there is a seat further away. Don’t suddenly stop walking in the middle of a busy pavement.

UK SIM card and tons of great advice on how to really live London! Contact your local office now to buy your package and get discounts on other 1st Contact services. Visit www.UK Bank Accounts Let us kickstart your life in London Find your feet and hit the UK ground running! Why waste valuable time trying to get a bank account? The Kickstart London Package is the answer. . FREE job assistance. Numbers only accessible within country 1800 039 300 Aus 0800 003 163 SA 0800 224 322 NZ 0808 141 2264 UK ausoffice@1stcontact. All information correct at time of print and is subject to change at any time. it also includes a London orientation pack. Besides assisting you with opening a UK bank Please note: Bank account assistance is subject to UK bank compliance saoffice@1stcontact. international call card.1stcontactkickstart.

going travelling or just getting around the city.30 The 1st Contact London Guide Starting out Get your London experience moving LONDON IS A TRANSIENT CITY – people are always on the move. find your local doc and also learn how to stay in touch with home for as little as possible. which will keep you up to speed with the latest events. parties and travel specials. organise your banking. be it changing jobs. your London life kicks in as soon as you get a job and a place to live. where they live. Once you’ve arrived. . or where and when to get your hands on regular traveller media. You’ll soon learn the tricks of the transport system.

STARTING OUT Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament .

depending on your needs. DOSSING Chiefly a British term: to sleep or bed down in a convenient place. You’ll have to be flexible as your bedroom is also the TV room. Make sure you do your bit to help out and try not to overstay your welcome. staying in a hostel is the most flexible accommodation and there is a great social atmosphere. Hostels are also great in-betweeners once you’ve packed up your flat or when y you’ve j just arrived back from travelling and need a place to lay your head. You can post and browse ads on sites like www. HOSTELS If you don’t mind sharing. although using the Internet can make it or . Be patient as flat hunting can w be time consuming. dining room and party room! Dossers have no rights in the house and they usually pay a small daily amount as thanks.32 The 1st Contact London Guide Accommodation With so much flux. your experience of London will be greatly enhanced by finding a comfortable digs – it can be your still point or party central. t RENTING Long-term renting is the R best value for money if you are b planning to stay in the UK for a p while. There are hundreds of hostels in London ranging in style and price: usually about £15 to £25 per night for a dorm room and cheaper if you ask for weekly rates. If you are staying with a friend or sleeping on their couch you will be known as a ‘dosser’.co.gumtree.

Try searching the web on www. Several companies offer antipodean accommodation in quality houses in various areas of London at very affordable rates. Depending on size and location. so pick them up or purchase a LOOT paper from a newsagent. Never hand over your passport as security for your bond. STUDIO/ONE-BEDROOM FLATS These are totally self-contained with a kitchen and bathroom. Many people still advertise in the classifieds of free traveller publications. You’ll usually need to pay a deposit (bond) to the value of four to six weeks rent as well as four weeks rent in advance. and most rental agreements run for either six or 12 months. read it thoroughly and be sure of what bills are excluded. which have more details about the flat and potential flatmates than newspapers do. Types of rented accommodation HOUSE/FLATSHARES This is the most popular option for travellers living in London. You can either reply to an advert for a room in an existing houseshare or get a few people together and find a vacant house or If you are asked to do so. They are perfect if you like your privacy. refuse and be wary of dealing with this person or company. Depending on the location they range from £85 to £250 per 1st Contact London Guide 33 www. Couples or doubles should expect to pay a little more for the room. but can be expensive at over £100 per week. . rooms range from £300 to £500 per Before you sign the lease agreement. BEDSITS These are semi-self-contained rooms with a small kitchen and communal bathroom.

take down meter readings and the previous tenants’ new contact details to avoid their outstanding bills being charged to you. The amount varies from area to area. phone. rubbish collection and similar services are funded by council tax. Utilities Water. so make sure you check as there are serious consequences if it’s not paid. Council tax is not usually included in your rent. .Accommodation and terminology F/F F/M OR S/R N/S ‘SW5’ C/H AGY Fully furnished Female/male Own room Share room No smoking Postcode Central heating Agency (this can mean extra fees) D/G W/M S/C PCM £90pw exc £90pw inc Dep No DSS Double glazing Washing machine Self-contained Per calendar month Cost per week excluding bills Cost per week including bills Deposit required No social security beneficiaries Council tax Street cleaning. They can be tricky to arrange. gas and electricity are usually billed quarterly. Also. so try to take on the previous tenant’s phone number and get their utilities transferred into your name. Phone the utility companies for an upto-date tally of how much is owed in the billing quarter so far. which is levied on homeowners (or onto the tenants).

Each are area has a certain something and you ar may get quite attached to your particular m spot.livinglondon. The park is 112 acres and is a mix of open ground. gardens. fishing. Here is an overview of popular sp locations for young professionals. The lo further outside of central London you f live. a children’s play area. Commuting should be the most important factor in your visit www. Archway is a popular area with leafy streets and beautiful Victorian homes – slightly less expensive than Highgate. • Zone 2 and 3 • Northern Line Finsbury Park N4 and Turnpike Lane N8 Finsbury Park will suit an active lifestyle. the cheaper the rent.The 1st Contact London Guide 35 Po Popular areas to live Eve Everyone has different opinions of areas in London because upmarket and council areas are right next to each other. but travel costs and times increase. which is made popular in summer with kite-flying. model boating and swimming in any of the three ponds. NORTH Highgate N6 and Archway N19 Highgate is on the Northeast corner of Hampstead Heath. The edges of the Heath play home to several famous drinking havens and people from all over the world visit the homes of John Keats and Sigmund Freud. For more information. .

café and an art exhibition space with sports facilities. tennis and basketball courts as well as an American football field and softball and baseball diamonds. Some parts are expensive but affordable places abound. • Zone 2 • Victoria Line and Overground NORTH WEST Crinklewood. bars. Islington has a vibrant nightlife with many restaurants. inexpensive cafés and restaurants. Camden is full of life with a Bohemian vibe. The more affordable area is near Arsenal football stadium. a cinema and a theatre. there are a variety of small. restaurants. It’s close to the centre and has some lovely housing and great shopping. Dollis Hill NW2 and Kilburn NW6 These are reasonably priced areas with good transport links into the centre and many houseshares. • Zone 2 • Jubilee Line Camden Town NW1 A bustling and high-profile area. cinemas and theatres and Highbury has sports and leisure facilities. bars and restaurants. • Zone 2 • Northern Line . tennis courts. In NW2. bowling green. athletics stadium. These areas have reasonably priced accommodation and there are good pubs. a shopping mall. There is a lively nightlife and plenty of pubs. ensington • Zone 2 • Victoria and Piccadilly Lines and Overground Islington N1 and Highbury N5 Islington and Highbury are very popular areas to live because of their beauty and proximity to central London. which include a football pitch. This is home to the huge Camden Market and live jazz venues and quirky bars. There’s also a variety of quaint shops together with the Camden Passage Antique Market. Finsbury Park is a great space that is developing.

including the notorious Walkabout Inn (Shepherd’s Bush) and the raucous Redback Tavern (Acton). Wimbledon boasts its famous tennis championship in summer and the Oxford/Cambridge boat race sets off from Putney. There are also sports grounds. which tend to be a bit more pricey than Clapham. There are many traveller pubs. museums and the newly built Westfield shopping centre. There are a variety of bars and clubs ranging from small and conservative to the multilevel and slightly crazy infernos. with lots of night buses supporting the busy nightlife near Clapham South. Acton W3 and Hammersmith W6 These areas are popular with antipodeans for the reasonably priced rent and great tube and bus links. military fitness enthusiasts. being home to many rugby and football teams and more recently. Hammersmith has some great pubs and entertainment in lovely settings along the Thames. bars and .The 1st Contact London Guide 37 WEST LONDON Shepherd’s Bush W12. with Wimbledon’s sweeping commons and Putney’s view of the river. • Zone 2 • Northern Line and Overground Wimbledon SW19 and Putney SW15 Both areas are easily accessible and beautiful. Clapham Common is a big draw card. but costs a little more. The transport links are good and reliable. They are very popular areas. There are plenty of restaurants. • Zone 2 • Central and Hammersmith City Lines and Overground (Shepherd’s Bush) SOUTH WEST Clapham SW4 A great area with relatively cheap accommodation.

Aus. which is an Authorized Financial Service Provider FSP license number 35134 Number only accessible in the UK. Mortgage arrangements in the UK. Tel: 0808 141 2294 Web: www. SA and Email: mortgages@sablewealth. We provide specialist mortgage advice for UK based and international individuals. NZ. Get focused expertise in the mortgage finance and property arena.Sable Property Property success with a solid Sable Property is an Authourised Representative of Sable Wealth Management. . Obtain the most competitive property finance arrangements to actualise your property investment goals. Whether your requirements are as simple as a re-mortgage or as complex as offshore property or development finance.

This area is a mixture of expensive and affordable accommodation and is highly sought after. • Zone 3 and Zone 2 • DLR and Overground EAST LONDON Docklands. • Zone 2 and 3 • District Line and Overground Brixton SW9 Gritty Brixton has a raw excitement to it. and young professionals live here as it’s close to the centre. • Zone 3 • District Line and Overground SOUTH EAST Blackheath and Greenwich SE10 These are pleasant areas with good transport links into the city and Canary Wharf. Limehouse and Canary Wharf E14 Canary Wharf is the commercial hub of London. Southfields and Wandsworth SW18 Earlsfield and Southfields are popular with London newcomers as it’s possible to find good value for money. which is convenient and easily accessible from Earlsfield and Southfields too. pubs and night clubs. Many places are still very reasonably priced. The nightlife is more focused around smaller bars and pubs and there are many parks suited to leisure activities. There are plenty of shops. It’s famous for the Brixton Academy (concerts) and its Caribbean Street Market in Electric Avenue. There’s a shopping centre in Wandsworth. There is steady growth in the . • Zone 2 • Victoria Line and Overground Earlsfield.The 1st Contact London Guide 39 clubs in this area and beautiful shops in Wimbledon Village.

Aquatics Centre and London Velopark. good Chinese restaurants and the soap ‘EastEnders’ are famous here. Riverside pubs. Some of the new housing will serve as the Olympic Village before being reconfigured for the property market. it’s full of hostels and B&Bs.local vibe and the gorgeous modern accommodation. which will contain a significant number of venues including the Olympic Stadium. After the Olympics the plans include the largest new urban park in Europe in over a century. an obelisk was mounted on top of it and it has been claimed that it is the remains of a Roman milestone. • Zone 3 • Central and Jubilee Lines and Overground Leytonstone E18 The birth place of David Beckham and the home of Alfred Hitchcock. • Zone 2 • Jubliee Line. bars and restaurants and an energetic atmosphere. Leytonstone is a high-density suburban area and may derive its name from the large stone standing at the junction of Hollybush Hill and New Wanstead. However. • Zone 1 • District Line . It has many pubs. Overground and DLR Stratford E15 The 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games will have their main base at the Olympic Park in Stratford. so is perfect for when you are just starting out or need an inbetween place to stay. • Zone 3 and 4 • Central Line CENTRAL LONDON Earl’s Court SW5 Earls Court has become expensive for long-term accommodation. In the 18th century.

so the cheapest option is a weekly Travelcard for Zone 1 to 4. TICKETS AND TRAVELCARDS All the information you need about tickets (as well as a very useful Journey Planner) is on www. Oyster Cards don’t work on all forms of transport.The 1st Contact London Guide 41 London transport One of the most common conversation topics after the weather is transport. You’ll see that it’s often quicker and easier to walk between certain stations than to connect underground – the tube map is not drawn entirely to scale. This gives you unlimited access to the travel This is because London has a thorough web of public transport. you are likely to explore the city in your first week. but it’s worth having one even if you use the tube or bus system infrequently as it takes the hassle out of queuing. Start by familiarising yourself with the tube map then graduate towards train routes and the bus system. finding change and working out the best route. It pays to know your way around above ground too. you can save money by using an Oyster Card. Then. which you can buy at most tube stations or off-licence cafés. . Knowing the best route from A to B using Y or Z is a sure sign of a seasoned veteran. As soon as you settle in. buy a single tube ticket to your destination. so spend some time exploring the city from the top of a double-decker bus (try the Number 14 from Putney to Piccadilly). You swipe the card at the beginning and end of each journey and the system works out the best rate and deducts it from your pre-paid resulting in many options and routes to any destination. When you first arrive at the airport.

Rush hour means time to get up close and personal with your fellow i w. If you’ve got a single or return ticket and are at the end of your journey.tfl. Remember. you’ll need to put it through the machine to get through the barriers. at any other time of day it’s a pretty easy ride.Lond London Transport: 020 7222 ndon ransp rt: 020 7222 nspo 1234 or isit www tfl gov. However. even if you can get in at one station without a ticket. easiest and most tightly packed way to get from zone to zone. you’ll need one at the other end. the ticket will come through and you’ll need to pull it from the top of the machine for the barriers to If you’re just starting your journey. over one billion passenger journeys were recorded in a year. of which about 55% is above ground.g w. . so delays and re-routes are common. k 1234 or visit www. the machine will retain the card and the barriers will open THE TUBE The tube is the fastest. Recently. > Once you’ve bought your ticket. l. How to use the tube > Make sure you buy a ticket as you will get a £20 fine if you don’t have one. Some lines are faster than others and there are always upgrades and improvements being made across the network. It has over 270 stations and 400 kilometres of track.

NATIONAL RAIL For Paddington. or to areas within London that the tube doesn’t service. fares and ticket availability.30am to 1am (with shorter services on weekends) – each station should list their first and last train times for the day. call National Rail on 08457 48 49 50 or visit www. > The Underground services usually run from around planmyjourney. Main BR terminals include Waterloo. Victoria and Charing Cross. > If your ticket doesn’t open the barriers or if you have luggage. a distances will vary.nationalrail. National Rail trains depart from key stations throughout London taking you out of London.The 1st Contact London Guide 43 > All Travelcards will be fed back to you to use again. so real o to scale o eal ale. > Oyster Cards have to be touched on the reader at the start and end of your journey. > It’s illegal to buy tickets from ticket touts. there are TFL attendants to help you. You can use your Travelcard if you’re within your zones. The t b map The tube map is schematic p sche at hema an and not to scale. Kings Cross. or buy an extension before you start your journey. .

BUSES London’s bus network has over 8 000 buses and 700 bus routes. Lower emission double- and single-decked buses cover the whole city and there are plans for hydrogen buses with zero emissions by 2010. Although buses mostly take longer than the tube, they cover areas the tube doesn’t serve and some routes h have a 24-hour service. Night buses run from d midnight to 6am and have the letter ‘N’ before the bus number. Bus tickets can be bought with cash on board most buses. Otherwise, pre-purchase your ticket from a ticket machine by the bus stop or from a ticket retailer. Bus fares are simple – all fares cost £2 (cheaper with an Oyster Card or Bus Pass). But be warned, evading fares is taken very seriously. The national bus and coach system is very good with most long-distance bus trips leaving from the Victoria Coach Station, which is situated near the Victoria Train Station. Visit BLACK CABS These vehicles and drivers have a good reputation. They’re a bit more expensive than public transport, but can carry five passengers and are economical if there are a few of you. The meter is clearly visible so you can keep watch of your fare. Tipping is expected (about 10%). Unoccupied black cabs have the yellow light on their roof illuminated. To hail a cab just fling up your arm. All cab drivers and cars must be licenced under strict regulations – they must display their registration number clearly.

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MINICABS/PRIVATE-HIRE OPERATORS These are independent taxi operators that run throughout London. Make sure you agree to the fare in advance as there isn’t a meter. It’s cheaper than a black cab, but you can’t hail one on the street – it’s illegal. You have to either call a licenced operator or go to the company’s offices. All minicab operators must be licenced by the Public Carriage Office and strict regulations have been introduced to licence all drivers and cars. To check if a company is licenced, visit CARS AND DRIVER’S LICENCES Having your own car in London is an absolute luxury as it can be more hassle and expense than it’s worth. Renting a car for a weekend can be a good way to get out and explore the country. Policies vary with relation to age restrictions. After you’ve been in the UK for one year you’ll have to apply to exchange your driver’s licence for a UK driver’s licence. If you’ve been in the UK for over a year and are caught driving Cabwise: Cabwise: w : Te t HOM Text HOME OME to 60835 to get the number of a taxi and two licenced minicabs, in the area.


The 1st Contact London Guide

without a UK driver’s licence, you are breaking the law. Use your local post office to get the application form D1 and send it in with required documents and payment (about £50) to the DVLA, Swansea, SA6 7JL. They will require your current driver’s licence, which they will send back to the authority that licenced you. When you return home, you can regain your original driver’s licence. Also see

Congestion Charge
The London Congestion Charge came into effect to ‘help get London moving’. This means that every vehicle that enters a specified central London boundary from 7am to 6pm, Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays) will have to pay a daily £8 charge. Also see www.tfl. congestioncharging.

com www. We have established ourselves as market leaders with in-depth understanding and experience you can be sure of. .Tax Services For all your tax and accounting needs > Accounting services > Umbrella payroll > Personal Tax > Limited companies > Finance advice > Tax Refunds Why use 1st Contact? 1st Contact specialises in providing services to expat contractors. 0808 141 2255 londonguide@1stcontact. save and invest. We are certain that whatever your circumstances we will be able to help you make the most of what you earn. which is a niche area of the tax advice market not widely understood in the Numbers only free and accessible within the UK or country listed. Providing an outstanding customer experience is always our primary objective and the results speak for themselves with 65% of our new business being derived from word-of-mouth referrals.

DENTIST NHS Dental care is for a 24-hour nurse-led information line.nhs. NHS also has walk-in centres in London. You have to pay for this service.Healthcare DOCTOR The National Healthcare System (NHS) offers low-cost or free healthcare. Register with a GP in your area as soon as you have a permanent address in London. are situated across London and are very efficient and convenient. Call NHS Direct on 0845 46 47 or visit www. You don’t need to be registered and the service is free. but it’s useful if you can’t take time off work. such as Medicentre. Register with your local NHS dentist and pay 75% of the cost of your treatment. but this . Quality private care is available. Private medical centres.

www. check out: > Access in London: A great guide book that was written and researched by people with disabilities > A variety of useful websites: so shop around.visitlondon. DISABLED ACCESS All black cabs and buses have wheelchair access and most tourist attractions have facilities for a number of disabilities. Contact lenses can be expensive in the UK so bring a supply from home. For more information. call NHS Direct on 0845 46 47.The 1st Contact London Guide 49 can be View across the Millennium Bridge towards St Pauls Cathedral .org. If you require emergency dental www. OPTOMETRIST Optometrists are on every high street. Emergency optic care information is available from NHS

1stcontact. > FREE job and CV assistance – connecting you with the top London recruitment agencies before you leave home.www. > London orientation information pack > Accommodation referrals > Discounts on 1st Contact services .com/kick A very lucky packet Get a valuable host of services. > UK mobile SIM card – really cheap international call rates and a mobile number before you leave home.and Please note: Bank account assistance is subject to UK bank compliance regulations. All information correct at time of print and is subject to change at any time. products and orientation guides > UK bank account assistance – help in opening a UK bank account with the least amount of hassle. Numbers only accessible within country listed. . 1800 039 300 Aus 0800 003 163 SA 0808 141 2264 UK ausoffice@1stcontact.

The traditional red telephone boxes have now largely been replaced by more modern versions suitable for cards. PHONE CARDS AND CALL CENTRES Phone cards offer lower call rates to many countries. It can be a hassle to obtain a mobile contract if you’ve just arrived. To dial an international number from the UK. Call centres also offer similar discounted rates. but check the time of day these rates apply. You can opt for a pre-paid option.The 1st Contact London Guide 51 Staying in touch LANDLINES AND PUBLIC PHONES The number of public phones in the UK has reduced due to the increased use of mobile phones. 1st Contact includes an international call card as part of the Kickstart London Package. You can load it with additional credit as you need it. You can use your mobile phone from home if it’s unlocked. MOBILE PHONES A mobile phone is a must in order to receive calls from your recruitment agent and to organise your life. 1st Contact will give you a UK mobile SIM card with your Kickstart Package. which you can top up with airtime as you require or take out a contract and pay monthly. . some bus and train stations. shopping centres and some hostels. You can still find a public phone on the high streets. first dial 00 followed by the country code for the country you are calling and the rest of the telephone number as per normal.

as do coffee shops. hook up a web cam. there are hotspots at most airports and Starbucks outlets. SOCIAL NETWORKING AND INSTANT CHAT Keep up to date with friends and family by logging onto Facebook or MySpace. Most hotels. photos and let them know your status in a very userfriendly environment that can become addictive. just walk along any high street and keep an eye out for an Internet café.com for info. There are sometimes delays. If you have a Wi-Fi enabled laptop with you. For a longer term solution. You can leave messages. If you load Skype or Messenger. Thanks to the competitive UK telecoms industry. look into setting yourself up with a connection in your home. if you need to access the Internet.royalmail.52 The 1st Contact London Guide INTERNET On arrival. broadband is relatively inexpensive. First-class mail will generally be delivered the next day and second class usually takes two days.or second-class post to send mail within the UK or if it’s urgent you can request special delivery. Never send cash or valuables anywhere through the post. visit www. hostels and B&Bs offer Internet. you can see when your contacts are online and chat with them in real time. It’s advisable to register a package or valuable letter to ensure it’s delivered. gyms and the local library. . Skype to Skype calls are free! POSTAGE Use first. which costs more. speaker and a microphone and it’s almost as if they’re next door.

com Service at your fingertips www..1stcontact. www..and more . From UK based financial services and tax solutions to the many immigration 1st Contact’s integrated mix of online products and services is designed to give you everything that you need at a touch of a button. visit our cluster of .1stcontact.www.1stcontactforex.

54 The 1st Contact London Guide Commuting across Tower Bridge .

Be flexible should your perfect job not be available straight away. covering almost any job you can think of. Our job assistance service can help you get in touch with the best recruitment agencies in your industry.YOUR CAREER Your career earning pounds Opportunities abound if you do it right THE LONDON JOB MARKET IS VAST. It’s better to be out working and getting some valuable UK experience in the meantime than sitting at home waiting for the phone to ring. The Southern Hemisphere workforce has a good reputation for being hardworking. Attitude goes a long way when you’re looking for a job. friendly and ethical. so be committed and willing to go the extra mile – you will be more successful at securing a good position. Keep it that way! .

we are only able to help you if you haven’t yet arrived in the UK or if you are a Kickstart candidate in your first month.1stcontact. A snowed-up southbank with St Paul’s Cathedral in view . we will put you in touch with agencies best suited to your employment prospects. We have teamed up with the best agencies in the UK to assist you in your search for employment. Visit www.56 The 1st Contact London Guide Job assistance 1st Contact can provide you with job assistance for the Based on your enquiry and a skills assessment. In this way you can start preparing for interviews and jobs before you leave your home country. Please note: if you are looking for UK job assistance.

so send us your CV and we will ensure it is in the correct UK format and gets to the top recruitment agencies in www. Before you even arrive in the UK! 1st Contact can help you find the perfect job before you leave home! We specialise in assisting professionals from all industries.Job & CV Assistance You can get the saoffice@1stcontact. This service is only available before you arrive in the UK. 1800 039 300 within Aus 0800 003 163 within SA 0808 141 2267within UK ausoffice@1stcontact.

you > Keep it factual. 1st Contact’s CV assistance service is able to use group experience as well as contacts in the recruitment industry to prepare. Across all industries. format. Agents and employers receive hundreds of CVs every day and many get ignored because they are not in the ‘UK CV format’ or contain one of these common mistakes: > CV contains spelling and/or grammar errors > CV is formatted in an unusual. London has the most competitive recruitment marketplace worldwide. ound > Keep it organised.CV assistance Does your CV stand out for the right reasons? Don’t be a top candidate with a useless CV. First list your work experience and duties Check for spelling erro errors and typos rors d typ ypos . with six months’ worth of free updates! Submit your CV and get more information at CVs in the UK are in reverse e chronological order. A few tips to make your CV stand out from the crowd: > Keep it brief – it should be no longer than two A4 pages. You will receive a CV in MS-Word and PDF formats. Never lie o e on your CV – you’ll get found out. It’s meant to just give an overview of what y can do. difficult-to-read format > CV is too long or too short (the UK standard is two pages) > CV includes far too much or too little relevant information. error check and present your CV in the UK format.

Don’t use colours. between 9 and 12 points. and a decent size. > Always tailor your CV to the job description.g. List your education. but keep it relevant. Include the relevant company details and a brief description of your responsibilities and achievements. > Make it look smart.g. Keep it black and white and as simple as possible. e. graphics or formatting. Identify what they’re looking for and tweak your CV appropriately. including qualifications and where you studied. Choose a plain font. Your date of birth and marital status is optional and a personal preference. e. Arial. > Check and re-check your spelling and grammar. Other categories for all CVs might include computer skills. . Some employers want to hear about a well-rounded person with a range of skills. contact numbers. Include special achievements that are relevant. > Don’t forget the essentials including your name. email and postal address. especially Clip Art. language skills and professional qualifications. > Hobbies and interests.The 1st Contact London Guide 59 for each position.

> Never bad-mouth previous employers. certificates and r a few passport photos.60 The 1st Contact London Guide Interviews All interviews. We Rather overdress than Rat underdress and don’t und overdo the perfume or ove aftershave or make-up. should be treated equally. aft > Engage in a firm (but not E crushing) handshake. > Listen carefully and answer questions appropriately. c > Don’t appear too confident or too shy. . . cr > Make eye contact when conversing and smile. You are there to make a good impression and prove that you are worthy of the job. formal outfit. Men’s uniform. > Wear a neat. references. Buy decent ui Bu Buy a decent suit dec uit t A few tips: pu > Be punctual – in fact get there a few minutes early. whether with a recruitment agency or with a prospective employer. > Have all necessary documents with you: hard copies of your CV. .

working through an Umbrella company will ensure that you increase your take home pay by reducing the overall amount of tax that you need to pay.50 (Gross) per week so contact us today or sign-up Numbers only free and accessible within the www.Umbrella Payroll PLUS! Refer a friend and receive £50 cash* PLUS! Switch over to 1st Contact Umbrella and receive £50 cash* Take Home Pay! The contractor payroll service that fits your lifestyle UMBRELLA PAYROLL If you are a contractor. Our fees start as low as £18.1stcontact. > Over 15 years’ unrivalled experience > Higher take home pay > No time sheet no charge > Simple 5 minute registration 0808 141 1697 guideumb@1stcontact. .

0808 141 2278 www. A National Insurance Rebate represents an opportunity to have a portion of your annual NI contributions allocated to your own stakeholder pension in the UK. . Visit our website for full details.NI Rebates National Insurance Rebates It’s free and easy so don’t miss the deadline. Make sure you claim before the 5th 1st Contact Financial Services are authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority Numbers only free and accessible within the UK.1stcontact. If you are currently employed and have a permanent NI number you may be eligible to claim your NI rebate. For more details. This makes it a lot easier when you want to claim a tax refund.e. . but you could end up being chucked out of the country! The Tier 1 Visa – if you’re eligible (see page 12) – is the best option for maximising income. as well as assistance with your NI rebate (see page 83). Obtaining an NI number can be a complicated process. Umbrella Payroll 1st Contact Umbrella Payroll offers you the benefits of contracting without the risk or administration involved. see page 78 or visit www. PAYE is not available. the best of both worlds. Your local 1st Contact office can assist you with your application. otherwise known as an umbrella service. i.The 1st Contact London Guide 63 Working visas Ensure you have the correct visa type to work in the UK or not only will you find it hard to get a good job. This option is good for temporary workers and contractors or freelancers who: do not want to set up as a sole trader or set up their own limited company. or they do not want to be a regular employee. National Insurance (NI) All employees in the UK need to obtain an NI number so their contributions and tax payments to the Government can be tracked. but 1st Contact offers information on getting one.

visit www.1stcontact-taxrefunds.1stcontact-accounting.64 The 1st Contact London Guide Ltd company accounting 1st Contact Accounting offers you the most up to date and relevant financial advice to assist you in gaining the best possible tax benefits from running your limited company. ensuring that you claim the maximum amount available. If you only work part of the tax year or leave the country part of way through the tax for any enquiries. Tax refunds There are millions of pounds in unclaimed UK tax refunds held at the Inland or call 0808 141 1694. call us on 0808 141 2283 or visit our website: www. If you want to use a limited company to pay less tax and optimise your earnings.(see page 82). 1st Contact takes the hassle out of tax claims. We offer a full range of accounting and tax services. For more details. see page 82. Tower Bridge . you may be entitled to claim back any overpaid tax.

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Employment sectors Here are recommended shortage occupation lists for the UK as of September 2008. Civil Engineers . tunnelling engineer. structural engineer. All job titles including: public health engineer. marine engineer. Occupations may be reviewed at any time. mining geotechnical engineer and petroleum engineer. geotechnical engineer. geotechnical design engineer. Skill level: a leader on a project or combination of projects that would amount to a large financial responsibility (at least several million pounds). drainage engineer. RELATED OCCUPATION JOB TITLES ON THE CURRENT TITLE AND SOC CODE SHORTAGE OCCUPATION LIST Managers in construction Only: project managers for property development and construction. rail engineer. geotechnical specialist. This is especially useful for Tier 2 Visa applicants (see page 13). water engineer. mining engineer.

English National Ballet). The Royal Ballet.The 1st Contact London Guide 67 Quantity Surveyors Chemical Engineers Engineering Technicians Pipe Fitters All job titles within this occupation. meals. You must have three or more years’ documented evidence of related on-the-job experience. You are earning at least £8. All job titles including: chemical engineer and petrophysicist. geosupport engineer. All holding a certificate of Competency from the Maritime and Coastguard Agency. Lines Repairers and Cable Joiners Physicists. indicating qualification to a level equivalent to Officer of the Watch or above. Only: high-integrity pipe welder.g. geoscientist. geophysicist. Geologists and Meteorologists Ship and Hovercraft Officers Chefs/Cooks Dancers and Choreographers . Only: skilled chef. geological advisor/analyst/associate. Only: skilled ballet dancers. geological engineer. contaminated land specialist and geoenvironmentalist. hydrogeologist. geoenvironmental engineer. etc. geomechanics engineer. rock mechanics engineer.10 per hour after deductions for accommodation. You must reach the standard required by internationally recognised UK ballet companies (e. geophysical specialist. Only: geologist. Only: electricity transmission overhead lines workers. soil mechanics engineer. reservoir panel engineer. Only: aircraft component manufacturing engineers. landfill engineer. contaminated land engineer.

neurology. genito-urinary medicine. Psychologists. clinical oncology. anaesthetics and intensive care. oral and maxillo-facial surgery. pharmacy technician. Medical and Dental Technicians Pharmacists/ Pharmacologists. chemical pathology. audiologist. state registered scientist in cytogenetics. orthodontics. scrub nurse. plastic surgery. critical care (nurses working in critical units with a level 2 or 3 classification). theatre nurse. Nurses Will be reviewed over the next six months. HPC registered radiographer. Only pharmacists. dermatology. meals. Care Assistants and Home Carers . band 6 and above biomedical scientist. clinical neurophysiology. Medical Radiographers. operating department practitioner. Only: skilled senior care worker. paediatric dentistry. occupational medicine. renal medicine. Only: consultants in the field of psychiatry. paediatrics. clinical psychologist.80 per hour after deductions for accommodation. immunology. You are earning at least £8. Pharmaceutical Dispensers Medical Practitioners and Dental Practitioners Will be reviewed over the next six months. anaesthetic nurse.Biological Scientists and Biochemists. ultrasonographer. Only: audiological scientist. Only: registered nurse employed or engaged at band 7 or 8 or their independent sector equivalents. haematology. registered nurse at band 5 or above employed or the following specialties: operating theatre nurse. etc.

You must be licensed by the British Horseracing Authority. orthoptist (within 3229). and band 7 dietician (within 3229). Only: skilled work riders. speech and language therapist employed or engaged at band 7 or 8 or their independent sector equivalents (within 3223). Animal care occupations Fishing and Agriculture related occupations . You must be registered as a member of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons to work in the UK. You must hold the British Wool Marketing Board bronze medal (or equivalent) or above with documentary evidence that you have worked at this level for three years. Secondary Education Only: secondary education teacher within Teaching Professionals the subjects of maths and science. There must be documentary evidence that you have three or more years’ paid experience in this job. Only: skilled sheep shearers. Speech and Language Therapists and Therapists Only: occupational therapists engaged at band 7 or 8 or their independent sector equivalents (within 3222). Veterinarians Only: veterinary surgeons. at a level equivalent to NVQ level 3.The 1st Contact London Guide 69 Occupational Therapists.

70 The 1st Contact London Guide .

but you don’t always have to spend a fortune to have a good time. 1st Contact can help you make the most of your money by offering you services that save you time.XXXXXXXXXX YOUR MONEY your Earn it. For every expensive option. effort and offer great value for money. get your finances sorted. you should be able to find a bargain if you know where to look and snap it up quickly. Money . Plus with the current exchange rates your pounds can usually be turned into a nice wad of local currency when you head back home. Start by getting a job and second. London can be an expensive place. spend it wisely and save IT CAN’T BE DENIED.

£14 £30 £1 65p 60p 30p . UK bank accounts One of the first things you’ll need in the UK is a UK bank account. but opening one by yourself can be a very difficult process. so if you’ve just arrived in the UK and have no previous credit history in this country. The average prices were correct at time of print.50 £6 . i.£50 The list above is a rough price guide for a few everyday items.£10 £3 .£5 £14 . a supermarket or corner shop. The answer is the 1st Contact Kickstart London Package.£3.£50 £30 . 1st Contact has established an excellent working relationship .e.Cost of living Flat share rental per month (single) Monthly travel card Zone 1 to 2 and 1 to 3 Pint of beer in a pub Bottle of average wine Fish and chips Average restaurant meal Movie ticket West End theatre ticket Loaf of bread Milk – 1 pint (about 500ml) Can of Cola Newspaper Haircut – men Haircut – women £290 . you will find this nearly impossible. but are subject to change and vary from area to area.£1. It also depends on what you regard as average. Banks have tightened their compliance regulations immensely.£550 £93 and £109 £2.50 .50 £10 .£25 £9 . no permanent address or utility bills in your name and no job.

you should try to do all your banking online or by phone if possible.The 1st Contact London Guide 73 with leading UK high-street banks and as part of the package.* Bank account assistance is dependent on banking compliance laws. Debit cards can be used to withdraw money from a hole-in-thewall cash machine (usually called this or a ‘cash point’ rather than ATM) and in most shops. To save time and hassle. The majority of plastic-card transactions are made using the secure chipand-PIN system. UK banking system UK banks are meticulous so changes to your account balance won’t show up for a few days and transfers can take up to a week to clear. Once your account is open you’ll receive a debit card. NatWest. Halifax. Barclays. PIN numbers are used at cash machines and now also in restaurants and shops. The Bank of England and the Royal Exchange . City Bank. Royal Bank of Scotland and Lloyds TSB. offers help to get your account opened as quickly and easily as possible. Terms and conditions apply. High-street banks include HSBC.

It is imperative that you report the lost or stolen cards as soon as possible. Always cross your card details off a receipt that the business keeps. You will be issued with replacement cards within five working days. ‘Bin divers’ look for them in rubbish. These details are used for ‘card not present’ fraud. Shred any of your own receipts too. If you suspect that your PIN has been discovered or if it doesn’t arrive in five days.74 The 1st Contact London Guide Lost card Report your missing UK credit or debit card to your bank or credit card company. especially when internet shopping. . Security and fraud A scam called ‘skimming’ happens when you pay by card. it ‘skims’ your details and uses them to make a copy card. Make sure you also remember to do so for any cards from home that you may have in your wallet. but you are not present to see the transaction. They can cancel your card immediately to prevent anyone from making purchases on your card for which you may be liable. Fraudsters can also obtain your details from receipts with your full card number printed on them. Fraud is often unnoticed until it shows on a bank statement so keep a really close eye on your money and your bank statements to keep your money your own. When your card is put through a machine. Always ask to see the card transaction on a mobile card reader so you can pay at your restaurant table. call the bank immediately.

1stcontact-taxrefunds. . 0808 141 1694 guidetax@1stcontact. Number only accessible in the UK and receive unbeatable discounts. > No refund – no fee! > Submit your claim online and receive discounts.Tax Refunds DOUBLE DISCOUNT DEAL CLAIM YOUR TAX BACK AND SHIP YOUR GOODS HOME WITH US FOR A DOUBLE DISCOUNT Don’t miss out 1 in 3 people are due a tax refund… Are you? Call us now and we will tell you! 0808 141 £850 is roughly the average amount owed to a Tax Refund client. Start thinking what would you do with extra cash in your pocket. Claim online at www. Your personal claim will depend on your individual circumstances.

the higher the tax rate. There are three main ways of paying tax in the UK: as an employee.£6 475 £6 476 . where the more you earn. the Inland Revenue have means to find you in your home country. through a limited company or as a selfemployed individual.£150. Tax rates are announced in the PreBudget Report in November or December each year.hmrc.£43 875 £43 876 and over 2010/2011 £0 .gov.£43 875 £43 876 . The Venetian Gardens in Hyde Park .440. The UK has a staggered tax system. TAX RATES FOR 2009/2010 EARNINGS Tax-free threshold Basic rate: 20% Higher rate: 40% 2009/2010 £0 .UK tax system You are required to pay tax when you are working in the UK whether you are a temporary or permanent for more details on the UK tax system. The UK tax year runs from 6th April to 5th April.£6 475 £6 476 . If you do not pay your tax while you are working in the UK. Go to www.000 *From 2009/2010 the Starting rate for savings: 10% is £0-£2.

This certifies your gross pay and tax deductions and enables you to file your tax return and obtain a tax refund. If you are self-employed it is strongly recommended that you seek professional advice before you start work in the UK to clarify exactly what payments need to be made and when. SELF-EMPLOYED Self-employed people must register with the Inland Revenue within three months of commencing self-employment or risk a penalty. Both of these deductions can be claimed back with 1st Contact.The 1st Contact London Guide 77 EMPLOYEE If you are an employee. NIC covers entitlement to a number of state benefits such as healthcare. Strict business records must be kept and an annual self-assessment tax return must be filed. your company will usually deduct PAYE (Pay As You Earn income tax) and NIC (National Insurance Contributions) from you before they pay you the net amount. maternity leave and the unemployment benefit. Self-employed individuals who are classified as sub-contractors (generally those working in the construction industry) should obtain CIS25 vouchers from each place of employment. .

visit www.1stcontact-umbrella. 1st Contact Umbrella Payroll offers you the flexibility and freedom of the contracting lifestyle. tax and payroll work. Our generous expense policy allows you access to tax deductions for a range of expenses that may not be available to you if you don’t use 1st Contact Umbrella Payroll.78 The 1st Contact London Guide Umbrella Payroll Some people like the benefits associated with contracting. For more information. but are concerned about the compliance risks and administration or call 0808 141 1697. Don’t forget to pre register with Umbrella and claim your relocation costs to the UK. The city of London . We become your employer and allow you to choose appealing temporary contracts and we take care of all the administration.

Tel: 0808 141 2291 Web: www. Your individual circumstances with respect to your tax status. save and invest your money as efficiently as possible. mobility and specific attitudes. Our focus is on helping you earn.Sable Wealth Getting settled in the UK? Get financial advice tailored to the international individual Sable Wealth Management brings a new era of financial services to foreign nationals based in the Email: Sabre Wealth Management is an Authorized Financial Service Provider FSP license number 35134 Number only accessible in the UK. Contact us for a free Analysis. .sablewealth. require niche planning.

> Maximising the various UK tax breaks and allowances (ISAs. taking into consideration cost. > Optimising your earnings through tax reduction. particularly if you have flexibility in the manner in which you are paid. > Assessing your individual insurance cover needs. Pensions. > Providing Professional Indemnity insurance for those with limited companies. flexibility and mobility. Capital Gains etc). Sable will help you contract-out .The Thames at dawn Sable Wealth Sable Wealth Management helps foreign nationals based in the UK earn. > Asset structuring for those moving back to their home country. > For those with limited companies – optimising the way in which income is paid out and retained earnings are released. save and invest their money as efficiently as possible by: > Helping you structure your individual finances to make full use of the UK’s very favourable non-domicile tax status. taking into account both UK tax and that of the home country.

We advise our clients ts on all issues relating to their r property purchase ase and have links with property sourcing agents and solicitors in all the countries s mentioned. We have brokers in Melbourne. New Zealand. We specialise in mortgage advice for UKbased contractors and expat clients without Indefinite Leave to Remain in the UK. Auckland and Cape Town helping our clients to purchase properties in their home countries while living abroad.The 1st Contact London Guide 81 Sable Property Sable Property is the mortgage advice and property investment arm of Sable Private Wealth Management. We also help property investors from within the UK and abroad to finance their investment properties in the UK. As an international mortgage brokerage. we are regulated to provide advice to clients on mortgage arrangements in the UK. South Africa and mainland Europe. Australia. of NI to your approved pension. Our focus is to help our clients obtain the most competitive property finance arrangements to actualise their property investment goals. .

1stcontact-accounting. Tax refunds A tax refund is a repayment of PAYE (Pay As You Earn) tax that you have overpaid to the Inland Revenue during the tax year. we help to take the headache out of your paperwork. visit www. you will wil probably have overpaid tax and ov will therefore be wi due a refund. Whether you are working through a limited company or self-employed. For more information. We’re . If you work less than the full tax year. are under an emergency tax code or leave the country before the tax year ends (April 5th) and don’t intend to return to work again in the UK in the g same sam tax year.Accounting 1st Contact Accounting offers a full range of accounting services traditionally specialising in assisting contractors with their accounting and tax or call 0808 141 2283. du Dealing with D the Inland th Revenue can be R complicated but c 1st Contact Tax can c take the hassle out of claiming your tax back.

It is a unique personal number that ensures the Government correctly records your contributions. you will need letters from your recruitment agent. to prove this.1stcontact-taxrefunds. which go towards the UK social security and state pension system.dwp. Most claims take six to 12 weeks to be processed and you can claim for up to five previous tax years. National Insurance number and rebate Anyone intending to work in the UK needs to obtain an NI number. and so on.1stcontact. If you are not employed yet.The 1st Contact London Guide 83 bonded by the ATA (Association of Tax Agents) so you can be rest assured that your money is in safe hands. When you leave a position or cross the tax year. Apply through your local Jobcentre (call 0845 600 0643 or visit www. your address and work status. If you are currently employed and have a permanent NI number. you are eligible to claim your NI rebate. job interview for information to apply. A National Insurance rebate represents an opportunity to have a portion of your annual NI contributions allocated to your own stakeholder pension. Make photocopies of all these documents in case they get misplaced. Visit www. To see if you are eligible for a tax refund where they will interview you and will require documented proof of identity. You don’t have to contribute anything extra to contract out. .gov. rejection letters. The average national insurance rebate is £1 645. call us on 0808 141 1694 or visit www. make sure you obtain a P45 or P60 respectively to enable you to claim your tax

NZ and SA Once you’ve been in the UK for a while you might want to start sending money home for savings or to pay off a student loan. Did you know? You can use your UK debit card to transfer money online. which is why more and more people are using 1st Contact. securing the exchange rate* you see at time of transfer.84 The 1st Contact London Guide Money transfers to or call 0808 141 1690. Register on www. . We offer: > Better exchange rates > Much lower fees and no receiving fees > Money clearance in three working days > No minimum or maximum amount.1stcontactforex. * Terms and conditions apply. 1st Contact can also transfer money from Australia and NZ to the UK (if you have a UK bank account – see page 74). The bank is the most expensive way to send money.

Ouut ewufw eyu we wa jjgj! > Unrivalled customer service > No min or max amount 0808 141 1690 guidemt@1stcontact.. securely and at a the best rate. you could say we’re right on the money. 1st Contact Money Transfers are www. You want to send your money home safely..Money Transfers Send what you don’t spend. cheaper and just as secure as UK banks. To get your cash from the UK to many places around the world without the hassle. .1stcontactforex. But you’d be paying too much if you use a UK bank to do Numbers only free and accessible within the UK or country listed.

he is tired of he tire red f life. y ‘When a man is tired of When a ired of Lo do London.’ Samuel Johnson .86 The 1st Contact London Guide Entertainment in London Eat. be so we won’t spoil it for you. Instead. drink and be merry LON LONDON IS A LAYERED CITY – LAY meaning just when me you think you’ve seen it all. This is the ex beauty of London. you discover a and entirely new an world that demands wo exploring. here are just a few h popular spots to get p you going.


uk. but check with some smaller local restaurants who may.bestlondonrestaurants. > Avoid the tourist-trap r re restaurants with permanent ‘S ‘Specials’ boards – the qu quality is not great. > Gastropubs are renovated old pubs selling excellent food at reasonable prices. A cut above your usual scampi and chips. TIPS FOR EATING OUT > Find restaurants online at www. > Most restaurants in London are licenced and don’t allow BYOA (bring your own alcohol).co. www. > Tipping: if you’ve had g good service it’s polite to g give at least a 10% tip. You don’t have to spend a fortune either – there are plenty of good affordable places to eat in your > Brick Lane in Aldgate is renowned for its curry houses. > Visit Chinatown (Gerrard Street) – little restaurants off the main street are the best they’re well worth a visit and very the choices are endless with cuisine from ever corner of the globe.londontown. Check t that the tip does not appear b both on your bill and then a again on your credit card s slip – a scam that’s easy to miss after a few drinks! .Food and restaurants From Michelin-star restaurants to a kebab stop on the and www.

tasty noodles and Japanese beers in a buzzy environment. Ooze Risotto Bar is the UK’s first risotto restaurant that creates unbelievably tasty risotto – there is a range of Italian food too in case risotto isn’t your thing. SW11 OOZE RISOTTO BAR As the name suggests. W1 AS GREEK AS IT GETS Serving delightful Mediterranean food at a great price.The 1st Contact London Guide 89 Top affordable eats WAGAMAMA’S Well priced from £5 to £10. theatre-like experience with live opera. Some nights offer 2 for 1. Little Bay is a fun. from tsatziki to souvlaki (meat kebab or pita). Various locations all over London GOURMET BURGER KITCHEN ‘GBK’ You will get a huge organic burger and chips for around £11. All over London WEATHERSPOONS A chain of pubs serving a variety of inexpensive food. All over London HELL PIZZA A New Zealand company with the best pizza in London! Every Tuesday is all-you-can-eat for £6! Get eight or more friends together and it’s all-you-can-eat for £6 any night of the week! SW6 LITTLE BAY Offering inexpensive international cuisine. SW5 . All over London MASALA ZONE Authentic Indian dishes and fast service in a canteen environment – delicious stuff in all price ranges.

Whether you need help lodging a skilled visa for Australia or want to stay longer in the UK. . For this reason we have built our business around your needs to ensure that you can get on with the other important factors involved in migrating while we take care of the visa administration. 0808 141 2255 www. visa and relocation experts Applying for a visa is a daunting task and often results in a lot of undue stress. For over 10 years we have strived to be the premier visa service provider to people wishing to migrate around the world. you can rest assured that we have the skills and experience to take the hassle out of the migration process so that you have a smooth landing and can enjoy getting on with Numbers only free and accessible within the UK or country listed.Visas Immigration.1stcontactvisas.

W1B L’ESCARGOT MARCO PIERRE WHITE Super smart French restaurant with amazing food and formal atmosphere. W1S TAMESA @ OXO A very posh restaurant with sumptuous food and one of the best views through the vast windows overlooking the Thames. Be sure to book in advance as it is very popular. Greek St W1 BROWN’S HOTEL AFTERNOON TEA For the best traditional English afternoon tea and an experience of a lifetime. usually including a glass of wine.The 1st Contact London Guide 91 Top-class restaurants If you feel like splashing out on London’s finest food or have something to celebrate. The Savoy Hotel WC2 . try the brasserie. W1 MARCUS WARING AT THE SAVOY GRILL This Michelin-starred restaurant is a long-standing London institution serving impeccable traditional cuisine. Sit upstairs for a real experience. BENTLEY’S OYSTER BAR AND GRILL One of the most famous seafood restaurants in London with mouth-watering meals and fantastic service. here are some places to try – look out for special offers or head there at lunchtime when most of the best places do lunch deals. For a slightly cheaper option. look no further. SE1 LE GAVROCHE Le Gavroche is a stunning restaurant that serves French classics and has an impressive wine list.

uk Latest industry happenings Subscribe to the 1st Contact Enewsletter Join the other 119 000 people who enjoy the benefits of being subscribed to the 1st Contact eNewsletter! In addition to valuable affiliate discounts and prizes. We respect your privacy above all else. you can find out about news and fantastic upcoming events! Plus. We don’t buy email lists. and have taken care to make our communications with you as relevant as possible.1stcontact. We don’t distribute or pass on your details to any third as a 1st Contact subscriber. you will receive links and updates to the hottest events and parties happening in London and around the UK! > Top competitions & discounts > Fantastic discounts & offers To subscribe visit: www.

especially for the interiors – look out for the hobbit-like doors! The large beer garden has a vibrant atmosphere during summer with no distractions. bars and other drinking holes. Visit www.The 1st Contact London Guide 93 Drinking establishments London has a multitude of pubs. Just sit back and have a pint with friends. real ale or fantastic cocktails. SW4 When When going out ing t drinking lw drinking. day or night.fluidfoundation. You can find old pubs that haven’t changed in centuries to trendy ice bars that change every season. This is one of Putney’s best riverside pubs. The large beer garden overlooks the Thames. W8 THE FALCON This is a great new-style Clapham beer garden with a BBQ on the weekends during the summer. Even so.visitlondon. Pub culture is a big part of life in the UK and very much so in London. some pubs still stop serving at 11pm because of licencing laws. Whether you want musical or sporty. alwa ays take ys k a recognised form of identificat ion. but you can always move onto another bar or club with a late licence. TOP BEER GARDENS AND SOCIABLE BARS THE DUKE’S HEAD A beautiful and authentic pub with an excellent atmosphere. SW15 WALKABOUT INN Mainly an antipodean-style pub where you’ll see sports on a big screen and listen to the likes of Jimmy Barnes. .com or for more. Various locations THE WINDSOR CASTLE A definite must-see. Weekends also have the allure of live bands. there will be a place in London that does it well.

EC4 THE MAYFLOWER Dating from the 17th century. a laid-back crowd and over 200 superb cocktails including the famous Wibble. On the south bank of the Thames. W1 MATCH With friendly staff. the Mayflower is one of the most visited pubs in London. SE16 TOP COCKTAIL BARS ABSOLUT ICEBAR The entire interior is constructed from ice – ironically one of the hottest venues in London! With abundance of Absolut cocktails to sip from oversized ice-cube glasses. EC1 . you can sit on the jetty and watch the passing river traffic as you knock a few back.T TOP TRADITIONAL OLD PUBS L LAMB & FLAG The oldest p pub and one of London’s last w wooden framed buildings in Covent Garden (1623). it’s considered one of the best cocktail bars in London. it used to be known as The Bucket of Blood because of the bare-fisted brawls that took place in it. enjoy a drink in this 17th-century pub where Charles Dickens and Samuel Johnson once sank a pint or three. chat and keep warm in your silver cape and gloves given upon entry. listen to good music. WC2 YE OLDE CHESHIRE CHEESE th ti d With authentic wooden floors and big fireplaces.

The 1st Contact London Guide 95 LONSDALE Truly delicious cocktails and surroundings that look like a glamorous spaceship – celebs flock here. . which compliments sophisticated concoctions such as the Gilded Lily. SW4 Be street smart: never lea street smar : nev t art v eave your ve our coat or ba unattend d in coat or bag unattended in bag att any ub. try this Clapham favourite – a vibrant and friendly venue and a great place to meet friends. with an ambiance of London chic. The Twisted Mojito and Mango Collins are worth a try. W11 THE FIFTH-FLOOR BAR Knightsbridge is synonymous with luxury. an pub any pub. SW1 B@1 For those south of the river. and this intimate bar in the famous Harvey Nichols department store lives up to expectations.

uk/clubs. EC1 PLASTIC PEOPLE An eclectic mix of hip hop. members clubs and jazz clubs. Recently voted the world’s best club by the finest DJs. but Ministry of Sound’s reputation for hosting the best international DJs keeps the crowds coming back. E1 FABRIC London’s premier superclub with top DJs churning out breakbeat. Visit www. house. hard house. There’s something on every night of the week and the scene changes all the time. it remains an essential pilgrimage for dance-music enthusiasts.viewlondon. Boasting its own record label and online radio station. Every night is played out well with new styles all the time. Various locations . hip hop. Believe the hype – Fabric is top class. grime. jazz. burlesque clubs.96 The 1st Contact London Guide Nightlife London’s club scene is world renowned for its brilliance. The DJ mixes up commercial RnB. EC2 MINISTRY OF SOUND It’s been around a while now. Fabric never disappoints. warehouse clubs. weekly magazines and flyers to see what’s on. hip hop and more in multiple rooms. It’s not just about dance clubs – there are also DJ bars. DnB. DnB and a bit of electro thrown in. reggae and old school makes this basement club so much fun.aspx and read the Time Out. TOP NIGHTSPOTS TO TRY THE LIGHT An incredible warehouse club where the crowds chill out and have a good

com and www.cineworld.The 1st Contact London Guide 97 Cinemas London is cinema heaven with over 600 screens. as well as cult The most prestigious movie area is around Soho and the West End where the glitzy premieres are held. Head to Leicester Square for World Premieres.odeon. There are plenty of less expensive cinemas in other areas with equally good variety and quality screens. Live music gigs The live music scene in London is a music lover’s paradise – there are world-class bands playing every night. It runs films a month or two after their main release. judging by the state of your shoes by the time you leave! Bands from home often do gigs and are featured in the free travellers’ publications. country and world music s. jazz. . folk. www. but make sure your get there early in the day to fight the crowds. You can’t beat London for venues soaked in atmosphere and various other things. Also see festival information on page 112. The fantastic Prince Charles Cinema off Leicester Square is the exception – really affordable with tickets at £5 for an evening show (£3. You could choose a stadium for international big-name concerts or your local pub for up-and-coming talent. and the variety of venues is endless.50 for members).myvue. Visit www. co. The variety of music on y offer is vast –

. pantomime. comedy and opera There is nothing like the theatre in London. Prince Albert. you don’t need to pay an arm and a musicals. Also try www. comedy. but even so. with 20 to 40 shows happening every night of the for more details about what’s showing and for special offers. Seeing a West End show is a must. Get halfpr price tickets ti from the Tkts booth in Leicester Square on the plays. opera. The Royal Albert Hall was built from 1867 to 1871 to commemorate the death of Queen Victoria’s consort. Visit www. The variety of shows include: drama.lastminute.officiallondontheatre. dance and more. Some of them boast film celebrities in the cast. It’s the home of the Proms and is the leading classical music venue in the UK. ballet.

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The famous department store Harrods is housed in a 150-year old building that has become a landmark in London.


Retail therapy
London is every shopper’s paradise. There are over 30 000 retail outlets dotted across the capital, but crowds descend during sales and before Christmas. Standard shopping hours are 9.30am to 6pm, Monday to Saturday (some open to 8pm) and 12pm to 6pm on Sundays. Late-night openings are held one day a week with the specific day dependent on the area. Keep one step ahead of the trends, be the first to know about sales, opening specials and more: OLD/NEW BOND STREETS W1 are known for exclusive designer outlets and top-end art galleries. Saville Row and Jermyn Street are historically known for bespoke tailoring.

KNIGHTSBRIDGE SW1 is home to large fashion houses like Gucci and Prada as well as the luxury department stores such as Harrods and Harvey Nichols, which have legendary sales. OXFORD AND REGENT STREETS W1 are known for highstreet clothing shops and megastores. You can also find the exclusive Selfridges and Hamley’s toy emporium here. PICCADILLY CIRCUS W1 From souvenir stalls to upmarket shopping at Liberty and Fortnum and Mason, London’s largest Waterstones bookshop is situated here, as is the sports megastore Lillywhites. SOHO W1 is home to alternative shops, sometimes seedy, but always arty with well-stocked music stores. Chinatown in Gerrard street has Loon Fung and other Asian supermarkets. CHARING CROSS ROAD WC2 is the best for bookshops, with enticing secondhand shops and music stores. COVENT GARDEN WC2 The Piazza, once the fruit and vegetable market, is now filled with specialist shops, cafés and craft stalls. It’s busy, yet lively, with street performers and musicians entertaining tourists. Neal Street offers shoppers trendy clothes and shoe shops. OUT OF LONDON Malls aren’t big in the city centre, where High Street shopping dominates, but travel out of town and malls are very popular because of the ease of parking. The massive Bluewater ( in Greenhithe, Kent, is a good example: a huge mall with hundreds of shops and restaurants and a 12-screen cinema.

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There is a wonderful selection of markets in London offering everything from fresh produce to antiques. BRICK LANE E1 seems to have almost everything you could imagine; trendy or crazy. It has a great vibe and excellent bars to recharge after shopping. Sunday markets are an East End staple – try Petticoat Lane and Columbia Road E2 as well. CAMDEN NW1 is huge and one of the city’s top attractions. It’s open daily, but gets busy on weekends, so go early for gifts, ethnic goods, organic food, vintage and clubbing clothes.

Get wellpriced gifts and novelties at London markets.

PORTABELLO ROAD W10 is best on weekends for very trendy buys, antiques, celebrities and boutiques on the side streets. SPITALFIELDS continues to thrive in its beautiful old building, with its Sunday market boasting excellent organic produce, arts and crafts, antiques, music and clothes. Other markets include Camden Passage, Islington N1 (antiques); Greenwich Market SE10; Borough Market SE1 (best food); Brixton market SW9 (Caribbean); and West India Quay E14 (crafts).

org. Southwark. London Bridge. Don’t be put off by high prices – there are hundreds of things to do for free or very Situated in the spectacular Bankside Power Station. get out and see as much as possible. check out the many exhibitions and activities at .org.Westminster and Big Ben London days out and about (for free) When you first get to London. Embankment SCIENCE MUSEUM www.tate. don’t miss these famous artworks and exhibitions. Leicester Square. Walk over the Thames Millennium Bridge while you’re If you’re interested in how science has steered us into the 21st Home to one of the greatest collections of Western European paintings in the world. Waterloo THE NATIONAL GALLERY www. you will find the world’s most influential modern art collection.sciencemuseum. Here are a few ideas: TATE MODERN www. Charing Cross.nationalgallery.

so make use of the 50-minute ‘eyeOpener’ tours run daily to get some background into what you are looking at. Tottenham Court Road. It’s worth it. including regular IMAX films. Admission is free but there’s a charge for IMAX.The 1st Contact London Guide 103 the Science Museum. Admission is free but there’s a charge for some exhibitions. . There’s too much to see in a Interactive displays and fascinating natural exhibits are sure to amaze you. South Kensington NATURAL HISTORY MUSEUM www. simulators and major Definitely worth a visit. Russell Square Access to the Natio National gallery is National gallery is ona all ller free! But don’t feed the pigeons – it’s against the The British Museum is one of the biggest repositories of ancient and historic artefacts. South Kensington BRITISH MUSEUM www. Holborn.

Get free tickets from the Applause Store. FREE LIVE APPEARANCES Meet your favourite author for signings and readings at bookstores. experience some free fun p without being tacky. lo FREE MUSIC The HMV music store on F Oxford Street plays host to top rock bands previewing their latest tracks. films and theatre in summer. BBC Online Tickets and SRO Audiences. Visit www.30pm and Sundays at 7pm. FREE OUTDOOR ACTIVITIES: The Scoop outdoor amphitheatre hosts free music. w You can catch a free orchestral practice in many You can catch catch churches and concert halls. while Comedy Café and Mirth Control at The Lower Ground Bar do the same on Wednesdays.Fr Free experiences in London While you anticipate your first pound W paycheck. FREE DANCE CLASSES Take part in a beginner’s lesson at Salsa! on Charing Cross Road: Fridays at 6. FREE COMEDY Theatre Royal Stratford and Rhythm Factory hold free comedy nights every Monday. See the stars and explore deep space at the Royal Observatory. FREE TO WATCH Watch free cult classics and good movies at the Roxy Bar and Screen on Borough High Street. FREE STUDIO AUDIENCE Appear in the studio audience at TV recordings of X Factor and Top Gear. Record megastores often stage live appearances and signings. Adore the animals .

Hyde. Regent’s. Book an appointment at Toni & Guy College or the Vidal Sassoon Academy for a nearly free haircut and colour with a student. Hyde Park. The International Youth Travel Card (IYTC) is the equivalent card for non-students between 12 and 25 (inclusive) and you get similar discounts and concessions. Embankment and Kensington Gardens and the Royal Parks Green have music and events in the summer. Visit Speaker’s Corner in Hyde Park on a Sunday to hear random opinions and poems on the soap box. It takes a while.isiccard.The 1st Contact London Guide 105 at the free Kentish Town and City Farms. Ways to save Students or those on a gap year can get the ISIC card for plentiful discounts – visit www. but they usually do a great job! The changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace . Greenwich. Richmond and St James’s Join over 5 000 skaters at Wellington Arch every Friday at 8pm or the Sunday Stroll at 2pm from Serpentine Road.

visitlondon. Adult Price: £18. scary rides and interactive special effects have you screaming for joy in this unique experience. sometimes at a discount. and many ways of doing it – walk. Everything that you see is based on historical events from Jack the Ripper to the Great Fire of London. take a bus or fly in a pod! Book tickets online. Discover its diverse history in summer by visiting after 3pm when the crowds have left. Adult price: £16.Tower of London London days out and about (for a fee) There is so much history and so much to experience in London. cruise. Tower Hill THE LONDON DUNGEON www. which houses the Crown Jewels and (supposedly) numerous ghosts. London Bridge .uk This world-famous fortress.hrp. live is where King Henry VIII executed two of his wives.thedungeons. TOWER OF LONDON Gory fun. It is full of facts and gory stories as told by the Yeoman Warders (beefeaters) during their guided tour. Visit www.

The 1st Contact London Guide


THE ORIGINAL LONDON SIGHTSEEING TOUR Board the open-top buses and enjoy the entertaining live guides. Your 24-hour hop-on hop-off ticket can be used on all five of the tour routes and will also include a fantastic free Thames cruise. The buses run every 20 minutes. Adult price: £21. CITY CRUISES SIGHTSEEING TOUR Cruise past London’s world-famous landmarks on open upper decks or spacious, comfortable lower deck with a bar. Adult single £6 to £7; Adult return £7 to £9. LONDON EYE Take a flight in a pod for 30 minutes up to the viewing ng height of 135 metres. Also o visit at sunset or after dark ark to see the floodlit city. Each ach pod is enclosed and holds s up to 25 passengers. Adult lt price: £15 (save 10% online). ine). ) Combine your flight on the Eye with a 40-minute e circular cruise on the Thames. Embankment, t, Waterloo, Westminster

Get a combo ticket to t i tt ction several attracti s at substantial discount. a


The 1st Contact London Guide

Globe trotter

Put those hard-earned pounds to good use and do some travelling

TRAVEL IS ONE OF THE BEST REASONS to head to the UK for a couple of years and the range of adventures are seemingly endless. Everything is accessible and possible to do and the many holiday or travel experiences you’re looking for are much easier and cheaper from the UK. Take weekend city breaks in Europe, extended trips through Egypt, a week on a sun-drenched Mediterranean island or a trip across the Atlantic to the States.

Most Europeans take their annual holidays during August. The best option is to take your holiday earlier in June/July or later in September when the weather is still warm. Prices are then a bit cheaper when the children are back at school.

Experience some of the world’s best skiing and snowboarding in Europe. Tour companies offer the best deals including flights, transfers, accommodation, breakfast and dinner.

Annual Bank Holidays
1 January First Friday before Easter Sunday* First Monday After Easter Sunday* 1st Monday in May Last Monday in May Last Monday in August 25 December 26 December

New Year’s Day Good Friday Easter Monday Early May Bank Holiday Spring Bank Holiday Summer Bank Holiday Christmas Day Boxing Day

Easter is the first Sunday after the first full moon or after 21st March.

UK travel
Don’t miss the opportunity to travel outside London. Favourite UK destinations are Edinburgh (festival), Dublin (St. Patrick’s Day), Bath (Roman ruins), Canterbury (en route to Stonehenge), Glastonbury (festival), Cornwall, the Cotswolds and the Lake District. There’s so much out there to explore and the transport p p links are brilliant on the train and bus. You can also lso hire a car with friends. The Angel of the North, Tyneside Many travel companies organise excellent tours to the different areas in the UK. For more information visit Plan your UK trips arou d Ba ar around Bank Holidays. ank Holidays. an Holid ys day

GERMANY The first Oktoberfest was held in 1810 to honour the prince’s marriage and lasted a week. Most tour companies take package tours to these festivals for very reasonable prices.easyjet. > Visas: South Africans will need a Schengen Visa to enter most EU or www. . Festivals Europe is full of festivals throughout the year. take a day out to do the Anzac Walk. it’s a huge party atmosphere. London. Be sure to book in advance as they are popular. MUNICH OKTOBERFEST.European travel Europe is less than two hours away and won’t cost you and arm and a leg with the likes of Easy Jet. GALLIPOLI. There are also many excellent music festivals including the Isle of Wight Festival and the V festival. so book a tour in advance – it’s well worth it! ANZAC DAY. > Get around: Europe by rail or coach can be cost effective with cheaper passes for those under 26 years old. to Paris (in just over two hours) or > Eurostar: take the Eurostar from St Pancras International. With the festivities carrying on year in and year out. Ryanair and other budget airlines.ryanair. > Get there: look for flights on www. > Ferries: visit the P&O Ferries (www. TURKEY A moving and evocative WW1 commemoration for Australian and New Zealand visitors. which feature big names and days of fun.

EDINBURGH. . Partake in this incredible threeday street carnival of music. PAMPLONA. VALENCIA. SPAIN ‘La tomatina’. SCOTLAND The most popular New Year’s destination in Europe. FIESTA DE SAN FERMIN. Music. fireworks and tomatoes make for a bundle of fun. or tomato battle. FRANCE A festival of parties.The 1st Contact London Guide 111 HOGMANAY. dance and street theatre. LA TOMATINA. watch the running of the bulls or join in and run with them! BASTILLE DAY. SPAIN A week-long fiesta held in honour of Saint Fermin. takes place on the streets of the small town Bruñol. feasts and fireworks to celebrate the start of the 1789 French Revolution.

Bangkok. cost effectively and quickly from the UK. Many long-haul flights have stop-overs. . Fly to Cairo or take the Trans-Siberian railway to Moscow.Worldwide travel You can travel virtually anywhere in the world. LA or Hawaii. which should allow you to make time to explore. cross the Atlantic relatively quickly to New York or travel Europe in a minibus. take a cruise through icy fjords or to the balmy Mediterranean. Your choices can include Dubai. Keep your eyes out for deals as there are plenty of them. Singapore. Kuala Lumpur. Hong Kong.

Beware of scams and con artists. If it goes missing outside the UK. Don’t get overly drunk in public and watch out for erratic and bad drivers. Keep a separate list of travellers’ t of tr ell rs’ trav lle lers cheques numbers and credit card numbers for fast cancellations. Lost or stolen passports Immediately report lost or stolen passports to the local UK police and obtain a police report. Your High Commission needs this to issue a new passport.The 1st Contact London Guide 113 Travel safety Even in the safest areas there can be pickpockets and scooter snatchers. it isn’t worth getting hurt for. If the worst happens. Keep your bag or wallet upfront and close to you and be aware that your camera bag is a beacon. walk confidently. The Foreign and Commonwealth Office has good and important safety advice for countries on their website: www. If you are let it go. report this to the local police and contact the closest diplomatic post for your country – details are on your High Commission’s . don’t give away where you are staying or planning to go and possibly dress discreetly if that is the culture.fco.

com/Lgclinic Registered by the Healthcare Commission. . same-day appointments and free consultation. Registered Yellow Fever Vaccination Centre. online vaccination search. Direct: +44 20 7759 5437 0808 141 2265 guideclinic@1stcontact. Registration number: UKYFVC2800. Low prices.1stcontact.. vaccinations and tablets. NO CONSULTATION FEE! ONLINE VACCINATION www. London WC1A 1DG Tottenham Court Road. Are you swapping the concrete jungle for the real thing? 1st Contact Travel Clinic can take care of all your travel health needs – with free advice plus accessories.. 77/91 New Oxford Street. Registration number: E010000632.Travel Clinic Next stop? CHEAPEST VACCINATIONS. Castlewood House.

1stcontact. Visit the online vaccination search to find out which jabs you need for your travels and check out the online disease fact file. Meningitis. mosquito nets. For some free advice.The 1st Contact London Guide 115 Travel health When travelling in the Middle East. India. Hepatitis B. Tetanus. with up-to-the-minute information and advice. Rabies. drop in here before you go anywhere. We also stock a range of items you might 1st Contact’s linic Tra Tr vel Clini Travel Clinic l advise wil you on the areas that require anti-malaria medication. Typhoid and information on Malaria. insect repellents and water purifiers. We offer a full range of vaccinations with free international certificates including Hepatitis A. The 1st Contact Travel Clinic has over 20 years’ experience in travellers’ health. Call 020 7759 7574 or visit www. Africa or South America. such as sterile first aid kits. South East Asia. Polio. Yellow Fever. . you definitely need to stay healthy – get the best advice before you go.

116 The 1st Contact London Guide .

. but perhaps it’s too soon to go straight home. you have a deadline to work with. you may not still have a return air ticket and the sooner you book one. Organise someone to take over your rent and make sure all your bills are paid and are no longer in your name. the cheaper it will be. so don’t put everything off until the last minute. How to prepare yourself If your visa is coming to an end. No doubt you have had some wonderful new experiences and made many friends and memories along the way.. .GOING HOME Heading home Take it all back with you IT’S TIME TO GO HOME or to move on to somewhere new. Check notice periods to cancel your mobile phone contract and gym membership and check if there are early cancellation penalty fees. With a few months to go.

com/Lgship *Terms and conditions apply. whether it’s one bag or an entire household. So from surfboards to sideboards.1stcontact. An ATN of Anglo Pacific International PLC. .. Numbers only free and accessible within the www. fast and affordable. we’ll get it there for you – always safe.Shipping SHIP YO DOUBL UNT DE UR GOO AL DS HOM YOUR TA E AND X REFU CLAIM ND WIT H US FO DOUBL RA E DISCO UNT * E DISCO Shipping your excess baggage? Trusted shipping and removals 1st Contact’s shipping team offers a full international removal service. > FREE packing materials > FREE collection and delivery in the London area > Air and sea freight > Storage and mini-moves > Shipping to Aus/NZ/SA 0808 141 2270 lgship@1stcontact.

Don’t stress about all the great things gs you have accumulated. there is a way to take it all with you. securing the exchange rate* you see at time of transfer. ship it all home safely with 1st Contact Shipping. Please don’t forget to reclaim your tax refund and transfer your NI rebate to your pension. . u. You really don’t want the tax man to keep it! Shipping When it’s time to head home you’ll probably b shocked at ’ll b bl be h k d t how much stuff you’ve accumulated! If you came over with a bag and you’re leaving with a and use our online shipping calculator to work out how much it will cost. Use your UK debit card online. Shipping takes six to 12 weeks.The 1st Contact London Guide 119 You will hopefully have a good d few pounds saved to enjoy in your local currency and will nevertheless need to organise a new job back home. *Please note: guaranteed exchange rates are subject to terms and conditions.1stcontactforex. Call 0808 141 2270 or visit www. Visit www. Money transfers Transfer your money home via 1st Contact and enjoy a better deal than you would with your local bank. .1stcontact.

1st Contact makes transferring money safe. Registered with Customs & Terms & conditions apply.1stcontactforex.www.1stcontactforex. Registration Number: 12148630.1stcontactforex. Numbers only free and accessible within the The rate you see is the rate you get Sending money home? With the best rates and the best customer service available. quick and easy. To register. visit www. .com > Best exchange rates guaranteed > Unrivalled customer service > Fast and secure 24/7 online transfers > No hidden fees or additional charges 0808 141 1690 www.

The column was built between 1840 and 1843 to commemorate Admiral Nelson’s death at the Battle of Trafalgar in 1805. The statue of Nelson is and use our online tax calculator to see how much you could claim back from the tax man.5 metres tall while the granite column stands at 46 metres.1stcontacttaxrefunds. NZ and SA. you may be due a tax refund. which stands in the centre with four lion statues guarding it. Job assistance Send your CV to us and we’ll forward it to the best recruitment agencies in Aus. Call 0808 141 1694 or visit our website on www.The 1st Contact London Guide 121 Tax refunds If you’re leaving the UK and have only worked part of the tax year. 1st Contact Tax can make this claim for you no matter where you are in world. This is a free service! Trafalgar Square’s trademark is Nelson’s Column. .

please visit www. Good news – there may be options y g for fo extending your Call 0808 141 2286 for a free consultation.122 The 1st Contact London Guide Migration If you would like to migrate to Australia or New Zealand or you are heading home to and would like to take a partner of another nationality back with you. or for more information. Either way. This could be done from within the c UK or you may need to take a U holiday back home to arrange h it from there. but you’re coming to the end of your visa in the UK and would like to stay longer. . com or call 0808 141 2251. Visit www. with i offices around the world.1stcontactvisas.1stcontactvisas. Immigration Your life and career are going well and you are feeling settled. We can help with a range of visas to suit your individual circumstances. 1st o Contact’s dedicated team of immigration specialists can advise you of your choices. 1st Contact Migration can offer help lodging a visa that suits your needs and will take the hassle out of the migration process so that you have a smooth landing and can enjoy getting on with life.

1stcontactvisas. .com Numbers only free and accessible within the UK.Aus/NZ Migration Where to next? How about an antipodean opportunity in the sun? 1st Contact Visas have a dedicated team of consultants and caseworkers who specialise in Australian and New Zealand visas and immigration services. They can manage your visa application so that you can get there sooner and can spend more time planning your new life and less time tangled up in red tape! Complete our Australian or our New Zealand Migration free online assessment form to help us determine your eligibility! 0808 141 2286 guidemig@1stcontact.

124 The 1st Contact London Guide Testimonials Experiences and recommendations We offer the be t custome best customer u e service possible. .


uk 08457 48 49 50 08705 186 186 08705 848 848 Mastercard Visa/Connect 01273 696 933 01252 513 500 0800 964 767 0800 891 725 Transport Transport for London National Rail Eurostar Rail Europe National Express 087 1781 8181 Disabled visitors Radar – see www.126 The 1st Contact London Guide Directory of contacts Emergencies Emergency 999 Lost/stolen credit cards American Express Diners club 020 7222 1234 Airlines Air New Zealand 0800 028 4149 British Airways Qantas Airlines South African Airways 084 4493 0787 08457 747 767 08707 471 111 Health NHS Direct Medicentre Sexual Health Direct 0845 46 47 0870 600 0870 0845 310 1334 Utilities British Telecom Enquiries 0800 800 150 Airports Heathrow Gatwick Stansted Luton London City 08700 000 123 08700 002 468 08700 000 303 01582 405 100 020 7646 0088 London Energy 0800 096 5010 (gas and electric) Thames water enquiries 08459 200 888 Royal Mail 08457 740 740 General enquiries 020 8739 2000 Embassies Australian High Commission 020 7379 4334 New Zealand 020 7930 8422 High Commission South African 020 7451 7299 High Commission Country codes Australia New Zealand South Africa +61 + area code +64 + area code +27 + area code NB: All numbers accessible from within the UK only. please check the yellow pages or search online. For other Taxes Companies House Inland Revenue and Customs 0870333 36 36 020 7438 6420 Telephone BT Direct International operator Directory enquiries UK 100 155 188 188 Accommodation www. Heading home? 1st Contact should be on your checklist We hate to see you Numbers only free and accessible within the UK. let 1st Contact take the hassle out of your preparations.www. With our full suite of services. Take home more than your just your memories. .com www. If it’s time to go home or to somewhere new. we specialise in assisting you with the following international services and more: > CV and Job assistance > Money transfers > Tax refunds > Mortgages > Property management > NI Rebates > Investment planning > Aus/NZ/SA Migration > Australian bank account > Shipping 0808 141 2255 londonguide@1stcontact. but would love to help you leave.

com Freecall in NZ: 0800 224 322 1st Contact London Freecall in SA: 0800 003 163 1st Contact Services (Freecall within UK only) Money Transfers Immigration Tax Refunds Migration Accounting Shipping Sable Wealth Sable Property Umbrella Payroll Travel Clinic NI Rebates 0808 141 1690 0808 141 2251 0808 141 1694 0808 141 2286 0808 141 2283 0808 141 2270 0808 141 2291 0808 141 2294 0808 141 1697 0808 141 2265 0808 141 2278 0808 141 2267 0808 141 2264 Job/CV Assistance Freecall in UK: 0808 141 2255 1st Contact Australia .com Freecall in Aus: 1800 039 300 1st Contact South Africa saoffice@1stcontact.1stcontact.1st The 1st Contact London Guide 129 Contact International Offices 1st Contact New Zealand Kickstart guideac@1stcontact.

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