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Big ideas and small devices —the future of nanotech
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Women’s Hockey snares bronze, Grinnell named MVP PLUS: U of T athletic year-in-review
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UTSC split by election tumult
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Student leaders at SCSU are crying foul over perceived meddling from SAC staffers after the results of the recent election were scrapped at a board meeting last Friday. At print time, the Scarborough Campus Students’ Union will have no elected executives for the 20072008 year. No President, VP academics, VP external, or VP students and equity. The organization got to this point after the board decided not to ratify a report by the Election Committee containing, among other things, the recommendation that candidate Alexandru Rascanu be disqualified. Rascanu is one of U of T’s newly-elected Governing Council Student representatives and is currently SCSU VP operations. One of four candidates running for SCSU president, Rascanu won the most votes in the recent student election, with a 31-vote lead against opponent and current VP academics Rob Wulkan. In the process, though, he incurred nine strikes for offences such as negative campaigning, illegal club endorsement, and oversized campaign materials. Despite having successfully appealed four of them, the remaining five strikes were more than enough for a disqualification, which under SCSU policy only requires three. Upon the board of directors meeting whereby the Elections Committee’s recommendations would be ratified, Rascanu showed up to the meeting with Vlad Glebov, SAC VP UTM and Shaila Kibria, former SAC VP students and equity— both students who would prove vocal in their support of Rascanu and of voting against ratifying the EC reccomendations. Many other students and candidates were also present. With the subject of the EC report the first topic of discussion regarding new business, it was soon apparent that the room was sharply divided between supporters of Wulkan, who favoured ratifying the EC report, and Rascanu backers who were opposed . The vote that took place at the meeting, would have, in effect, had the board choose whether to elect Wulkan president, current ViceChair Jemy Joseph as VP academics, current social sciences director Chris Smith as VP external, and Ahmad Jaballah as VP students and equity. Many in Rascanu’s camp argued over various points in the report concerning both the validity of the election and the strikes issued against Rascanu, claiming that they showed unfairness overall. Several attempts were made by

Indie-rock fests CMW, pitter patter and nexT battle for their bands, and fans win
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Sailboats are White (above) played at The Boat on Saturday, as part of the pitter patter Festival. See page 10 for full March indie madness coverage.


see www. the purple rose represents the use of Filipino women as commodities to be bought and sold in the brutal underworld of sex trafficking. The increasing influence of globalization has made the Phillipine people themselves some of the most valuable exports that the country has to offer. and on top of sweeping the left-leaning Your Team ticket into power in 20072008. in conjunction with Concerned Students of POL 108 and SAC. the chair of the Philippine Women Centre of Ontario.” said Sioson. March 12. whose campaign was run by controversial 2004-05 SAC VP Sam Rahimi. women from the Philippines are reguarly moulded—physically and mentally—to fit the desires of their buyers. the Phillipines are the only predominantly Christian Asian country. and many men troll websites trafficking Filipino girls they feel are likely to honour traditional Christian family values. putting voter turnout at under ten per cent.300 students voted for the VP positions and the referenda during the March 7-9 voting period. a class that took it upon themselves to expose this issue to the campus community. Your Team candidate Andrea Armborst. but one must try to support the little groups and NGOs to make a difference one step at a time. For a new campaign. “It’s this perception of the Philippine women that drives the industry. Some men will write letters to ten or more girls a year. and Ahmad Khan (UTM) filling out the rest of the executive. “A lot of [the men] have been divorced and don’t want to go through that again. Sandy Hudson (equity). perhaps prompting voters to spoil them. “Ultimately the problem is so much bigger than mail-order brides. The New Deal ticket. as part of the Purple Rose // SAC CHAIrperSOn reSuLTS Film fights for Filipino women’s rights Amy Smithers aSSocIaTE nEWS EdITor “In nature there is no such thing as a purple rose.” said Francis Kiromera. last year’s VP internal. and connected with recruitment centres in the Philippines. “There’s no way for the women to screen the men.” . A 25-cent levy will fund Bike Chain. Faraz Siddiqui (internal and services). a documentary chronicling the experiences of Filipino mail-order brides. 2007 VarSITy nEWS news@thevarsity. an international movement against the sex trafficking of Filipino women and children. failed to win a single position. students also voted in favour of the two referenda attached to the Armborst slate sweeps SAC The unofficial results of this year’s elections are in for SAC (soon to be known as UTSU). a concerned group gathered to view Say I Do. The Your Team campaign was aided by another former SAC VP external and political provocateur. On Thursday evening. Alex Artful-Dodger. which supports displaced students from abroad continuing their university education in Canada. Students who only wanted to vote on the –Ben Spurr referenda were also given ballots for the VP elections. with fellow Your Team members Dave Scrivener (external). nabbed the chairperson slot. sending home a total of US$12 billion in remittances each year. Thirty cents from each student will go to funding the Student Refugee Program. Each referendum will add a levy to the student union fees paid by all students.” said SAC VP student life Camille Cendana. Monday.” Sioson adds. Roughly one in nine Filipinos currently live abroad. A large percentage of the ballots—around 11 per cent for each VP position—were spoiled.” said Joy Sioson. leading chief returning officer Eric Newstad to speculate that many students were more interested in the referenda than in the SAC elections. which opened last year. to find out that the man has already sponsored three wives. a member of the Concerned Students of POL 108. For example. Like the designer rose. The immediate problem with Canadian law is that there is no limit to the number of women one man can sponsor. “They arrange tours to the Phillipines and also operate a group of women you can meet while you’re there.” The websites in North America are privately run. About 3.uoftsac. The event was one of many put on by the Philippine Women Centre of Ontario. and they know divorce is not acceptable [in the Filipino culture]. Rahimi has stated he intends to appeal the results. “It seems overwhelming. Michael Hay (university affairs). For full election results. They then book a tour to meet each of them and decide which potential wife they would like to sponsor. They are cultivated for the enjoyment of the elite few. U of T’s student-run free bike repair service.

get a police number date. so that an innocent situation gets worse.” explained O’Dell. don’t abuse it.” he said. “Outcry pits are being phased out. But if we reduce the negative instances. like all things. author of 2004’s Leg the Spread. “I get pulled over. who manages Rotman’s financial research and trading lab. the Rotman School of Business stock market was exceeding all expectations last Friday afternoon. “I just went long the whole time. a member of the anti-violence campaign I Will Not Be A Target. and one of the loudest voices in the pit.” Sloly was the first to admit that power dy- The Black Community police Consultative Committee visited uTSC last week.” GuS COnSTAnTInOu MIKe GHenu Pushed by an invisible hand ket. Mike Ghenu nEWS EdITor After a weak morning session. and location of the incident. O’Dell said that Toronto Police in fact.” “I’m used to it. He and 67 other traders had just finished jostling elbows inside a simulated trading pit at the fourth annual Rotman International Trading Competition. two undergrads from MIT. signal their offers to other traders during the open outcry competition at the rotman International Trading Competition last Friday.” explained James Jablonski. including proclamations by CityTV and the Toronto Sun that 2006 was the “summer of the gun. noora Salim. All of my friends are guys. the traders were playing for real money— $20. who earn their stripes through wit. the second co-chair. whose team was half female. The discussion’s aim was to get feedback from students and the community about the major issues in the city through BCPCC—a volunteer organization that works as a community liaison with the Toronto Police. but it’s important to never get VarSITy nEWS Monday.” In one room. Both O’Dell and Staff Superintendent Peter Sloly. The police won’t have ‘fun’ with guns.” when the index climbed. time. from the Villanova School of Business. He assured the audience that he was “working to reduce the number of negative incidents regarding the police. Sloly added that he encourages usage of the complaint system. the traders’ intensity would reach a deafening roar. “It’s a zero-sum game. namics between Toronto Police and young people.” Lekan Thomas. That is mandatory. Kathryn Gandolfo and Taso Giannopoulos. during “bear runs.” said Kathryn Gandolfo.” explained Kevin Mak. “But there are some women who are every bit as aggressive as men. three kinds of women go into pit trading. “You should be able to get their name and badge number. Mak remarked. There’s the women who are out to land a rich husband. a third-year from Villanova.” the pit would go quiet as troubled traders pondered their next move.” he added.” he cautioned—or taunted. “Women are said to be more risk-averse. According to Cari Lynn. The torrid traders were bidding on a futures contract—essentially guessing the future value of a fluctuating stock “benchmark. one of the committee’s cochairs. and who served as one of the referees on the hectic trading floor. england. and the genuinely successful ones. Police officers even have visible name badges for such incidents. and by steadfastly standing their ground against the chauvinists. especially in the context of power relations between police and youth. “But. it will hopefully take the urban legend [aspect] out of police violence and ease the confrontation problem.000 in cash prizes. And though the action was simulated.” The discussion turned to gun violence. remarked that. “use it. . But the pit is not likely to play a role in their future money-making endeavours. spread out over several They do happen. has experienced such touchy situations himself.” He also took pains to say that negative confrontations also “work both ways. a Masters student at the university of reading. a cheeky take on the trading pits. too. March 12.” Another change: this year.S. It prompted the Black Community Police Consultative Committee roundtable discussion on UTSC campus last Wednesday. while the record on police violence is not perfect. During “bull runs. sweat.” said Reagan Richards.” said Maureen Farley. were quite explicit on the need for all citizens to educate themselves on their rights and to know how to properly file a complaint should police officers overstep their bounds. through an elaborate system of waves and hand signals. John O’Dell. If you can. “Seeing the fear and emotion on the face of the traders helps them understand what drives prices. “Nowadays everyone just trades on computers. the so-called “tough women” who Lynn calls as profane as truckers. particularly those of colour. than risk from police. The tournament brought 34 schools from Canada. “For every dollar lost there’s a dollar gained. far more of the traders were women. with no gun training. a third-year on MIT’s team. two members of each team scanned a simulated news wire for tips that might spook or cheer investors. 2007  Left to right. “there is a greater threat amongst those from within the community. outside Philadelphia. I made a killing. They then relayed this information to their partners on the floor. a seasoned ex-trader and the academic mentor of the Villanova team. receive diversity training to defuse such situations. The suburb of Scarborough has received increased media attention. and as far afield as China and Australia. have indeed been difficult. the U.” which simulated a real stock mar- Scarborough cop talk community group talks about dealing with the cops Gus Constantinou SaTELLITE caMPUS BUrEaU chIEF “Do you have a legitimate reason to be here?” It’s a question that can often lead to misunderstanding or confrontation.

age 12 and older. York University. he warned undergrads and alumni that if the Faculty of Engineering loses its accreditation due to shrinking budgets and declining quality. the U of T Gospel Choir’s treasurer. Each of the rooms is soundproofed and features large movable doors.30 through higher tuition fees. “If things do not improve. drawing a stark comparison with the group’s previous haunts in the Koffler building above the U of T Bookstore. The CFS has retorted that for every dollar the provincial government invests in financial aid for students.” said ruth in a presentation to students earlier this month. students have been slowly discovering the place. Qualified participants will receive study-related investigational medication and exams at no cost and compensation for time and travel.” Milne and other students from U of T. Monday. Ontario Chairperson of the Canadian Federation of Students Jesse Greener rallied the crowd. unloads a box of “pink slips” outside minister Chris Bentley on Bay Street last Thursday. She said that over the last few weeks since the cen- —MIKe GHenu tre opened. the engineers at the university voted to ask the university to raise their tuition fees by up to 40 per cent. in order to rescue their bankrupt department. “We just moved over here. at the CFS’s student “Day of Anger. Bentley touted the ASTHMA RESEARCH STUDY Primary Care Lung Clinic is currently seeking asthma patients. a meditation room featuring a “green wall. it will “claw back” $1.” Money burning a hole in u of M engineers’ pockets Engineering students at the University of Manitoba have spoken: their tuition fees are too low! In a landslide 430-239 referendum vote. At 12:30 p. we’re probably looking at a time frame of four to five years before we have serious repercussions. “Bentley has failed our students. the value of all their degrees would drop sharply. Each slip contained a signed pledge from a student vowing to vote for “a candidate who promises to reduce tuition fees and student debt.m.2 million. please call Primary Care Lung Clinic Phone Number (416) 652-9336 The 35-strong U of T Gospel Choir practices in the newly opened Multi-Faith Centre on Friday. a former Vp at SAC. He also noted that enrollment at Ontario colleges and universities has risen 22 per cent on his watch. and Universities last Thursday to “fire” minister Chris Bentley.” said part-time student Shane Milne. of the Centre for Community Partnerships. “We want a minister who reflects the desires of the students. but dean of Engineering dr. Shaila Kibria. you’re fired! You said fees would go no higher!” one of their chants went. Located on the second floor of the Koffler Institute off Spadina Crescent. We want the fees reduced and frozen. the series of bookable spaces—which include an ablution room for cleansing before prayer. and increase government funding for colleges and universities” in the next provincial election.” he said. and bookings are on the rise. In a press release. which would break the province’s seven-year-old tuition freeze. MIKe GHenu –AnDré BOVee-BeGun MIKe GHenu . Student leaders have been canvassing students and amassing these signed slips ever since then. The Day of Anger grew out of the CFS’s national Day of Action last month.000 tuition grants for low. “Hey Bentley. The results of the referendum are non-binding.” he shouted..” and a kitchen with an adjacent sitting space— was renovated over the past year. along with 64 per cent of U of M’s roughly 1. Colleges. 2007 VarSITy nEWS // STuDenTS SInG FAITH CenTre’S prAISeS news@thevarsity. to take part in a clinical trial. and George Brown College proceeded to deliver boxes stuffed with more than 5. which oversees the space.” remarked Rhonda Toussaint. Mob gives minister Bentley the slip Megan Hall Around 200 students gathered outside the offices of the Ministry of Training.000 pink slips booting Bentley. creating a safe selfcontained space for the groups of students inside. If you are interested in learning more about asthma research. the crowd marked the one-year anniversary of the McGuinty government’s lifting of the tuition freeze with a two-minute noise frenzy using horns. pots.and middle-income students created last year.200 engineering undergrads want the school’s Board of Governors and Manitoba’s Minister of advanced Education and Training to approve the hike. explained Dawn Britten. “We’re about a million and a half dollars in the hole. It just beautiful. Ryerson. douglas ruth. “He’s supposed to be a public servant. at a cost of $2. and drums. March 12.

but that get $4 –$10 per student • The amount we receive has not changed in over 25 years. 2007  THAT’S ALL THE VARSITY IS ASKING FROM FULL-TIME STUDENTS. although we have the highest circulation.50 (tied to the rate of inflation) We want to keep providing the outstanding news. THE VARSITY has shrunk to half the size it was only a decade ago • We’ve had to cut some of our services to the university community. nor has it increased to reflect the rate of inflation • Because this levy is our only dependable source of revenue. Founded in 1880.000—but we’re still short on funds • Without a higher student levy.The Varsity Monday. VOTE ‘YES’ TO GIVING YOUR STUDENT NEWSPAPER SOME BADLY-NEEDED FUNDING! • THE VARSITY currently has one of the lowest student levies of any campus publication in Canada. such as our free events listings for campus groups • This year.25 per full-time student.25 (Unchanged since the ‘70s) WHAT WE’RE ASKING: An additional $1. March 12. and review that U of T students have come to expect.’ WE WILL PUBLISH FREE LISTINGS FOR ALL U OF T CAMPUS GROUPS AND CLUBS! VOTE ‘YES’ TO A LEVY INCREASE — VOTE ‘YES’ TO THE VARSITY! Cast your vote: MARCH 21–22 at voting stations on all three campuses (stay tuned for locations!) .25 (In honour of our 125th anniversary) THE TOTAL: $2. we’re this country’s oldest student newspaper • With a levy of $1. that IF STUDENTS VOTE ‘YES. we receive one-tenth as much money from students as other student-run publications in the country that have only half as many readers as we do. we cut our budget by $17.25 THE VARSITY’S LEVY: $1. So much so. THE VARSITY will face a serious funding shortage $ 1. commentary.

ca decision. whereby a full-scale election can take place. This took place despite multiple reminders from officials that the vote for ratification was based on whether policy had been followed. Discussions have been held regarding the possibility of having an election in the upcoming weeks. ex-officio director of the SCSU and full-time student member on the Council on Student Services. Others questioned the assertion that all 142 ballots were spoiled for this reason. the Chair was swarmed with requests and arguments. not on the merits of the policy itself. along with two students. After many arguments and debates.” Susie Vavrusa. it was contended Rascanu tried to bring this to the attention of the group. I am outraged that individuals from other campuses believe that they can manipulate and assume that they know what is best at the University of Toronto Scarborough. the motion was put once more to the vote and failed. as the hiring committee for those roles consists of both current executives and the newly hired elected executives. It sickens me. they could step in and take control of the organization.” If Student Affairs decides that the SCSU board of directors did not follow policy in this case. Various contentions were also aired alleging problems with SCSU elections policy. I am thoroughly pissed. SCSU Chair Susie Vavrusa broke the tie. At the end of the recess. VP operations and VP human resources cannot be filled. However. Despite clear instructions during the voting process and consultation with election officials. The outcome of this particular board meeting has crippled the SCSU board of directors at least until the fall by-elections. later changed his vote to “no. the assembly heard arguments on whether to reopen the vote. final exams. SCSU Chair Susie Varvrusa points out that due to the board’s failure to ratify the election report and elect a new team of execs. After the motion to recess was quickly seconded with no objections. said she would be going to student affairs regarding this “blatant violation of [SCSU’s] own policies. disenfranchising 15 per cent of voters and providing grounds for an unfair election. and that the board had previously voted unanimously in favour of ratifying the same report many were now furiously debating. seven against and one abstention. Thillai also voted against ratification.” after talking to other students who had also voted against ratification. something which could not be fully confirmed. Former student leaders have also expressed disappointment at perceived meddling by SAC in SCSU affairs. which would necessitate another vote. since the new election might not garner enough votes to be valid. with six votes for. When the vote came out six for. defeat attempts to ratify election results ‘SCSU ROW’ – conTInUEd FroM PG 1 these backers to launch appeals to the EC decisions regarding Rascanu’s offenses. “Furthermore. there will be no executives to help run fall elections for next year’s board. but the Chair only officially saw one and counted one (a ruling confirmed by minute-taker Helen Lee). scheduled study break and the annual SCSU Continuity retreat make it a dicey proposition. “I am thoroughly disappointed in the board of directors this year and the fact that they have shown an unashamed disregard for their own policies. hired positions such as VP campus life. Right before the second vote. With the term of current SCSU executives ending in May. March 12. events that took place during a 15-minute recess immediately after this vote derailed the news@thevarsity. Monday. 2007 VarSITy nEWS rascanu et al. life sciences director Maathavan Thillai entered the meeting in a hurry. The board moved to dismiss the results of the recent student union election.” remarked former SCSU President Lendyl D’Souza. The first vote to ratify the EC report was deadlocked. 142 ballots were unnecessarily deemed spoiled. meaning that it must be re-run. apparently summoned by a phone call from management director Madiha Vaid. with all others deemed spoiled. voting in favour of the EC’s report and recommendations. who had voted against ratifying the EC’s recommendations. One of the looming topics of debate regarding the validity of the election was Chief Returning Officer Jule Benedict’s rule that only ballots marked with an X would be accepted. the chair of SCSu’s Board of Directors. with one abstention. while first-year representative Ruby Lau was seen with various students trying to convince her to call for a Motion to Reconsider. six against. but scheduling conflicts such as essays. many students and candidates at the board of directors meeting argued that because of Benedict’s decision. Who would run that election is an entirely different question. Many students observed two SCSU directors voting to abstain from the vote. Gillian Reiss. reviews roberts’ rules of Order during a break at Friday’s meeting. allowing it to pass. Management director Sean Kanjilal was seen by many observers to have first abstained. peTer YunG . despite the Chair’s insistence that the recess had disallowed this. During the recess.