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My Rookie Year in the Game Dick Swinging Adventures & Getting in Done in NYC

by The Legend of JT

"I want my tongue back!" I went on a D2 on my Day 2 with an UES cougar. Result of the night- had the TONGUE-DOWN OF GLORY on the streets of Manhattan, and madeout earlier inside a pizza shop. I didn't get the PULL, but looking back I didn't plow enough in fear of coming across as needy/desperate. My fault was being too outcome dependent, thus thinking when I should just be in the moment. 99% CERTAINTY is not good enough. During the night, I tried alluding getting back to her place (i.e forgot Barack Obama's speech was on tonight). Anyways, we have a D3 set up in Queens this week. Pray for me guys; this is the night my cherry is popped. We were originally supposed to meet in Queens, but she couldn't find a babysitter, so she wanted it in the city. She was willing to drive out too originally. Cool, no problem. I work out the logistics, looking through for the most gruesome dive bar on the UES. Found it, and interestingly enough there is a Bloomingdales and Pizza place nearby (Google Street view is sick, btw). What worked? I was LEADING throughout. We strolled Bloomingdales, Urban Outfitters, the Dive bar, and a pizza shop. Spiked up her emotions through my own personal stories and kept the sexual escalation going. I turned whatever discussion I could into sex too (i.e christening the back seat of her car with awesome sex, us getting a stripper pole and dancing for each other, among others). I end the date, but before I do, I spin her in the pizza shop and go for the makeout. SUCCESS. After a couple of minutes, she says she doesn't want to do this in front of everyone there. I am totally UNREACTIVE. We walk around, I spin her again, and boom! We're insanely making out outside. I could've kept the makeout going as long as I fucking wanted. We must've said goodbye to each other 3 or 4 times, because she kept coming back at me for the makeout. When we were making out, I could see her face orgasmically light up. FUCKKKKKKKKKKKK! I could've pulled this if I was more dominant in my persistence. Other than the D2, I did some day approaches too. I went back to the dive bar and opened this 2 set of Hunter College students. I go in direct, and they tell me they need to discuss school at the moment. Understood. I plow, joke around, and eject. They seemed preoccupied when I approached, but I was still able to vibe and give value. Most importantly, I did not give a fuck. However, I did not go in with INTENT, but rather a belief that I was approaching for the sake of approaching. Oh yea, I got to the D2 venue early, so I strolled Bloomingdales and fucking felt like all eyes were zooming in on me. I was walking with a new kind of confidence and everyone seemed to pick up on that. I was being super social, smiling, and radiating an energetic presence. What's cool is that when I re-entered Bloomingdales with UES cougar, the SOCIAL PROOF was there. It was like a magnet. And btw, Bloomingdales is an amazing place for day game from what I saw today.

Barnes & Noble approach and UES Cougar update Tonight, I had originally made plans to sarge Bell Blvd, but those plans fell through last minute. Instead, after my Toastmasters meeting, I drive to the Barnes & Noble in Bay Terrace. I go in with intent to accomplish the mission Judge mentioned. I linger...and linger...and linger some more. Spot a cute blonde girl, but I hesitate and keep walking. I stay in the study aide section and this cute brunette comes from behind me to navigate the section. Like I fucking chode, I grab a GMAT book and flip through it like I care, while the entire time I'm checking out the brunette from the far corner of my eye. This was a set I couldv'e easily opened, but I hesitated and just froze. I linger around bargain books and decide to review my goal sheet. I softly whisper to myself that I don't give a fuck, 100% certainty, what's my intent?, and how do I make this fun? It's the last part that is bothering me; how can I possibly make this fun with the anxiety I got going on...I spot a 2 set from across the room and just can't bring myself to go. It's 8:45 and the place closes at 9. Earlier I spotted a cute auburn haired girl with glasses. While lingering around, I spotted her several times in different places, but didn't make any kind of contact. Finally, I see her sitting down in front of autobiographies...I'm a few feet behind her and it's NOW or knowing I failed today's mission. "I'm sorry...I was totally checking you out earlier...It's your fault. I just had to come say hi" When the words came out of my mouth, it was a relief. Its as if the AA just dissipated with that one approach. The cute auburn haired girl with glasses is named Heather. She is from Miami and in town to attend a funeral. Quite a Debbie Downer moment, but she begins opening me with questions like where I'm from, and what I know about the area. She has a boyfriend too, but tells me "if this were another place and another time", leaves it at that, and smiles. She thanks me for approaching her and says she really appreciates it. I eject, but ask for her name again; she tells me she will never forget this moment. I know she genuinely meant what she said; I went in, gave value, and made her day better than was 5 minutes before. Looking back, I could've probably plowed and made something happen, but it would be in bad taste since she is here for a funeral. I maintain the high from the previous approach and go to Waldbaums to open sets. I linger around, look, and find nothing that spiked my interest... I go home and call the UES cougar I went out with a couple of days ago. It's 9:30 and the call goes straight to voicemail. Instead of leaving a voicemail, I decide to call again later. 45 minutes later I call again, and again it goes straight to voicemail. I say, "Hey (her name), it's me back". I listen to the playback message and am satisfied with the tonality/certainty. I can feel my state go down; doubting and questioning what went wrong? Why isn't

she returning my calls? I'm reacting, being needy, and for what? I have 3 other D2s set up next week. What worries me is that I had an awesome time with UES cougar (and I KNOW she did too). If that awesome time still wasn't good enough...well, I think you know where I'm going with this... EDIT: Just got off the phone with UES cougar (she called). The conversation was high energy, fun, and playful, with no awkward moments/silences. Interestingly enough, we discussed the wild makeout and I could sense her beaming about it. I made sure to blame her for it, saying she was too fucking adorable and she should give me a medal for refraining myself from going all over her (again, it was said playfully and felt in the moment). Of course, I brought up D3 plans; so far, we might be seeing Dark Knight at her place because she hasn't seen it yet and I hyped it up like it was the greatest fucking movie ever. This weekend is her son's bday, and a bunch of kids are sleeping over, so a late night lay is out the question. Good news is that the kid will be at his dad's place every other weekend now, so hopefully I can arrange a date when it's just me and her alone at her spot.

Meeting Spongeworthy, Being Shameless, and a Bathroom Pull (almost) I'm listening to Too Short "I'm a Player" (30 D Anthem) which is followed by Eminem "Lose Yourself" on my ipod shuffle setting. "SUCCESS IS MY ONLY MOTHERFUCKING OPTION, FAILURE IS NOT" It hits's all on the line tonight. The Right Warm up street approaches are FUN. Sponge and I walked around thinking to ourselves; how do we make this fun? Of course we didn't give a fuck either because this was pure warm up, and we knew we'd be trading up mercilessly as the night went on. We hook a couple of 17 year old freshmen girls from NYU on a street corner and just had fun vibing. I isolate them to an area more favorable to them staying in the set and number close. We could've easily pulled these girls to the pizza shop behind us, but I could sense Sponges' uncomfortableness gaming 17 year olds. Whatever....17 is the age if consent here in NY. PURE FUCKING MASCULINE INTENT WITH 100% CERTAINTY. What did this result in? The PULL that was thisclose to going down at the Gansevoort bathroom. For those that witnessed it, this cute brunette girl and I make out within the first 2 minutes of meeting each other. Credit to Sponge for occupying the obstacles. Anyways, TONGUEDOWN OF GLORY with the girl who is fucking loving every minute of it. She was attacking me like I was some piece of man candy she had to have. Wow. I isolate her to the seated area outside and have her sit on my lap as we continue our intense makeout. At this point, I'm fingering her pussy, biting her neck, grabbing her ass and breasts. I isolate her again to another bench, where I lay down and she is on top on me. Pretty much, dry sex. I isolate her again, next to the bathroom, wanting that bathroom pull of glory. I'm slamming her wall to wall as we're getting freaky; she's grabbing my crouch, grinding on me and moaning as I finger her. It's going down in the bathroom!!!! I'm waiting...and waiting...and waiting....bathroom door opens and some fucker darts in. I'm keeping her BT up, just waiting and waiting...finally, she tells me she has to find her cousin (who I originally thought was the boyfriend) and she repeatedly says thank you. Story on this girl- she is on a short vacay from Miami and staying at Hotel W with her cousin. She has a flight that leaves tomorrow at 8. After our first makeout of glory (there were several others that followed), I walk over to Adonis, Warlock, Sponge, and Distant Light, all of whom have the widest smiles on their face. They push me back to find the girl and are relentless in making this PULL happen for me tonight! I find her, claw her back and we're back at it, picking up where we left off. I isolate her again next to the bathroom and see Warlock making sure all signs are go. I forgot I left my condom in my jacket pocket at the coat check, so fortunately Warlock spots me...okay, it's going down! Fuck me silly, I want to kill the fucker that's hogging the bathroom and delaying my bathroom PULL of splendor! Ah fuck, I let her go again, and the guys are chastising me for this. It's PULL or nothing! We go over logistics more carefully. Take her back to my place? No go because of her early flight; but I did try. As we're sucking face I'm telling her about my gumball machine of awesomeness she HAS to check out...and no, none

of this was said in a needy, pushy way. I was fucking dominant because the moment demanded it; plus, she wanted it soooo badly. Take her back to the hotel? Yes. "Get your jacket and the keys" I repeated with a hypnotic effect. She goes over to her cousin who refuses to give up the key! What a CB! She is DTF, begging him to give the keys, but the fucker refuses. She demands I see her next week when she comes back, so I reaffirm that she has my number and I have hers. I go for the bathroom pull one last time, but the door is still locked! FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This was my first time at Gansevoort, so I didn't know the lay of the land at all. Interestingly enough, Phytag tells me there is an empty laundromat on the 10th floor I should've pulled her to. This, of course, is after the fact. FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!! Why did I not know this sooner?! Anyways, I slam her against the wall more and continue the tonguedowns and dry sex. This is a rinse and repeat process, as I must've done this on 8 or 9 different times throughout the evening, all over Gansevoort. Right before she leaves, I grab her out of the elevator and we go at it one last time. I text her later in the night demanding my tongue back. There was practically no resistance. She would say 'not in front of my cousin', so I'd isolate her away and we'd go at it again. She was the aggressor and I did my best to keep up. I was the masculine man that was LEADING and I made her feel like a sex a good way. No bathroom pull of glory, but I could taste it...instead I had sore balls and a broken screen on my phone. After this, I take a break and just a single set sitting down and looking bored. I go in, give her a pillow, take another pillow for myself and declare a pillow fight. I sit down and we immediately vibe. I follow Judge's mission for whenever the silences come up, and it works! We begin to role-play a boyfriend/girlfriend relationship, holding hands, and amusing ourselves. It's that ME and HER BUBBLE and we're both loving it. We're people watch, criticizing the fashion sense of unsuspecting victims. There is this Growing up Gotti gweed in front of us and we're tearing him apart mercilessly, laughing, and being in the moment. I'm having so much fun with this girl. Her deal is that she has a boyfriend working in Korea that she is leaving to visit on Monday. I escalate, go for the makeout, but no go. Vibe, ruthlessly escalate, and go for the makeout again, but no go. I'm teasing her, blaming her for everything. She is loving this! I vibe with her friends who immediately take to me. I ask her friends if it's okay I fall in love tonight, and they push me to her more! I isolate the girl to the bar, where we blast more unsuspecting people. I keep going for the makeout, but no go. She wants this badly, but keeps bringing up her boyfriend and examples of how I would feel and whatnot. Whatever, I isolate her outside and escalate ruthlessly again, go for the makeout, get some, but still no go. I'm holding her in my arms, caressing her beautifully soft white skin and we're in the moment. This girl is fun! I enjoyed just talking to her and feeling her amazing skin. She never says I'm pushing it with the makeouts because she is having the time of her life with me. At this point, the makeouts are becoming a shared jokes between us. I drop her off back to her friends who want me to stay, but I want to get more glory for the night. Before I go, I surprise the girl with another makeout attempt and her friends are cheering me on. Fun stuff because I never felt like the creepy makeout guy; all because she didn't feel that way about me. She saw me as fun, charming,

interesting, and AWESOME. The wRong Hmmmmm... Before the night begins, I'm waiting for Sponge at Starbucks. I see this cute looking girl sitting to the table next to me. I catch her checking me out a couple of times, so I consider opening. Okay, no I'm not...yes, I, I'm not. 10 minutes later she calls over some guy who is standing looking for a seat and asks him to join her. She opens him! But wow, this guy couldn't have been more of a chode. I was eavesdropping on their conversation and this good looking guy was perhaps the most boring guy I've ever come across. The girl is seeking rapport, but this guy has no clue. Literally. He asks for her number in the most chode way too. Fuck, thank you! Seeing this guy makes me appreciate just how far I've come in such a short time. Although I didn't open this girl, I leave with the satisfaction of knowing that I'm an AWESOME guy. With the 17 year old NYU girls, I physically escalated to the point where I sensed the girl was uncomfortable. This is a street approach and I am just some random studmuffin clawing and physically escalating without a care in the world. I was having fun, while she was wondering how to react...remember, she is a cute, dorky, 17 year old with braces who is not used the cool guys like Sponge and I making moves. The Ridiculous The bathroom door cockblock of doom...enough said. The Review Reinforced realities: I am an AWESOME, FUN, SOCIAL, SEX-WORTHY guy All girls want to be bent over and fucked PULL, PULL, PULL

Getting freaky w/ FOB Asian (featuring LovePirate) Had to go to LI for work-related purposes (shopping the competition, essentially). Went to Roosevelt Field with the intent of getting #'s or and/or instant date. I didn't accomplish either, but I learned more about myself... I did not linger at all. I was actually interested in shopping, and if I saw a girl I liked, I wanted to go in direct. Therein was my problem- The environment wasn't as target rich as I'd hope. No excuses though because there were girls that interested me. However, many were either too young (appearance-wise closer to late teens), cougars with their kids, girls with their mom, girls talking on cell, or walking sets. It's funny because whenever I'm at the mall I usually have some girl open me; but, like an unsuspecting ass, I didn't know where to take it. Today, I was hoping to be opened, but that didn't happen. Typically girls always open me with, "What's your nationality?" or asking about the evil eye bracelet I wear. I did have a couple of girls checking me out, but I didn't move forward with it. Inside, I could hear Judge say, "JT, WHAT IS THIS?!?" whenever I'd let a set pass me by. Frustrated, I was becoming proactive, actively looking for a girl I wanted to say something worthwhile to. In fact, I was getting intense about it, and I had the same feeling I had on the Day 2 of the 30 DC when I was walking Bloomingdales. This state hit me too late because I had to leave to run an errand. Anyways, there is tonight to work on. I'll still keep the day game mission in mind because I know getting passed it will increase my game tenfold.

4 R's- The Right, The wRong, The Ridiculous, Review The Right Spent most of the night with an Asian cutie. LP brings me in set and I thought it was going nowhere. The girl (mine in particular) seemed very cold and distant in the beginning; I felt she didn't want me there. However, by the end of the night, we're tongueing it with full-on glory. Solid number close too, as she texted me back saying she is looking forward to our Korean BBQ and teasing about entering myself as 'Sexy JT' on her phone. She works a couple of blocks from me, so it might go down. Background- She came from Korea 3 years ago, and hasn't had a serious boyfriend since. She tells me about her culture and how the nightlife is just a group of friends going out with no outside mingling. She is a world traveler, enjoys skiing, rollerblading, and Korean BBQ. Throughout the night, I developed the ME+HER bubble, creating future projections of fun and

adventure between us. And by fun and adventure, I also mean sex ;-) What worked? Isolation. I moved her to about 6 different locations throughout Gansevoort. The first isolation was simple. "Hey, I want to show you something cool", then I'd ask her friend if it's okay I steal her for a couple of minutes and ask that she make sure nothing happens to me. Whatever, I'm just glad it's finally clicking for me because isolation was a definitely a sticky point during BC. Physical escalation. I caveman kissed her the first two times, and no go. Kept escalating ruthlessly, went for the makeout and BOOM...We're hardcore sucking face. Initially she seemed to feel ashamed this was going down juding by her facial/body expressions. So I'd stop, caress her body, and go back full on. She didn't stop it, and the more I plowed through the physical escalation, the more she began to accept it. I SHOCK and AWED, which was effective too. Eventually she became comfortable, but the fingering was still no go; I tried rubbing her pussy like 6 times and each time she'd hold my hand yet still be making out with me. I massaged her, rubbed her breasts, she sucked my finger, grabbed her ass, grinded on her...all that, but no finger bang. I would say she felt uncomfortable roughly 15% of our time together. While we were vibing, I told she had a nice smile, but probably wasn't a good kisser. I think this resonated on some level because I entered the frame that I was going to teach her how to get better at this; as if i was the authority on how to makeout. Also, she didn't know the etiquette for neck biting, so I showed her and had her practice on me. Whenever she laughed, I kissed her. It was like my reward. Tonality and body language. I'm 5'10, but I felt a couple of inches taller tonight for whatever reason. I thought back to Northstar's posture thread and realized that the right posture can take your state to another level. It did tonight. With tonality, I could say anything, and as long as I said it with a dominant certainty, the set hooked. Of course, the music isn't too loud at Gansevoort, so that helped too. The wRong No lay. There was a casual persistence when I discussed bringing her home tonight. I felt confident, trying to make her feel comfortable, as if all the cool kids were doing it. Earlier I mentioned the ME+HER bubble I developed, and I think that might've spilled over to a bf/gf dynamic, causing increased resistance. She would say she just met me, and she would come over next time. I gave away too much. Yes, the makeouts were fun, but I feel like if I slowed down the pace of our interaction, perhaps a SNL would've gone down. I don't know too much about Korean culture at all, but I got the impression it caused much of the pull resistance. The Ridiculous The Korean girl told me she has never kissed more in her life than last night. She even joked that

her lips were going to be swollen the next day. Something ridiculous was standing on the Gansevoort bench outside by the edge and reenacting that famous scene from Titanic. STOP! My favorite street approach line, stacked with whatever the fuck I feel like saying to amuse myself. I want to get better at this because I think it would make for an awesome story if I told my children that I found their mom off the streets. The Review Solid night. I took a set I thought was going nowhere and made something out of it. I went in thinking I was just going to occupy the girl while LP does his thing; but the more I vibed with the girl, the more I liked her. Reinforced realitiesI am a FUN, SOCIAL, CONFIDENT, AWESOME, COOL, CENTERED, SEX-WORTHY guy. I am not a dancing monkey there to entertain the girl. I automatically assume attraction, vibe, isolate, and know what I want with 100% certainty. LEAD, LEAD, LEAD with MASCULINE DOMINANCE. There it is...

Not going the way I want Headed over to Gansevoort again; before we get there, Sponge and I do some street approaches to warm up. The street approaches were awful at best, and I found myself stumbling through words. I tried not to let this bother me, but I think a tiny lingering thought of negatively did impact tonight's results. The Right Isolation was much better calibrated tonight. I moved my targets effortlessly and was able to #close with ease. Proacting after a fucked-up set. Tonight, I fucked up; but I kept pushing myself to open. And although I didn't open as much as I liked, I'm happy this FR isn't about me choding around doing nothing. Every girl I approached felt a sexual energy with my laser eyes of intent. Leaning out. I am more conscious of this because I used to lean in to hear the girls. Tonight, I realized leaning out leads the girl to lean into you. Obvious idea, but it was really evident tonight. The wRong Cave-manning gone wrong. Once I isolated the girls and got their number, I went for the makeout. All my makeout attempts tonight were no go, and the set would fizzle after that. One set in particular somewhat bothered me. I open a 2-set of French girls. My target is a Morrocan-French girl and I knew it was on. I isolated her to three different spots, but when I went for the makeout, I sensed the uncomfortableness. However, she is still smiling, laughing, and vibing with me, so I still think it's on. We go back to meet up with the group, she talks with her friend, then gives the bathroom excuse of doom. No worries, there are other girls. Sponge and I later see the girls again and the set explodes after two minutes. They excuse themselves uncomfortably; I felt the second time we went in, the girls perception of us soured; the Moroccan girl looked at me like I was scum. Later in the night I see her with these two other guys, laughing, smiling, having fun. I think about amog'ing, but just can't bring myself to do it. I gave a fuck what she might think...fuck. All numbers were wood tonight. A couple of the girls were here for only a week, and the others I just don't care about getting into. The Ridiculous I was the creepy makout guy that made the set feel uncomfortable. There was a married spanish blonde cougar I physically escalated and went for the makeout on, but no go. She kept telling me she was married and pushing me to scope out other girls. After 4 or 5 caveman attempts of failure, I had a wing (forgot his name) tell me to just stop. I immediately felt like such as asshole.

I could feel my state drop, thinking to myself...damn, what the fuck am I doing here? It was as if I was getting a married women to make-out with me was proving something to myself. Lame! Review I would label tonight as an awesome night...nah, only kidding, but I'm not going to let myself become upset over it. Tonight wasn't fun because I didn't get the results I wanted. I did my best to make it fun, but it just didn't go in my favor. I fucked what? I know I did a lot of things right tonight, and what I did wrong, I went over as I wrote this FR. I didn't do a good job of reading how the girl feels tonight, nor did effectively spike emotions enough to get her into state. Also, my caveman attempts were needy and made the girls uncomfortable.

Thinking about Friday and Saturday night really puts a lot in perspectiveFriday night, I had my makeout, rode that high and felt like a fucking king walking Gansevoort. As if I could open any girl and it's ON. Saturday, I felt like the chode I once if I still were that chode and nothing changed. I had this negative attitude on and off throughout the night, and it wasn't until Sponge said something like, "Do you really want the entire forum to know tomorrow that you were just a chode tonight?". His words really hit at me. I wanted to bounce to Beauty Bar, but I decided to stick it out at Gansevoort and go out, blown out in a blaze of glory. And after awhile, I actually wanted to stay! There was this Scottish blonde cougar with the sweetest pair of tits I'd ever seen up close in person. The fact that I isolated her, got the approval from her friends (she refused, but her friends pushed her to stay with me), and cave-manned her, went for the makeout and went to kiss her sweet tits, really surprises me. Who is this guy?! Not the chode I was, and for that I feel like I progressed.

Hesitation Killed the Warrior Just finished a D2 with a cute brunette St. Johns law student. Took her to my local dive bar, complete with pool table, jukebox, and old people. When we introduced, I spun her, but hesistated going for the kiss. I held her hand and led her to an isolated area where we just vibed for half an hour. There was playful kino during the vibing stage; nothing awkwardly forced. I held amazing eye contact and I knew it was on. Whenever there were silences, she would either laugh, or talk about something. After vibing, I took her to play pool, a game that I am awful at. She knows this going in, and does beat me narrowly. We go back to the isolated area and finish our drinks. It's close to an hour into the date, so I lead her to the grocery store next door. We walk around, picked up fruit and cookies, then tell her we're heading over to my place. After she beat me in pool, I told her I'd annihilate her in Connect 4. I also told her about my pool table at home. Note, this pool table is one of those cheap, plastic, hand sized mock pool tables you get at a 99 cent store. When I explained going back to my place, I said it casually, as if we were just going to eat our snacks there and play Connect 4. We get to my place and it feels awkward for me. She asks to see my pool table and I show her. Her reaction is laughter, totally cool. We chat, but she isn't hungry and won't eat the food. I tried feeding her a bite of my fruit, but no go. We play 5 games of Connect 4 and I end the date, telling her I'll walk her back to her car. At my apartment there was little to no kino, and I actually felt uncomfortable pushing it. I fear she would've left and the fun dynamics we set up would be soured. We walk to her car, and I share some personal childhood stories. I wanted to isolate her at CVS, but it was actually closed. I notice she has earrings on, so I check it out and begin escalating the kino. We hold hands, make it silly, and we arrive at her car. I spin her, and go for the kiss. It's good, and I shock & awe. I go again, and it's a tongue down. Shock and Awe, then go again. I end the date and that's it. I text her, "JT and Britney sitting in a tree..." (credit- U5)

I pulled her back to my place but did nothing...this was my own fear, even though I know she was into me. I led throughout the date, playfully kino escalated, so when we made out, it was in the moment. Total date time was just over two hours. I'm curious to see how this goes. I do like her and want to see her again. Something like this would've really bothered me before, and I would've thought about it endlessly. Like analyze it to no end, being super needy, awaiting her response, being bitter if she didn't like me enough to want to see me again. But now, I'm just thinking about the other girls I'm possibly going out with next week. If she wants to chill again, then cool. If not, then I'll take it for what it was; we still played tonsil hockey.

My old self would never have even tried to kiss a girl on the first date, let alone pull her back to my place. I accomplished both tonight, and I know the girl had a fun time. She is always super busy with school and work and rarely goes out; so if she doesn't want to go out again, I'm not going to think she doesn't like me. However, I definitely feel I should've made out with her BEFORE getting her back to my place. While at the bar, we had intimate kino, and it was all erased when we got back to my place and sat on opposite ends of a table playing Connect fucking 4. I thought about making moves, but I just felt awkward going about it. I didn't want to feel needy keeping her around either, so I ejected us out of my apartment and ended the date. Walked her back to the car, rebuilt the kino escalation and got the makeout goodbye, as if it just happened. It's funny, after the first kiss close, she said, "smooth", because I spun her first, then went for it.

Cougar and #close @ Starbucks Went on a D3 with UES cougar. Unfortunately, no lay...yet. UES cougar wants to meet at this wine bar by her house, which is cool. I see her inside, but I want her to come outside, so I can lead her back in. She comes out, and we immediately make out when we see each other. We hold hands on our way to another place she wants to check out. We go in, get a table and drinks. Normally, we'd be on opposite ends of the table, but I shifted so we were diagonal from each other, making it much easier for kino. We had comfort level discussions, but also discussed our wildest sex experiences and other fun stuff. I am being more genuine with UES tonight, where my core personality is showing up. No worries though, kino is still heavy, and we make out more in the bar while also caressing each other bodies. I should mention that UES cougar is wearing a tight little black dress with lace stockings and high heel boots. Looking at her gave me instant wood, but I stay cool. The arrangement for the date was to get drinks then head to her place to watch a movie I brought over. We had discussed this several times prior, so I figured it was on. It was raining earlier before we met, and she texts suggesting me meet inside. I ask if she has wine at her place, so we can skip going out for drinks and watch the movie instead. She texts me with another spot she wants to meet up, saying we'll see. In the middle of the date, when I bring up the movie, she says I can't go back to her place tonight. I channel Jeffy and say "Irrelevant!" like 10 times or so, cutting her off. This wasn't done in a needy, pushy way, but a way in which she understood that it's going down. Apparently she is uncomfortable having a 'stranger' in her house when her kid is there. I mention how I wouldn't mind meeting the little fucker, even discussing playing Wii until he falls asleep. UES is not budging at all, but keeps apologizing. I give her the strong eye contact throughout this, unreactive, and she caresses me. I know she will have sex with's the matter of when! After the bar, I walk her back to her place. We make out hardcore some more, and I check her out because she is looking fucking hot. I can't wait til I'm squeezing those breasts and grabbing that ass. We discuss possibly meeting on Thursday in the early afternoon, when her kids is away at school. Ahhhh, this was frustrating. I came back home from the city, to go back to the city knowing I'd get laid, only for it to not happen. Woke up with a raging boner thinking about how hot UES cougar looked last night. She is leaving for vacation tomorrow, so I'll see her after a week when she comes back all tan. I forgot to mention this yesterday- regarding watching a movie at her place, she said something along the lines of, "when we go to my place, you know we're not seeing a movie". I was unreactive to the comment, but now I know it is definitely ON for sex. Not all was lost though...

I did a street approach and a Starbucks approach. The subway approach was on my way to meeting UES cougar. At the train hanger, I spot this adorable (I mean it) looking blonde girl with a red coat on. I catch her checking me out, and there are moments when our eyes meet, but like a chode, I immediately look the other away. I don't approach until after we get inside the subway car and our lock eyes again. "I'm sorry, I was totally checking you out". She smiles, laughs, and is looking very happy. I am still chode, getting ready to explode, but her stop is up. I get the 'nice to meet you' and we're done. Although I didn't # close, this set was getting to that point. I was happy because she engaged me back with questions and interest, as if we were both cool people just randomly talking on the subway. The Starbucks approach is a cute, nerdy, glasses wearing, nice body girl in a 4 set sitting on the stool side. I go in direct, tap the girl I'm interested in and give my line. It hooks. She says thank you and smiles. I go into chodeversation, relying on my tonality, body language, and strong eye contact to vibe with her. It's going good, so I seal this by also vibing with her friends. They are all Adelphi students that went to the Opera tonight. My target in the group lives in Queens, pretty close to me actually. I #close in under 2 minutes, stay around to chat a bit longer, then eject. I text her later, telling her I won't be taking her to the opera, but instead a romantic coffee shop date. She replies back, and I know it is on. I leave it dead air and will look to call her soon.

You wouldn't believe how many girls I see just walking passed me on the streets, subway, and stores that I wish I had the nerve to approach...only to regret it later. With the Starbucks and subway approaches today, I realize I can go up to any girl I WANT and make it happen; I was genuinely attracted to both the subway and Starbucks girl. I'm chopping away my day game anxiety as my confidence in this area blossoms. My next area of focus is moving sets...

Fingerbanging times Meet up with Sponge and we both have this feeling tonight will be great. It's funny, we both even referred to the time before getting to the venue as the 'calm before the storm'...and it was. I GOT THE VOICE...TO MAKE THE NOISE...BANG YOUR HEAD! - Quiet Riot Right Tonight, I had tongue-downs with three different girls. My mission for tonight was to be 'calibrated caveman', and I succeeded here. All these makeouts seemed to just happen. Sure, I initiated, but I was having the girls come back at me with ferocious intensity. This Puerto Rican doctor gave the best tongue I have gotten to date; pure fantastic! An Indian investment banker told me I was 'turning her on' as I passionately stroked my lips on her chest. And the last makeout with a volumptious chubby was within 30 seconds of her waiting for the bathroom. Again, all these makeouts just seemed to happen. With the doctor and investment banker, we strongly vibed as I held laser eye contact with pure fucking intent. I spiked emotions and the girls were very comfortable around me. The doctor was with a few of her friends, and she stayed at Gans even after all her friends left; her body language when she said goodbye to her friends was that I was cooler and she was in a rush to get back to me. The volumptious chubby was pure intent, with me leaning out as she leaned in. But damn, she jumped me 2 seconds into the kiss and was grabbed my head to attack me with her tongue. wRong No pull. With the doctor, she was all alone with me and lived within half an hour driving distance by herself (she drove). With IB girl, she lived with a roommate in Chelsea. With volumptious chubby, she was staying at a hotel 3 blocks away, but was leaving tomorrow, and was sharing a bed with her friend. The more I think about it now, the more I think I know why these hardcore tonguedowns didn't translate to pulls. The seeds for the pull were planted AFTER the makeouts. My reaction to the no-go pulls was maintaining laser eyes and smiling, totally unreactive as the girls apologized and whatnot. Yes, I casually alluded going back to their place as if we were going to do something other than have sex. Another resistance to the pull might be because I'm spilling that YOU+ME bubble to a bf/gf dynamic. I feel this is where I'm stuck, so I'm trying to challenge myself to create a different dynamic; perhaps more overt sexual tones, I don't know. Ridiculous The Switch-off. Let me explain-

After my intense makeout with IB girl, I go back to the bar and claw this really hot Indian girl (I'm salivating now just thinking about her). I claw, briefly vibe, isolate, and then she mentions her friend. Unsuspecting, she tells me about a girl who thought I was really hot. She points to IB girl, who comes over. I had all the intention of at least getting this girl's number because I really want to see her again. But the IB girl became an obstacle and I was surveying the room to find Sponge to come help me out. Also, I didn't want to be rude about it and hurt the girl's feelings. Fuck, I am so ridiculous because this other girl was really into me. I told her where I was from, and she says she 'loves!' said guys. I missed a triggered jealously plotline. Earlier in the night, I open this tall Canadian girl. We vibe, and I tell her I'll find her later. I may've even told her she was my girlfriend for the night, I don't remember. Anyways, when she sees me and the doctor girl, she stops and looks at me; as if she was expecting me to say something. I kind of ignored her, but I realize in hindsight that I could've used her to trigger jealously with the doctor girl when we were still in the vibing stage. The bathroom pull that never was- Volumptious chubby is waiting for the bathroom, but within 30 seconds we're making out. The door opens, and we're still making out, but as I pull both of us into the bathroom, she tells me 'she really has to go'. No worries. I wait away in a distance where she will find me, but will know I wasn't waiting on her. She gets out, looks around, and walks over to me. I go over logistics, but it's no-go as I mentioned earlier. I wanted to isolate her to the couch patio area, but it was full. Instead she takes me to meet her friend. And after this the set becomes her asking me to buy her a drink. I ignored it, continued to physically escalated, but she blocks the reigniting of the makeout. Eh, whatever. Review Tonight, I realized I'm at a particular point in my game where makeouts are a given. It's funny, because if someone would've told me this last year, I'd be absolutely content. However, right now I'm not. I want the full glory. SNL pulls are that dangling briefcase (think wrestling ladder match) that I'm grazing with my fingertips. The next level of my game, perhaps ultimately, is getting SNLs on consistent basis. I do realize not living in the city is an impeding obstacle, so I won't be too hard on myself. Tonight I was also thrilled to 'guide' a newbie on this journey. I saw Music at Gans just walking around looking bored; but I also saw this desire in his eyes. I know, like me, he just needed a push to open sets. I discussed my background coming into this, where I came from, BC, and where I want to be. I surveyed the room, saw a set, gave him brief direction, and said "Go!". And watching him had reinforced a lot corrections I noticed with my game, seeing how far I've come. This was first experience in a 'mentor' role, and I was actually more satisfied with this than tonguedowns I received tonight. I also realize how tough this role is, and I just have to give additional thanks to GC and TJ for what they have done for me.

Fun CrazyBlindDate and Fun w/ a Married Woman Went on a crazyblinddate at 8 in Union Square. This was my first experience with the site, and I was up for an adventure. My date was described to me as 5'2, 22 yo, Latina, with a thin body type. Okay, cool. We meet at 8 outside Citibar and I'm pleasantly surprised. She was a fucking cutie with these sweet perky tits and tight body. Great smile, highlighted by a fun, outgoing, and interesting personality. I do my thing, vibe, isolate her to a intimate corner of the bar, and we're making out within 15 minutes of meeting each other on a blind date. While this all seems spontaneous to her, I had it planned and romanticized it. I lead her to Virgin Megastore...we vibe, and makeout there. She is loving this in 'I can't believe I'm meeting such an awesome guy, especially on a blind date'. Note- She was not nervous at all during this, although she told me on her way here she was. What does this mean? I instantly made her feel comfortable, especially considering the circumstances. We meet and I'm just radiating positivity, saying "AWESOME", being social, LEADING, and just being chill about it all. After Virgin, we head to Whole Foods because I'm feeling hungry. Go upstairs, comfort talk, tell her to move her seat closer and we pick up the intensity. Kisses here, nothing too wild, haha. Next, we head to Beauty Bar, which is one of her favorite places! I lead her around, spot two empty seats and we sit in a dark corner, just looking into each others eyes as if this were something out of a romantic comedy...only better. The dance floor is closed, so I couldn't move her there to increase the intimacy. Anyways, we make out more. Logistics- She lives with her parents in the Bronx and I live out in Queens. She is a family oriented "good girl", so I knew I wasn't going to keep her late. I look to end the date at 11 and lead her out, walking her to her subway stop. We hold hands and make out on our way there. Instead of just dropping her off at the stop, I swipe in and wait for the train with her (she seemed to appreciate this a lot). It comes after 10 seconds of waiting, but I tell her catch the next one, and she complies without any hesitation at all. She wants to be around me, and I want to be around her. We hold each other as I'm leaning back on the staircase. Makeout, laser eyes, smiling. Her train comes and we part ways. I send her a text, "Hey (her name)...Let me know if you get home okay. JT " . She responds 45 mins later. Cool. All the makeouts had that spontaneous vibe and I purposely scaled back because I did not want to give away too much. Throughout the date, we discuss future projections, and I feel certain I'm having a D2 with this girl. Also, with all the bounces, it felt to me like we had 4 dates in a 3 hour span. I hit state state, so I call Sponge and head to Plunge! Right Walking with that swagger confidence. Tonight, whenever I was leading the girl through the crowd, I was pushing dudes asides like I didn't give a fuck. Ever notice how people are quick to move out the way when someone of high value walks passed them? That is how it felt tonight.

Social proof. With one girl, she thought I knew literally everyone in venue. With each person I greeted, her amazement grew. This is what I'm liking about Plunge. Pure fucking intent. If I saw something I wanted, I went. "That's for me!" mind-set. Raven opens this 2 set of cougars and it's obvious who his target is. No worries, the obstacle is cute. In the beginning, the obstacle seemed disinterested and was throwing shit tests left and right (especially about age). I know I passed because I isolated her outside where we vibed and physically escalated. I was speaking with a breaking rapport tonality (because she was coming off rude), and she tells me I come on too strong. I tell her I know what I want, leave it there, then lead her back inside. As we walk, I stop...give laser eyes, and she tells me she is married and shows me the ring. Irrelevant! Continue laser eyes, and we're making out, all in the moment. She can't find her friend, so I isolate her on a seat, have her sit on my lap and continue the makeout. She finds her friend and I want to explore more sets. Later in the night, she texts me "I'm still here". Obviously, she wants some man candy tonight. I randomly bump into her again and her friend is taken away, so it's just me and her. We have the sofa to ourselves and now we're really bringing it, dry sex glory. I go rough and aggressive on her and she isn't having it, telling me I move too fast. She tells me she just wants to take it to a certain point, but that if I want to roam around, I could, telling me she gets what she wants and I don't. No worries, I give her the satisfaction and make her feel like she is a 26 sex slut (she pegged me as 26, so I just went with it, although I'm 24). Logistics- She is staying at Hotel W with her sister in law. Separate rooms? No, and she tells me I'm not that lucky, smiling. Pull her back to my place and commit adultery? Nah, I got my limits. She is 41, married, and has two kids. I do have her number, she does live fairly close to me, and we discussed a D2. We'll see... wRong I was opening with a breaking rapport tonality because I wasn't giving a fuck. I knew it wasn't hooking, so I consciously scaled it back. Reading my wing better. Raven opens up these two Jersey shore girls and I come in with high energy after I hear the laughs. The problem is that the set was at a moderate energy level, so when I came in, it was like what the fuck? Two girls that I should've been making out with, but didn't. In both sets, I vibed, isolated, but fell into their trap of comfort level discussions. I wasn't making it fun for myself, and I wasn't escalating properly. Needless to say, when I went for the makeout, it was no go. Both girls applauded me for my courage and said it was smooth. One of the girls remarked that I needed to get to know her better first before I could kiss her. I only tried kissing her once, but when we met up again, she told me we're not making out, yet still smiling. I said, "cool", and just went about vibing. Ridiculous With the two girls I mentioned above, I was feeling stuck in a friend zone and was actually

getting bored with them. I chilled, laser eyes, and let the silence take over. The girls would rush to fill the silences and ask me questions, but whatever. My read was that the girls were there just there to have fun; even though I was bringing a sexual vibe, it just wasn't translating to anything sexual and it wasn't feeling fun. I let their comfort frame take over, and didn't escalate accordingly. With one of the girls, I'm sensing a half flake, but whatever. We had set up meeting for happy hour next Thursday, so I dunno. Review Tonight I bumped into two guys from the last newbie sarge whom I haven't seen since. Both are cool guys that are tight with the M3 model, and are perhaps the strongest opening guys I've come across. Anyways, winging with them tonight made me realize another aspect of game- Building a social circle. Let me explain, we're working a 6 set of girls; I already have one of them isolated, and Nick comes in to give me value, asking if we've exchanged facebook info. And it hits me...I think to Achille's recent thread about the three type of guys in the game today and realize this is a great opportunity to build a social circle of attractive girlfriends. The girl I isolated (see missed makeout) was new to NYC, just out of college, and excited to meet new people. She had attractive friends and was really an interesting person. I don't feel her number is too solid, but I could definitely see myself being 'friends' with this girl. Just something to think about. The strong sense of community was really apparent tonight. I witnessed Sponge explode his awesomeness and couldn't have been happier. And I felt proud hearing him say I bring out the best in him. With the community, it's funny; this other guy Nick and Sath were with apologized for attempting to amog me earlier in the night before he found out I was in this interesting community. No worries, all cool.

Blast from the Past, Day Game, Train Game, and a D2 I'm opening this post with Gym Class Heroes, "Cookie Jar". Just one of the many anthems that has helped me develop that 'player' mindset. Today, I planned to meet Sponge at Union Square for day game, then head to a D2 at 8. I enter Barnes & Noble and see it as my own personal playground. I smile and browse all the floors while waiting for Sponge. When Sponge arrives, we hug, and I go over my objectives. My first approach is this cute Asian girl looking at fashion books. I feel confident and go in direct; she is confused and steps away from me. I say something else and she is just ignoring me. I feel disappointed, but then I realize she probably doesn't speak English because I could barely comprehend what she was saying earlier. Also, I think came in too strong and scared her. After this mess, Sponge and I browse around and I notice this other girl in the Sex section. I go in, but retreat to linger in another section, still able to check her out. This girl is intimidating with her punk rock/hipster look. She is seated on the floor and I go over, only to have my back turned to her. Fuck it, I'm not doing this; I already fucked it up by lingering. Sponge and I are browsing around, and I tell him about my previous experiences with day game. A lot of times, whenever I was out, I would have a girl open me. Almost always, they would ask where I was from (nationality). Being the clueless and unsuspecting chode I was, I had no idea where to take the interaction, so these sets went no where. However, if a girl were to open me now, it's on, and that is what I was hoping for today. As I finished explaining all of this to Sponge, I get opened! The girl that opens me is the first girl I ever sarged since I got into game theory. This was back in mid-October, one week after I finished reading, 'The Game'!!!! Think about this- I'm on the last day of my 30 day challenge, I just finished telling Sponge I hope I get opened, and the first girl I ever sarged happens to open me! Backstory- I sarged this girl in mid-October at a house party on LI. I must've used all the routines I learned from reading 'The Game', as well as all the lines from 'The Pick Up Artist' show. Seriously, here is a list of routines and stories I told this girl and her friend in the 3 hours- Maury Povich, palm reading, ESP 1-10, best friends test, Lie game, 93% of girls masturbate..., James Bond on Halloween, cute kid giving me the finger while at a stoplight, believe in spells?...Oh yea, I negged her a few times too! At the end of the night, I # closed her, and I remember being so nervous doing so. Hot damn, I thought I was ssssssooooooooooooo cool though because I got her number. A couple of weeks later we agree to drinks after work on a Friday night. I take her to Stout, where get a table downstairs, and I'm doing her silly cold reads because I don't know what else to talk about. We do talk, but it's the typical interview style questions delivered with the pizazz of a insecure chode. I try to bounce her to the pizza place across the street, but she refuses and says it with such anger. Instead, I take her upstairs and I just stand there feeling uncomfortable. I didn't know how to make this fun at all and I felt like a total loser with drink pressed against my chest

and the girl I brought there looking around, probably looking for a real man to fuck tonight (because she certainly wasn't fucking me). When I first sarged her, I was a complete dancing monkey (still social and fun, but I wasn't being me). I'm sure she was expecting JT, the dancing monkey again, and she was pushing me to "mingle", but I didn't. She says that I hope I don't have the wrong idea about her tonight...we're here as "just friends", she tells me. With those words, I feel my confidence shrink, and I go outside to text DaVinci. He tells me to meet him at 230 5th, and I tell the girl I need to get home. I volunteer to walk her to Penn Station, but she plans on staying at the bar. I leave thinking to myself that the "date" was a total disaster and I'm glad it's finished. I then embark on my first ever sarge journey detailed in the 11/19 post of this blog- ---------Check it out if you want to see how I started. With the backstory out of the way, she approaches at Barned & Noble with a hug and smile. Everything I say is in a breaking rapport tonality because I had such a sour impression of her. She is still the same overdominating girl, but I am no longer the same dancing monkey she knew 6 months ago. We catch up, and I ask if she has my number. She doesn't and I admonish her in a self-amusing way. Note, after the date of demise, I didn't call or text her at all. Anyways, I make up an excuse to leave, give her a hug where I lift her up off her feet. After this, I feel in state because seeing this girl made me realize just how far I've come. I'm now ready to put my balls to the wall and really make this happen for myself.

I walk throughout Barnes & Noble with a purpose but don't see anything I like. I stop to talk to Sponge and spot this really cute girl walking our direction. I motioned for her to stop, I think. She stops"Ahhhh (long nervous 2 seconds)...I just had to meet you. I'd be mad at myself if I didn't say hi" She then asks my name, haha. I opened chodey, but then exploded. CHODE, then EXPLODE. This just seemed to happen naturally. We have a normal conversation, and I'm relying purely on subcomm to make this work. I put in a silly time constraint, and got her number in under two minutes. Throughout the interaction, she is smiling and holding strong eye contact, and seems disappointed that I have to go. She is a school teacher in the city, but lives in Long Island. When I go to number close, she looks at my phone screen very attentively to make sure I typed her name right. Anyways, I eject, absolutely thrilled that I did a successful day time approach. I go over to Sponge and discuss, and he says two words that didn't even come to mind...INSTANT DATE. This set was so on for an instant date because she told me she was just wandering around and because she mentioned she was hungry. Yikes, I feel so fucking stupid. Sorry, Judge, no instant date, but it was definitely a show stopping approach. It's funny, I bump into her again on the floor above and she walks over to me. I introduce her to Sponge, and I tell her I'm on my way out but we'll get together. I text that it was awesome meeting her and that there are fun times to come. She's on.

I have to catch a train way uptown for my D2, so Sponge and I leave. On the train ride, Sponge and I discuss train approaches, but I see nothing I like. After Sponge gets off, this blonde cutie walks in, with ipod earphones on. We catch eye contact, but I don't do anything. I'm leaning on

the pole and she is seated in the corner 5 feet away. We catch eye contact again, but I don't approach. The next time we catch eye contact, I motion for her to take off her ear phones. She complies, so I walk over and open. She lights up with excitement, smiling, and getting really close to me. Her stop is next, so I really rushed this; got out my phone out, which took me so long to find, until I realized it was in my back jean pocket. I number close just in time, and she keeps asking my age. "Old enough to handle you", smile, "24", smile. She looked young from 5 feet away, but upon closer review she looked mid to late 30's. Unfortunately, her number didn't save properly, but whatever. Who is this guy approaching cuties on the subway?!?!

I go to Uptown Lounge and meet my D2. She is a cute, short, curly haired blonde with a hot dancers body. However, I just don't feel attracted to her. And I'm even less attracted when she opens her mouth. She has a voice where her words trail off with a nagging sound. Anyways, I still want to her fuck her. The seating arrangement is difficult because the high seats are bolted, and we're left sitting at opposite ends of a table. I try making the best of it as we vibe; mostly her telling lame stories and me smiling like I'm interested. I try to make it fun, but she isn't as responsive as I was hoping. Earlier, I suggested we get something to eat later; when our drinks are finished I bounce her for pizza (because I sure as hell wasn't paying for dinner there). However, there is a film shooting, supposedly with Angelina Jolie. There is a Domino's across the street, but no place to sit. I hadn't properly researched the area, so I was left wandering around with her deciding on a place to eat. We walk around and land on some pub that is full. I lead her out and we go to another one across the street. The menu is pricey, so I just order Hummus and she is cool with just an appetizer. We have a better vibe this time, and I build up the kino; but still, she seems unstimulated. Earlier she was at the gym, and she did seem tired, so that might be reason. I think to myself, 'what I feel she feels', so I try to force this sexual energy, but again, it feels like it is going anywhere. It's an hour and a half into the date and I tell her let's go. We walk around, and I grab and kiss her. Just like that. I go again and we're making out. "Let's go to your place". No. Talk some more, go for the makeout again. "Let's go to your place". No. Do it over again, but no go. I sensed defeat so, I said 'cool', and our date was over. I text her, "Let me know if you get home okay" (she only needed to walk two blocks up). She responds, "Home". I feel confident with a D3 because we did discuss it, with me taking her to Beauty Bar. However, she didn't seem too enthusiastic, and I'm not enthusiastic to see her again. It's 11:45 when I get 30 day challenge is done. The bell rings...

Makeouts, but no fulfillment... No bathroom pull tonight. Instead of taking it to another level, I felt my game noticeably decline. I refuse to give excuses for why I didn't make it an awesome night, but there were factors. One, the newbie sarge began at 7, and everyone stood around the park for close to 3 hours before entering 230 5th. Second, I felt tired; I took the day off for this, and got ready at 4 (don't get ready until 7 for nights out). It was still daylight, and the shift to night made me feel tired for whatever reason. Tonight I felt bored. This translated into me not making things fun or sexual. I didn't have that pulse that made me believe in pulling. Instead, I fell into a weak, non-masculine frame. Also, I found myself hesitating with kino. I was thinking, and therein lies the problem- I was not 100% certain, and when I was thinking, I knew I was already too late. I cared about losing the girl and kept thinking of ways to keep her around. An extreme case was slipping into a button pusher mode, but I immediately recognized this and refused to fall into trap. I was reaction seeking, and this made me feel needy. Fuck this! This is not me because I consider kino escalation one of my strengths. Positives of the night- Isolated, and had tonguedowns with two different girls. Thanks to Crass for showing me a sweet, secluded area of the 230th lounge. No pull with the makeouts because one girl was coming from LA and had her family there with her. With the other girl, I wasn't effective in spiking emotions and she kept persisting she wasn't going to hook up with a guy at a bar (I was nonreactive, ignored it, but the negative thought lingered). I isolated a couple of other girls, but I let their "I'm not making out with you" frame take over. What...the...fuck?! I went home alone tonight. And this frustrated me because there were opportunities, but I was not being ME i.e a dominant, aggressive, assertive, physical, leading, masculine, and fun. Ah, the ups and downs of progress. I recognize the way I felt tonight as an 'off-night'; things to be aware of- Make it fun, make it sexual, make it an expression of me.

Being a chode (reflections) Tonight, I was 90% chode. I did 0 approaches...I didn't play the game. All this came from a massively low energy I was carrying. For the first time, I saw approaching as a chore; work I didn't feel like doing. I wouldn't call it AA though.; I lacked intent and certainty, and this led me to not getting it done tonight. However, looking farther back, I'm appreciating that nimbus pulse that would infiltrate my body whenever I was out. It's like WOW. Now I have a reference point for realizing that nimbus and pushing myself to greater levels when it's ON. It's funny, when that pulse existed, I envisioned wall slamming every girl that walked passed me. I walked with a SWAGGA confidence; tonight, I didn't envision wall slamming every girl, and that swagga walk wasn't in my step. It's as if those visions and mindsets went into hibernation for the night. Phebes was packed tonight, but I wasn't feeling it, so Raven and I bounced to Gansevoort...still wasn't feeling it there, so we called it an early night. Got to Penn Station, saw lots of workable sets, but still no approaches. I wanted to, but instead I protected my ego for the night. Later I bumped into a couple of junior high school friends I hadn't seen in ten years. One of these guys is a natural, and we made plans to hang out next week. This is getting me excited because I feel like I can amaze them with the skillset I have when we're out. Note, back in junior high school, I was a extremely socially awkward, shy, clumsy kid with a bad haircut that couldn't come within two feet of a girl I was attracted to. Based on tonight, I realize I have to challenge myself. The 30 Day did that for me, and the results were there. I know this thread is titled, 'Taking it to another level', and ultimately I want do just that. I need to motivate myself on how. End self-reflection post.

Awesome night w/ UtopiaFive UtopiaFive: Elevator set [3] Right as JT and I get past the doormen, two chicks are just standin' around. I note how kind it is of them to await us. I don't really care their reaction, but based on the way they look, I expect "shit tests" and "resistence". Get none of that. We start walking towards the elevator, and I kid around a lot with my girl. She's cute, but older. tactic: role play. I had role played they were waiting for us. Later, I saw her again. Lets just note that there was maybe 40 minutes in between. The best part is how she thinks I'm too young, and keeps mentioning that she saw me hitting on every girl in there. Shit tests like no other, but she loves me. highlight: blowing past shit tests -- she framed shit weird: "Why do you go out every weekend to just hit on girls?" First time she asks "I go out to be social. When I have a gf, I go out with friends and still chill with people. I talk to guys and girls." Chick persists. So I tactic: bust on her. "Are you going to be that controlling girl? You're gonna call me at 10pm every night and be my mommy screaming to come home." I guess the unintentionally mom reference (she's 10 yrs older than me) got her laughing and defensive. #-close as JT occupies her friend for a while, and they leave. We're supposed to talk on the phone tomorrow. She keeps asking if I'm her 10th #-close of the night. Whatevs. That friend was a hottie deluxe. Cold initially, but opened up when I discussed anything sexual (makeup sex, morning sex, etc). Background on her- 10 month BF whom she is on the rocks with...what...the fuck?! I lost some state when we wouldn't give me her number (she took mine down, told her to stop being weird and give me her number, but no go), although I should've tried again when I did get her BT up. Cavemanned kissed twice, but no go (she was still standing there and wasn't leaving). There was a minger set next to us observing and talking about U5 and I, so I felt embarassed when they saw my failed kiss attempt. No need because I shouldn't have given a fuck. I did notice her drink was empty, and I wanted to isolate her to the bar area to refill...but I didn't want to pay, so I never made that iso attempt. But yea, me leading her to the bar would've been massive social proof, as she was 5'10 (without heels), dirty blonde hair, and a tight body. I had a few guys come to invade the set, but she just ignored them and came back to me. With this hottie deluxe, I realized my game needed to be tighter. I should've taken advantage of the following- her getting excited about sex, her rocky relationship with current BF, making sex fun for her (with me). Do not give a fuck, self-amuse, become dominantly aggressive (should have pushed harder with kino), 100% certainty (I had doubts about whether I could iso her because she was only with her friend that U5 was working). UtopiaFive:

6] SI 3-set cute girls from SI. i immediately can tell their roles: girl1: bitchy first response who needs to be shown i can hold my own girl2: will follow the state of girl1 girl3: generally happy regardless i say hi, and the vibe is clearly as i just described. so i call it as i see it. they laugh hysterically and NOW they're all happy (as i had to flip girl1 to be cool w me to start, so girl2 follows) we chat, i choose girl3 to start JT enters, and knows girl1, and their subcomms indicate it wasn't a good interaction (way to recall her name tho man, crazay!) NOTE to JT: Don't stay in when that shit happens! ROFL From afar, I didn't recognize girl1 (didn't have my glasses on), so I only realized when I reopened. While it wasn't a good interaction when I opened her earlier, it wasn't bad either. The group blew out several other guys that came in after. UtopiaFive: Leave w/JT, he gets in another set, I come back to the set to hit on girl1. She is gorgeous, and nice/qualifying again, I want that shit SO BAD. sadly, she at that point confirms what JT was whispering to me ("I wish...but I have a BF.") Borrow doctorcool's line: "Its too bad really. He's going to be sad...when he finds out why you have to break up with him." Solid and true buttonpush, but I find it hilarious regardless of whether she is laughing.

Had some chick planning to come see me by 11, hadn't sent a txt or called, so I send a fake text to elicit a response (which never came): "Yo, we are leaving soon..." I assume she wouldn't have got in anyway. JT laughed and says "button-push" because of the way I described it (Its not that we're leaving but I want to give her a reminder that I'm here without coming off needy "You here yet? You here yet?"). Turns out, just because RSD calls MM all button pushing, it doesn't mean its not useful. Ah, yes. Dunno, I'm going towards being more EXPRESSIVE with my feelings. Wasn't sure on the context of your text, but it makes sense. UtopiaFive: [8] jt's set from bkln jt opens a 2set nr the bar, i just chill and gaze. im tired, theyre receptive. he intros me. i do the bare minimum for a few minutes. he needs iso so i start chatting up the girl nr me after i point out

a few times he could have made them laugh with misinterpretation during the convo, what i'd have done. i chat up my girl, she's giggling way fast. we have a cool totally real convo, she's fun. they go to the bar, jt's target is basically on the run (dont wanna sound like i think im the coach or some shit, but yeah, the summary i said i thought was on for jt was, 'not enough fun, woo comes before intent, in timspeak'). so we're about to bounce, but i wanna say by to my chick, she's a little cutie. i throw in some light sexual talk (its just 'why the fuck are you so cute? i love the way you talk, its adorable'), chat a bit more, get the #s as i explain 'could chat more here but i think you guys wanted to find your other friend', but she makes her friend stay with us a bit more as we talk some more. fun interaction, i #-close but w/out any plans (a thing to work on for da future). hope to see her soon. The woooo comes from self-amusement. She wasn't having it though, and the fact that I forgot her name after a number close didn't helped either. Also, I didn't feel like I was coming into set already assuming attraction, which made my approach more 'gamey' and reactive. This is something I want to avoid altogether. UtopiaFive: LOL RLY? Money that we have observers. You should get into the situations that make you feel shit emotions (embarrassment, shame, worry, anxiety, etc.) and consciously strip apart your beliefs, and continue to go through such situations to desensitize. This is what I am working on as much as possible. Lately. Yea, another observer set was that online girl I was telling you about. Here is what happens- I'm pushing U5 to help me find cougars (gotta love them), and we stumble upon these two french girls. While U5 is warming the set, I got a sweet lean back spot and there is a two set next to me. Proximity game; Tap, tap... The girl I open gives me a series of questions about myself. Apparently she knows me (I didn't recognize her at all)?! It gets creepy, and she asks me if if my aim handle is ____. YES, this is a girl I last chatted with 2 months ago on this dating website I belonged to. She is cute in a MTV Daria personality kind of way, but I'm weirded out. Go for the number, and no, numbers are automatic, so getting the no was a slight shock to my belief system. I still have her aim, but I don't feel inclined to IM her, although I know she is expecting me to; more of a validation seeking expectation though. By answering her series of questions logically, I let her frame take over. I was reactive (also creeped out) as she was revealing bits and pieces of what I discussed about myeslf over 2 months ago. I didn't recognize her, but she was telling me she recognized me right away when she saw me from the other side of the venue. What is this?! And yea, I caught A LOT of observers, girls checking us out as we strolled the venue. btw, 235 was amazing that night; crowded, fun, hotties out and about dressed to take advantage of this weather.

Apologies on hijacking this thread, but I haven't written about my nights out in awhile. Feels good to dissect, understand, learn, and progress from introspection. UtopiaFive: You is fkn awesome. Thanks for sarging w/me that night. Sorry I had to leave before you. No worries. Going solo for awhile really, really, really helped. I sensed the improvements to my game almost immediately.

Emotional lows (state) w/ Reflections Earlier tonight I had a d2 with a girl I met off okc. We've been chatting online for approximately eight months and decided to meet up at Union Square. The d2 starts in Starbucks where I bump into Adonis and Travolta, then bounce to Whole Foods, then concluded (before a stop at Duane Reade) at Beauty Bar. For this d2, I tried working on the suggestions Judge recommended I implement for verbal game based on our phone conversation earlier in the week. Summations of the d2: -Zero kino, which resulted in zero sexual vibes. I really just chilled and didn't project any sexual vibe mostly because logistics wouldn't allow a pull. Tonight, I wanted to work on building a connection that expressed my core personality, screen her, lead the conversation, self-amuse, and not cherish (didn't ravish either). -all of the above points were not hit except self amusement. However, that got absorbed through girl's boring frame. -Allowed girl to dominate most of conversation and lead it to boringsville (i.e she repeatedly mentioned parents and I was bored). What I feel, she feels, so she must've been bored too. -girl was smart, fashionable, family-oriented, kind; girl was not funny, interesting, exciting. -did not demonstrate masculine core (i.e no intent, kino, sexual vibe, imposing strong reality). -did not spike a rollar coaster of emotions. -did not showcase values. -did not believe she wanted to get fucked (ALL GIRLS WANT TO BE BENT OVER AND FUCKED!) -should have screened more (credible partner?) -should have cystallized my personality (high value male) I want to take this relationship to more of a friend zone at the moment. Comminucating this to the girl seems like a challenge. After the D2 I described earlier, I headed to 230 5th to meet up with Nick. While there, I bumped into Martyr and Nahuel. no certainty + low energy + weak reality= FAIL Choded around for the entire night and felt very apathetic. Highlight: -Tonight, I aimed to self-amuse, which I realize I need to better calibrate. Remember, how do I make this fun...for myself. Make this about my core expression. -Zero escalation?! What the fuck is this chode nonsense?! Never that. -See, open (just fucking tap), super direct. None of this lingering nonsense. I HAVE PERMISSION TO BE AN AWESOME GUY. -Lead conversations and create bubbles of fun and sexual intent. I did not take it as far as I should have with indian cougar and opera girl. -Move the interaction forward. Again, lack of escalation was game killer. -Opening was an obstacle tonight. Not necessarily AA, but more of a defeated mentality coming

in. PLAY TO WIN. -Do not anticipate #closes, makeouts. PULL, PULL, PULL. I'm losing sight of this. Penis in vagina insertion for the win. Anything else is failure. -Remember to see the pull too! -I MUST (no fucking excuses) open hotties. Stop being an intimidated chode settling for a safe open and put my fucking BALLS TO THE WALL. Tonight, I felt low value and I realize this was the obstacle for that full glory. OPEN, OPEN, OPEN, OPEN, OPEN, OPEN.

Seeing Nahuel open and push himself was exciting. He had the courage to come out alone and get this handled; very admirable. I will take note of this to push myself. I feel a double shift of sarging would benefit me (i.e day leading into night). This will spike up the social and fun state going into the venue so I can fucking lord it. Lastly, tt's the club versus me. I took the emotional hit it's time to fight back.

Girls opening me I'm realizing that my bad nights would make good nights for others. Lately I've been hard on myself (as a few people have noticed); in the sense that I'm not getting the results I know I should be getting. Quick summary of the night: I meet up with Sponge (hadn't seen him in 3 weeks) and later meet up with Bliss and Mikey. Throughout the night, Sponge calls me out on my chodey behavior and I just can't look him in the eyes when he does this. I proceed to go over some Dr. Phil nonsense about the happenings in my life, but realize this should not be an excuse to be superchode tonight. I got opened 4 times -one girl grabbed my ass as she passed me while I was on line. Did this really happen?! I was in disbelief because I really didn't believe it. I should've chased her, opened, and told her it was my turn -this girl sitting next to me at Beauty bar opens me, we vibe, and I isolate her to the dancefloor. I can see her friend staring at us, so I hesitated on physically escalating. I should've moved her farther away (had her backed turned to the friend), or isolated her someplace else. This girl was only in town til Monday. -3 set inside the elevator opens Sponge and I with "where are you from?". I made the mistake of giving her an honest answer, delivered with the pizazz of a UPS truck driver. Self-amusement noted for next time. -Drunk chick at Penn Station. The girl gives me her phone to talk to her friend on the line, then blames me for the Blackberry ball missing when I hand the phone back. Her friend with her was giving me shit too when I asked her how her evening was. I stayed unreactive, and she kept trying to talk to me. The girls were acting weird and I wasn't up for their shit at 5am. All these instances required me to unleash sex-worthy JT. Remember to make it fun...for myself!

Chode then Explode Subway hanger approach I tapped this lone girl's arm, she gets scared, but calms down after a couple of seconds. Do the patented CHODE, then EXPLODE technique, however the certainty isn't there. I kept it low energy chodeversation, but wasn't leading the conversation or moving it forward. I didn't go for the number close because I lost intent and certainty.

Kiss closed a 40 year old married milf Opened with BR tonality, awaited age shit test, passed, and it's ON. Teased her about being a teacher and the boys in her class getting boners each time she's up on the board (thanks Judge!). She was loving this; Clawed, spanked her ass, and told her I was a bad boy and explained what she was going to do with me. Did a hummingbird kiss close where we knocked heads, pretended like it never happened and saw that the makeout was there. I was going for the isolation, but the set gets lost when Bliss' girl drags her to go to the bathroom. I should've tried finding her later,

but whatevs.

Isolated asian cutie (sorry Mikey, didn't realize this was your target til after you mentioned it). Pure self-amusement, deployed claw, lifted her off her feet, then went for the iso. Unfortunately the back area was closed and the girl rushed ahead of me to go back; I stop her, spin her, then bring her closer to me, but hesitated on the kiss close. Laser eyes and sexual intent were there and she felt this. I honestly feel a wall slam makeout was the solution here.

# closed Pakistani doctor This was a classic case of not building enough comfort for a solid number. Girl was an absolute cutie and somewhat shy around me, although I knew she was digging me (she kept qualifying herself, etc). I went for the # (iso was no go when her friends were calling her to leave) because she lives in Queens and I want to get her out to my place. Anyways, it's a 5 minute set injected with playful kino and # seems solid. She didn't want to go through her bag to find her phone so she can save me as 'hot jt', and I didn't push it, thinking she'll have a missed call and know who it is. I get the 'who is this?' text from her this morning. Listen girl, it's someone awesome from last night. She calls, I don't pick up...she calls again, I don't pick up. This chick leaves me a nasty message saying how this is her emergency line, blah blah blah, please dont call. Girls are just crazy! Whatever.

Of course, the blowouts were there too. No need getting into specifics. My style is super direct, so if the girl isn't feeling it, her problem. This is not about's about me. Like Judge kept insisting, it's how a player reacts to blowouts that matters. So, I tee'd up, called a mulligan and felt the chode paint chipping away. The blowouts didn't lead to lost state (no need) because managing emotions was vital here. Joel Osteen would say, 'the enemy fights you hardest when you're most closest to victory'. Emotions are going to get smashed; embrace it and see it as the torch that flames victory.

Notes: -What the fuck was this chode shit last night?! I felt Sponge was with a different person, as if the JT he knew was in hibernation. Never that. I explained my personal situation to him, and the negative impact it was having on my game. Lingering negative emotions create less certainty, and anything less than 100% is not enough. I felt my certainty was 70% tonight, with my intent somewhat lacking; meaning, I need to better connect my dick to my brain. -Open, open, open, open, open...must type this 500X. I passed up a bunch of sets, created ego protection, and just want to slap myself as I type this. The remedy? I am always cooler than the girl, high value, and should express a male masculince that crystallizes sex worthy JT. -PULL, PULL, PULL. I've lost sight of this mentality. I need to channel it, and remember to just be a fucking man. This is, was, and will always be my reality. -All this comes down to two pillars taught during BC. 1) I do not give a fuck what anyone of this planet thinks of me, and 2) all girls want to be fucked. Regarding (2), seriously, these girls were

dressed just waiting for THAT guy to come along, bring it (it being a sex-worthy dominance), and lead her to sex.

10 min Pull- Leaving NYC with a BANG! The night begins at a 'civilian' friend's going away party that I invited Sponge to. We socialize amongst the group, and later bump into a couple of pick up dudes I met at Judge & Golden's seminar a few weeks back. I see a lot of potential in one of the dudes who is new to this, so I sent him into sets and observed. Good stuff. Towards the end of the party, I #close a girl I was too shy to every talk to back in high school; it's just cool knowing that I no longer carry the identity of being a shy, quiet, reserved person with a massive inferiority complex. Stepping inside Hotel Rivington three months ago ignited that transformation; a remixed JT living with new realities. New realities: I'm an AWESOME, COOL, CONFIDENT, SEX-WORTHY, CENTERED, FUN, SOCIAL guy. After the party, Sponge and I head to Gans; first time there in several weeks. Before walking inside I feel a rush of nervousness/anxiety with a small drop of excitement. Once inside, I do my chode lap around the venue and spot Judge. YES, the playas have come out to play-ay Later I find Melvin and Nahuel, and give them missions. Its always exciting to see guys just pushing themselves to get it done. Interestingly enough, it's easy for me to motivate others to approach, yet it's difficult to motivate myself at times. I do believe in the concept of 'paying it forward', meaning that the more I help others on this journey, the more good will come my way. Anyways, it's around 1am, and I'm just not in the approach mood; I'm just chilling, but realizing it's time to step it the fuck up. I wing Indeed and have the set of girls swarm me when they learned my occupation (I have most girls dreams job, so it happens sometimes). These girls are all roommates subletting at the NYU dorms this summer. I isolate one of the girls around the venue, vibe, #close, and apparently this girl loves gross dive bars (she kept insisting we go to one). Anyways, her friends leave and she is off (could've, would've, should've pushed this. No worries, this set gets the pulse going). Later, Judge brings me into a Norwegian set. I get a cold response with one of the girls and admonish her. I will call out unacceptable behavior; I don't expect every girl I talk to fall on my dick, but I always draw a line of what I will tolerate. Anyways, her friend is really clinging and qualifying herself to me. She is staring me down with 'fuck me' eyes, although I don't want to fuck this one. I leave the set to open an Indian girl across from me...The LR begins now: (I discussed the earlier part of the night to illustrate that there was no glowing nimbus state, and I was not in any kind of zone. If the night ended here, this wouldn't be a LR; If I hesitated on the doing the following approach, there would be no glory...BALLS TO THE WALL for the win). The Indian girl has her backed turned to me as I go to open. I stumble walking towards her, accidentally brushing my arm on hers. She turns around. "What is this?! I say. We chat and I'm introduced to her friend (that I found out the next day was actually her sister). The Indian girl is this famous fashion designer to Bollywood stars in India; I Google her name when I get home to

confirm that she was right. The Indian girl (Ill call her Fashionista now) becomes wide eyed and gets super excited when I guess her nationality right. Apparently everyone thinks she is either Italian or Spanish; I am the first person to ever correctly guess that she is Indian. Cool, Ive immediately distinguished myself from every person she has ever talked to. As Im in set, the Norwegian with the 'fuck me' eyes taps my shoulder from behind. She sarcastically says, "I see you have company". I bring in Melvin and tell him to keep the Fashionista set warm, where I see Sponge has already occupied the friend. I chat with the Norwegian girl and her friends for awhile, and then tell them, "its custom in America for girls to buy guys drinks". I say this because they had busted on me earlier when I told them I don't drink. I explained that if I drink I'm bound to do something dance. Realizing I need the Norwegian girl to leave, I tell her what I want to drink and off she goes. As I turn back to Fashionista, Judge calls me over. Judge says he sees two girls DTF. He points to a blonde girl from the Norwegian set and Fashionista. I explain the Fashionista logistics to him; she is in NYC for business and tonight's her last night. She is staying at a hotel nearby alone. Perfect! I already had that certainty and intent of pulling this girl; Judge's words of encouragement added fire to the flames of desire. It reminded me of Mickey telling Rocky he was a tank, and to go after em! I forgot to bring my condom tonight, but fortunately Sponge spots me. Earlier in the afternoon Sponge texts me that he smells glory tonight. And glory will cum Back to Indian girl- I escalate by caressing the tattoo above her left breast. I lead her to the bar, stop on the way, and ask... JT: Does your hotel room have an open bar? Fashionista: *thinking about it* No...BUT I have grey goose there. JT: AWWWWWESOME! Lets get smashed! Fashionista: Great! I'm hungry too. JT: Cool. Let's go (sco)! As I'm going over logistics with Fashionista, she tells me her sister will drop us to her hotel. At this point, the comfort with the sister is great; she trusted me and knew I was a cool guy. Cockblock disarmed! While walking to the car, the sister jokingly mentioned something along the lines of Fashionista and I having sex, but I pretended not to hear it. During the car ride to the hotel, Fashionista wants to hold hands. Cool, we hold hands, and I break it off. Push/pull, whatever, I see it spiking the attraction. I'm keeping the convo fun, lightly escalating (she sat in the front passenger seat while I was in the backseat), and continuing to exude awesomeness. We get to the hotel, and I drop the claw as we walk to the elevator. Inside the elevator, I give a hummingbird kiss, and didn't acknowledge it, instead talking about whatever. As we walk inside the room, I double leg claw Fashionista and slam her on the bed. We're making out...I break if

off, and she smirks at me, "oooooooh, you're good". We're going to have sex, so no rush here. Sexy times ensue, zero LMR. Throughout sex, we switched off between hardcore fucking and late-night Cinemex style sex. During the softcore part, I get a call from Judge and answer (went to the bathroom to take the call, obvs). "Yea...kind of in the middle of it". I only type this part because it's hilarious to me. The mentor calling me to see how my first SNL is playing out. An hour and a half later, I spray JT juices all over her chest. And after sex, we cuddle up and talk. I love how comfort came AFTER sex. She is telling me I was 'fantastic! even asking me if I'm always this passionate. She is also going over how this all happened, looking happily surprised. I ask her why she thinks it happened. According to her, this is why: 1) She loved the way I talked to her. I came in strong with solid body language, eye contact intent, and tonality. This all subcommunicated high value. And less is more when relying on subcomms, which is why this was a quick pull. 2) There was just something sexy about me. I notice she didn't say I was sexy...something sexy equals a sex worthy vibe she felt. Because it was her last night in the city, she just HAD to have sex with me. 3) She liked that I was straight to the point when I asked her where she was staying. This only meant I was leading the interaction towards sex (i.e. lets get smashed at the hotel! really meant, let me smash my penis into your vagina). During comfort, I'm still keeping the vibe playful; for example, we discuss role playing sex scenarios. She doesn't like the teacher/student RP, but prefers doctor/nurse. Interestingly, we had role played earlier; let me explain- I was the DOMINANTLY MASCULINE male and she played the role of SEX SLUT. This, of course, was unspoken, but the desired roles to match my intent with her wanting to be fucked. It was really cool getting to know her. She was telling me about her mansion on the beach, and how she has 8 maids in the house. Awesomea potential shugga momma After talking for awhile, we go back at making out, me fingering her, and having our bodies rub against each other underneath the covers. Shes an AMAZING kisser! We finally have that dinner we originally went to the hotel for. During eating, she explains how she was at 230 5th earlier in the night, and was begging her sister to check out Gans, only planning to stay for 15 minutes. She described everything that happened tonight as 'destiny'. This weirded me out a bit; I felt like a girl who is told by some chode that he loves her. However, I later realize she was using the it just happened syndrome to justify everything. She has an 8 o' clock appointment with a buyer in her hotel, and then her flight at 11. I tell her about my early day (lie, but an excuse for me to leave), and we say our goodbyes. We passionately kiss before walking to the door. Before opening the door, she slams me against the wall and we start another tonguedown. After 20 more minutes of ravishing passion, I leave.

Fashionista left NYC with a BANG!

An Almost Bathroom Pull, Speed Date, and Pythag glory Hadn't gone out in three weeks, only to start a 30 Day Challenge...whoa! And re-reading what I typed above, I put waaaaay to much pressure on myself to get it done. Tonight's story reads like thisChoded the fuck out on my way to Gans (spotted three perfect 10's, IMO) and did nothing. And at Gans, I just froze up...typical ego protection covering up the intimidation/fear. THIS IS FOR ME!!!! I feel like a wussy for typing this nonsense, but it must be recorded that this nonsense just won't stand. Code of the Player, I obvs know this already; noted, now time to move on. The night picked up in a big way when Pythag, Indeed, Judge & Golden came over. Seeing Pythag just always gets my state up; pure positivity radiating from this guy (more on Pythag later). And I'm always pumped seeing Judge & Golden; seeing them reminds me why I got into this! Anyways, it's not cool that I'm feeding off the energy of others. This just goes back to another lesson I already know...HOW DO I MAKE THIS FUN?

I spot a thick, volumptious Brazilian chick with a tight body, but a round face that gave her the appearance of being chubby. She was fuckable, wearing super tight jeans and a super tight white top that turned me on. When I escalate she tells me not to touch...shock & awe here, escalate, then isolate her. I kiss her, good, but she is just becoming a brat; BR tonality times to put her in her place! Go for a couple of makeout attempts, and she turns her head. Then, I give intense laser eyes of intent, and we're tonguing it down. I isolate her inside where we dance and sit on the couch for a bit. At this point she is forcing herself on me, going for the makeouts, but each time I break it off. This is getting her hot, and when I go to finger her, she gets wet! Enough, I lead her out next to the bathroom, and she knows what is about to go down. Wall slam, and as I take a glimpse from my peripherals to check on the bathroom door, she tells me we're not having sex in the bathroom. She tells me she wants to fuck me, but not tonight and that I should come over to Jersey to see her Monday through Wednesday next week. I try leaving her, but she is begging me to stay. I push for the bathroom pull some more, but it will not be going down, sigh. I take her number, and we schedule what appears to be a 'sex date'. She wants to leave together and grab a bite, but her friend is with her and I want to stay at Gans and crack at more girls. With this Brazilian chick, she loved my aggressiveness, and the intent I brought. I also appreciated how she kept telling me I was hot and sexy, and that I must get girls all the time...ah, I feel externally validated. Now, onto madness for the rest of the night! I go into a seated two set with a blonde cutie and her butchy looking black friend and drum my hands on the table; "where are the guys?!" (br tonality). I see this massive look of attraction on the blonde, like 'who is this this guy?!". I lead them out to the patio and some tattoo'd opens the blonde when I'm not looking. I never tried fighting for this girl because I knew her friend was going to be a nuisance; besides, I was scoping out for other honies. Sidenote: I realize all it took for me to get me out of my fucked up chode mode was warm-up

approaches. I want to move passed the level of needing warm-ups, so whenever I see what I like, Ima go get it! Tonight I did a couple of approaches where I opened by holding the girl's hand, giving laser eyes and not saying anything. This hooked intensely with this Russian girl, who I kissed, but couldn't get the hardcore makeout with because her friends dragged her out to leave. It was so ON with this girl too. I crack at more girls, but their boyfriends are nearby, or they point them out in a distance. One set I really enjoyed was this hottie Latina sitting alone. I swoop in declaring "romantic dates times". She has a boyfriend and points him out by the DJ booth; even so, this girl was super receptive to me and she tells me we'll have a speed date. "JT...Capricorn...Favorite color is green...that's all you really need to know". As I give her my phone to enter her digits, the boyfriend shows up. If only I had another minute! The bf was a cool guy, even offering me a drink. I could see this hottie still checking me out, smiling though...

After Pythag shows off some impressive Salsa moves to Kydd's girl, we hit the streets; this is the reality shattering moment of the nightAs Pythag and I are walking, this lone cute blonde in a red dress walks our way. I think of stopping her, but the second I hesitate, Pythag has already opened. I watch from a distance to see Pythag quickly isolate the blonde, who is putting up resistance (got to get home, I have a bf, blah blah blah); but like a champ, Pythag is unreactive, going hard with escalation, and is making out with her in under 2 minutes. Some more resistance is put up, but Pythag and the girl end up holding hands and walking to his car...nice man! Seeing this go down in person was just amazing. It's moments like these I want to incorporate in my reality. Thanks to Pythag for this!

It's Penn Station times, and I'm just tired. I see girls I want to approach (lone ones too), but I just can't battle the chode in me that wants to go home, not haven't pulled. I spot this Asian cutie in a short dress and high heels who has just been approached by a creepy black guy and a fat dude..time to step up! Even before I could say anything, Asian cutie walks away pissed. Ah, nothing to take personally because it was actually kind of funny seeing this girl storm off. This girl was dressed looking like she wanted to be fucked, so perhaps I should've plowed through this blowout, dunno. Anyways, night ends, and I catch the wrong train home. MTA is on a holiday schedule even though it's Friday, so it takes me another hour to get home. Day 1...I'm wiped. I realize I need to pace myself.

Losing a Pull Hottie Mexican is wearing a short T-shirt dress, so tight and soft that when she grinds on my body I can feel the softness of her ass and breasts as if she were already naked. I don't like assigning numbers to rate "HB's", but most community guys would look at this Hottie Mexican and label her a 9. THIS IS FOR ME!!!! I bump into Hottie Mexican in a packed crowd when our eyes lock up and she grinds on me. I escalate hard and quick, go for the kiss, and get it...but she tells me she doesn't like to kiss. Whatevs, ruthlessly escalate by I caressing her neck and shoulders with my lips, lightly pulling her hair, and we do kiss more, but nothing intense. I lose Hottie Mexican in the crowd, only to turn back later and see her with a tall black guy already dancing up on her and exchanging numbers. I figured this was lost, so I just continued on my value scanning lap around Ganny. It's 4AM, and the lights are turned on. I see Hottie Mexican from across the room, step up to her and she asks me where I've been, smiling. It's time to pull, so I ask what she is doing later...nothing, cool, let's go! She conferences with her friends that she is leaving, so I'm thinking it's just me and her. Wrong. Her tall drunk friend tags along, followed by a swarm of guys that were gaming these girls earlier in the night. The tall black guy that was gaming Hottie Mexican earlier tells her he will call her. I'm thinking, 'yea, dude, call her...I'll be fucking her later". We exit Gans holding hands, walking closey by each others sides, with the drunk friend in a distance behind us. At a stoplight, three college age looking chodes ask us if there are any good parties around. I said Greenhouse, thinking that would be the end of it, but these dudes decide to stick around, all of them gaming the drunk friend, then taking turns gaming my girl. What is this?! These guys are clowns, but when I hear one of them talking to my girl about Salsa, I tell the girls I'm hungry and we should go. These guys even try to tag along for pizza! We dodge them anyway. Pizza times, and I'm realizing I badly need a wing. The drunk friend is discussing her man problems, and my girl is pushing for a male opinion (me). They also discuss the creepy guys that were hitting on them tonight. In hindsight, I was falling into their frame, not making it fun for myself, and was feeling like a 3rd wheel. I sensed the attraction fading, even though the plans were to drop the friend off at 59st station, then take a cab back together to Queens (my girl lived in Astoria). During the cab ride, my girl mentions how it will be light out soon (it's 5AM at this point). I tell her we'll watch the sunset and she recommends this spot on LIC with a view of the entire city. Okay, I know it's on, although I'm still a bit unsure. I text Judge the situation, and he confirms it's's going down, even though I'm playing it cool in the cab, and my girl is constantly on the phone. We get to the friend's stop and both girls gets out. The friend tells my girl she needs her to come home with her because she is too drunk, about to throw up, blah blah. My girl asks me if that's fine, and I tell her we we're supposed to watch the sunset. She asks me if I have her number; I don't, but I tell her mine quickly, thinking she would call or text...but she didn't. When my girl

said she wouldn't come back in the cab with me, I felt a frustrated defeat and could've cared less about seeing her again. This was supposed to go down tonight! This was a messy pull. The drunk annoying friend, the pizza place, the cab ride...all these obstacles fizzled the attraction, and when it was time for the D, all her logical wires were dialed. I didn't escalate or express anything sexual after we left Gans, which is why I there was this lingering uncertainty whether the SNL was going down. Ah wellz...a day in the life of an aspiring player commando.

Car Pull @ Roosevelt Field Mall Went out to Roosevelt Field to buy a GPS for my car...and get my daygame on On the prowl when I'm walking through the mall, I felt the lyrics of R. Kelly's "I'ma Flirt" pulsating through my body...PLAYA IMA HOLLA' AT HER! However, like the last time I went to Roosevelt Field to do daygame (last time was during my first 30 Day Challenge a week after BC), I...just...couldn't...approach. I was almost mad at myself; mad that there was still this fear and lack of certainty...mad that I visualized failure before I saw success. WHAT IS THIS?! I should be excited to crack at girls!!!! Walking inside Express I spot a decent looking girl working the entrance. FURY, followed by hesitation...finally, step up direct, plant myself next to her and... Chode then explode... She doesn't know how to react at all. She walks away, then comes back to me. Anyways, she denies me the number, I tell her to 'dont be weird', plow, and denied again. Believe it or not, there is glory to this taleJudge would always tell me (even quizzed me on it during BC) that there are two ways to tell if a guy has good game: 1) how he does in set, obvs; and 2) how he reacts to getting blown out, not as obvs. Even though this was a blowout, based on criteria 2 above, this was a breakthrough moment in my game. My reaction was this- she didn't make a conscious decision about me. I stepped to this chodette who just could not handle my explosion of awesomeness (believe this). I managed my emotions...I won. That's it's. Next.

Whilst hunting for hotties (FURY back ON), I get a text from a plentyoffish girl. She lives out in LI, so I tell her to meet me at the field. Online game was my only game before I joined the community. It's easy to get numbers and meetups online, but I never fully committed to it. In total, I've accumulated 60+ numbers from the site in a year, and met up with 3 girls. Of course (goes without saying), I would only message cuties on the site. During BC, Judge mentioned TheFury and how he's known as the 'JDate Sniper' because he would take down girls from JDate like it was some kind of brothel. Nice. Anyways, I meetup with pof girl and she is a bit heavier than her pics indicated. Still cute and fuckable, so I'll enjoy this. We sit down to talk, walk around, then grab some Wendy's. We're just vibing, and although there was no kino, I'd drop the pauses and laser eyes.

Result: she kept qualifying herself and that sexual tension was building. I end the date, walk her to her car, and she volunteers to drive me to my car on the other side of he parking lot. We get to my car...I spin her, kiss, and good. Makeout, good. Since my car is there and no other cars nearby, might as well go for the car pull! I showed her my GPS, as well as the 2xist boxer briefs I bought earlier. I go to the backseat and tell her to check it out. She closes the's on. I drop laser eyes of intent and we're making out. I escalate by trying to finger her, but she swipes my hand away repeatedly. She wouldn't even let me grab her breasts. I also tried getting her to feel me up, but she wouldn't. "You're a bad boy!" she would jokingly laugh. "Yea, and you're cute" I would seductively reply. I would just chill and ask questions like what her favorite animal/color/movie was. Very important (Pythag has already mentioned this several times) is making her feel safe and allowing her an exit. Two steps front, one step back, but slowly shattering the LMR. I would be the first to break the makeouts, and this only made her want me more. Reading the girl, I knew this: she wanted sex, but was socially conditioned to make me wait (she mentioned having boundaries and making the guy wait before she felt the relationship was going somewhere). Okay, cool. Throw in the Vegas bubble and meeting friends and family bubble; I'm crystallizing myself, giving her justification to have sex with me right here, right now. We even discuss the wildest places we've had sex, all with a tone of non-judgment. I even declared my car 'the car of non-judgments' as we went about being 100% honest with each other. After 2 hours of resistance, and after telling her about wanting to grow up and become a preacher when I was 12 (true story btw, and interestingly enough said with my pants unzipped), I slam her her down and we're sucking face, breathing hard on each other. I go to unzip her jeans,'s good! Finger banging times, and she is moaning hysterically. She searches for my penis underneath my boxer briefs and jerks me off. I find my condom, put it on (safe sex, folks), then I gently take her head and place it on my penis. She is sucking it down for awhile and then I notice... A MALL COP TRUCK CIRCLING THE PARKING LOT! Full siren on too! Uh-oh. I get this paranoia of getting caught by this mall cop cockblock. Truck was circling around with lights swirling for like 5 minutes (although it felt like forever). She notices the truck circling around too, but it's only turning her on more! I joke that the mall cops probably have us on tape; she smiles and says she doesn't care. I end the BJ times, and put my pants back up. No doubt there would've been penis into vagina action; although now I have this story about a mall cop being a cockblock. We exit the backseat, then drive our separate ways. She calls me later in the night and I blame

everything on her. Although I battled resistance for two hours, this would NOT be the case if had I escalated and brought the sexual intent earlier in the date. Lesson learned, dick sucked, a fuck buddy in line. There it is...a car pull on Day 4.

7/15/2009 LR: Brazilian w/ breast impants D2 with the Brazilian girl from Gans last Friday (the one I unsuccessfully tried to bathroom pull). She drove from NJ to my hood of Queens to see me and looked better than I remembered; she was donning high heels, tight jeans, and a black top that showcased amazing cleavage (she had work done on her breasts, and is looking to go a size bigger next year); if this girl lost 10-15 lbs, she'd be an absolute hottie deluxe. My D2 spot of shenanigans was closed for renovations, so we walk a block to my place. We get inside and I tell her to take off her shoes...I take off my shirt...wall slam....makeout...throw her on my times ensue. Four hours later, we've had sex three times, and she is clamoring for more! Would've had anal, but I ran out of condoms and was wiped; she mentioned how she doesn't let guys fuck her in the ass, but I qualified to fuck her as such. In between our sex sessions, we got to know each other. It's funny how comfort is now a stage AFTER sex for me. She kept telling me "I like you", how sexy I am, and kept forcing makeouts with me. She talks about the her rich ex husband and how he was always so busy with work that they would only have sex once a month. She explained that money wasn't everything to her and how her entire family was shocked when she filed for divorce. She also talks about the chode guys that game her and her friends, telling me I'm way more manly, confident, and sexy than the white guys she has met. She even told me I was the sexiest guy at Gans the night we night. AWESOME!

The lesson in all of thisBE THE FUCKING DOMINANTLY MASCULINE MAN WITH A SEX WORTHY CONFIDENCE. Girls are just waiting for this guy to step up!

The Challenge rolls on!

7/17/2009 FR: Finding love in a baccalaureate party Baccalaureate sets have so much promise...but they always seem to disappoint. I open a 4 set that is actually part of a 14 baccalaureate set. All 14 girls are cousins visiting from Canada, having their Sex & The City night at the Gans. One of the 14 girls opens me by telling me how sexy I am whilst feeling me up. This girl is just adorable too, and exactly my type. I quickly fell in love with her bubbly personality, her smile, her hair, just everything. The fact that she was clinging to me was a great feeling. She is the type of girl I always saw myself dating, having a relationship with, and perhaps being the mother of my children. YES, THIS IS FOR ME!!!! She was also seemed DTF Interestingly enough, I have 3 other girls from this 14 set somewhat all over me; cuties too. The girls are vocalizing their boredom at Gans, wanting to hit up a dancefloor spot. Some dude talking to part of the 14 set tells them he'll take them to Tenjune, and the leader of the baccalaureate set calls the troops. They're going to Tenjune, and my girl begs me to come with her. I agree, and Sponge comes along. I've heard so much about Tenjune that I figured there was glory there aside from the baccalaureate set. We get to Tenjune, and the dude with the supposed hookup doesn't deliver. The girls are wandering around, bored and pissed. I realize I won't be pulling from this set, so Sponge and I abruptly leave without saying goodbye. The girls get inside a limo where I overheard one of the screaming that they were going to Mansion, but who knows. Logistics were too messy to overcome. I should've been the primary mover of this group. Noted. I should've been more aggressive in pulling. Noted. After leaving the set, I was developing a case of one-itis for my girl. Seriously, as disappointed as I was not pulling, I was equally disappointed that I didn't go for the number or at least facebook to keep in touch with her. Whatever, next. Sponge and I head back into Gans. Take my Terminator lap around...and punt. Leave Gans and head to Beauty Bar. Tried pulling a couple of silly drunk chicks that were not worth the time. Funny, we successfully AMOG'd a couple of chodes that looking to bangz these girls; even heard them discussing amongst themselves who was taking who. Next was Croc Lounge which was also just dead.

Although it was a rough night, I was dialed as a closer. My state comes from the knowledge that on any night, I will pull.

7/18/2009 FR: Fingerblasting a Latina Getting ready for a the night out, I see visions of an awesome night going down...entering the city playground, I feel a massive fear pulsating...nearer and nearer the venue, the fear grows...inside the venue, a battle to fuck that fear...late in the night, fear subsides and my confidence grows...time to pull. ^This is exactly how my nights have been playing out. Call it warmup approaches to get the social juices going, but it takes me a long while to hit that state where I'm dialed, ready to hit like a hurricane of awesomeness. Much of it has to do with depending on others to pump my state; like a homebase, because going out alone still frightens me. (Money Boy's Ciaran PM is an excellent read, hitting very close to how I feel

Started the night at 235 with Nik, then bounced to Gans. There was a line, so I grab two girls, walk them up front and we're in; my first time bypassing the line like that. At Gans, I grabbed this Bolivian chick who was immediately receptive. IT'S ON. Isolated her to the dance area where she grinded on me and after some seriously intense eye contact, we makeout. I was escalating hard and quick, but the girl wouldn't let me finger her; instead smiling, telling me I'm a bad boy and getting close to kiss me. Fuck this, I plant the pull seed, and we go to find her friends. Whilst leading her to the friends, the girl I fucked from Gans last week grabs me over! I lose the Bolivian girl and I'm pissed. The girl from last week is clinging to me, mentioning how she saw me makeout with this other girl and smiling. I tell her I need to find my friends (an excuse for me to leave). She finds me later in the night again, and tells me she is too drunk. It's 2:45, I'm in my pull state, but this girl is dragging my state down. I see so many pickings, but I feel obligated to make sure this girl isn't too hammered and that she finds her friend to take her home. Later, I #close this cutie in a 2-set. I settled for the number when this girl wouldn't come have the most orgasmic pizza in the city with me; sigh, she wanted a raincheck. Although I was escalating, I wasn't bringing the sexual intent hard enough (intent was there, just not at the force I'm used to). I felt I should've isolated her for a bit, proclaimed her my gf, and pushed for the pull again. Ah, well. I had some dude get physical with me when I opened this blonde two set. He was screaming at me and pushed me hard as he could, although he only managed to get me an inch passed where I standing. I haven't been in a physical fight since the 3rd grade, and I wasn't going to let this hater take up my time. The circumstances were not worth it; I'm conflicted on my decision though. Part of me was itching to man up and fight.

"Did you see the fight outside?!" (Note: Joe D was at Gans last night! omigawd! omigawd! omigawd!) A classic PU line that wouldv'e been said in truth last night. There was this big melee, like 15-20 people surrounding two guys just going at it full force. I don't know the specifics of what happened, but it was amusing to watch. This was while I was in set with this tall brunette. I opened by drumming the set's table and asking where the guys are (br tonality). I vibe for a while, then grabbed the brunette's belt and told her it was coming off tonight. She wasn't down for the D, telling me she was married, telling me I need counseling, blah blah blah (all said in a non-serious tone, but I got the hint she was bs'ing about the marriage thing). All this while I'm telling her the naughty things I want to do to her. I look at my watch and she realize it's go time. It's the two minute drill (like 3:30am) and I'm hoping to be Tom Brady FTW. Annnnnnnnnnnnd...punt.

My rhythm was off tonight...I wasn't bringing it harder, faster, stronger...I did NOT feel I was 'pimpin' like I'm supposed to!' It's frustrating going home alone and realizing I'm not at the level I know I could be at. I know what victory feels like, and I know what it takes to achieve. Trust the process.

DTF Cougar Took down another plentyoffish girl. This time, it was a Long Island cougar, dressed like she just came back from shopping at Abercrombie & Fitch and the tanning saloon. Cougar had the personality of a party girl still her in 20's too. Also, she has a 19 year old daughter that is a total hottie (from the pictures she showed me later). Nice! We meet at a half way point between her place and mine, where the plan was for her to follow my car to my neighborhood bar of glory. I can immediately tell from her smile that IT'S ON. Within 2 minutes of meeting, we're making out and I have her in the back seat of my car, pumping up the BT. Funny, her license plate even read "DTF" followed by random numbers. What a sign of things to cum! Instead of going back to my neighborhood, I plant the pull back to her place. "Got baby oil back at yours?" Cougar is hungry, so we drive out to Friendly's. Before going inside, she blasts some LI dance radio-station and has a smoke in her car; to my surprise, it's actually a pot pipe! She offers and I admit that I've never done recreational drugs in my life. Awww, I'm a 'nice guy' she keeps insisting. Refusing to fall into whatever 'nice guy' frame she is setting up, I escalate and tell her I'm bad, and she'll find out soon enough Walking inside Friendly's I actually felt self-concious of the fact that I was parading with this cougar by my side. We take a booth; we're seated on opposite sides, but I tell her to come over to my side. She tells me that's exactly what she was thinking of doing. Seated side by side, we're playfully escalating on each other. She is telling me about the chode guys she has been out with, and how these men weren't "real". She also shows me these super needy texts some chode keeps sending her. After Friendly's, she stops at 7-11 and she buys my request Blue Moon beer. I go inside when she leaves to pick up condoms (I already had one on me, but I figured we'd be having sex multiple times, so I'll need a couple more).

We get to the house, wall slam, and good. No LMR. During sex, her cat keeps jumping on the bed, which got annoying. She locks the door (to stop the cat), but the room is really humid; we go to the air conditioned living room and fuck on the sofa, but realizing I don't have the sofa sex skillz, I lead her back to the bedroom. Throughout sex, I'm extremely turned on by her dirty talking. To finish off, she gives me great BJ, and the money shot somes inside her mouth. I had KFC for dinner, so I wonder if she thought it tasted finger lickin' good, haha.

We cuddle for a bit, talk, and now I'm ready for Round 2...however, she isn't and she said it somewhat harshly. I didn't want to force it, but I was confused why her emotional state changed to bitch mode all of a sudden. Anyways, it was getting late, so I dressed up and tried again for another round of sex. Wall slam, fingering, but still no. She tells me to stop because she is getting wet again. I don't feel I performed to the best of my sexual prowess (still enjoyed the sex though), so I kept thinking this is what might've changed her mood. Or because she said I don't talk enough. Even though we fucked, I don't feel fulfillment because I felt no emotional connection. Dunno really.

Epic Fail "You're adorable...I just HAD to meet you" After running half a block to stop a lone brunette hottie, I opened her with that classic. Seriously though, she was adorable...and I just HAD to meet her (truth). SHOCK & AWE, and I'm walking next to this girl I just met, enjoying the randomness of it all. She tells me this is the strangest thing that has ever happened to her, in her entire life. More shock&awe, but really just more of me putting myself out there (crystallizing who JT is). I tried extracting her to eat, but she insisted she was too tired, only had 3 hours of sleep last night, blah blah blah. Were just walking, vibing and chilling. Ive changed her emotional state, but her logic keeps creeping up that I might be some serial rapist looking to kill her (jokingly). I didnt bring intent or escalate, although I know I shouldve expressed more sexual elements to the fun conversations we were having. Noted. I shouldve tried isolating her to one of the many bars we passed by. Noted. However, I knew there was a good possibility I would be fucking this girl tonight. While walking, she gets calls from a couple of guys at 4am (she explains these were exs that wanted to hookup tonight. One of the guys already has a girlfriend, yet she still hooks up with him anyway). I wasnt judging because I know the dealIm a player looking to do the same! She insists I tell her friend how all this happened. Im thinking the friend will be a girl and Ill just have to show that Im cool; then shell vaporize and Ill be having glorious sex with this brunette hottie. The friend turns out to be a guy! In fact, its one of the guys that called her earlier to hook up. I felt an immediate sense of defeat, almost heartbroken because I really enjoyed the time with this girl; I could tell she was waiting around for me to take her number, but why would I want to take her number in front of the guy that would be fucking her later? This wasnt congruent to my integrity. This was just weirdI walked 10 blocks with a total stranger who was on her way to meet a fuck buddy. Just weird. Aside from that tale, the night was A LOT of fun. Did several street sets with Team NBA and was reminded- JT does what JT wants to do! Even though there were blowouts, these were the kind of blowouts where I knew I was doing something right (didnt lose state, unreactive, not giving a fuck). In one set, it was so ON with my girl, but then Northerns girl comes in declares, here comes the cockblock!, dragging my girl away. Why do these people exist?! Earlier at 235, I had a potential SNL set up with this tall, caramel skinned black girl on vacation

from Florida. It was still early in the night though, and I wanted to trade up; after an hour, I go back to find her, but didnt. Ah wellz. On the dancefloor, I grabbed this redhead, and immediately isolated her to the backroom area. Instant makeout, and we make plans to leave. Unfortunately, she is with 7 other girls. We makeout more and when I go to finger her, she tells me she has to get back to her friends, but she is now forcing makeouts on me. I didnt feel the pull was going down, so I let it go. At Beauty Bar, I grab this cute, nerdy looking girl, who tells me she has a boyfriend. Irrelevant. Isolate her to the dancefloor where I slam her to the wall and go for the makeout, but no go. She tells me she cant do this before going back to her friends. Whatever. When I get to Penn Station, I have this lone girl open me. I checked her out closely, but.butI didnt want to fuck her. Girl was a borderline minger that kept clinging to me, and the more I ignored her, the more she just kept bothering me. She told me I was hot, giving me serious fuck me eyes of intent too, and dropping hints of us leaving together. Without any doubt, this girl was DTFI wasnt down for the P, and finally she left. Once again, I had fun tonight. My state came from knowing I was with a bunch of cool guys looking to get it done; and that I was equipped to pull.

The 'new' JT? Met up with doctorcool tonight; haven't seen him in 7 months, but he had heard a lot about this 'new JT' and wanted to see me in action. Cool, we barhop around the LES, actually stopping at a couple of spots from my first night of BC. This flooded me with emotions from that night...a night where an insecure and shy chode died. At Mason Dixon I was grabbing girls, instant attraction, but I didn't follow it up enough with intent. Instead, I kept thinking it was early in the night, and I would perhaps find them later. I felt 'in state' and ran a few aggressive street approaches, even going caveman on a couple. This tall blonde girl was on her phone, so I put my hand over it and told her to stop; she can't text because we haven't fallen in love yet. Hook, and within 2 minutes I'm cavemanning for the makeout. She is still standing there, so I kept thinking it's on. Then she tells me she engaged, getting married in May blah blah. Cool, I find her walking on the streets later and pointing me out to a friend, smiling. I was itching to go to Gans tonight, but Sponge seemed unenthusiastic about this. While on our way there, I feel this sudden drop in state. No anxiety...just an immense apathy, like I didn't want to do this tonight. So at Gans, I just chill, but absolutely not in my element, presence, rhythm, state, whatever; I wasn't having fun. Bump into Judge and Golden, and went into spectator mode. Watching them in set, I realized I still have a looooooooooong ways to go to where I want to be. I actually felt discouraged, thinking I could not get it done (even though I have, several times). The few sets I opened weren't hooking, and I just wasn't bringing it HARD. No swagger, no smile either. Funny, I knew the night wasn't going well when someone told me I look 'angry'. Yes, angry that dick is not communicating with my brain. THIS IS FOR ME!!!! I was having these inner game issues last night that were completely unnecessary. Fuck this. I realize my confidence from earlier in the night was situational. I wanted doctorcool to see the strengths of my game. DIRECT, AGGRESSIVE, EXPLOSIVE AWESOMENESS, FAST ESCALATION, ISOLATION, CLOSING. I was still direct and aggressive at Gans, but I was not getting results. Anyways, it is what it is. Next.

Hippie Cougar Meet up with this blonde, new-age, LI cougar that looked no older than her late 20's. She just finished acupunture class and was dressed down without any makeout, still looking cute though (and fuckable, hehe). Sidenote: Before we meet up, she sends me a text that read something like this- 'we're only going drinks and nothing is going to happen'. The fact that she had to communicate this told me it was ON. We meet and there is instant attraction. Shock & Awe, telling her I'm going to have a lot of trouble keeping my hands off of her tonight. After 2 minutes, we're playfully fooling around in the backseat of my car (nothing intense, but definitely setting the tone for the rest of the night); then we make plans to check out this restaurant she really wanted to go to for drinks. We get to bar and she immediately goes into boring interview conversation mode. The old me wouldv'e followed along, but the new me isn't tolerating this nonsense. Instead, these chodey questions are answered with emotionally spiking conversation AND leading the interaction to where I want it to go (i.e sex). This isn't anything difficult; no need for the latest PUA routines manual to do this either. Although she kept hinting nothing was going to happen, no sex, not going home together, I knew this was all token resistence. She was down for the D, but because she was putting up resistence (I found out later why this was), it was 100% my responsibility to make this happen, justifying sex. We leave the restaurant, and get to our cars. "Got baby oil back at yours?" Grab her hips, pull her close and we're making out. She keeps telling me she's not taking me home. I have these quick flashbacks to all the other times I heard this. I decided to just chill back, and instead check out the inside of her SUV.

Within 5 minutes of being in her SUV, she is completely naked, fucking me. The parking lot outside the restaurant is empty, so this works. Even so, this girl doesn't seem to care at all. I'm dominant and aggressive in the car, but I still want to get back to her place. SKO. She is still resisting the pull back to her place, telling me I look dissappointed. I told her I couldn't finish in the car, so now she agrees to go back to her place. She also tells me she doesn't know why she isn't doing this. We get to her place, chill out for awhile, and have sex...great sex.

While cuddling, she tells me how she didn't expect any of this. We go over how it all happened; her decision at the bar (that we were going to fuck) and according to her, I have the "kavorka" like Kramer, meaning I exude a sexual confidence that cannot be resisted. She also explains everything she likes about me. Funny, she mentioned a psychic that told her not to go out with anyone younger than 27 (I'm 24). Might've been less resistance if she didn't see this psychic cockblock. And, she discusses the guy she is currently seeing...what? I think the nonjudgemental vibe I exuded was so powerful that she decided to tell me all the happenings on her life. Like how she feels lonely sometimes, the problems with her friends, etc. Anyways, she tells me she is going to masturbate later, so I decide to 'give her a hand'. She loves this, gets really wet, and cums all over. Goodbyes and next morning she texts me that she is exhausted.

Spectator Chodes @ Newbie Sarge Newbie Sarge night hosted by the nycsargeteam. Met up with Wutang and spent most of the night going over this gayme with him. I was getting ready to do some demos for him...but then I turned around and 8 other guys followed us! This should've propelled me to nimbus maximus, but I actually got extremely weirded out. It was a new feeling, having a bunch of guys huddle around me, looking at me as this big shot pickup guy. Most of these guys commented about reading my posts and looking forward to seeing me work my 'magic'. Instead of magic, it became this super chode crystal with all eyes on me. I feel like I disappointed; not that I care what the these guys think, but I would've loved to have shown some JT heroics. I took each guy on a lap and gave them missions, followed by a debrief. My game never was approaching each and every set, ever. Just chilling and if I see something I like/want, I know there is a good possibility it will go down. That's it. Where I want to take my gameONE SHOT, ONE KILL, THAT'S THE DEAL

Bounce to Gans with LP and spot the Brazilian girl I fucked a couple of weeks ago. I see a bunch of other dudes gaming her in the night, and I'm surprised I was so unphased. So I guess this was meaningless sex (no emotional connectivity)? I open this 3 Puerto Rican set. One of the girls is wow...just wow. I'm not into short girls much, but this girl was just so fucking adorable that even typing about her is getting me smiling. She is on vacation and tomorrow she is leaving. Interesting, she kept trying to bounce me to her friend who is living in NYC. This friend was checking me out multiple times throughout the night, so I'm thinking she told my girl she liked me. I would've gone for her but I had another community guy tell me he already fucked her a couple of months backs. The guy is cool and all, but I wasn't down for her after that. Tried meeting up with another girl I had been texting throughout the night and having Pythag come along. However, this girl would call and I couldn't hear a thing she said. I didn't know where the place was, and neither did she, so she texted me to google it. I wasn't going to bother with this. Night ends, feeling like an advanced chode, haha. Some notes: -DO NOT THINK. AT ALL. PERIOD. -Embrace this role of having guys look up to me. I love helping guys, but having 8 dudes just cling to me last night was a weird, different feeling. -Remember that I have a penis. That will be my compass to victory.

Not taking ACTION, doing what I want to do Met up with doctorcool and Ant, and spent most of the night doing street approaches. The few approaches I did, I shock&awed and went for caveman makeouts within two minutes of meeting the girl. All were denied, but the girls was still standing there. I was not looking for a good set to pump state...a number...a makeout...just a quick pull. One of the girls was hooked, but her friend dragged her away telling doctorcool this girl has a boyfriend; funny, my girl didn't tell me this. Another set, the girl had this annoying, yet cute laugh. My approach was total shock and all she did was laugh at the randomness of it all. With other sets, the girls were uncomfortable with the escalation, but they quickly warmed up. The reason I pushed these sets was because it would be easier to calibrate back as the night went on. At this point, I needed to go harder, faster, stronger to feel how I should be feeling...pimpin' like I'm supposed to.

Throughout the night I just felt so stiff and logical, definitely not having fun. Earlier in the night, I ejected myself out of a set and let doctorcool go in because I just was not bringing it. One of the girls even asked why I was so quiet. Geez, I haven't been told I was quiet in a very looooong time. In fact, this night, I felt the shades of pre-community JT creep up in an ugly way. The game is played on a deep emotional level; from my experience, at least. So why recently have I been having these inner-game issues? Not even my cheat sheet (see post#1) helped. btw, I showed doctorcool and Ant the cheat sheet, and we all had a good laugh at it.

Bounced to Gans and bypassed the long line, going solo. First time doing this, so it felt good. At gans, I ran a some great sets. It was 3am, so obvs, it's pulling times. One of the sets was this blonde cougar (who claimed not to be a cougar). The set was in motion for an SNL, but next to us was her friend getting hit on by this creepster Latin guy. The girl storms off and my girl says she'll find me in a bit. Instead, I took a lap around (looking for other girls), gave Haze a couple of vicious chode slaps, and came back to the bar area to look for the blonde cougar. Unfortunately, I lost her. At Penn Station I spot the hottest girl from my high school. This was a girl I masturbated to dozens of times back in the day, and here she was across from me with another girl. I've thought about bumping into her a bunch of times and imagined how it would go down. And now, here was chance to make it a reality. Unfortunately, I remembered the last time I checked out her Facebook she was still in a relationship with this guy for the last 4 yrs or so. Inside my head, the chode dialogue beat out what I WANTED to do. We hopped onto the same train cart, and even still, I went off in another direction, not wanting to think about this.

Sidenote: On my way home, I kept thinking of why I've lost my excitement for going out and cracking at

girls. It really feels like I'm starting all over in this game. I realize my standards for success aren't what they were even a couple of months ago, and I should be proud of how far I've come. Taking a deeper look into my life, I realize this game has damaged my relationship with noncommunity friends, family, and God. Yes, God. Let me explainFour months ago, I was still a virgin at 24. The last two months, I've had 6 lays... I don't know where I want to take my game. Yes, having these lays felt great, but I wasn't fulfilled. I feel like I want a relationship now, but my impression of girls has soured so much since I've been going out that I almost don't see them as people anymore. Like once I've had sex with them, I have no interest in seeing them again. Since I've been going out, there were only 3 girls I approached that I remember ever feeling that spark connection with. One I met during BC, but was engaged. One I had madeout with her friend earlier in the night before I met her. And one was from the baccalaureate set I posted about a couple of weeks ago. Do I want to be this community guy that gets lays and posts his adventures...or do I want to be a normal guy, with a normal life? I've thought about taking some time off and refocusing on my goals and aspirations in life. I'm thankful for what the game has provided, but I feel like a break is necessary. I dunno...but it feels like I've lost my smile the last few times I've been out. EDIT: Enough of this nonsense! Time to take action. This week, I'm going to really reevaluate my game, sticky points, and fucking push myself to get it done. That is all.

Falling in Love w/ a CrazyBlindDate Back after a two-week hiatus. Met a crazyblinddate in Union Square described as being 24, 5'4, Black/Latina and having an athletic body type. This girl was wow...a hottie that looked Beyonce. Thank you crazyblinddate! I tap her from behind and she is startled scared. Great way to start this blind date haha! We go in, take the sidewall bar stools and chat. Lots of comfort here, but fun and playful vibes. She was going into boring conversation mode, but I added spikes and kept her laughing (really making it fun for myself). I get her number early so it doesn't get weird later. And after an hour and a half, I bounce her to Gans. Bypass the long line close to 12, and she already gets the hint I go here A LOT. I give her the tour, leading her around hand in hand, and get drinks; costs $30 for two gin&tonics, yikes! Anyways, we find a place to sit, and the conversation moves forward to more emotionally stimulating and sexual material, injected with playful kino. Pythag makes a couple of appearances and our conversation stalls a bit. Nothing on Pythag, I just sucked at dividing attention and trying to include him. Some background on her- She actually went to the same college I did, although I never saw her around. Still lives with her parents, is an aspiring politician, never did drugs, loves Michael Jackson, and admits to rarely going out much. Interestingly, she worked as a manager for A&F, meaning yes...she's hot. She is compliant to my physical advances, BUT won't let me kiss her. I did kiss her, but it was a hummingbird kiss delivered mid-sentence where I sort of lunged at her. I was unreactive to it, pretending it never happened, hoping it would spike attraction...unfortunately, it didn't. According to her, she doesn't kiss on the first date blah blah blah...I sensed this wasn't just token resistance either, so I minimally plowed through it (just shock& awe). She barely made eye contact with me when the conversations dropped too, which didn't help add sexual tension. It's 2am, and she has to work the next day (not an excuse). I walk her out to the subway and I felt all the attraction built up that night just fading. Went for the kiss again, and no go. Sh leaves, and I feel uncertain. Truth is, I really enjoyed my time with this girl...I liked her! However, there were several things I did wrong. -Should've ended the date on my terms. Taking her to Gans was a bad decision, although I thought the social proof would help crystallize me. After an hour and a half, the date should've ended at Union Square. -I gave her too much. We spent 4 hours together and I put so much of myself out there, without her really qualifying herself to me. I told these awesome stories, and she laughed/was interested. I should've been screening her more. -No purpose; I knew I wasn't going to pull her, so I wasted too much time on her tonight. A

timebridge would've been the best choice here. -Should've understood she had social hangups about kissing and respected that. However, I'm conflicted. Not trying to kiss her would not align with my core. I WANTED to kiss her. I pumped her up for it, so obviously I felt disappointed when it didn't go down. I send her the "Let me know if you get home okay ~JT" text. She responds, "I'm home. Thanks a bunch". Again, I really liked her...a lot. Not in a needy, scarcity way either. It just bothers me that I'm uncertain because I know she enjoyed herself, although she didn't give me much to work with. Then again, I know there are these social hangups she has, where my kissing might've been offensive. I followed up with another text late at night- "Sorry of you were offended. I'm just a guy and thought you were just adorable. Anyways, I want to see you again...let me know!

After the blind date adventure of uncertainty, I go back into Gans. #close a Swedish hottie tourist within a minute. I opened by covering her phone with my hand while she was texting. I told her to stop texting because we haven't fallen in love yet. This actually hooked immensely when she looked up and her eyes lit up. Logistics were messy, so I settled for the number. She got a new phone specifically to use on vacation and didn't know her own number; she asked for my number, so she could call and I would have hers. At the end of the night I THOUGHT I saw the lost pull Mexican hottie from last month. I spent 10 minutes looking over at her and some dude she was with, figuring out whether this dude was getting blown out or was going to pull. Seeing this built up an intense emotion. Upon closer review though, it actually wasn't Mexican hottie. Damn. I was super excited to possibly avenge a lost pull though.

Tonight, I realize I need to work on-Better calibrating my physical style. The difference between hooking and not is that gentle touch. Remember this, and move on. -Re-internalize the following mindsets: I do not give a fuck what anyone on this planet thinks about me; I am the coolest motherfucking fucker on this planet.

JT=Player Commando, 'Jack in the Box' opener and cockblocks Webster f'n Hall times with Sponge and Northern. Before Webster, we make it rain at Beauty Bar. Purpose of going to BB was getting the pulse juices going. I walk in, first set I see, open...this was a conscious effort on my part, something I got from RSD Tim, where he said it takes 20 minutes of taking action to reach state for the entire night.

My first time in a club/bar was actually Webster Hall for a New Years Eve party 3 1/2 years ago (I had to beg one of my close friends to go because I wanted to experience the nightlife at the age of 21). I remember being so hyped up, thinking of one night stands and how all I needed to have was a drunk girl fall onto the D. I didn't approach that night, but I kept thinking to myself that's how guys got laid. It took 4 years for me to realize that's not the way it goes down!

I LOVED Webster Hall...I know this will surprise some people, so let me explainMy style of game is super physical, super fast. If I'm not escalating the girl within 1 minute, I know something is off. Not all my sets hook with this style; the difference between an 'off' and an 'on' set is the right calibration. It's something I just have to feel; the right mixture of wooo/intent, not giving a fuck, and fucking 100% certainty. And if I get blown out, it's a hardcore blowout, then NEXT. At a loud venue like Webster Hall, I already knew I had to depend on body language, eye contact, and bringing dominance. Done. Hooked many sets just by grabbing the girl and bringing them into me. I should've followed with more intent during isolation, but I can't remember last time I brought heavy intent before 12. Dunno why, but I find myself extremely attracted to black chicks now. Perhaps it was the Beyonce look-alike yesterday that turned me on; attraction really isn't a choice, I guess. At WH, I was into this black chick that I isolated; unfortunately she was married (had a HUGE diamond ring) with kids. The makeout was there, but I didn't pull the trigger on it. I wanted to, but my ethical conscious told me no go. I even think I could've pulled this one too with the right timing. One set I opened by bursting into baccalaureate group with a spinning cyclone. It wasn't hooking on open, but the girl I wanted quickly warmed up. I think it's because I came in super strong, and it took her awhile to decipher whether I was being congruent (fun and dominant). Anyways, she really gets into me, and I know it's time to iso. What I also loved about WH was the quieter side area on each floor. As I'm leading the girl to this area, the baccalaureate bride literally sprints to give the no go. I can see the look of disappointment on Northern's face knowing he was late in stopping the sprinter bride. No worries.

Sponge was in a funk. Perhaps it was the overwhelming environment, but he texted that tonight was about pushing comfort zones for him. But before 12, he is already itching to go to Gans! I agree, but with one condition...he MUST open at least one set with dominance and not give a

fuck what happens. We take laps and it's not happening for him. I can tell he wants to do this though. Cool, I'll just demo. I see a girl, tap tap, spin, makeout...5 seconds. I turn around to tell Sponge, 'yea, it's that easy', with a slight smirk because I just beat my fastest makeout time. The group of girls next to us are in total spectator mode, jaws dropped and did that just really happen?! Sponge is really adamant about leaving (almost seemed mad too) so I dropped the condition clause to go to Gans.

Did a couple of shock and awe street approaches. #closed a lone blonde walking home, two blocks away. I know I should've pushed this more, but I just wasn't getting much from her. The ideal situation would be shock and awe, leading her home, then sex. I know the number isn't solid, but I'll play around with it, see what happens. Gans was Gans, and I think that's all that needs to be said. Field tested a new opener that's worth mentioning. It's called 'Jack in the Box' (credit to RadRacer for the name). It's simply this- Sit down, see girl standing, leap out from seat, get close and open. That's it. The girl I opened was super receptive. ON. Then her friend comes into set announcing "the cock block is here". All I had to do was show this girl I was cool and fun...boom, vaporized because she knew her friend wanted this. Minutes later another friend of hers comes, also announcing herself as a "cockblock"! WHAT IS THIS?! Player hating parade?! Anyways cockblock#2 is loud, fierce and really fucking mean. I was unreactive while I leaned against the wall. Cockblock#2 is dragging her friend, so I tell my girl cool, give me your number. Girl whips out her phone, and then cockblock#2 says "no, let her have your number and she'll call you". I grabbed girl's phone, entered my number, and called my phone. This infuriated cockblock#2. My girl was telling her it's okay, trying to subcommunicate that she liked me. Eh, whatever.

At Webster Hall, I felt like a player commando (funny, I was parting seas of chodes as I walked through). I was completely in my element, dialed as a guy taking action. I also got A LOT of positive stimulation from the environment...the loud music pulsating my body, the disco lights flashing, the music, the possible ease of a bathroom pull. Lots of weirdos, but each floor held a promise for the night. Overall, fun times.

D2 plow plow plow...couldn't beat LMR Had a girl drive like 45 minutes from her place to my sushi bar of desire. We were texting plans for going out next week, but then she asked if I was available tonight...nice. Plans for the sushi bar of desire are made! She texts me that she is there; ah, she hit up the wrong sushi place on the block! I see her outside, hug, close cheek peck, spin, take her hand and lead her to the correct sushi bar. Inside, we're vibing and nothing sexual is really going on. She's boring, talking about work nonsense. Her most interesting story was boring too; it involved her and a friend hanging out with Blink 182 in Canada. Yawn times! No worries, I keep it interesting for myself. It's funny, prior to meeting up, she texted that she was sick of boring dates. An hour later, I pay the bill ($12). Outside, I gently take her hand and tell her we're going to my place, but she can't stay too long (I didn't check for complaiance, just assumed she'd follow). Walking half the block down to my place, I claw, just physically pumping her state. When we get inside, I tell her to take off her shoes, and seconds later we're making out. I break it off and we sit on the sofa. Okay, now based on her body language (and where she sat in position to me) I knew she wasn't receptive to sex...yet. Just more vibing (leading the interaction with sexual spikes), and then bringing the masculine intent. When I try slamming her down on the sofa, she says she isn't comfortable doing this. Cool, what's your favorite color/animal/movie? Kick up the sexual intent again, but she's still resisting. Her wildest sexual experience was on vacation in Europe, doing it with some dude at a bus-stop. I tease her about this, telling her the places we'd have sex that are waaaay better. I KNOW she wants this; her jeans were super wet when I was rubbing her pussy. Scale back, then follow with heavy escalation times (hairpulling, neck & ear nibbling), shock&awe, freeze out. go. Enough. Get her up and lead her to the bedroom. Tried double leg clawing her onto the bed, but again, she tells me she isn't comfortable doing this and goes back to the sofa. More vibing, but this time with more emphasis on crystallizing msyelf as a person. At the sushi bar I told her it was my dream to live in Disneyworld. I get out my photo album from when I last visited Disney and review the pictures with her. I also give some personal stories about myself too. I even busted out Stefan's LMR destroyer, also discussing my turn ons (strong, opinionated women that know what they want)...laser eyes...grabbed her and she's becoming more receptive, but still no go, telling me she isn't comfortable. Finally, I just ask, "why?". With the saddest look on her face, she explains how she doesn't want to be disappointed. She doesn't care about me (said literally). I smile and acted like my heart just exploded. She told me she didn't mean to say it like that, but she always felt really guilty after meaningless sex. The way she said it, I actually felt bad for her. I told her I thought she was really sexy, expressed my manhood, but that I also wanted to get to know her.

Two hours at my place, and I couldn't beat LMR. Sigh. We walk to her car holding hands. I gently kiss her lips, then her upper check and say goodnight. As I'm walking off, she grabs my arm and brings me closer to her...she makesout with me. We discuss schedules; when I mention checking out the sushi bar by her, she gets excited and asks, "really?". Yea, she made the trip her, so I'll return the she can finish me off, haha. I text her, "Let me know if you get home okay ~Man candy JT" She replies, "Got home! i had a nice time. Thanks for not being boring"...a minute later she texts, "Point for u!!!"

Briefs: -I didn't get her to open up enough. She mentioned being a very private person, and when I told her to tell me a secret/her wildest adventure she had to think a lot about it and didn't really have a solid answer. -She made the trip to my area, and getting together tonight on short notice was her suggestion. I'm disappointed I didn't close this girl, especially since that certainty was there. -She had severe hangups about having sex with a guy she just met. At 29 years old, I got the hint she was a reformed party girl going resisting the actions she previously would've taken (like having sex with me that night). -Should've created greater bubbles of love; Vegas, marriage, kids, future projections. With these, push/pull would've been better calibrated. I realize this in hindsight, acknowledging that when I did discuss adventures we'd have, her face would light up. -I know I'll see her again.

My 'stick point' is developing a deep connection with a girl. I already know what I WANT. I want a relationship with a girl that I'm excited to be seeing...that's excited to be seeing me too; it should be both ways. My pursuit is learning to read the girl better and being aware of how I'm affecting her on an emotional level.

Knowing what I want... Chris wrote: Stick with it and focus on the snowball effect that is abundance, running through your Rolodex of girls on rotation, and over-time you will start to build genuine connections with some more than others.. don't sweat it or focus on it too hard, as it simply takes time and adding-value (shooting for the win/win)

Went through the Rolodex and got out this cougar out that I've been in touch with since last October. Cougar is Italian, and works as a hairdresser at some high end botique in the city. We call to discuss plans and she is being annoying; she is going to Vegas on Thursday, and kept complaining about not finishing her packing, can't stay out late, blah blah blah...I told her we'll see what happens. The agreed plan was to pick her up, take her to my sushi bar, then my place for sexy times. Pick her up and she is way overdressed (compared to me wearing my undershirt, jeans, and Chucks); looking hot though. She lives out in Astoria, nearby a lot of places. She suggests Applebees, then decides on this other place. MISTAKE! Fuck, I should've followed my intentions on taking this broad back to my hood. Therefore, my logistics were kinda fucked because of this. She lived with family, so no go back to her place. I could end the date and take her back to my place...bathroom (which was nearby and private)...or car. No excuses because I kept thinking that player commandos make it happen anytime, anywhere. We order cappacinos of desire, and vibe. One of the first things she tells me is that I must date a lot based on the way I carry myself. Okay...? She was being weird throughout our time together. I didn't feel any attraction to her, yet I still wanted to fuck her. My intent was lacking, but I was having fun. There were several instances where the makeout was there, but I didn't pull the trigger. And I knew with each instance that passed, the attraction was fading on her side (I felt this too). Don't really know how to glamorize this posts. Took a girl out, didn't follow my intentions, dropped her home, kissed her goodnight. Funny, she pointed to her cheek for me to kiss, but I grabbed the back of her hair and went for the lips; her earring came off (what the fuck is up with cheap earrings?) and it got awkward, even though I poked fun at the absurdness of possibly ripping this girl's ear off before her vacation. Notes: -Shouldn't have called this girl out tonight. She was being super bratty on the phone and this wasn't the appropriate time to set up a date (right before her trip to Vegas). -Tonight, I felt a lot of aspects of my 'game' coming out. Genuine, authentic, shameless (seems like Rob's new favorite word), masculine, setting boundaries, screening the girl, making it fun for myself, being physical, emotional spikes, full chill, unreactive, non-needy, leading the

conversation...this is good and all, but I wasn't leading this towards sex that night. -I wouldn't say this was a failure though, like 'fuck, I didn't close, I must suck at game', this felt like me searching for qualities of girl that I actually want to be with. Yeah, I know I could've fucked her if I followed my intentions (and intuition). -I know I can get her out again if I wanted. She was weird though...even though she looked hot, I didn't want to fuck her...not now, or ever. Maybe this is a sign of becoming a flaming homo, I dunno. Zak wrote: Focus on what type of girl you see yourself with, qualities etc. Start focusing your effort to find this girl rather than just going after girls with no aim on what you truly want Exactly.

Pull, but Couldn't beat LMR LMR confusion times...wah wah wah

Went to LI to pick up this mixed black girl. Earlier in the afternoon, we set up plans via text to meet at 9ish. Nice. Since going out with the Beyonce look-a-like a few weeks ago, I've had this massive attraction for black girls (especially mixed). I drive to her place and the girl is a hottie deluxe. Instant wood when I see her lucious lips, tight curvy body, big perky tits, and exotic features. This is for me! Driving out to see her took 45 mins, so I HAVE to fuck this girl tonight. We drive to this cool bar nearby, take a booth, and I order us a round of Blue Moons. We sit on opposite sides; when she tells me she was sore from going to the gym earlier, I tell her to scoot to my side. The sore is on her upper chest, so she grabs my hand and gets me feeling it. Background on this girl: -28 -Has 4 year old son -Is having her licensed revoked tomorrow from a drunk driving incident last May -Just got of a year long relationship where the guys parents influenced him to stop seeing her because she had a child and was mixed race. The way she spoke about this, I could tell she still wasn't over this guy. Plus, she had a ton of pictures of him still on her cell phone (ripped bodybuiler dude). -Worked as a bartender for 6 years. Now she works as a hired gun for some sales company. -Enrolled in nursing school. -Admits to being a very active clubgoer when she was younger. There was a huge difference in life experiences between us, obviously. I found her to be an extremely socially savvy person and I enjoyed our time together. I wasn't in the most talkative mood and she kept trying to get me to open up. I think the only thing she knew about me was the car I drove, town I lived, and what I did for a living; compare this to how much I know about her. We discussed turn on/offs and based on what she told me, I knew I was the guy she described...however, I didn't feel that way about her. We're cuddling in the booth, making out (she told me I was a great kisser), but I didn't feel she was sexually attracted to me...yet. All I wanted to do was get back in my car, fuck this girl, and be done. She mentions being tired from work, so I lead her out hand in hand. Get to her place and tell her I'll walk her to the door. We get inside, she shows me around (extremely messy place), and we makeout some more...I go to finger her and no go. She was quick to swipe my hand away. My intuition told me I hadn't led the interaction enough to have sex with her that night. I go for it again, no go. Chill back...again, this time leading her to the bedroom, but no go. She kept trying to make out with me though.

It's time to go and I'm almost mad at myself for not closing. I KNEW this girl would've been an amazing fuck; the sex was guarenDAMNteed to be mindblowing. Instead, I waited til the long drive home to bust the nuts. Ah, just frustrating! Notes -LMR? I didn't put her in a sexual state to want to have sex with me that night. I think all the confusion would've been avoided if I told her straight up, "I want to make you cum really strong". -Felt the baggage she carried put a damper on the entire situation. -Didn't create bubbles, and didn't capitizalize on the opportunities I had to get her wet (like when she told me I was a great kisser). -She was comfortable with me, but I wasn't bringing that strong core masculince like I'm used to. Tonight, I functioned at a lower energy, not enough wooo. I felt a bit rusty not having gone out in close to a month too (religious reason). -Dunno, the win/win was blurry. All I wanted to do was give her amazing sex.

Calling a Mulligan! Calling a MULLIGAN on last night. I haven't cold approached in a month and going out last night made me realize I've lost that passion...fury...desire... It's my own fault. I've delved too far into online game that I felt no need to cold approach. The solutions: -show that newbie love to the game again. -day game, day game, day game. -go on a online game diet. -refocus my direction, putting myself in no way out situations -just get it done Just like going to the gym, I need to continuously refine and 'work out' the skill-set I have. What I've realized is my nights are no longer state dependent. It's taking action versus not taking action; doing what I want.

Newbie Luv, Bathroom Pull, Makeouts, D2 close via text YES, this was a fun night. Newbie Luv Met up with Wutang for some day-gayme in Union Square. Seeing Wutang was is a solid dude, no limiting beliefs, just aspiring to get this done. A very positive guy whose depth goes way beyond just pick up too. What I regained tonight was that Newbie Luv...a rekindled passion to learn, have fun, and put my nuts on the chopping block. Thanks Wutang! My game is not dependent on 'state'. All I have to do is show up, and I know there is a good possibility I'll pull. No good nights, no bad nights...just nights where I take action, or don't take action.

Bathroom Pull This was a two set Wutang had opened. He calls me over, pleasantries, etc. Later in the night, I reopen the brunette by asking if she's fun. She says yes...therefore, we're going on an adventure! Lead and isolate her to a quieter area, and I know it's ON. Her friend later joins us, pleasantries, chodeversation. NOTE: chodeversation is my answer for 'obstacles'. Just be normal and show you're a cool guy. They'll vaporize and that's it. It was obvious the brunette was into me; her friend knew this too. The friend is leaving, but tells the brunette to stay with me, and pleads with me to hang out with them next week. Cool. After the friend leaves, I bounce the brunette to a bar nearby that I knew was quieter with comfy sofas. I hadn't made out with the brunette at the previous venue, but I knew that sexual tension was just building. I was torturing her, making her wait for it, haha. We get to the new venue, order a round of drinks, and we're hardcore tonguing each others faces. I break it off each time, chill back, and go at it harder. Logistics. My place was no go because family was over. Her place was no go because she had people over. Solution...the bathroom pull. The brunette had been to this place several times before but was surprised there was a downstairs lounge area. I tell her I'll show her around (leading to the bathroom). I open a mysterious door and lead her in. Slam her against the bathroom wall, fierce tongue downs, with her arms wrapped around my neck. I get her shirt off, good. I go for the belt, but she's wearing one of those weird hard to get open belts. We're already 5 minutes in the bathroom, and I'm struggling to get this

damn belt open. LMR. She nervously tells me she has to get home and I didn't stop her from leaving the bathroom. She was waiting outside the bathroom for me, telling me we can hang out next week, asking me if I want her number or email (I hadn't taken her #, plus I had already forgotten her name!). I look at my watch and it's not even 11:30. Fuck this, I tell her it won't be necessary. Okay, now I know this was harsh. She looked sad, eyes almost watery, feeling bad about herself. I let her go, and when I get outside I see we're walking on opposite sides on the street; no way I going to go back to her. Writing about it now, I really do feel bad though. I wasn't particularly attracted to her (she was cute though), and I didn't have any desires to want to see her again.

From what I know, this is why the bathroom close did not go down: -didn't escalate hard enough beforehand (i.e fingering, and verbals) -the sexual state for the bathroom wasn't crystallized. This, no doubt, would've been a SNL bedtimes if logistics were more favorable. -I opened dominant in the bathroom, but chilled back when I was unbuckling her belt. If the belt wasn't a hassle, it would've been smoother. -My intuition was telling me to slam her on the floor, but I hesitated. -Should've probably salvaged this, letting her know that I can be an idiot sometimes.

Makeouts With the bathroom pull close not going down (and it only being 11:30), FURY is ON. I head back to venue I met the brunette. To my left, I spot a Persian cutie and it's immediately on. She is cherishing me, our faces caressing, hand in hand. Before I lead her to the dancefloor, her friend stops us. So yea, this is JT, you're friend likes me, I'm cool...all this being nonverbal. We're at the dancefloor and she is grinding up on me. Spin, kiss...some more kiss action and she tells me, 'I'm not that kind of girl'. Cool. She repeats it. Cool. I think it bothered her I was so unphased and unreactive; I took her hand, got her feeling my chest and told her she was going to have to work hard if she was going to get this. Ah, she love this, going out of her way to feel me up. Her friends storm the dancefloor, so she feels pressured to go back to them and asks me to come. I tell her I got to make a call. Should've went for the number here. She was cute, but the 'I'm not that kind of girl' wasn't what I was looking for tonight.

Got the Gans itch so I cab it there. Really, fuck what anyone has to say about Gans being lame or whatever. Truth is, hotties frequent this place dressed to impress and it's a fun atmosphere. The crew of Love Pirate, Kydd, and Pythag were already there; love this.

My opener is gently grazing a girls hand as she's moving, then firmly holding her hand, followed by either 'Hay! You're cute, c'mere", "Who are you?", or "Hi...I"m JT". This immediately sparks attraction. Case in point, this blonde Swedish hottie that was forcing herself on me, trying to get me to makeout with her. It's funny because she kept telling me she doesn't do this (kissing guys). She is an au pair and this is her last week in NY. Logistics weren't good, but I think I'll hit this one up for a D2. She had these sweet perky round boobs I enjoyed. We madeout within a minute of meeting each other for close to 20 mins.

D2 close via text Background: Approached this girl over 4 months ago at 235 and spent no more than 10 minutes with her. She was dressed in a tight black dress with boobs almost hanging out and 5 inch heels. I might've went home that night and beat off thinking about her, not sure. She responded to my texts and calls, but I didn't fully pull the trigger. This was an awful case of not feeling I deserved her. Ah, fuck this! A few weeks ago I rekindled the number with this text: JT: "Ah, was just scrolling through my phonebook and realized we hadn't met up. Lets change that what are you doing later" (credit: RoB for the text) We make plans...she flakes by not responding to confirm. A couple of weeks ago, she texted me at 2:30 asking where I was. I wasn't out that night, but it was obvious it was a bootycall. I make plans with her for this week, early evening, telling her to let me know...she doesn't. Then, I'm at Gans and I get a text from here asking where I was. Her: I am still in the LES but could totally use a snuggle buddy Awesome. JT: On my way snuggle times deluxe...hope you like delicious pancakes

We go back and forth by text for close to an hour (continuing to emotionally spike through text, giving rich details like romance, the rain, etc). I tried getting her out to Gans, but she was stuck in the LES. Then I get these questions like if I remember her, and her saying she was too old for me (she's 30, I'm 24). Enough...I call her, hyping up the awesome times we're going to have, getting her to qualify herself as a champion cuddler.

Leave Gans at 3, and wait a looong time for a cab. Finally it comes, but the cabbie is new and doesn't know the area. It takes him longer than needed to get to the spot, but I get there. She is dressed the same as the night I first met her 4 months ago. Nice. She is with several of her friends and introduces me. 5 minutes later I've pull her out the bar. "Lets get out of here". It's raining, so I take off my cardigan and wrap it over our heads. She puts up resistance, saying 'not tonight' because her roommate is packing. Totally ignored this because I must've had 110% certainty we were sleeping together tonight. Cab comes, we get inside and I slam her down. Cabbie yells, "Here we go!" (I can imagine his eyes rolling back). Girls RAS was so focused on me, she didn't even hear this. We kiss kiss, while her head is on my lap. We're just chilling with full intent. At her place she is putting up resistance, saying we're only just cuddling and nothing more. Yea, toots, just cuddling my dick against your vag. To shatter this nonsense, she just had feel comfortable that I wasn't some random dude, and that I didn't see her as a random chick. She actually went to bed with her dress she had on! That dress did cum off though I've had 4 pulls in the last month, but couldn't beat LMR. The girls were looking to fit me into their reality; this is something I already knew, but needed to be more in tune with. Read the girl, but play my game. Be cool if she isn't down, but continue to express myself as a MAN. This girl wanted me to succeed, even though each time I escalated she would say, "not yet". There was A LOT of foreplay with this girl. I was actually glad because it taught me the different ways to stimulate a women physically AND emotionally. I made her cum 5 times, even ate her out. I had her to tell me what she liked about me and her answers were awesome. She was awesome.

YES, this was a fun night.

Newbie Sarge...just clap my hands! Newbie Sarging timez with the forum. This was an AWESOME event; loved the food, ambiance, and company. I didn't spend as much time with the newbies as I'd like, but there will be other opportunities. Mostly spent the night with LovePirate, Rob, Sponge, and Wutang. Got to Gans late (passed 12:30am) and didn't feel dialed. Too logical, stiff, little wooo, and unbalanced rhythm. However, with the clap of my hands and BOOM, sex-worthy JT became least flashes of it.

I sent the hookup from last week a text after giving a missed call. No response, yet. We chatted on the phone last Tuesday for a bit and she sent me pics of Halloween outfits she was planning to wear this year. I knew I waited too long between Tuesday and last night to follow up. And obviously, texting after 12 on a Friday night is just looking to hook up again. Still, I felt like such a needy bitch-boy awaiting a response. Speaking with Sponge about this, I'm doing a terrible job of following up with numbers, especially after sex. This will change. It's always great seeing and speaking to Wutang. Gave him several approach missions and debriefed afterwards. I'm really proud of him; he actually inspires me. Even though I was getting harsh blowouts, I wanted Wutang to see it's how I reacted (taking action after) that mattered just as much though BL, EC, tonality.

Some notes on last night: -There was this lingering fear in approaching the hotties last night. I realize I'm at the point where I should be trading up for glory. None of this faggotry nonsense. I'm passed it. -I have the skill to pull under any circumstance. There were several instances of this last night, but did not get it done. I let my own limiting beliefs interfere. -My default state is being a chill guy. Period. Whatever player facade veiled over my identity no longer exists. As a result, ego is gone and I can just have fun. -I was never an approach machine, and feeling the need to approach every attractive girl in the room seems too needy and coming from a scarcity mindset. My 'best' nights were never about this. -Remember these 4 points hammered during BC and onwards... 1) I do not give a fuck what anyone on this planet thinks about me 2) All girls want to be bent over and fucked 3) Intent and 100% certainty 4) How do I make this fun?

One Hit Kill (going out solo) Went out alone to Bell Blvd. Even though it's a two minute drive from my place, I've never ventured to the area; I had no one to go with, so that was excuse. Lame! Going out alone is something I felt HAD to do...and I'm glad I did. ResultOpened, extracted, pulled, SNL (first girl I opened too). Textbook. Simple. Sweet.

I actually had difficulty writing up this LR because this was so textbook. Background: The chick I pulled was a 38 year old Spanish cougar with a Rosie Perez accent and two teenage kids. She just got out of a five year relationship and this was her first night out in awhile. What attracted me most to her were the tattoos covering her lower back and shoulder. Cougar had a tight body, nice olive complexion, and a sweet face that made her look no older than 30. I opened with TAP, TAP...Intro...Adventure! Led her hand in hand, isolating her to the couch nearby. She was waiting up for friends, so we vibed for a bit. Nothing sexual was going on at all, but she kept bringing up the age thing blah blah blah. The age test is a pitch being thrown just waiting to be hit as a homerun. Annnnnnd it's out of here! I wanted to check out to different venues, so I leave the bar. It's amazing how I'm feeling. Here I am- Just this fucking DANGEROUS dude going out alone looking to get his D wet. There was no feelings of insecurity going out alone, worrying what others will think. Although...there were a few factors holding me back from really exploding. This is NOT the city. It's a town in Queens that is typically frequented by the same locals each week; meaning, I most likely have seen some of these people while shopping, at the gym, in the neighborhood, etc. I kept thinking about Ozzie's speech in transformations, and how he starting out going alone, developing a reputation. Not that I gave a fuck, but I needed to be more delicate with the situation I was in. I realize logistics are absolutely in my favor, so I can make it happen. I'm equipped.

I go back to the bar and see this tattoo'd hottie from's actually the cougar with her jacket off (she was wearing it previously). Nice. I'm introduced to her friends who run to the dancefloor. Cougar stays with me and is in a much friendlier state. It's time to ramp up the sexual vibes; within a minute, we're making out with death row (chode wall) watching. It's almost like I live with a different set of rules than these guys; Code of the Player.

I tell the cougar we should check out this other place nearby. She then conferences with her friends that we'll be out for a bit. At the next venue, I'm leading the conversation to us going to my place tonight. She asks me straight up what I'm looking for tonight. I hesitate, telling her we'll see what happens. Should I have just been shameless about it? It was my own discomfort not aligning with my true intentions. This is when she tells me we're not having sex, she is not going home with me, it won't work, etc. I pulled back a bit, just chilling, then ramping it up again. We leave and I suggest we walk around a bit. Ah, there's my car! Before we get to my car, I double leg claw slam her against a garage door wall. HOT. I don't say a word; instead just seductively gaze for her to get in the car. Get to my place and more intense makeouts, fingerings, etc. However, massive LMR for the next 45 mins. "You have to be worthy" "I have to trust you" "I need to be comfortable" "I'm not ready" A few other variations, but you get the point. Zak wrote: YES! Who is this man? Is this the new JT? But seriously...this is an advanced idea but very important in the long run so might as well think about now. 100% certainty is absolutely necessary, you're right. BUT also don't project neediness if she isn't down with it. You don't want to beg in other words. So here's what I mean: You are 100% certain and leading, she doesn't follow that lead (prob won't be a problem w/ the cougar ;] ) so rather than sounding like a broken needy record, you should be completely cool with whatever she is cool with, and KNOW that it is just a matter of her comfort with you. It's tough because you don't have the experience in this area yet but you will understand with time. Anyways, thats prob a lot to digest, but something to keep in mind. I'm loving what you're bringing to the table. You got this sonnnn!

Zak posted the above a week after my BC when I was trying to pull a D2 back to her place for sexy times. It was an idea I always kept in mind, and with the experience I have, it now became crystallized. I did bust out some new tek that helped me last week- getting the girl to qualify herself as a cuddler. Stefan touched on it, but I had my own variation. It went down like this. JT: You a good cuddler?

Cougar: Yes! JT: I like to sleep naked. Cougar: I would LOVE to do that, but I can't because of my kids. Lead her to the bedroom, take off my shirt, jeans, and I'm lying in bed under the covers...naked. Seconds later, she takes off her jeans and top to join me. We're cuddling naked, and I tell her we're not having sex whilst stimulating her body and rubbing the top of her clit in a circular motion. She gets hot, I get the condom, and we fucking. According to her, I was the most aggressive guy she has ever been with. She says she is usually the aggressor in bed. Interesting.

I drop her home. The car ride was when I really felt a deeper sense of connection with her opening up...her aspirations, desires, philosophies, fears, wants, expectations. I get home and find a long text saying how much fun she had tonight. It's 2:30 and I actually consider going back to the bar to pull another chick. Instead I go to bed and reflect. I could be doing this every fucking night if I wanted to. Awesome.

Smokeshow Indian Sushi bar date of desire times! Pick up a stunner dressed so sexy I draw instant wood the moment I see her. When we greet, the attraction sparks carry a sexual energy. I kiss her; It's natural. It's in the moment. IT'S ON. Hottie is a 24 year old, 5'4, light skin Indian with a Valley girl accent. Long black hair, seductive features, dressed in skinny jeans donning 5 inch heels, and a blazer revealing her bra cleavage. On the way to the sushi bar I noticed that my voice actually waffled a bit because this chick was simply a hottie deluxe. I was reacting to her hotness, but being conscious of this, I was able to correct it immediately. We walk towards the sushi bar and immediately go into PDA mode. I learn that she is a big fan of PDA, which is cool because I appreciate it too. When we get to the sushi bar, she tells me to sit next to her. Cool. We continue the PDA at the sushi bar, and I noticed the guy at the bar checking out my girl's cleavage; the girl notices this too, which made it funny. She wants to see my 'glass table mirror' (pull seed), so we go to my place. She takes off her high heels, I take off my cardigan, wall slam,'s just so routine now. Take her to the bedroom and double leg claw slam her on the bed. It then gets wild. Chill back for a bit playing 'truth or dare' (her suggestion). I'm slowly taking off my clothes, as well as hers. Soon enough we're both naked fooling around under the covers. For a 'dare', I pulled backed the covers and looked at my fully erect penis, then looking at her. She goes down on the D right away giving me a FANTASTIC blowjob. I think I would've cum if she had gone a couple of minutes longer. Because she smelled so good, I went down on her in the 69 position. Time to fuck! I grab my condom from my jean pocket and return to bed to see a shocked look on the girl's face. She accuses me of planning this all along, haha! Whatever. For self-amusement I tell her we're not having sex tonight (whilst still being physical), telling her I need more trust and comfort. She turns over, gets on top of me and pins my arms down! I put up LMR, and she is craving me more and more. Ah wellz, time to fuck! She is very particular about positions, and very demanding too. I'm still physical and try to lead, but I respect her wishes to not do doggy style because she isn't a dog (she says). After sex, we chill and watch Entourage. She takes my phone and programs it so that whenever she calls, her photo appears. She also sends me a topless pic of herself. Sweet. This girl just recently broke up with her boyfriend; needless to say, the guy was constantly calling. It got annoying, so I grabbed her phone and told her do whatever afterwords. I didn't say this in bitterness or insecurity; I wanted to spend time with her and she knew I genuinely meant it. Driving her home, she mentions how the smell of my car reminded her of growing up in

Brooklyn. She also mentions how when we were in bed, she could've fell asleep in my arms. The conversation is really her opening up to me; I feel a connection with her and begin to see a relationship between us forming. It seemed like we were it the bf/gf bubble the entire time together. We kiss goodnight. She calls me when I get home and we set up plans for next week. I like this girl. I'm obviously attracted to her, but I'm still unsure about her qualities beyond looks.

D2 bust Day 2 times with a girl whose name I don't even know. Got her number 4 months ago at 230 5th; spent 15 minutes total time with her, where I isolated her to the backplace area and caveman madeout with her. She rushed back to her friends, so I didn't think the number was solid. However, she was always quick to respond to my texts. I wasn't particularly attracted to her, so I never pursued it hard. I would keep the number fresh by sending weird self-amusing texts often enough. Recently though, I decided to hit her up and be persistent for a d2; plans are made for tonight. The D2 was frustrating even before it started. Parking was difficult, so I decided to just drive up front to Starbucks and meet her. I see her and wow...she's a hottie! She had mentioned going to the gym and it absolutely showed. We greet, I go for the go. Ah, this was frustrating. We vibe during the car ride, but it never felt ON. We get to the sushi place, and still not ON...until we discuss the movie, Hangover. Then something funny happens; she mentions she keeps talking because she it trying for rapport (something like that). I told her I enjoy pauses and she didn't have to try. She continually brings up the age difference (I have no idea how old she is), and how she's passed the stage of just having fun. Interestingly, she mentions joining WTF? I got the impression she seemed very unsure of herself. Also, I sensed she came from a judgmental environment and really cared how her actions would be judged by friends & family.

I didn't even try pulling this one. It just didn't feel right; I didn't feel like I could do it. What. Is. This?! Driving her home, we bust on each other playfully. I open the door for her, we kiss and makeout. I just don't know; I kind of enjoyed myself (and I know she did too), but I don't think the D2 will lead to anything. Oh yea, I still don't know her name!

Driving home, I almost got a ticket. My GPS told me to make a left turn, but apparently doing it on Queens Blvd. with 4 lanes of traffic is not the way to do it. I got pulled over, and the cops fortunately spared me with a warning, telling me it will be a summons next time. Notes: -Lovestriking was not there from the go. If it doesn't feel ON, I should look to end the date quicker. -I wanted to fuck her, but I played it safe. I didn't feel confident in the D3, so I should've pushed this to the max.

-Should've been tighter with the D2 scheduling. Meeting at 9 (9:30 because of parking) made it too late for a weekday. -Could've been more dominant in conversation, perhaps spiking up tonality. -No reason I shouldn't have pulled her home. Lack of certainty and logic killed this opportunity for me. If I was leading the conversation to me and her fucking that night, it might've gone down. Eh, NEXT. -I felt the age difference between us was enough for her to disqualify me without ever giving me a chance. And she just seemed way too unsure about herself and her desires. -I honestly feel that if I don't have sex with a girl on an SNL or D2, that I likely won't be seeing her again. It's only when I have sex with the girl that she feels a connection to me.

MAKEOUT, MAKEOUT, MAKEOUT UpdatesHadn't been out in over a month; been more of a homebody, just chilling with FBs the last few weekends. I've had a few DuD dates too, nothing worthwhile.

Sponge: "This isn't the same guy who had 4 pulls in one week!" Dude was right. What the fuck is this?! It's already 12 and I'm leaning against the wall, staring blankly at the floor; no passion to make it happen. But...Sponge's remarks lit a fuse. On the street, there are these two tall hotties walking towards us. Just as we're about to cross paths, I grab a hand, reel Blondie in, and bring it like a champ. Blondie's friend: It's her birthday! JT: (looking at Blondie) Have you had your birthday makeout? BOOM. Makeout on the street, under a minute, with the friend encouraging me and taking pics. The look on the girls faces seemed to read 'wow, who is this guy?!'. I didn't lead this interaction any further, so I let the girls go their way.

Even though I reverted to 'flash game' the entire night, I was still having fun; because of this, I was able to rekindled that passion for going out and taking action. Nice. "Aggressive to the point of sexy" - Rob. ^That's how I felt tonight.

Notes: -Get numbers. I shoot for the SNL, but I should be cognizant of the fact that my game is tight enough to get these girl out again. Number, facebook, and look to build relationships. -Mixed sets. This is me stretching myself to that next level. No excuses, just approach. -State is what I make of it. Earlier in the night Sponge mentioned how I looked awful. Few minutes later I was smiling, having fun, and feeling awesome. I can turn it up whenever I want; however, it took months of going out and managing my emotions, being in tune with my beliefs to do this. -Lead. Because I was deep into the flash game tonight, I wasn't leading the interactions towards pulling the girls that night. -NEVER WAIT TO APPROACH. I always win when this happens.

Bathroom Pull (handjob) and a Spanish Girlfriend Dinner and karaoke times in the city with civilian friends. At the Greek restaurant we dined at, the waitress was eye-fucking the hell out of me; whenever we exchanged glances there was this sexual vibe between us. Waitress was an exotic cutie too, so should've shot for the digits. However, stopping me was being around my civilian friends and the girl having to work. In these situations, I got to fire up the cajones to make it happen. Oh wellz. I know Jeffy is fond of karaoke and having experienced it for the first time, I understand why. I was spitting Lady Gaga; working the pipes, bringing full woo, and just having fun. Would love to include karaoke times in the D2 repertoire soon.

So ya, onto the Gans glory... Met this 22 y/o Colombian exchange student that made my spirit happy. Let me explain- Chick was attractive in the traditional sense, girl next door type. And it was her personality that sparked the cherish attraction; really unlike any girl I've met too. Super positive, super fun, super interesting. I would've loved to just cuddle up with her and share discussions about our beliefs, culture, and the like. She possessed the qualities of my 'ideal' girl. YEA! I made her my Colombian girlfriend for the night. Makeout fun, she's all smiles, but I'm not banging this chick tonight due to terrible logistics. Take the number, but it's a messy situation. She just started living here, got a new phone that broke and doesn't remember her own number. I take her friends down. Maybe we'll hang out.

Stiflers' Mom: You got a lighter? JT: Ya, in my car downstairs. SKO Stiflers' Mom (SM) is this cougar dressed like a hooker. Fishnet stockings, high heel boots, and a sexy tight black dress number. Married with two teenage kids. SM is being weird, putting up nonsense shit tests. This doesn't register. With cougars, the response to any shit test is being loud, breaking rapport, and maintaining a sexual vibe letting her know you're the fucking man and she is in danger of getting fucked at any moment.

I went for an uncalibrated makeout and she's pissed. SM is really giving me a hard time; so much so, I think of just...ejecting? Not gonna happen since Sponge is doing a fine job of handling her haggard cougar friend. Thanks man! Isolate SM and she's still. being. weird. Kiss again and it's good.

SM: Why'd you do that? JT: Your friend left (said nonchalantly) We ramp up the makeout, more intensity, but I realize something. I'm feeling like a different kind of dancing monkey, confirmed by thisSM: You can entertain me. JT: If by entertain you mean get you wet and fuck you deep, then yea. Sexual state locked. Tossed around the idea of a bathroom pull. No go the first 4 times. But the 5 times a charm (ah, the power of suggestion); I grab her hand, open bathroom door, lock bathroom door, slam her against the wall and fierce tonguedowns. She is putting up resistance, but...not leaving. I can tell she wants this. I know she wants this. Lift up her dress and rub her pussy. She gets wet. I let out my dick, but she won't 'taste' or 'get down on your knees' for it. Instead, just a handjob and teasing my bare cock on her wet pussy. We were in the bathroom for around 10-15 minutes, but the thunderous knocks on the door made me feel uncomfortable (she didn't mind this at all, wanting to stay longer!). Also on my mind was the fact she was married and stroking my cock with her wedding ring on! Even though I didn't fuck her, I'm certain the glory was there for the taking if I pushed through. We go out to the patio and she sits on my lap grinding me while I fingerbang her already dripping wet pussy, caressing her toned legs beneath the fishnets. I take her number and learn her name for the first time. Although she is staying with family in the city tonight, she tells me she is usually out on business alone and wants to see me again. Cool. An arranged sex date. Despite the rude, weird, and overall bitchiness of this broad towards me in the early stages...I got her in the bathroom, DTF. Nice.

Notez: -NEVER WAIT TO APPROACH. I'm going to continue to put this up as a reminder because never waiting to approach = definitive win. ALWAYS. It a newbie preaching, but I'm not above it. No one is. -RHYTHM of the night. I'm conscious of this. Last few nights I've been late having the social juices lubricated to get excited and bark at hotties. It's not a 'state' issue, but moreso taking action versus not taking action. Solution- Do those tough sets! I want to to! Just a fogged sense of certainty with residual chodeness creeping up. -Mixed sets. I'm only going to do this if I sense the dude is picking up and the girl isn't interested. No need to AMOG, as there are plenty of other girls around. Push comfort zones? I can accomplish this in other ways. -Taking one for a wing. Summa had this hot English chick iso'd, with Sponge and I occupying the friends. The friends were...hmmm. I'd fuck one of them, but the one I was talking to I...just couldn't. Sweet girl, but I felt like such an ass realizing my interactions with women are based on how attracted I am to them. Obviously, I want attraction to be felt, but I dunno...wasn't being genuine and wasn't paying attention to anything she had to say. Eeeks. Anyways, passed the

chick to Hxytery to take a glory lap around Gans. From what Sponge told me, this was almost a triple pull.

Samantha Jones Cougar Tonight, I fucked Samantha Jones. And by Samantha Jones, I mean this 5'10 cougar with an athletic runner's body and a party girl attitude. (Note: Samantha Jones is a fictional character on Sex and the City that loves sex). We greet at Coffee Shop and I gently smack her ass to let her know whats what. I lead us to the downstairs area filled with sofas. Even though cougar is already 5'10, she is donning high heel boots. It doesn't matter to me, so it doesn't matter to her. This is ON; I know it and she knows it. Hand in hand, foreheads caressing, anticipating locked lips...we kiss, followed by some sweet tongue. Background on SJ: She is 38, with a 5 y/o son. Widowed for just over two years, and not working. Tonight, she left the son with a babysitter staying at hers. Logistics- Get back to hers to do the nasty. Meaning, I had to get her comfortable enough taking me to home to fuck. That's it. While at Coffee Shop, she mentions later meeting up with a friend at this exclusive Soho club. She wants to meet her friend and wants me to go. Okay, time to conference with Sponge. He can wing me or I can handle the friend myself and pull. JT: Is your friend going to cockblock this blossoming romance? (credit: Rob) SJ: I'll make sure she doesn't (coy smile) I decide to wait and just walk around Union Sq with SJ. We walk towards Beauty Bar and go inside. Order a round and sit on a sofa to the side of dancefloor area. At this point I'm fingering her, getting her hot, pushing her away, pulling her back in, spiking her emotions with sexual innuendo. I look into her eyes and I can see she is ready to be pulled; ready for her pussy to be pillaged by a young, wet D. Hail a cab and once inside ruthlessly escalate; pretty much dry sex. SJ: I wish all guys were like you. You're unique. JT: *thinking* Yea toots, it only took me months to cultivate this sex-worthiness. In the cab, the friend calls again and is being bratty about SJ coming over the Soho club. Fine...we'll only stay for ONE drink. We get to this Soho club and it takes the friend a looooong time to come upstairs and meetup. SJ decides to ditch this and we hail a cab en route to her place for sexy times. YES!

Here is where this LR takes a turn. I really, really, really had to piss. I drank on an empty

stomach (no dinner) and with a raging boner in the cab, I knew the trip from Soho to the Upper West Side would be a challenge. Fortunately, I made it through. Whew! SJ lives in a luxurious 3 bedroom, 2 bath apt. on the West Side by Lincoln Center. We're going to have sex, so no rush here (Ill take my piss of glory for relief first, haha). SJ undresses to reveal a nice tight body, smooth milky skin, sweet perky tits, and her legsher legs, wow. Amazing foreplay, amazing BJ, and now sex. Sexwasawful, and it was entirely my fault. I was fully erect, time to fuck, but when I was fucking (w/ condom), Id go limp. Yikes, this is embarrassing to type! Id stay erect, but it didnt measure up. And I couldnt cum (she came before I did). Anyways, I shifted to cuddling, and now Im ready for round deux. Unfortunately, same result. We try out different positions, but this is just frustrating. Here is a hot mom craving my D, and I cant deliver the goods. wah wah wah I attempt to play it cool by ignoring this nonsense. Eventually, she says she is tired, which is my cue to go. However, I had to bust. This projected an over eagerness, and after saying a couple of silly things, the romance fizzled. Now it was just awkward.

SJ escorts me to the door dressed in this sexy lingerie number. I felt like ripping it off and ravishing her, but I sensed she was done with me. Besides the alcohol, I blame Trojan condoms. I wanted to fuck her bare (and I know she wouldve been down too), but I have my rules- No unprotected sex. Everything leading up to sex was pure passion, ravishment, and excitement. Had I left after the first round of sex, I couldve salvaged this by seeing her again. Instead, I gave away too much, and subcommunicated neediness (on having not busted and given her great sex); what was supposed to be an arousal memory of orgasmic awesomeness turned out to be a meaningless one night stand. My intuition tells me I shouldnt even bother trying to rekindle this one. There was absolutely no connection to her, other than the fact I wanted to bang her because she was hot. Also, the baggage she has puts a damper on things. From all of this though, Im now motivated to become the best sex a girl has ever had. Ever. Samantha Jones beware- JTs got a monster in his pants and it does a naughty dance ;]

Cuddle Date (Meet to Close in 2 minutes) Text 2 Sex... Met up with a pof girl and a minute later we're having sex...literally, a minute. We meet, hot makeout, walk to hers, get naked, have sex. I had been chatting with her for a couple of weeks (screening her out). Tonight, we both agreed it was freezing; I told her I could use a snuggle buddy and that spiked her interest. Pushing the interaction, I mention it would be fun to meet up now. She says yes, and we have a sex, errrr cuddle date arranged. This girl is a 20 year old music education major that went to an all girls Catholic high school. She lives three blocks from me with a couple of roommates, and these roommates are out stoned tonight according to her...logistics are a go. When we met up I was checking for two things- 1) Attractiveness 2) And that she wasn't crazy. Check and check. After sex, we both laughed at the awesomeness of the situation. And after sex, I got to know more about her. I enjoyed her. Her bubbly personality, yoga body, adventurous smile, how she looked in sweatpants when she met me...thinking about her now, I'm excited.

Cougar Hunting with Phred (HOT makeout!) Cougar hunting times with the Phred! We hit up Zachery's on LI, knowing the place will flooded with them. Fucking wow...wall to wall cougars (of all types). Surprisingly, the ambiance was waaay different than what I expected; looked more like Pacha for the old folks. :lol: "You're old enough to be my son" "I'm old enough to be your mother" "Are you gay...bisexual?" "You're adorable/cute, but you should be going after girls your age" "You shouldn't be here" "Go to Savanahs" (place a block up with a younger crowd) I had to hear this nonsense the entire night. These cougars know why I'm stepping up to them; however, a lot of these women just didn't have an appetite for the D tonight. It was frustrating, especially since I was being eye fucked the entire night whilst parading the venue with as a sexual threat. I think it was so far from some of these womens reality that I'd step up to them. Phred and I were the only guys our age there; average age seemed to be 40, at least. And the venue is frequented by the same people every week (everyone knows everyone else), so I felt a judgment cloud hovering causing some resistance.

Still, I had a couple of near pulls. First, was this hottie brunette I grabbed and immediately iso'd. Her freinds come a minute later and I actually know one of them. This ruins the vibe because the friend was clinging to me and I didn't want to be rude. I went after the brunette HARD throughout the night though. We makeout, and cougar goes full Gene Simmons tongue on me. LOVED IT! She playfully refuses to take me home tonight, not get involved. Whatevs, I play it full package deluxe, but it wasn't going to happen tonight. Second, was this cougar I was talked to earlier in the night who she saw me macking other women. It's nearing the end of the night, and I was thinking of reasons why I wanted to pull this one. She knew that I knew she was a 'last resort'. Anyways, we madeout, but I just couldn't push this interaction...and I'm glad I didn't. I never ever want to put myself in a situation again where I have to think of reasons to bang a girl.

Notes: -Tonight I was LOUD and dominant, but felt forceful and overbearing (perhaps a bit reaction seeking) in my approaches. Reflecting now, I think a more chill, dialed back rhythm would've

been better. Instead, I went too hard, too soon. However, there was so much nonsense, so I had to let these ladies know the deal. -One blowout felt magnified times three because on onlookers. Phred left early, so there was no base to retreat to. Went solo for a few hours. -I really wanted to FUCK that brunette cougar HARD.

BIRTHDAY SEX! BIRTHDAY SEX! BIRTHDAY SEX! (belated) I was with the Catholic school teacher from a couple of weeks ago. This was our fourth night together and it was spectacular; went at it passionately for hours, then woke up to a mindblowing blowjob. The intensity of emotions during sex was unlike any other lay. When I stared deep into her eyes, I felt inspiration. Her mind, her body, her spirit...made her beautiful to me. I'm understanding that sex+emotions= FIREWORKS.

Earlier this week, I became 25 years old. And in a few hours, I'll be celebrating the New Year with several of the coolest people I know. Here's to 2010Big things ;]

NYE w/ NYC crew and lessons on momentum It's New Years Eve and the players came out to play at Webster Hall; Sponge, Northern, UtopiaFive, L Prince, Summa, Laser, Foolsmate, and a couple of names I forgot.

This was a rough night. Perhaps the roughest night I've ever had. I felt frustrated, almost why are these girls so rude, weird, nasty? This unfortunately did affect me to a very small degree...but to a degree nonetheless. Sucks. I'll assess the night: -I have my boundaries for acceptable behavior. To plow is one thing, but to put myself in a situation where I'm chasing someone not worthwhile is stealing valuable time away from those who would jump at the opportunity. -timing with regards to my fun/intent balance; momentum was never established, so my rhythm was off. I left early at 3am, but I who knows what could've happened. -I was f'n exhausted by the middle of night. Lack of sleep, along with a earlier workout caused my entire body to just ache. I was feeding the pain bodies as ET eloquently puts it, haha. -my only regret is not pushing through HARDER, FASTER, STRONGER and everything else Kanye West has to say about macking. Seemed like everyone else was having a 'rough' night too, but some were able to push through. -Foolsmate played like a champion tonight. It was interesting when I caught up with him later and he said something about the girl he was with (and looked ready to pull) being 'out of his league'. One of the pushes for 2010 is to step up to those smokeshow turbo babes. Time to evolve the game! -it was interesting to see how inflated the female ego is when in large groups. The night played out like thisHad a lame New Years makeout with a lesbian, a near double pull with Northern, harsh blowouts, and got asked for drugs from a few girls; and not just pot, but these chicks were looking for E, turnoff. I'll also add that I had massive fun just being around guys I got to know throughout this year. This is what made the night special for me and what I'll remember.

Northern wrote: Here's the thing about momentum -- "pickup momentum" is just a special case of general social momentum. Be social with anyone. Talk to bouncers. Talk to dudes. Talk to bartenders. Talk to the fatties. Remember: everyone is your friend. Literally walk around the venue and smile and nod to every girl in the venue. If the girl acknowledges you, guess what? You just opened. Now go talk to her. Don't even feel like you have to be gaming these people. YOU DO NOT NEED TO USE THE DOUBLE CLAW OPENER EVERY TIME. You're just building social momentum.

Once you've got that momentum built up and you're in the zone, stop talking to the UGs and go after what you want.

You're absolutely right. I'm already conscious of this, but this is an excellent reminder. Breaking down my game, I am hoping to employ more social times, get those social juices flowing, creating the party, and bringing that around. The way I see my game developing is a coast to coast wave of awesomeness, with wings pinning each corner of the venue getting it done. In the scheme of my game, I want to push a more slower rhythm. When I'm not feeling the girl feeling me, I sometimes feel forceful (do too much, too soon). I need to shimmer it down a bit, play it like a champ. And I already trust my pull sense to lead, so it's cool. With last night and the last few times I've been out, I saw momentum as something that I can turn on like a lightswitch; as opposed to build gradually. Would also call it simply taking action. Rather, I need to read the environment better, tune into that.

Text 2 Sex Dedicating this LR to Rob for his bday. Another Text 2 Sex taleTotal time from meet to sex was half an hour. And this was the first time I banged two girls in a day. JT: What you up to 2n Girl: i dunno yet...few of my girlfriends talking about going out...not sure what 2 do yet JT: Hmmm...going to hit up this sushi spot by me. mayb u can tag along, will be fun ;] Girl: and guess what i just ate...sushi with my mom and sister... Girl: ok so i know nothing about you lol...and where is this and who you goin with...maybe ill come JT: JT; *my nationality; *job, fav color is green; likes kitten&puppies n kareoke Girl: haha you are must do this often tall are you...whats you body type JT: 400 lbs of delicious man candy with two crooked teeth nah haha, im a handsome gentlemen with amazing cuddling skillssss Girl: hahaha Girl: are you going with other ppl? JT: Nah, technically staying in but feeling sushi 2n and could totally use a snuggle buddy ;] Girl: always nice 2 cuddle w big fat girl JT: *dead air Girl: that was a joke lol Girl: ill hangout tnt...kinda ate though already...ate a lot lol...ill go for a drink if you want or try to eat more JT: lets make it happen! fun times ;] Girl: casual? fancy... JT: casual, but something sexy so we match Girl: *directions to sushi bar JT: cool...ill see you soon. this weather is perfect for cuddling, nice Girl is a STUNNER, awesome! Tall, tan, blonde highlights, dressed sexy. as. fuck. accented by sultry vibe. She's a 26 y/o nurse from LI, and looks like the typical hot LI girl you'd imagine. We greet, kiss her lips on greeting, and it's good. I'm 4 for 4 getting laid with this routine dealie so far Head into the sushi bar and sit on opposite sides of the table. Before, my mindset would've been trying to have her sit next to me, in effect really trying to 'game her'. The thing is, I was just so confident I was going to take her home and fuck her there was no need for it. This was the extent of out conversation during dinnerKoala bears, favorite colors, NYE, who'd play us in a movie about ourselves, our ideal weddings, and some general fluff. Of course, I'd hype up the cuddle times, get her excited and qualifying herself, making it fun for the both of us. There was even a silly time-bridge when I told her I had

to use the little boys room, haha. We walk to mine, telling her we'll play Wii or Connect 4. Get inside and chill on my sofa, followed by a hot makeout (damn her lips were tasty). I break the makeout and look deeply into her eyes...she asks me what I'm thinking... So I gently take her hand, lead her to the bedroom, HONEYMOON slam her on the bed and run Styles' cube for comfort...sike! we got under the covers, took off our clothes, told her I was going to get her wet, got her wet, then we fucked.

Last night I had spectacular sex with the Catholic school teacher I mentioned in my earlier posts. In comparison, the sex with this girl was disappointing. She's hottie and all, but we just didn't have that sexual chemistry in bed. Perhaps there is some truth to sex on the first date being a bad idea because meaningful emotions aren't present. Or perhaps I need to find ways and inspire those emotions in myself first.

D2 Fuckup: Being a pouty immature bitch This is going to be very difficult to write... Just came back from a DuD date and feel like an idiot. Girl was a 20 y/o hottie hottie (typed it twice) deluxe and I blew it...knew exactly when I blew it...and did nothing to not blow it.

Picked her up and the first sign of demise was when I hesitated to kiss her on the lips on greeting. I was not setting the tone I wanted, and the effects snowballed later. When we got to the sushi bar, it was freezing inside. Me always feeling cold made it worst; I was trying remain comfortable and not shiver. Did alright, but it was tough. Damn. During the dinner, I learned she wanted to become a sexologist, counseling couples with their sex lives and whatnot. that last sentence again, about her wanting to be a sexologist, and kill me for not being able to get it done tonight! We did discuss our sexual thoughts, and it was a very engaging conversation...but I wasn't leading it towards me and her doing the nasty tonight. Instead, we had these fun playful conversations, where I wasn't bringing the heat...bringing that motherfucking intent. We held hands, but that was it. The 'friend' cloud grew darker as I seized on opportunities to make it happen...I was done. I went to kiss her and no go. Tried 4 times, but still no go. Pulled out the cuddle love, but denied. With the cuddle routine, I didn't fully push it through text (pre-meet) or generate excitement in person to crystallize the bubble; just threw it out there after dinner, kind of as a hail mary. So, we're in front of my place and my car. This is not happening tonight, time to drop her home. It was a 20 minute car ride and I purposely didn't say a word. She'd asked questions (like my favorite sport), and I'd answer with the enthusiasm of a someone that could've cared less because he wasn't getting his D wet tonight. She even mentioned, "You sure got awfully quiet". Yea, cool. Drop her in front of her place and she asks me what's wrong. She wonders if it's because she didn't kiss me. 'Nah, it's cool'. She goes for the goodnight loser hug of pity...I stop her, no. My feelings on this are ambivalent. She would've fucked me had I played my game, the way I know how to play it. However, I know there were actions I didn't take to ensure the win (i.e build a sexual vibe, not going into long into entertaining narratives, not having to 'force' things). What upsets me is that I really did enjoy my time with this girl. When I didn't get what I wanted (i.e the kiss that would've hopefully led to bed times), I shut down everything I felt for her. Even if I were to take her out again, it would be as 'just friends'. Perhaps I could've taken her home and just chilled, gotten to know her better, see where the chips fall. From her perspective, she met a fun cool guy that didn't spark a sexual vibe, who turned into an passive jerk. I wanted her. There aren't too many girls that look like her with stuff going on for themselves

like she seemed to have. It's disappointing that I 'lost' her, a bit hurtful. But I realize the lessons to be learned, however unfortunate the expense of having to learn them is.

Reflections, Ambivalence, and Feeling Dangerous I've only gone out 4 nights in the last two months; been more of a homebody, chilling with the FBs, and working the existing rolodex with no effort. Perhaps it's the cold weather, settling in a comfort zone, my own laziness, commuting, or whatever...I've had little motivational drive to go out. I did go out last night though. I chilled with Sponge and that was about it. No approaches, but the itch was there; but it just seemed like too much work (thoughts of logistics, girls not being DTF, groups, not feeling social, no momentum, and pulling dazed my mind). I thought about how I could've just chilled with a FB, been happy, and that's it. During the night I was setting up a booty-call with girl I laid last October. Hadn't kept in touch with her much, but I recently enjoyed a major hard-on when I thought about her sultry voice and tight body; I wanted it again. Too bad she deleted my number (who is this? text came back); fortunately, I did revive it, and my intuition tells me it's on the next time I see her. Awesome. Throughout the night, I had these ambivalent feelings. Even though I was being lame and not doing approaches, I still felt like the most dangerous guy there. ONE SHOT, ONE KILL, yes...problem was I wasn't taking any shots. The hunger and excitement wasn't there. I recalled my 30 day challenge and post BC, where I went out at least three nights a week with a drive to get this handled (get laid). Now that I am getting laid on the reg, I'm stifled. Do I reconnect with that basic and primal JT and learn to cultivate new challenges? For example, I've been slacking hardcore with simply just meeting women in my everyday life (daygame scenarios). Interestingly, this is an area where I feel I'd most excel at. Weird. How badly do I want it? I've read Rob & Zaks FRs from back in the day and it's amazing how hard they pushed through to get where they are now (elite player commando types). I have faith in myself that I could reach that level, for real; there are hundreds of reference experiences of spontaneous lovestriking and just being pimp that I've accumulated in under a year. I don't want to glorify my disappointment of last night, but I want to be honest. This is my path and I'm standing idle now...

Crazy Internet Girl, plus Going out Solo and getting it done No more picking up girls from Met up with this girl I had been chatting with for awhile that seemed worthwhile to meet. Indian, 31, lives on the LES, and works in the medical field. Based on our IMs and text chats I was really looking forward to this...and then we met. Yikes! Girl gave off a weird vibe; like someone who'd chop off the wee-wee when you're asleep Against the better judgement to blow this girl off immediately, I gave it a chance. After 5 minutes, I straight up told her, "I'll be honest...this sucks". She storms off and I try meeting up with the boys for some debauchery. This girl was just not for me. Why it sucked: -Her vibe. We study seduction to improve our success with women; we learn to have empathy for how women feel, read them, and calibrate according. However, this game wasn't built for girls like her. -We were just chilling and she yells, "DON'T TOUCH ME!". Strange because I wasn't even going to touch her. This was the signal for me to end the date. -She's met-up with three other guys from the site, which told me enough. -Met up with her at 10, on a Saturday night. I didn't feel like hitting her up on a weekday; plus, if our time sucked, I had an out. -I was disappointed because I thought we 'clicked' online, haha. Not the case in person. With the online disaster done, I had two choices. 1) go home, sulk in disappointment. 2) go out, find a new girl. Choice 2 it is!

Hit up the Ganz solo. Surprisingly fun times! I was opened a few times, so this helped build my momentum. I felt social, awesome, the JT of ole. Now, putting the passion to make happen. So much happened at Ganz, so I'll just summarize: Had a wonderful cherish night with a tall Canadian tourist. A young tall brunette teacher with sweet milky skin; she was in NYC to celebrate her friends bday (2 set). The bday girl is hooked on this guy, leaving the friend looking around. I looked at her, said "Hi", and that was it. Took her to gazebo area in the back; looked into her eyes, holding hands, making out, caressing her beautiful body. The pull was there and she was ready, however, logisitics =( She's leaving tomorrow. Also, the bday girl got waaaaay plastered, so she took her home. Anyways, she's excited about us finding each other on Facebook, so I'll see how this plays out in the long term if she comes back to the city. Speaking of Facebook, I was employing it in my texts when I got other girl's numbers. I see the potential and think it's fantastic.

Had a brunette super cutie open me. She was drunk, but really fucking adorable. Easy makeout for the taking, but I held back because her friend was right next to us. Because I was solo, I had a tough time dividing my attention between the brunette and her friend (wasn't bad, but I could've done a better job). And since it was a 2 set, I couldn't just isolate the brunette alone. Also, there was a dude clinging to her throughout the night; dude wasn't a threat at all, and I let him have his day, while she came back to me for fun times. These girls are from Chicago, and the one I wanted is moving to NYC in April. It's too bad she doesn't have Facebook, otherwise it would've been easier to keep this lead warm. I do want to see her again and she texted me back this afternoon wanting to sync up. Cool. Oh yea, there was this mega cutie I opened who was sooooooo DTF. Told her she was adorable, she told me I was adorable, and it was just so f'n ON. She told me she had to say goodbye to a few people, but would find me later. Not wanting to leave anything to chance, I took her number. However, when she introduced me to her tall chubster friend, I was greeted with a look of disgust. Her friend gave me the nastiest look, even whispering to her friend and pointing at me later in the night. I get the hint that the friend totally sabatoged this for me. No idea why because I tried befriending her. Whatever though. Might've also lost this because when I saw the girl leaving I was already talking to the Canadian cherish.

Eye contact. I'm cognizant of this because all my sets opened by simply me just making eye contact from afar, holding it intensely (along with the girl), going over to the girl and telling her, "you can't look at me like that and not say hi". I realize I'm a physically attractive guy, so these girls would be eyeing me. I didn't make a play for all the eye contacts though; it's a dimension of my game I'm looking to exploit. For example, walk down the street, make eye contact with hotty, and cultivate that killer instinct to step up to her...full balls on the line.

Tonight, I felt the rust shake off. What I admired about myself tonight was being able to go solo, find a girl I wanted, and make it happen. Nice.

Attraction isn't a choice...

February 2009It happened on the cross-street of 59th Street and Lexington Ave, in front of Bloomingdales. Only a couple of days before, I was in the hands of two men that promised to change my dating life forever. And they did. These men re-wired my entire belief system and now I was going to turn that belief system into a reality... I was on date with a cougarlicious hotty; an hour into the date and with the sexual tension boiling, I took hotty's hand, spun her, and kissed her...then epic tonguedown times. This was my first kiss! A rush of emotions flooded my body to crystallize my new belief system. I was no longer this loveshy loser anymore; I was a cool, confident, social, fun, outgoing man...on his way to a sex-worthy lifestyle. Fast forward to todaySet up plans to meet a hotty Latina bartender. JT: Wanna cause some trouble tonight? Hotty: I'm down. JT: Cool...give me your crossstreet, ill see u around 9 love Hotty: Why so late! JT: Work gym helping sis with science being so fresh n fly for ya Hotty: *dead air* JT: Let me know! Hotty: *gives address Hotty: What do you want to do? JT: Hmmm...fall in love Hotty: lol ok...but how?? what do you want to do? JT: We'll see...chill, walk around, make ppl jealous have fun Got there early. I go to her door and she invites me up. Ahhhhhh yeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaa! Chill at her place while she gets ready. We're playfully physical with each other; both of us building the sexual tension together. It's time- I stare into her eyes...grab her by the hips...kiss...break off. I can see and feel the sparks in her eyes. We walk along Steinway Street and stop at this flashy glow in the dark bar where the server was dressed so provocatively I thought we were actually in a strip club. Hotty mentions that the kiss I gave back at her place flustered her; and she tries kissing me now. I wanted to kiss her, but I didn't want to give too much away i.e I was going for bed timez. Most of our conversation revolved around family, our childhood, and silly trivial stuff. Lot of flirtation, sexual tension, her telling me I'm handsome. The tone was already established when I kissed her and now I was able to just emotionally connecting whilst leading. Truth is, I really did enjoy getting to know her because she was like a female version of me. We get back to her place and her ex-bf is blowing up her phone. Then she mentions how she's

always the one that's been hurt in relationships; nothing I can say to that, so I didn't. Instead I hoped in bed, she joined, got super wet, and so much more

Left her place at 12 and remembered I'm on a fucking 30 day challenge. Head out to Bell Blvd and do some pure and shameless approaches. It's 12:15am at Bell Blvd on a Tues night, so not that much is going on. Goofy looking dudes in Afflication tees overwhelming the venue, and the girls exuding a mediocre hotness with tight clothes, makeup, and heels. I sprinted to one cougar-esque looking brunette strolling with her friend. I stop them both and it scares the hell out of them (I came in not too high, not too low, but just the right energy I felt). The cougar hotty was not having it, at all. She totally blew me off with a pissed off angry look, claiming she had a boyfriend (all while I was physically escalating, haha). Yea toots, whatever. I was excited while sprinting to this cougar. During the fireworks blowout, I thought, 'why is this chick being weird'? I honestly did not see her response as a reflection of my own game. I was comfortable with the tension, but she didn't understand it. No shame or regret in the approach at all. I recognized this other girl from back in elementary school. This girl had blossomed into a total hotty in high school, but now she was just 'okay'. Still, I HAD to approach her. She had no idea who the fuck I was though. She sees me on the street later, stops with her friend, and points to me as the creepy guy, yet still asking me questions. It weirded her out (as well as her friends) that I remembered she sat next to me in the 5th grade. Whatever. binary of forums makes an unexpected surprise appearance. Next girl was this blonde stunner out with some dude who I did not think was the boyfriend. Even if he was, he didn't seem threatening, and I really wanted this girl. I'm outside the bar and we make heavy contact...I walk directly towards her, close up in her face, and explode. She's confused, totally not expecting this. With the possible boyfriend and crowd of mixed friends behind her, she looked uncomfortable not knowing how to react. Her fat friend makes the save and I'm done. It's interesting- I was just in bed with an absolute stunner who looked at me like I was a 10. Then I go out my local strip of bars and these girls looked at me like I was a 4. Attraction really isn't a choice.

Instant attraction and being a faggot Met up with Hart tonight at Union Square. Hart's a cool guy and looked like a champ. Big things for him We hit up yilliL. Not much going on, but getting the social juices flowing. Wing dynamics are off and I'm just not bringing those fun vibes; rather just chilling back, almost to the point of not even being engaged in set. At the other end of the bar I spot a bartender that looked almost exactly like the hotty from last night! And that's when I think to myself- Why the fuck am I out in the city when I could already be in bed with a beautiful girl that I'm really into?! Also, as were we walking along Union Square I spotted a former fuck buddy walking her dog; she looked cute in her short shorts, so I'll consider hitting her up again. I chat it up with the hostess at yilliL, just being social. In this interaction, the vibes between us were amazing. We could've easily fell in love that night. When I left to say goodbye, we held hands for what seemed like an eternity, intensely looking into each others eyes. She had an excited nervous energy and smiling. The way she reacted was surprising; for a grown women her facial expressions lit up like a tween at a BSB concert. It felt good though. My only regret is not moving the interaction forward i.e. shooting for the number or even getting her out that night. Ah wellz, my field experience tells me it's still ON if I ever see her again...hopefully soon because she was a cutie wearing a classic black dress, thick dark-rim glasses, and had that wholesomeness I find so attractive. This interaction with the hostess was my inspiration. It was a passive chill energy that created this heavy attraction. I know and she was ON.

Other than that, I'm extremely disappointed to report I engaged in faggotry. Not the anal ass pounding kind, but the being a man and not taking action kind. My faggotry made it painful to even see a cutie walk by. I would see cute girl and I'd feel pain?! What is this mental cockblock shit?! There were easily over fifteen beautiful women I saw that I should have stepped excuses, this is a 30 day challenge. Noted. I'll shout a Mulligan based on last night and move on. P.S.- I'll make up for the singing to three strangers mission. In fact, if any the the NYC guys I know are reading this, I give you permission to kick/punch me on my balls if I haven't done so.

"I have a boyfriend"...makeout ensues At Dublins with The Phred. Besides liking girls (and wanting to sleep with them), we have many of the same interests. Phred radiates positive energy; one of the chillest guys I know. He ends up pulling a girl from the dancefloor in 30 minutes or so. Theme of the night- It takes ONE approach. Throughout the day I was exchanging love sonnets with the hotty from Tuesday. And shes developed into a cherish...I think about her bright eyes, soft lips, the way she giggles when I nibble on her ear. Instead of going out tonight, I wanted to be with her, but she had job training (works as a bartender).

Dublins was a different crowd than I was used to. 18+, Long Island dudes still rocking blowout haircuts, fat chicks with clothes too tight, and wolfpack-style party girls dancing wilding and cockblocking intruding mackers. I lock eyes with this semi-cute chick (I really couldnt tell from where I was standing) leaning against the wall with arms crossed. Eyes lock, and before I can land the pimp foot forward, she literally runs and sprints away from me, arms waving and all. Seeing this, a short fat dude from the peanut gallery chimes in with his witty remarks. Funny stuff, nothing to take personally; it's really her problem, not mine. Moving interactions tonight meant going to instant makeouts; rekindling the 30 Day spirit from last year. This redhead glasses chick rolled with a girl Phred had banged months ago. We exchange pleasantries, I isolate redhead, and go for the makeout. BOYFRIEND objections! Whatever, cool, yea. Go for the makeout again; we're open mouth kissing, but this chicks breath stinks. No gum to offer, so I did not want to continue this. No go on my other instant makeout attempts, but whatever; I disregarded any 'calibration' laws. If it's ON from the approach, I know I'll bang the girl. Attraction can be so ridiculously subjective. The past few days I've experienced the widest oscillation since doing all this. There are several times when girls have told me I was the most attractive guy at a venue, looking at me starry eyed, ready to fall in love...but the last few days have been almost the opposite. No biggie, some thangs to keep in mindDominant off the bat, smile, lead, give her a reason to fall in love, isolate and escalate, befriend her friends, assume attraction, express, be loud, laser eye focus, I'm enough, she wants to be fucked, polarize roles, coolest motherfucker, don't give a fuck, make it fun for myself, be awesome etc etc ect I hate the word 'plow', but I'm going to have to do more of that; not in the creepy weird way, but rather force her to like me by not allowing her to see me as a sexual threat or a fagboy, simply a guy she just has to have sex with.

There is something to be said about a girl's threshold; meaning no matter how solid the game is, the girl will just shut down the guy because of all the game (whether good or bad) that's been kicked to her already. It's overwhelming for her. Next time, get the momentum going as early in the night as possible. I'll be doing some double shifts (day and night) this 30 day too. I already know I'm a fucking closer and on any night, I will pull. I'm a player, live by the code of the player, and don't give a fuck. It's a healthy ego, and this is when I've stepped into a venue feeling like the most dangerous motherfucker pimping like I'm supposed to. If Northern and UtopiaFive are reading, yes, I did pat myself on the back after each approach. ;)

"If you were my teacher, I'd have a boner in class all day" Finding a rhythm of awesomeness has been my greatest challenge since getting back into all this. See girl, get girl. A to B. No obstacles. No mind fucks. No 'she's already talking to a guy'. No 'she's by the bar waiting for a drink'. No 'this isn't the right time to approach'. No 'she's dancing with her friends'. No 'I should wait til I have momentum'. KeyMake it happen; means making the most from the opportunities I have.

Out with Hart tonight, I felt many of my old pimp behaviors come back to me; it was watching Hart and giving him direction, where I was able to re-connect with the stuff that had worked well for me i.e immediately isolating & escalating, then figuring logistics. My favorite interaction of the night was with this really cute, curly haired lawyer from White Plains. I was whispering sweet intent, clawing, rocking in and out...I felt like the one on a roller coaster of emotions! Lawyer chick: A lot of people think I'm a teacher JT: If you were my teacher, I'd have a boner in class all day (clawed in, whispered to her ear). JT: I wish we fell in love in the 90's. JT: Yea, I'd burn you a mix cd with all the songs we'll make love to Lawyer: OMG (*wide smile, looking at her friend all giddy) I loved the physicality between us and the creativity I was spitting out. She was only with one friend, who was kind of downer. Should've shot for the #, but I really don't feel like going to White Plains to see her or meet her in the city. I should've got the number to see if the interaction was really as solid as I thought it was. My only doubt is that it was more of fun vibe, and not enough serious sexual intent. With a fury disappointment, I couldn't find my blonde English tourist super-duper hottie later in the night. Just thinking about the shiny gold dress she had on, her tall sultry body, and seductive features is giving my dick a massive hard on. Lesson- Never evvvvvvvvvvvvvver leave anything to chance. I had this dime isolated but let her go too early. Fuck. Went on Gans date times with a Jamaican girl. It's never a good thing if I have to decide if she's worth getting to know. I really only opened her to get my social juices flowing. But yea, it was not on between us. It's never good if I have to think a girl is worth banging i.e had this chubbster brunette all over. Definitely fuckable, but I dunno. I just wasn't down. Perhaps if she stopped eating for a week or two. End of the night I had this cute petite black chick open me. She had this sweet, girl next door

thing going. If I got the number, I probably wouldn't have followed up anyways (she lived in Jersey). I could see the disappointment on her face when she realized I wasn't moving the interaction forward. Writing about it now, I kind of feel bad... Tonight, I felt my aggressiveness coming to stride. One of the tenants of my game is that I'll know it's ON from the first second. Either it hooks or I get blown the fuck out. With the blowouts tonight, I didn't fully bring it, y'na mean? Like fully command it. Truth is these girls need to be told what to do, put in their place, and led. I can't let them get away with nonsense. Moreover, can't let my own brain get away with fucking with me! Throughout the night, I also I thought about my Cherish. I haven't felt this way about any girl since before I got into the community...almost like a twelve year old with a schoolboy crush. I missed that feeling. And thinking about her gets me excited; not just in my pants I had an interesting chat with Northern too. He's one of the dudes I really respect and admire, even beyond game. Northern made the point that there's so much more than just going out to pick up girls, post on forums, and community nonsense. I want to parlay what I know to something more productive and meaningful in my life. For purposes of this ongoing challenge, going to swing HARDER, FASTER, STRONGER.

My First Asian My first Asian- A sexy Filipino, 5'6, petite and tight, 34C. Just FANTASTIC. I texted her that day to meetup. Through text, she didn't seem too enthusiastic to meetup, but I knew she had nothing else planned that would be better than chilling with a cool guy. After work I called her and set plans for 7:30PM. She lives in Astoria, so I asked where she lived by and told her I'd meet her at that cross-street. I get there early and it seems like it's about to rain. Filipino calls to say she is running late because she went back home to get an umbrella. We meetup at this corner cafe; sit on opposite sides of the table in a far corner, and I couldn't really tell if it was ON or not (based on her body language, emotional excitement, and the like). We create rapport about work, New York City, and shopping. I begin to caress her hands. The conversation shifts to hobbies and our perspectives about life. The interaction is still very platonic, not yet sexual. However, I know she likes me and it's up to me to move things forward for her. It's getting cold where we're sitting so we move to a booth on the other end of the cafe. We sit side by side this time, and the mutual caressing is escalated. I kiss her. Golden silence. She kisses me. We kiss, break off, and joke about possibly getting kicked out for our behavior. We also people-watch; looking at people and making ridiculous assumptions (done for couples and singles). And we both agreed we were the hottest couple there :) Filipino: "I almost wasn't going to come because my favorite shows were on tonight" JT: "Dancing with the Stars? Oh YES, we HAVE to watch that tonight!" Filipino: "But my place is a mess" JT: "Cool...maybe I'll you clean up" Flipino: "I have a rule sex on the first date" JT: "That's cool...I know how that is" Filipino: "Really? You're not upset?" JT: "No...I'm just getting to know you" 45 minutes later , I pull. We go to her place and her canopy bed is located in the living room, across the TV. She goes to her room to change; minutes later she comes out in a tank-top and short shorts. BOIIIIIIIIIING!!!! Damn she looked hot! I tell her it's hot and then take off my clothes slowly, dressing down to my boxers and undershirt.

Cuddle times on her bed watching TV. Escalate. Passionate kisses. Tell her to take off her top. I take off my boxers. Take off her short shorts. Take off my undershirt. Now we're naked, and all over each other. She strokes my cock and asks me what I'm thinking..."Taste it" I say, followed by her giving me an amazing BJ. Time to fuck. She was extremely tight; no lube, so it was rough, yet still enjoyable. An hour later I smother her belly ring with cum, and notice my load shot across her face and even further! She cleans up, and some more cuddling ensues. We discuss hanging out again, what we like about each other, and general comfort stuff. When I exit her building, the Spring air of the twilight hours smells glorious.

Latina Makeup Artist D2 Times with a hottie Latina Makeup Artist After two weeks of a few full-ignore responses from Makeup Artist, I finally get a response. Apparently she had forgotten why she had been ignoring me, but mentioned I was "persistent". I push for a meetup the next day; plans are to pick her up after work, drinks, see if we like each other, fall in love, etc. She didn't drive, so I was going to have to take her from Astoria (where she worked) to the Bronx (where she lived with her brother). Makeup Artist is dressed in a black mini-skirt and five inch stiletto heels. As she walks half a block towards me, she's getting serious double-takes from every dude and and a couple of catcalls...YES, THIS IS FOR ME! We meet and BOOM, Hollywood Kiss. Less than a minute into the date we're making out on the streets. This was pure animalistic attraction. Our hands were hands all over each other the entire night. And at the bar she kept trying to open up my shirt, so I HAD to tell her control herself! Yet...she mentioned being nervous...but excited. Whatever it is, she's emotional and there's a spark in her eyes. I get her to verbalize what she likes about me. She replies- good kisser, sweet, interesting, kind, cute. She also says she regrets ignoring my previous texts to meetup hahaha. Makeup artist knows the deal between us and says something about not getting in my car. This didn't register for obvious reasons. She likes me, and I like her; it's the matter of her own comfort and her rationalizing all these different ideas in her head. I wasn't getting much resistance anyways, so no worries. She did get in my car and I dropped her home. While driving she was stroking my cock and making out with me at each stop light. Didn't close, but it's one of these deals where I'm certain it's going down next time I see her. My only option tonight was closing her in the car, but logistics and her pacing weren't setting me up for the win. I could've definitely closed if was more aggressive, but it just didn't feel right to me. Instead we pretty much had dry sex in public, spectators in awe. This $$$ in the Bank though. She made me promise to see her Saturday and stay at my place. I'll have to see her anyway because I accidentally left a charm bracelet on her arm that my grandma given me.

Glorious sex to cum ;)

Glorious sex to cum ;) And it did. Took her out to a Hookah lounge 10 minutes from my place. We were all over each other again; and after a couple of hours, we go to my place. This was a two hour pull because I was actually enjoyed myself at the lounge- just talking to her, smoking hookah, eating cheese-fries to go with our drinks. Plus I knew this was $$$ in Bank, so no need to rush. It's interesting because she asked twice 'when' (not 'if') we were going back to mine, haha. Girl: I think going back to your place is a bad idea (said as I'm about to park in front of my place) JT: It is (I replied coy-ly) Girl: *she smiles Wall slam...chill & relax...go to bedroom. She gets on top of me and WOW...insanely hot passion timesss. While she was caressing her delicious Latina tongue on my dick, she stopped, somewhat abruptly. She's now staring at a wall for like a minute, so I interrupt withJT: What's going on? Girl: I don't know if I should be doing this. JT: I know *wrap my arms around her and softly kiss her from neck to lips Sex was FANTASTIC. I got her to squirt (my first squirter), so I'm feeling good about this too. For whatever reason, I blurted out, "I'm yours" to her...Her eyes lit up and she asked me to say it again...and then asked me to say it again with even more excitement. Then we went at it for another round of wild sex. During cuddle times, she asked me why I'm "perfect". I mention this because girls will sometimes ask me (really inquisitively too) how it is I'm possibly single yada yada yada. Yet, they somehow have doubts concerning my feelings and genuineness towards themI feel they look to for asinine faults that reflect their doubts; perhaps it's these girls past history that has fucked up their thinking. This has no reflection on me whatsoever, so I can't let these tests fuck my emotions.

My feelings about this girlShe's the BEST kisser I've had. This is saying a lot because I've kissed hundreds of girls. She's affectionate, nurturing, caring, thoughtful, sweet, sexual. Forgot to mention, she's bisexual and open to a three-some. She suggested this! Nice...

I also like her energy and just being around her. We don't really have much of a 'connection' though, just pure lust. I actually think we've spent more time tonguing it down than actually talking. Hmmmm...

Anyways, chick texts me next day: "i had a great time with you last night. I just wanted to say thank you again and have a good time with your friends today..." I feel emotionally invested, so I'll see how this goes...

LR: Busty mixed Asian/Latina A good ole' fashion LR. Asian/Latina mix, with the type of body you'd see in a rap video i.e. big tits, big ass, long legs, tight frame. Nice. Ring her apartment bell and she invites me in while she finishes getting ready. Quick kiss, then head out for drinks. Perhaps I could've gone str8 to sex here, but, eh, dunno. Anyways, the date went like as follows... -rapport about work (she works in fashion too, but as an independent designer) -activities we enjoy, what spots we frequent, traveling (this segwayed into the wildest places to have sex and sexual fantasies) -Family and friends talk (connecting and discussing what's important) -what we want in a significant other (I look for someone who's fun, adventurous, open-minded i.e giving her a role to fill and qualify for). -some life philosophy (illustrating a nonjudgemental vibe, being spontaneous) -people watching (observing an obvious first date on the other side of the room; guy talking his ass off trying for rapport and the girl politely nodding off)

With all this, there was an overall flirtatious fun vibe, reg PDA (handholding, mutual caressing, etc). She put up some resistance, but I was able to pull back before she did and fully ignore her "I don't kiss on the first date" objection. Sure, whatever toots. Logistics were already established. Girl lived by herself and I planted the 'we'll check out your freelance designs after' pull. Casual and certain... Get to hers, take off my shoes, walk into her bedroom and BOOM....Full glory times, no resistance.

$inful Pleasure- Married with children Met this married w/ children (MWC) cougar at Gansevoort a few months ago. She was with friends and approached me askingMWC: Do you have a lighter? JT: my car...sko! Led her outside, away from her friends. Then spent the night making out, sucking her tits, and fingering her dripping wet pussy. When the shenanigans were done, we exchanged numbers.

Fast forward to Sunday night. MWC let me know she's in town for business and wants to meetup. A few weeks back, MWC started sending photo texts of herself in lingerie, looking all sexy...HOT DAMN! Against my all moral fibers and upbringing, I meet her at her hotel. At the lobby, I see this leggy, sophisticated, hot blonde with thick rim glasses. It had been a long time since I'd seen MWC, so I wasn't sure if it was her. We exchanged glances, looked at our phones, then I realized it was her. MWC walks over very nervously, telling me she didn't recognize me. We walk to the hotel bar adjacent to the lobby, and MWC voices her concerns: MWC: "I don't know you" JT: "JT, my favorite color is green, and I like lions" MWC: "I'm very uncomfortable" JT: "I want you to be comfortable" MWC: "I don't think I should be doing this" JT: "We'll see what happens. You look great" MWC: "I need more drinks to do this" JT: "Don't worry about it" Her body language was distant. It seemed like her mind was racing with possible excuses for a polite exit, leaving me with my dick in my hand. Also, I felt MWC was feeling judged at the bar; the bar was small, with few patrons, and a chodey old bartender. The point of meeting her was not to have a drink, so the longer we were at the bar, the less likely my D would get wet. I had told MWC that my favorite shows were on HBO tonight.

JT: "Lets go" Lead her out and she calmly takes me to her room. MWC tells me that her friends are next door so we have to softly whisper. Once inside, MWC immediately addresses her concerns again. She goes to the bathroom, and I escalate on myself i.e take off my pants, then lay in her bed. She comes out and joins me, but is all the way on the other side of the bed. I knew if I went aggressive here, it would've freaked her out and I would be done. Instead, I just talked about cappuccinos, the weather, and asked about her trip. Then we discussed Sex & the City for ten minutes. I wanted to stir her emotions, show her I was a normal, and get her comfortable/relaxed. MWC asked me why I wanted to be with her tonight. I told her I like women that are confident, know what they want, and like adventure; also that I find those qualities incredibly sexy. Then I went over to her side of the bed, and kissed her. JT: "We're not having sex" (said two inches from her face) She grabs my face and instant tonguedowns. Slowly but surely she's relaxing, getting more sexual with me. I finger her...get her moaning...take off her clothes...all while telling her I want her to feel comfortable and that she's fucking sexy. We're naked and I pin her arms back. MWC: You have a condom? Fade to black... Get these texts from her next dayMWC: u make me feel very sexy and I have a new appreciation for the baby oil...goodnight :) MWC: I was just thinking what a total sweetheart u were last night...I was a wreck really, next time we'll be more prepared Oh yea, we fucked and she still had her wedding ring on the entire time lol

My Rookie Year in the Game A year ago, I was a 24 year old virgin that had never even kissed a girl. I was also a severely shy, insecure, unconfident, and self-conscious person...and everyone else's impression of me confirmed this (friends, family, teachers, co-workers). Rather than go through the circumstances of my life that led me to be this way, I'll provide an embarrassing snapshot of one incidentA couple of years ago, during happy hour, a group of acquaintances were discussing their wildest sex-capades. When it was my turn, my face burned red and I tried avoiding the question playing it cool, but tensely stuttering on my words...outside the bar, one of these acquaintances asked me straight up if I was a virgin. I was, but I denied it. I felt people would look at me and just know I was a virgin; like an invisible scarlet letter revealing 24 years of mediocrity. It was painful to even consider the possible reality that I could become a real life 40 year old virgin. Yikes!

Fourteen months ago I was home on a Friday night, channel surfing and came across a marathon showing of 'The Pickup Artist' on VH1. I was absolutely stunned when one of the show contestants, Kosmo, was able to simply makeout with a girl (with Mystery giving him directions via an earpiece). Soon after, I discovered the community and read 'The Game'; then I was looking over my shoulder and telling girls about my friend appearing on Maury Povich, or how if I wasn't gay they'd so be mine. l to the o to the l In late February 2009, I took a program with Rob Judge and Zack Bauer...this was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. I was promised a no-nonsense, result driven approach to getting it done; Rob and Zack delivered on that promise. And the lessons from program still resonate with me today. Furthermore, I received monumental support and follow-up beyond program to blast through my sticky points.

Here are some highlights from program till now13 lays gotten over 100+ makeouts and fingerbanged several girls minutes after meeting them in the club 3 bathroom pulls; furthest was a blowjob and another was a handjob from a married woman 2 car pull lays; one of which was in the mall parking lot a couple of hours after meeting the girl banged two girls within a day banged a girl with breast implants

banged a celebrity international fashion designer (my first SNL) banged a Abercrombie&Fitch store 'model' after two minutes of meeting for a d2; still seeing this girl With all the above, there were also my disappointmentsclose to a dozen pulls that did not result in a lay lost pulls that were guarent'DAMNteed to be a lay, but fell out of my control (logistical nightmares) nights I leaned against the wall, with my head down and body trembling with anxiety; just 'choding' around, not taking action, nor having fun ego protective behavior that caused dissatisfaction; it was destructive at times, with me becoming an immature, button pushing ass. I acknowledge my ability, but I try not to identify with it. While writing this review, I realize there are glimmers of ego illustrated harsh blowouts; girls hated me, would bitch me out in front of their friends, giving me the evil eye me wherever I went. I didnt give a fuck, and consequently, I had more success than ever before

Without a doubt, program with Rob and Zack did fast-track my progress. They put me in a position to succeed...I couldn't fail, especially considering their dedication as instructors. I saw the money I spent as a symbol of my commitment; something to push me to succeed, or else face the fact that I wasted my money. I didn't learn magic tricks, lines, or routines on program...I was taught the mindsets of a naturally attractive sex-worthy man and learned to cultivate those mindsets into behaviors and taking action. The structure of game taught was straightforward, simple, and easily applicable; like an A to B approach to getting laid- Open, Vibe, Isolate, Escalate, Close. Rob and Zacks teachings have continually grown and been refined since I took program; Ive had the opportunity to preview their upcoming game model and am convinced it will revolutionize the community.

There are nights I'm out where I can feel Rob and Zacks presence in my mindHave you ever regretted an approach you've made?! The approach is primary...result, secondary. Its how you proact that matters now.

You do not give a fuck what anyone thinks about you. How would a pimp guy be standing? Rock n Roll without the music. It takes ONE approach. YEAH! You got this. Aweeeeeeeeeesome. Youre one of us now. And from the hundreds of reference experiences I've accumulated this year, the following are frameworks to my transformation Ill gloss over. Note, Im writing this for myself as much as I am for anyone else reading. -Not giving a fuck what anyone thinks about me. This is an absolutely liberating belief. Believing it with 100% certainty forced any feelings of low self-esteem and low confidence to vanish because I no longer feared how others responded to me. Confidence, as I understand it now, is purely the absence of fear. -All girls are DTF...even moreso than men. Its 100% the man's responsibility to lead the interaction towards sex though. Know that girls also have standards (no girl will ever have sex with a man she feels sorry); a supremely confident man is the same to a women as a smokeshow hottie is to a man. Realize as a man, you have the choice to approach any women you want; this is not the case for women, who are restricted in their choices. Therefore, by default, men automatically have an 'abundance mentality'. -Give yourself permission to be THAT sex-worthy guy. Don't seek permission; already assume attraction and believe that you're an awesome mofo (cooler than the girl). Understand the ideal characteristics of a sex-worthy man and shift your behavior towards becoming that person. The blueprint is there to follow. -Managing emotions. Be aware of your emotions; be conscious of how you feel and how you make others feel; the slightest projection of neediness, bitterness, or insecurity and its game over. But remember that it's just a 'game', and no person's opinion should dictate your identity. This means being unreactive, instead dictating to others how they should be reacting to you. -Prizeability is credibility. This means being a man who isnt afraid to be sexual because its congruent to who he is. Dont just be sexual; be shamelessly unapologetic about it too. This is a polarizing reality that forces girls to react to you. Be empathetic too; crystallize a reality that the girl will understand and be inspired by; know the values you want in your ideal girl and cultivate those values within yourself. -There are two ways to tell if a guy has good game; One, how he is when with girls (obviously). Two, how he re(pro)acts to getting blown out. Think about it. -No way out mindset (Taking action); Tired? Approach. Scared? Approach. Girl is out of your league? Approach. Go harder, faster, stronger, and everything else Kanye West has to say about

getting girls. Take action and push it to the limit! This is when reference experiences and legends are made. -Stop masturbating; I used to masturbate 2-3 times a day (4-5 times a day on weekends) from my early teen years up until last year. Masturbation kills the motivation to go out and be fully present. It creates a reality of false hope and not being good enough. If youre masturbating and not getting laid on the reg...then stop. I made it a habit to only masturbate once a week and not to watch porn last year; when I was finally getting results (getting laid), there was no need to masturbate, so I went weeks at time without doing the five-knuckle shuffle. -Friends that encouraged me to be my best; whoever is reading this know who they are. Thank you. -Journalizing the journey (write field reports). Its the equivalent of taking a protein shake after an intense workout. Be the hero in your journey of macking babes.

There are more; these are just the broad beliefs that advanced my transformation.

I have a long ways to go towards becoming the elite player commando I aspire to be; though its a empowering feeling knowing I can step anywhere and if I see something I like, there is a good possibility of it going down. Onwards and upwards, JT