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Overview of The Master Key System

Part 1 Summary
It is my privilege to introduce you to Part One of the Master Key System. Would you bring into your life more power? et the power consciousness. More health? et the health consciousness. More happiness? et the happiness consciousness. !ive the spirit of these things until they become yours by right. It will be impossible to "eep them from you. #he things of the world are fluid to a power within man by which he rules them. $ou need not ac%uire this power. $ou already have it. &ut you want to understand it' you want to use it' you want to control it' you want to impregnate yourself with it( so that you can go forward and carry the world before you. )ay by day as you go on and on( as you gain momentum( as your inspiration deepens( as your plans crystalli*e( as you gain understanding( you will come to reali*e that this world is no dead pile of stones and timber( but that it is a living thing+ It is made up of the beating hearts of humanity. It is a thing of life and beauty. It is evident that it re%uires understanding to wor" with material of this description. &ut those who come into this understanding are inspired by a new light( a new force. #hey gain confidence and greater power each day. #hey reali*e their hopes and their dreams come true. !ife has a deeper( fuller( clearer meaning than before. Part , Summary Our difficulties are largely due to confused ideas and ignorance of our true interests. #he great tas" is to discover the laws of nature to which we are to ad-ust ourselves. .lear thin"ing and moral insights are therefore of incalculable value. /ll processes( even those of thought( rest on solid foundations. #he "eener the sensibilities( the more acute the -udgment( the more delicate the taste( the more refined the moral feelings( the more subtle the intelligence( the loftier the aspiration0the purer and more intense are the gratifications which e1istence yields. 2ence it is the study of the best that has been thought in the world gives supreme pleasure. #he powers( uses and possibilities of the mind under the new interpretations are incomparably more wonderful than the most e1travagant accomplishment or even dreams of material progress. #hought is energy. /ctive thought is active energy' concentrated thought is concentrated energy. #hought concentrated on a definite purpose becomes power. #his is the power( which is being used by those who do not believe in the virtue of poverty( or the beauty of self0denial. #hey perceive that this is the tal" of wea"lings. #he ability to receive and manifest this power depends upon the ability to recogni*e the Infinite 3nergy ever dwelling in man( constantly creating and recreating his body and mind( and ready at any moment to manifest through him in any needful manner. In e1act proportion to the recognition of this truth will be the manifestation in the outer life of the individual. Part 4 Summary

$ou have found that the Individual may act on the 5niversal( and that the result of this action and interaction is cause and effect. #hought therefore is the cause( and the e1periences with which you meet in life are the effect. 3liminate therefore any possible tendency to complain of conditions as they have been( or as they are( because it rests with you to change them and ma"e them what you would li"e them to be. )irect your effort to a reali*ation of the mental resources( always at your command( from which all real and lasting power comes. Persist in the practice till you come to a reali*ation of the fact that there can be no failure in the accomplishments of any proper ob-ect in life. If you but understand your power and persist in your ob-ect( because the mind forces are ever ready to lend themselves to a purposeful will( in the effort to crystalli*e thought and desire into actions( events and conditions. Whereas in the beginning( each function of life and each action is the result of conscious thought( the habitual actions become automatic and the thought that controls them passes into the realm of the sub0conscious' yet it is -ust as intelligent as before. It is necessary that it become automatic or sub0conscious( in order that the self0conscious mind may attend to other things. #he new actions will however( in their turn( become habitual( then automatic( then sub0conscious in order that the mind again may be freed from this detail and advanced to still other activities. When you reali*e this you will have found a source of power( which will enable you to ta"e care of any situation in life which may develop. Part 6 Summary #his part will show you why what you thin"( or do( or feel( is an indication of what you are. #hought is energy( and energy is power( and it is because all the religions( sciences and philosophies with which the world has heretofore been familiar have been based upon the manifestations of this energy instead of the energy itself. #hat the world has been limited to effects( while causes have been ignored or misunderstood. 7or this reason we have od and the )evil in religion( positive and negative in science( and good and bad in philosophy. #he Master Key reverses the process' it is interested only in cause( and the letters received from students tell a marvelous story. #hey indicate conclusively that students are finding the cause whereby they may secure for themselves health( harmony( abundance( and whatever else may be necessary for their welfare and happiness. !ife is e1pressive and it is our business to e1press ourselves harmoniously and constructively. Sorrow( misery( unhappiness( disease and poverty are not necessities and we are constantly eliminating them. &ut this process of eliminating consist in rising above and beyond limitation of any "ind. 2e who has strengthened and purified this thought need not concern himself about microbes( and he who has come into an understanding of the !aw of /bundance will go at once to the source of supply.

It is thus that fate( fortune and destiny will be controlled as readily as a captain controls his ship( or an engineer his train. Part 8 Summary /fter studying this part carefully( you will see that every conceivable force or ob-ect or fact is the result of mind in action. Mind in action is thought( and thought is creative. Men are thin"ing now( as they never thought before. #herefore( this is a creative age( and the world is awarding its richest pri*es to the thin"ers. Matter is powerless( passive( and inert. Mind is force( energy( and power. Mind shapes and controls matter. 3very form which matter ta"es is but the e1pression of some pre0 e1isting thought. &ut thought wor"s no magic transformations' it obeys 9atural !aws' it sets in motion natural forces' it releases natural energies' it manifests in your conduct and actions( and these in turn react upon your friends and ac%uaintances( and eventually upon the whole of your environment. $ou can originate thought( and since thoughts are creative( you can create for yourself the things you desire. Part : Summary #his part will give you an e1cellent understanding of the most wonderful piece of mechanism( which has ever been created. / mechanism whereby you may create for yourself health( strength( success( prosperity or any other conditions which you may desire. 9ecessities are demands( and demands create action( and actions bring about results. #he process of evolution is constantly building our tomorrows out of our today;s. Individual development( li"e universal development( must be gradual with an ever0increasing capacity and volume. #he "nowledge that if we infringe upon the rights of others( we become moral thorns and find ourselves entangled at every turn of the road( should be an indication that success is contingent upon the highest moral ideal( which is <#he greatest good to the greatest number.< /spiration( desire and harmonious relations constantly and persistently maintained will accomplish results. #he greatest hindrance is erroneous and fi1ed ideas. #o be in tune with eternal truth we must possess poise and harmony within. In order to receive intelligence the receiver must be in tune with the transmitter. #hought is a product of mind( and mind is creative( but this does not mean that the 5niversal will change its modus operandi to suit our ideas or us. &ut this does mean that we can come into harmonious relationship with the 5niversal( and when we have accomplished this we may as" anything to which we are entitled( and the way will be made plain. Part = Summary #hrough all the ages man has believed in an invisible power( through which( and by which( all things have been created and are continually being recreated.

We may personali*e this power and call it od( or we may thin" of it as the essence or spirit( which permeates all things( but in either case the effect is the same. So far as the individual is concerned( the ob-ective( the physical( the visible( is the personal that which can be recogni*ed by the senses. It consists of body( brain and nerves. #he sub-ective is the spiritual( the invisible( and the impersonal. #he personal is conscious because it is a personal entity. #he impersonal being the same in "ind and %uality as all other. &eing is not conscious of itself and has therefore been termed the sub0conscious. #he personal or conscious has the power of will and choice and can therefore e1ercise discrimination in the selection of methods whereby to bring about the solution of difficulties. #he impersonal or spiritual being a part or one with the source and origin of all power( can necessarily e1ercise no such choice( but on the contrary( it has infinite resources at its command. It can and does bring about results by methods concerning which the human or individual mind can have no possible conception. $ou will therefore see that it is your privilege to depend upon the human will with all its limitations and misconceptions( or you may utili*e the potentialities of Infinity by ma"ing use of the sub0conscious mind. 2ere then is the scientific e1planation of the wonderful power which has been put within your control if you but understand( appreciate and recogni*e it. Part > Summary In this part you will find that you may freely choose what you thin"( but the result of your thought is governed by an immutable law. Is not this a wonderful thought? Is it not wonderful to "now that our lives are not sub-ect to caprice or variability of any "ind? #his stability is our opportunity( because by complying with the law( we can secure the desired effect with invariable precision. It is the law which ma"es the 5niverse one grand paean of harmony. If it were not for law( the 5niverse would be a .haos instead of a .osmos. 2ere then is the secret of the origin of both good and evil. #hought results in action. If your thought is constructive and harmonious( the result will be good. If your thought is destructive or inharmonious( the result will be evil. #here is but one law( one principle( one cause( one source of power( and good and evil are simply words which have been coined to indicate the results of our action( or our compliance or non0compliance with this law. #he importance of this is well illustrated in the lives of 3merson and .arlyle. 3merson loved the good and his life was a symphony of peace and harmony. .arlyle hated the bad( and his life was a record of perpetual discord and disharmony. 2ere we have two grand men( each intent upon achieving the same ideal( but one ma"es use of constructive thought and is therefore in harmony with 9atural !aw. #he other ma"es use of destructive thought and therefore brings upon himself discord of every "ind and character.

It is evident therefore that we are to hate nothing( not even the bad( because hatred is destructive( and we shall soon find that by entertaining destructive thoughts we are sowing the <wind< and shall reap the <whirlwind<. Part ? Summary In this part you may learn to fashion the tools by which you may build for yourself any condition you desire. If you wish to change conditions you must change yourself. $our whims( your wishes( your fancies( your ambitions may be prevented at every step( but your inner most thoughts will find e1pression -ust as certainly as the plant springs from the seed. Suppose then we desire to change conditions. 2ow are we to bring this about? #he reply is simple@ &y the !aw of rowth. .ause and effect are as absolute and undeviating in the hidden realm of thought as in the world of material things. 2old in mind the condition desired' affirm it as an already e1isting fact. #his indicates the value of a powerful affirmation. &y constant repetition it becomes a part of ourselves. We are actually changing ourselves' we are ma"ing ourselves what we want to be. .haracter is not a thing of chance( but it is the result of continued effort. If you are timid( vacillating( self0conscious( or if you are over0an1ious or harassed by thoughts of fear or impending danger( remember that it is ta"en for granted that <two things cannot e1ist in the same place at the same time.< 31actly the same thing is true in the mental and spiritual world( so that your remedy is plainly to substitute thoughts of courage( power( self0reliance and confidence( for thoughts of fear( lac" and limitation. #he easiest and most natural way to do this is to select an affirmation( which seems to fit your particular case. #he positive thoughts will destroy the negative as certainly as light destroys dar"ness( and the result will be -ust as effectual. /ct is the blossom of thought( and conditions are the result of action( so that you constantly have in your possession the tools by which you will certainly and inevitably ma"e or unma"e yourself( and -oy or suffering will be the reward. 2ere are two powerful affirmations that you can use to strengthen yourself@ I can be what I will to be. 2appy and harmonious am I. Whole( perfect( strong( powerful( loving.A

Bepeat these to yourself daily until they become a part of you and deeply ingrained into your being. Part CD Summary If you get a thorough understanding of the thought contained in Part #en( you will have learned that nothing happens without a definite cause. $ou will be enable to formulate your plans in accordance with e1act "nowledge. $ou will "now how to control any situation by bringing ade%uate cause into play. When you win( as you will( you will "now e1actly why. #he ordinary man who has no definite "nowledge of cause and effect( is governed by his feelings or emotions. 2e thin"s chiefly to -ustify his action. If he fails as a businessman( he says that luc" is against him. If he disli"es music( he says that music is an e1pensive lu1ury. If he is a poor office man( he says that he could succeed better

at some outdoor wor". If he lac"s friends( he says his individuality is too fine to be appreciated. 2e never thin"s his problem through to the end. In short( he does not "now that every effect is the result of a certain definite cause( but he see"s to console himself with e1planations and e1cuses. 2e thin"s only in self0defense. On the contrary( the man who understands that there is no effect without an ade%uate cause thin"s impersonally. 2e gets down to bedroc" facts regardless of conse%uences. 2e is free to follow the trail to truth wherever it may lead. 2e sees the issues clear to the end( and he meets the re%uirements fully and fairly( and the result is that the world gives him all that it has to give in friendship( honor( love and approval. Part CC Summary $our life is governed by law( by actual( immutable principles that never vary. !aw is in operation at all times( in all places. 7i1ed laws underlie all human actions. 7or this reason( men who control giant industries are enabled to determine with absolute precision -ust what percentage of every hundred thousand people will respond to any given set of conditions. It is well( however( to remember that while every effect is the result of a cause( the effect in turn becomes a cause( which creates other effects( which in turn create still other causes. So that when you put the !aw of /ttraction into operation you must remember that you are starting a train of causation for good( or otherwise which may have endless possibilities. We fre%uently hear it said( </ very distressing situation came into my life( which could not have been the result of my thought( as I certainly never entertained any thought which could have such a result.< We fail to remember that li"e attracts li"e in the mental world( and that the thought which we entertain brings to us certain friendships and companionships of a particular "ind( and these in turn bring about conditions and environment( which in turn are responsible for the conditions of which we complain. Part C, Summary In this part you will find the following statement@ <$ou must first have "nowledge of your power' second( the courage to dare' third( the faith to do.< If you concentrate upon the thoughts given( if you give them your entire attention( you will find a world of meaning in each sentence. /nd will attract to yourself other thoughts in harmony with them( and you will soon grasp the full significance of the virtual "nowledge upon which you are concentrating. 9owledge does not apply itself. We as individuals must ma"e the application and the application consist in fertili*ing the thought with a living purpose. #he time and thought( which most persons waste in aimless effort( would accomplish wonders if properly directed with some special ob-ect in view. In order to do this( it is necessary to center your mental force upon a specific thought and hold it there( to the e1clusion of all other thoughts. If you have ever loo"ed through the focusing screen of a camera( you found that when the ob-ect was not in focus( the impression was indistinct and possibly blurred( but when the proper focus was obtained the picture was clear and distinct. #his illustrates the power of concentration. 5nless you can concentrate upon the ob-ect to which you have in view( you will have but a ha*y( indifferent( vague( indistinct and blurred outline of your ideal and the results will be in accordance with your mental picture.

Part C4 Summary Physical science is responsible for the marvelous age of invention in which we are now living( but spiritual science is now setting out on a career whose possibilities no one can foretell. Spiritual science has heretofore been the football of the uneducated( the superstitious( the mystical( but men are now interested in definite methods and demonstrated facts only. We have come to "now that thin"ing is a spiritual process( that vision and imagination precedes action and event( that the day of the dreamer has come. #he following lines by Mr. 2erbert Kaufman are interesting in this connection. #hey are the architects of greatness( their vision lies within their souls( they peer beyond the veils and mists of doubt and pierce the walls of unborn time. #he belted wheel( the trail of steel( the churning screw( are shuttles in the loom on which they weave their magic tapestries. Ma"ers of empire( they have fought for bigger things than crowns and higher seats than thrones. $our homes are set upon the land a dreamer found. #he pictures on it; walls are visions from a dreamer;s soul. #hey are the chosen few0the bla*ers of the way. Walls crumble and empires fall( the tidal wave sweeps from the sea and tears a fortress from its roc"s. #he rotting nations drop from off time;s bough( and only things the dreamers ma"e live on.< Part thirteen tells why the dreams of the dreamer come true. It e1plains the law of causation by which dreamers( inventors( authors( financiers( bring about reali*ation of their desires. It e1plains the law by which the things pictured upon our mind eventually becomes our own. Part C6 Summary #hought is a spiritual activity and is therefore endowed with creative power. #his does not mean that some thought is creative( but that all thought is creative. #he same principle can be brought into operation in a negative way( through the process of denial. #he conscious and subconscious are but two phases of action in connection with one mind. #he relation of the subconscious to the conscious is %uite similar to that e1isting between a weather vane and the atmosphere. Eust as the least pressure of the atmosphere causes action on the part of the weather vane. So does the least thought entertained by the conscious mind produce within your subconscious mind action( in e1act proportion to the depth of feeling characteri*ing the thought and the intensity with which the thought is indulged. It follows that if you deny unsatisfactory conditions( you are withdrawing the creative power of your thought from these conditions. $ou are cutting them away at the root. $ou are snapping their vitality. Bemember that the !aw of rowth necessarily governs every manifestation in the ob-ective( so that a denial of unsatisfactory conditions will not bring about instant change. / plant will remain visible for some time after its roots have been cut( but it will gradually fade away and eventually disappear( so the withdrawal of your thought from the contemplation of unsatisfactory conditions will gradually but surely terminate these conditions. $ou will see that this is an e1actly opposite course from the one which we would naturally be inclined to adopt. It will therefore have an e1actly opposite effect to the

one usually secured. Most persons concentrate intently upon unsatisfactory conditions( thereby giving the condition that measure of energy and vitality which is necessary in order to supply a vigorous growth. Part C8 Summary 31periments with parasites found on plants indicate that even the lowest order of life is enabled to ta"e advantage of natural laws. #his e1periment was made by Eac%ues !obe( M.).( Ph.).( a member of the Boc"efeller Institute. In order to obtain the material( potted rose bushes are brought into a room and placed in front of a closed window. If the plants are allowed to dry out( the aphids FparasitesG( previously wingless( change to winged insects. /fter the metamorphosis( the animal leaves the plant( fly to the window and then creep upward on the glass.< It is evident that these tiny insects found that the plants on which they had been thriving were dead( and that they could therefore secure nothing more to eat and drin" from this source. #he only method by which they could save themselves from starvation was to grow temporary wings and fly( which they did. 31periments such as these indicate that Omniscience as well as Omnipotence is omnipresent and that the tiniest living thing can ta"e advantage of it in an emergency. Part 7ifteen will tell you more about the law under which we live. It will e1plain that these laws operate to our advantage' that all conditions and e1periences that come to us are for our benefit' that we gain strength in proportion to the effort e1pended( and that our happiness is best attained through a conscious co0operation with natural laws. Part C: Summary #he vibratory activities of the planetary 5niverse are governed by a law of periodicity. 3verything that lives has periods of birth( growth( fruitage and decline. #hese periods are governed by the Septimal !aw. #he law of Sevens governs the day of the wee"( the phases of the moon( the harmonious sound( light( heat( electricity( magnetism( atomic structure. It governs the life of individuals and of nations( and it dominates the activities of the commercial world. !ife is growth( and growth is change( each seven0year period ta"es us into a new cycle. #he first seven years is the period of infancy. #he ne1t seven the period of childhood( representing the beginning of individual responsibility. #he ne1t seven represents the period of adolescence. #he fourth period mar"s the attainment of full growth. #he fifth period is the constructive period( when men begin to ac%uire property( possessions( a home and family. #he ne1t from 48 to 6, is a period of reactions and changes( and in turn is followed by a period of reconstruction( ad-ustment and recuperation( so as to be ready for a new cycle of sevens( beginning with the fiftieth year. #here are many who may thin" that the world is -ust about to pass out of the si1th period' that it will soon enter into the seventh period( the period of read-ustment( reconstruction and harmony' the period which fre%uently referred to as the Millennium. #hose familiar with these cycles will not be disturbed when things seem to go wrong( but can apply the principles outlined in these lessons with the full assurance that a

higher law will invariably control all other laws. /nd that through an understanding and conscious operation of spiritual laws( we can convert every seeming difficulty into a blessing. Part C= Summary #he "ind of )eity which a man( consciously or unconsciously worships( indicates that intellectual status of the worshipper. /s" the Indian of od( and he will describe to you a powerful chieftain of a glorious tribe. /s" the Pagan of od( and he will tell you of a od of fire( a od of water( a od of this( that and the other. /s" the Israelites of od( and he will tell you of the od of Moses( who convinced it e1pedient to rule by coercive measures. Or of Eoshua( who lead the Israelites into battle( confiscated property( murdered the prisoners and laid waste to cities. #he so0called heathen made <graven images< of their ods( whom they were accustomed to worship( but among the most intelligent( at least( these images were but the visible fulcrums with which they were enable to mentally concentrate on the %ualities which they desired to e1ternali*e in their lives. We of the twentieth century worship a od of !ove( but in practice we ma"e for ourselves <graven images< of <Wealth<( <Power<( <7ashion<( <.ustom<( and <.onventionality<. We <fall down< before them and worship them. We concentrate on them and they are thereby e1ternali*ed in our lives. #he student who masters the contents of Part Seventeen will not mista"e symbols for the reality' he will be interested in cause( rather than effects. 2e will concentrate on the realities of life( and will then not be disappointed in the results. Part C> Summary In order to grow we must obtain what is necessary for our growth. #his is brought about through the !aw of /ttraction. #his principle is the sole means by which the individual is differentiated from the 5niversal. #hin" for a moment what would a man be if he were not a husband( father or brother( if he were not interested in the social( economical( political or religious world. 2e would be nothing but an abstract theoretical ego. 2e e1ists( therefore( only in his relation to the world( in his relation to other men( in his relation to society. #his relation constitutes his environment( he e1ist therefore in his relation to his environment and in no other way. It is evident therefore( that the individual is simply the differentiation of the one 5niversal Mind <which lighteth every man that cometh into the world<( and his so0 called individuality or personality consists of nothing but the manner in which he relates with the whole. #his we call his environment and is brought about by the !aw of /ttraction. Part 3ighteen has something more to say concerning this important law. Part C? Summary 7ear is a powerful form of thought. It paraly*es the nerve centers( thus affecting the circulation of the blood. #his in turn paraly*es the muscular system( so that fear affects the entire being( body( brain and nerve( physical( mental and muscular.

Of course the way to overcome fear is to become conscious of power. What is this mysterious vital force which we call power? We do not "now' neither do we "now what electricity is. &ut we do "now that conforming to the re%uirements of the law by which electricity is governed( it will be our obedient servant' that it will light our homes( our cities( run our machinery and serve us in many useful capacities. /nd so it is with vital force. /lthough we do not "now what it is( and possibly may never "now( we do "now that it is a primary force( which manifest through all living bodies. /nd that by complying with all laws and principles by which it is governed( we can open ourselves to a more abundant inflow of this vital energy( and thus e1press the highest possible degree of mental( moral and spiritual efficiency. #he lesson enclosed herewith tells of a very simple way of developing this vital force. If you put into practice the information outlined in this lesson you will soon develop the sense of power which has ever been the distinguishing mar" of genius. Part ,D Summary 7or many years there has been an endless discussion as to the origin of evil. #heologians have told us that od is !ove( and that od is Omnipresent. If this be true( there is no place where od is not. Where then is 3vil( Satan and 2ell? !et us see@ od is spirit. Spirit is the creative principle of the 5niverse. Man is made in the image and li"eness of od. Man is therefore a spiritual being. #he only activity which spirit possesses is the power to thin". #hin"ing is therefore a creative process. /ll form is therefore the results of the thin"ing process. #he destruction of form must also be a result of the thin"ing processes. 7ictitious representations of form are the result of the creative power of thought( as in 2ypnotism. /pparent representations of form are the result of the creative power of thought( as in Spiritualism. Invention( organi*ation and constructive wor" of all "inds are the results of the creative power of thought( as in concentration. When the creative power of thought is manifested for the benefit of humanity( we call the results good. When the creative power of thought is manifested in a destructive or evil manner( we call the result evil. #his indicates the origin of both good and evil' they are simply words which has been coined in order to indicate the nature of the result of the thin"ing or creative processes. #hought necessary precedes and predetermines action' action proceeds and predetermines condition. Part #wenty will throw more light upon this important sub-ect. Part ,C Summary In this part you will find that one of the secrets to success( one of the methods of organi*ing victory( one of the accomplishments of the Master Mind is to thin" big thoughts. $ou will also find that everything which we hold in our consciousness for any length of time becomes impressed upon our sub0consciousness and so becomes a pattern which the creative energy will weave into our life and the environment. #his is the secret of the wonderful power of prayer. We "now that the universe is governed by law. #hat for every effect there must be a cause( and that the same cause( under the same conditions( will invariably produce the

same effect. .onse%uently( if prayer has ever been answered( it will always be answered( if the proper conditions are complied with. #his must necessarily be true' otherwise the universe would be a chaos instead of a cosmos. #he answer to prayer is therefore sub-ect to law( and this law is definite( e1act and scientific( -ust as are the laws governing gravitation and electricity. /n understanding of this law ta"es the foundation of .hristianity out of the realm of superstition and credulity and places it upon the firm roc"s of scientific understanding. &ut( unfortunately there are comparatively few persons who "now how to pray. #hey understand that there are laws governing electricity( mathematics and chemistry( but for some ine1plicable reason( it never seems to occur to them that there are also spiritual laws( and that these laws are also definite( scientific( e1act and operate with immutable precision. Part ,, Summary In this part you will find that thoughts are spiritual seeds( which when planted in the sub0conscious mind( have a tendency to sprout and grow( but unfortunately the fruit is fre%uently not to our li"ing. #he various forms of inflammation( paralysis( nervousness and diseased conditions generally are the manifestation of fear( worry( care( an1iety( -ealously( hatred and similar thought. #he life processes are carried on by two distinct methods' first the ta"ing up and ma"ing use of nutritive material necessarily for constructing cells' second( brea"ing down and e1creting the waste material. /ll life is based on these constructive and destructive activities. Part #wenty0#wo e1plains the primary manifestation of life and how you may get in touch. Part ,4 Summary In this part you will find that money weaves itself into the entire fabric of our very e1istence. #hat the law of success is service' that we get what we give( and for this reason we should consider it a great privilege to be able to give. We have found that thought is the creative activity behind every constructive enterprise. We can therefore give nothing of more practical value than our thought. .reative thought re%uires attention( and the power of attention is as we have found( the weapon of the Super0man. /ttention develops concentration( and concentration develops Spiritual Power( and Spiritual Power is the mightiest force in e1istence. #his is the science which embraces all sciences. It is the art which above all arts is relevant to human life. In the mastery of this science and this art there is opportunity for unending progression. Perfection in this is not ac%uired in si1 days( or in si1 wee"s( or in si1 months. It is the labor of a life. 9ot to go forward is to go bac"ward. It is inevitable that the entertainment of positive constructive and unselfish thoughts should have a far0reaching effect for good. .ompensation is the "eynote of the universe. 9ature is constantly see"ing to stri"e e%uilibrium. Where something is sent out( something must be received' else there should be a vacuum formed. &y observation of this rule you cannot fail to profit in such measure as to amply -ustify your efforts along this line. Part ,6 Summary

Part #wenty07our is the final lesson. If you have practiced each of the e1ercises a few minutes every day as suggested( you will have found that you can get out of life e1actly what you wish by first putting into life that which you wish( and you will probably agree with the student who said@ #he thought is almost overwhelming( so vast( so available( so definite( so reasonable and so usable.< #he fruit of this "nowledge is( as it were a gift of the ods. It is the <truth< that ma"es men free( not only free from every lac" and limitation( but also free from sorrow( worry and care. /nd is it not wonderful to reali*e that this law is no respecter of persons( that it ma"es no difference what your habit of thought may be( the way has been prepared. If you are inclined to be religious( the greatest religious teacher the world has ever "nown made the way so plain that all may follow. If your mental bias is towards physical science( the law will operate with mathematical certainty. If you are inclined to be philosophical( Plato or 3merson may be your teacher( but in either case( you may reach degrees of power to which it is impossible to assign any limit. /n understanding of this principle( I believe( is the secret for which the ancient /lchemists vainly sought( because it e1plains how gold in the mind may be transmuted into gold in the heart and in the hand.