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Today I¶m going to talk about the legalization of abotion, that it¶s a hot topic now a days. Do you know that abortion is the fourth cause of maternal death in Peru? Something around 7 % The experts says that If you could have a real and effective record of maternal deaths, abortion probably would take the first place. Well, What is the definition of abortion? Acording to the MINSA, Abortion is the interruption of pregnancy, with or without partial or total removal of the product of conception (fertilization) before 22 weeks or weighing less than 500g. Many experts said that There are two types of abortion: - Eugenic abortion: when there is a serious malformation of the fetus. - Therapeutic abortion when there is risk of women's health.

The legalization of abortion is a hot topic in our society, but when started this? This practice was widespread many years ago as a form of birth control. After a while it was prohibited by religion, but was not penalized or illegal.Rather, since the nineteenth century was banned because it was believed that abortion was dangerous and so is thought to free women risking their lives. Permitted only in situations that would endanger the mother's health.Concerning the Abortion Law in the World, the first country to legalize this practice was Russia in 1920, then followed Japan and many other countries in Europe and elsewhere. In Peru, The Peruvian Penal Code of 1991 penalizes the crime of abortion in all their types however, the Code does not condemn the Therapeutic Abortion (Art 119) for reasons of criminal policy, the same as for obvious reasons are not considered generally accepted.There are still countries where abortion is penalized and is prohibited, but there are also countries such as those mentioned above where the practice of abortion is legal. But, In adition to that, I personally think that abortion should be legalized in all types, some people think it is a violation of human rights but to give an example, it is better to abort before a child is born with defects, die within a few days old and the mother suffering from severe symptoms of depression because of this. Also, when a woman has been raped and become pregnant because of this, we know that the child has no fault but his mother hated the child because it was conceived that way and maybe in the future that child becomes a potential delinquent. To conclude this, What do you think about that? It¶s okey the aproval of this law? I think that is better to abort than have a child who does not want. for more cruel as it may sound this is the reality of life. if you do not want to not have it. En el Perú de un millón de embarazos que se registran anualmente en el Perú, 400,000 mil terminan en abortos clandestinos, que generan la muerte de un 15% de mujeres. En el Perú cada hora se producen más de 40 abortos y más de 1000 al día. En el Perú un 62% son mujeres menores de 30 años, y de este porcentaje, un 14% son menores de 20 años. Más del 50% de las mujeres recurre al aborto porque no desea ser madre, y un 28% es por razones económicas.

In Peru a million pregnancies that occur annually in Peru, 400.000 thousand end in abortions, it kills 15% of women. In Peru, every hour there are more than 40 abortions and more than 1000 per day. In Peru, 62% are women under 30 years, and of this percentage, 14% are under 20 years. Over 50% of women resorted to abortion because they do not want to be a mother, and 28% for economic reasons.

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