Vow I do not dare talk to you about eternity When everything that I owe is so ephemeral Especially the body

my mostly caressed body Dressed up in the most beautiful tight and warm dress of its white skin.

But For as long as I love you For as long as I hold you on the pedestal of my heart I will adore you: You will be the sphinx of my lucidity And the black Minotaur of my violet subconscious. You will be the king of my desires always submitted to your desires And the god of my ever lasting young soul or rather a child.

And like a god I will lead you beyond time.

But only if you wake up – if you wake up some time –

English version by Muguraş Maria Petrescu

Afforestation Let me imagine that you would suffer from a sudden amnesia Just like the characters of so many Latin American telenovelas. That you have already moved to such a country

A city capital With no parks and no forests around.Living in its capital city situated In an even lifeless haunted by winds and drought-stricken plain. But out of all these reasons As well as from other subjective/objective reasons Why should I write you: “I miss you”?! And then I’ll draw a tree for you And then another one with each every letter And little by little . Don’t remember anything from before Just let another fate choose you And live your life by another unknown woman. Let me miss you.

With very bitter alder trees and solitary maple trees. . With dreaming linden trees Like poets. With small tiny hedge thorns invaded by the white flowers’ aphides and guarded by thorns.I’ll afforest the view In front of your window Around your house And even further and further Then I’ll draw mountains and hills and valleys And I’ll afforest them all: With Christmas fir trees. With silky willows with many a twig floating downstream. With beech trees that rustle and long-lived oak trees With effeminate birch trees.

On the branches there are no fruit but birds Vividly colored.With very straight poplars candles that climb up to the sky with heart-shaped leaves in fibrillation… And in the forests there start to swarm Phreatic streams And great and free wild beasts multiplying themselves magically As in “One Hundred Years of Solitude”. Let them chirp And I hope that you’ll understand What they say to one another. And in the glades in spring shivering softly There’ll appear: frail little corn flowers watered .

with white-bluish snowdrops shining among them like snow in the moon hollowwort hesitating like ephebes newly-born fresh sweet violet flowers and especially spring crocus all dressed up in dark blue-violet and in autumn in tinted faded restrained violet. And only by then will you begin to come back And through you our words Will begin to flow down more vivid than blood . Until in the end you will grasp The meaning and pressure of the word DOR. And thus in time I’ll change The forms of relief of your country The flora and the fauna And the climate then And with them even those people from there Especially you.

It derives from the linguistic root of the word DORINŢĂ = desire expressing a burning feeling of longing for a remote person or for an unattainable thing. Upon Carolina Ilica’s request we kept in the poem the Romanian version of this word. yearning. missing. And if you ever choose to meet your death Tell it to me and I’ll be there So that the two of us die together! English version by Muguraş Maria Petrescu DOR = longing. .billions! – who will never be able to meet As if they lived in ages and in different worlds It really seems too much that we too however have met And beyond everything to be with you to be with me. nostalgia. The word DOR cannot be translated as such.And only by then will you be able to respond: That there are so many contemporaries . that is why here-above we give variants.

when I do miss my folks. doesn’t melt As it will do to me. undulatory sky Transposed by our music hearing . On which the dew will hang like in a cloud. In honeycomb like in hexagonal goblet From wax honey increases.Sacrality A heaven just like in the beginning. That Southern border trespassed by nobody Was fully guarded then. Orchards with flowers worked out by bees: When the first comes. only by bee. Living the same now. Herodutus writes me from ancient times. And in the valley-hill. Acknowledged landscapes: valley-hills. matriarchally. the other one just leaves. vegetal.

English version by Muguraş Maria Petrescu DOINA = a specific Romanian folkloric elegy written by unknown authors. love. etc. alienation. “DOINA expresses in a direct manner very diversified feelings: longing. Lord. A Small Prayer Oh. Upon Carolina Ilica’s request we kept in the poem the Romanian version of this word. . Wikipedia). grief. sadness.” (Source: Google. hate against oppressors.Into this DOINA displaying its full sounding In a museum – a native space sacrality. take care of my mom.

Lord.Because by now she is advanced in age While everything’s reduced and taken though. take care of my daughter! And in between them too. While what is easy seems to be so slow Oh. take care of my daughter. Lord. Lord. with her own daughter and granddaughter? Is it my daughter. Being a daughter and a mom at the same time?! English version by . take care of myself And do take care of them. Because she is all longsome and alone. a body and a tiny twig. Oh. the others won’t forgive! Nevertheless. Forgive us. my Lord! Because by now we’re just a little heap: A root. While being young in spirit and confident Assuming the world’s burden of small weight. with her own mom and her grandmom? Or is it me who has a mom and has a daughter. take care of my mom! Oh. who’s richer among us: Is it my mom. Lord.

the mouth which is kissed in a laughter. .Muguraş Maria Petrescu Both Slowly and Hastily (a double poem) a) The Mouth which Is Kissed in a Laughter Oh.

A flower of a reddish smell While this life of ours is. as if Death were too slow! English version by Muguraş Maria Petrescu .

b)Hastily I offer you the trace of my head on a pillow. you leave me: You who are full of my absence Me imbued with poetry As a riverside meadow: . Hastily coming Hastily going I leave you. The shape of my forehead thinking deeply of you.

Hastily coming Hastily going Hastily I might leave this world too. I liked all which existed in you But more than that to love And to sing! English version by Muguraş Maria Petrescu .By the rain caressing it from up to down all over in a feminine way And by the river which penetrates it with virility. No matter how late by then I shall be I shall think just like now And just like when I was 23: O. Dear life.

A Precious Autumn A precious autumn with red copper and gold. The sky which is studded with stars Is the hanging garden of Semiramis . English version by Muguraş Maria Petrescu . Is the juvenile age bygone? The juvenile age Which can do everything! Your life grew dearer some times more.


On her shoulders her hair in ringlets rise slightly. There it is the pageant is stopping sideways In the wavy and flying green grass like a mane! Flocks of birds which by now are dead weary Unharnessed hardly will be. Holding her wrapped in white sheet. forgetting her sandals! Like a pillow. These are ringlets to make her feel free. There she is bare-footed. curled mint will lay down at her feet It’s the long and the bare crossed-arms. There she is stepping on the path decorated by grass .Aphrodite There she is approaching in a flown-sparrow pageant! It’s the mid of the day which will bring her right here.

But she doesn’t take care that water Stays on her breasts like a fry. That’s all that one sees from the height of the sky From where great Zeus down is looking at her. with pollen and bees! So slowly and thorough as if Out she is going and not coming back. There she is stopping seduced by the river Which is singing and running away from itself! Like a rain her cloth falls down on her hips And like the moon she is naked herself! There it is the river flanked in between the two shores.With butterflies and flowers. Its long bow interweaves water stream Springing out from the mountain. Cannot jump as it wants to envelope her body! Yet she jumps down from a hill with tall oaks. There she is now closely watched . Like an acorn which down falls. There it is the grit jumping out in the sunshine Changing out in a slim violin.

For a while. after that Goddess Sees her own statue and blushes to the roots of her hair. English version by Muguraş Maria Petrescu . There he is waiting that she gets out from the waves She who was born from the foam of the seas! In exchange he will stand stone-still. while his eyes Will run to her only one single kiss to steal. Cause naked she was caught by his chisels And is seen by all there.By this man young of age… whom they call Praxiteles Yearning for thrills and thirsty of nice And a robber of models.


Le voilà. c’est le char qui s’arrête à travers Dans les herbes enflées par le vol comme une crinière ! Compagnie des oiseaux à présent fatigués. C’est des boucles à épanouir. ses cheveux en boucles lui sautent.Aphrodite La voilà qu’elle s’approche dans son char que les piafs tirent ! C’est le cœur du midi qui l’amène ici. oubliant ses sandales ! C’est la menthe des champs qui s’étale sous ses pieds. La voilà les pieds nus. du pollen et abeilles ! Si légère et soigneuse comme si Elle ne rebrousse chemin. À peine vont se dételer. Sur ses épaules. pour s’en aller. La voilà qu’elle s’engage sur la voie d’une herbe garnie Avec des papillons et des fleurs. Qui la prennent. Et voilà que la grève des cailloux qu’au soleil vont jaillir. C’est les bras propres et nus et croisés. . Dans un corps d’un violon vont changer ! Tout au long l’archet est fait Des montagnes à ruisseler.

C’est tout qu’on se voit de l’hauteur du ciel De l’endroit où le Zeus tout puissant la regarde. son vêtement sur ses hanches lui coule Car. nue elle est ! Et voilà que cette rivière flanquée par des rives. comme un poisson. Pour l’instant elle ne voit que c’est l’eau qu’elle retient Sur sa poitrine. de ses yeux Un baiser il lui vole. Et voilà que maintenant il l’a guette du côté Le jeune homme… Il s’appelle Praxitèle. Assoiffé de désirs et du beau Et voleur des modèles.Et voilà qu’elle s’arrête séduite sur la rive Qui chante et s’enfuit de soi-même à jamais ! Comme la pluie. . tout comme la lune. Et voilà qu’il attend qu’elle en sorte des ondes Elle qui est née de l’écume de mer ! Il la voit et change dans une statue de sel . Ne pourra à jamais sauter pour la prendre ! En échange elle saute du haut de la colline des rouvres En tombant comme un gland.

Souhaitant qu’elle en fût à cent pieds sous la terre Car toute nue on la rend éternelle par ses gouges El la voit qui n’importe.Et voilà que maintenant. Version française par Muguraş Maria PETRESCU . après temps. la Déesse vît sa propre statue.

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