CENTENNIAL 1876-1976
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The plan of the following Classification and Index was developed early in 1873. It was the result of several months' study of library economy as found in some hundreds of books and pamphlets, and in over fifty personal visits to various American libraries. In this study, the author became convinced that the usefulness of these libraries might be greatly increased without additional expenditure. Three years practical use of the system here explained, leads him to believe that it will accomplish this result; for with its aid, the catalogues, shelf lists, indexes, and cross-references essential to this increased usefulness, can be made more economically than by any other method which he has been able to find. The system was devised for cataloguing and indexing purposes, but it was found on trial to be equally valuable for numbering and arranging books and pamphlets on the shelves. The library is first divided into nine special libraries which are called Classes. These Classes are Philosophy, Theology, &c., and are numbered with the nine digits. Thus Class 9 is the Library of History; Class 7, the Library of Fine Art; Class 2, the Library of Theology. These special libraries or Classes are then considered independently, and each one is separated again into nine special Divisions of the main subject. These Divisions are numbered from 1 to 9 as were the Classes. Thus 59 is the 9th Division (Zoology) of the 5th Class (Natural Science). A final division is then made by separating each of these Divisions into nine Sections which are numbered in the same way, with the nine digits. Thus 513 is the 3d Section (Geometry) of the 1st Division (Mathematics) of the 5th Class (Natural Science). This number, giving Class, Division, and Section, is called the Classification or Class Number, and is applied to every book or pamphlet belonging to the library. All the Geometries are thus numbered 513, all the Mineralogies 549, and so throughout the library, all the books on any given subject bear the number of that subject in the scheme. Where a 0 occurs in a class number, it has its normal zero power. Thus, a book numbered 510, is Class 5, Division 1, but no Section. This signifies that the book treats of the Division 51 (Mathematics) in general, and is not limited to any one Section, as is the Geometry, marked 513. If marked 500, it would indicate a treatise on Science in general, limited to no Division. A zero occurring in the first place would in the same way show that the book is limited to no Class. The classification is mainly made by subjects or content regardless of form; but it is found practically useful to make an additional distinction in these general treatises, according to the form of treatment adopted. Thus, in Science we have a large number of books treating of Science in general, and so having a 0 for the Division number. These books are then divided into Sections, as are those of the other Classes according to

the form they have taken on. We have the Philosophy and History of Science, Scientific Compends, Dictionaries, Essays, Periodicals, Societies, Education, and Travels,--all having the common subject, NATURAL SCIENCE, but treating it in these varied forms. These form distinctions are introduced here because the number of general works is large, and the numerals allow of this division, without extra labor for the numbers from 501 to 509 would otherwise be unused. They apply only to the general treatises, which, without them, would have a class number ending with two zeros. A Dictionary of Mathematics is 510, not 503, for every book is assigned to themost specific head that will contain it, so that 503 is limited to Dictionaries or Cyclopedias of Science in general. In the same way a General Cyclopedia or Periodical treats of no one class, and so is assigned to the Class 0. These books treating of no special class, but general in their character, are divided into Cyclopedias, Periodicals, etc. No difficulty is found in following the arithmetical law and omitting the initial zero, so these numbers are printed 31, 32, etc., instead of 031, 032, etc. The selection and arrangement of the thousand headings of the classification cannot be explained in detail for want of space. In all the work, philosophical theory and accuracy have been made to yield to practical usefulness. The impossibility of making a satisfactory classification of all knowledge as preserved in books, has been appreciated from the first, and nothing of the kind attempted. Theoretical harmony and exactness has been repeatedly sacrificed to the practical requirements of the library or to the convenience of the department in the college. As in every scheme, many minor subjects have been put under general heads to which they do not strictly belong. In some cases these headings have been printed in a distinctive type, e. g., 429 Anglo-Saxon, under ENGLISH PHILOLOGY. The rule has been to assign these subjects to the most nearly allied heads, or where it was thought they would be most useful. The only alternative was to omit them altogether. If any such omission occurs, it is unintentional and will be supplied as soon as discovered. Wherever practicable the heads have been so arranged that each subject is preceded and followed by the most nearly allied subjects and thus the greatest convenience is secured both in the catalogues and on the shelves. Theoretically, the division of every subject into just nine heads is absurd. Practically, it is desirable that the classification be as minute as possible without the use of additional figures, and the decimal principle on which our scheme hinges allows nine divisions as readily as a less number. This principle has proved wholly satisfactory in practice though it appears to destroy proper coordination in some places. It has seemed best in our library to use uniformly three figures in the class number. This enables us to classify certain subjects very minutely, giving, for example, an entire section to Chess. But the History of England has only one section, as our scheme is developed, and thus the two might be said to be co-ordinated. The apparent difficulty in such cases is entirely obviated by the use of a fourth figure, giving nine sub-sections to any subject of sufficient importance to warrant closer classification. In history where the classification is made wholly by countries, a fourth figure is added to give a division into periods. As the addition of each figure gives a ten-fold division, any desired degree of minuteness may be secured in the classing of special subjects. The apparent lack of co-ordination arises from the fact that only the first three figures of these more important heads are as yet printed, the fourth figure and the sub-sections being supplied on the catalogues in manuscript. Should the growth of any of these sub-sections warrant it, a fifth figure will be added, for the scheme admits of expansion without limit. The arrangement of headings has been sometimes modified to secure a mnemonic aid in numbering and finding books without the Index. For instance, the scheme is so arranged that China has always the number 1. In Ancient History, it has the first section, 931: in Modern History, under Asia, it has 951: in Philology, the Chinese language appears as 491. After the same manner the Indian number is 2; Egyptian, 4; English, 2; German, 3; French, 4; Italian, 5; Spanish, 6; European, 4; Asian, 5; African, 6; North American, 7; South American, 8; and so for all the divisions by languages or countries. The Italian 5, for instance, will be noticed in 35, 55, 450, 755, 850, and 945. This mnemonic principle is specially prominent in Philology and Literature and their divisions, and in the form distinctions used in the first 9 sections of each class. Materials, Methods, or Theory occurring anywhere as a head, bears always the number 1. Dictionaries and Cyclopedias, 3; Essays,

4; Periodicals, 5; Associations, Institutions, and Societies, 6; Education, 7; Collections, 9. In the numerous cases where several minor heads have been grouped together under the head Other, it always bears the number 9. Wherever practicable, this principle is carried out in sub-dividing the sections. For instance, the Geology of North America, which bears the number 557 is sub-divided by adding the sections of 970 (History of North America). The Geology of Mexico then bears the number 5578: mnemonically, the first 5 is the Science number; the second 5, Geology; the 7, North America; and the 8, Mexico. Any library attendant or reader after using the scheme a short time will recognize at a glance, any catalogue or ledger entry, book or pamphlet, marked 5578 as something on the Geology of Mexico. Users of the scheme will notice this mnemonic principle in several hundred places in the classification, and will find it of great practical utility in numbering and finding books without the aid of Catalogue or Index, and in determining the character of any book simply from its call number as recorded on the book, on all its catalogue and cross reference cards, on the ledger, and in the check box. In naming the headings, brevity has been secured in many cases at the sacrifice of exactness. It was thought more important to have short, familiar titles for the headings than that the names given should express with fullness and exactness the character of all books catalogued under them. Many subjects, apparently omitted, will be found in the Index, assigned, with allied subjects, to a heading which bears the name of the most important only. Reference to this Subject Index will decide at once any doubtful points. In arranging books in the classification, as in filling out the scheme, practical usefulness has been esteemed the most important thing. The effort has been to put each book under the subject to the student of which it would be most useful. The content or the real subject of which a book treats, and not the form or the accidental wording of the title, determines its place. Following this rule, a Philosophy of Art is put with Art, not with Philosophy; a History of Mathematics, with Mathematics, not with History; for the philosophy and history are simply the form which these books have taken. The true content or subject is Art, and Mathematics, and to the student of these subjects they are most useful. The predominant tendency or obvious purpose of the book, usually decides its class number at once; still many books treat of two or more different subjects, and in such cases it is assigned to the place where it will be most useful, and underneath the class number are written the numbers of any other subjects on which it also treats. These Cross References are given both on the plate and the subject card as well as on the cross reference card. If a book treats of a majority of the sections of any division, it is given the Division number instead of the most important Section number with cross references. Collected works, libraries, etc., are either kept together and assigned like individual books to the most specific head that will contain them; or assigned to the most prominent of the various subjects on which they treat with cross references from the others; or are separated and the parts classed as independent works. Translations are classed with their originals. The Alphabetical Subject Index is designed to guide, both in numbering and in finding the books. In numbering, the most specific head that will contain the book having been determined, reference to that head in the Index will give the class number to which it should be assigned. In finding books on any given subject, reference to the Index will give the number under which they are to be sought on the shelves, in the Shelf Catalogue, or in the Subject Catalogue. The Index gives after each subject the number of the class to which it is assigned. Most names of countries, towns, animals, plants, minerals, diseases, &c, have been omitted, the aim being to furnish an Index of Subjects on which books are written, and not a Gazetteer or a Dictionary of all the nouns in the language. Such subjects will be found as special chapters or sections of books on the subjects given in the Index. The names of individual subjects of biographies will be found in the Class List of Biography. Omissions of any of the more general subjects will be supplied when brought to notice. In arranging the books on the shelves, the absolute location by shelf and book number is wholly abandoned, the relative location by class and book number being one of the most valuable features

The Subject Catalogue is a full title Shelf List on cards and is for the use of the public. The books of each section are all together. In both the Authors' Catalogue and the Subject Index. both full and short title Subject Catalogues and Shelf Lists. in the vast majority of cases. to enable him to choose the book best suited to his wants. the last number showing how many books the library has on that subject.. The single digit occasionally prefixed to the book number. The uncatalogued pamphlets treating of any subject bear the same class number and are arranged on the shelves immediately after the books of each section. and is for official use. found together. and notes. classifications. the upper being the class and the lower the book number. needs the full title. which prevents confusion of different books on the same subject. We thus have without extra labor. brevity has been studied because of the economy. &c. Not only are all the books on the subject sought. Readers not having access to the shelves find the short titles arranged in the same order on the Shelf Catalogue. Therefore the Roman numerals. imprint. and with less danger of confusion or mistake. in the same way that new titles are added to the card catalogue. which are only 2½ decimeters apart. cross references. 5. e. on the Subject Catalogue. each of the card Catalogues by a book Catalogue. . The class is found in its numerical order among the classes as the shelf is found in the ordinary system: the book in its numerical order in the class. the size numbers of which are omitted. &c. and are found on the special shelves provided. under authors. and can find it much sooner in a brief title catalogue. capitals and small letters. The shelves are not numbered. The great mass of the library consists of 2-decimeter books.of the plan.. the 3 in 421-3-7 is the nearest height in decimeters of books too large to be put on the regular library shelves. and any arrangement of classes to bring the books most circulated nearest to the delivery desk. A reader seeking a book of a known author. and only references or very brief titles under subjects. The larger sizes are prefixed with 4. or alcove 5. The call number 513-11 signifies not the 11th book on shelf 513. but signifies the 11th book in subject 513 or the 11th Geometry belonging to the library. and arranged by book numbers. each of the brief title catalogues by a full title catalogue--an advantage that will be appreciated by all librarians desiring accuracy of administration and catalogues. imprints. and similar symbols usually found in systems of classification are entirely discarded and by the exclusive use of Arabic numerals in their regular order throughout the shelves. cross-references. as in most libraries. As a result each of the public Catalogues is checked by an official Catalogue. The public Authors' Catalogue is a printed volume. By this use of the size numbers a close economy of space is secured. In the rare cases where more is needed the class number refers instantly to all these facts on the cards. the opening of new rooms. a reader seeking books on a known subject. The Arabic numerals can be written and found more quickly. New books as received are numbered and put into place.g. Thus the first Geometry catalogued is marked 513-1. The custom of giving full titles. will bring different class numbers on a given shelf. shelf 3. The class number serves also as the location number and the shelf number in common use is entirely dispensed with. On the other hand. and no additions or changes ever separate them. Books from 2½ to 3½ decimeters in height have 3 prefixed to the book number. the official Authors' Catalogue or Index is on cards.. range 1. than any other symbols whatever. the second 513-2. but the most nearly allied subjects precede and follow. and are found on the bottom shelf of each range. has been reversed. and the full titles. and so on to any extent. they in turn being preceded and followed by other allied subjects as far as practicable. the printed numbers on the backs are followed. In finding the book. wants simply the number by which to call for it. and these sections are also arranged in simple numerical order throughout the library. made of separate sheets laced into an Emerson binder. The Shelf List is a short title Subject Catalogue in book form. etc. but more because of the much greater ease of reference to a short title catalogue. Accompanying the class number is the book number. notes. in order to avoid the great waste of space otherwise occasioned by the relative location. as the increase of different departments. Thus all the books on any given subject are found standing together.

the plan has proved of great service in preserving newspaper clippings in large envelopes arranged by class numbers. in deciding where to class a book at first. and have the same advantages over the common scrap and note-books that the Subject Catalogue has over the Accessions Book. Space is the only requisite and if the shelf room is exhausted. it being a single alphabet. The immense advantages of this plan over those in common use. and more especially in taking the place of the common note-book and Index Rerum. this plan has all the advantages of the card catalogue principle and of the relative location. As in the card catalogue system. The plan was adopted in the Amherst College Library in 1873. without interfering in any appreciable degree with the circulation of the books. buildings. There is no expense whatever incurred. when introduced. and the work of transferring the entire library to the new catalogue at once commenced. and yet the entire pamphlet resources of the library on any subject can be produced almost instantly. it is the work of a single moment to pencil on it its class number. The great expense of this re-cataloguing makes it impracticable except for a few very wealthy libraries.indexes. and books on the same or allied subjects. This advantage is specially prominent in comparison with systems where the name of the author or the title must be written in calling for or charging books and in making references. Though designed wholly for library use. and convenience. sooner or later. unless it be frequently re-arranged and re-catalogued. and the minutest statistics of circulation in any subject are made by simply counting the call slips in the check box. A catalogue of authors may be made on slips if desired. Clippings and notes arranged in this way are at all times their own complete index. for the size distinction may be made for every inch or even less if desired. has removed their strongest objections. The pamphlets themselves are the best Subject Catalogue. On the library accounts the character of each person's reading is clearly indicated by the numbers charged. the slips being arranged in numerical order like the Subject Card Catalogue. Certainly it would be impossible to make an Index more cheaply or more easy of reference. requires one less figure in the book number. Some prominent opponents of classed catalogues have admitted that the Subject Index. and it is now printed with the more confidence on this account. in order that the many minor details might be subjected . economy. Those who have tried this method are so enthusiastic in its praise that it seemed worthy of mention in this place. will be appreciated by every librarian caring for a pamphlet collection. followed by single numbers. Parts of sets. of single words. Minute alphabetical headings are used under each class number. By the use of size numbers the greatest possible economy of space may be secured. As each pamphlet is examined when received into the library. and recording the number against the class number in the record. as means allowed. Throughout the catalogues the number of a book shows not only where it is but what it is. and so does not increase the number of digits as would at first appear. catalogues and records. there is secured the greatest accuracy. as it will be seen that the size figure. which have been used and very strongly approved by prominent libraries. in every library arranged on the common plan. and this without additional labor. and where to look for it ever afterwards. are never separated as they are sure to be. in looking up the resources of the library on any given subject. both in economy and usefulness. except for the inconvenience of stooping. In this system the catalogue and book numbers remain unchanged through all changes of shelving. or arrangement. In addition to its own peculiar merits. It has been kept in manuscript up to this time. It was found entirely practicable to make the change gradually. The number is written on the upper left corner and the pamphlets are arranged either in pamphlet cases with the books on the same subject or on special shelves divided every decimeter by perpendicular sections. Slips of uniform size are used with the class number of the subject written on the corner. These class numbers applied to pamphlets have proved specially satisfactory. the floor space is equally good. there is room for indefinite expansion without devices or provisions. The three years trial to which it has been there subjected has more than justified the claims of its friends.

While these friends are in no way responsible for any remaining imperfections in the scheme. and nearly every member of the Faculty has given advice from time to time. Louis Public School Library. He would therefore ask the privilege of replying personally to any such objections. The labor involved in preparing the Classification and Index has been wholly beyond the appreciation of any who have never attempted a similar task. Louis Library has been followed. The essential character of the plan has remained unchanged from the actual trial and modified where improvement was possible.A. Much valuable aid has been rendered by specialists in many departments. and conversation on the subject. the plan was submitted to quite a number of librarians for criticism. Perhaps the most fruitful source of ideas was the Nuovo Sistema di Catalogo Bibliografico Generale of Natale Battezzati. for valuable suggestions and appreciative criticism. at the end of a certain shelf. In this hurriedly prepared account of his plan. correspondence. This slight objection inheres in any system where the books are arranged by subjects rather than by windows. special mention should be made of Mr. AMHERST June 10th. where they arise. at least a very large proportion. which in some respects resemble his own. Doubtless other improvements are still possible. Among the hundreds of points raised as to its practical workings and usefulness there was only one in which it was not shown to be equal or superior to any other system known. the librarian of the Boston Athenæum. because of the uneven growth of the parts of the library. Among the many to whom thanks are due. In his varied reading. were not seen till all the essential features were decided upon. shelves. and Mr. John Fiske.. Before printing. if not all. Cutter. a book which this year stands. It was. The plan of the St. hoping it may prove as useful to others as it has to himself. though he has copied nothing from it. they should have credit for many improvements which have been made during these three years of revision. Certainly he is indebted to this system adopted by the Italian publishers in 1871. the author has doubtless failed to meet many objections which may be raised and which he could easily answer. the author doubtless received suggestions and gained ideas which it is now impossible for him to acknowledge. COLLEGE LIBRARY. doors. and would most gladly make specific acknowledgment of every aid and suggestion were it in his power to do so. e. though not given to the public. and similar non-intellectual distinctions. C. . of Milan. and that of the Apprentices' Library of New York. of the Harvard University library. With these general explanations and acknowledgments he submits the scheme. may not be on that shelf at all another year. 1876. and it is hoped that users of the scheme will call attention to any proposed change in the naming or arrangement of the headings. believing that it will be possible to answer.g. or to any omission which should be supplied in the Subject Index. In filling the nine classes of the scheme the inverted Baconian arrangement of the St. This objection applied only to the arrangement on the shelves. Those interested will find fuller explanations and remarks in the Library volume now being printed by the Bureau of Education at Washington. The author has no desire to claim original invention for any part of his system where another has been before him. not at all to the catalogues or indexes. that in this relative location.



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Meteorology. Iranian. Texts. 550 551 552 553 554 555 556 Geology. Dialects. Synonyms. Asia. Dictionaries. Indian.416 417 418 419 420 421 422 423 424 425 426 427 428 429 430 431 432 433 434 435 436 437 438 439 440 441 442 443 444 445 446 447 448 449 Prosody. 500 501 502 503 504 505 506 Natural Science. Grammar. Philosophy. Etymology. Compends. Texts. Other Languages. Texts. Grammar. Societies. Texts. Prosody. Prosody. Prosody. Dialects. Etymology. Dialects. Dialects. Texts. Other. Keltic. Essays. Prosody. English. Prosody. Greek. Scandinavian. Provençal. Dynamical geology. Chinese. . Semitic. Synonyms. Etymology. Slavic. Dialects. Dictionaries. Latin. Anglo-Saxon. Europe. Dictionaries. Lithology. Dutch and Low German. Grammar. Africa. Synonyms. Hieroglyphics. Old French. Etymology. Grammar. Periodicals. Synonyms. Modern Greek. Texts. Synonyms. Grammar. Egyptian. Physical Geography. Dictionaries. Medieval Latin. NATURAL SCIENCE. Orthography. Dictionaries. Orthography. Orthography. Orthography. Etymology. Portuguese. Orthography. 466 467 468 469 470 471 472 473 474 475 476 477 478 479 480 481 482 483 484 485 486 487 488 489 490 491 492 493 494 495 496 497 498 499 Prosody. Dictionaries. German. Inscriptions. Texts. French. Dialects.

Invertebrates. Articulates. Fishes. Europe. Reptiles and Birds. Analytical geometry. Ethnology. Microscopy. 559 Oceanica. Physics. Acoustics. Vertebrates. Hydrostatics. Trigonometry. Africa. Evolution. Chronology. Natural History of Man. Organic. Optics. Comparative Anatomy. Oceanica. Almanacs. Zoology. Botany. Conic sections. Maps. Mechanics. Reptiles and Birds. 557 North America. Arithmetic. Mammals. 508 Travels. Articulates. 509 History. Figure of the earth. Analysis. South America. Electricity. Mammals. Protozoa and Radiates. Embryology. Spontaneous generation. Ornamental. 558 South America. Molecular physics. Theoretical. Prehistoric Archæology. Practical. Collectors' Manuals. Physiological. Geometry. Protozoa and Radiates. Homologies. Invertebrates. Descriptive. Astronomy. Quaternions. Magnetism. Quantitative. Fishes.507 Education. Biology. Pneumatics. Asia. Observations. Qualitative. Mollusca. Mineralogy. Systematic. Theoretical. Mollusca. 5l0 511 512 513 514 515 516 517 518 519 520 521 522 523 524 525 526 527 528 529 530 531 532 533 534 535 536 537 538 539 540 541 542 543 544 545 546 547 548 549 Mathematics. Calculus. Crystallography. Probabilities. Algebra. Heat. . Navigation. 560 561 562 563 564 565 566 567 568 569 570 571 572 573 574 575 576 577 578 579 580 581 582 583 584 585 586 587 588 589 590 591 592 593 594 595 596 597 598 599 Paleontology. Chemistry. Experimental. Plants. North America. Vertebrates. Inorganic.

Domestic Economy. Blacksmithing. Paper. Productions of the soil. Textile fabrics. Writing. Public health. Saddlery and shoe-making. Materia medica and therapeutics. Military. Leather and rubber. and ales. Other. Other. Physiology. Obstetrics and sexual science. Societies. Navigation and transportation. Fruits. Other. Anatomy. Dictionaries. Glass. Surgery and dentistry. Metallurgy. trapping. Pests and hindrances. Mechanical. Periodicals. Sugar. Confectionery. Road and railroad. Marble. Hygiene. and brick. . Masonry. Fishing. Penmanship. Canal. Engineering. Carpentry. Veterinary medicine. Hydraulic and mining. Chemicals. Mechanic Trades. Short hand. Assaying. Chemical Technology. Telegraphy. Bridge. Dairy. 650 651 652 653 654 655 656 657 658 659 660 661 662 663 664 665 666 667 668 669 670 671 672 673 674 675 676 677 678 679 680 681 682 683 684 685 686 687 688 689 690 691 692 693 694 Communication. theory and practice. History. Compends. Metals. liquors. Plans and specifications. Wood. Topographical. Book-keeping. Clothes-making. Fuel and lights. Watch and instrument-making. Essays. Medicine. Harbor. 600 601 602 603 604 605 606 607 608 609 610 611 612 613 614 615 616 617 618 619 620 621 622 623 624 625 626 627 628 629 630 631 632 633 634 635 636 637 638 639 640 641 642 643 644 Useful Arts. Building. Wines. Garden. Materials. Lock and gun-making. Instruments and field books. Patents. Business manuals. Soil and preparation. Book-binding. Manufactures. Dyeing and bleaching. Domestic animals. Pathology. Food and dining. Commerce. stone. Cookery. Cotton. Bees and silkworm. Iron. Carriage and cabinet-making. Philosophy. Printing. Agriculture. Education. Pyrotechnics. starch. etc. Gas. salt.USEFUL ARTS.

Architecture. Vocal. Bank Note and Machine. Arbors. Photograph. Dramatic. Public buildings. glazing. Parks. Stereoscopic. Medieval. Other schools. Ancient and Oriental. Church. Collections. Societies. Periodicals. Plants and flowers. French. Dictionaries. Modern. Materials and methods. Church. Domestic and rural. Private grounds. Engraving. Collections. 750 751 752 753 754 755 756 757 758 759 760 761 762 763 764 765 766 767 768 769 770 771 772 773 774 775 776 777 778 779 780 781 782 783 784 785 Painting. Portrait. Monuments. Car and Ship-building. Lithography. Medieval. Of special countries. Albertype. Galleries. Plumbing. Collections.645 646 647 648 649 Furniture. History. Laundry. 695 696 697 698 699 Slating and tiling. Portrait. and paper-hanging. Trees and hedges. Mezzotint and Aquatint. Modern. Chromolithography. Etching. School. Flemish and Dutch Schools. Painting. Steel and Copper. Line and Stipple. Greek and Roman. Wood. Music. Landscape Gardening. . Education. Ambrotype and Daguerreotype. Architectural construction. Essays. Water. Sculpture. Clothing and toilet. Landscape. Walks and drives. Nursery and sick-room. Cemeteries. Philosophy. FINE ARTS. Materials and methods. etc. Ancient. Materials. Heliotype. Compends. Theory. Color. Instrumental. Photography. Warming and ventilation. Landscape. Servants. 700 701 702 703 704 705 706 707 708 709 710 711 712 713 714 715 716 717 718 719 720 721 722 723 724 725 726 727 728 729 730 731 732 733 734 735 Fine Arts. Italian. Photolithography.

LITERATURE. Spanish Satire. Epic. English Essays. Perspective. Latin Poetry. Numismatics. Collections. Entertainments. Latin Letters. 850 851 852 853 854 855 856 857 858 859 860 861 862 863 864 865 866 867 868 869 870 871 872 873 874 875 876 Italian Literature. Other games. Modern. Italian Drama. Drawing and Design. shooting. Letters. Dramatic. Medieval. Humor.736 737 738 739 740 741 742 743 744 745 746 747 748 749 Carving. Essays. Spanish Humor. Horsemanship and racing. Chess. English Literature. English Oratory. 800 801 802 803 804 805 806 807 808 809 810 811 812 813 814 815 816 817 818 819 820 821 822 823 824 825 826 Literature. Societies. 790 791 792 793 794 795 796 797 798 799 Amusements. Poetry. Theatre. Free-hand. 787 Stringed instruments. Spanish Drama. Periodicals. Rhetoric and oratory. . Out-door sports. hunting. 788 Wind instruments. Miscellany. English Romance. Mathematical drawing. Latin Literature. Compends. In-door amusements. Philosophy. Spanish Essays. Latin Oratory. Fishing. Dictionaries. Italian Humor. Italian Miscellany. Treatises and Collections. Ancient. Drama. Ornamental design. Collections. Art anatomy. English Drama. English Poetry. English Letters. Italian Letters. 789 Associations and institutions. Italian Essays. 786 Piano and Organ. Lyric. Essays. Romance. Spanish Poetry. Italian Poetry. Spanish Romance. Pottery and bronzes. History. Italian Oratory. Spanish Letters. Italian Satire. Italian Romance. Spanish Literature. Boating and ball. Spanish Miscellany. Spanish Oratory. Satire.

Other. Siberia. Greek Oratory. 96l North Africa. French Essays. 830 831 832 833 834 835 836 837 838 839 840 841 842 843 844 845 846 847 848 849 German Literature. Keltic. Historical. Iranian. 965 Algeria. Semitic. Persia. German Letters. German Satire. Epic. 964 Morocco. 966 Central Africa. Africa. 962 Egypt and Nubia. Charts. French Oratory. Dictionaries. 829 English Miscellany. HISTORY. German Romance. 878 Latin Philosophy. Compends. Other Languages. 877 Latin Satire. Education. 963 Abyssinia. Greek History. 879 Latin History. French Miscellany. French Satire. 900 901 902 903 904 905 906 907 908 909 910 911 912 913 914 915 916 917 History. 828 English Humor. Japan. Indian. 960 Africa. Modern. French Romance. German Drama. Asia. Philosophy. Other. . Lyric. Chinese. Europe. Greek Philosophy. Greek Humor. French Drama. Scandinavian. India. Arabia. French Letters. 880 881 882 883 884 885 886 887 888 889 890 891 892 893 894 895 896 897 898 899 Greek Literature. Periodicals. French Poetry. Greek Poetry. German Poetry. North America. German Miscellany. China. German Humor. Dramatic. 950 951 952 953 954 955 956 957 958 959 Asia. German Oratory. French Literature. Turkey in Asia. Slavic. 967 Guinea. Essays. Egyptian. Societies. Afghanistan. French Humor. chronology. Geography and Description. Greek Letters.827 English Satire. Universal Histories. Ancient. German Essays.

Polynesia. Of philosophy. Italy. Argentine Republic. Bolivia. Roman. Of fine arts. Malaysia. Peru. Germany and Austria.918 919 920 921 922 923 924 925 926 927 928 929 930 931 932 933 934 935 936 937 938 939 940 941 942 943 944 945 946 947 948 949 South America. Western. A|B|C|D|E|F|G|H|I|J|K|L|M|N|O|P|Q|R|S|T|U|V|W|X|Y|Z . Oceanica and Polar Regions. 969 Other. Australasia. Europe. Venezuela. Canada. France. Indian. New Granada. Eastern. Keltic. the Shelf Catalogue. Antarctic regions. Southern. Scotland and Ireland. 968 South Africa. Of theology. Russia. Egyptian. Oceanica and Polar Regions. Ancient History. Greek. Brazil. Biography. Chinese. Other. Jewish. Other. Of philology. Guiana. Other. Australia. United States and Territories. Of science. Of useful arts. The entire resources of the library on this subject will be found under this number either in the Subject Catalogue. Of sociology. Chili. Isolated islands. Mexico. or on the shelves. British America. Where a class number ends in a cipher. on reference to the prefixed classification. Arctic regions. Scandinavia. New Guinea. Of literature. The number following it is its Class Number. 970 971 972 973 974 975 976 977 978 979 980 981 982 983 984 985 986 987 988 989 990 991 992 993 994 995 996 997 998 999 North America. South America. to be subdivided. Sunda. Genealogy and Heraldry. SUBJECT INDEX Find the subject in this Alphabetical INDEX. Middle. Other. the subject will be found. England. Spain and Portugal. Persian.

234Arminianism . prehistoric 799Archery 927Architects. 839. etc. second 533Aeronautics 701Æsthetics 966Æthiopia 958Afghanistan 586Africa--botany 396 customs and costumes 916 description 276 ecclesiastical history 916 geography 556 geology 960 history 316 statistics 916 travels 631Agricultural chemistry 630Agriculture 533Air 976Alabama 977Alaska 949Albania 774Albertypes 272.Addresses 350Administration 342Administrative law 346Admiralty Law 176. 345Adultery 236Advent. 839. 825. 819. domestic 593Animalcula 333Annuities 14Anonyms 999Antarctic regions 919Antarctic regions travels 130Anthropology 366Anti-Masonry 234Antinomianism Antiquities. lives 744Architectural drawing 720Architecture 699Architecture naval 998Arctic regions 919Arctic regions travels 982Argentine republic 281. 615. ancient history 953Arabia. modern 493Arabian language 197Arabian philosophy 715Arboriculture 717Arbors 571Archæology. see subject or country. 829. 835.Aphorisms 228Apocalypse 229Apocrypha 239Apologetics 616Apoplexy 922Apostles 274-276Apostolic church 262Apostolic succession 819. 232Arianism 185Aristotelian philosophy 511Arithmetic 977Arizona 976Arkansas 956Armenia 355Armies 287. etc.Acrostics 328Acts and Resolves 226Acts of the Apostles 815. etc. 829. etc. 829.326Abolition 970Aborigines North America 618Abortion 963Abyssinia 493Abyssinia language 378Academies 506Academies of science 657Accounts 534Acoustics 819. 663Alcoholic liquors 663Ales 582Algæ 512Algebra 965Algeria 343Aliens 819.Apothegms 133Apparitions 634Apples 590Aquariums 766Aquatint 628Aqueducts 939Arabia. etc.Allegories 528Almanacs 313Almanacs statistical 134Animal magnetism 590Animal kingdom 636Animals. 839. 944Albigenses 540Alchemy 178. 839. 829.

comparative 611Anatomy. human 722Ancient architecture 391Ancient customs. etc. useful 926Arts. fine 927Arts. art 591Anatomy. Religious 617Aneurism 235Angels 283Anglican church 799Angling 355Armor 743Art anatomy 927Art biography 707Art education 753-756Art schools 628Artesian wells 565Articulates.Alphabets 745-748Alphabets ornamental 341Ambassadors 772Ambrotype 970America North-587 botany 397 customs and costumes 917 description 277 ecclesiastical history 917 geography 557 geology 970 history 317 statistics 917 travels 980America South-588 botany 398 customs and costumes 918 escription 278 ecclesiastical history 918 geography 558 geology 980 history 318 statistics 918 travels 499American languages 756American painting 191American philosophy 973American revolution 427Americanisms 378Amherst College 617Amputation 175. chemical 544Analysis. fine biography of 600Arts. useful biography of 967Ashantee 916Ashantee geography 950Asia-585 botany 395 customs and costumes 275 ecclesiastical history 915 geography 555 geology 950 history 315 statistics 915 travels 956Asia Minor 345Assassination 345Assault and battery 668Assaying 163Assent 360Associations 789Associations musical 368Assurance 935Assyria 493Assyrian language 616Asthma 133Astrology 524Astronomical maps 525Astronomical observations 520Astronomy 211Atheism 796Athletic sports 910Atlases 533Atmosphere 234Atonement 537. paleontology 595Articulates. . zoology 358Artillery 927Artists' lives 700Arts. see Biography. etc.411. anagrams 543Analysis. 551Aurora 993Australasia 994Australia 943Austria 171Authority 928Authors' lives Autobiography. 421.Ana. 790Amusements 819. 839. quantitative 516Analytical geometry 743Anatomy. 829. 431. costumes 746Ancient design 912Ancient geography 930Ancient history 180Ancient philosophies 732Ancient sculpture 249Anecdote. qualitative 545Analysis.

see Poetry. 377Bible in schools 362Bible societies 11Bibliographies Bibliographies-015 Special countries 012 Special forms 016 Special subjects 010Bibliography 795Billiards 920Biography 570Biology 598Birds 568Birds palæontology 312Births 667Bleaching 616Blindness 022Block books 543Blowpipe 343Blue laws 797Boating 797. 25. 686Book binding 10Book collecting 657Book keeping 20Book rarities 17. 366Brigands 971British America 972British Columbia 954British India 369British Museum 942. 675Boot-making 580Botany 561Botany fossil 615Botany medical 294Brahmanism 615. 366Buccaneers 294Buddhism 982Buenos Ayres 690Building 390. 699Boats 959Bokhara 984Bolivia 333Bonds and stocks 611Bones 10. 614. 551Barometer 731Bas-reliefs 797Base ball 499Basque language 946Basque provinces 613Baths 943Bavaria 701Beauty 663Beer 638Bees 595Beetles 635Beets 664Beets sugar 949Belgium 800Belles-lettres 785Bell-ringing 671Bells 971Bermudas 220Bible 220Bible dictionaries. 719Burial 954Burmah 174Business ethics 658Business manuals 637Butter 595Butterflies .942Anglo-Saxon history 429Anglo-Saxon language 946Azores 935Babylon 795Backgammon 192Baconian philosophy 797Ball playing Ballads. 663Brandy 981Brazil 244Breviaries 663Brewing 673Bricks 624Bridge-building 345. etc. 18Booksellers' catalogues 685. 941Britons 616Bronchitis 738Bronzes 345. 533Ballooning 345. 20Books 10. 366Banditti 768Bank Note Engraving 343Bankrupt laws 332Banks 264Baptism 286Baptists 961Barbary States 533.

painting 667Coloring Comedy. 523Comets Comic works. 325Colonies 535Color 752Colors.682Blacksmithing 949Byzantine Empire 684Cabinet making 945Calabria 511Calculators 517Calculus 941Caledonia 977California 613Calisthenics 536Caloric 234Calvinism 332Cambists 942Cambria 736Cameos 972Canada 626Canal engineering 386Canal transit 946Canary Isles 616Cancer 348Canon law 331Capital and labor 345Capital punishment 699Car-building 795Card-playing 989Caribbee Islands 741Caricatures 694Carpentry 684Carriage making 939Carthage 643Carving 736Carving and chasing 954Cashmere 946Castille 730Casts 171Casuistry 18Catalogues--Authors 12-18Catalogues--Books 12-18Catalogues--Libraries 17Catalogues--Subjects 616Catarrh 241Catechisms 726Cathedrals 282Catholic Church 636Cattle 324Caucuses 357Cavalry 551Caves 136. 538. art 749 drawing and design 769 engraving 759 painting 779 photography 739 sculpture 579Collectors' manuals 378Colleges 628Collieries 986Colombia. 633Coffee 332Coinage 737Coins 595Coleoptera 708Collections. 176Celibacy 496Celtic language 896Celtic literature 376Co-education 641. 527Compass Compends-702 fine arts 902 history 802 literature 502 natural science 402 philology 102 philosophy 502 science 302 sociology 202 theology 602 useful arts 815Composition . law 380Commerce 343Commercial law 343Common law 372Common schools 380. Bible 340Commentaries. 259Commemorative sermons 220Commentaries. see Drama. see Humor. S. 650Communication 265Communion 335Communism 335Comparative anatomy 291Comparative mythology 410Comparative philology 629.A.

270Councils 347Courts martial 194Cousin's philosophy 274. 145Comte's philosophy 594Conchology 220Concordances of Bible 642Confectionery 282Confessional 285Congregationalism 515Conic sections 974Connecticut 170. architectural 327Consuls 616Consumption 614Contagion 343Contracts 362. 271Convents 177Conversation 641Cookery 331Co-operation 671. English 324Constitution. 617. 549Copper 762Copper engraving 492Coptic language 343Copyright 593Corals 959Corea 347. evidences 270-289Christianity. 738Ceramic art 599Cetacea 954Ceylon 493Chaldee language 519Chances 795Charades 361Charitable associations 908Charts. houses of 530Correlation of forces 816Correspondence 944Corsica 646Cosmetics 113Cosmogony 113Cosmology 947Cossacks 979Costa Rica 390Costumes 728Cottages 678Cotton manufactures 633Cotton planting 381. 941Covenanters . 343Corn laws 721Cornices 343Coroners 371Corporal punishment 360Corporations 364Correction. 382Cotton trade 262. ancient 951China. modern 491Chinese language 891Chinese literature 299Chinese religion 322Chivalry 615.936Celts 693Cements 719Cemeteries 310Censuses 966Central Africa 979Central America 673. United States 342Constitutional law 721Construction. 233Conscience 789Conservatories of music 323Constitution. history 390Christmas customs 232Christology 764Chromolithography 902Chronologies 529Chronology 261Church 726Church architecture 283Church of England 270Church fathers 270-289Church history 783Church music 781Composition of music 194. 618Chloroform 616Cholera 232Christ 230Christian doctrines 270Christian fathers 260Christian institutions 280Christian sects 239Christianity. history 736Chasing 795Checkers 637Cheese 631Chemical agriculture 543Chemical analysis 660Chemical technology 661Chemicals--manufacture 540Chemistry 794Chess 618Childbirth 983Chili 693Chimneys 931China.

478. 644Coal 622Coast survey 929Coats of arms 951Cochin China 636. 283Dissenters 663Distillation 976District of Columbia 343. lives of 551. 329Church and state 947Circassia 910Circumnavigations 342Citizenship 388City transit 620Civil engineering 348Civil law 351Civil service organs 351Civil service regulations 313Civilization--progress 134Clairvoyance 375Classical education 880Classics. 21Diplomatics 910Directories 371Discipline. 536Climatology 610Clinic 681Clock-making 687Clothes-making 646Clothing 369Clubs 549. education 616Diseases 614Disinfection 615Dispensatories 611Dissection 289. 280Creeds 614. 390Cremation 949Crete 796Cricket 947Crimea 345Crimes and punishments 345Criminal law 142Critical psychology Criticism--literary. l73Divorce 273Doctrinal history .262Church polity 282Church of Rome 261. 637Cows 634Cranberries 741Crayoning 213Creation 334Credit 244. see Essays. 940Crusades 595Crustacea 582Cryptogamia 548Crystallography 979Cuba 332Currency 531Curvilinear motion 337Customs and duties 390Customs and manners 30Cyclopaedias. 793Crocheting 796Croquet 616Croup 274. Latin 112Classification 922Clergy. 172. Greek 488. 870Classics. 341Diplomacy 10. general 772Daguerreotype 637Dairy 793Dancing 498Danish 575Darwinism 361Deaf and dumb institutions 616Deafness 612Death 236Death and resurrection 345Death penalty 815Debates 511Decimal system 389Decimal weights & measures 745-748Decorative art 162Deductive logic 211Deism 975Delaware 133Delusions 324Democracy 133Demonology 948Denmark 241Didactic theology 736Die-making 613Diet 517Differential calculus 612Digestion 343Digests 643Dining 616Diphtheria 327.

392Duelling 439Dutch language 753Dutch painting 289Dutch Reformed Church 949Dutch Republic 170Duties 337Duties and customs 667Dyeing 537Dynamical electricity 553Dynamical geology 531Dynamics 616Dysentery 616Dyspepsia 616Ear diseases 182Early Greek philosophy 551Earth 526Earth figure of 811. 614Drainage 812Drama. mental 194Descarte's philosophy 523Descriptive astronomy 744Descriptive geometry 740Design and drawing 745-8Design ornamental 321Despotism 354Detectives 222Deuteronomy 575Development theory 235Devil 240Devotional theology 551Dew 160Dialectics Dialects-427 English 447 French 437 German 487 Greek 457 Italian 477 Latin 467 Spanish 552Diamonds Dictionaries-413 comparative 423 English 703 fine art 443 French 433 German 483 Greek 903 history 453 Italian 473 Latin 803 literature 503 natural science 403 philology 103 philosophy 503 science 303 sociology 463 Spanish 203 theology 603 useful arts 253Doctrinal sermons 230Doctrinal theology 599. 831.280Denominations. Christian 617Dentistry 233. Latin 862Drama. 345. English 842Drama. etc. Spanish 792Dramatic amusements 782Dramatic music 795Draughts 740Drawing 741Drawing-books 135Dreams 646Dress 646Dress making 713Drives 798Driving 615Drugs 299Druids 177. Greek 852Drama. Italian 872Drama. 636Dogs 636Domestic animals 728Domestic architecture 640Domestic economy 327Domestic and foreign relations 615Domestic medicine 381Domestic trade 248Domestic worship 795Dominos 631. German 882Drama.Epics 883Epics Greek 873Epics Latin 187Epicurean philosophy . general treatises 822Drama. 216Depravity 132Derangement. French 832Drama. 821.

English literature 704Essays. Spanish 265Eucharist 920. modern 492Egyptian language 892Egyptian literature 256Election sermons 324Elections 537Electricity 538Electro-magnetism 361Eleemosynary institutions 372Elementary education 733Elgin marbles 815Elocution 326Emancipation 390Embalming 346. natural science 404Essays. Italian 472Etymologies. history 854Essays. French 814Essays. general treatises 834Essays. comparative 422Etymologies. political 989Ecuador 370Education 707Education fine arts 907Education history 507Education natural sciences 407Education philology 107Education philosophy 507Education science 207Education theology 607Education useful arts 378Educational institutions 379Educational reports 932Egypt. German 904Essays. general 620Engineering 629Engineering instruments 942England. literature 504Essays. theology 604Essays. Spanish 204Essays. 998Esquimaux 824Essays. 259Eulogies 584Europe--botany 394 customs and costumes 274 ecclesiastical history 914 geography . ancient 962Egypt. English 442Etymologies. history 283English church 427English dialects 614Epidemics 819. 341Embargo 219Emblems 576Embryology 325Emigration 144Empirical psychology 751Enamel painting 751Encaustic painting 30Encyclopædias.Epigrams 283Episcopal church 227Epistles. French 432Etymologies. German 482Etymologies. Latin 462Etymologies. fine arts 844Essays. etc. etc. Bible 816. useful arts 767Etching 617Etherization 170Ethics 966Ethiopia 390Ethnography 572Ethnology 177Etiquette 937Etruria 412Etymologies. Greek 452Etymologies.Epistolography 929Epitaphs 989Equador 798Equestrian exercise 355Equipments of armies 359Equipments of navies 344Equity 236Eschatology 979. philosophy 329Essays. 829. 839. Italian 804Essays. 826.553Earthquakes 954East Indies 244Easter 281Eastern church 974Eastern States 270Ecclesiastical history 262Ecclesiastical polity 593Echinoderms 616Eclectic medicine 148Eclectic psychology 523Eclipses 640Economy. science 304Essays. sociology 864Essays. political 504Essays. domestic 330Economy. philology 104Essays.

839. 583Flower garden 580Flowers 517Fluxions 291-293Folk-lore 643Food 267Foreign missions 327Foreign relations 382Foreign trade 345Forgery 349Form book 623Fortification 133Fortune-telling 560Fossils 671Founderies 361Foundling hospitals 714Fountains 799Fowling 636Fowls 617Fractures 944France 324Franchise 271Franciscans 943Franconia 943. 629Field books. etc. 829. 163Faith 173Family 616Family medicines 247Family worship 133Fanaticism 828. 823. etc. 833 etc. functions 819. 944Franco-Prussian war 741Free-hand drawing 366Freemasonry . etc. 839.Fairy tales 234.423English dictionaries 422English etymology 323English government 425English grammar 420English language 820English literature 421English orthography 756English painting 420English philology 192English philosophy 426English prosody 735English sculpture 424English synonyms 428English texts 760Engraving 819. engineering 796-799Field sports 526Figure of the earth 584-589Flora 945Florence 976Florida 716. 839.Facetiæ 813.. etc.Fables 819. 838. 791Farces 630Farming 682Farriery 177Fashion 244Fasts 159Fatalism 270Fathers of the church 590Fauna 244Feasts 324Federalism 376Female education 378Female seminaries 796Fencing 582Ferns 299Fetichism 322Feudal institutions 616Fevers Fiction. diseases 612Eye.Enigmas 791Entertainments 137Enthusiasm 595Entomology 595Entozoa 554 geology 940 history 314 statistics 914 travels 349Evidence (law) 239Evidences of Christianity 216Evil 575Evolution 332Exchange 336Excise 220Exegesis 708Exhibitions. art 222Exodus 542Experimental Chemistry 910Explorations 258Expository sermons 385Express companies 616Eye. see Romance. 829. 829.

French 435Grammars. German 485Grammars. Greek 455Grammars. 671Gold 514Goniometry 244Good-Friday 226Gospels 723Gothic architecture 943Goths 616Gout 320Government 234Grace 634Grafting 633Grains 415Grammars. 583Grasses ornamental 718Grave-stones 719Grave-yards 531Gravitation . Latin 465Grammars. 677Flax 753Flemish painting 595Flies 337Free trade 159Freewill 440French language 449French language old 840French literature 754French painting 194French philosophy 944French revolution 735French sculpture 751Fresco painting 531Friction 289Friends. 537Galvanism 175Gambling 345Game laws 793-7Games 635Gardening 710Gardening Landscape 696Gas-fitting 665. Spanish 946Granada 363Granges 634Grape culture 633Grasses 716. comparative 425Grammars. Italian 475Grammars. 978Filibusters 113Final causes 330Finances 700Fine arts 927 biography of 947Finland 499Finno-Hungarian language 355. etc. 683Fire arms 369Fire departments 621Fire engines 368Fire insurance 662Fire works 597Fishes 567Fishes palæontology 639Fisheries 799Fishing 929Flags 949Flanders 633.363. Spontaneous 222Genesis 945Genoa 526Geodesy 910Geography 916Geography Africa 912Geography ancient 231God 549. English 445Grammars. Society of 157Friendship 634Fruit culture 644Fuel 336Funds and funding 259Funeral sermons 390Funerals 645Furniture 218Future life 237Future state 708Galleries of art 749 drawing and design 769 engraving 759 painting 779 photography 739 sculpture. 644Gas lighting 665Gas making 641Gastronomy 389Gauging 910Gazetteers 736Gem engraving 549Gems 929Genealogy 577Generation. 345.

662Gunpowder 683Gunsmithery 679Gutta percha 613Gymnastics 949Gypsies 343Habeas corpus 192Hamiltonian philosophy 627Harbors 781Harmony. private 715Groves 979Guatemala 988Guiana 910Guide books 345Guillotine 967Guinea 355. 956Holy Land 371.915Geography Asia 914Geography Europe 911Geography historical 913Geography modern 917Geography N. 635Greenhouses 998Greenland 712Grounds. America 910Geography travels 550Geology 553Geology dynamical 513Geometry 516Geometry analytical 959. ancient 949Greece. 357. 675. music 226Harmony of gospels 685Harness-making 787Harpsichord 615Hasheesh 646Hats 613Health 614Health public 616Heart diseases 536Heat 290Heathen religions 697Heating 237Heaven 933Hebrew history 309 sociology 209 theology 909 universal 609 useful arts 792Histrionics 933. 944Girondists 553Glaciers 666Glass 751Glass painting 698Glazing 784Glees 522Globes. 599. modern 722Greek architecture 281Greek church 488Greek commentaries 480Greek language 880Greek literature 489Greek modern 292Greek mythology 180. 433. 374Home education 266Home missions 345Homicide 251Homiletics 615Homoeopathy 574Homologies 638Honey 636.Glossaries 646. 423. use of 413. 888Greek philosophy 733Greek sculpture 488Greek texts with notes 880Greek texts without notes 880Greek translations 583. America 551Geography physical 918Geography S. 677Gloves 281Gnostics 941. 662Gun cotton 355Gunnery 355. etc. 976Georgia 430German language 439German language low 830German literature 753German painting 193German philosophy 289German Reformed Church 943Germany 133Ghosts 949Gipsies 363. 942Great Britain 938Greece. 619Horse 798Horse-racing 798Horse-riding 682Horse-shoeing .

627. 612Hermaphrodites 220Hermeneutics 598Herpetology 419Hieroglyphics 373Higher education 345Highwaymen 611Histology 222Historical books of Bible 908Historical charts and tables 911Historical geography 906Historical societies 900History-930-939 ancient 928 biography of 270 ecclesiastical 709 fine arts 910 geography 889 in Greek 879 in Latin 809 literature 940-999 modern 509 natural sciences 409 philology 109 philosophy 901 philosophy of 509 science 798Horsemanship 243Hortatory theology 635Horticulture 361Hospitals 390Hotels 583. 237Immortality 345Imprisonment for debt 323Institutions Monarchic 789Institutions Musical 260Institutions of religion 321Institutions Patriarchal 324Institutions Republican 371Instruction 785Instrumental music 629Instruments. 616Hydrophobia 532Hydrostatics 613Hygiene 131Hygiene mental 245Hymnology 132. 616Hypochondria 553Icebergs 948Iceland 498Icelandic language 560Ichnology 597Ichthyology 730Iconography 141Idealistic psychology 132Idiocy 290Idolatry 745llumination 156Imagination 264. making 368Insurance companies 517Integral calculus 151Intellect 140-150Intellectual philosophy 178Intemperance 380. 286Immersion 325Immigration 218.493Hebrew language 715Hedges 193Hegelian philosophy 774Heliotypes 237Hell 182Heraclitic philosophy 929Heraldry 582Herbariums 590. engineering 681Instruments. 650Intercommunication . 635Hothouses 640House-keeping 640Housewifery 289. 944Huguenots 611Human anatomy 361Humane societies 818Humor 828 English 848 French 838 German 887 Greek 858 Italian 868 Spanish 799Hunting 533Hurricanes 630Husbandry 590Hybridism 628Hydraulic engineering 532Hydraulics 532Hydrodynamics 551. 527Hydrography 532Hydromechanics 615Hydropathy 614.

735Italian sculpture 945Italy 363. manufacture 549. ancient history 954India. 839. 618Intermarriage 237Intermediate state 614. modern history 494Indian language 894Indian literature 977Indiana 970Indians. history 226John 694Joinery 50Journalism 296Judaism 237Judgment and future state 329Junius letters 340Jurisprudence 342Jury 234Justification 968Kafirs 536Kaleidoscope 977Kansas 976Kentucky 372Kindergarten 531Kinematics . 390Interments 600International exhibitions 341International law 272Intolerance 143Intuitive psychology 608Inventions 592Invertebrates 562Invertebrates paleontology 949Ionian Islands 182Ionic philosophy 977Iowa 495Iranian languages 895Iranian literature 941Ireland 283Irish church 496Irish language 624Iron. etc. 345Infanticide 356Infantry 211Infidelity 614.232Incarnation 333Income 23Incunabula 934India. 615Inoculation 546Inorganic chemistry 272Inquisition 361Insane Hospitals 132Insanity 417Inscriptions 595Insects 238Inspiration 158Instincts 64Institute of France 360Institutions 378Institutions educational 322Institutions Feudal 334Interest 658Interest tables 353Interior. 669Iron. 944Jacobins 979Jamaica 282Jansenism 952Japan 499Japanese language 698Japanning 992Java 819. 282Jesuits 232Jesus 646. mineral 359. administration 136. bridges 672Iron. 829. 699Iron-clad ships 631Irrigation 450Italian language 850Italian literature 755Italian painting 195Italian philosophy 734. 282Jesuit missions 271. American language 675India-rubber 793Indoor amusements 161Induction 161Inductive logic 744Industrial drawing 607Industrial schools 364Inebriate institutions 173. 671Jewelry 933Jews. American 499Indians.Jests 266.

193. classical 810Literature. 671Lead 675Leather 815. 142Kant's philosophy 936Keltic. language 896Keltic. 880.Literary criticism 819 miscellany 829 English 849 French 839 German 859 Italian 869 Spanish 343 property 800Literature 928Literature. ancient history 496Keltic. 488-498Literature. without notes 870Latin translations 648Laundry 340Law 341Law of nations 712Lawns 923Lawyers' lives 549. 328Legislation 328Legislative annals 343Legitimacy 244Lent 595Lepidoptera 816Letter writing 816Letters Letters-826 English 846 French 836 German 886 Greek 856 Italian 876 Latin 866 Spanish 19Libraries 17. treatises 763Lithography 552Lithology 444Liturgies 192. biography of 870.Lectures 291-293Legends 133Legerdemain 343. 18Library catalogues 19Library economy 19Library history and report 582Lichens 218. 834. future 368Life insurance 535Light 656. etc. 835. artificial 622Land surveying 333Landlord and tenant 710Landscape gardening 758Landscape painting 778Landscape photographs 400Language 947. literature 641Kitchen 322Knighthood 297Koran 331Labor 331Laboring classes 972Labrador 677Lace-making 714Lakes. 237Life. 825. with notes 870Latin texts. etc. 944Lorraine 175Lotteries 976Louisiana 949Low countries 439Low Dutch 226Luke 132Lunacy . 844. 145Locke 683Locks and keys 621Locomotives 514Logarithms 514Logarithms tables 160Logic 312Longevity 265Lord's Supper 943. 627Light-houses 537Lightning 644Lights and fuel 765Line engraving 400Linguistics 663Liquors 244Litany 824. 948Lapland 488Latin commentaries 470Latin language 470Latin literary history 870Latin literature 479Latin medieval 488Latin texts.

831. 821. etc. engineering 757Miniatures 250Ministers 922Ministers lives 977Minnesota 811. etc. collectors' 670Manufactures 631Manures 13. 21Manuscripts 910Maps 524Maps. woolen. 105. 962Levant 622Levelling 222Leviticus 413. ethics 346Maritime law 226Mark 347Martial law 112Methodology 371Methods of education 389Metric system 389Metrology 973. 975Middle States 618Midwifery 355-359Military and naval arts 623 engineering 347 law 355 science 355Militia 637Milk 236Millennium 646Millinery 677. animal 943Magyars 297Mahometanism 383Mails 974Maine 614Malaria 499Malayan language 991Malaysia 663Malt 949Malta 962Mamelukes 599Mammalia 569Mammalia. history. doctrine of 390Man. astronomical 673Marble manufacture 731Marbles 699Marine architecture 368Marine insurance 346Marine law 390Marriage. 433.Macaronics 768Machine engraving 621Machinery 969Madagascar 132Madness 50. etc. cot.956. 821. natural history of 132Maniacs 390Manners and customs 579Manuals. ethnography 573Man. etc. 829. see special countries. 978Mexican war 978Mexico 776Mezzotint 977Michigan 578Microscopy Middle ages. customs 173Marriage. 205.Lexicons 345Libel 324Liberty 324Liberty of press 361Lunatic asylums 616Lung diseases 289Lutherans 811. foreign 976Mississippi . etc. literary 829 English 849 French 839 German 859 Italian 869 Spanish 266Missions 267Missions. 676 paper 621Mill-work 150Mind 615Mineral waters 549Mineralogy 628Mines.. 678Mills.Magazines 133Magic 538Magnetism 134Magnetism.Minstrel 231Miracles 819Miscellany. 423. 831.Lyric poetry 884Lyric poetry Greek 874Lyric poetry Latin 819. etc. mining. palaeontology 233Man.

Greek &Roman . Free 974Massachusetts 615Materia medica 146Materialist 691Materials. 618Maternity 744Mathematical drawing 629Mathematical instruments 514Mathematical tables 510Mathematics 226Matthew 718Mausoleums 819. 839. 646Moths 721Mouldings 342Municipal government 361Mutual aid societies 780Music 781Musical composition 927Musicians 133Mysteries 289Mysticism 291Mythology.Maxims 616Measles 389Measures and weights 744Mechanical drawing 621Mechanical engineering 680Mechanical trades 531Mechanics 606Mechanics' associations 737Medals 723Mediæval architecture 392Mediæval customs. building 136.272Martyrs 976Maryland 326Mason &Dixon's lin 693Masonry 366Masonry. theology 786Melodeons 781Melody 920Memoirs 154Memory 612Mensuration 132Mental derangement 150Mental faculties 131Mental hygiene 140-150Mental philosophy 131Mental physiology 134Mesmerism 232Messiah 671Metal manufactures 669Metallurgy 110Metaphysics 551Meteorology 977Missouri 154Mnemonics 731Modeling 724Modern architecture 393-399Modern costumes. 699Monitors. iron-clads 745-748Monograms 331Monopolies 977Montana 718Monuments 523Moon 170Moral philosophy 289Moravians 266Moravian missions 949Morea 693Mortar 312Mortality 343Mortgages 298Mormonism 964Morocco 581Morphology 751Mosaic painting 297Moslems 979Mosquitia 582Mosses 173Mothers 595. costumes 747Mediæval design 940-999Mediæval history with modern 479Mediæval Latin 734Mediæval sculpture 615Medical botany 343Medical jurisprudence 610Medicine 619Medicine. etc. 829. veterinary 242Meditations. comparative 292Mythology. customs 748Modern designs 9l3-9l9Modern geography 489Modern Greek 940-999Modern history 190Modern philosophy 735Modern sculpture 297Mohammedanism 539Molecular physics 594Mollusca 564 paleontology 323Monarchic institutions 271Monasteries 271Monastic orders 332Money 499Mongolian language 359.

Norse 929Names 615Narcotics 390National costumes 390National customs 550-590Natural history 530Natural philosophy 500Natural science 575Natural selection 210Natural theology 343. history 317North America.287Methodism 293Mythology. 326Negroes 323Nepotism 281Nestorians 949Netherlands 595Neuroptera 341Neutrals 977Nevada 972New Brunswick 974New England 986New Granada 995New Guinea 974New Hampshire 975New Jersey 977New Mexico 186New Platonists. 683Ordnance 977Oregon 786Organ 547Organic chemistry 562Organic remains . astronomical 618Obstetrics 387. travels 976North Carolina 948Northmen 948Norway 616Nosology 972Nova Scotia 813Novels 823 English 843 French 833 German 853 Italian 863 Spanish 962Nubia 222Numbers. geology 970North America. 656Navigation 346Navigation laws 977Nebraska 133Necromancers 646. 325Naturalization 500Nature 699Naval architecture 359Naval science 359Navies 527. book of 374Numismatics 362Nunneries 649Nursery 371Object teaching 525Observations. 793Needle-work 573. philosophy 225New Testament 975New York 971Newfoundland 50Newspapers 979Nicaragua 322Nobility 290Non-Christian religions 371Normal schools 942-946Norman conquest 944Normandy 498Norse 961North Africa 970North America 578North America botany 397North America customs & costumes 277North America ecclesiastical history 917North America. 656Ocean transportation 990Oceanica 589 botany 399 customs and costumes 279 ecclesiastical history 919 geography 559 geology 251 sacred 865 Spanish 634Orchards 722-724Orders of architecture 257Ordination sermons 355. statistics 917North America. geography 557North America.

geography 998.990 history 319 statistics 919 travels 366Odd Fellows 611.Orthoepy 411Orthography. botany 399 customs and costumes 279 ecclesiastical history 919 geography . comparative 421 English 441 French 431 German 481 Greek 451 Italian 471 Latin 461 Spanish 949. lives 615Poisons 949Poland 919Polar Regions. 698Painting 560Palæontology 956Palestine 212Pantheism 147Pantheistic psychology 282Papacy 698Paper-hanging 676Paper manufacture 332Paper money 995Papua 989Paraguay 10Parchment 173Parent and child 343Parish law 711Parks. 641Oysters 290Paganism 927Painters' lives 750. 345Polygamy 40Polygraphy 589Polynesia. 431. 421. 956Ottoman empire 796-799Out-door sports 378Oxford University 594. ecclesiastical 173. etc. 617Odontology 977Ohio 449Old French 221Old Testament 664Oil manufacture 751Oil painting 111Ontology 782Operas 615Opium 535Optics 133Oracles 783Oratorios 815Oratory 825 English 845 French 835 German 885 Greek 855 Italian 875 Latin 329 political 722Oriental architecture 281Oriental church 490Oriental languages 181Oriental philosophy 400Origin of language 583Ornamental botany 745Ornamental design 745Ornamental work 598Ornithology 361Orphans 411. 999Polar seas 354Police 497Polish language 177Politeness 363Political associations 330Political economy 329Political essays 363Political institutions 320Political science 256Political sermons 329Political speeches 262Polity. public 324Parliament 348Parliamentary law 598Parrots 295Parseeism 343Partnership 618Parturition 157Passions 250Pastoral theology 851 Italian 871 Latin 861 Spanish 928Poets.

ancient history 955Persia. liberty of 571Primeval man 270Primitive Christianity 322Primogeniture 655Printing 769Prints 365Prison associations 365Prisons 712Private grounds 248Private worship 341Privateers .989Patagonia 608Patents 616Pathology 321Patriarchal institutions 172Patriotism 189Patristic philosophy 177Patronage 339Pauperism 334Pawnbroking 172Peace and war 634Pears 644Peat 264Pedobaptism 322Peerage 938. 646Perfumery Periodicals. 705 fine arts 50 general 905 history 805 literature 505 natural science 405 philology 105 philosophy 505 science 305 sociology 205 theology 605 useful arts 531Perpetual motion 272Persecutions 935Persia. 355Powder 522Practical astronomy 240Practical theology 25Practical sermons 615Practice of medicine 217Prayer 247Prayer-meetings 250Preaching and preachers 343Precedents 549Precious metals 231Predestination 618Pregnancy 571Pre-historic archæology 284Presbyterians 615Prescriptions 324Press. photographs 946Portugal 469Portuguese language 860Portuguese literature 146Positivism 383Postage-stamps 383Post-offices 635Potato 673Pottery 673Pottery manufacture 636Poultry 662. 949Peloponnesus 345Penal law 244Penance 946Peninsular war 365Penitentiaries 652Penmanship 975Pennsylvania 222Pentateuch 152Perception 289Perfectionists 660. see special subjects. agricultural 560Petrifaction 549. artificial 339Poor 343Poor laws 282Popery 312Population 738Porcelain 757Portrait painting 777Portraits. modern history 495Persian language 342Personal liberty 342Personal property 342Personal rights 742Perspective 985Peru 632Pests. 665Petroleum 615Pharmacopoeias 615Pharmacy 559 geology 996 history 499 languages 319 statistics 919 travels 593Polyps 290Polytheism 634Pomology 714Ponds.

Latin 416Prosody. 421.366Phi Beta Kappa 400Philology 924 biography of 100Philosophy 180Philosophy ancient 921 biography of 180. 531Projectiles 744Projection 343Promissory notes 411.Pronunciation 331Property 342. 715Pruning 943Prussia 223Psalms 14Pseudonyms 140Psychology 336Public accounts 725Public buildings 361Public charities 328Public documents 370Public education 336Public funds 614Public health 390Public houses . 176Prostitution 337Protection 283Protestant episcopal 283-289Protestantism 282Protestantism and Romanism 576Protoplasm 593Protozoa 563 paleontology 449Provençal language 819Proverbs. etc. 437.Provincialisms 634. etc. see Language. 343Property law 336Property tax 231Prophecy 224Prophetical books of Bible 485Prose composition. Bible 2l4Providence 427. comparative 426 English 446 French 436 German 486 Greek 456 Italian 476 Latin 466 Spanish 618. 614Plague 523Planets 692Plans for building 519Probabilities 338Production 633Productions of the soil 312Progress of civilization 313Progress of population 28Prohibited books 178Prohibition 358. vegetable 786Piano-forte 759Picture galleries 945Piedmont 636Pig 345Piracy 639Pisciculture 616. Greek 475Prose composition. mental 581Physiology. 431. 139Phrenology 616Phthisis 613Physical education 551Physical geography 530Physics 539Physics molecular 138Physiognomy 551Physiography 612Physiology 591Physiology comparative 131Physiology. and quotations 223Proverbs. 888 Greek 878 Latin 150 mental 190 modern 170 moral 530 natural 701 of art 901 history 401 language 801 literature 501 science 301 sociology 201 religion 601 useful arts 939Phoenicia 493Phoenician language 653Phonetic short-hand 421Phonetic spelling 653Phonography 414Phonology 771Photographic chemistry 773Photographs 770Photography 775Photo-lithography Phrase-books.

Riddles 798Riding 341Right of search 342Rights and liberties 343Riots 244Ritualism 387River transportation 551Rivers 625Roads 557.Quotations 798Race-horse 572Races. etc. 428. 155Rationalism 418. see Periodicals 269Revivals 973Revolution. 917Rocky mountains 599Rodentia 937Roman antiquities 722Roman architecture 282Roman Catholics 937Roman history. 932Pyramids 549Pyrites 662Pyrotechnics 186Pyrrhonism 182Pythagorean philosophy 599Quadrumana 599Quadrupeds 289Quakers 544Qualitative analysis 545Quantitative analysis 614Quarantine 518Quaternions 819. 289Puritans 244. 829. French 815Rhetoric 251Rhetoric sacred 974Rhode Island 582Rhododendron 819. 438. see Drama 349Pleading 696Plumbing 521Plurality of worlds 533Pneumatics 150Pneumatology 223Poetical books of Bible 811Poetry 821 English 841 French 831 German 881 Greek 716 353Public lands 360Public meetings 378Public schools 815Public speaking 246Public worship 250Pulpit oratory 532Pumps 421Punctuation. 283Puseyism 599Pygmies 916. English 345Punishment 277. Southern 640Recipe books 790Recreation 274Reformation 364Reformatory associations 364Reformatory institutions 289Reformed church 336Revenue Reviews. etc. modern . 829. art of 15. history 798Racing 593Radiates 563Radiates paleontology 625Railroad engineering 621Railroad locomotives 385Railroads 343Railways. 16Reading courses 374Reading for self-education 374Real estate 374Reason 973Rebellion. 792Plays. new 795Playing cards 812.Readers 815Reading.580Plants landscape gardening 561 paleontology 184Platonic philosophy 186Platonists. ancient 945Roman history. laws of 551Rain 322Rank 211. American 944Revolution. etc.

241Repentance 598Reptiles 568Reptiles paleontology 324Republican institutions 691Resistance of materials 236Resurrection 237Retribution 231Revealed religion 231Revelation 870Roman literature 348Roman law 292Roman mythology 733Roman sculpture 813Romance 823 English 843 French 833 German 853 Italian 249 Religious 863 Spanish 440-469Romanic languages 459Romansh language 937Rome. 821. 18Sale catalogues of books 664Salt manufacture 234Salvation 997Sandwich Islands 364Sanitary commissions 361Sanitary commissions U. ancient 945Rome. useful arts 177Society 300Sociology 923Sociology biography of 183Socratic philosophy 631Soils 523Solar system 355Soldiers 135Somnambulism 784Songs 811. theology 606Societies. 614Sanitary measures 494Sanskrit language 945Sardinia 235Satan 817Satire 806Societies.S. secret 306Societies. philology 106Societies. Non-Christian 249Religious anecdotes 362Religious associations 922Religious biography 377Religious education 249Religious fiction 362Religious institutions 271Religious orders 201Religious philosophy 560Remains 333Rents 234. science 366Societies. modern 282Romish church 677Rope-making 797Rowing 675Rubber manufactures 599Ruminants 728Rural architecture 796Rural sports 947Russia 977Russian America 497Russian language 289Sabbatarians 263Sabbath 263Sabbath reform 268Sabbath schools 264Sacrament of baptism 265Sacrament of Lord's Supper 922Sacred biography 251Sacred rhetoric 221Sacrifices 685Saddlery 387Sailors 979St. sociology 206Societies. literature 506Societies. philosophy 506Societies. etc. Domingo 17.Sonnets 183Sophist philosophy 133Sorcery 233Soul 534Sound .234Regeneration 613Regimen 355Regulations of armies 359Regulations of navies 215Religion and science 255Religion and sermons 290Religions. natural science 406Societies.

see Oratory. lives 531Statics 311Statistical methods 310Statistics 730Statuary 343Statute law . 521Spherical astronomy 513Spherical geometry 514Spherical trigonometry 595Spiders 147Spinoza's philosophy 133Spiritualism 577Spontaneous generation 796Sports 636Stables 792Stage 745Stained glass 616Stammering 383Stamps 355Standing army 664Starch manufacture 523Stars 320State 172State ethics 328State papers 342State rights 345State trials 923Statesmen. Christian 377Secular education 374Self-culture 374Self-education 493Semitic languages 893Semitic literature 152Sensation 145Sensational psychology 152Sense 718Sepulchres 614Sepulture 252-259Sermons 598Serpents 647Servants 968South Africa 586 botany 916 geography 980South America 588 botany 398 customs and costumes 278 ecclesiastical history 918 geography 558 geology 980 history 318 statistics 918 travels 976South Carolina 999South seas 976Southern States 946Spain 460Spanish language 860Spanish literature 196Spanish philosophy 332Specie payment 692Specifications for building 133Specters 535Spectroscope 544Spectrum analysis Speeches. Natural 925 biography of 506Scientific societies 508Scientific travels 941Scotland 496Scotch language 192Scotch philosophy 220Scriptures 616Scrofulous diseases 730Sculpture 927Sculptors' lives 656.827 English 847 French 837 German 857 Italian 877 Latin 867 Spanish 332Savings banks 429Saxon language 943Saxons 948Scandinavia 498Scandinavian language 898Scandinavian literature 211Scepticism 198Scholastic philosophy 378Schools 268Schools Sunday 727School architecture 727School houses 707Schools of art 753-756Schools of painting 193Schopenhauer's philosophy 943Schleswig-Holstein 500Science. 527Seamanship 342Secession 236Second advent 133Second sight 366Secret societies 280Sects.

949Servia 614Sewerage 687Sewing 687Sewing machine 376Sex in education 176Sexual ethics 618Sexual science 136Sexes 744Shades and shadows 289Shakers 822Shakesperiana 636Sheep 594Shells 564Shells fossil 493Shemitic languages 699Ship-building 626.Slang 695Slating 326Slavery 497Slavic language 897Slavic literature 135Sleep 135Sleep walking 621Steam-engine 696Steam-fitting 527. etc. 437. 387Ship-canals 346Shipping laws 685. live 333Stocks 188Stoic philosophy 673Stoneware 551Storms 663Stills 355Strategy 634Strawberries 787Stringed instruments 371Study. 345Slander 427. 675Shoemaking 799Shooting 653Short-hand 716Shrubbery 959Siam 957Siberia 945Sicily 649Sick-room 355. Greek . French 434Synonyms. English 444Synonyms. 656Steam-navigation 385. German 484Synonyms. 656Steam-transportation 669Steel 762Steel engraving 653Stenography 655Stereotyping 776Stereoscopes and views 616Stethoscope 765Stipple engraving 636Stock. methods of 616Stuttering 701Sublime and beautiful 384Submarine telegraph 323Succession 324Suffrage 633Sugar-cane 664Sugar manufacture 633Sugar planting 131Suicide 992Sumatra 717Summer-houses 523Sun 992Sunda 268Sunday-schools 133Supernaturalism 133Superstition 617Surgery 929Surnames 622Surveying 157Susceptibility 948Sweden 289Swedenborgians 796Swimming 636Swine 949Switzerland 160Syllogism 219Symbolism 424Synonyms. 623Sieges 536Sight 613Sight hygiene 654Signals 698Sign painting 638Silk culture 677Silk manufacture 638. 595Silk worm 549Silver metal 628Silver mines 332Silver money 233Sin 784Singing 362Sisters of Mercy 796Skating 211Skepticism 616Skin diseases 941Skye 177.

536Temperature 366Templars 976Tennessee 594Testacea 225Testament. 206. Italian 474Synonyms. general 906Societies. 345Transportation 282Transubstantiation 943Transylvania 639Trapping 910Travels 508Travels scientific 345Treason . fine arts 60Societies. unions Tragedies. 656. 106. 617Teeth 978Tehuantepec 384Telegraph 654Telegraphy 535. English 448Texts. mathematical 653Tachygraphy 355Tactics 687Tailoring 653Takigrafy Tales. Spanish 616Syphilis 956Syria 493Syriac language 493Syro-Chaldaic 582Systematic botany 791Tableaux 643Tables.Transactions 142Transcendentalism 880Translation. Latin authors 380. 178. 606. history 454Synonyms. Old 349Testamentary law 349Testimony 976Texas 677Textile fabrics 418Texts. 633Tobacco 646Toilet 336Tolls 718Tombs 622Topographical engineering 910Topography 178Total abstinence 615Toxicology 244. New 221Testament. dining 514Tables. mechanic 367. 283Tractarianism 362Tract society 380Trade 608Trade marks 680Trades. 959Tartary 701Taste and criticism 336Taxation 579Taxidermy 633Tea cultivation 371Teachers and teaching 660Technology.616. 296Talmud 675Tanning 337Tariffs 951. chemical 611. 614Small-pox 664Soap-making 177Social ethics 300Social science 247Social worship 335Socialisms 706Societies. with notes 171Theoretical ethics 615Therapeutics 951Thibet 283Thirty-nine articles 615Thomsonianism 153Thought 616Throat diseases 537Thunder 521Tides 695Tiling 691Timber 671Tin manufacture 549Tin mineral 336Tithes 615. see Romance. comparative 428Texts. French 438Texts. German 488Texts. 522Telescope 137Temperaments 178Temperance 551. etc. 331Trades. 306. Greek. Latin 464Synonyms. see Drama. Greek authors 870Translation.

ornamental 345Trespass 340Trials 514Trigonometry 565Trilobites 232Trinity 449.880Texts. 815Vocal culture 784Vocal music 784Voice 553Volcanoes . Spanish 244Thanksgiving Theater. 214Theodicy 230Theological doctrine 204Theological essays 200Theology 922Theology biography of 240Theology devotional 210Theology natural 240Theology practical 521Theoretical astronomy 541Theoretical chemistry 352Treasury 580Trees 715Trees. 175Theater. 612Vital principle 784. Latin. ethics 792Theaters 792Theatricals 345Theft 211Theism 231. with notes 870Texts. 949Vaudois 581Vegetable physiology 615Vegetable practice 635Vegetables 613Vegetarianism 616Venereal diseases 987Venezuela 945Venice 697Ventilation 133Ventriloquism 974Vermont 811Versification 566Vertebrates paleontology 619Veterinary medicine 728Villas 787Violin 976Virginia 170Virtue 535Vision 135Visions and dreams 576. 841Troubadours 685Trunk-making 344Trusts and trustees 499Tungusic language 625Tunnels 949Turkey 956Turkey in Asia 613Turkish baths 499Turkish language 674Turning 945Tuscany 671Type founding 655Typography 943Tyrol 153Understanding 355Uniforms 288Unitarians 324. without notes 468Texts. Latin. see Drama. 973United States 587 botany 397 customs and costumes 277 ecclesiastical history 917 geography 557 geology 973 history 317 statistics 917 travels 909Universal History 408Universal language 288Universalism 378Universities 373University education 645Upholstering 989Uruguay 600Useful arts 926 biography of 334Usury 977Utah 738Vases 272. Italian 478Texts. Greek. without notes 458Texts.

Wit 133Witchcraft 376Woman. etc. 621Water wheels 628Water works 613Watering-places 745Wax flowers 331Wealth 551Weather 677Weaving 389Weights and measures 496Welsh language 979West Indies 976West Virginia 977Western States 599Whale 639Whale fisheries 633Wheat 324Whigs 323Whigs English 795Whist 159Will 343Wills 788Wind instruments 663Wine 977Wisconsin 819. 839.596Vertebrates 910Voyages 331Wages 135Wakefulness 272. artificial ponds. education 324Woman. etc. suffrage 761Wood engraving 674Wood manufactures 636Wool 677Wool manufactures 331Working classes 246-248Worship 651Writing 653Writing short-hand 655Xylography 797Yachting 313Year books 616Yellow fever 362Young men's association 295Zend 295Zend Avesta 521Zodiac 590Zoölogy 593Zoöphytes 295Zoroaster . 829. 945Waldenses 942Wales 713Walks 459Wallachian language 172War ethics 355-359War science 380Warehouses 697Warming 648Washing 977Washington territory 681Watch-making 714Water. 751Water colors 615Water cure 531.

i. books are entered under the surnames of authors when known. under the names of editors of collections. These imprint entries give the facts regardless of the title page. or in any way altered. under the initials of author's names.. The catalogue is not a biographical dictionary. so only gives the names of authors with sufficient fullness to distinguish them from each other in practical use. or having both generic and specific titles. Commentaries with the text.5 decimeters high. under the pseudonyms of the writers. but commentaries without the text are entered under the name of thecommentator. under the names of countries. under the first word not an article of the titles of periodicals and of anonymous books the names of whose authors are not ascertained. spelling. persons canonized. Omissions of mottoes are indicated by three stars (* * *). the name is recorded under the word following the prefix.). and all others are marked simply by the nearest height. 12°. the year of copyright. Noblemen and ecclesiastical dignitaries are entered under their family names. In books having more than one pagination the number of pages is indicated by giving the last number of each pagination connected by a +. the illustrations. Any additions needed to make the title clear are supplied and enclosed by brackets. oriental writers.. if different. In English and French surnames beginning with a prefix (except the French de and d') the name is recorded under the prefix. Entries not beginning with this type are in addition to the first or main entry. or published by societies or other bodies.5 deci. 16°. Books 1 decimeter high are called 32°. or otherbodies which are responsible for their publication. After the titles. plates. the edition.. Names in full face type are the ruling headings under which the books are entered in the various catalogues. are given in order: the place of publication.EXPLANATIONS The titles of the subject catalogue are exact transcriptions of the title page. societies. Books having more than one author are entered under the first named on the title. maps. In the headings of titles.5 deci. continuators. and the size nearest in the arbitrary scale. translated.e. repetitions. or of pages if in only one volume. and initial words of sentences. are entered under this first name. and bear the same class and book number. Necessary notes are given at the bottom of the subject card after the imprint entries.. or matter of any kind not essential to a clear titular description. the year. copy 3. 8°. an added + indicates additional matter unpaged.5 and 4. 2 deci. Compound surnames are entered under the first part of the name. the names of authors are given in their vernacular form. regardless of the fold of the sheet. and punctuation of the title are exactly copied. Square and oblong books have the size prefixed by sq. and are left blank only when they can be ascertained neither from the book itself or other sources. titles of authors.. 1. but editions of the same book distinct in character are catalogued separately. etc. in brackets. as participators in the authorship. and having also the name of the individual . The phraseology. but no analysis is attempted. neither amended. when the real names are not ascertained. or ob. princes. 4°. but capitals are given only to proper names and adjectives. In other languages and in French names beginning with de and d'.. the last initial being put first. are omitted. commentators. and are made under the names of translators. 2. when these only appear. The contents of volumes are given when on title pages. a book marked 4 is between 3. This scale gives the heights in decimeters. the number of volumes. of other matter by three dots (.. or portraits. also in the case of books having more than one author. friars. but sovereigns. and translations are entered under the heading of the original work. except that mottoes. The Bible or any part of it in any language is entered under the word Bible. and all other persons known only by their first name. 3 deci. In all the catalogues. etc.. cities. editors. Duplicates are simply marked copy 2. or when necessary to properly identify the volume.

The last card which bears any class number. oe. ae. the brackets indicating that the final classing was limited to the Catalogue and was not extended to the shelves. characterizing the books to which reference is made. This subdivision will be found on the first card of the catalogue which bears this class number. though the decimal point is not but it would be called for as 942. a subsequent dash indicates the omission of a subordinate heading or of a title. a card noting the most reliable books on that subject. ue. and the best of the articles in periodicals. The German diphthongs ä. but are simply guides to the name chosen. followed by the word see and the name under which the books are entered. Brackets enclose words added to titles or changed in form.14. Any other name or title by which he may be known. but on the shelves. Bookkeeping Business Manuals. These figures in brackets determine the arrangement of the titles in the Catalogue. if it differs in the first three letters. ü are written. and in calling for and charging books. they are entirely disregarded. The class number. by which the cards are arranged. the final classing is extended to the shelves as well as to the catalogue. and all the figures must be used in calling for the book. following a number it signifies continuation. Any other class number given in the left hand margin refers to another subject of which the book also treats. but are classed elsewhere. as from Commerce as a question of SOCIAL SCIENCE (380) toCommerce as a USEFUL ART. which aims to give under each author's name all his works which the library contains. and under 650 there is a card marked SEE 380. In such cases there is a card under 380 marked SEE 650. with imprints. A ? following a word or entry signifies probably. get from the Index the class number of that subject. the subject as given in the printed scheme has been subdivided in arranging the cards. and collected works with the . transactions. Dates are all given in years of the common calendar. Thus a book numbered 942(7). cross references. These cross references both general and specific are often accompanied by brief notes. the cross references guide at once to the same subject treated in its other relations. and Arabic numerals are uniformly used for all numbers. is given in the upper left corner and immediately under it is the book number. is entered in its alphabetical place. followed by the word SEE the call numbers of other books which treat of the same subject. General cross references are also made in many cases without specifying individual books. The works of an author known by more than one name are given all together. under the form of name chosen.14 would be in the Catalogue among the 942 cards arranged by the figure in brackets as though it were a decimal. From whatever stand-point a subject is approached. in the Shelf Catalogue. Under this number in the Subject Catalogue will be found the full titles of the books. gives under that number. To find what the library has on any given subject. These additional entries are made in order to carry out the plan of the Authors' Catalogue. etc. A single dash indicates the omission of the preceding heading. (650). When the class number at the top is followed by an additional figure in brackets. ö. and notes. If a fourth figure is added without brackets. A dash connecting numbers signifies to and including. Such cross references have no titles given under them. In such cases the added figure is treated as a decimal in the arrangement. SUBJECT CATALOGUE The Subject Catalogue on large cards can be used to advantage only with the aid of the Classification or Index. There will be found at the beginning of many class numbers.

some will have no reference cards at the end. In the same way special chapters in books will sometimes be catalogued. The scheme provides a place for books on all subjects. Capital and Labor. Production. The call number of the book. Articles in periodicals and transactions. . and some may have no titles given under the number. is always given in the margin preceded by the word IN. e. where they may be found. would mean that in the 27 books on 331. separate volumes of sets and collections which are located together. but no book number is given with it. so where no titles are given under a class number it shows that the library has as yet no books on that subject.volume and page where they may be found. a card marked 338 IN 331-27. if catalogued are put under their proper subject number. It is hoped to give special prominence to these notes for the guidance of readers. whether the library has them or not.g. Many subjects will have no sub-section cards at the beginning. and they will be added as rapidly as other duties allow. there was a chapter on 338.

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