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Jerry D. Weast,Superintndent Peapg Suzanne Joshua Star, Iocoming P. Superintendent us istarraa4'ci.stamford.ct. p.m. on June16,2011,4:00 Re: BOE Meeting Thursday, AgendaItems (A)# 4.2.3CapLJames Daly ES-Grant of Ulility Easement E. (A)# 4.2.4 Albert EinsteinHS Grantof Utility Easement (A)# 4.2.5 Col. Z,adok MagruderHS-Grant of Utility Easement (AX Utility Easement 4.2.6Springbrook HS-Grant of (A)# 4.2.7WatkinsMill HS-Gmnt of Utility Easemert (A)# 4.2.8Wheaton HS-Crant of Utility Easement Superintendenl Weast iDcoming DearMontgomery CountyBoardof Education, and Superintendent Starr. of Today's agenda 6 ilems regardingthe placement cell towe$ on public schoolproperty. I has place request theBoard that these itemson hold until thereis a reviewon thepotential harmto childrenfrom the exposure radio frequencyradiationfrom the transmitters thesecell towers.The to olr to understand issue needs do all thatit and to Boardof Education a responsibility thoroughly has this in catrto protect safety thechildrerandemployees its care.The UnitdStates the of exposure stzndardoDRF is b4sed thennal effects. This stanceignoresa vastbody of evidence the ron on on thermaleffectswhich occur at levels thousands times lower thanthe tbermaleffect andchildren in of particulararemorc susceptible halm from exposure.Vulnerablepopulationsmustbe protected to and

exposure fmm cell phones, WiFi, SmanBoards Cell and theBoardmustdevise policyon wireless a toweNandantennas. and health Therearethousands studies Studies RF exposure human on datebackto the 1950s. of that biological effects, some whichareharmful,including of in showevidence nonthermal of increases DNA strandbreaks,openingof the blood brain barrier,cancerous mutationsand alterations brain of chemistryand metabolism.Theseeffectsoccur at levelswell below the thermaleffect. Russia,China, Switzerland, ltaly andMonacoallow RF exposure l0 microwattsper centimetersquarcd(uwcm2). at The United States allows RF exposure 1,000uWcm2 asthe U.S.doesnot recognize non thermal at the cumulativeeffect from RF exposure.The EPASofficial stanceoo this is that the FCC RF standard protective. cannotbe considered On Tuesday, May 31,theworld'sleadi.gexperts theIntemational of Agencyfor Research Catrcer on joint statement cell phoneandothertypes (IARC), part of the World Health Organization, issueda that (RD andmicrowaveradiationarenow class28 carcinogens.This placesRF under of radiofrequency the samecategoryasexposure gasolineandcoffee. We do not servecoffeeto children,and to cer{ainlywould not placea gasstationoo schoolpropertyandcell towersdo not belongthereeither. the as RF emitting devicesnow deserve sameprecautions otherClass28 carcinogens. Additionally, at a meetingin May 2Ol I , the WHO Department Public Healthand Environmenton of the InternationalClassificationof Disease, which is the internationalstandard measure healthand to (EHS). healthsewicesrecognized Electrohypersensitivity EHS is the term for peoplewho arehighly sensitiveto electricand magneticfields andto radio frequencyradiation(EMF/RF). While somepeopleappearto be EHS uponinitial exposure high to EMF/RF fields, many otherpopleappearto succumb a cumulativeeffect. That is after a cedain to amountof time, all future exposure EMF/RF resultsin a pathologicalrcsponse.This is consistent to with findings from Russiaandtheir exposure standards reflect this. (Since194.8, WHO is responsible theintemational for classificatiotr diseases everyl0 yean a of and reviewofthis classification taksplace. Currently WHO is workingon thenextreviewthatshould tbe be completed theyear2015.) by Following arc notesftom the meeting: INOTES Excerptsl basicquestions addressthc issueof Muhiple ChemicalSensitivity(MCS)and Electohipersensibility to (EHS). o) MJSand EHSare real heahhproblems. b) Thereis eeidence confim this stdtenant: to Medic.tldiagnostics. ReportsoJwork inspections establishing causalitybetween o.posureand disease. Thereare scie ifc studiesthltt confrm s exisftnce. Thereis a recognitionby the EurcpeanParliamentofthese diseases, evidence that is provided in thc dassierplesenledtod..rjt. Thereare 2(Njadgnents ini0or in Spai that supportthis evidence. Weore gefting in Spoin(economic)'compensdtion' patienls. for

ralliation vary in duration accordirg to each or Theadte^e reoctionslo chemicals electromagnetic patient, and the manifestarions differ too. Whenthepatient is again a.posed,Emptotnsusually worsen of ew sJmptoms, ot fesub in the appearance (MCSand EHS) i't chronic atu1thapatient'ssituation is exacerbated if Theprocessof thesediseases to suchas tgal TorragonapetrochemicalindustrJor subiected helshel;vesin a toxic environment, todiation: emissiods the neighborhood, in mobilephoneantentuts etc. Th4patietut electromagnetic , . hasto avotd re-ex.posure diseases coud and Perhapsthe fiost delicateaspectis thef@ctthtit MCSand EHS are multisystemic (medicalspecialities),ahhoughwe nust notforget the be placed in differentfeds of classifrc(ttion great htpo onceofthe neurclogicalslmptoms. Weneedto establisha ne',e medicalparadigm that including thair classtrtcation the ICD. in referring to theseemergingdiseases, answers sone questions The WHO knowsthat theseconditionsexist, 4 .has a but of 5 .- Within WHO the emergence thesediseases generated controversy, the explanationof of in the methodology workfor the development the ICD for calendar2015andpossible of changes participation in rgorkinggroupsopensncw[nssibilities for recognition. 6 .- Eoch country can recognizethesedieeatesand intlude thEmin thcir ICE, independentl,of WHO, on sirBeoccordingto the WHOcountrieshavesovereignly this issue, http:,'/w w.asq ifv w u ia-detalle aspil!1eliqi4-!-llll) Source: and actio.rfrom public officials regardingRF exposure children. Thesetwo findings alore demand possibleharmfrom RF exposure led to nume.ous has of Prior to thesefindings the evidence govemments, warnings children thal havelimitedexposure to scientists doctors issue and to should quicksummary these paper MagdaHavas, wamings well asa recent as by PhD. RF. Belowis a of Sbe resolutions from is expert EMF/RFexposure. chronicles intemational on the Dr. Havas a leading scientistsanddoctorsand lists the actionsrequiredto protectpublic healthfrom the ever increasing to exposure radio frequencyrddiationand electomagneticfields. Shesays: Basedon theseresolutioh\ and appeals from intemational groupsof physicia s a d scientists public healthfrom conlinuedincreasinge'rposure radio to immediate action is required to protect radiation atul electromagnatic fields. frequen \ lc a l l o n . . . - school boardsto reopentheir policy on thepreferenceof lliFi (wirelesstechnolog!)over wired within 4(n metersof thpir schoolproperty. internetaccess not allow towerslantennos and Restrictions and Wamings on RF exllo6urefor children: Cell Tower bill May 2011 Connecticut House passs !t w.\ \tm,information/nws l/publish/politics/CT-llouse-passes Reed cell http:,/w | 3224.shtml tower-bill the The bill encourages Siting Council to makeeveryeffort to avoid approvingtowersfor sitesin or neighborhoods scedc arcasthat are prized by drc affectedcommunitiesandto stayat least250 feet from schools commercial and childdaycdecenters. a\day September2010Hempsteaq New York TelecommunicationsOrdirance httpr//,/home/news/telecomlaw.html

property from residettial for Antenta Systems within 1,500 a Use Requires Special Permit Dstributed and house ofwo$hip, daycarcenters schools. boundaries, a thc May, 2(X)9 LA Unilied SchoolDistrict, which restrictscell towerson schoolpropertypassed'/ in Apdl, property hftp://ww nearschool and to artennas resolution attempting restrict 559 votesto 22, with 8 abstentions, resolutionon healtb a by 2009,the EU Padiamentadopted, with elctromagnetic fields (EMFS)which ineludescriteria for settingup [Cell concemsassociated powerlines.Theystate:"In thiscontext, is important ensure least it to at high-voltage Towersland that schools,crEches [nurseryschoolsl,retirementhomes,and healthcareinstitutionsarekept clear, criteria, facilitiesof this type." of distance determined scientific ty within a specific httpr// 6.r0+DOC+XMLrV0//EN January 200& the Nstiond ResearchCouncil (NRC), an arm of the NationalAcademyof Sciences and the National Academyof Engineeing, issueda report sayingthat we simply do not know enough to themselves, cell aboutthe potentialhealthrisks of long{erm exposure RF energyfrom cell phones The scientists who and of system. towerc, television towers, othercomponents our communications prepared reportemphasized, particular,the unknowtrrisks to the healthof children,prcgoant the in to women,andfetusesaswell asof worke$ whosjobs entail high exposure RF (radiofrequency) energy. The rcport calledfor long-termsafetystudiesoDall wirelessdevicesincluding cell phones, towersandstates: computers, cell phone and "Wirelessnetworksarc being built very rapidly, and manymorc basestationantennas being arc needis to characteriz radiatedelectromagnetic fields for rypical installed. A crucial research and multiple-elemenlbasestationantennas for the highestradiatedpowerconditionswith as measurements conducted during peakhoursof the day at locationscloseto the antennas well asat grourd level." - httul/,6,lhtmll You will find shortsummaries wirelessactionsfrom the following regading children,schoolsand of qqyg]n'IlcltLglgs,bllrl libraries http://wiredchild.orgi at The UK Chief Mdical Officers P4rliament The European healthprotectionagency The Germangovemment's The Fredchgovemment The RussianNationalCommifteeon Non-IonizingRadiatior Protection The IndianMinisiryof Telecommunication The IsraeliMinistryof Health (STUK) Radiation Nuclear and Safety Authoriry The Finnish Commission Electromagnetic for Safety(ICEMS) The lnternational The EducationhofressionalsUnion and Associationof Teachers lrcturers Union for Educationand Knowledse The GermanTeacher's of Public Health Department Salzburg The Austrian MedicalAssoication Lekhead, Urive6ity, Canada Libraries in Fnnce

The ProgessiveLibrarian'sGuild pleasereview CELL TOWERSAND WIRELESSCOMMUNICATIONS - LMNG For references WTTHRADIOFREQUENCYRADIATION /'\a 4e11 hllp: 24352550 Toner Rpt Juc


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Road 5309lroquois Bethesda, 20816 MD 30r-2D-0282 y m co angelaU nn80Celsn. rlr

Addendum MagdaHavas, Ph.D.

!',rir:.. r. International Experts' Prspectiveon the Health Effects of

ElectromagneticFields and Electromagnetic Radiation

For Distribution: June u, 2011. Beloware someof the key resolutionVappeals released expert by scientific groupsaround the world since 1998regardingthe biologicaland health fields (EMtr) associated with electricity eflectsof both low frequencyelectrornagnetic radiation (EMR) generated wireless and radio frequency(RF) electromagnetic by devices. Anyonewho readsthesecannotbe left with the illusion (or delusion)that this form of enerry is without adverse biological and health consequences levelswll below at existingguidelines. Children areparticularly rulnerable. It is irresponsibleof governments maintain the statusquo in light of thousandsof studiesthat havebeen to publishedand statements theseexprts. by Here are the resolutions/appeals/reportsin reversechronologicalorder. Theseare presentedin more detail and links are provided for eachone "IntenetionalExperts' Perspective theHeolthEffects on ol nf ryrrrr'.rrragdalraras.cot\\
Ekctromognetic Fields and Electromagnetic Radiqtion" .

(IARC)andWorld l. llal 3l. 2llI I : lnternatiotral Agency Rsearch Cancer for on fields asa HealthorEanization(WIIO) reclassifiedradio frequencylectromagnetic to ClasszB carcinogen(possiblycarcinogen humans). l. \t{l :{) I | : The ParliamntaryAssmbly Councilof Europ(PACE)released Dangers Electromagnetic oJ Fieldsarultheireffect the on Resolutiont8t5 on the Potential Environment. .1. ,\p|il 2l)l l r The Russian NationalCommittee Non-lonizingRadiation on their Resolutionentitl ed "Electromagnetic Jrom Protection(RNCNIRP)released fieds MobilePhones:HealthEffecton ChiMren Teenagers". and 1. l{} I l}: Seletun Statement, Norway: Th InternationalElectmmagnetic Field Alliance(IEMFA) released their report entilled ScientifcPanelon Electromagnetic Field Points, Recommendations, R.ttionqles and following a scientific HealthRisks: Consensus meetingat SeletunNorway Novemberzoo9. 5. -:0(19: ParliamentElectromagnetic EU Reportand Resolutionenlitled.:European associated electromagnetic with Pa iament Resolution healthconcerns on frelds,wzs adoptedFebruary17,2oo9 with 29 recommendations. 6. :{}{)9:Pofto AlegreResolution, Brazil. Scientistsand doctorsrecognize fields rnay electrohlpersensitivityand are concemedthat exposure electromagnetic to increasethe risk of cancerand chronic diseases; that exposure levelsestablished by (IEEE, ICNIRP, ICES)are obsolete;and that wireless international agencies technologyplacesat risk the health of children, teens,pregnantwomenand others who arevulnerable. 7. 20(llt:VeniceResolution, Italy. International Commission Electromagnetic for Safety(ICEMS) Scientistsrecognize biological effectsat non-themal levels,that standardsare inadequate, that electro-sensitivityexistsand that there is a needto researchmechanisms. 8. l(X)7:Biolnitiative Report, USA. In response statements thereareno to that scientific studiesshowingadverse biological effectsof low level electromagnetic fields producedthe Biolnitiative and radio frequencyradiation, a group of researchers Reportthat documents2ooo studiesshowingbiologicaleffectsof extremelylow fields and radio frequency(RF) radiation and calling frequency(ELF) electromagnetic guidelines. {or biologicallybasedexposure

9. :{)l)6:Bnevento Resolution, Italy. The International Commissionfor Electromagnetic Safety(ICEMS)organizeda conferenceenlitled: ThePrecautiorury Ratiowle,Legislqtion d Implementation.Scientists a at this conference EMFApproach: Resolution that consistsof 7 major statements. signedthe Benevento l{}.20(15:HelsinkiAppeal,Finlaad.PhysiciansandresearcherspresentedtheHelsinki Appealto the EuropeanParliament. (IDEA), Ireland,Members IDEA I L ltX)s: Irish Doctors'EnvimnmentalAssociation of wrote a position paper on electromagnetic radiation. Doctorsrecognize electrohlpersensitivity(EHS) is inoeasing and requestadvicefrom governmenton howto heat EHS. 12. 2001. Italy. This resolutionwas signedby scientistsat the CataniaResolution, international conference "Stateof the Research Electromaenetic on Fields-Scientific and trgal Issues". | 3. 2(102 Freiburg Appeal,Germany.Physicians : requesttougher guidelinesfor radio frequencyexposure.This documentwasendorsedby thousandsofhealthcare practitioners. t.l. 20lf SafzburResolution, :: Austria. The Salzburg Resolution Mobile on Telecommunication Stations Base makesfour recommendations including prelirninary guidelinesof o.t microW/cme for sum of all emissionsfrom mobile phonestations. 15. 20(10: Rport, ExpertGroupon MobilePhones Stwart UK. The Independent (IEGMP) produce a report, MobilePhones Health,that is commonlyrefened to as and d the StewartReport,namedafter its ChairmanSir William Stewart. 16. 1998: Austria- Workshop Possible on BiologicalandHealth YinnaEMF Resolution, FielJs. Effects RFElectromagnetic of on resolutions appeals and from internationalgroupsof physicians and Based these immdiate actionis requiredto pmtct public healthfrom continuedincreasing scientists liekls. exposure radio frequncyradiation aod electmmagnetic to Ic allon. , .

regulatorsaround the world to reexamineexisting guidelinesfor both EMF and EMR and to reducethem to the lowestpossiblelevelsto protect the public and workers. Valuesabove4 milliGauss(low frequencymagneticfields); aboveo.r microflcmz (power densityfor radio frequencyradiation) and above4o GS units (dirty electricity) havebeenassociated with adverse health effectsin peer reviewedscientific publications! govemment responsibilityfor the location of both basestationsand power agencies lines to keepdistances least4oo meters(basestations)and roo meters at (transmissionlines) from residentialpropertiesaswell as schooland health care facilities. utilitics (water,gas,electricity) to reconsiderthe useof wirelesssmart metersand provide wired options for thosewho are sensitive,for thosewho do not want to be exposed, for thosein denselypopulatedsettings. and manufacturers who are providing technologythat useselectricity and/or enits radio frequencyradiation to re-engineer their productsto provide the minimum radiation possible. This includeslight bulbs, computers,wirelesshome devices like baby monitors and cordlessphones,cell phones,smart meters,plasmaTVs, amongothers. architects, builders,electricians, plumbersto designand constructbuiidings that and arebasedon principles ofgood electromagnetic hygiene. This includesusing materialsthat absorbor shieldbuilding interiors from microwaveradiation especialbnear externalsources this radiation and in multi-unit buildings; to of provide wired alternativesto wirelessdevices;to properly wire and ground buildings to minimize low frequencyelectromagnetic fields and to eliminate ground current problems;and to install filters on electricalpanelsand/or throughout the building to ensuregood power quality. local, state,federalhealthauthoritiesto educatemedicalprofessions about the potential biologicaleffectsof both low frequencyand radio frequency electromagnetic enerry; about the growing number of peoplewho have electrosensitivity(ES)or electrohlpersensitivity(EHS) and to alert them on how they canhelp their patientsin terms of minimizing their exposure and promoting their recovery. hospitalsand healthcarecntrcsto reviewtheir policy on wirelesstechnolory and to provided electromagnetically-clean areaswithin thesecentresfor thosewho are sensitiveto this radiation. schoolboardsto reopentheir policy on the preferenceof WiFi {wirelesstechnolory) over wired internet access not allow towers/antennas within 4oo metersof and their schoolproperty.

in hygieneespecially the bedroomand parentsto practicegoodelectromagnetic for especially their children. This involvesusing wired rather than wireless devicesin the home,keepingelectricappliancesawayfrom the bed, turning when not in use. off/unplugging devices the mediato provide information to the public about the health and safetyof using this technolory; to rely on "independentexperts"who do not receivefunding or other benefitsbasdon the outcomeof researchstudies;and to identifu experts funded by the industry as "industry representatives". The integrity of many of thesescientistsleavesmuch to be desired.

Dr MagdaHavas ON, Canada Trent University,Peterborough, www.