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Date of proposal: Author of proposal:


Secretariat of Organization TCs WGs

Title of proposal: "Dimensions of special product of vehicular area manhole cover, of round opening, of cast iron construction, size DN.825mm or 32.50in (D.822/828), and 360 or 400 kN loading class." Material: - ductile iron - of grade to fit the loading class in compliance with thicknesses of pieces.

The document proposal comes to settle up a dimensional based private standard document (as case, a publication / deliverable) concerning the dimensions of special product of a street manhole cover - which may be in concordance with requirements of one or more regional basic standard(s) of cast/ductile iron manhole covers, - e.g. the regional CEN standard "EN124 - Gully tops and manhole tops for vehicular and pedestrian areas. Design requirements, type testing, marking, quality control", - or, with other basic standard concerning street or residential area, manhole covers - as long as the basic standard (e.g. as the EN124 is) does not apply for dimensions of special products of manhole covers. As conclusion, the proposed private standard document (norm) aims to specify the main dimensions for a special product of a cast iron vehicular area manhole cover of DN.825mm / 32.50in, of round opening; - and must, as case may be, completed with other standards which refers to testing, marking, quality control. (e.g. the EN124 CEN standard).
Short description of design related to product and main dimensions:

> Round (circular) frame with round opening; - overall dia. of lid piece: 822*;825**mm (32.375*; 32.50**in), - top opening of frame: dia. 825*;828**mm (32.50*; 32.625**in), - round, - top dia. of frame: 875mm (34.4375in), - round - inner opening of base of frame - dia. 915 or 1000mm (36.00, or 39.375in), to fit a 800mm (32.50in), 36in (915mm), 1000mm dia. of manhole top opening. - clearance (clear opening) of frame, - about 770mm (~30.3125in), - 4 vent/key holes of about 40 ( at all clear opening; > which also allows an easy opening using common tools, - optional, blocks for locking system fixing may be added, - on backside of lid piece.

The product which the subject of standardization consists in, may be useful as outdoor networks, water supply, as well sewerage chambers or storm water, - in vehicular areas.
The type of public standard document, as we consider the proposal may later transform into:

> concerning the therminology of EN45020:2006 description: - prestandard (3.3), product standard (5.4), technical specification (3.4), unilaterally aligned standard (6.8), - all of these aligned (related) to the EN124 CEN standard which is a basic standard (5.1). > concerning the therminology of ISO/CEI-2:2004: - international standard (3.3), technical specification (3.4), technical report (3.5), publicly available specification (3.7).