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(1) What makes up the left and right heart borders on a CXR?

(2) How do you clinically differentiate a pleural effusion from consolidation? (3) What is normal R wave progression on an ECG? (4) What are the six causes of a dominant R wave in V1? (5) How many Barts men does it take to change a lightbulb? (6) What is the Physician’s handshake? (7) How can you differentiate pre-renal from renal failure by investigations? (8) What are the causes of a macrocytosis? (9) Why are atypicals called atypicals? (10) List the six causes of type one respiratory failure (11) List five causes of type two respiratory failure (12) What are the important things to look for on a CT head scan? (13) What is the sign of small vessel disease on a CT head? (14) How would you prove someone has DKA? (15) What is the normal / expected PEFR for a 75 yo man of average build? (16) List five causes of a microcytic anaemia? (17) What’s the worst thing about having a heart / lung transplant? (18) What are the 15 signs of chronic liver disease? (19) What single question should you ask an 80 yo jaundiced patient? (20) What antibiotics would you use for a patient with biliary sepsis? (21) Why do we divide the R-R’ interval into 300 to get the rate? (22) How do you differentiate UMN from LMN lesions? (23) What are three generic causes of anything in the heart? (24) What are the three generic causes of anything in the CNS? (25) What is Horner’s syndrome and list five causes (26) List five extra pulmonary manifestations of TB (27) List five extra-GIT manifestations of IBD (28) What are the causes of mononeuritis multiplex? (29) What are the 5 important side effects of Amiodarone? (30) What’s the main difference between men and women? (31) How do you differentiate SVT with BBB and VT? (32) What are the components of a myeloma screen? (33) What differentiates Waldenstrom’s with Myeloma? (34) What are the investigations to prove Paget’s bone disease? (35) List five drugs with a narrow therapeutic window and their side effects. (36) List the pulmonary causes of clubbing (37) What are the causes of leukonychia? (38) List the causes of a pleural effusion (39) List the causes of ascites (40) List the 5 causes of a ‘giant spleen’ (41) What are the characteristics of a spleen? (42) List ten causes of renal failure (43) List five causes of erythema nodosum (44) What are the common changes in the hand seen with rheumatoid? (45) List the six signs of heart failure on a CXR (46) What are the causes of leuconychia? (47) Why does the urea: creatinine ratio go up in pre-renal failure? (48) List ten causes of an upper GI bleed (49) List ten causes of a lower GI bleed (50) WARFARIN is part acronym. What does it stand for?