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What Kind of Person are you? Please answer this quiz HONESTLY. 1. You have a friend who likes to borrow your pens but you, yourself, will need it also for your notes that will due tomorrow. What will you do? a) You breathlessly say with your fingers twitching while saying, “Oh sure… you...can...err... borrow it.” You go home sick with an upset stomach thinking how will you’re going to be tomorrow. b) Angrily you say, “What do you think you’re saying? Are you nuts? What the hell do you think I will ever lend it to you?” c) In direct contact facing to her, you say to her honestly, “You know, you’re my best friend and I don’t want to hurt you but, I cannot lend you my pens now. You know, tomorrow are my deadlines of my notes so please understand. I guess next time I will hand it over to you when I’m finish.” d) You let her borrow it and end up blaming her because you weren’t able to do your notes and she had lost one of your pens. 2. You have a classmate who has an unpleasant smell or body odor and a lot of your other classmates been chattering about her smell. As a friend, you need to inform her. But you are afraid that she might be hurt or get angry at you. The worst part of it is she didn’t know that she has “it”. What will you do? a) You will just hide it and keep quiet about it. You will just simply not react to it and will just resist the unpleasant smell of hers. b) You shout in front of the class saying to her, “You stink! Do you ever heard of deodorant?” leaving her embarrassment instill on her for a lifetime. c) You find some time when you and her can be alone and talk heart to heart with her. You say to her directly, “Please, don’t be offended but people notice that you have an unpleasant smell. Please, don’t take it too personally, but please, be aware. I’m just concern friend. I’m here to help you.” d) You’re the one who’s been spreading the gossips about her and acting to be the innocent one who didn’t know she has that smell. 3. There is someone who irritates you so much and he always likes to ruin you day because he was insecure of you. How will you act on this? a) You will just let him do it to you and be patient to him for the rest of your life. b) Confronting at him saying, “What’s your problem men? Wanna fight huh? ” and you go punching at him. c) You will go to him in a peaceful manner saying “Please, enough. You’re being too harsh and that really hurts me. Don’t you know you’re hurting other’s feelings? Mind you, so please, stop. It isn’t funny anymore.” d) You let him do it to you and you just backstab him to others. 4. There is a very long line in the cafeteria when somebody overtakes at you. What will you do? a) You let him get you line and end up hungry and tired with no food. b) You will shout at him saying, “Are you blind? Hello?! Don’t you see someone’s in front of you! Back off jerk! ” c) You will calmly say, “Excuse me but, there’s a line sir. I know you and I are hungry but please, don’t get uneven sir. Follow the line sir. Thank you.” d) You give him a wasn’t-obvious-fake smile as you let him over takes you. 5. You have a friend who’s using drugs and you really care about him. How will you confront him? a) Again, you haven’t said anything because you’re afraid you’ll offend your friend but because of that, you lose a friend because drugs take away him from you. b) You talk to him, “Do you know what you’re doing? You’re getting ugly, you didn’t go to class and you’re nuts! Have you lost your mind?! Stop it!” c) You talk to him explaining that drugs are bad for him and you also said that you don’t want to lose a friend just because of a mislead life a. You tell him what’s the problem and you help him overtake it. d) You seem very concern but you wish he will be just gone in your life. Mostly A’s The PASSIVE martyrs You’re the kind of person who is PASSIVE; you let them step at you like a doormat. You always play safe and rather to keep your mouth shut. You don’t stand up for yourself and lacks of self-esteem in yourself. You let them take the wheel of your life: they decide for you, takes advantages on you, dominates you and let you to become their puppet. Sometimes, you down yourself from doing something you can actually do but you are frightened by your fears and anxieties. You often look at things negatively. You also feel that you’re inferior. You’re easy to manipulate by other people. A poor passive person has a terrible self-image and little selfconfidence. Mostly B’s The AGGRESSIVE player You’re the kind of person who is AGGRESSIVE; you flatten down others who get in your way like a steamroller. You tend to down people and let others feel weak, small, and helpless. You down people because you like them to be like you; don’t have the guts to do something so instead you let them down because you’re afraid that they may be more than you. You are also closed minded; you didn’t take other’s opinion because all you see is yourself. You are likely hated by the society because of your hard attitude. You are insensitive and hurt others feelings. They do not think what others will feel before they speak. Mostly C’s The ASSERTIVE intellectual You’re the kind of person who is ASSERTIVE; you think before you speak. You are a kind of person who knows to handle things smoothly. You’ve been the Mr. Brightside of many. You know how to speak honestly and know how to speak the truth without hurting them so much. You likely treat others with respect as same way they treat you also with respect. You know also how to like yourself. You look at things very positively but also look at the consequences. You accept your faults because you’re very responsible being. You are also like by many because of your kindness and honesty. You’re always calm when handling things big or small. Whenever that you are angry, you show it honestly without hurting others and to let also others express their anger to you. You’re more likely to be a councilor of your friends; you’re approachable. You’re also full of confidence. Mostly D’s The PASSIVE-AGGRESSIVE gamblers You’re the kind of person who is PASSIVE-AGGRESSIVE; you pretend you’re nice but deep inside you’re angry because you don’t get what you wanted to get like a sneaking good looking falcon that will eventually get its prey secretly. You seem to have pokerfaced every time there is a problem that you are into and acting innocent and tend to blame it to others. You are a great pretender. You pretend to get what you want. You are also like a chameleon; you are mimicking somebody who is not truly you. You pretend to be somebody. You tend to have revenge on others. You tend to be like PASSIVE outside but inside, you’re AGGRESSIVE. You don’t show what your heart really wants because you’re too afraid that you will lose something. You’re also an enemy in disguise. You could pretend that you are a friend to others but deep inside, you could be there biggest enemy. You could be a backstabber or a gossip spreader. You are also insecure with others so that’s why you spread the gossips and backstab at them. Based on this quiz, being assertive is the best answer of them all. It is truly right that assertiveness is the key to success. If you’re a passive, aggressive, or both passive aggressive people, change it now. If you’re being too passive, try to think positive. Look at the bright side like an assertive person does. Learn to speak for yourself. Don’t be a doormat forever! If you’re being too aggressive, learn to chill. Be cool. Be humble. You are not perfect, even the assertive ones, so accept that they may be higher to you or lower to you. We are just humans, indeed. Also learn to speak euphemisms (a substitute to a word that is offensive) to not hurt others by your insolent way of talking. To those who are somewhat passive-aggressive, go out to your mask. Show what you are truly are. It’s not forever that you will wear that. Truth shall set you pal. Learn to accept the truth. Let go of your insecurities and be open! Backstabbing or gossiping is not the key to your revenge. Being beautiful in outside and inside is still the best revenge after all. Being assertive will be a solution to all of this. Being an assertive one is not inborn. It can also be learn. By simply being true to yourself, knowing what’s true or not, being responsible, knows how to handle things calmly, knows how to say no, to deal with criticisms in a positive manner, loving everyone (even your enemies), by being sensitive to other’s feelings, to accept and give compliments easily, knowing your rights, knows how to handle stress and anxiety, and by not being manipulated by others leads your way to assertiveness. Assertive people ROCKS!