Lighting Design + Application July 2002

Sports Lighting
Bengal Bangle Miller Light Manchester Magic Singapor e Saddles

Keeping Her Eye on the Ball 17
For Bonny Ann Whitehouse, sports lighting is more than illuminance values and uniformity ratios. It’s a blend of architectural and theatrical techniques

JULY 2002 VOL. 32/NO. 7 28

Fanfare Off the Field 20
In every arena, the event is the star, but lighting also plays a key role in the wings

Daylight Savings Time 24
Maximizing daylight was key to Glumac International’s design for the Washington State University’s Student Recreation Center

An Odds-On Favorite 28
It was a photo finish for Ewing Cole’s design team, but deadlines were met for the tracks at the Singapore Turf Club, where lighting creates dramatic and compelling imagery within a tropical garden setting

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IESNA Lighting Design Software Survey 2002 35
Computers are an integral part of modern lighting design. LD+A brings you the cream of the software crop.

Interpreting Outdoor Luminaire Cutoff Classification 44
LRC’s John Bullough proposes a supplemental classification for quantifying a luminaire upward luminous flux

ON THE COVER: Bonny Ann Whitehouse's goal was to create a jewel within the Cincinnati skyline. The Paul Brown Stadium showcases the NFL's Cincinnati Bengals. The Flack + Kurtz Lighting Design Group was an integral part of the design team. Photo: Glenn Hartong/Cincinnatti Enquirer 2 LD+A/July 2002

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omdex, the computer show held every fall in Las Vegas, was called the Computer Dealer Expo. The chemical process show known as the Pittsburgh Conference hasn’t been held in Pittsburgh in years. What’s in a name? “Scanning the Spectrum,” the design column that debuted in LD+A last month was originally to be named “Out of the Shadows.” But we decided it implied many designs were still in a state of stygian darkness. (It also sounded like a bad soap opera.) SOMA, Engineering for the Human Body, was a magazine I once

and some 6000 others in favor of Edsel. The automotive name game offers other items of interest. The name Columbia was scrapped for Mercury’s new minivan when consumer research suggested a link

with drugs. Taurus was the astrological sign of the wife of Ford’s vice president of product development. Even global communications can be misinterpreted. In Taiwan, Pepsi Cola bottlers used the “come alive with Pepsi” slogan until marketers realized the phrase translated literally as “Pepsi brings your ancestors back to life.” Tortured English translations abound. “Please leave your values at the front desk,” read a sign at a French hotel. In a Norwegian cocktail lounge, ladies were requested not to have children at the bar. In a Leipzig elevator: “Don’t enter the lift backwards and only when lit up.” In a Belgrade elevator: “To move the cabin, push for wishing floor. If the cabin should enter more persons, each one should press a number of wishing floor. Driving is then going alphabetically by national order.” As a kid, I won a bicycle from Rice Krispies by naming the twowheeler “Roama.” I was recently looking for a contest in which I could recycle my prize-winning moniker. But now that I’ve shared this name with the readers of LD+A, I will have to look for a new name and game. Gotta go. The engine’s idling in my Utopian Turtletop.
Charles Beardsley, Editor


To move the cabin, push for wishing floor. If the cabin should enter more persons, each one should press a number of wishing floor.
edited. Soma, of Greek derivation, means body. Shortly after its debut, I discovered a nudist magazine with the same name, but its publisher had failed to register the name. Today, I believe SOMA refers to a district in San Francisco south of Market Street. Associations have it easy in the naming game compared with automakers. The poet Marianne Moore was asked by Ford Motor to pick a name for a then-experimental car. Her offerings included Silver Sword, Resilient Bullet, Andante con Moto, Varsity Stroke, and Utopian Turtletop. Ford rejected her suggestions

LD+A/July 2002


7 years.00 (not deductible from annual dues). Outside California most kilowatthour rates are probably lower than $. 17th Floor New York. number of years and opportunity or interest rate. new product developments.’ It is frustrating when customers use shortest payback or lowest initial cost as their main criterion for retrofits.80. Each extra-efficient low power ballast may cost the end customer $2 to $6 more than the generic ballasts. This frustration. 17th Floor. each extra-efficient ballast will save $27 more than a generic low-power ballast. I put myself in the customer’s shoes and ask myself if it was my money. which provides a 2. You could compare generic and extra-efficient lowpower ballasts or generic and extra- Publisher William Hanley. teaching the ESSAY BY INVITATION Stan Walerczyk ily last 15 years. LD+A is designed to enhance and improve the practice of lighting. That is an additional annual savings of $1. 21 Congress Street. manufacture. Each extra-efficient ballast saves 3 to 6 W. But there is a monetary cost. project X has 4000 hour annual burn time and blended $0. IESNA fee code: 0360-6325/86 $2. LD+A (ISSN 0360-6325) is published monthly in the United States of America by the Illuminating Engineering Society of North America.80 each year over the next 15 years. resulting in more money in my pocket in 5. Additional subscriptions $44. 10005. For five years it would be a 190 percent ROI. New York. and recently seeing a showcase remodel/expansion project with generic electronic ballasts and basic grade T8 lamps. It is a challenge getting people to realize that the logic behind policies. it would be 120 percent. based on an interest rate of 6 percent. 17th Floor. Nonmember subscriptions $44.iesna. so $4 is an average. technical articles on the science of illumination. is flawed. and implementation of lighting.48 Based on this equation.00 postage for subscriptions outside the United States. 10005 and additional mailing offices. NY 10005-4001 Phone: 212-248-5000 Fax: 212-248-5017/18 Website: http://www. 800-521-0600. Ann LD+A is a magazine for professionals involved in the art. 120 Wall . science. The following equation from Chapter 25 in the 9th Edition of the IESNA Handbook is very helpful in revealing present worth with regard to annual energy savings. The 10 year ROI would be 331 percent. Every issue of LD+A includes feature articles on design projects. Single copies $4. Authorization to reproduce articles for internal or personal use by specific clients is granted by IESNA to libraries and other users registered with the Copyright Clearance Center (CCC) Transactional Reporting Service. or amount of at present dollars A = annual savings y = number of years i = opportunity or interest rate (for this case we will use 6%) P = A x [(1+i)y-1]/[i(1+i)y] P= 1.00. It is my understanding that this equation is widely accepted in the financial community.00. It may not be a good investment for a tenant with a lease expiring in less than three years and the owner is unwilling to help to subsidize the lighting project. study.iesna. 120 Wall Street. For example. Advertisements appearing in this publication are the sole responsibility of the advertiser.D. You can do ballast ROIs on your own projects based on your appropriate burn time. Often the shortest payback leaves substantial savings on the table.2 year payback compared to the generic ballast.00 per year. except Lighting Equipment & Accessories Directory and Progress Report issues $10. Basing decisions mainly on the shortest payback is very short sighted.15. Subscribers: For continuous service please notify LD+A of address changes at least 6 weeks in advance.T his is my version of ‘Penny Wise and Dollar Foolish.15 blended kilowatthour rate. remodels or new construction. CAE Editor Charles W. would I want the shortest payback? Or would I want to spend extra initial money to provide higher savings and better long term benefits.06(1+. and vital information about the illuminating profession. when interest rates are considered. and for three years. Email: iesna@iesna. motivated me to write this. New York. Altman Li Huang • Louis Erhardt Willard Warren Book Review Editor Paulette Hebert.06)15] P = $17. Using first level analysis methods. creating new collective works. POSTMASTER: Send address changes to LD+A.Y. Copyright 2002 by the Illuminating Engineering Society of North America. MI 6 LD+A/July 2002 www.48 in present dollars. like a maximum two-year simple payback requirement. teaching. NY 10005. 212-248-5000. Picco Associate Art Director Samuel Fontanez Columnists Emlyn G. 10 or 15 years? First of all let’s look at generic low-power electronic ballasts for T8s compared to the new-generation extra-efficient low-power ballasts. annual savings. Ph. Inc. over that span. Member subscriptions $30. to be conservative 3 W is used. because of the increased value of the asset. Often an asset will not be held that long. the annual savings of $1. Periodicals postage paid at New York. P = present worth. NY.00 per copy is paid directly to CCC. Additional $15.06)15-1]/[. The extra $4 now is a very good investment if the asset will be held at least three years or even if it will be sold before then. This consent does not extend to other kinds of copying for purposes such as general distribution.00. or resale. Electronic ballasts can eas- Published by IESNA 120 Wall Street. The payback retrofitting the existing fixtures that have F40T12 lamps and magnetic ballasts with generic low-power ballasts and F32T8 lamps is 1. and Applied Science & Technology Index. So spending an extra $4 now provides a 437 percent ROI (return on investment) over 15 years ($17. A dollar today is not equal to dollar a year from now.00. provided a fee of $2. news of the Illuminating Engineering Society of North America.48/$4 x 100). is worth $17. This publication is indexed regularly by Engineering Index. Statements and opinions expressed in articles and editorials in LD+A are the expressions of contributors and do not necessarily represent the policies or opinions of the Illuminating Engineering Society of North America. Marketing Manager Sue Foley Advertising Coordinator Michelle Rivera economics section for a local IESNA ED150 class. advertising or promotion. LD+A is available on microfilm from Proquest Information and Learning.80 x[(1+. MA 01970. kilowatthour rate. industry trends. Beardsley Assistant Editor Roslyn Lowe Associate Editor John-Michael Kobes Art Director Anthony S. Salem.

000 hours. These same life cycle and people factor issues also apply for new construction. Adding all of the benefits of the extended life LD+A/July 2002 7 . So the cost/life pricing is about the same. fewer lamps have to be recycled over time. especially highlumen extended-life F32T8 850s. There are several firms that provide positive cash flow financing. which is 20 percent longer. the products and systems that can save the most electricity tend to cost more initially. Not only would there be a 10 W reduction. energyusernews. Often a customer would like to have a very effective and efficient lighting system. which is about 20 percent more. but it would not be one of my articles. Sometimes lighting retrofitters and end customers go too far trying to get a short payback or a high ROI. Each extended-life lamp costs about $. but check the number of sick days and talk with the workers. The benefits of the longer life lamps follow. Afterword I highly recommend reading “Energy Efficiency Boosts Property Values” by Mark Jewell in the April 2002 edition of Energy User News. and there would also be a brand new five to seven year parts and www. this article is available on their website w w w. serving the western states. Pardon me. the largest design and build lighting retrofit contractor in California. Each fixture can be retrofitted with two premium T8s and extra-efficient lowpower ballast. but cannot afford it. Again this is difficult to quantify. one extra sick day per year or frequent headaches or eyestrain may equate to reducing worker productivity just one half of 1 percent. If you do not get Energy User News. In California and other states. It will be interesting to see the results of the ongoing and upcoming DOE research projects with scotopically enhanced lamps.000-hour-rated-life (based on three-hour starts with instant start ballasts) T8s and generic standardoutput instant start ballast. But check if office workers are wearing baseball hats. For example. So far the before and after feedback from workers at PG&E facilities has been good with dimming down further with 850 lamps. But the repositioned lamps ruin proper cut-off labor ballast warranty.000 per year. Instead of simply recommending T8 group relamping we also provide an option with extra-efficient ballasts and high-lumen universal-type (24. if I did not state that additional savings may also be achieved by using scotopically enhanced lamps. resulting in excess direct and indirect glare. That could total an annual loss of $250 for each worker making $50. Quantifying glare problems and other bad lighting problems to worker productivity is very difficult. Two extra breaks per week.40 for a 4 ft lamp. year after year. but the group relamping schedule would be increased from four to six years. An example is retrofitting three lamp 18 cell parabolic 2x4s with a reflector and two Visit the IESNA bookstore online @ www. allows the extra initial cost option to provide the best total solution. Extended-life lamps are rated for 24. But after the payback period. Each fixture consumes 58 W. Often in lighting. should be factored into the financial analysis of lighting projects. Maintenance labor is Stan Walerczyk is director of lighting at Sun Industries.000 hours. The electrical savings can be substantial with a relatively low installation cost. I read it right after I wrote my article and Mark Jewell discusses a much more sophisticated level of economics. Following is an example of how these lamps and extra-efficient ballasts can work together. For additional information p l e a s e e m a i l swaler czyk@ sunindustriesinc. long term benefit analysis can also be done with T8 lamps. they are typically a 30 percent better total value than equivalent type standard life lamps. covering their modules with cardboard or turning off the ceiling fixtures and bringing in their own floor or table fixtures. Typically the benefits of the more expensive extended-life lamps are not included in payback. With longer life lamps. consider an office building with 2x4 troffers that have two basic-grade 15. because the payback time occurs even before standard-life lamps burn out. September 2001. This $250 annual benefit plus electrical savings can provide a very good payback and ROI even if the installed price in each office is $400. As I stated in “Why Should The Customer Have To Pay Twice?” in LD+A.05 percent.’ which includes worker productivity in offices and retail sales volume. highlumen extended-life lamps save additional electricity because fewer lamps or lower ballast factor ballasts are required.000-hour-rated-life even based on instant start ballasts at threehour starts) T8s.40 more than equivalent type standard-life lamp. The interest rates are usually very reasonable. The comprehensive payback or ROI would be very bad with this type of retrofit.efficient standard-power ballasts. He is a member of IESNA’s Energy Management Committee and chair of its Retrofit/Upgrade Subcommittee. The retrofit option is often very cost effective when the parts and labor cost of the existing group relamping is ‘deducted’ from the retrofit parts and labor cost. With no out-of-pocket money the customer’s monthly savings are greater than the monthly finance charge. all fluorescent lamps will have to be recycled which costs about $. because lamps will not have to be replaced as often. So the payback is often not the lowest. Standard T8 lamps are rated for 20. On the other hand a new suspended indirect lighting system may increase worker productivity by . the substantial yearly savings. The ‘people factor. Shortest payback vs.

In short. electronic ballasts and occupancy sensors. to improve visual performance rates and employee comfort. “Lighting and Human Performance II. they were throwing money around as incentives to reduce peak demand. Ten years ago when utilities were strapped for peak capacity. As I have repeatedly said. What better way to do that. Even knowing all this. you’ve been to LIGHTFAIR INTERNATIONAL and attended one or more of the five sessions presented on energy conservation in lighting. After research done by Mark Rea and Michael Ouellette. and take out some of their money. Warren. In the meantime. A dollar per square foot improvement in lighting quality and task contrast is worth $10 per square foot in employee task performanceor more. task contrast. How much more visually energy efficient can we become? There used to be an old rule of thumb that an increase of one percent in task contrast was worth a 15 percent increase in the task illumination level. because nobody did the retrofits for the right reason. Guy Newsham of the Canadian Research Institute and Peter Boyce of LRC and co-editor of EPRI’s technical report. insists that owners can be convinced of the virtues of better lighting for their buildings. our focus should still be on providing more efficient autos and green buildings and reducing our dependence on Middle East oil. though I do like buildings that are the same color as money. if it improves their Net Operating Income (NOI). increasing any one. LC. Not only weren’t those lighting retros done with the help of a lighting consultant. does not result in much improvement in visual task performance. www. The mystery of how the California energy supply shortage was manipulated by brokers like Enron to their advantage has been revealed. namely. how much time you have to perform a specific visual task).org 8 LD+A/July 2002 . we face the problem of persuading building owners and managers to invest in better quality lighting and controls. We must be carefull not to take credit for all the increases in task performance if the tasks are not all visual. Last month I pointed out that salaries cost 10 times more per square foot than real estate costs. That’s the future of lighting energy conservation. but the tenant’s spaces. the steep curves developed by Rea become plateaus. Missing from these obviously desirable goals is the human factor. with which to invest in other new properties. so it is important to filter out the mechanical aspects of task performance and only measure the visual component for our purposes and claims. but it does when you try to read small text at low levels of light. but many didn’t even comply with prevailing electric codes. but how do we prove it to business owners? The biggest motivator in the real estate business is Return on Investment (ROI). more light does not help much when you’re reading headlines in dim light. comprising 80 percent of the building’s square footage. we know that better lighting helps save workers’ time and effort. Mark Jewell of RealWinWin. with a principal owner who controls the management of the property. Carol Jones of Battelle Laboratories. we learned that the relationship between contrast and illuminance depends upon where you are on the curves of task performance vs. than to provide tenants with space that improves their employee’s productivity? To hear that side of the story. Even with the cash incentives. illumination level and task size (and of course. more so than just green buildings. Instinctively. but when conditions improve so that the three factors are much higher. I urge you to attend the August 6 session at the IESNA Annual Conference in Salt Lake City. There are many products made by sightless persons that are on sale in Lighthouse for the Blind shops. but the big challenge is not the public spaces (corridors. reflectors. The visual task performance rises swiftly when the variables of task contrast. At that point. enabling them to charge higher rents.B y now. those retrofit measures didn’t do much to improve the quality of the lighting systems. and there are many sightless profes- Willard L. FIESNA Owners can be convinced of the virtues of better lighting for their buildings sionals such as doctors and lawyers. lighting retros are being done by ESCOs (Energy Service Companies) who are busier than ever. stairways and utility areas) in the building which account for 20 percent of the space. Inc. increase the mortgage. PE.” present a panel discussion on visibility and worker performance. when Terry McGowan of EPRI. Most buildings are owned by syndicates of investors.iesna. task size and illuminance increase after starting from low levels. which in turn increases the value of the property. The investors’ objective is to put up as little cash as possible and still get an outrageous return. The presi- ENERGY CONCERNS dent has signed the energy bill and we have some indication that energy conservation is back in the nation’s best interest. They provided a rebate shopping list for lamps. or all of them. Today. depending on where you are on the Rea curves. many building owners still did not take advantage of the programs. Wouldn’t you like to approach a business owner and say that the latest research indicates that quality lighting and controls can improve the performance of your employees by 10 percent or more?.

When you retire. 5) Salt Lake City is one of the nicest cities you will ever visit. coupled with the trend of consolidations. 4) Marketing of the conference has been enhanced. The good news is that ED-150 has POINTS been totally re-engineered and will be available soon. While others can offer online education. While the IESNA has grown significantly over the years. improve our . With help from several www. For many of our activities. complex. its educational programs. we’re a happy family… OK. The plan is multi-faceted. I ask you to step up and get involved in at least one activity. We have been lucky. If you have ideas of how we can improve. you may have noticed the promotional flyers at LIGHTFAIR. The Progress Report is probably the most informative two hours many of us spend each Your help.I love IESNA. The IESNA Annual Conference continues to be successful and is regarded by many as the dominant conference in our industry. you can actually talk to the person who developed the product. It is who we are. you love IESNA. You probably love the Society as well. Our under the “What’s new” section. we are trying to make next month’s conference even greater: 1) Wesson Brown.iesna. demands that IESNA turn off the autopilot and really evaluate its documents. your Board approved a five year strategic plan that is posted on our site (www. We are one big family— a very diverse. please send them to me at rreid@telemics. and less on speeches. Stakeholders from presidents on down will make better decisions throughout the year having knowledge of the industries’ (and their competitors’) newest products. and I will focus this article on two critical areas: the IESNA Annual Conference and education. as the quality and delivery are enhanced. Because we have a strong membership coupled with a talented and efficient home office. 2) The Papers Committee. Our sections must always be involved with education. The fact is. tweak it. to begin a real campaign to not only improve our society—but more importantly. However. Another area that has been on autopilot is education. it is imperative that we work closely with the local sections. but there are some things I do not like either. Randy Reid PRESIDENT'S E-mail a Letter to the Editor cbeardsley@iesna. and the process usually works. we may be victims of our own success. Group VP of Hubbell Lighting is our keynote speaker. and your leadership will complete our plan and turn off the autopilot.iesna. Educational Seminars Committee. they can only envy the strength and legacy of the IESNA sections. In March. and its events. but there have to be things you don’t like as well. The current recession. your ideas. enough of Barney. Conference Site Selection Committee. one of our most important core competencies. Last fall I had the privilege of teaching the ballast portion of ED-150 to my local section and found it in need of revision. yet interdependent family that must find better ways and capitalize on our legacy to advance {expand or improve } the Society for ourselves and future generations. In many cases. Your leadership is considering utilizing different tools to deliver a more customer-friendly education package. As we go forward this year. was home to NBC during the 2002 Olympics and is simply world-class. occasionally certain areas of our Society run on autopilot. It’s time for us to take a hard look at our Society. We must never lose sight of this responsibility and we have an obligation to the industry to constant- ly enhance the quality and the delivery of that education. the member. Conference Committee. the Great America. make sure you can tell your children and grandchildren that you helped leave your industry a better place than you found it. and IIDA Committee have all done a superb job! 3) The President’s banquet will focus more on you. I do love the IESNA. we simply look at the prior document or the prior year’s plan.

The height of the space required extra care in locating fixtures within easy access. Located in Hershey. PA. recreation. athletic contests. These fixtures also had to be positioned to eliminate offensive direct glare. Elliptical Stairway to the Stars . Larry Cronin. and intramural games. Limiting the design to 100 W metal halide sources allowed use of color-consistent high CRI lamps. was uplighted from low-wattage. PA. which cuts throught the façade and extends the industrial design to the outside. The center features a three-story entrance stair tower that stands like a trophy case against the simple design of the facility. The exposed lighting and software complement the industrial appearance of the cables and pulleys that compose the stair railing.iesna. Additional compact fluorescent downlights mounted within the stair structure were provided at landings for highlights and emergency purposes. The design concept for this tall. HOFF Opened in 2000 with a total seating capacity of 1800. IESNA. The paper-thin exterior canopy. IESNA. the gymnasium has three full-length basketball courts and includes areas for physical education classes. while offering visual comfort for its users and maintainability for its staff. the Spartan Center is the Milton Hershey School’s new performance gymnasium. Harrisburg.• notes on lighting design 10 LD+A/July 2002 www. and Shawn Good. Lighting designers were Keith Yancey. The lighting design included a custom stainless steel structure mounted to a central column supporting the staircase with twelve 100 W metal halide fixtures carefully aimed upward for indirect lighting. of Brinjac Engineering. or reflected glare from the many glass facets. in-ground well lights to highlight the tower’s entrance. IESNA. This structure locates the fixtures at a maintainable height above an intermediate stair landing. transparent space was to create a lantern-like effect without weakening its bold external PHOTOS: ANDREW R.

CT. All lighting in the facility is controlled though computerized panels located in the lighting booth on the fourth floor and building control center on the ground floor. The lighting design system. The Arena is the companion to the Ballpark at Harbor Yard (1998). The Arena at Harbor Yard is located between the Ballpark and the intermodal transit Garage. small partitioned boxes for four to six persons. stated. the “Standing Room Only Bar” on the third level with bar seating. CT. Rose. CT. allowing the garage to also serve the Arena and Ballpark for spectator parking. led the design teams from the respective companies. de-emphasize the walls and ceiling above 12 ft and provide a color to accent the carpet and provide for easy maintenance below 8 ft. 9000 for basketball or 10. At the Southeast end of the “U” shaped concourse is the entry to the loading dock and staging area for events.” —Michael V. with space for an additional nine. Musco. P. Signage is designed to integrate with the facility and the overall Harbor Yard complex. and exits and for standee positions. and three hospitality suites are located at the upper level.E. along with the dimming and control system. restrooms.E. Large areas of glass at the main entry on the west. AIA Harbor Lights 12 LD+A/July 2002 www. A close-knit team was developed. The perimeter walkway at the top of the seating tiers allows for circulation to bars. and the loges.500 for events/shows. The Infranor Para II products by Sterner are equipped with 1000 W BT37 lamps which are fully serviceable from the catwalk and do not require re-aiming for maintenance. The illumination levels certainly are major league providing 150 vertical footcandles tilted 15 degrees to the TV camera with a 1. The addition of our shade system provides a full theatrical house with full on to light off in less than three seconds. Musco. concessions.iesna. The sports lighting has a shade and shutter system to go from complete blackout to event lighting with the flick of a switch. and the clerestory area to the north provide views of the city. The third and fourth floor perimeter walkways and Suite lighting are fully dimmable. Media Room. III senior vice-president of Sterner Lighting. Included within this “Back of House” area is a Storage Area. the Bridgeport “Sound Tigers” and to serve as a multi-purpose sports and entertainment venue for Southeastern Connecticut. located on the Suite level. Food outlets and toilet facilities are at this main level concourse under the seating bowl. home to the Bridgeport Bluefish of the Atlantic League. incorporating engineering assistance and major input from Sterner Lighting to the structural engineering design team for specific mounting locations for all arena lighting. West Haven. George B. The flat end of the “U” shaped bowl to the East contains the “Goal Club Bar” on the second level with its own seating section. to visually cutting off the space above.• notes on lighting design Lighting for the Arena at Harbor Yard was a combined effort of the Kasper Group Bridgeport. The Arena at Harbor Yard project is the phase II development of a sports and entertainment district in the city of Bridgeport. Lighting of the seating bowl is accomplished by sports event lighting hung at the catwalk running the length of the bowl on each side. and Patrick M. The Arena features a single tiered 24-row spectator bowl accessed via a “U” shaped concourse and vomitories. The seating bowl is designed with a variable rise in the seating platforms resulting in excellent sight lines. The walls and soffits are painted in three colors to emphasize the signage band from 8 to 12 ft above finish floor. and Musco Engineering Associates.3 to 1 max to min uniformity ratio for either ice hockey or basketball sporting events. P. and Production Offices. was over six months in development. Thirty-four suites. Seating capacity of the arena is 8500 for hockey. Patrick Rose. The Hockey Team Locker room size and finishes rival most NHL facilities. The arena is designed to house a minor league AHL Hockey team. The concourse lights are hung at 12 ft. Webster. Catering . At the northeast end of the “U” shaped concourse is the entry to the locker room facilities. AIA and Michael V. ”Given the difficulty of the existing site conditions I find this facility ‘big league’ in every way.

ownership of documents and professional errors and omissions coverage. explaining how the lighting designs enhanced the interior design. underwrote the program. The document stresses that the lighting industry offers careers for almost everyone. 2002 IESNA Aviation Lighting Seminar Nashville. NUMBER 7 JULY 2002 NEWS IESNA Calendar of Events August 4-7. ext. CA. AZ Contact: Valerie Landers 212-248-5000. III. has served on the Board of Managers for the North New Jersey Section. as the Washington DC and Northern Virginia I/C Sales Representative. OH. NJ. to the Cooper Union Research Foundation (CURF) board of directors. CO. 2002 IESNA Street & Area Lighting Conference Scottsdale. office for Robert Singer & Associates. and the Nuckolls Fund for Lighting Education. president of NCQLP. Oxford Lighting Consultants.iesna.iesalc. and the IESNA Golden Gate Section. and has been an active and contributing participant in IESNA functions and activities. P.E. Good. Alabama Section A presentation on low-voltage control panels was given on April 17 at the Alabama Power Co. San Francisco. UT Contact: Valerie Landers 212-248-5000. Michael Zarrow of Brobeck. Los Angeles Section A discussion on current issues regarding professional liability was given on March 21 at the TAIX French Restaurant. whatever one’s basic education and personal strengths. showcasing the program’s tools. continued on following page NCQLP Offers Career Brochure The National Council on Qualifications for the Lighting Professions (NCQLP) is pleased to announce the availability of information on careers in lighting in the building and construction industry.ncqlp. arbitration versus litigation. and Cal Franco. Joseph Consigli has joined Philips Lighting Company. Guest speaker. LC. TX. IESNA. Miami Valley Section On May Member News The Cooper Union. Guest speakers included Jesse Browning. 2002 2002 IESNA Annual Conference Salt Lake City. IALD. CO. MS. 117 www.” what happens when you get a contract. JH&H. Phleger and Harrison. New Carlisle.” The LC Candidate Handbook is now available from NCQLP (703-518-4370). Las Vegas Section Matt April 25 at the TCU Campus. Worldwide automated lighting manufacturer High End Systems Inc. New York. He is responsible for lamp sales through distributors in this market. an international lighting designer explored theatrical lighting for architectural applications on May 14 at the Pacific Energy Center. specialists in construction law. Golden Gate Section David Finn. LC examination. Inc.. Mother Lode Section Representatives from the “Big Three” (General Electric. Austin. gave a presentation on sports lighting on March 19. David Roederer. ext. 2002. the deadline for final submittal is September 27. Birmingham. The handbook provides important information and application forms for those who wish to sit for the November The web-based brochure covers some of the many areas in which lighting personnel work. Joseph has been a member of the IESNA since 1995. Fort Worth.iesna.ILLUMINATING ENGINEERING Section News Mid South Section A presentation on the 2002 International Illumination Design Award entries was given on April 1 at the Mikhail’s Northgate restaurant. the Miami Valley Section held its 2002 golf outing at the Sugar Isle Golf Course. discussed indemnification. who provided examples from individual projects. Basalt. Joseph M. Lutron Electronics Co. TN Contact: Wes Hazelton 207-775-3211 whazelton@dufresne-henry. “paid when paid. 117 www. CA. LD+A/July 2002 13 . stated that “the lighting industry has needed this material for a long time. Careers in Lighting is available on www. October 20-24. Los Angeles. MUSCO Lighting. who. Warren. West Texas Section Lighting software was reviewed on www. Speakers Mark Tresp and Mill McCain provided a SOCIETY VOLUME 32. Somerset. AL. The deadline for early submittal of the application is August 16. October 6-9. Melissa Conchilla has been named as associate in charge of the new Denver. the NCQLP is appreciative of those who made it possible: James Benya for his initial draft. OSRAM Sylvania and Phillips Lighting) gave a presentation on May 15 and provided literature on lamp updates . NY. through their financial contributions. appointed alumnus and LD+A magazine columnist Willard www. CDFL..iesna. Jackson.

Defense Supply Center Delta Power Supply. Share your news with us! IES News 120 Wall Street • 17th Floor • New York. Inc. Ruud Lighting. Optical Research Associates Optima Engineering PA Paramount Industries. advanced engineering and selection of all new products and technology platforms. Inc. Inc. Inc. Carinci Burt Roger Eng. Leviton Mfg Co. Inc. Axis Lighting. Altman Lighting. As an important part of the company’s strategy to maintain its competitiveness in the lower priced lighting segments. BJB Electric Corporation Canlyte. lighting research and recommended practices.. Inc. Niagara Mohawk Power Corp Prudential Lighting Corp San Diego Gas & Electric The Kirlin Company United Illuminating Co. NY. . Inc. Winnipeg Hydro Wisconsin Public Service Corp Xenon Light. InfraSource Kenall Mfg Co. including education projects. Inc. SUSTAINING MEMBERS The following companies have elected to support the Society as Sustaining Members which allows the IESNA to fund programs that benefit all segments of the membership and pursue new endeavors. Elko Ltd Elliptipar ENMAX Enterprise Lighting Sales ETC Architectural Eye Lighting Industries Eye Lighting International of North America Factory Sales Agency Fiberstars Focal Point Gammalux Systems H E Williams. BLV Licht und Vakuumtechnik GmbH The Bodine Company Daeyang Electric Co. the new Martin facility will be geared toward the production of Martin’s DJ range of lighting products. Inc. Sternberg Vintage Lighting Sterner Lighting Systems.000 annual dues Lighting revenues to $10 million Gold: $2. David Parks joins High End in the role of senior vice president product development and Mike Wood takes on a new role as chief technology officer. Finelite. Stebnicki Robertson & Associates Strand Lighting. Lithonia Lighting OSRAM SYLVANIA Products. has appointed Dave Lobardo and John Pilato as the newest members of its product support department and customer sales and service. Lightron of Cornwall. The facility will be located in the Chinese city of Zhuhai in the southern part of the country. Sentry Electric Corporation Shakespeare Composites & Electronics Division Southern California Edison Stage Front Presentation Sys.000 annual dues Lighting revenues to $200 million Emerald: $10. Linear Lighting LiteTech Litecontrol Corp Litelab Corp Lowel Light Manufacturing Lucifer Lighting Co.500 annual dues Lighting revenues to $50 million Platinum: $5. Florida Power Lighting Solutions Gardco Lighting Indy Lighting. Inc. GOLD ALP Lighting Components Co. SILVER Ardron-Mackie Limited Associated Lighting Atofina Chemicals. EMERALD Holophane Corporation PLATINUM Day-Brite Capri Omega Lightolier Lutron Electronics Co. Matsushita Electric Works. Inc. Inc. Inc. Garden City. Inc. Inc. Inc. Silver: $1. The level of support is classified by the amount of annual dues. Philips Lighting Co. Inc. Inc. Production is expected to begin by the start of the year 2003.. Musco Sports Lighting.000 annual dues Lighting revenues to $500 million Diamond: $15. WAC Lighting. Inc. Inc. Zumtobel Staff Lighting. Hubbell Lighting. Ltd. Lee Filters Legion Lighting Co. Texas. based on a company’s annual lighting revenues: Copper: $500 annual dues Lighting revenues to $4 million (Copper Sustaining Members are listed in the March issue of LD+A. Barth Electric Co. Portland General Electric Prescolite. LiteTouch. PSE & G R A Manning Co.Member News continued from previous page TX. Inc. Inc. Martin to Establish Asian Manufacturing Facility Martin Professional continues to expand its production capability with the establishment of a manufacturing facility in China. Inc. Co. Inc. StressCrete Sun Industries TXU Electric & Gas Utility Metals W J Whatley. Edison Price Lighting. Lighting Company. focusing on the strategic planning. Bartco Lighting.C. Reflex Lighting Group. Inc. LexaLite Int’l Corp Lighting Services. of New York Con-Tech Lighting Custom Lighting Services LLC Custom Lights. Inc. as well as in the IESNA Annual Report. There are currently 233 Copper Sustaining Members). Metalumen Manufacturing. Inc. Inc.000 annual dues Lighting revenues over $500 million DIAMOND Cooper Lighting General Electric Co. Inc. Northern Illumination Co. Inc. City of San Francisco Con Edison Co. Martin Professional. Inc. Ltd. announced the addition of two new key positions to its executive management team based in Austin. NY 10005 • Fax: (212) 248-5018 IESSUSTAINING MEMBERS As of June 2002 14 LD+A/July 2002 www. Louis Poulsen Lighting LSI Industries. Inc. Kurt Versen Co. Inc. HAWA Incorporated High End Systems.iesna.A. Day Lite Maintenance Co. W. Inc. Inc..

MA Larry M. Watson (M). Middleton.. Carroll. CT Joseph Rosa (M). Law (M). PA Adam Serra. NJ Andrew M. Lutron Electronics Co. Don Mills. Princeton.. WI Don L. Littlestown. St.. Bresnahan (M). Southwest Electrical Supply. . Jericho. NE Jim M. ON Jeff J. Gross. Inc. Lehmkuhl (M). AZTEC Engineering. Hadco. Ryan (M).. IL Bill Layman (M). OH Aydan Ilter. HLA Lighting Sales. Lew (M). OSRAM SYLVANIA. TN Pedro L. Liles Jr. ON Ken Smith. MN Ramesh C. CA Jody C. Granico. Carmel. Pottorville. Fitzpatrick. Winnipeg. Trevin (M). CA Meenam Lee. Saturn Electric. OH Daniel O’Brien (M). King Lighting. Diversified Lighting Associates. Anytech Electric. Inc. Southfiels. DC James R.. OH Steve M. MKEC Engineering Consultants. PA Michael L. GA Larry E. Las Vegas. Inc. NY Peter R. Evans (M). University at Buffalo. VT Laura A. PMH Associates.. Thomas J. URS Corporation. PA Thomas C. Inc. BPR GroupeConseil. Teng & Associates. Cupertino Electric. ETC Architectural. Phoenix. Marietta. Architectural Lighting Consultants. ON Robert Villemaire (M). Greensboro.. Fosbury. Creative Lighting and Associated Systems. Ann Arbor Aaron Leppanen South Pacific Coast Region Chris Abrahamsen (M). KS Brent Streck (M). NC Sharon M. FL University of Florida Eric R. Schutz. Clark. Inc.. Inc. VT Daniel W. UT Nancy Mui (M). Conyers. Gilbert. Wauwatosa.. IL Michael T. Limited. Illum A Nation Outdoor Architectural Lighting. Navaid Lighting Associates. OH Brent J. Cincinnati.. Columbia City.. FL David Rainey. AZ Randy R. CA Jet Patel (M). Hawkins. IN Lawrence Poturalski (M). Guion.. Phoenix.. Inc. Wepking. MS Dedra Rainey. NV David G. NJ Rachael S. Parsons Brinckerhoff. NC T.. PA Daniel S. North Springfield. Marriott. Inc. Integrated Design Associates. Advantage Lighting & Equipment Sales. Inc. Inc. Thomas Associates. AZ Mark J.H. Rosene. Williams Milwaukee School of Engineering Marie Rieger Southeastern Region Scott C. Forest Lake. Salt Lake City. JS Nolan & Associates Lighting Design. McGregor Allsop Limited. Inc. Allentown. WI Johnson County Community College Sally L. Buffalo. ArupLighting. Oakland. Lee. Clark-Nexsen A&E. Solar Light Co. Inc. Federated Department Stores. Provencher (M). Anderlik & Associates. GA Walter J. Newman Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Janani Ramanath Northwest Region Kareem Greiss. Centerville. CA Tim R. Las Vegas. Nashville. New York. St. Arizona Public Service.. CA Chris Mortensen. Surratt. Incikaya. NY Robert R. San Jose. Washington. Montreal. AZ City College of Long Beach Eric M. Inc. OH University of Michigan. Yacht Lighting and Accessories. UT Mike Bloomquist. Columbus.. Ottawa. San Dimas. GA Timothy R. Diehl (M). Tzempelikos East Central Region Christipher Bentz. NY Myron Walter (M). Salsig. Dayton.Boggess. Laurin. CA Randy Edwards (M). Pederson. Rocky Hill. Angus & Associates. SW Engineering. Beaufort. Wynkoop Midwest Region Erik H. Seattle. UT Douglas Collinson.. AZ Robert R. NY Thomas Lapointe (M). CA Wade Schramm.. Inc. EDI. OH Gerrit Van Straten (M). Gupta (M). MO Jerome F. CA Randall D. Onik.T. NC Frank T. Louis. Caylor.. Inc. Stouffville. King Luminaire Company. Inc. The Gamut Technology Group. Graybar Electric Co. Lapointe Associates. Gorman. Ketchum Northeastern Region William Bissell (M). MS Patrick Rose (M).. Mechanical Design Associates. Specialty Store Lighting. WD Partners. St. Block (M). Inc.. Wichita. Inc. ON Concordia University Athanassios G. Miami. Charlotte... Hocquard (M). Jerry McDonell (M).. Tempe. Price Williams. Raleigh. Redding. New York. Heartland Scenic Studio. Dufresne-Henry. Inc. Rudolph. FL Ravi Koil (M). WV Geralyn A. NY Parsons School of Design John W. MN Mary Pelikan (M).. Inc. associate and student members in May. HI Lloyd P. GC Wallace. Willett. CA Gregory K. Nevada Sources.. Lundy (M). Miami. Paul. Jacksonville. Stichler Group. MB Rob Niess. Navaid Lighting Associates. Inc. Varad Corporation. Ithaca. Luxam. Neel-Schaffer. NV Philip E. Concord. Illinois Department of Transportation.New Members Membership Committee Chair Jim Sultan announced the IESNA gained one Sustaining Member and 121 Members (M). Jefferson. Black (M). Lumenworks. Phoenix. Spears/Votta & Associates. IN Patrick Davis. Laughead. Architect. Inc. Westport. RPM Engineers. Reliable Electric. Schaumburg. WI INDIVIDUAL MEMBERS Canadian Region Ellen Godson. Jacobs. Post Buckley Schuh & Jernigan. Scottsdale. Concord. Moore. E. NJ Amy L. H. Inc. Bonestroo. Acuity Lighting Group. Pyramid Lighting Group. OH Joe F.. Olive Branch. Baltimore. Glendale. CA Rick Hunsaker (M). Carson.. Litemor Distributors. Elkhorn. Younger (M).. Lorillard Tobacco Company. Weco Electrical Engineering. Berger (M). Moorestown. Irvine. San Francisco. Statesboro. Inc. MD Walter Zaharchuk (M).. SUSTAINING MEMBER ETC Architectural. Gammalux Systems. Ranken Technical College.iesna. Orem. Inc. OSRAM SYLVANIA. PA New Jersey Institute of Technology Craig DeFelice Pennsylvania State University Rebecca Ho Great Lakes Region Roger M. Maumee. Santa Clara. SmithGroup. CA Thomas K. Chicago. Inc. Alfred Benerch & Company. WA continued on following page www. NC William G. NY Brian Stacy (M). Olive Branch. Mark’s Hospital. Philadelphia. Hoboken. AZ Stephen K. Hollywood. Baker Engineering. Qualmann. ETC Architectural. Morehouse (M). Inc. CA Fredrick Gregoryan. Omaha. Salt Lake City. Architecture Design Studiom Honolulu. Illume Lighting Design. Elmsford... Holophane. Rochester. Middleton. Inc. Oregon. Riebling. Inc. PACE Civil. NE Stephen G. FL Jean F.. Naples.

including 15 or 20 bulbs that Thomas Alva Edison probably held in his hands 122 years . an Edison bulb from the now-demolished Vanderbilt mansion in New York. TX Joseph A.. Birgisson. AB Mark W. Szterenlicht (M). Nagata Kyung Hee University. Dies Dr. Grupo Lite. Inc. private museum that his was the only collection in the world containing an uninterrupted history of the light bulb.. The TradeLink site was piloted to 28 industrial customer branches in October 2001 and complete customer rollout is now underway. Other historical pieces include a 3-foot-long tubular bulb used during the 1930s to illuminate the ill-fated French liner Normandie. TX Tom Mendoza. Sempra Energy Solutions. the Incandescent Lighting Museum was located in Baltimore. To order your copy of the 9th Edition of the IESNA Lighting Handbook.. MacPhee (M). The new catalog includes high-resolution photos and product marketing information. Dallas. and confirmed ordered product quantities and delivery dates. in 1945. Mexico Brent Arnold. It is only visible under a microscope. In 2000. the plane that dropped the atomic bomb on Hiroshima.. Houston. ext. Oxygen.T. BC Bellevue Community College Clara H. OR Bahadurali K. Dallas. City of Coquitlam. A subcategory of the collection includes lighting fixtures. HLM Design USA. The most diminutive is a pin light that was produced in the 1960s and used in missile wiring. as shown in Chapter 21 of the 9th Edition of the IESNA Lighting Handbook.New Members M..000 watts of electricity to glow. Way Jr. Hugh Francis Hicks. Coquitlam. Japan. Covington. Stephen F. Calgary. Honduras Wilfredo Valentin Jr.000 bulbs were labeled and on display in the basement museum of his office at 717 Washington Place. Nacogdoches... Nicholson. applicable block information. call (212) 248-5000. Yooshin Engineering co. 365 days a year personalized self-service access to order/account management and instantaneous product availability information. LA Chris Wyatt. Over the years his collection would include a lamp from the original torch of the Statue of Liberty and headlamps from the Mercedes-Benz limousines of Nazi leaders Adolf Hitler and Heinrich Himmler. Milwaukie. links to freight carriers are enabled for online shipment tracking. Sarangi (M). Harahan. Urban Redevelopment Authority. Puerto Rico Escola Panamericana de Arte Fabio K. Inc. John Hamilton University of Houston Stephen R.. Austin. Austin State University. Iluminacion-X. 112. including credit status. Korea Alex D. Additionally. OR Kenneth E. The museum opened in 1964 and his collection would eventually grow to 75. Murphy. died at the age of 79 in May. The largest bulb in his collection dates to 1926 – 4 feet high and requires 50. TX Antonio Mora Neave. Dr. Saudi Arabia Sungnam Park.000 total lamps. Orot Architectural Lighting. the dentist whose office was home to what is thought to be the world’s foremost collection of electric light bulbs. R.J. Interface Engineering. from sconces to street lights and chandeliers. a dashboard light from the Enola Gay. Tammany Parish Sheriff’s Office. SRC Engineering Consultants Ltd. Inc. TX Mark Williams. TradeLink customers will be able to determine status and tracking for current and past orders from the moment of placement. Richard McDonald & Associates Ltd. Iceland Koh Kian Chuan (M). For customers with multiple branches. Don’t be caught on the outside looking in Exterior lighting techniques have undergone major changes. many lighting professionals who attended the IESNA annual convention in Washington D. Tualatin. Seoul. Wells-Keown Associates. Martin Jr. Fernandez Sr. Electroiluminacion de Occidente. Mexico Charles E.iesna. TX Southwest Texas State University Deena R. users with minimal web experience will not need training before accessing TradeLink. MD. About 10. Dail University of Colorado at Boulder Jared Britton. High End Systems. Dar Al-Raiyadh Consultants. Considered one of the largest collections in the world. Adame Sr. Singapore Mario T.. an enhanced publicly available digitized online product catalog with advanced search features has been introduced. Gist Foreign Oskar O. Philips Lighting Launches TradeLink Customer Web Portal Philips Lighting Company recently launched TradeLink. Dentist Who Ran Lamp Museum. Americal Distributors. but online and customer service representative assistance is available for users with questions. LA Mitzi Perritt (M). 24 hours a day. and a 15 W fluorescent bulb that illuminated the table on which the Japanese signed the surrender in World War II aboard the USS Missouri in Tokyo Bay in 1945. St.C. Simon continued from previous page Southwestern Region Alberto C. Israel Alessio Urso.. Rouse Electric. (M). BC Rick Thibault. saw some of Dr. customers have 24 hour a day realtime access to detailed order status information. Straightforward and easy to use. Hicks regularly told visitors to his free. an Internet based portal providing customers with real time. Humphrey & Associates. the site can deliver information down to the local branch level. Burnaby. With this secure site. Korea Ki Hoon Moon Hicks. 16 LD+A/July 2002 www. Hicks’ bulbs. In addition.

www.. Milwaukee. (left) The designers accentuated the facade of Cincinnati's Paul Brown Stadium. an international consulting engineering company based in New York City. providing sparkle to the surfaces of the building.500-seat Miller Park with a fan-shaped retractable roof by integrating the location of the lighting structures using state-of-the-art technology for field illumination and control. “I approach sports lighting as a multitude of diverse systems for event and architectural lighting that must be melded and (top) F+K Lighting Group provided event lighting for 42. her experience includes an impressive list of major sports facilities—like Miller Park. highlighting an instant landmark along the Ohio River. Dallas. It’s a blend of architectural and theatrical techniques KEEPING HER EYEON THE BALL B PHOTO: TIM GRIFFITH/COURTESY OF NBBJ onny Ann Whitehouse is a senior lighting designer for Flack + Kurtz Inc. In addition to her rich background in architectural and theatrical lighting.iesna.For Bonny Ann Whitehouse. and American Airlines Center. sports lighting is more than illuminance values and uniformity LD+A/July 2002 17 .

Whitehouse observes. “The lighting designer seeks a calming. Rose Garden arena. which opened in November 2001. the main concourse general lighting is provided by illumination of the underside of the seating rake. “Event lighting should be designed with metal halide fixtures—1000 or 1500 W—because of their color temperature and color rendering index. Editor of LD+A. Aside from the main events. Manchester is located on the Merrimack River and a nautical influence can be found in most of its architecture. The event lighting was designed to meet the needs of both the players and the NBA without causing glare to the spectator. arenas are energetic frenetic places. the design of the lighting controls allows for the versatility required by events such as trade shows. An acceptable max/min ratio was achieved while maintaining a low glare level within the seating. and exterior facade. Flack+ Kurtz’s Lighting Design Group has implemented an indirect lighting approach at the Portland. Manchester Magic At the Manchester.” says Ms. “By nature. This The challenges of lighting Seattle's Safeco Field were a combination of meeting the stringent requirements of both major league baseball and ESPN broadcast standards. F+K provided an integrated design solution for the event and architectural lighting. The versatility required by the exhibit hall will be addressed with two lighting systems: metal halide floods with stepped “on-off” dimming for flexibility and dimmable quartz to provide a more intimate setting for dining. 18 LD+A/July 2002 www. Metal halide floodlights with ‘instant on’ shades will permit instant blackouts for visual effects.iesna. It’s television lighting for events. All of these areas add to the ‘game’ experience.” At the Rose Garden. The arena caters to basketball. Each has unique features that present new and different lighting challenges. including the suites. concourses. home to the NBA Portland Trailblazers.” she told Chuck Beardsley. “It’s more than event lighting. soothing and organized atmosphere to help with crowd control. controlled as one. Verizon Wireless Arena. NH.At the Portland.” Ms. OR. restaurants. Rose Garden arena. lighting design encompassed the suites. The lighting design considered the needs of an arena and an exhibition hall. car shows. offering subdued ambient lighting. as well as illumination for the events. concourses. graduations. OR. restaurant.” Polk and Portland Perspectives Polk County Iowa Events Center—now under construction—presented significant design challenges for Bonny. indoor football and hockey events. “It’s the total integration of the lighting in the facility. both of which plays an important part in meeting both the leagues and television broadcasters’ requirements. “It’s lighting for restaurants and clubs. Whitehouse. For example. as well as a total building lighting control . large-scale meetings and concerts. and exterior facades. The requirements of each facility need to be considered separately. clubs.

home to the Milwaukee Brewers. Metal halide floodlights add sparkle to the metal finishes of the exterior façade. giving a wash to the stadium that accented the façade. uplighting the double-height space. banners and speaker clusters can also create shadows that can cause aiming challeneges. IESNA. “So the possibility of lighting glare increases. Compact fluorescent high-bay fixtures were used in the arena for house and emergency lighting. and outdoor conditions. “Baseball is a multi-directional aerial spot.iesna.theme was applied to the arena. URI Traditional The University of Rhode Island’s Convocation Center is a 7500 seat. which uses occupancy sensors in all major pubic spaces. and the mirrors’ shadows along the ceiling plane give a celestial appearance. the 42. four columns.. She is a senior lighting designer at Flack + Kurtz. over six hundred 200 W metal halide sports lights were used.” Miller Park—home of the 2002 All-Star Game—was particularly challenging because the lighting levels had to be sufficient for indoor conditions. has a wide range of lighting experience. the 12. New York. Hot restrike lamps were specified to overcome the long restrike time of standard metal halide lamps. To meet the stringent requirements of ESPN broadcast standards. The indirect metal halide fixtures graze various walls as they reach upward toward the ceiling mirrors. creating a mammoth shadow. The main features of the lighting design include energy efficient fixtures and a total building lighting control system. In arenas. “My theatrical training helped in hands-on aiming of the fixtures at Miller Park.” says Bonny. Miller Time F+K designed the event lighting for Milwaukee’s Miller Park. shaped to resemble smokestacks from old ocean liners.” says Ms. we re-aimed the adjacent fixtures to increase the lighting levels at the trouble spot without jeopardizing the vertical footcandle levels at the original aimed location of the fixtures. A building control system provides lighting controls from a central location. URI earned significant rebates from Narragansett Electric. Whitehouse. The mirrors provide diffused downlighting. From its statues of Hank Aaron and Robin Yount to its brick and stone façade and towering steel arches.” More than a decade of planning and four and a half years of construction went into building the $400 million park. offering passersby a view of the interior suite space. when the roof is retracted. user-friendly lighting control system. .000 ton. as well as horizontal illuminance at ground level. LD+A/July 2002 19 Cincinnati Jewel Built as a showcase for the NFLs Cincinnati Bengals. which is located at a major intersection and set back from the curb. “Multi-directional aerial sports like baseball demand critical vertical illuminance over the height of the playing area. as well as the need to minimize lighting glare for the players. F+K’s goal was to create a jewel within the city’s skyline. along both sides of the arena. which allows one to easily adjust arena lighting levels for a variety of events. High pressure sodium lamped fixtures flood the underside of the seating rake on all upper concourses. The heights of the fixtures are fixed and the locations had to be closely coordinated around the mechanics of the roof. www. Inc. and large 400 W metal halide pendant fixtures with a green patina metal finish were specified for the concourses. for three consecutive nights. It contains all of the amenities of a professional arena. Among the challenges of the design were stringent guidelines from major league baseball and the television networks. Undoubtedly. “I sculpt with light. Red brick with green tint metal trim was used. Quartz uplight fixtures accentuate the elegant flowing features of the roof. highlighting an instant landmark along the Ohio River. oversize indirect fixtures are mounted along the interior columns. Her theatrical background has led to a variety of different consulting opportunities with architectural firms and architectural lighting designers. shadows of the players on the field must be minimized to not distract the television viewer. The unique lighting concepts added sparkle to the facade of the building. seven-panel structure opens and closes silently in just 10 minutes. At the same time. are grazed with a tight beam metal halide downlight. “Lighting was initially skimming the scoreboard. Whitehouse. Working all night.” notes Ms. and has been a member of the IESNA for three years. as is minimizing glare to the spectators. The only fan-shaped convertible roof in North America. The exterior is glass. Catwalk-mounted aisle lighting forms the egress stairs of the arena seating area. The arena lighting used ESPN design criteria to provide lighting levels for hockey and basketball.” The designer: Bonny Ann Whitehouse. when the convertible roof is closed. “But I also design for every other conceivable event—from dog shows to graduations—by carefully designing a flexible. At the entry. There’s no single way to best light these activities. both in architecture and theater. Metal halide floodlights were used for both event and emergency lighting. and public shows. the ’ Paul Brown Stadium features a European-style cantilevered roof over the upper seating. IALD.000 sq ft multi-use center with accommodations for basketball. On the main concourse levels. Careful consideration to the players’ perspectives is critical. By tying the energy efficient emergency lighting into a separate generator. Each multiuse sports facility— whether an arena or a stadium—presents unique design challenges. The space is lighted with indirect metal halide fixtures reflecting off large mirrors suspended from the ceiling. The main entrance lobby has a front façade wall of 40-ft-tall glass structures with few mullions. Miller Park’s most unique feature is the roof. including six luxury boxes. 200.500 seat stadium resembles the ballparks of the 20s and 30s. adding to the constellation appearance of the lobby. F+K worked with the design team to maintain a traditional style with a modern undertone.

IALD. and exterior facades of an arena as well. IALD. parking lots. LC. Key Club The interior lighting for the Seattle Key Arena Courtside Club was designed by Denise Fong. LC. Here are three recent examples. but lighting also plays a key role in the wings A 20 s designer Bonnie Whitehouse points out elsewhere in this issue. restaurants.FANFARE OFF THE FIELD In every arena.iesna. sports lighting is more than event lighting. and Megan Strawn. the event is the star. It’s the suites. . clubs. both of LD+A/July 2002 www.

custom picture lights incorporate xenon lamps. and condiment tables. food. 3000K metal halide illuminates 60-ft tall curving colonnades. Bases. Ceramic metal halide was chosen for its high color rendering. mimics sports lighting. General lighting. and post game. 40-in. seat walls. bottom) At the Courtside Club. Adjustable fixtures concealed behind the suspended wood grid ceiling illuminate walls and tabletops. eliminate glare and stray light while providing ambient light. The design meets the Washington State Energy Code. Floodlights mounted atop 30-ft poles wash exterior food court facades.(right) At Anaheim’s Edison International Field. (opposite. IESNA.” said designer Powell. Cutoff luminaires mounted just above banner arms on these poles illuminate banners. 4000K metal halide accents green palm tree canopies.000-hour xenon lamps for ease of maintenance. with green and brown pavers representing grass and dirt base paths. Candela Architectural Lighting. Elsewhere. “Our value engineering compromise was to change most tree uplights from metal halide to halogen PAR38. so the LD+A/July 2002 21 . energy efficiency. half time. integrated lighting solution—one that would work successfully with the facility’s complex audiovisual component. Long Beach. The entry plaza mimics a life-size baseball diamond. top) At Seattle’s Key Arena Courtside Club. “Ground-mounted fixtures are easily accessed. (opposite. creating a warm. Direct burial uplights illuminate 45-ft-long canopy structural supports shaped as giant baseball bats. integrated installation. All use ceramic metal halide sources to accurately render colorful graphics. Track-mounted halogen PAR30 lamps are used throughout. designed the exterior lighting for Edison International Field. Angels’ Entry Andrew Powell. Seattle. provided by floodlight clusters atop 30-ft poles. LC. The project was completed in time for the Anaheim Angels opening day. general lighting is provided by floodlight clusters atop 30-ft poles.iesna. rich atmosphere was a priority when a 7000-sq-ft storage room was converted to a high-end season-ticket-holders’ club. integrated into the wood grid ceiling with egg crate louvers. are internally lit with long-life compact fluorescent sources. The goal of the lighting design for the conversion of a storage room into a high-end season-ticket holders’ club was to offer a completely flexible. Dimmable fluorescent strip fixtures illuminate art glass in the banquette dividers. of Lighting Design Alliance. ensuring that fans never miss a minute of the action. At the bar. made of textured glass. Art glass at the entry to the bar is internally illuminated by dimmable linear wallwashers placed at top and bottom. Anaheim. sound and lighting is programmed with presets for pre game. and people. In the bar area. CA. The owner requested a completely flexible lighting solution to work successfully with the complex AV component. Internally illuminated art glass in the center bar area uses low-voltage strip lighting with 20. Renovations restored the 30www. The architect requested an year-old structure to a baseball-only facility. Bar lighting was coordinated with screen locations to eliminate stray lighting. pavers. Track heads. Two 7-ft-tall rear projection screens dominate the room. flat screen televisions suspended from a curved pipe supplement the main AV screens. and long life.

shorter lamp life was deemed acceptable.” For lighting designer Greg Sadowski. Milwaukee. When the $400 million park was designed.” said Sadowki. Mounted on 40-ft concrete poles. Inc. According to Robert D. Miller Light At Milwaukee’s Miller Park. principal. P IESNA. The prismatic glass luminaires resemble the first harp-shaped fixtures used to light Milwaukee’s streets at the turn of the century. After sundown. The units are mounted on 15-ft metal ornamental poles painted dark green to match the stadium. “The stadium has a retro look. with a minimum of 0. These graze palm tree trunks.Milwaukee Harp luminaires from Holophane complement the retro look of Milwaukee’s Miller Park Stadium. when the stadium was designed. the fixtures use 400-W metal halide lamps.E. lighting for the stadium’s plaza area had to complement the structure’s architecture.” said Cooper. Harp luminaires were mounted on 11-ft poles along the bridge 4-ft walls. “Miller Park has a different configuration than fans were accustomed to with the old stadium.9 fc.” The life-size statue of long-time Angels’ owner Gene Autry is accented by metal halide spots mounted high in nearby palm trees. president. WI.. Waukesha. the owners wanted it to stir memories of the days when baseball was king. the owners wanted a facility that would stir memories of the days when baseball was king.” Milwaukee Harp luminaires from Holophane were installed in and along the concrete walkways that wrap around the stadium and extend into the parking lots. with illumination levels averaging 2 fc.. rior lighting system had to look good and provide sufficient illumination so fans could see where they were going. “While we wanted 22 LD+A/July 2002 enough light to ensure safety and security. The exterior lighting at the former stadium was laid out in a sporadic . the exte. Inc. Spacing is 60 ft on center.. lighting gives the sculpture added prominence in the open plaza. Eppstein Uhen Architects. www. Two pedestrian bridges link the plaza area with outlying parking lots. we also wanted to keep the area open and uncluttered. They use 150-W pulse-start metal halide lamps.iesna. Powrtek Engineering. Cooper. Illumination levels on the walkways and bridges average 2 fc. bringing out rich texture and color. “The architecture evokes images of the industrial of the industrial facilities that were once the heart of Milwaukee’s economy. Esplanade luminaires—also from Holophane—illuminate the parking lots.

000 sq ft of space. And as long as they were at it. energy efficiency and natural materials. to create a new model for sustainable design in higher education using daylighting. the WSU Student Recreation Center provides 160. The process of making the Student Recreation (left and below) Diffuse skylights flood the natatorium with natural lighting from several .iesna. 2001. Their objective: to change the culture of the 17. light levels are 30 fc at the pool edges. the uplighting runs at full output.000-student campus by providing a world-class fitness facility dedicated to drop-in recreation for everyone. Dedicated on February 22. Maximizing daylight was key to Glumac International’s design for the Washington State University’s Student Recreation Center 24 LD+A/July 2002 www. making it the largest indoor community recreation center in Washington State and the largest student recreation center in the Pacific Northwest. At night.DAYLIGHT SAVINGS TIME S tudents at Washington State University in Pullman had sizeable aspirations for their Student Recreation Center.

In 1996.iesna. clerestories. Washington State University students were asked by the Student Referendum Committee of ASWSU to vote on the construction of the WSU Student Recreation Center. skylights. Oregon. Yost Grube Hall’s team included Rowley International (Aquatics Consultants).000 sq ft and more than 150 individual workout stations. focus groups. An elevated four-lane. the campus set out to hire a design team to work closely with them to create the facility. The state-of-the-art building contains the largest student weight and cardio room in a recreational facility in the nation. In April 1997. This high degree of participation meant that the building had to provide the widest possible array of active spaces. two of which can easily be converted to squash courts. Electrical & Lighting Consultants) and KPFF (Structural Engineers). because of the “chemistry factor. The natatorium accommodates a five-lane. and fenestration provide daylighting from the north. Glumac International (Mechanical. when the Associated Students of Washington State University (ASWSU) began generating interest for the building among the student body. (right) In the gyms. badminton. Seven courts in two gyms are lined for basketball. volleyball. Direct sunbeams never reach the floor. interviews and telephone surveys. complete with re-circulating waterfall.” Design team members responded to the students’ enthusiasm and demonstrated that they would be skilled at collaborating with the students to attain their lofty goals for an inspiring and sustainable building. which was led by Yost Grube Hall Architecture of Portland. eighth-mile track is also included. Four racquetball courts are provided. WSU students selected our LD+A/July 2002 25 . with a total of 17. funds were allocated to a committee to officially research student demand and generate a detailed feasibility study. and top of the building. Cannon Design was also brought on board to provide equipment consulting and recreation expertise. 25-yard lap pool. is also included in the pool Center dates back to 1995.000 gallon. south. The Design Team Following the successful student referendum. and pickleball. An exceptionally high turnout of student voters indicated over 63 percent approval for the project. voting to impose a $100-per-semester fee increase for each student to cover the costs of design and construction. Something for Everyone Nearly 25 different committees participated in the design process and more than 800 students gave direct input in open committee meetings. 53-person spa. A 10. and an adjoining leisure pool is equipped for water volleyball and basketball. No state funds were used in the construction of the project. www.(left)The open spaces in the weight machine area allow deep daylight penetration. Students stepped up to the plate.

and the appropriate textures. But daylighting recreational spaces is easier said than done. surfaces and materials were added. the team was satisfied with the results of both the daylighting simulations and the indirect electric lighting scheme. At the time (June. Although I was very happy with Accurender’s ease of use. Altogether. Windows in gyms can put sun in the players’ eyes. martial arts. Yost Grube Hall developed a digital model of the natatorium. such as a seasonal on-site stormwater retention pond.iesna. area. …the Natatorium… The architect. Final meter readings in the finished space varied by less than 5 percent compared to the predictions in the computer models in both daylit and electric-lit conditions. windows and water don’t mix: condensation. Controlled by photocells and low voltage relays. such as veiling reflections preventing a lifeguard from seeing someone in the pool. www. yoga. they offer four levels of lighting based upon the daylight available. Other issues create serious safety concerns. The WSU student body also wanted to create a new model for sustainability in recreation center design. Three multipurpose rooms are designed for aerobics. and dance. 1998) we were evaluating both Lightscape and AccuRender. photocells step the indirect lighting as the natural contribution changes. And. Objects at the bottom of the “digital pool” appeared from different angles at various times of the day. such as the noise generated when voices ricochet off water and glass. and high recycled content interior materials. In the end. resulting in long hours in front of the computer. there are 25 specific areas that make use of sustainable design principles. Calculations were made for the natatorium and gymnasia. The model was also calculated and rendered with several electric lighting scenarios. In the actual space. natural ventilation.(left) Gymnasiums are lighted with 8-lamp compact fluorescent sports lights. Maximizing daylight in the building was identified as a key design criterion because of the energy savings and because the students knew it would create a warm and inviting character for the building. Let the Sun Shine In… Merely pleasing all the students wasn’t enough. The design team decided to calculate the daylighting at nine times throughout the year: morning. During the day. reflection and glare are daily issues in most natatoriums. Calculations in AGI and conversations with other lighting designers confirmed this. noon and evening for both solstices and the equinox. heat gain. Some of these issues are merely . The far north latitude of the project (46° 44') dictated careful attention to sun shading due to very flat solar angles in the winter and very steep angles in the summer. sports lights run at minimum output. A single classroom is used for meetings and wellness courses. it seemed that the radiosity calculations were more accurate in Lightscape. To make the daylighting strategies work. (right) Lightshelves eliminate direct sunbeams in the gyms and natatorium. and decided to process the calculations in both 26 LD+A/July 2002 software packages as a comparison. showing their visibility under different conditions. our team prepared a 3-D computer model that we could use to test light levels. as any pool operator can tell you.

iesna. Humphrey. Kirk has learned how to two-putt a wet green. but the budget wouldn’t allow it. originally intended as a catwalk grating. A graduate of the University of Colorado Illumination and Power program. He hopes to find some time this summer to beat Kirk at golf. the lighting loads for the Student Recreation Center have proven to be approximately 25 percent below those mandated by the Washington State Energy Code. looking like pocket-sized highbays over the equipment checkout counter. which is his ‘real job’. he has won numerous awards for projects throughout the west. so a large free-floating interior lightshelf was developed to diffuse the light and bounce it off the ceiling. electric light provides about 40fc at the playing surface. OR. Limited uplights were used outside the natatorium. snowy winters. Major pathways throughout the space utilize the disc version of the fixture. until in-cabinet lighting at the equipment counter was added. from hot. An avid skier and cyclist. we moved on to the gymnasia. Mechanical loads have been reduced as well. The lightshelf consists of steel framing and an extruded Lexan sheet. was Glumac International’s lighting designer from 1998-2001. Since the gyms were expected to have about 50-75fc with daylight contribution alone. but a tragic peppermill accident ended that. with custom shrouds fabricated from steel pipe to protect them. …And Elsewhere A decorative highbay fixture with four compact fluorescent lamps was selected for the lobbies. each capable of 12 thresholds. from the wall to allow for easier access to the clerestory windows for cleaning. porate a decorative glass disc to add a design element to the fixture. The lightshelves are held about 24 in. has 21 years of experience as a project manager for educational projects. The smaller gym (three courts) was oriented parallel to the clerestories. Robert Curry. the exterior shades had to be durable and allow snow and leaves to pass LD+A/July 2002 27 .E. based upon daylight contribution. which thrilled the University’s maintenance department. Its low profile has a minimum visual impact on the building’s façade. which proved to be the perfect material: light. and the team was very satisfied with the performance of the digital process. while the larger gym (four courts and the elevated track) was perpendicular. and even a few awards for coaching. dry summers to cold. so the design team put them on the building exterior instead. Prismatic refractors provide extremely even lighting throughout the gyms and avoid a dark ceiling. The Lexan sheet. only 11 lamp types were used in the entire facility. while secondary areas use just the basic reflector. which still incorporated campus standards for light levels and luminaires. Direct sunbeams were to be avoided to eliminate glare problems on the courts.. Since Pullman gets a wide range of weather. Small MR-16 accent lights were installed below the track to highlight the structure. Since moving to Oregon. is painted with 1/8th in. Currently. and he switched to architectural lighting. Yost Grube Hall selected a composite material. with an average usage of just over 3000 visitors daily. wide stripes on one side to diffuse harsh light. Kirk C. which is very light. an international recreational sports association. P is electrical principal at Glumac . Aaron got his degree in theatre in order to fulfill a lifelong dream of wearing black and waiting on tables. AIA. He’s currently the project manager for the North Mall Office Building. …the Fitness Studio… Located along the side of the larger gym are two floors of fitness machines. Digital photocells. (In fact. LC. but only on Thursdays. At night. and aerobic machines. the gymnasium models proved to be very accurate. allowing for stepped control. compact-fluorescent high-bay sports fixtures with four ballasts were specified. strong and unpainted (the color is in the resin). The building included two large spaces with a modified sawtooth roof design that incorporated clerestories and skylights. The lower ceilings did not allow for the use of interior lightshelves. International. as well as Chairman of the Portland AIA Committee on the Environment and a member of the Oregon Sustainable Products Purchasing Board. freeweights. a large M/E/P firm based in Portland. CO. He has won several awards for his lighting designs. Photocells and timeclocks control circulation fixtures to reduce the connected load whenever possible. Overall light levels measured in the actual space matched the digital models very well. The project received two IIDA Awards of Merit: one for interior lighting. Like the natatorium model. in Basalt.…the Gymnasia… After the natatorium digital modeling was complete. Universal ballasts were specified to allow a certain degree of lamp flexibility. Oregon’s first sustainable public office building. and one for energy use (EPRI Award). we would have preferred dimming over step. Naturally. Energy Savings More than a year after the building opened. low voltage pendants were selected to match. Exterior lighting was studied carefully to reduce light pollution for the adjacent residential neighborhood. Including the University-mandated high pressure sodium lamps in the parking and pedestrian area. this area is daylit and had its own challenges. The downlights specified for the circulation areas can incorwww. The designers: Aaron J. which made a nice transition from the sports fixtures. is a double-chamber design. he is also a ski coach in Aspen. in locations where the roof overhang would reduce any stray uplight past the building. he is Senior Designer at Rising Sun Enterprises. Like the natatorium and the gyms. He is a LEED certified designer and an expert in sustainable strategies with an emphasis on daylighting. the project has been very well received by both the University and the community. Davis. I had won a bet and was looking forward to a nice steak dinner). but reduced the glow the building cast from its hilltop location. It has been named a Facility of Merit by Athletic Business Magazine and received an Outstanding Indoor Sports Facility Award from NIRSA. Small. The design team shifted from a glow-top pedestrian pole to a solid top version. Overall. controlled the lighting. with large open frame trusses to support the roof above the courts.

000 patrons. Ewing Cole Cherry Brott’s in-house lighting designers worked hand in hand with US and Singapore architects and engineers to design the exterior architectural. a 1200-meter turf training track. The main focal point of the site. only secondary to the sports lighting of the track. A series of major and minor focal points were determined with the architects and served as a road-map to the site lighting design.000 patrons on each race day. transitional ‘theatrical’ lighting is provided. but deadlines were met for the tracks at the Singapore Turf Club. and sports lighting for the facility.000 horses and grandstand for 30. a 1800 meter all-weather track.iesna. A relay-based lighting control system controls all track lighting from the photo-finish line booth in the grandstand. In order to move the public through the site from focal point to focal point towards the parade ring canopy. a training track. the club has attracted on average 25. vehicular and horse safety.000. Since opening LD+A/July 2002 29 . stable and training facilities for 1000 horses.AN ODDS-ON FAVORITE (below) Photo-finish requirements of 4000 vertical lux are met at the finish line. it held an international design competition and selected a United States firm with international sports expertise.000 patrons. which includes a 2000 meter turf track. The main site lighting goal determined at the start of the lighting design process was to create a festive theatrical ambiance. PHOTOS: ERHARD PFEIFFER It was a photo finish for Ewing Cole’s design team. a firm in www. Indirect bright white lighting systems are used as a common theme throughout the site to enhance perception of the spaces and forms. dramatic site lighting for a festive atmosphere at night racing events.iesna.000 to 30. Ambient lighting is provided in the non-event evening hours to attract attention to the site when the track is not 28 LD+A/July 2002 W www. being emphasized with bright white lighting. and security lighting for pedestrian. is the glowing parade ring canopy. Backdrops to the transitional areas and focal points are created with lower levels of lighting. which opened in March of 2000 includes a 2000-meter turf track. and a grandstand for 30. and were awarded an IIDA 2001 Award of Merit for the project. with public amenities set within a tropical garden. The overall “night-racing” lighting design provides state-of-the-art sports lighting for the track. (right) The Singapore Turf Club Racecourse is a premier horseracing facility. The $450. paired with Indeco. where lighting creates dramatic and compelling imagery within a tropical garden setting hen the Singapore government proposed a new thoroughbred racecourse. Ewing Cole Cherry Brott. entrance and garden. which also enlarged the perception of the site. stable facilities for 1. an 1800-meter all-weather track.000 project.

The illumination criteria of the track segments varies. Calculations were performed by the design team to determine the target design illumination levels. which derives form from a horse in motion. which is particularly suited for 30 LD+A/July 2002 Commissioning of the sports lighting system was an extensive process that took over a month to finalize with the quantity of luminaires involved. the design of the Grandstand was intended to embody the spirit of the new facility—high techLD+A/July 2002 31 www. This panel provides local branch power circuits to each luminaire and includes multi-function power monitoring with digital communications. The design criteria for the track illumination exceeded all published standards. The luminaires’ mountings are aesthetically integrated with the structure. There are 41 poles. an integrated power and control panel is provided. The parade ring canopy is up-lighted with metal halide luminaires. Throughout the submittal. 1800 W sport lighting luminaires totaling over 4. based on levels required not only for spectator viewing. including the international CIE standards. with 1800 W metal halide lamp.iesna. and would put the horse and jockey in grave danger. Exterior Architectural Lighting From the beginning. The poles are located to light the race for the patrons and TV cam- eras while minimizing obstructions to viewers.iesna. The Philips Arena Vision luminaire. due to the lighting distances involved and the relative importance of the track section to televised viewing. At the base of each pole. and the illumination for the horse show is derived from metal halide sports lighting. surge protection and solid state relays. in use and energy saving security lighting is provided in the late night hours to provide for security systems. (below) Over two thousand 1800 W metal halide sports lighting luminaires illuminate the tracks to international CIE . and prewired ballast and branch circuits to each lighting pole. thereby saving a large potential loss in revenue. The system is controlled through a computer network with distributed intelligent microprocessor based digital controllers. 35 of which are 30-meter poles and six are 40-meter poles. The glow of the parade ring is the focal point on the entrance façade. The manufacturer-submitted calculations were reviewed by the designers at the tender review and during the submittal phase of the www. With the large power demand required for the sports lighting alone.32 mega watts of power. Included in this power distribution system is an emergency power system consisting of “on-line” uninterruptible power supply (UPS) units with generator back up. The polemounted luminaires are accessed for maintenance via portable motorized cages that attach to the poles and the grandstand luminaires are accessed via the roof. Emergency lighting is critical in night horseracing for safe cessation of a race in the event of a power outage. The tender documents (construction documents) required the manufacturer to perform extensive calculations to show compliance with all the target illumination levels and uniformity ratios as spelled out on the documents. Along with the elaborate power distribution system. an elaborate medium voltage power distribution system was designed. A momentary outage would be catastrophic during a race. Glare shields were required on all luminaires to limit the sky glow effect and spill lighting to the surrounding areas. Credit should be given to Tay-Hooi Seng of Philips for the success of this project in meeting and exceeding the lighting design goals. The design incorporates a substantial number of luminaires on emergency not only for safety but to also ensure a race in progress will be able to fin- (above) Metal halide floodlighting illuminates the grandstand profile. All three tracks were lighted from a single row of poles along the track and from a custom designed frame structure along the entire trackside of the grandstand roof. Sports Lighting The sports lighting for night racing at the racecourse includes over 2000 metal halide. The luminaires are accessed via motorized cages integral to the poles. The sports lighting is designed and aimed for the 2000-meter turf track and 1800-meter all-weather track with additional accommodations for the 1200-meter turf-training track. but also for high definition television cameras and photo-finish requirements. construction and commissioning phases. The commissioning process was necessary to ensure the track lighting system met the design criteria.ish. communications between the design team and the manufacturer/contractor was pivotal. was chosen because of its outstanding performance and the lamp’s high color rendering index of 90 and color temperature of 5600K. The MRT entrance can be seen in the forefront. Stringent lighting design criteria for the horseracing were high definition television. with computer control workstations located in the main facilities office and in the grandstand photo finish booth. and as a result the racecourse has the highest illumination levels and strictest uniformity ratios designed for horseracing in the world to date. to limit the spill light at the property line and to limit the maximum glare ratings for observer positions around the track. an intricate lighting control and monitoring system was designed.

including pathway lighting and tree lighting. The highlighted trees serve as minor focal points along the walkways guiding the public through the site to the major focal points. Chase served as the project designer and lighting designer for the Singapore Turf Club for which it received the 2000 AIA Honor Award and 2001 IESNA IIDA Regional Award. The VIP entrance drive is elegantly illuminated with 100 W metal halide bullet uplights on the royal palm trees and with a decorative modern indirect 175 W metal halide street luminaire. responsible for the sports lighting design. The pavilion façade is a major focal point in the composition. Cultural Experience While the late night and early morning conference calls and the 34-hour door to door travel time for site visits were at times difficult to manage. The illumination for horse show is derived from 1000 W metal halide sports lighting luminaires. his most recent projects include. it creates an atmosphere more associated with a small club than a major public facility. she has received numerous awards for her lighting design work on several of Ewing Cole’s projects. shining down on the plaza. Main Entrance Drive Three roads bound the site of the racecourse. The MRT pavilion signifies a major entrance to the racecourse while the evening illumination scheme reflects the importance of the arrival event experienced by the public. while the uplighting from the well lights creates drama. PA. His previous experience included Project Engineering and Lighting Design at Ewing Cole Cherry Brott. MRT pavilion to the parade ring and grandstand. and the lighting in these areas create a festive and exciting ambiance. Colorful banners are mounted on the poles creating a festive atmosphere. The designers and authors: Mary Alcaraz. the front façade columns are softly illuminated with fill light to complete the form of the front façade. Soft moonlighting is provided at the entry plaza from small 70 W metal halide bullet luminaires mounted within the rain trees. John F Chase. This entrance does not cross any of the other patron routes. right) is an electrical engineer and lighting designer for Ewing Cole Cherry Brott in Philadelphia. which is connected with the commuter rail line. nearly three thousand patrons directly overlook the horses and jockeys as they prepare for the race. The “Forest Walk” is a transitional path leading the public from the MRT pavilion to the parade ring and grandstand. continuing the theme of indirect lighting systems throughout the site. and lighting design. is a principal of VIP Entrance An essential requirement for this project was to provide separate and convenient access for the Committee of Overseers. the main entrance drive to the taxi drop-off pavilion or parking areas. landscape and exterior lighting. Background trees bordering the site are softly illuminated to create depth and for security purposes. Robert F Cunningham (middle. The horse artwork is internally illuminated creating depth to the artwork. A modern indirect 250 W metal halide street luminaire was chosen to illuminate the drive and open parking areas. the parking garage and the taxi drop-off pavilion. The glow of the parade ring canopy is the focal point on the entrance façade. Mr. The taxi drop-off pavilion and the MRT pavilion are similar in architecture and scale and are treated similarly in lighting design concept to produce the same entrance aesthetic at each pavilion. left) is currently a project manager. Fill illumination is provided on the standee. The site plan provides for a direct and exclusive route from the less traveled Woodlands Avenue to a covered drop-off adjacent to the VIP entrance lobby at the second level of Grandstand mounted luminaires are accessed via the roof. He has taught the architectural illumination course at Drexel University. The covered walkways are another transitional space. Site and Garden Lighting The entrance areas and garden areas are the portion of the site. Gary J. Soft garden lighting is a vehicle for continuous movement along the paths. AIA. Children’s Hospital of New York. Three large rain trees at the entry plaza are minor focal points at the entrance and are illuminated each by three 100 W metal halide well lights. Here. The façade clerestory windows will also provide a soft glow from the interior luminaires. (bottom. Pennsylvania. lighting designer and electrical engineer at Ewing Cole Cherry Brott in Philadelphia. only second to the glow of the sports lighting beyond. consistent with the indirect lighting theme of the site. the patrons may walk under a canopy that protects them from the intense tropical sun or sudden rain showers. the grandstand. through the garden areas to the grandstand. PE. and the commuter rail line MRT (mass rail transit) pavilion. Ewing Cole Cherry Brott. The bright stainless steel roof curves downward to the garden side of the grandstand where it terminates in a continuous covered parade ring terrace. The roof of the grandstand evolved into an assemblage of complex. This entrance drive is lined with palm trees and allows for views into the garden and the most dramatic views of the grandstand itself. Other projects he has worked on include New York Presbyterian Hospital. PE. PA. site. (April 2002. Golaszewski. The sharp. Ghisu played a key role in the building infrastructure upgrades and electrical design associated with the ongoing exhibit renovations at Franklin Institute in Philadelphia. LD+A) In addition. extending across the entire garden side of the grandstand—nearly 300 meters in length—transforming at the center into a grand amphitheater overlooking the pre-race parade ring. Mr. sleek curving forms symbolizing the thoroughbred racehorse in motion as it stretches to the finish.nology melded with the excitement of the LD+A/July 2002 33 . The luminaire mountings are aesthetically integrated with the structure. the Ewing Cole team really enjoyed the knowledge sharing and international cultural experience the project brought. The lighting systems emphasize the points of arrival and build excitement from the entry points through to the grandstand and parade ring terrace areas. An IESNA member for the past 5 years. and the major focal point on the site. the Philadelphia Museum of Art and the Mitchell Performing Arts Center in Bryn Athyn. the indirect light from the flood luminaires provides the general lighting for the terrace. The star shaped flower and shrubbery beds are softly highlighted with compact fluorescent garden luminaires to create depth and emphasize the colorful foliage and flowers. Selected clusters of trees along the covered walks are uplighted with 100W metal halide well lights to create drama. 32 LD+A/July 2002 www. with the focal point being the glowing parade ring. transforming the translucent canopy into a glowing element. Garman is currently a Project Engineer/Lighting Designer on the New Philadelphia Phillies Ballpark. their guests. The Singapore Turf Club portrays the design team’s dream of dramatic and compelling imagery set within a tropical garden and the creation of a first class World Racing Facility. Alcaraz is currently the IESNA Philadelphia Section President. The public enters the site from three main entrance areas. A soft moonlighting effect. LC (top. Cole Cherry Brott with 30 years of experience in electrical power. the VIP entrance drive. Gary has received an IESNA IIDA Regional Award of Merit. She specializes in lighting design and energy analysis with an emphasis on entertainment. including an IESNA IIDA Regional Award of Merit in 1996 for the Veterans Stadium lighting (May 1997. utilizing 35 to 50 W metal halide tree mounted bullet luminaires creates a theatrical mood and comfortable environment for transition between focal points. distribution systems engineering. (bottom. a soft fill light was used on the side elevations to bring out the building contour. Garden lighting is incorporated in the landscape. right) is a lead electrical engineer at Ewing . LaSalle University—Hayman Hall/Gola Arena and Veterans Stadium. Richard Garman. MRT and Taxi Drop-off Pavilions The hills allow the grandstand to be situated on a slight rise from the MRT entrance pavilion. Also. The “moonlighting” from the trees creates a fantasy mood. To balance the glowing lighting effect of the parade ring canopy. both from the Philadelphia Section. and other VIP’s. flat planes of the canopy and its bright yellow structure create a dramatic contrast to the taut curves of the stainless steel roof. Both private automobiles and taxis arrive from the arterial road. Selected clusters of trees along the path are uplighted with 100 W metal halide to create drama. The parade ring canopy is uplighted with metal halide luminaires. the MRT. Ms. The main entrance drive and open parking area lighting systems utilize a metal halide indirect concept.iesna. Robert Ghisu (top. and to complete the image of the grandstand at night. which are evenly illuminated with a metal halide indirect lighting system. Selected trees at significant areas along the general entrance drive are uplighted with metal halide luminaires to build excitement as one approaches the taxi drop-off pavilion and parking areas. therefore. Also. left) Director of Architecture. the public experiences pre and post racing. A graciously wide entrance drive leads motorists through a bank of tollgates and onto the axis leading to the 5000 vehicle multistoried car park. Philadelphia. PE. Mr. (middle. The glazing of the VIP entrance canopy is uplighted with 70 W metal halide well luminaires creating a glowing entrance pavilion. He is responsible for developing performance specifications and planning documents for electrical systems. left) is a Project Engineer/Lighting Designer at Ballinger. right) is an electrical engineer for Ewing Cole Cherry Brott in Philadelphia. LD+A) and in 2001 for the Singapore Turf Club. Covered Walks and Gardens From the MRT line station. Philadelphia. The garden paths are transitional paths leading from the www.

Stage Lighting – The program performs analyses for stage lighting applications.iesna. Some of the information contained in this survey is already and inevitably out of date. you then need to determine which products meet your requirements and expectations. Light Meters can be Tilted – The user can rotate the light meters in directions other than perpendicular to the plane of analysis. You first need to determine your lighting design requirements and establish a budget. All of the companies listed in this survey have their own Web sites where you can download both current product literature and often (but not always) demo or evaluation programs. While we do our best to track the constant ebb and flow of new and improved products and companies around the world. LD+A brings you the cream of the software crop. Direct Calculations – The program calculates direct illumination. HV. The authors and LD+A do not endorse or provide warranty as to the veracity of the material contained herein. as is adherence to the rules of the survey. INCL – included with purchase. Additional Software Required – The program operates inside of and requires another software package to function. Roadway – The program performs analyses for roadway projects. and/or S – slanted (flat surfaces with any orientation). and/or C – curved. we are often asked the question: “What is the best lighting design program?” Our answer is simple and invariant: it depends on your needs and requirements. I – Interactive or N – Non-Interactive General Interior – The program performs analysis for indoor projects. HVSC. Examples: H. Flood/Sports Lighting – The program performs analyses for floodlighting and sports lighting applications. Documentation – An O . and/or ADD – additional service options available. the full cost of a lighting design program includes both training and expected productivity gains. Interreflected Calculations – The program calculates interreflected illumination. H – or P printed manual is provided. Nevertheless. Plane Illuminance Calculations – The program can calculate illuminance on planes with the indicated orientations. Demo Available – A demo illustrating the program features is available either free of charge or at a nominal cost. This is where the Web comes to the forefront. Technical Support – User support is available via phone or fax. Point Illuminance Calculations – The program can calculate illuminances for user specified points with the indicated orientations. Max. it is a definite challenge. A s members of the IESNA Computer Committee. Max. the other programs name will be DISCLAIMER Specifications . V – vertical. Choosing a lighting design program is not an easy task. Network Compatible – M – MultiUser. M – Metric. and/or S – slanted (any orientation). Exterior – The program performs analyses for outdoor projects. HVS. www. H – horizontal. Units – The program supports the following units: E – English. Examples: H. Room Surface Luminance or Exitance – The program provides the luminance and or exitance values on room surfaces. continued on page 41 LD+A/July 2002 35 LIGHTING DESIGN SOFTWARE SURVEY KEY Price Price (Base Package) – Price of the standard software package. Number of Calculation Areas – The maximum number of areas that can be calculated during a specific analysis. Multilingual – The program provides provisions for multi-lingual support. HV. Participation in this survey is voluntary. Lighting design software is an everchanging industry. Luminaire Types per Run – The maximum number of photometric tests for a specific analysis. V – vertical. Knowing what you want.IESNA LIGHTING DESIGN SOFTWARE SURVEY 2002 Computers are an integral part of modern lighting design. D – Data storage Max. If the program functions in this way. Like any software product. we offer this printed survey as a resource for answering the question: “What is the best lighting design program for you?” Types of Analysis Average Illuminance – Does the program provide an average illuminance value for indoor calculations using the Zonal Cavity Method or the Lumen Method. Luminaires per Run – The maximum number of luminaires the program allows in specific analysis. Non-Diffuse Calculations – The programs calculations can take into account non-diffuse reflective materials.

000.5 M Any Any Any M 8 IE 5.0 CD Rom 15 Euro✦✦ Dial Gmbh DiaLux 2. Luminaires per Run Units Multilingual Additional Software Required Average Illuminance Point Illuminance Calculations Plane Illuminance Calculations Light Meters can be Tilted Direct Calculations Interreflected Calculations Non-Diffuse Calculations Room Surface Luminance or Exitance Roadway Calculations Daylighting VCP/RVP Economic Analysis CIE Calculations Other Analyses Automatic Layout Generate Schedules Import CAD Files Export CAD Files Obstruction Calculation Insertable Objects Room Geometry (plan view) Room Geometry (section view) Batch Processing Aiming Diagrams Any Shape Printout or Masking Tabular Entry/Edit Graphical Entry/Edit Input Device Context Sensitive Help Point-by-Point Isocontours 3-D Model View Rendering Rendering Presentation Color Printing/Plotting Scaled Output Templates Other Output Plotter Output Photometric Data Manager Photometric Graphic Viewer Photometric Formats INCL O I Y Y Y Y Y D Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited E/M INCL O/P Y Y Y M 100 100 Unlimited E/M INCL O I Y Y Y Y D INCL O Y INCL O Y Y Y INCL O INCL O Y Y Y Y Free O/P N Y Y INCL P I Y INCL/ADD O I Y Y Y INCL O I/N Y Y Y Y Y Distributed calculations Any Any Any M 2 INCL O/P Y General Y Y Y Specifications E/M M Any Any Any M 8 IE 5.00 Integra Juno Lighting Inspire Lighting Lumen Essentials Design $4.00 Independent Testing Laboratories.Lighting Design Software Survey Price (Base Package) Canlyte/Genesys 11 Columbia Lighting LightPro 2.3 $200 Dial Gmbh DiaLux 2.5 (12/01) CD Rom 15 Euro✦✦ Dial Gmbh DiaLux Ext CD Rom 15 Euro✦✦ GE Lighting Aladan Free Glamox OptiWin Free Independent Testing Laboratories AutoLUX v6 $475. AutoLUX v7 $799.iesna. Number of Calculation Areas Max.iesna.00 Free Consult Factory Package Technical Support Documentation Demo Available Interior Exterior Roadway Flood/Sports Lighting Stage Lighting Network Compatible . Luminaire Types per Run Max.0+ N X HV Y Y Y HVS HVS Y Y Y Y LUM Y VCP/RVP Y MF/UG/OPT/TV/PR/PP Y Y DXF/DWG DXF/DWG Y Y ORTH ORTH Y Y Y Y Y D/K/M Y Y Y Y C ST Y Y Y Y Y All ✦✦ = free download Y Y Y N Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y L UG/TV Y Y Y Y Y RECT RECT Types of Analysis Y Y HVS HVS N Y Y N Y N N N N UGR Y Y DXF Y Y Any Any Any HVS HVS N Y N N Y N N G/L/UO/UL Y Y DXF Y Y Any (Area Shape) Any Y HVS HVS Y Y Y N Y LUM/TLUM Y HS HVS Y Y Y HV HV HVS HVSC Y Y Y Y LUM HVSC Y Y Y Y Y LUM Y Y Y Y UGR CV Y DXF/DWG DXF/DWG Y Y RECT/ORTH/CUR RECT/ORTH/CUR Y Direct Direct Y UL CV/UG/TV Y Y Direct Direct Y IGES/VRML DXF/IGES/VRML Y Y Any Any Y Y Y Y K/M Y Y Y C/P ST/WT Y Y Y X Special Features Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y N N N N ORTH RECT RECT RECT/ORTH RECT/ORTH User Interaction Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y ST Y Y Y Y Y Y Y D/K/M Y Y Y G ST Y Y Y Y Y IESNA Types of Output Y Y K/M N Y Y Y C WT Y Y Y Y N Y All Y Y K/M Y Y Y Y C WT Y Y Y Y N Y All Y Y K/M N Y Y N N N Y N Y N K Y Y N N N N N Y Y K/M Y Y Y Y C/P ST Y Y Y Y D/K/M Y Y Y N Y Y DWG/DXF Y Y Y Y D/K/M Y Y Y Y N Y Y Y DWG/DXF Y Y Y K/M Y Y Y PDF Y N Y EU N N IESNA/Other Photometry LD+A/July 2002 IESNA Y IESNA/EULUM IESNA IESNA/CIE/CIBSE Within Y IESNA Within Y IESNA LD+A/July 2002 37 36 www.5 Y HVS HVS N Y Y N Y Y N N N UGR Y Y DXF DXF Y Y Any Any Any Any Any Any M 2 E/M M 20 15 750 E/M 8 D 10 34 2000 E/M AutoCAD R14+ D 10 99 Unlimited E/M AutoCAD 2000+ 4 4 E/M Acrobat Reader3.0 $250 Cooper Lighting Luxicon 2. .00 INCL/ADD O I Y Y Y Y Y D 4 4 Unlimited E/M Y Lighting Technologies Simply Indoor 2000 $ www.Lighting Design Software Survey Price (Base Package) Lawrence Berkely National Laboratory Desktop Radiance Free with Registration Y O/P N Y Y Y Y Y D 5 5 5 E/M AutoCAD R14+ N H/HV/HVS Y Y Y Y Y Y LUM Y Lighting Analysts. Inc.00 INCL/ADD O/P I Y Y Y Y Y M/D Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited E/M Lighting Reality Lighting Reality Ltd. AGI32 $895.00 INCL O N Y Y Y Y Optical & Photometric Technology Pty Ltd EasyLUX $3. French Package Technical Support Documentation Demo Available Interior Exterior Roadway Flood/Sports Lighting Stage Lighting Network Compatible Max.00 INCL/ADD O I Y Y Lighting Technologies Lithonia Lighting Group Simply Roadway Visual 2000 $199.00 INCL O/P I Y Y Y Y M/D 1 4 1000 M English.00 INCL/ADD O I Y Y Y Y Y D Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited E/M Y Lighting Technologies Simply Economics $199. REALity Roadway REALity Outdoor & Outdoor $490. Light Trespass Software $150.00 INCL/ADD O I $100. Luminaires per Run Units Multilingual Additional Software Required Average Illuminance Point Illuminance Calculations Plane Illuminance Calculations Light Meters can be Tilted Direct Calculations Interreflected Calculations Non-Diffuse Calculations Room Surface Luminance or Exitance Roadway Calculations Daylighting VCP/RVP Economic Analysis CIE Calculations Other Analyses Automatic Layout Generate Schedules Import CAD Files Export CAD Files Obstruction Calculation Insertable Objects Room Geometry (plan view) Room Geometry (section view) Batch Processing Aiming Diagrams Any Shape Printout or Masking Tabular Entry/Edit Graphical Entry/Edit Input Device Context Sensitive Help Point-by-Point Isocontours 3-D Model View Rendering Rendering Presentation Color Printing/Plotting Scaled Output Templates Other Output Plotter Output Photometric Data Manager Photometric Graphic Viewer Photometric Formats 5 = Hardware Dependent General Specifications 1 4 200 E/M 1 4 200 E/M D 7 4 Unlimited E/M Y Y HV HV Y Y Y D Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited E/M Y D 1 1 E/M Y D 2 4 5 cycles E/M Y N Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited E/M Y HVS HVSC Y Y Y Y LUM/STV Y HV H Y Y HV H Y Y Y Y Y Y HVS HVS Y Y Y Y LUM/STV Y VCP/RVP Y Y F/UG/OPT/ TV/PR/PP Y Y DXF/DWG/Direct DXF/DWG/Direct Y Y ORTH ORTH Y Y Y Y Y K/M Y Y Y Y GC ST Y Y Y HTML/PDF Y Within Y All H H Y H H Y H H Y Types of Analysis Y HVS HVS Y Y Y Y Y Y H H Y Y LUM/STV Y Y MF/OPT/PR Y MF/OPT Y DXF/DWG/Direct DXF/DWG/Direct G/GM/LUO/UL F/CV/UG/OPT/TV/PR/PP Y Y DXF DXF Y Y Any/CUR Any/CUR Y Y Y Y Y D/K/M Y Y Y Y GCP ST/SL/WT Y Y Y G/L/UO/UL MF Y DXF G/L/UO/UL MF Y DXF Y Y Y MF/OPT Y CV/UG PR/PP/Utilance Y Y Y Any/CUR Any/CUR Y Special Features RECT RECT Y Y Y DWG (Blocks & Xrefs)/DXF DXY Y Y Any/CUR RECT/ORTH Any/CUR RECT/ORTH User Interaction Types of Output Y K/M Y Y Y Y GCP ST Y Y Y Y Y K/M Y Y Y G Y Y Y Y Y K/M Y Y Y G Y Y Y K/M Y K/M Y Y Y Y G Y Y PDF Y Y Y Y K/M Y Y Y Y G Y Y Y PDF Y Within y All Y K/M Y K/M Y Y Y Y G Y Y PDF Y Y Y K/M Y Y Y N Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y K/M Y Y Y Y G ST Y Y Y Photometry LD+A/July 2002 IESNA Y External Within Y Y IESNA/CIBSE/EU Other IESNA/CIBSE/Other Within Y IESNA/CIBSE/Other Within All Within y All Within Y All Within Y All External Y IESNA/CIBSE/EU IESNA/(All Option) LD+A/July 2002 39 38 www. Luminaire Types per Run Max.00 INCL/ADD O I Y Y Y Lighting Technologies Simply Photometrics $199.iesna. Inc. Ltd.500. Number of Calculation Areas Max.00 INCL O I Y Y $780.00 INCL O I Y Y Y Lighting Sciences.00 INCL/ADD O I Y Lighting Technologies Simply Outdoor 2000 $199.00 INCL P I Y Y Y N/A 1 1 1 E/M Lighting Technologies LumenMicro 2000 $595.

Examples: DXF.Tabular Illuminance . UO – global luminance uniformity.1 $3700. Obstruction Calculated – The calculations take into account the shadowing effects of obstructions in the analyses. Direct Connection to AutoCAD/IntelliCAD) ••••• = DXF/Direct with AutoCAD/IntelliCAD/3DSolar 55 = Geometry Modifications Rely on CAD Source 555 = Image Files for External Processing. PP – Lighting Power Density (Project).iesna. Economic Analysis – The program will calculate the cost considerations for the lighting system.0 Free INCL O Y Y Y Y M 3 Unlimited Unlimited M Y N Y HV HV N Y Y N Y LUM/ILUM Y N N GR/GL/UO/ULG MF/OPT Zumtobel Staff Lighting Cophos Free INCL O Y Y continued from page 35 Package Technical Support Documentation Demo Available Interior Exterior Roadway Flood/Sports Lighting Stage Lighting Network Compatible Max. Luminaires per Run Units Multilingual Additional Software Required Average Illuminance Point Illuminance Calculations Plane Illuminance Calculations Light Meters can be Tilted Direct Calculations Interreflected Calculations Non-Diffuse Calculations Room Surface Luminance or Exitance Roadway Calculations Daylighting VCP/RVP Economic Analysis CIE Calculations Other Analyses Automatic Layout Generate Schedules Import CAD Files Export CAD Files Obstruction Calculation Insertable Objects Room Geometry (plan view) Room Geometry (section view) Batch Processing Aiming Diagrams Any Shape Printout or Masking Tabular Entry/Edit Graphical Entry/Edit Input Device Context Sensitive Help Point-by-Point Isocontours 3-D Model View Rendering Rendering Presentation Color Printing/Plotting Scaled Output Templates Other Output Plotter Output Photometric Data Manager Photometric Graphic Viewer Photometric Formats ** = Depends on PC Memory General Y Unlimited Specifications M Y D Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited E/M 6 N Y H H Y Y Y Y Y Roadway Calculations – The program performs roadway calculations. CIE Calculations – The program provides international calculation capabilities (CIE calculations): UGR – unified glare rating. DWG. Number of Calculation Areas Max.00 Euro/$220. Examples: VCP VCP/RVP. or CUR – the room shape can include curves. ANY – surfaces may be at any angle. CV – coefficient of variance. VCP/RVP – The program can calculate Visual Comfort Probability (VCP) or Relative Visual Performance (RVP) for indoor projects. Luminaire Types per Run Max. Export CAD Files – The program can export geometry that is in the specified format. ORTH – the room can be orthogonal (all walls must be 90 degrees to one another). ORTH – the room can be orthogonal (all walls must be 90 degrees to one another). Room Geometry (Plan View) – The program accepts rooms with plan views of the following shapes: RECT – room must be rectangular in plan view.4 Open INCL O Y Y Y Y Y N D Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited M 8 N Y Y Y Y Y Y N Y LUM/STV Y N Y G/UO/UL TV/PR Y Y (single rooms) Robert McNeel AccuRender $495.00 INCL P Y Y Y Y Y Y Windows NA NA NA M/Imperial Y AutoCAD N Y N N N Y N Y N Y N N N N N N Y Y Y Y Y Y Y N Y N Y Mouse Y N N Y Y Y Y N Y Y N Y IESNA Scorch Rayfront $600. OPT – optimization. Generate Schedules – The program will produce a luminaire schedule for the building.1 B base 260.00 Euro/$ ••• = Geometry Source (DXF.00 US O/P I/N Y Y Y Y D Unlimited** Unlimited** Unlimited** E/M Y Y HVS HVSC Y Y Y Y LUM/TLUM VCP Y UGR/G/L/UO/UL MF/TV/PR Y DXF Y Y Any/CUR Any/CUR Y Y Y Y K/M Y Y Y C ST Y Y Y PDF Within INCL All + FDB Oxytech PYTHA v16.00 US INCL O/P I/N Y Y Y Y D Unlimited** Unlimited** Unlimited** E/M Y Y HVS HVSC Y Y Y Y LUM/TLUM VCP Y UGR/G/L/UO/UL MF/TV/PR Y DXF/DWG DXF/DWG Y Y Any/CUR Any/CUR Y Y Y Y K/M Y Y Y C ST Y Y Y PDF Within INCL All + FDB Oxytech OxyTech LITE Free O/P I/N Y Y Y Y D Unlimited** Unlimited** Unlimited** E/M Y Y HV HV Y Y Y Y LUM OxyTech LITESTAR 4. . IGES or DIRECT (the program can produce graphical data directly within the CAD environment without translation).00 ADD O/P I Y Y RELUX Professional 2. UG – uniformity gradient. ANY – surfaces may be at any angle. and include them as reflective objects in the analyses.Lighting Design Software Survey Price (Base Package) OxyTech LITESTAR 4. or CUR – the room shape can include curves. Examples: DXF. DWG. LUM – Luminance. PR – Lighting Power Density (Room).0 4. Import CAD Files – The program can import geometry that is in the specified format. Other Analyses – The program will do other types of analysis. G – threshold increment.00 INCL O I Y Y Y Y Y D Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited M ••• HVS HVS Y Y Y Y LUM Y VCP UGR Thorn Lighting Vision 3. GM – discomfort glare mark. UL – longitudinal luminance uniformity. STV – Small Target Visibility.0 Lic B Full 1490. Room Geometry (Section View) – The program accepts rooms sections of the following shapes: RECT – room must be rectangular in plan view. TV – television illuminance. L – roadway luminance. MF – maintenance factor. IGES or DIRECT (the program utilizes graphical data directly within the CAD environment without translation). Insertable Objects – The software has provisions for the user to insert objects of varying size and shape. TLUM – Tunnel Luminance Daylighting – The program performs daylighting calculations. LD+A/July 2002 41 G/L/UO/UL MF/PR Y MF Y Y Y Y Y Any Any DXF (single rooms) DXF (single rooms) Special Features Any/CUR User Interaction Y Y Y K/M Y Y Y Y G/P/C WT Y Types of Output Y Y Y PDF Within INCL All + FDB Oxytech Y Y Any Any N Y Y Y Y K/M Y Y Y Y CP ST Y Y (Automatic) Photometry LD+A/July 2002 EU N Y Y External Y IESNA/EU Y Y ••••• N DXF Y Y Depends on CAD Data Source Y Any/CUR RECT/ORTH Any/CUR RECT Y N N Y Y 55 Y K/M K/M Y Y Y Y N Y Y C N ST N N N 555 N Y OTHER RECT RECT Y Y Y K/M Y Y Y Y Y Y IESNA/EU/CIBSE Y External External IESNA/CIBSE/EU 40 www. Types of Analysis Special Features Automatic Layout – The program will suggest a layout of the luminaires.

pytha.1 / Photocoin PO Box 1 Rho Italy 20017 + 39 02 93563258 + 39 02 93563235 www. Inc. ALL – conforms to IESNA. SL – generates multiple image slide 74 South Peachtree www. Plotter Output – The program can use a plotter for output. CIBSE – conforms to CIBSE Uschi Flassig PYTHA Lab GmbH www. Lumen Micro / Photopia 1630 David Speer Lighting Analysts. Color Printing/Plotting – The program supports a color printer and prints out color http://www. PDF www. Aiming Diagrams – The program can generate diagrams illustrating the aiming direction of the Debbie Berger ITL..0 7830 www.0 Lighting Technology Centre Spennymoor County Durham UK DL16 7UR 44 1388 420042 44 191 301 3042 chris. Boulder.1 Inselstr.1 160 Pears Ave.relux.4 Dornacherstrasse 377 Basel. Ontario Canada M5R 3P8 416-960-1400 416-960-3450 Genlyte-USA/Canlyte-Canada Genesys II v1. C – 42 LD+A/July 2002 www. CIBSE.72 201 Iroha-kan 2-10-1 Koishikawa. BS/Switzerland 4018 41-61-3330770 41-61-3330772 info@relux. NC 28791 828-693-2176 828-693-2103 Randall King Lithonia Lighting Group Visual One Lithonia Way. Inc. WA 98103 206-545-7000 206-545-7321 Columbia Lighting Light Pro 2. Inc. GA 30012 800-279-8043 770-929-3625 visualsupport@lithonia. Photometric Graphic Viewer – Allows the user to view graphs of photometric distributions on the Konstantinos Papamichael Lawrence Berkeley Lab Desktop Radiance 1 Cyclotron .30 Dornbirn. Photometric Formats – The program can utilize photometric data in the following formats: IES – conforms to IESNA LM-63. CO 80127 303-972-8852 303-972-8851 info@agi32. Evans Road Scottsdale. Examples: DKM. Inspirer v5. Rendering – The program will display the results on screen using G – gray F Bremecker . Input Device – The program accepts input using the indicated devices: D – digitizer. 3 63741 Aschaffenburg. cursor keys or Torgeir Lunde Glamox ASA OptiWin Østre Rosten 84 Trondheim. Suite 300 Toronto. www. lithonialightinggroup. Norway.itlboulder.iesna. Scaled Output – The output can be printed to Hotline Relux Informatik AG Relux Professional 2. www. Australia 3029 +61 3 9369 7000 +61 3 9369 7100 tonyb@opt.zumtobelstaff. Tony Bergen Optical & Photometric Technology Pty Ltd EasyLux 25 Richards Road Hoppers Crossing Vic. CIE – conforms to CIE 102. Bunkyo-ku Tokyo Japan 112-0002 81 3 3818 5173 81 3 3818 5175 galina@integra.accurender.W. Context Sensitive Help – The user can press a key to seek help that pertains to the specific section of the program in which the user is currently located. Germany 80634 +49-89-13 93 85 95 +49-89-13 93 85 96 info@schorsch. External – The photometric data manager is separate from the main Bill Freytag GE Lighting Systems Aladan 3010 Spartanburg Hwy www.genesysii. 4 58507 Lüdenscheid Germany +49-0-2351 1064 360 +49-0-2351 1064 361 dialog@dial. 3-D Model View – The program provides a 3-D view www. editing and creating of photometric data www. Templates – The program can generate iso-illuminance contours for use as a template. AGI32 10394 West Chatfield Ave. N – none. CO 80302 303-442-1255 303-449-5274 itl@itlboulder. and WT – generates continuous motion Galina Sytnik Integra. Photometry Photometric Data Manager – A photometric data manager allows viewing. N-7075 Tiller 4772894939 4772894250 Chris Watts Thorn Lighting Limited Vision Tim Bosher Lighting Reality Ltd Reality Roadway + Outdoor Somerville House 20-22 Harborne Road Birmingham B15 3AA England 44 121 693 2011 44 121 693 2012 www. M – mouse. OTHER – restricted or proprietary Other Output – Examples include but are not limited to .att.0 N 3808 Sullivan Road Spokane. CO 80202 720-891-0030 720-891-0031 MS90-3111 Berkeley. DIAL GmbH Dialux Gustav Adolf www. Austria 6830 05572-390368 oz@cophos. EU – conforms to EULUMDAT.3 121 Hwy. CA 94720 510-486-6854 510-486-4089 K_Papamichael@lbl. Rendering Presentation – The program will generate an on-screen image of the way the space will look.lbl.lunde@glamox. Graphical Entry – Edit Input can be entered and edited graphically using the Karen Moffett Juno Lighting Essentials 1300 S Wolf Rd Des lightingsciences. WA 99216 509-924-7000 509-921-7552 LitePro@columbialighting. Germany +49 6021 37060 +49 6021 48455 pytha@pytha. Any Shape Printout or Masking – The analysis area can be designed to be any shape or a masking technique can be used to simulate any shape. User Interaction Tabular Entry – Edit Data can be entered and edited from tables on the screen. Light Tresspass/Raymaster 6. .watts@thornlight. GA 30269 770-486-441 770-486-4599 dmillican@cooperlighting. Isocontours – The program can generate contour plots of illuminance levels.. Steve Borsani OxyTech Srl Light Star 4. AZ 85260 480-991-9260 480-991-0375 Batch Processing – The program can run several analyses while the computer is Georg Mischler Rayfront Schulstrasse 29 Muenchen. Types of Output Point-by-Point – A point-by-point listing of illuminances can be generated. Suite 100 Debbie Millican Cooper Lighting Luxicon 2. Within – The photometric data manager is part of the main program. and EU. K – keyboard.Participating Companies Scott Davidson Robert McNeel & Associates Accu Render 3670 Woodland Park Ave N Seattle. P – pen and V – voice. IL 60017 847-827-9880 847-296-4056 Lance K. P –pseudo Oliver Zelzer ZumtobelStaff Cohpos Phoenix Schweizerstr. Suite 400 Denver. AutoLux v6 3386 Longhorn Rd. ST – generates still images.oxytech.junolighting. Building 3 Ian Lewin Lighting Sciences www.lightingreality. Livingston Lighting www.

or 0 degrees.iesna.CLASSIFICATION O utdoor lighting is used by many different stakeholders for many different purposes. Outdoor lighting can be a potent tool in helping these various stakeholders achieve their INTERPRETING OUTDOOR LUMINAIRE CUTOFF LRC’s John Bullough proposes a supplemental classification for quantifying a luminaire upward luminous flux goals. want to increase safety for drivers and pedestrians along roadways. light directed upward that contributes to sky glow and impairs our ability to see celestial objects in the sky. Figure 2 (left) Hypothetical luminous intensity distribution for a cutoff luminaire containing a 1000-lumen lamp (units are in candelas). and light emitted in the above horizontal is more likely to contribute to light pollution. and through light trespass. More light is not necessarily better light. or above the horizontal plane of the luminaire (see Figure 1). and the lumi- Figure 1. 44 LD+A/July 2002 . The Illuminating Engineering Society of North America (IESNA) defines several outdoor luminaire cutoff classifica- tions. failing to meet the cutoff classification. The four IESNA classifications are defined as follows: full cutoff: the luminous intensity (in candelas) anywhere at or above 90 degrees from nadir is zero. Angles referenced by luminaire cutoff classifications. Government transportation agencies. two relevant zones are defined with respect to the nadir of a luminaire (the nadir is defined as the angle that points directly downward. Landlords often want to enhance the perceptions of safety and security on their properties. the distribution of light in directions leading to areas where it is unwanted. Figure 3 (right) Hypothetical luminous intensity distribution for a luminaire containing a 1000-lumen lamp (units are in candelas). each with differing photometric requirements. Business improvement districts might want to bring in shoppers and tourists to a historic downtown in order to stimulate economic development. Light emitted in the 80-90 degrees zone is more likely to contribute to glare and light trespass. for example. from the luminaire): one zone covers angles between 80 and 90 degrees above nadir. For these classifications. and there is also increasing awareness of ways that outdoor lighting can detract from enjoyment of the nighttime environment through light pollution. and the second zone covers all angles greater than 90 degrees above nadir.

and the luminous intensity (in candelas) anywhere between 80 and 90 degrees from nadir does not numerically exceed 10 percent of the luminous flux (in lumens) of the lamp or lamps in the luminaire semicutoff: the luminous intensity (in candelas) anywhere at or above 90 degrees from nadir does not numerically exceed five percent of the luminous flux (in lumens) of the lamp or lamps in the . Interestingly. a luminaire with this distribution would emit 11 percent of the lamp lumens between 80 and 90 degrees from nadir. do not in any way affect the cutoff classification of the luminaire.) Conversely.5 percent of the numerical value of the lamp lumens. Casual skimming of these definitions could lead one to assume that for a cutoff luminaire. The luminous intensity at any angle between and including 80 and 90 degrees from nadir is 100 candelas. In fact. which is 2. or that no more than 2. at angles below 80 degrees from nadir. and the luminous intensity www. which is 10 percent of the numerical value of the lamp lumens. The luminous intensity 90 degrees from nadir and at any angle above is 25 candelas. but the values are made with reference to luminous flux (lumens). The definitions are in terms of luminous intensity (candelas). consider another hypothetical luminous intensity distribution.iesna. also for a luminaire equipped with a 1000-lumen lamp. (The distribution of the remaining 73 percent of lamp lumens. Consider the hypothetical luminous intensity distribution shown in Figure 2. exceeding 10 percent (100 candelas) of the numerical value There is increasing awareness of ways that outdoor lighting can detract from enjoyment of the nighttime environment through light pollution luminaire. and nearly 16 percent of the lamp lumens above 90 degrees from nadir. The luminous intensity at one angle between 80 and 90 degrees from nadir is 125 candelas.nous intensity (in candelas) anywhere between 80 degrees and 90 degrees from nadir does not numerically exceed 10 percent of the luminous flux (in lumens) of the lamp or lamps in the luminaire cutoff: the luminous intensity (in candelas) anywhere at or above 90 degrees from nadir does not numerically exceed 2. This hypothetical luminaire can be classified as a cutoff luminaire.5 percent of the luminous flux (in lumens) of the lamp or lamps in the (in candelas) anywhere between 80 and 90 degrees from nadir does not numerically exceed 20 percent of the luminous flux (in lumens) of the lamp or lamps in the luminaire noncutoff: there is no limitation of luminous intensity in the zone above the luminaire’s maximum luminous intensity Careful consideration of these classification definitions is very important when evaluating outdoor luminaires for their potential to cause light trespass or light pollution. no more than 10 percent of the lamp luminous flux is emitted between 80 and 90 degrees from nadir.5 percent of the lamp luminous flux is emitted above 90 degrees from nadir. neither of these assumptions is correct. shown in Figure 3. for a luminaire equipped with a 1000lumen lamp.

on the other hand. Such a luminaire might emit only a small fraction of the lamp luminous flux upward. Its purpose should not be to restrict thoughtful design. Bullough has written or co-written more than forty technical publications on the psychological and biological effects of light. understanding the proper application of the IESNA classifications. A proposed classification is offered below: Of course. one is concerned about minimizing direct uplight from a luminaire. such as light trespass and light pollution. this luminaire cannot be classified as a cutoff luminaire even though it emits significantly less light upward than the hypothetical luminaire in Figure 2. perhaps the lighting community will decide that no supplemental classifications are needed. Indeed. and solid state lighting. the distribution of the remaining 96 percent of lamp lumens at angles below 80 degrees from nadir do not impact the luminaire’s cutoff classification. but it would also emit only a small fraction downward. a supplemental classification for quantifying the total upward luminous flux (rather than the maximum upward luminous intensity) would be helpful in characterizing outdoor luminaires for their potential to contribute to light pollution. about half of the total light used in this application would be emitted directly upward. this proposed system of classification is just a starting point for a conversation about these issues.iesna. will always emit no direct uplight. However. Of course. lighting for transportation. serve to emphasize the caution that is required when interpreting the various cutoff classifications.) Because of its luminous intensity . (As with the example above. and about one percent of the lamp lumens above 90 degrees from nadir. it could not be considered a full-cutoff or even a cutoff luminaire. Consider.5 percent (25 candelas) of the numerical value of the lamp lumens. A full cutoff luminaire. New York. www. If. such as the amount of luminous flux emitted upward. The luminous intensity at one angle above 90 degrees from nadir is 40 candelas. because of its higher-than permitted intensity at one angle between 80 and 90 degrees. An IESNA member. Knowing the luminous intensity from a luminaire in a particular direction is a key step in estimating the illuminance on a surface from that luminaire in that direction. for example. however. The proposed classifications above would tend to penalize inefficient luminaires. They do. it is not necessarily true that a cutoff luminaire will emit a smaller proportion of its luminous flux upward than a semicutoff (or even a noncutoff) luminaire. Perhaps. Such a luminaire would emit only three percent of the lamp lumens between 80 and 90 degrees from nadir. for example. an inefficient “globe” luminaire made of a poorly transmitting material used in a parking lot. consult a zonal luminous flux summary prepared by the luminaire’s manufacturer. The modest proposal above is simply one more voice in the conversation. and when all is said and done. the current IESNA cutoff classifications can be very helpful in selecting 46 LD+A/July 2002 luminaires that will meet such requirements. for example. and understanding when to obtain additional data about a luminaire’s performance. though. This is not to say that the classification definitions are not useful. As a result. Good outdoor lighting is likely to meet goals such as those outlined at the beginning of this article. If an outdoor lighting system should not exceed a particular illuminance on adjacent property.of the lamp lumens. Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy. An installation of such luminaires would probably require more luminaires in order to achieve the light levels required for a parking lot because of the luminaire’s low efficiency. exceeding 2. Class 0: the luminaire emits no luminous flux directly upward (above 90 degrees) Class 1: the luminaire emits no more than 5 percent of its luminous flux directly upward Class 2: the luminaire emits more than 5 percent but no more than 10 percent of its luminous flux directly upward Class 3: the luminaire emits more than 10 percent but no more than 20 percent of its luminous flux directly upward Class 4: the luminaire emits more than 20 percent of its luminous flux directly upward Note that the classification scheme above is quantified in terms of the luminaire’s luminous flux rather than that of the lamps it houses. The author: John D. and illuminance often relates directly to issues of light trespass. Bullough is a scientist and adjunct assistant professor of architecture at the Lighting Research Center. even if the luminaires are equipped with the same lamp. with the result of less total light emitted directly upward for a given application. even if this same luminaire were fully shielded so that it emitted no light above 90 degrees. About 50 percent of this luminaire’s luminous flux would be emitted directly upward and about 50 percent downward. while minimizing possible negative impacts. are both fundamental to the design of good outdoor lighting. Certainly. this proposed system of classification is just a starting point for a conversation about these issues. To estimate the luminous flux emitted directly upward by a particular luminaire. these luminous intensity distribution examples represent extreme cases.

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