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EFFECTS OF SEXUAL CHILD ABUSE- CASE OF NAIVASHA INTRODUCTION The dangers posed to social stability by violence against children

are so great that we must act today, because tomorrow will be too late. Commercial Director Simon Kibuchi of Tetra Pak. 16th October 2006. An estimated 300 million of children worldwide are subjected to violence, exploitation and sexual abuse including the worst forms of child labor in communities, schools and institutions; during armed conflict; and to harmful practices such as female genital mutilation and child marriage. Millions more, not yet victims, also remain without adequate protection. Protecting children from violence, exploitation and abuse is an integral component of protecting their rights to survival, growth and development. Child sexual abuse is an issue which has continued for quite a while in Naivasha, increased cases of child sexual abuse prompted the Kenyan Government, in partnership with UNICEF Kenya and civil society organizations, to launch the Stop the Violence against Children campaign in July 2006. Through mobilization in more than 20 districts across the country, the campaign aims to empower communities to take action and break the silence surrounding violence against children including those who are victimized by a parent or other relative. Child sexual abuse is an issue in which many children are scarred by that experience. There are many impacts and effects on children who are being sexually abused. It is a major risk factor for a variety of problems. Child sexual abuse is linked with pedophilia, which is the focus in the study. There are different types of sexual abuse in which a child is abused.

Children display warning signs such as behavioral or physical signs. Sexual abuse experiences can vary dramatically in terms of the amount and kind of traumatic socialization they provoke and make a childs attempt to cope difficult. Child sexual abuse has the potential to damage a child physically, emotionally, and behaviorally for the rest of their childhood into middle-aged adulthood. Problem Statement Naivasha for some time has been in the news for rape issues especially among the women and children who are more vulnerable. Like other people say Naivasha is always in the news for the weirdest happenings. They are nearer to what went on in Sodom and Gomorrah before the fire and brimstone. From rape to murder, incest and carjacking. Sexual abuse of children has been high and this has affected their education, some die as a result of the abuse and the stigma and trauma that follow them everywhere they go. It is a nightmare for many women and children to leave around their homes due to such cases. It is unfortunate that some of the criminals are not charged; they go free and do it again. It has instilled fear in children. Therefore the purpose of this research is to establish means of curbing child abuse within the Naivasha community. Cases like these prompted the need to establish intervention methods because child abuse has caused lives of many children. Another purpose of this research is to establish ways to empower communities to take action and break the silence surrounding violence against children including those who are victimized by a parent or other relatives. Ojectives Main Objective

To establish the extent of child abuse in Naivasha Specific objectives 1. To identify the factors that cause child abuse in the Naivasha community. 2. To establish the measures being taken to curb the problem of child sexual abuse in Naivasha. 3. To find out the effects of sexual child abuse. 4. To identify the best intervention measures. Justification

Pedophilia involves sexual attraction towards children. It usually involves males and is rare amongst females.

To Hurt children as a form of revenge to adults related to them e.g. when a relative abuses a child to get back at a parent who they have a feud with. Abusing children to prevent them from becoming prosperous and strong e.g. when a girl is a bright student, some people may rape her out of jealousy. Abusing children to punish them for the guilt they have. Taking advantage of childrens fear e.g. when someone like a teacher wants to punish them and tells them to have sex with him in order not to be punished Tricking children to believe that they will get something good e.g. in church when a pastor tells a child to have sex with him in order to give her or him blessings or everything the child wants or teachers giving children favors like free marks. The abusers have power over children e.g. At home when the parents are not there and a child has been left with the uncle Drug addicts when they are under influence of the drugs When abusers want to harvest body parts for witchcraft When abusers want to traffic children Some believe in myths. To satisfy themselves. Because children cant defend themselves Because of revenge Jobless people: to keep themselves busy Drug abusers: lack of self control Guardians: when parents die and leave the children in the hands of relatives or guardian

Victim of HIV: some do it purposely to transmit the virus