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My details Appeals Department, 81 Oxford Street, London, W1D2EU Dear Sir or Madam, SIA License number: Vehicle registration

number: My vehicle was clamped whilst parked at [details removed] on 25/05/2011 and I have already paid the fee of 125 under protest to have my car released. I believe the clamp was unfair and unlawful and I am now writing to demand a refund for the following reason. I was unable to determine what the relevant parking restrictions were because there was insufficient signage to explain what they were. Therefore no contract was formed with the landowner and the clamp was carried out illegally. Please see attached evidence, as proof of my claim. As a first time visitor and user of the car park I took appropriate care and measures to ensure that my vehicle was parked in compliance with your parking regulations. I displayed a valid visitors permit, read the sign upon entering the parking premises and left my vehicle in a location that did not cause an obstruction or block emergency access (see photographic reference one). However upon returning to my vehicle I discovered that it had been clamped. The wheel clamping officer on duty stated that the reason for this clamp was that vehicles were not permitted to park in the location between 8am and 2pm on a Wednesday. He brought to my attention a sign located some 5 metres in front of my car (see photographic reference one and five). I had failed to notice this sign when I parked my vehicle, as it was poorly located and illegible from where my vehicle was located. The sign which I did take note of upon entering the parking premises failed to give any information regarding parking restrictions on Wednesday (see photographic reference four), and en route to my parking location there were not any signs giving notice of this restriction (see photographic reference two and three). As a consequence I was unaware of this parking restriction as there were insufficient signs bringing this restriction to my attention, as a result I am demanding a full refund. If you do not refund me this fee I will be left with no choice but to take further action in the small claims court as I believe the charges I have paid are unfair and expect the courts to therefore rule in my favour. I look forward for a full response to this letter within 14 days. Yours faithfully,

My name

Photographic Reference One

Photo taken 25/05/2011(day of clamp) The small sign can just be seen in front and to the right of where the car was located. In addition to the sign being poorly located and illegible from the vehicle location, the route that I took when leaving the vehicle meant that I did not walk past the sign, and added to the fact that I remained unaware of the parking restrictions

Photographic Reference Two and Three

Photo taken 31/05/2011 My vehicle was located near where the person in the third photo is standing. These photos clearly show that the only sign upon entering the parking premises, and on en route to the location where I parked is the white sign in the second photo. This sign failed to give any information regarding parking restrictions that were in place on Wednesday (see photographic reference four).

Photographic Reference Four

Photo taken 25/05/2011 (day of clamp). Photo clearly shows that there was no information regarding parking restrictions in place on Wednesday between the hours of 8am and 2pm. Photographic Reference Five

Photo taken 25/05/2011 A close up of the small sign that I failed to notice from my parking location, as it was poorly located and illegible from my parking location.