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Contents Page. Introduction – Ice Rink Technology. Design Service for IRB Series of Barriers. Projects – Barriers. Temporary Ice Rink Divide Barrier – TPB 6030. Hockey Glazing & Netting. Rink Mat. Wall Cladding. NRG. Low ‘E’ Ceiling – Low Emissivity Ceiling. Ice Skate – Blade Sharpening. L.E.P. Range of Ice Rink Fit-Out Equipment. L.E.P. Range of Ice Rink Fit-Out Equipment (Continued). L.E.P. Range of Ice Rink Fit-Out Equipment (Continued). L.E.P. Range of Ice Rink Fit-Out Equipment (Continued). Photo Gallery. Photo Gallery (Continued). Photo Gallery (Continued). Photo Gallery (Continued). Photo Gallery (Continued).


its Senior Management and Installation Engineers have been involved in Design. Many Leisure Ice Rinks are designed and built to create irregular shapes and features.E. Barriers: (Dasher Boards) Ice Rinks are designed for many uses including: • Leisure Skating • Formal Ice Dance & Figure Skating • Ice Hockey • Speed Skating – Short Track • Curling • Multi Purpose Usage Ice Pad Sizes: • • International Size Olympic Size 56m x 26m x 7m Radius 60m x 30m x 7m Radius The above Pad sizes are aimed at the formal sport requirements.E.Ice Rinks – Technology Flex leisure systems – the complete fit – out package Introduction: Leisure Engineering Projects Limited. is the leading UK manufacturer and installer of ice rink fit out equipment. Not all Ice Rink Pads are required to be formal or of the stated size.P. L. Energy: Ice Rinks are notorious users of electrical energy. Manufacture and Fitting out Ice Rink Equipment for nearly 35 years. any systems available to reduce these costs are a major advantage (Barrier Insulation) & (Low ‘E’ Ceiling). Not only do we design and manufacture. 2 . our wealth of in-depth experience means we act in many cases as consultants on overall schemes.P. The need to be able to change the rink from ice to other activities quickly often requires the barrier to be easily demountable. L. Multi Purpose Ice Rinks Often require the floor on the warm side and cold side to be the same level – requiring the barrier to retain the ice.

however due to the very important interface between the Pad and other elements of the Fit-out LEP Engineers work very closely with many of the leading Refrigeration Plant Providers. – Offer a full design service for the IRB series of Proboard Barriers: Barrier Types: All IRB Series Proboard Barriers are built and installed to BS 6180:1999 & BS 6399 Pt1 1996 Line Load: 3KN at Handrail Height Permanent Single Skin De-mountable Double Skin Dished Floor Flat Floor Specifications Available: Barrier Height: Section Length: Barrier Fixings: 1100mm or 1200mm Ice to Handrail 2000mm or 2400mm Sections Bolted together Fixed to warm or cold side slab Using Hilti Anchors or Halfen Channel Barrier Carcass: Mild Steel –Galvanised (Hot or Cold). Rear Fascia: (Pedestrian Side) Fascia 6mm or 10mm HMWPE 300 grade colour. These areas can be incorporated within the main structure design or designed to be portable.P. 3 . Player Areas /Sin Bins /Referees Benches: Players Areas and Sin Bins can be incorporated within the Main Barrier Structure.Refrigeration Equipment: LEP do not manufacture Refrigeration Equipment.E. Hinged: Heavy Duty Piano Hinges. Gates: Cladding: • • Lift out or hinged integral HMWPE Threshold. Kicker: 250mm High or 300mm High 12mm HMWPE 500 grade colour Sealed to cold side pad using Thioflex Low Temperature Mastic. L. Handrail: HMWPE 500 grade black or colour. Heavy Duty Aluminium. Front Fascia (Ice Side) 10mm HMWPE 300 grade coloured or 9mm Polypropylene white.

Ramps can be provided for Dished Rinks. Systems are the only IRB Proboard Barriers currently designed and manufactured in the UK. Line-Outs (Ice Hockey): Ice Hockey Lines extended on inner vertical surface of Barrier in 500 grade HMWPE Blue / Red.P. Sunderland Deeside Roller Rink Dumfries Ice Rink Grimsby Ice Rink Lee Valley Ice Rink Magnum Ice Irvine Moray Leisure Centre. Alternatives include:Paper Line-Outs Ice Painting System – White Ice L.P. Elgin Oxford Ice Rink Plymouth 4 . Projects: Undertaken by L. Line.E.Ice Resurfacing Gates: 1500mm Leaf Double Gates incorporating Support Wheels.Out Markings: L.E. Offer a full Pad Painting Service including Line-Outs and Logos. New Build: Ayr Centrum Coventry Skydome Deeside Leisure Centre Greenock Waterfront Guildford Spectrum Nottingham Ice Refurbish: Altrincham Ayr Curling Rink Billingham Forum Chelmsford Riverside Crowtree Leisure Centre.E.P.

Protec Matting and Low ‘E’ Ceiling Chelmsford Riverside: New Front Fascia and Kicker.Romford Ice Rink Solihull Stirling Curling Rink Streatham Ice Rink Telford Ice Rink Guilford Spectrum: Ice Hockey & Leisure Barrier. Glazing. reinsulated. Wall Cladding 5 . Protec Matting.

Coloured Flex 500 grade HMWPE Handrail. or more. No loose fittings (for safety of users). Interlocking using unique crank mechanism. 6 . No fixings required to ice or existing Main Rink Barrier to minimise erection time. Netting or Glazing. The TPB Barrier can be fitted with sockets to accept support systems for Hockey. usable areas for different sports.Temporary Ice Rink Divide Barrier – TPB 6030 Portable Barriers A Temporary Portable Ice Rink Barrier is used to divide ice rinks into 2. 250mm high yellow Kick Plate. Can be positioned anywhere along the length of barrier. Extremely stable against impact. End sections angled to minimise corner trap. Clad double sided in white Flex 300 grade HMWPE. • • • • • • • • • • • • Fabricated in lightweight-coated mild steel section cold galvanized. 2440mm long x 1000mm high x 300mm thick sections.

(Designed to give clear uninterrupted viewing) • Armourplate Glass Thickness 19mm heat soaked tested slotted into top of Barrier Frame.L.25kN high tensile strength. Armoursheet Systems: • • • Armoursheet Glazing Installations: Glass: Polycarbonate: L. Steel trolleys with retaining clips fitted directly to brass eyelets @ 500mm CRS. Fitted to Integral Barrier Sockets. Module Length: Armoursheet Ice Hockey Glazing: Supported: Unsupported Stanchionless: . Chelmsford Lee Valley Ayr Centrum Greenock Guildford Spectrum Armoursheet II: • nb.P. Corners radiused to match Barrier Line. St 100: Hockey Screen Netting: • • • Heavy duty Aluminium Trackway in Standard 6m lengths. Complies with all required Safety Standards. Rear of Goals and Bends 1600mm or 2000mm. Armourplate Glass thickness 12mm heat soaked tested. Armour Sheet Glazing to BS 6206A. Glazing to Rear of Team Benches and Sin Bins as above. Rear of Goals and Bends 1000mm. Armoursheet Flex Plexiglas 10mm Polycarbonate Screens mounted in unique one-piece solid Aluminium Extrusion. Solid Aluminium extrusion fitted to integral Barrier Sockets in a one unique piece. Hockey Glazing and Netting Heights Nominal: • • • • • • • • • Rink sides 1000mm. Full UK Design & Manufacture. 7 . 0.P. Tried & Tested with many installations.E.E. No Glazing to front of Team Benches and Sin Bins. No fixing required. Rink Sides 2000mm.

Gosport Hull Arena Link Centre. Epoxy bonded and sealed to substrate. Direct mounting to underside of roof structure (Subject to Site Survey). Fire Resistance BS476 Part 7 1971 Class 3. Slab weight 40 KGs. • • • • • • • • • • Proven Wear Resistance. No special floor preparation required. Fixings: • Rinkmat Protective Flooring LEP have been importing Rinkmat from Canada for over 20 years as the most highly durable cost effective solution to walkways. Colour: Black.• • 20mm knotless fire retardant mesh (ref 202-020-06) bound on all edges with projecting tape. Rinkmat Installations: Ayr Centrum Ayr Curling Rink Bracknell Ice Rink Chelmsford Riverside Coventry Skydome Deeside Leisure Centre Grimsby Ice Rink Guildford Spectrum Holbrook Leisure Centre. Clips under main barrier to stabilise nets. changing rooms and toilet areas. Swindon Oxford Ice Rink Romford Ice Rink Ryde Ice Rink Streatham Ice Rink 8 . Non Slip. Slab size 1830mm x 1220mm x 18mm. Easily Cleaned textured surface. Made from 100% recyclable Products.

• • 6mm Thick Flex 300 Century Coloured Protective Wall Cladding fixed to walls from 500mm – 100mm high to suit location/requirements. Special Colours available subject to quantity.Wall Cladding Protective Walling Ice Rink Walls are susceptible to damage by ice skates. • • Ice Rink Wall Cladding Installations: Ayr Centrum Ayr Curling Rink Bracknell Ice Rink Chelmsford Riverside Coventry Skydome Deeside Leisure Centre Dundee Ice Rink Guildford Spectrum Holbrook Leisure Centre. Ideal for vulnerable areas such as: o Toilets o Changing Rooms o Skate Hire o High Volume Traffic areas Standard Colour Range to match Ice Rink Barriers. Gosport Link Centre. Swindon Plymouth Romford Ice Rink Streatham Ice Rink 9 .

Lowers Energy usage.75mm Diameter Cable.5mm Diameter. Many installations over the past 20 years have proven its value. • Edges clipped to 4. Covers unsightly Roof Structures How the Design Feature Works UK manufactured to our exacting standards: • Flex L009 Aluminium foil Valeron coated sheet 1200 wide fire rated to BS476 PT 7 1971 Class 1 • Intermediate PVC coated tension wires 2. • Fixed to underside of roof structure. Reduces Plant running time.Nrg. Low ‘E’ Ceiling – Low Emissivity Ceiling Energy Saving/Cost Saving NRG Low ‘E’ Ceiling has been developed to reduce energy usage levels in ice rinks by up to 25%. Reduces Lighting Level – requirements. Low E Installations • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Aberdeen Curling Rink Atholl Curling Rink Ayr Ice Rink Bradford Ice Rink Borders Curling Rink Deeside Leisure Centre Dolphin Barn Forest Hills Estate Forfar Indoor Sports Gorgar Park Gosport Ice Rink Humberside Ice Arena Icetrax Inverness Ice Rink Kirkcaldy Ice Rink Lockerbie Ice Rink Magnum Leisure Centre Moray Leisure Centre Motherwell Ice Rink Nottingham Arena Queensway Ice Rink Ryde Arena Stirling Ice Rink Whitley Bay Ice Rink 10 .

E. Model 911 WISSOTA PORTABLE GRINDING MACHINE • • • • • Manual Operation Adjustable Diamond Dresser Heavy Duty Motor Pedestal Stand (if Required) Dust Collect Hood – Extra UK Installed Wissota Grinding Machines Giving Excellent Service 11 .Ice Skate – Blade Sharpening L.A.S.P are the UK Agents for Wissota U.

whilst maintaining a safe ‘crash’ barrier to skaters. Hockey and Patch Markings. making the TPB6030 the ideal portable divider in an ice rink environment. Temporary Portable Ice Rink Barrier . multi directional surface facilitates both easy cleaning and aesthetic application. and locked together using our unique cranked mechanism. 12 . and the locking operation is carried out using a simple wrench. The Flex 500 Cladding gives a most durable skirting to high volume areas. Flex 500 Wall Cladding Ice Rink Walls and Surrounds are very susceptible to damage from Ice Skate Blades. The barrier is completely free standing and stable. The latest development in this Range is 19mm toughened unsupported Glass for uninterrupted viewing. Additionally. The system is very flexible to meet the requirements of clients. Rinkmat’s non-slip performance is a vital aspect of its suitability for all floor surrounds. there are no loose fittings. The unit is based on a two metre section that is self aligning. It has proven extraordinarily wear resistant.E. permanent or demountable are available with all to suit the provision for Glass. Lepnet St100 LEPNET ST100 uses high tensile White Nylon Cord to create a knotless fire retarded 20mm mesh square which is hung from Hook Trolleys retaining in a one piece aluminium trackway supported from Roof Trusses which is very economical. Special Features include: Curling Stone Cabinets. and is ideal in all prime traffic areas. and a 250mm high coloured kicker strip at ice level. Polycarbonate or Netting. Range of Ice Rink Fit-Out Equipment Includes: IRB Series Proboard Main Rink Barrier IRB Main Rink Barrier has been developed over 20 years to meet all Safety and Sport Standards.P. Single and Double Cladding. Players Enclosures. The orange peel.Tpb6030 The Temporary Portable Ice Rink Barrier’s main purpose is to maximise ice pad usage. allowing it to be positioned anywhere along the length of the rink with no fixing to the main barrier.L. The barrier is fabricated from 30mm x 30mm SHS cold galvanised steel. Rinkmat Rinkmat is the leading purpose designed surface in Ice Rink flooring. Sin Bins. and cladded with white polypropylene sheet. changing rooms and Toilets whilst introducing a degree of colour. Lift-out or Hinge Gates. particularly during training sessions. Armoursheet Glazing Armoursheet Glazing is a very flexible system using LEP’s unique one piece Aluminium Support Stanchion which allows either 10mm Polycarbonate or 12mm Toughened Glass to be used as protective screens.

Flex Ice Deck Conversion Board Is a composite sandwich material of 6mm WBP Plywood bonded to 1” thick Homasote insulation block. Low ‘E’ Ceiling is an Aluminium Membrane Ceiling supported on wires hung from Roof Trusses giving Low Emissivity resulting in up to 25% saving.Low ‘E’ Ceiling Ice Rinks are notorious users of electrical energy. instructional training of small children through to special effects for shows and film work. L. Flex Ice Deck can easily convert an ice rink into a multi-purpose arena without the need or the expense of removing the ice. (which is moisture resistant and is ideal for placing directly over indoor ice). Lighting levels are also reduced. Regular ice skates can be used without modification although the surface is slower than ice. Semi-Automatic Machine or the Swing Arm Machine. Ideal for rejuvenating existing rinks.E.P. 13 . Uses range from. where the ice is to be ‘dressed’ or maybe affected by heat from stage lighting. Skate Sharpening Machines:Automatic Machine. Skate On Is a highly successful Synthetic (plastic) Ice Surface which is totally portable and can be used both indoors and outside.

The framework can be either cantilever to the wall.Polyethylene Slat Construction Fabricated from our unique extruded polyethylene bench slat. it is highly suited to a moist or wet environment. Flex 2000 Benching . or on full legs where walls are not suitable. robust. durable and suitable for dry areas. Flex Club Lockers Construction The Flex Club Locker is fabricated from a mild steel powder coated carcass and a Trespa solid resin board door. providing an easily maintained. Flex 2000 Benching . the Flex 2000 unit offers a highly durable. therefore. The framework can be either cantilever to the wall.Trespa Slat Construction Fabricated using a Trespa bench slat. the locker is attractive yet durable. The locker is both attractive yet very robust and durable. the unit has stainless steel hinges and anodised aluminium front pillars. All hardware is either Satin Anodised Aluminium (SAA) or powder coated and comes with an acetal leg. making cleaning of floors accessible. Trespa is extremely robust.Flex Century Cubicles Construction The main fabric of our cubicle system is 13mm thick Trespa Athlon solid resin board that forms all panels of the units. and is guaranteed never to de-laminate. The plastic finish is impervious to moisture and will not splinter or absorb body fats. the Flex 2000 unit offers a highly durable. or on full legs where walls are not suitable. Fabricated from Trespa solid resin board. easily cleaned bench with a bright modern appearance. easily cleaned bench with a bright modern appearance. Flex Eagle Lockers Construction Designed for the aggressive atmospheric conditions around a moist environment. thus ensuring an hygienic environment. The finish is impervious to moisture and will not splinter. The locker is attractive. 14 . durable surface. the Flex Eagle is fully guaranteed never to corrode. As it is impossible to bend or dent the Trespa panels the units will provide a lasting fresh appearance. making cleaning of floors accessible. acid or alkali ingress. Flex Sport Lockers Construction Designed for hard wearing conditions. It is impervious to moisture. the Flex Sport is fabricated from Heavy Duty Mild Steel powder coated carcass and a coloured door. thus ensuring an hygienic environment.

Flex Trespa Duct Panels . Flex Elite Vanity Units Construction Manufactured from Trespa solid resin board. Treated Softwood frame and Trespa black shadow gaps are to support the duct. 15 .Full Height Construction Manufactured from Trespa. Trespa or treated softwood can be used to support the vanity unit. This offers a very hard wearing and easy to clean wall surface. the duct set consists of a lid top and two front panels. The lacquered finish gives the bench a warm conventional look. This can be manufactured from joined flat sheets with machined front edge or a Postformed top (One piece top with radiused upstand and downstand). (Other methods of fixing are available). screw fixed or adhesive fixed. the cladding consists of either 6mm. The framework can be either cantilever to the wall making cleaning of floors accessible. The middle and top panel are supplied with secret fixings (clips) or security screws and can be removable for access to services. Cantilever brackets. The units are supplied with under panels to suit bowl and access requirements. or on full legs where walls are not suitable.Half Height Construction Manufactured from Trespa.Flex 2000 Benching – Wooden Slat Construction Fabricated using a Beech Hard wood slat. 10mm or 13mm panel fixed to Trespa or Softwood Frame using SikaTak Adhesive System. the Flex 2000 unit offers a highly durable. whilst maintaining an aesthetically pleasing look and feel. colour matched rivets. Trespa Wall Cladding – Internal & External Construction Internal Cladding . External Cladding – Trespa Meteon cladding has numerous installation options including rail systems with hidden clips. Treated Softwood frame and Trespa black shadow gaps are to support the duct. 8mm. All exposed edges are machined as standard.Manufactured from Trespa Athlon or Virtuon. Flex Trespa Duct Panels . the duct set consists of three or four panels in height to suit access and services. the units can be made to suite either semirecessed or lay-in basins. easily cleaned bench with a bright modern appearance. The lid top and the top front panel are supplied with either secret fixings (clips) or security screws and can be removable for access to services.

Nottingham Ice Rink Low E Ceiling and Netting 16 .

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Barriers & Hockey Glazing 18 .Deeside Ice Rink Netting.

Deeside Ice Rink Barriers & Hockey Glazing 19 .

Deeside Ice Rink Barrier and Protec Matting Ayr Ice Rink Low E Ceiling 20 .