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On 400th Anniversary of King James Edition, New Novel Seeks to Devel...

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

On 400th Anniversary of King James Edition, New Novel Seeks to Develop Untold Stories of the Bible
ABManning, AB This year marks four centuries since the creation of what many consider to be the definitive word of god in the written form: the King James Bible. The fact that it remains the most popular of all versions speaks to its longevity. Its incredible endurance is due in part to the literary contribution of the writing itself. Its that literary quality that inspired author Beverly Lein to use the text as a starting point for her historical fiction novel, Mary: Woman of Sorrows. Lein, the author of two novels and one non-fiction book, has long been intrigued by the stories included in the Bible and, more specifically, whats been left out altogether. The nature of the Bible has been such that whoever did the interpreting was, of course, going to be making critical decisions on what they thought should or shouldnt be included in their version. Lein felt that the stories that werent getting told might be even more interesting than those that were. In the bible, there are a lot of things that go unsaid, backstories that are never revealed, and a lot of questions left unanswered, explains Lein. As source material the bible has literally hundreds of stories just waiting to be told, and thousands of characters waiting to be developed. What I wanted to do with my novel was pinpoint some of those missing elements and try and fill in some of the blanks in an interesting and engaging way. Leins epic, Mary: Woman of Sorrows, centers on the two Marys most prominent in the bible and is available at Inkwater Books in both paperback and Kindle formats. -30To book an interview contact Rachel Sentes, Publicist 604-366-7846

Beverly Lein

Beverly Lein was born in Manning, Alberta, and raised in nearby Sunny Valley on her fathers farm with her three sisters and two brothers. Her hobbies have always included writing stories, songs, and poems. Before raising elk with her husband Carson on their own ranch, Lein worked as a cook, a farmer, a retailer, and a small business owner. A proud mother of two and grandmother of five, Leins life also requires her to be a veterinarian, a midwife, and an elk counsellordepending on what the day brings. Beverly is the author of three books, An Elk in the House by NeWest Press, The Three Saints of Christmas, and

Wolf Spirit- The Story of Moon Beam published by Inkwater


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On 400th Anniversary of King James Edition, New Novel Seeks to Devel...

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