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Company Report

China Shineway Pharmaceutical

China Shineway Pharmaceutical
3 Nov 2010

Shiny Chinese medicine sales

Earnings Summary
Year-end 31 Dec Turnover (Rmb m) Net profit (Rmb m) Change (%) EPS (Rmb) Change (%) DPS (Rmb) P/E (x) Yield (%) 2008 1,275 398 -19 0.48 -19 0.25 49.8 0.9 2009 1,633 767 +93 0.93 +93 0.37 25.9 1.4 2010F 2,103 851 +11 1.03 +11 0.24 23.3 0.9 2011F 2,594 1,065 +25 1.29 +25 0.32 18.6 1.2 2012F 3,168 1,314 +23 1.59 +23 0.40 15.1 1.5

12M target price $30.80 (+13%) Stock Data Last price: $27.35 Stock code: 2877.HK Sector: Healthcare # shares: 827.0m Mktcap:$22,618m Free float: 28.9% Major shareholder: Chairman Li ZhenJiang (71.1%)

Hong Kong/China Equity

IBES consensus EPS estimates - FY10: Rmb0.98; FY11: Rmb1.21

Price Performance Price change: 1M: - 3M:+26% 12M: +151% 12M H/L: $28.25/$10.66 12M daily turnover: 0.8m shares Analyst: Helena Qiu (852) 3926 8928

Investment Summary
We are initiating coverage of China Shineway, a manufacturer of Chinese medicine injections, capsules and granules. For 1H10, sales climbed 32% yoy to Rmb936m while net profit excluding exchange gain/loss increased 29% yoy. A key driver, sales of anti-viral drugs increased 65% yoy to Rmb338m to account for 36% of the total, while revenue from cardiovascular drugs rose 13% to Rmb377m for a 40% share. Shineway is a leader in the anti-viral Chinese medicine injection market. Its sales of Qing Kai Ling injections reached Rmb304m for 1H10, up 87% yoy and representing 90% of Shineway's anti-viral sales. Of the top eight anti-viral Chinese medicine injections, Qing Kai Ling was the only one listed on the government's Essential Drug List. Shineway now holds 70% of the Qing Kai Ling injection market after registering a 5-year CAGR of 23% in sales from FY04-09. Shineway has two new anti-viral products in the R&D stage that are expected to appear on the market in three to five years. Shineway has great potential in the country's cardiovascular medicine market. It currently has two blockbuster Chinese medicine injections with annual sales of over Rmb100m each and a blockbuster soft capsule product for cardiovascular disease. Shu Xue Ning injections recorded revenue of Rmb201m in FY09, representing a 4-year CAGR of 100% from FY05-09. Sales of Shen Mai injections reached Rmb236m in FY09, for a 5-year CAGR of 6%, while Wufu Xin Nao Qing soft capsules posted Rmb210m in FY09, a 5-year CAGR of 6%. The company currently has 12 products in the R&D stage for the treatment of cardiovascular disease. According to MENET, a research institute under the State Food and Drug Administration, sales of cardiovascular Chinese medicine grew at a 3-year CAGR of 22% to Rmb35b in 2009, above the 19% for all cardiovascular medicines, and representing 35% of total sales of cardiovascular drugs. In our view the consolidation of the Chinese medicine injection market since the "Ci Wu Jia" scandal (Ci Wu Jia Chinese medicine injection made by Wan Da Shan Pharmaceutical in Heilongjiang Province led 3 people die) in 2008 will benefit Shineway. Its sales of Chinese medicine injections rebounded quickly in 2H09, up 47% hoh and 51% yoy in 1H10. According to news reports, 160 of 308 Chinese medicine injection manufacturers ceased production in 2010. Receding competition will no doubt further strengthen the market share of the leading players. Shineway has an annual extraction capacity of 10,000 tonnes, and a production capacity of 2b injection vials, 3.5b soft capsules and 1.9b granule bags. It should have expanded its capacity to 3.2b injection vials and 3.4b bags, and doubled extraction to 20,000 tonnes, by end-FY11. The company has net cash of Rmb2.3b on hand, supporting its expansion on internal resources. Meanwhile, we expect the dividend payout ratio to be kept stable at around 25%.

Company Background Shineway is China's largest Chinese medicine injection and soft capsule manufacturer (by sales volume and production capacity). Currently, the company has 45 medicines in regular production; 26 are covered by the National Insurance Drug List. Shineway was listed on the Hong Kong stock exchange in December 2004. Price Chart

Relative performance

Relative to HSI Index (%)
Source: Bloomberg

1M -6

3M +15

12M +142

Company Report


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which represents a 30% discount to its Shanghai and Shenzhen-listed counterparts.065m in FY11. Hong Kong/China Equity Key product information Medicine Cardiovascular disease Shen Mai injection Shu Xue Ning injection Huang Qi injection Wu Fu Xin Nao Qing soft capsule Anti-viral Qing Kai Ling injection Pediatric Qing Fei Hua Tan granule Qing kai Ling soft capsule Digestive disease Huo Xiang Zheng Qi soft capsule 1H10 sales (Rmb m) 112 114 21 86 304 66 19 72 Change Market share EDL/NIDL yoy (%) (%) listed +20 +24 +9 -12 +87 +26 -6 +29 35 90 70 EDL NIDL B EDL EDL NIDL B Source: Company data. securities.594m in FY11 while underlying net profit (excluding exchange gain/loss) will jump 34% yoy to Rmb858m in FY10 and 24% yoy to Taifook Research is available electronically on and Thomson Reuters . Taifook Research Source: Bloomberg. Company data. including: 1) the government's uncertain medicine price adjustment policies. Based on an undemanding 21x FY11 P/E.80. Company data.103m in FY10 and 23% yoy to Rmb2.Company Report China Shineway Pharmaceutical We estimate that sales will post a 29% yoy increase to Rmb2. we derive our target price of $30. Taifook Research Company Report 2 taifook. Taifook Research 12-month forward P/E 12-month forward P/B Source: Bloomberg. and 2) the difficulty in gaining approval from the SFDA for the new Chinese medicine injection products. We have taken into account the risks pertaining to the company's operations.

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