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Question 1. Which word has not the same meaning with ³drugstore´? A. Pharmacy B. Chemist C. The chemist¶s D.

Chemist¶s shop Question 2. Which field of pharmacology describes the effect of the body on the chemical? A. Pharmacokinetics B. Pharmacodynamics C. Pharmacoepidemiology D. Clinical pharmacology Question 3. Which new compounds after metabolism occurs is called? A. Initial B. Metabolites C. Final D. Parents Question 4. If insulin is synthesized outside the body (exogenously), it is called....? A. Hormone B. Drugs C. Vaccine D. Medicinal chemical Question 5. Which kind of drugs that must be prescribed by a licensed medical professional? A. PEM B.OTC D. BTC D. POM The FDA is the abbreviation of ? A. Food and Drink Administration B. Food and Drug Administer C. Food and Drug Administration D. Food and Drug Agency Which is the way how drug excretion occurs? A. Kidney excretion B. Biliary excretion C. Skin excretion D. All are correct Pharmacy is the health field that links....? A. Health science with biological science B. Chemical science with biological science C. Health science with chemical science D. Chemical sience with medicinal science Which is not a concept in LADME? A. Metabolism B. Excretion C. Dispensation D. Absorption Question 10. Where the majority of small-molecule drug metabolism is carried out? A. In the kidney B. In the stomach C. In the liver D. In the small intestine. Question 11. Which substance does not blur the line between food and drug? A. Mushroom B. Wines C. Soft drinks D. Beers Question 12. Alcohol, tobacco and caffeine products are? A. Widely culturally accepted B. Prohibited C. Regulated by age restriction D. Strictly regulated Question 13. The precise distinction between OTC and POM depends on the legal .......... of each country. A. Law B. Medicinal policy C. Jurisdiction D. Judgement Question 14. Which is the illegal drug? A. Ventolin B. Amphetamines C. Alcohol D. Insulin Question 15. Stimulants are a group of drugs that tend to? A. Diminish the function or activity of a specific part of the body B. Relieve symptoms of anxiety and insomnia C. Stimulate the central nervous system D. Cause habituation Question 16. Which is one of the world¶s commonly used stimulants? A. Amphetamines B. Cocaine C. Caffeine D. Epherine Question 17. Which is main side effect associated with NSAIDs ? A. Skeletal problems B. Gastrointestinal problems C. Endocrine problems D. Integumentary problems Question 18. Where acetaminophen works in?

B. Aspirin D. The rate of which an individual develops tolerance a drug depends that individual¶s genetics. In the muscle and the joints C. Question 30 PHARMACISTS Pharmacists.their very lives. to D. A. Ketoprofen D. Ephedrine D. Excedrin B. Tranquilizer Question 25 The allergic reaction occurs after the first time the person has been exposedthe drug. Which active ingredient is not belonged to the NSAIDs? A. Which is not the depressant drugs? A. A depressant drug is referred to in slang as a A. with B. Depressant C. into C. They are required to check not only that the drug to be issued is appropriate but that it is issued in the correct quantity. to liaise with people directly and recommend a particular product for the treatment of minor ailments and conditions. In the brain and the spinal cord Question 19. at Question 26 Which is the brand name of the generic Montelukast medicine? A. Caffeine is a stimulant drug D. Tylenol D. not the first time the drug is taken. Awesome D. A." are extremely specialized individuals in the field of chemistry. Naproxen C. Chelsea D.Singulair B. Upper B. They are also required. Main effects and side effects of a medicine depends on its administration. into ± upon Question 22. Paris B. In the cells D. Manchester Question 28 Choose the incorrect statement below A. Tempra C. into ± on D. Sleep disturbances D. Opiates B. Convulsion Question 23. Barbiturates C. The retail pharmacist .and in many cases . to ± on B. the details of their medical history and query which other drugs or medicines they may be taking at that . or "Pharmaceutical Chemists. Panadol the one who deals with the public on a day to day basis.A. Codeine Question 20. Aspirin Question 24. In the skin B.the one with which most of us would associate the role . Consequently. It is extremely important in these circumstances that they check any allergies a patient may have. Aspirin B. Which is described as the most serious withdrawal symtom? A. Codeine Question 21. London C. They are the pharmacists responsible for preparing and dispensing drugs prescribed by doctors. Which product include caffeine? A. Brand name medicines are often patented to give the developer exclusive rights to produce them. Restlessness B. Their responsibilities are among the most important anywhere as their entire professional role involves taking care of patients' health . Demerol Question 27 Where is the EMEA official office situated? A. however. Antagonism is an action which can be express by 1+1=0 C. that the correct dosage is both displayed on the packaging and advised to the patient and that the drug prescribed appears to be in keeping with the patient's condition. Downer C. the level of education and training required to become a pharmacist is extremely extensive. to ± upon C.

They may also be closely involved in any clinical trials of new products currently being undertaken in the hospital. Pharmacists in hospitals have much in common of course with their retail counterparts but their day to day activities will also involve liaising in a much closer capacity with the likes of doctors and nurses and performing ward rounds dispensing drugs. There are certain retail pharmacies where specialist services are offered such as taking blood pressure readings or offering pregnancy testing.This is another factor of which the pharmacist is required to keep stringent control. All of our lives depend upon it. They are equally liable for informing the patient of any side effects a certain drug may have and what should be done if serious bouts of same are experienced. Record keeping and stock control is vital in premises where drugs are stored and dispensed. Which personality that a pharmacist is required to have? . It may be thereafter that they will be required to educate and train their pharmacy assistants and other colleagues in such matters. but to be extremely vigilant and pay the greatest of attention to the most minute of details at all times. Liaison with doctors and other health professionals is another major factor in the day-to-day role of a retail pharmacist. What is another factor of which the pharmacist is required to keep stringent control? 3. trials and other medical advances. The major drug companies naturally employ their own pharmacists at what may be referred to as the grass roots of the profession. These are the pharmacists who develop. QUESTIONS 1. How many different types of pharmaceutical chemists mentioned in the passage? 2. particularly in the area of keeping abreast of new product launches. A pharmacist is therefore required not only to be extremely intelligent.time. test and observe the effects of new products before they are passed on to their retail and hospital colleagues for dispensing to patients.