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This is an opportunity to participate in a ‘hands on’ workshop to refine your skills in digital filmmaking.

In conjunction with the Robin Anderson Film Awards Festival and the Random House Book Trailer Competition, a digital filmmaking course is offered to provide students with in depth information about the study and practice of digital film. This course targets English, Drama, TAS and Visual Arts students in Stages 5 and 6 who are interested in digital filmmaking. The workshop will provide information about the following:
• produce a micro length film the "Super Sweet Short Film" at the end of the workshop • the basic grammar of film camera work, direction and editing, to enable better articulation of ideas in a

dynamic language known as film • how to add depth to a video through structure and concept development • pre-production - effective use of a storyboard, floor plan and assembling the production • the importance of, and some approaches to, script development
• the dynamic discourse of editing and insights into effective editing • how to refine your filmmaking skills if you are a competent camera operator • film appreciation - how to use cineliteracy effectively and understand filmmaking • produced films are automatically entered into the Robin Anderson Film Awards and if appropriate the

Random House Australia Book Trailer Competition


continuity to construct a video 2:00pm .2:00pm The Shot Filming using the concepts of composition.Students will be given five themes to base their supershort film 11:00am .ROBIN ANDERSON FILM AWARDS Day 1 Seeks to provide the skills and understanding to help students to make engaging short digital films.00pm Working with the Rushes Filmmaking . close up. by the end of this session students will have some rushes to work on during Sunday or reshoot in the afternoon/evening.Students are asked to bring their digital video cameras and their visual diaries to write down ideas.1:00pm Lunch 1:00 . continuity.4. camera angles. 10:30 .11:00 am Telling the story Working with a scripts and storyboard . 2 .12:00am Working with Sound Developing a sound track for the Super short video clip 12:00am .10:30am Critical Evaluation of film Students will view works from last years workshop and discuss how to evaluate and judge films in terms of their technical proficiency and their ability to communicate concepts and ideas to the audience. Supershort Digital Filmmaking Program Saturday 6 August Welcome and information about the 2011 Robin Anderson Film Awards Festival and Super Sweet Short category Registration and distribution of workshop notes and education kit 10:00am .

ROBIN ANDERSON FILM AWARDS Day 2 Provides critical feedback and professional opportunities to refine your digital filmmaking.3:30pm Break 3:30-4:00pm Screening Screening of final works. SFX and credits added to the final work 3:00 .3:00 Post-production Refinement of the supershort film. Post production techniques.12:00 Editing techniques and refinement Students continue on their workshop projects on FIlmmaking using Final Cut Express or imovie. presenting certificates and collecting the compilation CD All participants have their works submitted into the Robin Anderson Student FIlm Awards at no extra cost.10:00 Screenplay development The screenplay and story board developed on the Saturday will be discussed and developed 11:00 . Supershort Digital Filmmaking Program Sunday 7 August There is an expectation that students will use Saturday evening to work on their production and obtain the footage needed for post production on Sunday 9:00 . 12:00pm . 3 .1:00pm Lunch 1:00pm -1:30pm The Critique Group assessments of the work and suggestions given for further improvement 1:30 .

ROBIN ANDERSON FILM AWARDS SUPER-SHORT & SWEET FILMMAKING WORKSHOP Kent House Art & Design Centre MLC School Corner of Gordon and Rowley Street Burwood 2134 Application Form/Tax Invoice Super Sweet Short Film Workshop Saturday 6 August & Sunday 7 August 2011 Registrations due Friday 30 July 2011 Cost .____________________________________________ Email address(teacher):_______________________________________ School address: _____________________________________________ Payment Method: Visa / Bankcard / Mastercard / Cheque (Cheques to the Robin Anderson Fund) Credit Card No.cmalyon@mlcsyd.: Credit Card Name: Expiry Date ___/___ Total Amount: $ Send completed application form & payment to: Robin Anderson Film Awards .$55 Name of student______________________________________________ Contact phone number________________________________________ Email address:(student)________________________________________ Name of School: _____________________________________________ Contact Teacher: ____________________________________________ School phone No. Please note: Once paid this document will become a tax invoice for GST Please note that due to popularity and limitation of the size of the securing a place in the workshop will be on a the early receipt of application. (first in best dressed) Confirmation will be emailed to both students and teacher with program and notes that will need to be printed for the workshop. ABN: 75 549 64 .Supershort and Sweet Workshop Locked Mail Bag 3050 BURWOOD NSW 1805 For further details email .