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National Insurance Company Head Office: 3 Middleton Street, Kolkata, West Bengal Email :


Board of Directors: NSR Chandraprasad, Chairman-cum-Managing Director. Lalit Kumar Chandel, Director (Insurance), Ministry of Finance, Govt. of India. Kuldip Singh, General Manager & Executive Director AV Girija Kumar, General Manager & Executive Director Dr K. Jayakumar, Part-time Non Executive Director Shri D. K. Kapila, Part-time Non Executive Director Shri S. K. Goel, Chairman & Managing Director, UCO Bank Number of offices: 1000+ Number of employees: 16,000+ Foreign operations are carried out from branch offices in Nepal. Number of policy holders: 14 million Paid up share capital: Rs.100 crores. Gross Direct Premium: Rs. 4279.9 crores(2008-09) General Reserves: Rs.1308.05 crores(March 2009) NIC has been accorded “AAA/STABLE” financial strength rating by CRISIL rating agency

Oriental Insurance Head Office: Oriental House,A-25/27, Asaf Ali Road,New Delhi

Board of Directors: Dr. R.K.Kaul K.R.Kamath J. S. S. Sastry S. K. Chanana Dilipkumar Vadilal Shah D. Singh Number of offices: 900+ Number of employees: 15,000+ Foreign operations in Nepal, Kuwait, Dubai. Paid up share capital: Rs. 100 crores. Gross Direct Premium: Rs. 3964.26 crores(2008-09).

4th & 5th Floors.Marketing Y. Razzack. Director Number of offices: 1000+ Number of Employees: 19500+ Foreign Operations in 24 countries including United Kingdom. Fukuda. Chairman cum Managing Director AR Sekar. Director R. Oriental insurance has been accorded “AAA/STABLE” financial strength rating by CRISIL rating agency.A.General Reserve: Rs. Japan. Ramadoss. Gopalan. I.S.. Executive Director H. Director . Gross Direct Premium: Rs. Bank of Baroda M. Narayanan.S. Director and FA I S Phukela. Singapore. Executive Director Number of offices: 150 Number of Employees: 1000 . Sector 29. Secretary.1873.Gurgaon. Ministry of Finance.O. MD and CEO M K Tandon .39 crores(2008-09). Paid up Capital: Rs. Director .5508. New India Assurance Head Office Board of Directors: M.3.Plot No. Government of India MD Mallaya.Financial Advisor N K Kedia. Haryana Board of Directors: S. Chairman & Managing Director. New Zealand. IFFCO-TOKIO Head Office: IFFCO TOWER. Australia.100 crores. Hong Kong. Chartered Accountant Sarat Pattanayak.Suri. Chartered Accountant Sanjay Gupta.Rao.Operations Mr V. Department of Financial Services.83 crores(2008-09) New India Assurance has been accorded “AAA/STABLE” financial strength rating by CRISIL rating agency.

Director S. Gross Premium: Rs. Director M. Director N. Sinor. Mukherji.Gross Premium: Rs.372 crores The company is rated 'AA' by the international rating agency Standard & Poor's. Director Chandran Ratnaswami.N. Director B. 36948 million(31 March 2010) Number of Offices: 350 Number of emloyees: 4634 The company has been assigned a domestic rating of ‘iAAA’ by ICRA . 468. Bhargava. Sharma. Athappan. Kannan.V. ICICI Lombard Head Office: Board of Directors: Chanda Kochhar.K. Chairperson R. Director Dileep Choksi. Director H. Director Bhargav Dasgupta. Managing Director & CEO ICICI Lombard GIC Ltd. Director Sandeep Bakhshi. is the largest private sector general insurance company in India.S.