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A complete calendar is available at: and Fathers Day Sunday, June 19 9:00 Traditional Worship Service 10:10 Sunday School 11:10 Contemporary Worship Service Monday, June 20 4:30 Administration Department 5:30 Executive Committee Tuesday, June 21 5:00 Christmas in July Planning Meeting Wednesday, June 22 6:40 Contemporary Worship Rehearsal Friday - Saturday, June 24-25 Encounter Sunday, June 26 8:00 Blood Drive 9:00 Traditional Worship Service 10:10 Sunday School 10:10 Gibson Reception 11:10 Contemporary Worship Service 12:30 Mission Camp 2011 Planning Meeting 5:00 Family of Faith Celebration! COMING UP! July 5 and July 12 JuBELLation Handbell Basics Classes Offered July 30-Aug 3 Camp Dry Gulch

The flowers in the chancel area are from Susan, Beau, Brandon, and Brady Bigheart in memory of our dad and granddad, George Shuck
First Christian Church, Stillwater 411 W Mathews Stillwater, Oklahoma 74075 405.372.7722

Senior Minister: Owen Cayton Interim Associate Minister: Don Gibson Pastoral Assistant: LeAnn Sapp Children & Youth Ministries Director: Sondra Ladd Contemporary Music Director: Chris Firey

First Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) Contemporary Worship Service First Sunday after Pentecost June 19, 2011 11:10am
The Congregation Gathers As worship begins, we enter through song and the sharing of Christs peace. Sharing of the Word As a part our service today, we will share stories and read scripture. Todays message is from Don Gibson, The Crossroads of Vested Interests based on 1 Samuel 3:1-10 and Matt 23:1-11. Joys, Concerns and Pastoral Prayer Gods heart is always open to Gods people and so we are called together to lift celebrations and concerns in prayer. God joins us in our deepest moments of pain and our greatest moments of joyand everything in between. We take this time to pray for ourselves, the church and the world in word and song. Sharing of Ourselves and God in Thanksgiving At the table of God we offer ourselves and the work of our hands in service to God and the church in the world. In thanksgiving, we bring financial gifts as well as gifts of time and energy and sometimes other gifts like food for the food pantry. We also bring bread and cup to place on the table. Communion is observed weekly. This is Christs table and all believers in Him are invited to partake. If you wish to participate, please come forward at the invitation to the table. Communion is served by intinction (dipping your bread in the chalice). The Congregation Scatters to Serve At the closing of worship, all are invited to commit or recommit ourselves to following Jesus. We are sent forth into the world in song charged to be disciples in our daily lives.
Childrens Worship: Children will begin worship in the Sanctuary. After the scripture reading, the children will dismiss to the Youth Room for Childrens Worship. They will watch bible story videos and have a snack. Then they will return to the Sanctuary before for communion. Nursery: Children are always welcome in the service. We do provide a nursery for newborn - 3 years old for anyone who prefers to take their little ones there.

(The following essay has been prepared by Don Gibson to accompany todays message.)

The Issue
Jesus told his listeners, You have eyes, but do not see; you have ears, but do not understand. The issue is discernment; learning to interpret and understand what God wants us to be and do as followers of Jesus. Every Sunday we gather to listen to the voice of God, which is grounded in The Text (biblical passages in which the Word of the Lord is hidden). The text has two basic enemies seeking to distort and water it down. Enemy #1 is the preachers baggage Enemy #2 is the listeners baggage Baggage is all of our vested interests, views, and values we have acquired from parents, teachers, friends, TV, advertising, etc. A song says, You have to be carefully taught who to hate, before youre six, seven or eight! We are the product of the village that raised us. Its called socialization. When we gather for worship, the text is interpreted through the filters of the preachers baggage and the listeners baggage. Will the preachers baggage distort his/her interpretation of the Text? Will the listeners baggage block him or her from hearing the authentic and personal message of God? Learning to discern the word of the Lord requires open and honest selfexamination. The listener must identify personal opinions, self-interests, prejudices, pride, politics, and everything that may hinder hearing and understanding of what God is saying. Its called, being crucified with Christ. Do not believe every spirit, but discern the spirits to see whether they are from God. (I John 4:1)

It is the desire of our elders to be available for spiritual care. If you have a need with which the elders may be of assistance, please complete this card, tear it out, and place it in the provided box in the Narthex.

Congregational Care Request Card

Name:______________________________________ Contact Info: ____________________________________________

(email, phone, or both)

I request from an Elder: ___ visit

___ phone call

___ email

___ prayer

Care/Prayer Request: ______________________________________________________