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YOUR APPLICATION Select which tier you are applying under. Tier 1 (Highly skilled workers) Select what category of tier 1 you are applying under. Tier 1 (General) Where are you applying from? Inside the United Kingdom with permission to enter or stay (see Help below) What type of application are you making? Extending your stay in the United Kingdom Enter the date of your first successful tier 1 application. 10/11/2008

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No You appear to have enough points to apply for permission to stay in the United Kingdom (known as 'leave to remain') under Tier 1 (General).SELF ASSESSMENT SUMMARY Are you in the United Kingdom under the Highly Skilled Migrant Programme (HSMP)? If you think you may be covered by the terms of the HSMP Forum Judicial Review Policy Document see `Help on this question' before answering this question. We make a decision once we have received your full application and supporting evidence. To read more information about making an application and to download the application form go to the application form section (opens in a new window). Disclaimer The results of this tool show your possible points score should you want to apply and do not guarantee a successful application. Page 2 .

SELF ASSESSMENT SUMMARY POINTS BREAKDOWN Attributes Age Qualifications Earnings United Kingdom experience Total (75 points required) English language English language Total (10 points required) Maintenance Maintenance (funds) Total (10 points required) 10 10 10 10 20 35 45 5 105 Page 3 .

29 QUALIFICATIONS In this section you enter your qualifications to claim points. Do you want to claim points for your age? Yes Enter your age at the date of your application. you enter your age to claim points. You can search our database for your qualification or if you know the equivalent level of your qualification you can choose to select the relevant band.SELF ASSESSMENT SUMMARY AGE In this section. Select my qualification from the database Country of study State Qualification Institution Length of course Subject Grade Year of award Points awarded Select Page 4 .

The earnings must fall within the 15 months immediately before your application.00 Page 5 . How would you like to claim points for earnings? Enter my earnings Source of earnings Dawn Energy From 09/03/2009 To 30/06/2011 Country UNITED KINGDOM (Band A) Total earnings 65000 (GBP) Exchange rate 1 Earnings in pounds sterling (£) 65000.00 Total earnings in pounds sterling 65000.SELF ASSESSMENT SUMMARY Spain Titulo de Máster (Master's degree) Universidad de Navarra 1 year or Business / less than 2 Economics / Management / Accounting / Finance 2008 35 Yes EARNINGS In this section you enter details of your previous earnings to claim points. Your earnings must cover a consecutive 12 month period.

If you are not from a majority English speaking country. How would you like to claim points for English language skills? I have already proved my English language skills in a previous Tier 1 or HSMP application Page 6 . If you are from a majority English speaking country you can automatically claim ten points for English language skills. you claim points either for studying or working in the United Kingdom. you must score ten points for your English language skills at the time of application or your application will be refused.SELF ASSESSMENT SUMMARY Total points for earnings 45 UNITED KINGDOM EXPERIENCE In this section. You are awarded five points if you have previous earnings from a job or a qualification that you got in the United Kingdom. Do you want to claim points for United Kingdom experience? Yes ENGLISH LANGUAGE In this section. you can claim points either for an English language test or a degree taught in English equivalent to a Bachelor's degree or above in the United Kingdom.

SELF ASSESSMENT SUMMARY MAINTENANCE (FUNDS) In this section. Do you have these funds available at the time you apply? Yes Page 7 . You must have £800 of available funds in your account and these funds must have been continuously in your account for a period of 90 consecutive days when you apply. you must score ten points for maintenance (funds) at the time of application or your application will be refused.