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Toyota Motor Manufacture

Toyota Motor Manufacture

1. Introduction Toyota Production System. Plans practicing two system: 1.JIT (just in Time): Produce only what was needed 2.Jidoka: Make Any production problem instantly self evidence and stop the production whenever the problem is detected 2. Problem identification Line is stopped due to defectives by pulling an andon cord defective car-seat combinations sent downstream, Some cars wait days for seats in the area although commits to send seats in a single shift.

3. Case analyses and Possible Solution

1. Continue to violate Jidoka Costs of line stoppage Stopping for 1 cycle of 57 seconds Loss of revenue by one car Loss of profit Overtime can be used to recover Cost of seconds of overtime worker How many workers stop and do overtime? u 1 team, 1 group, assembly line, paint line entire plant? u Depends on the inventory between work centers and the length of the stoppage. That is why need a good team to straight away solve the problem promptly, completely and systematically 2. Computerize the information flow between TMM and Supplier Can you read the reorder form in Exhibit 9? Computerize the information flow between TMM and supplier What is the benefit of dedicating an area specific to seat problems? Dealing with mistakes efficiently vs. Eliminating mistakes 3. Assembly area Redesign the model of assembly shape? It means if the defect seat problem occurred all the team around the assembly line problem will stop their work and gather at troubled section to fix the problem. (see appendix 6 :the assembly line is re designed like a letter u so if the problem occurred the team can gathered easily) Job Rotation (multi tasking so the worker not only can do specific Job but also can do multi tasking job worker flexibility ) Build a seat safety inventory to reduce mismatches

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Toyota Motor Manufacture

4. Supplier Who is responsible for the seat defects The supplier? The transporter? The TMM receiving? Sharing the responsibility to find the root cause of the seat defects By choose some dedicated supplier only (not to many ie. 1 or 2) Quality number one priority then the price come after that The supplier location should not far from the TMM The Supplier even has a special design for TMC since we are only Select 1 or 2 supplier

4. Recommendation Even though many of you have different answer and recommendation chosen. Well there is no wrong answer regarding this matter, no matter what it is as long You can justify and give reasonable reason of solution, then you should be ok. At this case TMM still using the JIDOKA as their core Production system Beside the JIT system. supply They also pick solution to redesign the assembly line (no 3) and choose the Line like in the no 4 The GM company in USA doesnt believe in JIDOKA, they keep on running the Assembly line even though there is a defect problem in the line. Unlike Toyota, GM are more concern the price rather than quality for their supply material.

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