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Volume 59, No.25

June 19, 2011

What a Wonderful Week!!!

Vacation Bible School 2011 is now a memory, but it is a memory that will last for a long, long time. It was a great week, and there is no way to communicate how thankful I am for each one who made our VBS a wonderful success. Our attendance this year was even better than in 2010. Because of our publication schedule, we do not yet know the numbers for Wednesday night when this is being printed, but we had 291 on Sunday night, 247 on Monday, and 262 on Tuesday. A huge thank you to each one who attended, and who invited folks to come. You made a difference! The best part of the week, though, was the Biblical emphasis. Yes, we have a lot of fun at VBS, but I continue to be grateful that each one who helps teach makes sure the Bible is being emphasized. In the four nights of our Vacation Bible School, our studentsfrom babies through adultsare being fed the spiritual food of Gods Word. My prayer is that this is always true of our VBS. Today is Fathers Day. To help encourage our dads, we will continue to look at the

Adam Faughn
book of Job, and notice some principles from this man we can use to help us be the best dads we can possibly be, to Gods glory. With VBS completed, we have so many other things to look forward to. Our Bible Camp is just a few weeks away now, and plans are well underway to make it the best ever. There is a teachers workshop on July 30 to encourage our teachers as they prepare for the new school year. You wont want to miss it! In August, Polishing the Pulpit will be held in Sevierville, Tennessee. If you are considering going to this great event, you will want to register soon. The registration fee goes up on July 1. For more information, visit There are 122 different speakers this year, who will be delivering a total of 476 lessons! It is truly a spiritual feast, and it is our prayer that you will consider attending at least part of this great event. (If you can only come for the weekend, visit renewal.aspx.)

Joe Adams 773-2331 Johny Baker 758-7654 Ralph Brewer 871-4849 Wayne Davidson 758-2705 Earl Flynn 889-1659 Steve Ledbetter 889-8614 Jim Schroeder 754-8990 Cliff Wilson 889-6477

Worship With Us Sunday: Worship 9 AM & 6 PM * Bible Classes 10:20 AM Wednesday: Bible Classes 7 PM

It Cant be Captured
What does it mean to be a father? What does it mean to be a dad? We describe it, teach about it, write on it, preach on it, but can never fully capture it. One poet tried to put it in words: Dad, A great many thanks for all you have done Without you my life would not have begun You have been there when I most needed you You have helped to guide me my whole life through We have shared both the good times and the bad But most of all, thank you for being my dad I love you. (Udiah, Thank You Dad) No matter how we try, though, we cannot fully capture what it means to truly be a father. Why? Because we who are fathers have God as our example, and He is indescribable! We can study and grasp some of His attributes, such as His love, mercy, compassion, discipline, justice,

Adam Faughn
and grace. We cannot, however, fully come to grasp the depth of any one of those attributes. Further, we can never recreate them in our own lives, since we are sinful, and He is sinless. That being said, fathers should not use this as an excuse to avoid being the best they can be. We bear an awesome responsibility, seeing how our title of father reflectswhether we want it to or noton God as Father. What type of picture of Him are we setting before our children? So, while we may not be able to fully capture the meaning of father, and we surely will never be perfect at wearing that title, may we who are being honored on this day always strive to do our best to emulate and show the example of our Father in heaven. When we do, we capture some of what it means to wear such a great title.

Pulpit Minister
Adam Faughn 973-4483

Outreach Minister
Harry Middleton 292-3164

Sunday Sermon Preview

AM: A Father with Proper Priorities (Job: A Man of Integrity, lesson #3) PM: Let Us Pray

Youth Minister
JD Buckner (731) 336-4768

Sick List
Maxine Cox had total knee replacement and is recovering at home. Jean McIndoo is recuperating from total knee replacement. Cliff Wilson is at Donelson Place room 105. Limited visits please. Martha Wright is moving to Mt. Juliet Assisted Living in the next few days.

Worship Leaders
Sunday Morning (Contact: Carlos 889-3185) Opening Prayer: David Cook Read Scripture: Tim Mullican Closing Prayer: Bob Butler Sermon: Adam Faughn Song Leader: Richard Roberson Serving Lords Supper: (Contact: David 754-7085) Marion Schow 1 Marshall Turbyfill 2 Bruce Reid 3 Roger Reaves 4 Sammie Hunter 5 Tim Ledbetter 6 Fred Kennel 7 Nathan Pugh 8 Sunday Evening (Contact: Cary 883-5909) Opening Prayer Wes Carnahan Closing Prayer: JD Buckner Read Scripture: Mike Windsor Sermon: Adam Faughn Song Leader: Richard Roberson Serving Lords Supper (Room) Tim Hill 1 Wayne Davidson 2 Wednesday, June 22nd (Contact: Tim 885-2009 ) Read Scripture: Gene Duke Opening Prayer: Austin Nichols Speaker: JD Buckner Song Leader: Richard Roberson Announcements: Harry Middleton - Jim Schroeder Nursery Attendant: Laura & Andrea Grigsby

by Harry Middleton

CAROLINA CHURCH, Lexington, South Carolina James and Betty Schroeder made the trip to Lexington, South Carolina on Saturday May 21, 2011 in order to attend worship with the Carolina church on Sunday May 22, 2011. They had dinner with Ernie Richards on Saturday after which he took them on a tour of the YMCA building where they presently meet and afterward to their almost completed new building. Many of their members have helped with the work on the building by doing the wiring, putting in the air conditioning, doing the plumbing, etc., etc. They are beginning to paint the inside. Their new building, when completed, will seat approximately 110. James and Betty were welcomed very hospitably and enjoyed their trip tremendously! WINDER CHURCH, Winder, Georgia Shea and Mandi Cofer visited the Winder church on Sunday May 29, 2011. John Gross, the Winder Minister and his wife Sue had both been in the hospital recently. John is to have more surgery soon. The church was very welcoming and friendly with approximately 20 25 for class and 30 35 for worship. There was a good mix of young children to older adults and many capable men to lead the worship. Everyone seemed happy to see someone from the Lebanon Road church visit with them. LAKE CITY CHURCH, Lake City, Tennessee Beginning July 1, 2011, we (the Lebanon Road church) will begin the support of the Minister (Michael M. Jordan) of the Lake City church. Michael, Jewel, and William were here with us on May 15, 2011 and all seemed to be impressed with them. We look forward to our working relationship with the Jordans and the Lake City church.

Thank You

I want to express my appreciation to the church at Lebanon Road for the way you have made Norma and me welcome to your church family. More than that, I want to express my gratitude for all your concerns, visits, cards and calls, but mostly for your prayers. I sincerely thank you all for your care. In Gods Love, Jim Dean

Young at Heart Game Day

Thursday, June 23rd In the Fellowship Hall 11:30Lunch / Finger foods 12:15Games Begin Bring some finger foods and enjoy lunch or show up just in time to play games.

Harry D. Middleton

Joshs Jargon
Although Ive only been here for a few weeks I feel like I can confidently say that our summer is off to a great start! So far we have been blessed with the opportunity to enjoy 10,000,000 cicadas and tons of hours together. The turn out for VBS has been awesome and the hangout time that has been taking place at the CORE afterwards has been a great way to spend each eveningbecause lets be honest, who really needs sleep! I have to say that Im so proud of our youth group for their participation and dedication to our activities so far this summer. With the excited attitudes that they have been demonstrating I am sure that we are going to continue to have a blessed time together!

The movie Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed that was discussed during our VBS lesson has been purchased for our library. We should receive it and have it available for check out in the next week or two.

Mark Your Calendar...

Today: Heartland services at 4:00 led by JD Buckner Tonight: Visitation team # 1 will meet following services Monday: Elders, Deacons and Preachers meeting 7PM July 10-15: Bible Camp July 23-28: Mission Trip July 30: Teachers Workshop September: Crisis Care Class October 21-23: Ladies Retreat
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Mission Trip
Our Mission trip this summer is scheduled for July 23-28 in Kingsport, Tennessee We still need a few more folks to join us and help with the VBS that we are planning. Make plans for the week or for just a few days. See Wayne Davidson for details.

The Record
Sunday Morning Worship Sunday Evening Worship: Sunday Bible Study: Wednesday Night: Contribution:
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