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Minutes of the meeting held on 8.4.2010 between representatives of ITC Management & Team Lease Management.

The following persons were present in the meeting. From ITC From Team Lease consultancy services Mr Soumitra Ray, HR Manager ( Corporate) Mr Supriyo Banerjee, GM Mr Madhumoy Chaudhuri, Project Manager Mr Vijay P Singh, HR Manager ( Plant) Mr Nikhil S Bucher , HR Manager ( CPO) Mr PK Dasgupta, In Charge-HR ( Projects) The following points were discussed:1. It was pointed out, at the outset, by ITC Management represtative that all the delivearables as agreed upon by team lease is crystal clear & the project jobs got started on 8.2.2010 but what we found out that Team Lease in plant at Kidderpore has not been able to deliver on his own all jobs independently, as mentioned in the scope of service dated 26.11.2009. 2. Team Lease representative replied that presently their in plant does not have much experience in HR field & as a result of which he has not been able to handle all the jobs alone. He had to take the help from your In -Charge, HR( Project) for completion of all the jobs, as on date. It is a fact that Mr Dasgupta is helping out Mr Moloy Roy in all possible manners & almost all the compliances have been delivered, as on date with his help.

1 1. He also said it will be difficult for him to attends at Kidderpore factory everyday as he has got other clients jobs to do. It was then pointed out By Mr S. Our HR Project should guide your man & get the jobs done through him only. It was then proposed by Management Representative that let Team Lease find out one Knowledgeable / experienced HR person from their talent pool who can come at our plant every day & exclusively Guide Mr Moloy Roy for 2/3 weeks Mr Banerjee of Team Lease replied that he will definately look out for such person & let us know within few days. He can attend only once in a weak.2010 compliance report will be sent in such format. Mr Banerjee agreed to this proposal of Management & replied that from next month onwards ie from April. Meeting ended after that with thanks to all. It was proposed then by ITC Management that henceforth Team Lease should send their Monthly compliance reports by 1st of the month without fail & that should be sent in a format which will be designed by us & send across to Mr Banerjee . Ray that ITC's expectation from Team Lease was much much higher that what is being done now at Kidderpore & they must ensure that they take this challenge & meet the expectation. project activities will take momentum after some times & if Mr Roy does not pick up his jobs well within 2/3 months & delivers. Parties to sign underneath as token of acceptance of all the points. .3 It was stated by management representatives that Mr Moloy Roy should learn his jobs quickly & deliver the results. as agreed upon in the scope of service. then we all have a problem. stated above. As we foresee.

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