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State of the Boys

Volume 63, Issue 4 Thursday, June 16, 2011

Folk Advocates Hard Work

By Johnny Vang, Mankato Perhaps the corner stone of the lesson from Anders Folk, a former US attorney and 1994 alumnus of Boys State, to Boys Staters, is to sit back and soak in all the knowledge given to them during the on-going 2011 Boys State convention. Folk told Boys Staters that the convention is meant to transform them to be disciplined leaders in the future. He urged them to maximize the opportunity and gain knowledge. You may not realize it, said Folk, but you are soaking up valuable traits. As a former US attorney and Marine Corps Officer, Folk spoke with authority when he explained traits of leadership. He presented them in an unconventional manner, leaving out common details like leading and guiding, but he emphasized the

was meant to touch both hearts and minds. His speech was not one that explained his life story, but rather emphasized what others lives could become. He gave Boys State vivid examples of the hard trials he passed through as a US attorney and what to expect in the future, in real world situations. Folk encouraged Staters to continue to move on despite Anders Folk gives a speech at previous accomplishments. Minnesota Boys State, 2011. Though weve made it this far... value of hard work citing it as a perhaps you have just gone remarkable quality of leadership. through the easy part. Leadership is when you see Folk was originally from someone work hard, when all the Hopkins, and attended Hopkins chips are down, when you put High School. In the summer of everything on the line for their 1994 he attended Boys State and cause thats when you know had the distinct honor of being that you are a leader. elected the governor. He then Folks speech will be went on to Boys Nation and made remembered by those who listhe state proud. tened, every word in his address

Police Improve Infrastructure, Woos Boys Staters

By: Tim Isdahl, Austin force has completely renovated Last night, Police Chief Jim its equipment and bought more Way encouraged Boys Staters devices to assist them in diswho have interest in police activicharging their duties. Such deties to join as soon as they qualify vices, according to him, include for the entry requirements. Way laptops, flashlights, radios and told Boys State during his speech cell phones, as well new cars. presentation that the state police He said that a job on the have improved its services in police force has become many ways. He explained that the police Police cont. on page 6 Jim Way, Ramsey county police chief.


State of the Boys 2011

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Nationalist Convention: A Process That Prepares Me

By Mitchell Budde, Austin questioning the sanity of the Tuesday afternoon, I people who do this for a livfinished my lunch and, filled ing in real life. with anticipation, I made my I didnt have high hopes way to Charter Hall 201 with for the continuation of the the rest of Houston County to convention for Wednesday begin one of the most impormorning. I returned to my tant functions in politics: The role of supporting candidates State Party Convention. whom I thought would be Bright-eyed and bushy-tailed stronger candidates for the I entered the hall, ready to Candidate shakes hands with other party Nationalist party. create the strongest National- members during the election process. Then things got a ist party I could. little interesting. After the There was only one probvote for Lieutenant Goverlem, a minor miscalculation on Houston lost and I was left as an nor, those who wanted to break my part; I was only an alternate alternate. up from the convention were aldelegate for the convention. That Give or take an hour later, I lowed to join groups to draft leghad two thoughts buzzing islation to take before the comin my head. First, I hate mittee. I took the task to heart politics; second, my blood and with the rest of my group pressure rose above recom- worked on an energy bill that mended limits. would both be economically There are few sound, and promote further envithings worse than having ronmental protection. After we an opinion and the ability had finished, two and a half to articulate it, but not the hours later, the convention had permission. Our convenpicked the final Nationalist candition decided to tackle con- date. troversial issues to see who Although my account may Nationalist convention members camcould present a strong arpaigned for elected positions. gument and defend against Nationalist cont. on page 6 restricted my ability to participate opposition, in the to forcing any motions I wished hopes of showing to make through an actual delestrong leaders. gate from Houston. Of course, And there I there was the hope that someone sat twiddling my from Houston would be apthumbs. I was able pointed to chairman or another take some action position, after which I could take however: during the up the mantle of state delegate. appointed campaign The naivet didnt last times I would talk to long. After the rules were read delegates of other the politicking began. Deals were counties into supportmade, unmade, and given to other ing Houston. At the counties faster than Minnesota end I felt a bit ineffecCity members consider their options carefully can change weather. In the end tive. I couldnt stop before casting their vote.

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2011 Boys State Election Primer

Federalist Candidates
Governor : Sean Lyndes Lieutenant Governor: Stuart Lourey Secretary of State: Alex Bare State Auditor: Mike Ampaaeng State Attorney General: Tanner Pederson Chief Justice: Conner Doherty Associate Justices: Kevin Fidler and Avery Malakowsky

Nationalist Candidates
Governor: Graham Sparks Lieutenant Governor: Jeff Herrala Secretary of State: Yaphet Getachew State Auditor: Ian Lah State Attorney General: Riley Johnson Chief Justice: Michael Gaytko Associate Justices: Matthew Wilson and Jimmy Unger Graham Sparks, candidate for governor Legalization of all marijuana - recreational and medical - only for adults 18+ - taxation Legalization of gaming/gambling - government regulated private enterprise Education - teacher reforms (union checks and balances) - switching to a four year degree for teachers Taxes - sin taxes - increase taxes on top of 5% earned - excludes small business owners Welfare - decreases in food stamps - required drug testing - lower time limit Viking Stadium using funds from the sin taxes. Formal recognition of the Armenian genocide. Increase public works revenue - buses, roads, trains, rental bikes Judicial Appointments - legislature approves who the governor appoints Speed limit increase of 10 mph.

Sean Lyndes, candidate for governor

Party Platforms
Support 2nd Amendment rights, with the current restrictions. Support veterans benefits and affairs. Support fiscal responsibility through a balanced budget. Reform education funding. Support public transportation projects and the upkeep of current and future infrastructure. Support an increase in alcohol and tobacco tax. Support Minnesota businesses through a lower tax for Minnesota-made products.

The Nationalist convention elects their candidates.

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Extending Boys State Beyond the U.S.

By John Nkwocha, Newspaper Staff Those of us from outside the shores of the United States of America sometimes sit back to wonder why American government has remained very strong and politically disciplined, at least when compared with the rest of the world. American has maintained a steady government devoid of despotism, power, greed and political thuggery; which are largely the order of the daily political landscape of most nations in the world, especially developing ones. In every political election conducted in developing countries, arson, kidnapping, killing of either fellow politicians or their relatives are all a part of measures taken to determine who will win an election. Electoral misconduct such as stealing ballot boxes, rigging elections and announcing election results from candidates private homes have remained the political fashion of most developing countries. My first-hand involvement with Boys State provides answers to the nagging questions about the political differential between the United States of America and the rest of the world. Boys State was created with the desire to produce future political leaders and retain the culture, values and shared aspirations as envisaged by the founding fathers of the U. S. It is based upon the principles of good governance. Ideally, to educate younger generations in politics so that they may go on to become the beauty of American politics and the stable government. Unfortunately, discipline, which is a key factor in a civilized political process, is largely missing in developing political worlds like Nigeria, my country. I believe that Boys State ideology should be expanded beyond territorial consideration, beyond the shores of America, and beyond the countrys border line. It is obvious that a lack of political discipline in leadership positions is partially responsible for the political crisis ravaging Africa and Arab countries, such as Egypt, Tunisia, Libya, Syria, and Iraq, among others. It is unnecessary to quantify the costs, both human and material, these crises have caused the world. Extending the lessons of Boys State beyond the U. S. is one step towards making the world a better place. Like the director of Boys State, Mike Bredeck, would say, You will reap what you sow, more than what you sow, and later than when you sow Sharing these lessons with the world would significantly reduce the trillions of dollars the United States spends each year in an effort to achieve world peace. Nigeria for instance, would welcome the ideals of Boys State with open minds. It would be another significant contribution Americans have made towards humanity, if the leadership of Boys State begins to pursue a globalization policy with the intent to introduce Boys State to other countries, like

John Nkwocha, State of the Boys Staff Member

the great leaders of tomorrow by discovering the political aspirations of these young men. High school students from all over the nation with a love for politics and an above average academic record are chosen to attend Boys State. The intent appears to be catch them young and teach them to strive for a better society. Every year these high students gather together with veterans to gain political experience. They are exposed to a political environment, learning valuable lessons such as: legislative process, parliamentary procedures, the power of the platform, the allegiance they owe to the flag and its representation, among other values. Most importantly, according to Mr. Tony Gunderson, a Boys State staff counselor from the Boys State city of Rochester, is political discipline. It is a key factor behind Beyond cont. on page 6

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Current Events & Sports Wrap-Ups

Officials Try to Save Town
By Daniel Harren, Moorhead By J.C. Cervenka, Duluth A temporary earthen levee After 39 years without is the only barrier standing bewinning the finals, the Boston tween Hamburg, Iowa, and the Bruins clinched their first Stanley floodwaters of the Missouri cup since 1972 with a 4-0 win River. Officials hope efforts to over the Vancouver Canucks last beef it up will be enough to night. It was Vancouvers first keep the small, southloss of the finals on western town from their home ice. Boston becoming overrun had only scored two with water. goals total in the previSafety crew ous three games in members working for Vancouver. But that the Army Corps of did not hamper them in Engineers, hope to game seven as balanced pile up at least three scoring throughout the feet of extra dirt atop game ensured Boston the levee. Though good standing. They stakes are high, but if scored one in the first the levee failed, parts period, two in the secof the town could be ond, and one in the covered by as much third. as 10 feet of water Bruins goalie within a matter of Tim Thomas capped an Boys Staters cooled off with a refreshing dip in the pool days. amazing playoff series and a brisk game of water basketball. Hurriedly conwith a 37 save shut-out structed recently, the levee is of one of the most offensively The dam releases are exHamburg's last line of defense dynamic teams in the league. pected to raise the Missouri River after the river punched through a But, it was yet another disapfive to seven feet above flood barrier downstream in northwest pointment for Vancouver goalie stage in most of Nebraska and Missouri; which before now proRoberto Luongo, whose failure to Iowa. In Missouri, the river may vided the town's primary protecprovide solid goalkeeping for the climb 10 feet above flood stage in tion. If the efforts failed to hold Canucks may have cost them the some places and spill over the top the angry flood, there would be championship. of several rural levees. The river water gushing through a large Patrice Bergeron and also broke through a levee near gap, and would move to overBrad Marchand shared the lead Big Lake in Holt County, about whelm the town of about 1,100 on goals with two each. Mar45 miles south of Hamburg. residents. Efforts that could remchand also added an assist to lead About 30 residents who stayed in edy the situation is building the all points. the resort town after the river Hamburgs levee taller than it is The Bruins silenced an started rising were told to leave now. estimated 100,000 Canadian fans, last Monday. However, some Even though the levee residents refused to evacuate. bridge was downstream, the Boston cont. on page 6 floodwaters flowed north to fill the area around Hamburg. Fire Chief Dan Sturm compared the geography to a slowly filling bathtub. The river has been rising steadily for weeks as the Corps increases the amount of water released from its dams to clear out heavy spring rain and snowmelt.

Boston Clinches Stanley Cup

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Boston cont. from page 5 who were anticipating a Canuck victory in downtown Vancouver. The Bruins capped off an amazing playoff run, in which they won three games in one year of playoffs and were the underdogs in some of the competitions. Sometimes, it is necessary not to count any team out in the fight for the Stanley Cupyou never know. Jim Way cont. from page 1 more attractive than ever, adding that the force has upgraded its weaponry from shotguns to M16 rifles and high-tech cameras that record video constantly and automatically transfer the data to headquarters. Officer Way is also a huge advocate of the use of a taser gun. According to Way, no officer has been hurt in physical contact since the introduction of the taser gun. This has greatly increased the safety and reliability of faceto-face conflict. He also disclosed that the force is the in the process of moving from fingerprint scanning to DNA identification and currently has e-tickets that pull up a drivers information by simply scanning their license. To become an officer, you must complete several arduous tasks. You must have a two or four-year degree, complete a skills program and pass a licensing exam. In addition, police officers have to continue going to school and earn 48 additional credits every three years. Officer Way disclosed that the Minnesota police force plans Boys State governor nominees watch as Brandon Hill flips a coin. on consolidation by cutting 108 departments, which will and result in 1,980 layoffs. He regretted that the cut would occur, even as crime in the state remains on the increase. At the end of his presentation, Officer Way showed the Boys Staters actual videos taken from squad cars. These included a video of an officer hitting a deer, a man attempting to set off an officers airbag and a man being tasered. However, the video that most impressed the boys was one of a police chase that ended with the officer pulling a pivot maneuver and spinning the offending car out and flipping it over. Way has served for 26 years as a police officer, investigator, corporal, sergeant and chief, and has trained at the FBI National Academy. Nationalist cont. from page 2 sound a bit bitter, being an observer was probably one of the best things that could have happened. I caught a glimpse of something greater than myself. Although parliamentary procedure is dull and drawn out, it is actually a good thing. The process is formulated to get rid of many of the flaws and really weeds out people that are not fit to lead. Because of the way its set up, we as a people are protected from heat-of-the-moment bills and those who try to pass sweeping legislation on a whim. I will take this experience with me outside of Boys state, and use it to check myself when I make decisions. I will remember that only through clarity of thought can truly wise decisions be made. Beyond cont. from page 4 Nigeria. The inglorious political leadership in the developing countries has already cost the U.S. a great deal of both human and material. Sincere efforts to assist developing countries in stamping out corrupt and infamous leadership should begin with programs like Boys State, where the younger generations are groomed to appreciate discipline in leadership.

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Thursday Dinner 1/4 cut chicken Mashed potatoes with gravy Corn Bratwurst with bun Assorted bars Friday Breakfast French toast with maple syrup Scrambled eggs Kiebasa Fried and diced potatoes with ketchup and salsa Friday Lunch Tator tot hotdish Grilled cheese Mixed vegetable blend Watermelon wedges

Boys State Athletic Results

Basketball Mpls def. St. Cloud St. Paul def. St. Cloud Hibbing def. Mankato Moorhead def. Austin St. Peter def. Rochester Duluth def. Anoka Softball Mpls def. Winona St Cloud def. St. Paul Hibbing def. Mankato Rochester def. St. Peter Anoka def. Duluth Austin def. Moorhead Volleyball Mpls def. Winona St. Paul def. St. Cloud Hibbing def. Mankato Rochester def. Austin Duluth def. Anoka Rochester def. St. Peter

Boys State Snapshots

By Joseph Lilleberg, St. Cloud Name: Tyler Haigh Hometown: Nashwauk Boys State City: St. Cloud Why I am attending Boys State: For the experience of being here; to meet new people. Favorite movie: Saving Private Ryan Whats on my iPod: Country, Rap, Rock, ect. Favorite school subject: Math People would be surprised to know that I: am in Knowledge Bowl and on the math team.

Weather Forecast
Sunny in the morning, becoming partly/mostly cloudy. Temperature highs around 80 degrees and lows around 61 degrees. Northwest winds 5 to 10 mph becoming east in the afternoon. 20 percent chance of thunderstorms after midnight.

Name: Henry Bertram Hometown: Andover Boys State City: St. Cloud Why I am attending Boys State: For the opportunity to further my political knowledge and for greater college recognition. Favorite movie: The Shawshank Redemption Whats on my iPod: 80s Classic Rock Favorite school subject: Chemistry and English People would be surprise to know that I have A few Boys State attendees at a presentation. 12 pet chickens (not by choice).

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Boys State Images

Clockwise from upper right: the Federalist convention swarms their governor nominee, Sean Peaches Lyndes; the Nationalist convention gives a round of silent applause for their newly elected Secretary of State, Yaphet Getachew; Boys Staters line up for the morning meal; a Boys Stater attempts a jump shot during afternoon athletics; volleyball participants debate over whose turn it is to serve.

Photos by Jennifer Kohler and John Nkwocha